Day 1,155: U.S. coronavirus cases top 13,000 as Trump tells states to do more


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One more time simplisafe dot com slash our live picture tonight of a dark and desolate Las Vegas Strip hard to believe but most of the casinos have shut down and with those the jobs of all the people who make that city go. Well good evening once again day. Eleven hundred fifty five of this trump administration two hundred twenty nine days until our presidential election and two numbers were way up today confirmed cases and new claims for unemployment. What this virus has yet to do to people? It is doing to the American economy just tonight. Governor Gavin newsom of California announced a statewide. Stay at home order. Remember this effect. Some forty million Americans that came just after he warned that upwards of twenty five million Californians may contract the virus a number too large to even begin. The process confirmed cases in the. Us are now above thirteen thousand which the Washington Post now. Reports is double the number since just Tuesday of this week. The death toll in Italy has now overtaken the death toll in China the US State Department issued an extraordinary warning today telling Americans to avoid overseas travel. The upcoming June g seven summit at Camp. David has been canceled. It will be a video conference just like every other consequential meeting these days. Nbc News has also confirmed a Reuters report that trump plans to place new restrictions on travel between the US and Mexico. America's healthcare professionals of course remain on the front lines of this battle against the outbreak tonight. Groups representing hospitals medical are warning. They are quickly running short on supplies. Nbc News Reporting. There are now asking Congress for at least one hundred billion dollars in financial aid right now at the White House. Trump yesterday described himself as a wartime president asked why he hadn't yet put into effect the law allowing him to tell manufacturers to make more medical equipment. For starters. You enabled I guess is probably the Best Defense Production Act yesterday. Pull the trigger on now because we are not going to need. What's the rationale for? Not your first of all governors are supposed to be doing a lot of this work and they are doing a lot of this work. Federal Government's supposed to be out there. Ah Buying vast amounts of items and then shipping. You know we're not a shipping clerk. Trump appeared to indicate that the administration was caught off guard. By the growing need for life saving supplies we're working very hard trying to find. Nobody in their wildest dreams would have ever thought that we need tens of thousands of ventilators. This is something that's unique to this this afternoon. In the president's home city of New York which now has upwards of a thousand Corona Virus Cases Mayor Bill de Blasio Brat blasted. The president will only say to the present. I don't understand and I think there are. Millions and tens of millions of Americans. Don't understand what you are doing right now. You are not using the tools of your office through the Defense Production Act. The president could authorize department of Health and Human Services to order manufacturers to provide materials and services and to use their private facilities for manufacturing needed items that has not happened on the matter of treatment. Trump also announced he was directing the FDA to push forward with tests for two drugs. Already used for other illnesses earlier. This week we began the political trial of vaccine candidate for the virus and that was launched in record time. We're also pursuing antiviral therapies. A drug called chloroquine in some people would add two hydroxy hydroxy Clark when we're going to be able to make that drunk available by prescription or State Rim Desa Voire and that say drug use for other purposes at drug also has been approved or very close to approved in that case by the FDA note that there has been no FDA approval yet for these treatments and now to those suddenly out of work the US Department of Labor reported two hundred eighty-one thousand new claims for unemployment insurance just last week. The latest Republican bill emerging in the Senate is a trillion dollars in stimulus that includes direct cash payments for some Americans. Nbc News Reporting. The White House wants to see a vote on the bill on Monday trump ally South Carolina Republican Lindsey. Graham was asked about the potential for getting the bill to the floor with minimal delay. Dining done early next week. It's all the we don't go get her ass are having a squad. Alvis myself and speaking of the Senate Republican Richard Burr of North Carolina. Who FAMOUSLY ENJOYS? His privacy is squarely in the public eye and public conversation tonight. Npr reporting the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee warned a small group of his constituents and donors three weeks ago to get ready for the severe economic and societal effects of the corona virus according to a recording of his remarks obtained by NPR. Much more than anything. We've seen in recent history probably work into the nineteen eighteen and senator burs warning came on. February twenty seven th