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And if you're feeling especially generous head over to our patriots where for just a couple of bucks a month you can help the moratorium grow and that would be pretty kick ass and remember long legged vhs sometime in the near distant future earth is relying on to a net scientists to find a way to produce food for earth or leased aside veggie dish for the schnauzer platter. But all they're capable. Love is some weird sex stuff. So let's send in harvey kyw till with a very large robot with a tiny tiny heddon. That'll fix it. Not cue the music and in three to already forgot. It is insane fats. Punctuate the match made in a bathroom floating into the void. Ono those trace on those trays under twat sam. What have you done attleboro. I've made us watch a train wreck me. I suck her douglas's old but dude. I read that he wanted tubing nude in these scenes. He was giving off a weird energy the entire time. Oh i think you're meant to think that in the seventies and early eighties. Anyone who saw farah fawcett was just like stricken dumb. All they could do is just worn out on inanimate object. I mean like you know. We'll get to that out. There is a lot of trivia on farah fawcett and i only know her from those films. She's really famous for where she's playing a battered wife. Oh like Lifetime type stuff will yeah. She was in extremities which was a play before it was a movie. I don't even know what that is. It's a battered wife type story and then there's like the brian bed. She got treated like immediately afterwards which was a true crime story. I think she said her husband on fire. Who was a you know. Oh i know about that yeah. It was selected true story. Yeah this movie's she's take drugs. Ally does seem like she is on the right page She looks very tranquilize. During the entire thing. I have plenty of questions. Is she a clone yet. There is some weird stuff like also kirk. Douglas could be a cloned because he has a couple of lines of dialogue. That are like i mean. I think they were just trying to do some type of like sci fi language you know. But he says something. He hadn't been programmed. I don't know it was a weird line. A better title for this movie would be star. Cuck cut at three thousand or something because because there's so much sexual stuff going on. There's a line that harvey cocktail says. He asked fair faucet if he could use her. Use her body because back in I guess on earth. Yeah on her d. You're just allowed to you. Know everybody's just fucking everybody. Yeah that's what was really in. This is this is nineteen eighty. I think yes and kirk. Douglas was into it. So we've already stated. I think that farah fawcett was like in her early thirties during his like thirty two i think and i think she had a birthday on the sat. That's right that's why i know but kirk. Douglas is like sixty one booth and he looks like they've still got it. But oh my god. Did the costumes in this movie are so gross. Mean like fair faucet looks great but like kirk. Douglas looks like a grandpa. it'd be like dad. No you're not wearing that out. I'll go get the mail like here's the thing. The style of all of the costumes at was pretty awesome. I mean you know seventies eighties. That's what you get but the fit was so weird like bunched up in weird places. And like i could fully see everybody what everybody had going on at all times. Harvey kyw tell mike rubber the entire time in a tiny little ponytail and not his voice. i've got so much trivia to talk about lean on this But here's one straight out of imdb that you'll love that kirk. Douglas thought the clothes that he wore in the movie were so comfortable that he kept them after production wrapped that that perfectly fits they towards the end a look like yeah like he hadn't gotten out of those the entire time they've been filming like to wash them sauce so much of his old body i mean he's he's in shape for as sixty year. Old man you know needs like super grandpa or something. But i think i saw part of this is weiner. I wouldn't doubt it so you wait. Did you say that he wanted to be nude in the movie. I think i read that somewhere. I've read a lot about this film and watched a leather some behind the scene stuff. There's a about nine minutes of footage that you can watch on youtube god. I can't imagine what the cut scenes are. I watched this on tv. You know what. I mean. When i was a kid. It's so disturbing in is new. I mean farah fawcett you can see her nipples during the entire movie. How would you even edit that man. But i have so many questions like so they are the only two on this space. Yeah they're on like they say. The third moon of saturn but in the discussion for saturn three says that they are in a moon within like the asteroid belt. Which i am k. This movie did have a lot of problems. I don't even know where to start. Why don't we get. Let's calm down for a second. Start the podcast. And let me gather my. We haven't starting papers get on my notes together. All right die so Yeah welcome to the moratorium tim. That's jason there now. Let's let's get down to business. The brass tacks i also have project But cooking with the It's like anger area. It's just a picture of. It's just like a robot and farah fawcett like groping each other and kirk. Douglas is just like behind potted plant or something watching so the description on. Imdb for saturn three says two lovers stationed at a remote base in the asteroid. Fields of saturn are intruded upon by a retentive technocrat from earth and his charge a malevolent eight foot. Robot named hector. Hector where do you think. Do you have any information about where that name came from. Yeah it about trojan times they stole. I didn't even pick up on that. I mean it would have helped if anyone else in the. I mean what his. Name's adam right