Shure MV88+ Video Kit Review


critters looking per flexibility will wanna take note of the new shore envy eighty eight plus video kid my review is used for this episode of hands on tech is brought to you by grammar lee a communication tool that helps people people improve their writing to be mistake free clear and effective start writing confidently by going to grammar lee dot com slash hodge and get twenty percent off eight gramley premium account google i oh this year i want it to be able to shoot some video and i didn't really feel like bringing an entire crew with me out into the field anyways as at least as much as necessary let's face the cameras video capabilities modern smartphones are pretty awesome right now so good in fact the creators can conceivably shoot all of their media using a trusted smartphone race like this so i went to mountain view packing google pixel three xl end these shore envy eighty eight plus video kept these see right here and let me tell you this kid is made for portability sluts check it out out of the box you get this high quality standard quarter inch tripods it feels incredibly durable then there's this go kid right here which all unraveling show everything else that you need is inside there's a smartphone clip that could hold most smartphones securely which attaches to the top of the tripod like this then there's this mike holzer which attached to the top of the smartphone clip an yes there's a digital stereo condenser microphone with a removable windscreen will slide disinvited the mike holder end it feels very secure very snow there no worries of it falling out thankfully and now i could slide my phone into the smartphone clip and used one of included cables to connect the mike to my smartphone this here actually being a pixel three xl all you you you sbc adapter but i phone users will find a lightening cable and the kids to connect with his well having done that i'm nearly all ready to go i've also downloaded shores to recommended apps to my phone they made them both motive audio audio settings and recording and then there's also a motive video for shooting video and i should mention that on my pixel i could actually use my standard camera app instill gain alvie audio benefits of the mike and the supporting apps so you're required to use only shores apps they'll just really depends on your device is not all android devices is that will support you sb audio also not all android devices provide apple power to the condenser mike so be sure to check out sure sight to see if your phone is in the clear so taking a closer look at what we have here this mike is really nice you could pop off the windscreen and then you'll see the makeup of the diaphragm something inside and this actually allows for some awesome flexibility out in the field i'll pull up the motive audio apple my pixel three xl in i'm giving a number of ways to dial in the sound exactly as i wanted this area right here allows me to select the pickup pattern as this mike is capable of stereo with adjustable deaths cardio lloyd friend nice focused sound by directional monto end even midsize patterns not only that the mike has dsp on board that allows her sweetening the sound with compression limiting an equalization ensure including different dsp presets discovered the bases with speech vocals acoustic the speaker speaker represents loud and then this bar looking thing in the middle which is basically no dsp so a straight signal all that control really changes the sound in different environments will definitely benefit from that flexibility both apps are designed very well keeping relatively simple while still providing a number of useful features that help get more out of the microphone but like i said i was able to shoot video in the pixel camera app so you do have options this episode of hands on tech is brought to you by grammar lee a communication tool tool that helps people improve their writing to be mistake free clear and effective gramley premium looks out for spelling grammar plus advanced punctuation style within context concise miss and readability four different occasions it's available in multiple browsers end platforms and you could go the grammar lee dot com slash hot there you'll get twenty percent off you're grammar lee premium account today that's grammar lee dot com slash hot for twenty percent off you're grammar lee premium account now in the back of the mike itself next wsb port isn't eight inch headphone port for real time audio monitoring the balance of the mike signal any audio play back on device can be adjusted in the monitor mix section of motive audio i was incredibly happy with the sound quality of this little tank i recorded my voice over audio from my pixel three eight first look on hot using this microphone while sitting in my car let's adolescent google announced its next pixel devices the pixel three s n larger three xl both mid range devices carey some very compelling features from their full size full price counterparts that were originally announced last october an also used it to record my audio from my android authority podcast appearance jason what is my homey a not a whole lot just a kind of happy to be home after a few days at google i oh thanks for inviting me on adam it's nice to see you again jonathan her not to see you but i'm sure i'll hear you moment but it's it's gonna be on the show thank you and i've been very pleased with how it all turned out you just wanna be careful not to get too closed as those plo sizzle rattle that little condenser mike and that never sounds good but it was even easily avoidable i just kinda backed away the tripod and mike are both made a very sturdy metal which makes them better in the field i never once felt like i was holding something fragile or delicate the tripod itself is rather small which is nice but for tabletop shooting i sometimes wished it had the ability to maybe extend out a bit further this red button right here releases the mountaintop on top so it could be swivel locked in any position within its range rather easily all in all it's very flexible and i really liked wisher offers here dmv eighty plus is designed to be compact yet powerful giving creators something they can throw into they're fanny pack and carry with them everywhere they go so they're ready when the moment strikes and it sure did not cheap out on components iser it feels tough footage sound solid it's definitely an upgrade to that lonely smartphone cameras years and oh by the way be audio on this

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