the same day. Donald Trump said this. It's going to disappear one day. It's like a miracle it will disappear. Npr also reporting in his public comments about the threat of Corona virus. Burr never offered the kind of precise warning that he delivered to that private gathering. Even though on February seventh burr co authored an OP. Ed that laid out the tools the US government had at its disposal to fight this corona virus PROPUBLICA also reports tonight that senator bursts sold up to one point seven million dollars in stock after reassuring the public about Corona Virus Preparedness Propublica notes. The sales were on February thirteenth around the same time. His committee was receiving daily. Corona virus. Briefings Tonight one of burs aides tells. Nbc News. The stock sales quote were made several weeks before the US and financial markets showed signs of volatility due to the growing corona virus outbreak and new reporting. Tonight that the recently appointed Republican. Us Senator from Georgia Kelley law flour dumped millions in stock after attending a senators only corona virus briefing and the following dynamic continues to play out trump and his party and his friends. And the news. Media have grappled with the optics of this growing corona virus outbreak. They have often and pointedly taken great pains to refer to it as the Chinese virus and worse even though medical experts on the World Health Organization. Say That's inaccurate not to mention stigmatizing. Well showed up again today in this photograph captured by Washington. Post still photographer. Jabeen Botsford as trump step to the podium for today's White House briefing. The word corona was crossed out and replaced in sharpy with Chinese on that note. Here for our leadoff discussion on a Thursday night. Shannon petty piece of veteran journalist and senior White House reporter for us at NBC News Digital Peter Baker Chief White House correspondent for the New York Times and Dr Michael Minna an expert in epidemiology infectious diseases clinical microbiology. Immunology happens to be Assistant Professor at Harvard School of Public Health and a core member of the Harvard Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics and doctor because of all the Boniface. I just read aloud. I'd like to begin with you and specifically your reaction to this stay at home order for forty million souls in the state of California. I think that it's the it's the right thing to do. At this point in time in particular in the absence of per good testing and wide scale testing. We don't really know where we are in the course of this epidemic and so These these what seemed like somewhat extreme measures are actually the one way that we really know that we can can stop the the fast transmission of this virus that seems to be really sweeping across the globe. People are already asking questions as people are eager to do if California is doing this. Does that mean almost by association that New York City such a dense concentrated. Urban Center should be doing that. Same thing at minimum. I think New York City. It probably should be. I mean it is. It's an extraordinarily dense city as you say and and this virus has is very likely to to transmit widely throughout the city like that and and really across most urban centers and so. I think that it it needs to be balanced of course against the economic impact that will have and the and the social impact but I from from public health and medical perspective. What we're really trying to do is trying to preserve the healthcare and healthcare industry from sort of ripping at it seems as a result of this virus and and these are the types of actions that we really need to start taking as a society right now looking at Times Square in New York. Still judge an incredible image of the usually teaming crossroads of the World Shannon Petty Peace to your reporting. Now how do we deal with the stoppage of transportation between the US and Max Mexico in both directions? How do we for that matter? Go about bringing home. The Americans who are flying about the world right well and I mean it could be a precursor to more restrictions even still to come with international travel. You know you have the White House administration now advising people against international travel but we don't see a full out ban travel and so that's another step that could be. This could be a precursor to all that the latest action. They're taking though on. International travel is stopping the flow of any non essential travel between the US and Mexico. That's something our reporting indicates that the administration is planning to announce could be as early as tomorrow. We'll be very similar to what was announced with Canada on Wednesday. Where again the border was essentially closed any non essential travel between Canada and the US and Canada situation that doesn't affect trade so we believe That with the Mexico with Mexico won't affect trade at all. But you know I'll note the you know. The the trump administration has long talked threatened about closing the border to Mexico because of concerns about illegal immigration. We're coming up into a time of year for the harvest where farmers need a lot of migrant workers and the farm bureau actually put out a statement