kirk. Douglas what is harvey. Oh his name's benson won't know his name isn't benson. His name is guy he kills. That's so okay that just in those few sentences. Explain any of that to me first of all. Let's start it and then we'll get in. I'm pressing play on it right now. It's going right. We will trip all through this. It makes zero sense. That one we meet harvey kyw tail in the locker room. This is locker into space locker room. You can practically smell it. I guess the guys on this spaceship this huge giant spaceship. There probably is enormous. And they're probably the not the cleanest of people so and the men's locker room. We just have a poor that you can clean up the entire place by pulling a lever it. Frigging ceiling opens up sex everything out. I guess a robot comes and puts talcum powder on your man. That's the future. Obviously the the beginning of this sh- this seeing the space ship. Go over star. Wars ripa total star wars rip up but john berry was was production designer on star wars okay. I don't know anything about this movie. I just watched it. I did not look. Imdb didn't look at anything. So you're going to have to end lightness buckle up. Gotta be one shock after another. This is the most boring spaceship going over the camera. There is nothing to look at though bad. I bent pizza pan. Yeah or like a sombrero. Kind of the sambre a giant mushroom. Even the spaceship new. This movie was aye yai and for it to be so obvious. I mean i guess probably you could look at any movie. I mean maybe even alien hat. They've gotta show the ship you know to establish where everybody's app at like. This one was so particular to have. I mean looked exactly like star wars except with the cheaper crop. You know yeah and the model is boring. Why even show it. I didn't think that the interior is kinda cool looking. But it's like ten different things at the same time like All those black kind of molded interior things were kind of cool looking but then sometimes there would just be a bunch of like multicolored roses. Yes and that was like dryer like but it looks like crowd. Looks like my sister's kid did it. Well they said now. This was filmed in london. I believe right and On a sound and they actually had the have a map that they put for people to find because they actually made all these tunnels not that they needed to. You know we've seen other movies that were better done with one hallway. They just keep going back and forth or bit right at a certain point. I was like what rumor they in now. Because they're living quarters are huge honestly. It looked like a austin powers like set. You know because it's kind of like groovy to groovy an futuristic a little bit. Can it be beyond opening up into this this locker room this space locker room. Yes there's one shot of the ship this long hallway where people are walking on the ceiling. And on the floor and yeah. I've got like old shop backs old vacuums or something that i guess are supposed to be like their personal belongings or something. I am that pack but like it ways to underground. I wouldn't get in this space ship if it was. Oh my god a toy. At mcdonald's playground exactly exact. It looks unstable. My god speaking of kirk. Douglas face looks like one of those. Like lacquered. like burger king king or something to who really does look like a like renan's stimpy painting or something strange weird opening where basically and he does mention to this guy who is the captain who is being called out to the spaceship. We need to send you out in space immediately. I mean they have been now headed towards saturn for how long right and just all of a sudden it's like We need you on. You know docket thirty two like immediately. Yeah it was like the. This is poor planning exactly guys. It's not gonna hurt if were like. Takes an extra twenty minutes been doing this for decades now and such poor planning to is that he's going to arrive on this base station right before an eclipse right that they have radio silence for what he say like forty days. Something like that. Yeah that's not a good plan. No and at the end of the movie you finally get somebody this checking up on them after they come they come out of this where they actually have radio contact now and mason the ship to go check on them that exactly and then also the guys are like are you guys okay. Yep yep all right well see. I mean just doing or no protocol for this. Should i think you definitely should at least dock and go in and look around milk yet so harvey till is what. We don't necessarily see his face until he gets off the ship. But and there's a little exchange my say an exchange the actual captain says. Yeah oh is that you. And i think he called. He calls them by name. But we don't know doesn't doesn't you know. We don't know that it's that guy actually harvey cocktails character. That he came out which they proceed to call him. They call him benson through the entire movie which was the guy he killed. That's his name. That's that's what i thought but in the credits it shows different. Oh okay vinson was a very popular. Tv show as home and rene version wall. Please mr dubois. So he mentioned to him in this little exchange that you weren't cleared for space travel are you weren't cleared to do any of these missions because of your mental instability. Oh okay so we know right off the bat. He's not bar if he's actually talking about the same person and cave row so in the locker room our captain actually takes what we find out later to be the brain of hector. Yeah you just got stored in his locker yes to with like cauliflower in it the to actually kind of looks like What pepsi and coke used to come in those containers before they went to the. Yeah yeah just the syrup. Yes so harvey cocktail kills the kills. The other guy jettison him out he basically ran through like one of those Potato mandolins slicer or like an egg. Slicer yeah yeah. I did not expect to see like blood and stuff so soon. Only five minutes in the movie are we to believe that he turned a ceramic because of the cold of space. I think it was just a cheap special effects but it did kind of looked like he was frozen and then right lie. But if he was frozen and sucked up then harvey ital- would've been frozen right just always release. Uc with that in sci fi. Like sometimes you could have a whole breach and the fucking whole ship explodes and then sometimes there. Somebody just turned a fan on high end papers. Rustling around you know the somebody's looking for the flex seal tape and we'll fix this new. Just put my buddy in it so. This movie is the exact plot of the martian. Right no yeah. Of course in farah fawcett is a name. I'm already further in the movie. Then i wanna talk about. Yeah i need to slow it down to. I'm like it's seven minutes. And i was like us didn't even bring that up. I'm at eleven minutes. I got so many questions like one. This ship that he flies is the most delicate piece machine. So yeah it's all glass. Yes and he's like hauling ass through some like a fiddle fat or like like he's flying through crackerjack. Is that the only way to get to this freaking space station to go through the asteroid belt. I think there's a safer way around is also seems like an asteroid. Bill is a really crappy place to have your research station or something you know because of all the asteroids. I don't even think we should guess author. They're trying to do up there because hydroponics is brought up a lot. Grandpa's horn and fair faucet. Looks like she just like hit her head on an iron railing or something and she's just wondering how pop tarts were entire time. Well that's why. I wasn't wondering if if she was cologne because she's never been to earth. Oh yes she's never been to earth. Why is she hanging out with him that she having expertise. I think she was born on the ship. He was previously married to her mother and then she wants. She reached a certain age. He jettison her mother into space. So these tattoos that they have on their faces all my god it has to mean something we actually get a close up shot on it but i guess it liked tells some information i guess because hardy cocktail notices it right away and he said something to her. That look like stamps. You would get on your hand if he went to a rave or something or like the little sticker on a banana. So questions questions yet. Harvey till does say that. The reason why they are on this station was to grow or figure out a new efficient way to grow fouquet right. He says earth does hungary and euro behind schedule. Ride exactly immediately addict care. Akhter is a big reason. Why i could not get through this. I mean quiet took me so long to get through. This is a little like dr smith. You know who's just always kind of like arch and like reprimanding them for stuff. It's not harvey kind tells. Voice is no no at all it is not. Whose voice is it because i can almost recognize. The guy's name is roy dot trips. I don't know that he's i been around for a while. started in nineteen fifty seven. He's been in a ton of tv shit from way back in the day but as he like a voiceover guy well he's done some voice work to that and just sick and has one hundred and thirty two credits to his name. He's from england but they his voice after the fact because so let me back up. John kerry was the original writer and director for this film. Let's just start at the beginning. Okay when you say original that already is. He was fired after two weeks K now starting to make sense. One of the producers stepped up to direct after they got rid of berry and that was stanley. Donen who has the credit for directing everything but he was mostly a musical director. He directed singing the rain. He directed funny face. fred astaire audrey hepburn charade seven brides for seven brothers. What and shit like. Oh not really the type of guy that you want for your sci-fi right has no idea. It's just a drama yet. I guess i'm thinking that because the robot which spoiler alert there's a giant robot in this is just not that scary everybody else says it was intimidating and farah fawcett said. She was intimidated by it. Because it was a foot tall. Yes there is a man in the suit yes but it still took twenty people doing an metron ix to get you know the things to move like the orange or whatever obviously not his arms and they they created another head for it which the the head of the robot. Probably the cheapest looking thing ever okay. That was a huge sticking. Point for me. I was like all of this other crap about their relationships and stuff like that is so boring that when that robot shows up finally to get something going but it kind of looks like You know how they have armor that's like molded sued. Look like a body right. Like never arthur son and X caliber you've got the golden armor that has like nipples on it and stuff. It's basically like i've got a golden nipples. It's like a batman and robin novels. But then first of all he turns around and he's got a little metal but which is not incriminating it all illex q. Like you wanna like you know was so weird when it turned around and had a little bug. Why wouldn't you cut that part off. But anyway and then the head is just a just like the inside of like a Cable box or something. Yeah with two lights on it. But the original story. And i watched an interview with Farah fawcett washed a couple of them. One when she was doing with with the tonight show johnny carson and they were talking about it now. The original movie that was pitched to her was called the helper and was a totally different story than what they actually ended up with. Obviously but the helper was actually The robot was supposed to fall in love