earlier this week saying that they need the State Department to pick up the pace of approving migrant worker visas to get the harvest season so the food supply is not disrupted From having a lack of migrant workers so I think a big question out there right now is obviously the. Us has been trying to crack down on illegal immigration. But what's GonNa Happen to legal immigration coming from Mexico and I should also note? Mexico only has about one hundred and eighteen cases of virus right now. Of course that's confirmed cases. We don't know what the testing situations like. We've obviously had our own testing struggles here But no they're closing down this flow of people When we don't necessarily know there's an enormous problem in Mexico right now of course the Mexicans might not want Americans coming into Mexico since we seemed to have a much bigger problem than they do at this point at least according to the data available that we have But I think there's going to be a lot of issues that come from this move if indeed. The administration announces that soon as reporting indicates it will Peter Breaker a little history. That you already know. The Spanish flu nine thousand nine hundred eighteen was in Spanish at all. It likely originated in Kansas Right Smack. Dab in the middle of our country but on that same theme it is clear the president the White House staff their friends at Fox. News have decided they need to make China and enemy in. This story will listen here to the president. Criticizing China much better. If we had known about this a number of months earlier it could have been contained that one area in China where it started and certainly the world is paying a big price for what they did and world is paying a very big price for not for not letting them come out. Excuse me excuse me before we started reading about we could could have been stopped in. It's tracks unfortunately they didn't decide to make it public but the whole world is suffering because of this part of a larger effort to tell us what we saw and heard for ourselves in the past indeed. The second thing I'm GonNa play for you. Is the president eight weeks ago? You Trust that. We're going to know everything we need to know from. China I do. I do have a good relationship with president cheap so Peter Baker among those two guys who happened to be the same president. Who's right yeah look? There's plenty of room for criticism of the way the Chinese government has handled US remember. Of course the doctor. Who was the early whistle blower tried to bring more attention to what was happening Father was of course suppressed by Chinese government. It's one reason. Why my colleagues in the New York Times and our compatriots in the Washington Post in Wall Street Journal have just been told? You have to leave the country because back the reporting From Western News Media. I think has probably embarrassed the Chinese government. But that's not what the president is only talking about this. The only thing going on with the president here He. He works better in political sense when he has an enemy and in this case he decided that China is. The enemy is foreign And that fits into a course a pattern we've seen throughout his presidency. Presidency has been built in large part on the theory that the outside world is a threat to the United States whether it be a rapist and gang members or trade or Security threats now disease. It's all coming from the outside. Which justifies tougher measures at the border It may be right that these measures are taken at various points very poise along the way but the the frame this China virus is meant to play a political role in the president's policy making to enter flecked attention away from things that he and his own administration didn't do early on Shannon petty piece. A story that is custom made to light a prairie fire of populist anger people are generically just angry at the situation now already. Is this story about Senator Burr and it could wind up to be several members of the US Senate because it combines insider information and personal profit. Tonight I noted of all People Tucker Carlson on Fox. Called straight up for the senator to resign. This sure will make an interesting plotline in the days to come and I think it highlights this sense. We've been getting all along that there's a two Americas here like people have pointed out in in other similar crises and situations you have the one where athletes and celebrities are able to get the corona virus test and other people are waiting in line are told by their doctors of. I can't get that for you. I don't know how to get testing. You have one where the president is telling people this viruses going away where you have the president's Economic Adviser. Larry cudlow telling people to buy the dip win stocks. Were down just one to two percent at the very beginning of this stock market. Rout that we're going through right now. And another where senators are getting these private briefings and selling their stocks and so many people at home concerned about their jobs seeing their 401k. Their kid's college savings tumble. I think this is really going to resonate with a lot of people and Peter. Baker Wall Street Journal story on Senator. Patty Murray interview with