with faira right. The robot was brought to them and it was given emotions by learning from harvey keitel and fell in love with faucet by the way that is a much better movie because the way that they try to work that in to this is that i could not figure out what the relationship between harvard cuts tell. The robot was because the robot has an intelligence itself right without harvey kites l. correct. I think it does to a certain extent. Harvey has that port in the back of his neck. Right like that matrix seat kind of. Yeah exactly that weird thing that they insert in the back of his head. That basically i think he was taking information and giving it to. I don't know if you had to have that in there that it was remotely going to. Does he put it into the robot and they share information. I don't know yes. All of the tel is already mr rapi so yeah. The robot is going to have if i was kirk douglas. I would have just pretended. They were like jehovah's witnesses or something. I would have logged every door and just pretended not to be there and so he went away. Harvey intel is constantly trying to fuck fair faucet. Bill kirk douglas and they still do not lock their bedroom door when they go to bed at night he he has her escort him to his room after he is already proven himself to be super rabi. Kirk douglas's character is kind of strange. The fact that is buying into what harvey keitel sang. Harba tells saying hey you're old. You're past your prime. you're gonna die soon. This girl should be with me. I'm taking her because you're not worthy. And he starts to believe and he's like i'm not worrying. Yeah i'm going to drop some ecstasy and we're gonna have a party. Yes just like bone dislike hardcore. Boning a girl that is like summer. I watched the with my wife. I'm not like fifteen minutes in as she walks in and says why is she showering with her dad like no no no ads splaine the first fifteen minutes of the movie and she let me stop you there. It's more like grandpa exactly just a generation away. Yeah that is pretty. And i do. I mean that part of the story is interesting. You know that that she's like with an older guy. And but i don't know if they had gotten a different actor other than harm kites hell i mean he's just instantly like if you saw him in a cast of characters you'd be like oh he's the bad guy you know. I think it's that tiny ponytail but he's evil right just like right off the bat if he's the same guy that are captain was talking about. Yeah he's mentally unstable right. He did just kill that guy. Cayenne and i'm getting ahead of myself but let's just talk about the shower yet just the same for ten minutes. They actually have multiple heads an shower. I mean they're yes stolen out of motel six but it is the future but meanwhile they have to get in some weird uv room thing. Like i don't even know what that i think. It's a decontamination. Thing from coming up from the outside. I thought that was kind of neat the double. In yeah pretty standard stuff. The sets are huge them incorporating the actual rocky texture of that they've built this is this is like dr evil's layer into the volunteers. Yes it is a bond villain spaceship. I'm sorry i gotta get back to the crux is. They're supposed to be doing hydroponics. They're supposed to be figuring out a way to to make food. Have you noticed. They're not working on anything now. Doing absolutely nothing. It seems like they're just kind of laying around then i will. They do work out member. Yeah like strenuous workout. They go for a jog and they run around The ship quite often. And like i said those those are just endless. Hallways that they were just running around in circles but they said that cast members were getting loss. And that's why. I had to put a map. I thought it was kinda funny. Fair faucet and kirk. Douglas do kind of have a chemistry in this. You know but. I think what i'm seeing. You know you're meant to think it is like husband and wife or something but i guess it is for her. It's probably like grandpa i love. I thinks she's taken prisoner. I think we're looking at a man. Yeah like hsieh's stockholm syndrome or something stockholm. Some is exactly it. I don't see any like indoctrination or anything. They're pretty chill. You know but if they're supposed to be trying to find a new way to grow plants or did you notice. They have house plans. They are not making the rowing firms. Yes yeah it's all decorative and they're like worth needs to accessorize. They're they're trying to just work on the hsi-wei they're not concerned about hungering. Sir and the original captain actually said that basically nobody wants to be assigned to saturn three. That it's just what it seems like a fucking great gig. I mean kirk douglas's like for him this is like heaven power Shit yeah he he gets the have vera faucet rub up against him go naked. Just the only thing i know about this movie is she divorced Lee nature's before this half because she was fair fawcett majors for forever And then she got hooked up with ryan o'neal oh man that guy. My wife and i both saw that dog and we were like ooh. That dog is not going to last ten minutes in this one. How did they get a dog. Yeah and two when harvey kyw till picks up the dog immediately asked immediately looks at its butthole and says that no. This is not a pet this food. Oh like they eat dog on earth. I guess earth there eating everything post-apocalyptic on earth and fair faucet and kirk douglas. Just having a great time a ball sin down a fern every once in a monitor. The bowling green. So we've failed to talk about this movie much at all. Actually what's going on. But so harvey keitel. I guess all of those containers that they were putting on this glass ship. All contain pieces of this robot that he's going to build this robot to be an assistant to them to help get their project of creating new food for earth. Make it go a little smoother. The whole setup right yes. I don't understand why he white had to be shot into space to build a robot. Why couldn't they just sit the robot. Yes if his motivations were more like fleshed out. I don't know if i would enjoy the movie more but it would at least give me some sense of what the hell is going on. So let me ask you this. He his first exchange with her affair faucet. These looking at the dogs about all and and says do you have one of these right now. Exactly like on earth we You know normal for us to look at each other's bubbles. He says you have a great body. And then he says may i use it. I use you yes. And then she says. I'm with the major and i was like a lean nature. No says that like a thing anyway. He says for his personal consumption. Only right he sends something like it was a pain alea unsocial behaviour earlier. Like he's like you can be arrested if you just don't give up your body that's penally unsocial is that is some brilliant screenwriting. All right somebody. Maybe a t shirt says pinole and social social hub and then the weird drug thing do. No i mean i know it's like the end of the seventies at the end of the movie When cheese on the spaceship there's somebody there's like a a waiter walking around with this big tub of like candy corn pills for. Hey you wanna go for a trip here you go. Here's eight different colored hills out. They were mixed in like mike. And i like somebody who puts the googlers in their pop. Warner's all kinds of stuff in there or not googlers like raise nets i guess okay arrays the nets and popcorn together. Yeah good mix. Hey can we think it will break sure. Hey freaks tres. It's tim from the moratorium. Do you like the sweet. Sounds of our witty banter in your ears every week. We'll head on over to our patriarch on and for only three dollars a month. You can get even more in the director's cuts of our movie episodes. On average. that's twenty minutes. More of our wise cracking jive talkin and lip flapping laughter straight to your ear holes. Go to the moratorium dot com and click on our atrium link. And you'll find five awesome tears with tons of goodies. You can also find our t. spring link on the website for even more awesome merge. Thank you for your support now on with the show so back to the movie for a minute here Yeah well nothing's going on okay. Come everybody's watching everybody. You know like you get a glimpse of kirk douglas. Unfair faucet kind of having sex and it's just her face and he's kind of like you know like kissing her neck or something and look on. Her face is like oh just just lay here and wait for it to be open. And she's thanking howard. Dogs made yeah exactly was dog baseline but anyway that fucking workout seen. She's got a arab. Or that i think have rollers. Were even more futuristic than than the one that she has she has like last year's model just looks like a lawnmower wheels with like a handle on it. They couldn't even and he's jumping rope like knits and actually he looks good jumping rope except for he is obviously not wearing underwear and is in some type of thin velour and the fact that they had carpet. I was like guys. It is the future. That carpet looks disgusting and you have dawn. it's probably eat all over our. Yeah but oh my god in jumping rope with those pants as unacceptable. That's where i started to think tim. I i am going to watch the rest of this movie but it is under protest and they're watching like morning. Tv yourself in their life is just amazing so we set up pretty quick. After hurricane harvey keitel gets here they cannot talk to earth for forty days there. I immediately cut off so communications. Not available they're using eclipse like a verb that just got eclipsed clip st- now harvey till when he meets up with fair faucet. She says something like you. Don't sleep much do you. And he's like oh. I sleep by take a couple of these. And he says they're blue. Dreamers was just looks like tax. He gives her a tic tac. They're basically like ambien or something later when they take one they split take it. Yeah they're saying it's more like ecstasy. The exact let's what i was thinking and their balu. She asks kirk douglas. He's ever taken blue dreamers before he's like well these look like some other pills. I take a ready to get it on. Come sit on grandpas lap. Come look at grandpa's moose. Knuckle which has during the look. That's all i can look at. And i thank you for bringing that up because i can't stop. Look his crotch. Starting you wanted to watch this but yeah he snooping on them. Caceres closed circuit television cameras everywhere on this everywhere. They've warriors dream. It's like he's waiting for her to do something with harvey keitel but at the same point. Yeah well he's he's upset about it. And i don't know yeah Santa and then contemplating his own by talapity. Yeah is this. Were on like say porn hub or something it would be a very different situation Yeah that sort of makes sense. I kind of liked that story. Line again it would work if harvey kyw tell wasn't so instantly. Just slimy bad guy you know if it was anyone slightly more attractive than him. It might work better. But she's even grossed out you know she's like no way captain graham paul. I'm watching them. Jog around the ship bra on. That can't be comfortable at all. Nope she was very popular when this movie was being made and they wanted to show as much skin as possible to get the kids into the theater. It didn't work yeah. Was this a flop. I thought you were talking about his crotch again. Did not need to see that jogging. Seen note you're just just concentrate on her concentrate on her. Yes that's a bad workout. Outfit is a sweaty see-through turtleneck and velour pants but you've been wearing for ten days. He has not changed pants his