her. She just becomes another voice saying that she raise alarms with the administration about the testing shortages. Since mid February as more cases began appearing in her state she just becomes the latest voice to say all this all of my conversations with them was not to worry by Friday. We'll have X. amount. She said the numbers just seem so made up. Peter this is where the the words out of the West Wing won't match the reality people are living across this country. Yeah I think that's right. You know we were weeks ago From the White House that there will be four million tests available but of course at the moment a certain number of tens of thousands less than have actually been administered. This point your story. After story people waiting in line unable to get a task calling around various places told they can't Our local doctor here in Washington says look I have no tests. Don't come to me about that. That's that's a common experience among people in hard hit places and that's why I think people have looked at what they heard from some of these briefings with a little bit of a jaundiced eye. It doesn't seem to match the reality that a lot of them and a lot of their neighbors hearing. I think that that the president has had a tough times owning up to this. And saying yeah. This has been a problem and we're doing the best we can but yes. It has been something that hasn't gone right instead. Of course he's busy defending himself. He wants credit for everything. He's Donnie gave himself a ten on a scale town. How hamlet so far and that doesn't square with a what would a lot you'll see in their own lives. Doctor you get the last word. And that is about this malaria medication. That's been around for decades that the president mentioned today one as far as to say could be a game changer. Maybe not people are grasping for anything positive here. Dr Wha how should we regard this medication as a potential treatment after the fact I think we have to take it? We really have to wait until we see what? What some of the clinical trials show. There are certainly trials. That are ongoing. Now there's some decent evidence that came in particular after SARS This was explored Sometimes in animal models and experimental systems and there is a mechanistic understanding of that that that this could work There are some early evidence from from earlier in this Epidemic but I think to really understand just just how beneficial with us will chloroquine actually be for for fighting this virus and individuals. I think it's really going to take some rigorous testing and the trials are starting and so hopefully within the within the coming months. We'll have a much better idea of of just how effective this and some of the other medications that he that he listed off might actually be as I say everybody's eager for good news to Shannon petty piece to Peter Baker to Dr Michael Joseph. Menna thank you very much for coming on tonight and coming up for us and unexpected finding from the CDC about one of the groups ending up needing the most critical care and later the most peculiar question. Today's briefing will play it for you as the eleventh hour is getting started on this Thursday night. Hey It's Chris. As this week on my podcast wise is happening. I'll be talking with Michael Lewis. Who wrote an amazing book about what it looks like inside the bowels of the federal government in the trump administration particularly those people trying to deal with big systemic risks? It's extremely topical as we battle the Corona virus so I interview people close to trump and nobody said anything but he just doesn't know anything and he doesn't have much interest in learning about it. And when that's at the top all of a sudden you've got this very mission driven enterprise with someone who's GonNa interest in the mission what Russia's in WHO's GonNa show up to work for that administration and what they have in common is they have some narrow financial interest in whatever the enterprise is. That's this week on. Why is this happening search for? Why is this happening? Wherever you're listening right. Now and subscribe estate is large as ours. Nation state is many parts but at the end of the day. We're one body. There's a mutuality. And there's a recognition of our interdependence that requires of this moment that we direct a statewide order for people to stay at home that directive goes into force in effect. This evening and we were confident. We are confident that the people the State of California will abide by it. There has never been anything like this in our country as governors across this country struggle to keep hospital supplied. There is this headline from the Los Angeles Times more than half of Californians could become infected with corona virus. The Governor says to trump projecting twenty five point five million people in that state potentially infected. And so it's very important to have with US tonight from Los Angeles Dr Anne Ramona Professor of Epidemiology at the Ucla Fielding School of Public Health and Infectious Disease Division of the Geffen School of Medicine. She specializes in emerging infectious. Diseases started her career in fact in public health as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa. And we'll get to