not change pants later on. He comes in in a different suit than he's been wearing. Looks like he's wearing like the female doctor. Monkeys sue from planet of the apes. Pretty cool but again just they just don't fit right in all the wrong places. i think. That what kirk. Douglas was trying to do in the scene where they where they take the pill so they split the ecstasy and i think he's trying to seem hip right. They had a whole conversation about waiting until. Rbi tells gone and then they'll drop it and then they'll have a good time. Yeah but now. He's worried that harvey cocktails tells gonna end up getting with her so he's trying to seem hip now. Yeah i kinda got that too. Yeah okay i like that. Well there is a scene that they cut out. This goes on for quite a while. I'll post this on a website l. Posted on our youtube page as well. There is a scene that they cut out where they start. Getting real weird because of this pill okay. Yeah yeah well. That's what i thought that. It was like austin powers. You know there's a little bit of you know. It was maiden seventy nine. There's a little kind of psychedelic thing to you. Know she comes out in this barbarella esque. Y'all sit yes and has this huge head of hair now. She has totally teased it. Up with auguries to whole bottle of aqua net right. This is the deleted scene. Yes okay. I'm with you. And they start getting their freak on. She starts dancing around. There's a close camera shot. That couldn't be four inches away from her crotch. Wow and she starts wrapping him up in this light. This silky net thing which later we see him in when they're in bed and they're kind of sleeping it off right when harvey kyw tale comes in with hector for the first time. Just come on in and her hair is totally different now. She's no longer in the our strays wrapped up in the sash. Okay i guess that explains that was like why did he. They were getting their freak. Okay makes sense. I guess okay. So while they the night that they had their weird sex stripper. Whatever the whole time harvey cartels putting together. A robot walking around with a clipboard. He actually does the thing where you make sure that you have all the parts before you start moving together him. He really is operatives. So then he busts in sues their like out he just like. Hey i built a robot. I know you guys just you guys are koi. Olen wanna see this. This room is musty. Amassed just lingering and he sends his he's like oh yeah. Why wasn't i invited to this party. Grandpa was aqua velva and hair spring. Yeah so he built a robot. You could say actually that Harvey kite tells acting is very robotic as well. It is not good he is. I mean. i'm sure that's the way they wanted him to play is just emotionless. Being right but we already know. He's unstable. He's teaching the robot how to do the little hand gesture from rama close encounters sher- turn your wrists and like flex your fingers out. It can't do much a robot though. It can extract the tiny glass. Shard out of verifies. Its is here in a little bit. The seems insane. That is a big thing. Especially in. I mean they say. They spent a million dollars a million dollars to build this robot. It is one of those things where it's like. We can wait for the robot to do it or like we could just take two steps and just pick up the thing that like you could. The robot has completely pointless yes and then being like chased by it later is is just laughable because it literally is just on the verge of tipping over and falling down the if there's a man in the suit yes and the robot suit well that's why the torso of the robot is so big because he's kind of hiding as arms instead a head and leaves and fake robot arms that he can control. He's just in the suit trapped. Yeah yeah can you imagine that on. I mean like that is not a good day for that guy that is in that suit you know out. She is wearing the skimpy outfits. We do. Get to see some boom. Oh yeah so. High baci tells trying to teach the robot. His shit yeah. Harvey keitel sees farah fawcett and he starts born and out. The robot is therefore horn and our our cuck is over there working on something and watching them both. Yes yes always watching. All of these conversations are happening while someone else's watching. I mean that is the definition of cuckold in this situation. A space couple. They've got the robot working on a laser that is trying to penetrate a rock. Did you think when you saw that laser that maybe the robot would pick up that laser and walk around with it later expected it i for it. That should have happened. This laser is so just willy. Nilly in the open yeah. There's there's no like plexiglass sleigh no guarding whatever. The hell trying to break a rock and a half with the laser right and that laser has has to be tearing a hole in the whole of this ship. You don't wanna just have a shooting a laser around inside a space. But that was just all setup that so she gets a sliver of rock in her eye so they could sit probably the most terrifying thing in the in the movie. Yes anything you start fucking with people's is going to make people uneasy. I was in distress while i was watching. Oh hector has a tweezers yet attachment like oh come in handy. We have an eyewash station. But let's let the robot o'clock it out and then that weird animation of him. Doing it wasn't even like the thing wasn't even close to her. I know which was very strange. That was actually their waste. That wasn't iraq that was just saving for directly after that seem kirk. Douglas walks in on them as she's distraught because of this thing in her eye and he's kind of harvey tells consoling her yeah by grabbing her face. Help you so kirk. Douglas walks in and the the floorboards have been removed. Expose what i can only assume as their wastewater. Yeah gray water. I don't know which is just a setup