that too before. This discussion is over Doc What do you make? You're you're in California. What do you make of that entire state and the new rules of the road going forward starting tonight? I think a really good thing we we really need to be doing right now is what I like to say. We're pulling together by staying apart. And that's what the the state of. California is really trying to do. That's what our Mayor Eric. Garcetti Tra Put forward today. I think this is a smart thing what we really need to do is we need to do what everybody is saying. We need to. We need to flatten the curve. We need to slow down the pace of infection so that our hospitals don't get overwhelmed and we can protect all of these vulnerable Populations here the elderly people who have underlying conditions all the things that we've been hearing this is the measure that will make a difference and all you have to do is look at the global data to see. This is what actually works. This is what worked in China. This is what worked in other places like Singapore Hong Kong. And it's starting to bring down the curve in Europe as well. I've heard the advice that if we all walk around as if we know we have it and we all regard the space between us that way. That is something that would indeed flatten the curve. Is that correct? Absolutely if we all act like we have it and we try not to pass it onto somebody else. We're going to do a really good job at keeping the the amount of disease down. That's a perfect way of putting it Keeping six feet away from each other in public places covering your mouth when you cough sneezing into your arm taking really good care of hygiene. That's what we need to do. So if everybody acts like they have it and doesn't want to pass it onto somebody else. That's the best case scenario. We're GONNA talk about spring break before this broadcast is over young people. Being young people have been going on spring break. Are you concerned at the new stats today? Showing this uptick in disease severity. That we didn't think was necessarily happening among young people. This is actually data. That is not surprising to too many of us who've been following the global data. We know that all age groups except the very young have very serious serious outcomes. What we're seeing now is a study focusing on this younger group. And seeing that people to do not get out scot-free everyone can be affected by this virus and that's why we have to be very very careful This is not. This is not really surprising. Data I should. I should say I think that the issue is is that people haven't been focusing on the young people and many of these of these young people weren't tested so we don't really have a full picture at this point. Either when we have more data on children will really know what the true effects are in this population. Doctor as I mentioned. I know you're justifiably crowd proud of your time in the Peace Corps. We had a family member in the Peace Corps. The daughter of dear friends of ours I just learned is home tonight from her work in Africa. The Peace Corps has never ever ordered all their volunteers home. But it has happened now in. This must break your art. It does now. I'm always happy to answer any question about Peace Corps because it totally changed my life and and I I really feel that what the the Peace Corps did by pulling people. Home was the right thing to do. We Have Young. Volunteers also older volunteers. All over the world but living in a variety of different circumstances Living in communities often without running water electricity and certainly without good healthcare in most places so it is very prudent to bringing people home right now. It's a it's a wonderful program and it will start up again once we're through this so right now the best thing to do is bring 'em home keep them safe and let them back out when it's time to go well. I'm hoping in assuming you are immune from the shelter in place order and I'm hoping an assuming we can do this again. And you can be free to join us again doctor and remind us from southern California tonight. Thank you so very much for coming on coming up for us. The HASHTAG wears Was Trending today. Why has the nation's top immunologist been missing from the on camera seen of late the CDC has put out guidelines for hospitals that are dealing with a shortage of mass to use them on their shelf life reuse them getting new ones and in a worst case scenario using van? Danna instead of a mask. How is that acceptable at all? I haven't seen that but I will let Mike. Answer that question Vice President and I just. I can't emphasize enough. The incredible progress that was made with the passage of the legislation last night. That was not exactly a direct answer to the question of medical supply shortages. It's been over a week since anybody from the agency the CDC spoke at the podium the Washington Post reports the CDC has been sidelined to prioritize the White House public facing task force for his part. Dr Tony Found. She said tonight he was doing. Nih Business Today. He said he'll be back to the briefing room tomorrow. He said it's nothing more sinister than that. And he's not being sidelined back with us. Tonight is Ron claim. A political veteran now informally advising the Biden