for later on in the film when we get to it. I i've got a. I've got several questions about that too. Well there is a cut scene in all talk about it. Another deleted scene that that follows that instant so okay near the end of the movie. So we'll get there. Okay it is funny. How dyke there is this interloper and kirk. Douglas find something to do on the other side of the ship while fair is. He's giving her time to be terrorize yet. Almost as if it some sort of a you know almost on purpose what he does this later. When he says he's going to go out to do some mundane task outside in a spacesuit. Yeah and leaves her with this. This robot yes leaves her with hari. Baci tail yeah at almost as if he won't he's wanted something bad happen. Well i'll we'll talk about it here in the second to but i got a breakdown this real quick because harvey tells trying to get the robot to talk. He's like i know you have the ability. Why won't you talk. And he says he's not ready yet. So he's using a five button keyboard to communicate with harvey kyw tells the robots talking to him and says that he knows because he's had Harvey tells thought he knows he is a killer right and he tells the robot to blank that information right like delete that word he also says this later to farah fawcett is like i can blank that memory for you. Yeah so is. I'm still confused because of maybe it's that port that he has in the back of his head. Yeah something is he. Retrofits kirk douglas. Later with one of those ports when kirk douglas when hector grabs her you know and holds her up out. Yeah gap kirk douglas again. He's like a mile away. He does like a mannix. Or like a captain john off of only like four feet but like i'm surprised he didn't roll out of it. Exactly i get that stunt guy out of there i wanted to do. I got this. I'm super on so before. That seem though hector was out with kirk. Douglas oh the deleted scene shows him taking the robot with him to go. Do whatever mundane task. Well yeah he's just slows down and their little space ship Rover that they have okay. And hector gets out of the space out of the rover to go do something with the spaceship. That harvey keitel came in and kirk. Douglas is trying to get the hector to go. Get back into the buggy. Get back in the buggy. And he refuses so kirk. Douglas leaves him right. And that's when the robot comes back and attacks her gotcha so it was really weird. And i understand why they cut it because now you're like well. How far outweigh you. It doesn't tell you how long they been that kirk. Douglas has been out there right. And it gives you kind of tastes like the robot. There's something not right with the robot. Yeah this is the scene. That i'm actually in right now. The the robot kills the dog. Yeah basically like chops at in half and then grabs her and she immediately hits the alarm button. Which sends you know a stunt grandpa in the play. Yes yes but it takes him like thirty minutes to get back to get decontaminated to run down to the botany lab. Botany bay there is a lot of star trekkie and stuff in this area. They stole from everything. I would say it was more track than wars. Your get that. I don't get why so. Everyone is being endangered by hector. Harvey hell everybody. That big ass thing falls on harvey kites l like a big fork and it just kind of into that table kind of benin of while it is super easy for kirk douglas. Just to like you know. Everything in their hydroponics areas like a booby-trapped that he can just kind of spring on the robot he comes back and risks blowing out his lower back again to get that thing off of harvey kites l. Why he built a very weird and dangerous robot. Why are you trying to save him. He was going to leave and decided not to go back for tell harvey keitel. He dives onto the table before. That arm could trap. Yeah kind of yeah. He was enabling that That like if i land just stride. It won't break my pelvis when it falls down. I read this goose. And i just saw it that when kirk. Douglas is trying to leave and he's starting to shut the door. Yeah and harvey baci tells asking him to come help him. Yeah that little scene. Where it cuts back to harvey kyw tell you can see kirk. Douglas hand trying to raise that arm. Where it's in the shot so yeah it was a bad cut and there's also a shot of him under that thing and it is clearly a stuntman in a wig. Marcus flying everyone. Harvey's hair has come shaken loose from his tiny pony tail. And now he kind of looks like i don't know he's got kind of like andy warhol hair doesn't help anything kirk. Douglas has knocked over. Hector in order to save harvey keitel and then trap hector in the botany bay. I love that dive. He he hits the button to close the door and dives through the i blessed sohar. Oh yeah he goes completely airborne through it for as he got some. Good like hang. Time to aussies amazes stud. That wouldn't surprise me if that was kirk. Douglas i think my favorite movie of kirk. Douglas is the villain with arnold schwarzenegger. I don't know if i've ever seen that all the way. Really yes i. I don't think i could do well. I wonder if i'm going to have to take as some day because that is clearly a moratorium movie because that one went missing for ten twelve years easy. That's weird and bad after all of that. In the botany bay and they narrowly escaped Limb thing that just walk slower than it than anything he orders harvey cartel to dismantle it. Yes harvey keitel does like kind of taken apart. You only see him those a weird scene to verify. They're getting ready to walk out. That must have just been added. Because they're walking out of the room and fair faucet like hey do you think he's really going to dismantle that robot. Kurt won't back into the room pushes the button and says hey. Are you dismantling that robot. Like i asked you to. And harvey tells like i'm