campaign but most importantly it was ron claiborne. Who Oversaw the response to the bowl outbreak? During the Obama presidency he also importantly is co host of a new podcast about the corona virus called Epidemic Ron. First things first Minnesota mining and manufacturing company. Three M terrific company full of terrific people they gave the world post it notes by God and a whole lot of other things. Why can't the president federalized their MASK ASSEMBLY LINE? And just say will make you whole but we need you to triple production. Everything that comes out of here we're GONNA distribute because what we're hearing from the briefing room. We're not seeing those masks in healthcare facilities. Well the answer is he can. I mean The law that the president expanded last week the Defense Production Act gives them precisely that authority Brian. So the question really isn't White Candy. It's why won't he and I think that's a really hard question. You heard the president say today. I'm not a delivery clerk and as way to kind of dismissed this concern about these medical supplies states. Somehow she just kind of order them on their own right but we heard governor today tell the president that when the state tried to order the Federal Government. Outbid them for those medical supplies. So all this goes to this fundamental point. I've been making several times on your show over the course of this. Which is that it's the responsibly. The federal government to take control of the supply chain and to make sure the supplies are getting to where they need to get to. That means we need to make more of them and we need to get them to the places that they're most urgently needed if not if the federal government kind of throws up since hands. We're GONNA wake up two stories of some hospitals without mask without rory seeing that and others with a surplus of them because they have better relationships with the suppliers this needs to be organized from Washington managed Washington to the benefit of all of us to get the supplies where they need to be when they need to be there. That's why I wanted you to come on. And normalize are thinking we see these briefings. We hear the president say some form of you know the federal government can't be in the business of ordering all these and you say to yourself in normal times just a few weeks back. Oh no they can they do. And they have yeah. And and that is the responsibility of the government. There's a whole structure that set up an agency inside the proper health and Human Services called Asper the Assistant Secretary for preparedness and Response. That's supposed to oversee these things and other agency inside. Hhs called Barda which is a biological defense agency. That's supposed to help spur. Production of key biological responses Thaksin's and things like that biomedical I should say. And so you know th- there are structures to do this. There are powers to do this and I think the president has instead chosen of course of trying to increasingly say. Hey this is the state's problem. Hey this is the governor's problem we're not gonNA manages from your and look. Let's give the governor's credit. They are stepping up both Democrats and Republicans is not a partisan thing governor dewine in Ohio Governor Cuomo in New York. We could go down the line and call a roll-call a both Democrat and Republican governors. And they're stepping up but they don't have the power that the federal government has to solve this. They don't have the resources. The federal government has to solve this and they also can't sort and direct the supplies and the things. We need to the places where they're needed. The most this disease is gonna hit different places at different times. Get everybody a little bit now but is going to surge in some places so someone with a planning charge from Washington has to say. Hey we need to get this here. We need to get that there. This is the order they need to go in and that should be happening right now from the administration final question. How worried are you when you read reports that the CDC wants to say something and has been enjoying somehow from doing so? Yeah I mean Brian. I'm very worried it's been nine days without a briefing for the Centers for Disease Control. And that's extraordinary and kind of normal times but thought whatever's beyond extraordinary public health crisis. They are the nation's public health authorities and they are the ones who should hearing from president. Trump stands at that podium every day and says things that are untrue. He says that yours are coming. That aren't really coming vaccines coming. That aren't really coming that Google built some website that they haven't really built that you can get tests when you can't really get them and so people can't really rely on that information we need to hear. Cdc Tell US accurate information on a timely basis. So far we're using governors as subcontractors and all of this Ron claim. We're GONNA ask you to come on again many times I know. Thank you very much for staying up late with US tonight. After the day you've had already and coming up for us. Our next guest has his own. Take or take down of the president's skillset on crisis management with all of those in the teeth of an emergency considered a term Chinese food racist food that originates in China and has. I don't think it's richest on that note. Major luxury news media even in this room. How teamed up with Chinese Communist Party narratives and they're claiming you are racist for making these claims about China's I. Is it a little that major media players just as you are consistently siding with Foreign Sitcom Ganda Islamic radicals gangs and cartels and we work here up White House with direct access to you and your teeth. There are siding with their siding with China. They are doing things that they shouldn't be doing. This idea with many others China's the least of it was a moment that was today on live national television. That question in the briefing room today immediately labeled plant was from Chanel. Ryan Riyan. Forgive me chief. White House correspondent for one America News Network Misery on recently aired a story about a sense debunked conspiracy theory that the corona virus was hatched and a lab in North Carolina. That is a Chinese talking point by the way it was the good folks at away. In who recently teamed up with Rudy Giuliani to televise his investigation into the Biden's that particular question. There today was just one opportunity. The president took to attack the news media in the midst of this crisis. I think with social distancing that the media has been much nicer. I don't know what it is all these empty inbetween chairs now. The economy is essentially ground to a halt thanks for telling appreciate stores. Flows travel has slowed down. And what's the recipe for? Everybody in the room knows it. You're actually sitting too close. You should really. We should probably have about another seventy five eighty percent of you. I have just two or three that I like in this room. I think that's a great way of doing. It amazes me when I read the things that I read. But it is fake news. It's more than victor's. It's corrupt news. This administration has done a great job. But the press is very dishonest. Back with US tonight. Michael Steele former chairman of the Republican National Committee former Lieutenant Governor of the Great State of Maryland. These days host of the Michael Steele podcast and happily at home the way so. Many of our guests are Michael. What's going on and by the way? Where's the Republicans? Oh they are. They're in a bunker somewhere. Absolutely look at trump was doing what he likes to do. Risk against the press You know taking kernels of this and the added mixing together as own Little Stu. He's talking about. Oh yeah you know. We'd get rid of the eighty percent of you. That left in the room get okay. Whatever trump we know that of all the things. He relishes of that more than he does. Standing there talking about corona virus. Because that's the serious part of the job. That's the part of the job that requires him to own up to what is administration has done and what it is failed to and that reality is something that hits home. Every day you saw that little segment where the reporters like the stock market has crashed. The economy is imploding. It was like no. We know that those I don't WanNa talk about it. Move On von gives. If you don't say it then we won't know it if he doesn't hear it out loud than it doesn't happen and that's part of the problem that we see with this president is that he doesn't internalize things. The way he should as most presidents in the past have and take ownership of in the speaker. Okay this is what I need to fix it. The other attempts to tell us what we ourselves saw and heard or did not see and hear really has at its core assumption that we must be stupid and the latest example. I'll play for you here. Mr Hannity scaring the living hell out of people and I see it again is like Oh. Let's bludgeoned trump with this new hoax by the way this program is always taken the corona virus seriously and we've never called the virus a hoax. Michael the speed with which the entire crowd turned around just days ago and awoke with new seriousness. Fox coverage changed. Along with the president's verbiage It was freaky to watch. Yeah and the reason for that was a lot of what was happening in the country was happening to their audience. They were they were talking to their own folks who were telling them. I think we have a problem here. And the fact of the matter. Is You know this is not a west coast problem. This was not something that occurred just in California or in Washington state. This was not something that happened in New York City. This is something that's happening in the heartland of the country as well in the south as well and so as the entire nation is at that is in this corona virus footing right now and so the narrative has to change. You can't go out and claim that this is somehow democratic politics. That's part of an anti-trump narrative. The reality of it is it's hitting everybody regardless of their ideology philosophy or their party and the country as a whole is looking to the man in the Oval Office. Who Right now really. Don't give a damn if he's a Democrat or Republican. They just want to know. What are you doing to prevent my family from getting sick? What are you doing so I don't have to fire my employees. What are you doing to make sure that my small business? My restaurant can open in a few weeks. That's the new reality Michael Steele with. Thanks to you for being a cameraman and guest. I can't believe this is where we are but we're race timing on network television now. I know get used to it. Michael Steele always a pleasure. Thank you my friends. Went ON AND COMING UP FOR. Us fighting a pandemic in rural America. When we come back another look tonight at Las Vegas having just been out there it. It is incredible to see the city. Shut down a financial disaster for a town built entirely around one industry hospitality tens of thousands of people out of work. Just like that then. There are the vast stretches of our country that are not in the shadow of a big city and the profound worry is right about now about whether America's community hospitals are ready for. What we know is coming when this virus settles in our report on this tonight from NBC. News correspondent Stephanie. Four from the densely populated cities rural. America may seem better protected from the corona virus but health officials. Say It is a matter of time before it spreads everywhere and people here could be especially vulnerable. You are dealing with a demographic that could be the hardest hit by this virus aren't you? We are the rural population in the. Us tends to be older and generally less healthy than people in the cities. While the number of hospitals providing services is dwindling. One hundred and twenty six have closed in the last decade six so far this year and now append imagine a huge tidal wave. And we feel like we're in the shadow and we're waiting for the wave to hit Steve. Kelly runs ellendale regional hospital in. New York's catskill mountains where they've been working around the clock to prepare a trio station that is set up for patients that have flu symptoms. His facility has twenty five beds for twenty eight thousand people. A neighboring county has already asked visitors. To stay away. How many ventilators do you have one? Ventilator one ventilator so you can have one patient who needs a ventilator and then what do you do after that we transfer the patient? It's the same situation at Holden Community Hospital in Kansas where they already are reusing protective gear. It's very scary. Enroll America staff. Where a lot of different hats? Just take my safety officer. She's my infection control nurse. She's my safety officer. She also is my employee health nurse a hospital in Oklahoma is seeing respiratory problems but has no tests one in Wisconsin. Running out of swabs and masks another in Indiana worried about money the National World Health Associations warning the rural health care safety net was already fragile now. It's being crippled by Kovic. Nineteen Stephanie Gospel. Nbc News Ellen. New York unbelievable situation another break for us and coming up in our country where everything right about now seems broken or ready to break. Truth is it's spring break that remains intact. Here's hoping they go home with just a mild somber. Get the hell off the beach the last thing before we go tonight. Some of the more famous warnings over the years from the beaches of Normandy to the beaches of New Jersey. They now apply to Florida. It is spring break for millions of students after all and the older folks who have been following the rules and self quarantining have been watching these pictures of spring break just horrified at. Should we call it? The opposite of social distancing something a lot closer to social intimacy among thousands who now go home with whatever. They've got to pass it along to whomever is in their household fuelled by a combination of Yo Lo and foam. Oh and perhaps a beverage or two here again. A sampling of the lack of corona concern among the songs Corona Corona Identity Day. I'm not GonNa let us stop me from party. It's good to take precautions. Granted spring break. Everyone's going to be at the beach regardless Maria accident. Even it the message I think for spring breakers is at the Party's over in Florida. So that last guy there is the governor and yes he is several weeks too late and while most Florida beaches are by now shutdown to crowds clear. Clear Water for one is still open and they are shutting down but right after one more weekend of partying revelry and Revenue Fund in the Sun. Please remember tourism is or used to be a forty billion dollar business in the state of Florida and beaches in Georgia are still open and some of them crowded and for the record we hope for everybody's sake that this cruel virus finds a way to be kind to all who were there. That is our broadcast for this Thursday night from our temporary satellite studio. Thank you for being here with us. And good night. Hey everyone it's Dylan byers from NBC News on my new podcast buyer's market. I'm taking you behind the scenes of the rapidly changing world of technology and media. I sit down one on one with powerbrokers like facebook. Sheryl Sandberg. Espn's Jimmy Taro and media mogul Barry diller. Talk about how. They're industry intersects with politics. How they use consumer data to shape their product and what they think. The Future of American culture holds search for buyers market. Wherever you're listening right now and subscribe.

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