dismantling the robot boom. They're out of the door like that's over with so then hector you know. He's kind of like a c. Three zero you know. His all amazes is commanding all these other super slow robots to put him back together that they use earlier with like a remote controlled. Bring them a bright vial of something like that would make sense sort of if It was like a robot that went around and watered the or check the ph balanced or anything like that but if they would have shown one scene where those robots did something else i think it would. It would make it would have made more sense. I mean the jaw was wouldn't even take these robot. No there's no rudimentary. Yes they will. Just put them in the trash compactor. But there is a robot with tracks you know anna claw the claw that the way. The scene is shot. Looks like it is going to put that cau- in like the robots but did you see laying on this kind of conveyor table and that thing comes up and the claws going straight between the robot's legs sex stuff going on constantly. And i'm sure because they wanted to make this look futuristic that all of these robots are being still controlled by the same twenty people to try to put this thing back together. This was actually shot in reverse. In the trivia explains this that the robots were actually taking apart but they were putting it in reverse make it look like these two little robots are helping each other. I felt a tear of endearment. When i was watching this with their buddies. The alarm sound that hector makes his really annoying in win and when it does that. I've just i'm old so i watch. Everything was subtitles on. It says neurotic hits robot alarming mainly laugh. But then i was like oh. That is an annoying noise who booed the robots helped. Put hector back together including this big brain. It's like a bunch of brains. It's like how tennis balls are in that like to. There's like six or seven of them and they were all marked abby normal. That's what it looks like. That's what we're finding out. They really went overboard. I think on this The life jews of the tubes there get see that scene over and over again. I know that looked very silly to. I mean they just look like crazy straws or something you know. So what we're to believe is that even though the brain was removed from hector the head was still attached to the brain therefore the brain is able to remotely control these other robots to put him back together. That's it you're you're giving into much credit. Think it's just bad. I just realized anybody can go anywhere. We're coming up on the scene. That i resent you for and probably will for the rest of our relationship together. They just lay down to bed. She is in a skimpy. You know like lingerie and so is he. He's not wearing. We will soon find out anything. Yes the the fight scene between a very naked kirk douglas. If he's wearing anything he's wearing one of those weird like what are they. Call him like pasties. But for your weiner i guess just so. When he is strangling harvey l. is dick isn't rubbing up against him. They're hiding his boehner. Rugged i mean he is a tough old man. You know you but come on. I think cardi b. taylor's almost getting off on being show. Yeah he's like that guy on holy shit and just when i was starting to get mad at you like a. He made me look at kirk. Douglas but harvey kites l. is kind of trying to drag farah away. That he's just like i'm taking her to earth she's mine exactly and Fucking hector pops out from nowhere and chops his fan. Mom and i was like. Oh okay now. You've got my attention again. But there was a scene that was supposedly cut. Wear hector is dismantling harvey keitel. Ooh really like ripping limb from limb. I guess so because we see small scene later where hector is wearing harvey gels face and now using his voice right which is great It's probably the best best seen in the film. It's coming up. I kind of wish that he would have kept wearing the face. Oh absolutely throughout the rest of the film it's already rated r. After the hand thing. Okay so now. I see where you're seeing gone. Because when they catch a glimpse of him he is just got like ragged pieces of light. Ludden lash on his claws. It's awesome. I saw the this smear of blood on his leg but yeah the lashing in from those clamps clamps clamps. Yeah his hands are like the only threatening part of inspire robot so this is kind of well you see the flesh hanging down to because they're kind of in the the underbelly of the ship straight from aliens draped from alien and there's still flesh hanging onto the clause. He's reaching through the great to try to get them. Oh my god and so like lethargic. It's eight chase scene. They have all the time in the world. Hector cannot move that fast. And they're like oh we can't get away from him. Kurt douglas's like he's always one step ahead of us or something like you're in your sixties and he can easily get away from him away he just saw you in. Supreme action strangle a young man a young muscular man to death. Get away from the stupid robot but instead they take off one of the exhaust ports i guess and man what kind of fumigate the area i love it. I love it in those movies where it is literally like here just like this flare. He'll be completely confused. Like there's just this murder bought and you just kind of blows some fog adam and eve completely undone and i find this funny because fair faucet sheep show she hits the lever turn on this fog machine yes to confuse hector kirk douglas. Just holding the hose not even close to the robot really just right in front of his own face. Yeah i know he could've gotten it a little bit closer. Yeah is that like a bomb. Kind of thing just smoke. i mean they are growing hydroponics. That's right and that one scene where he tells her to to get naked. He says i'm going to all. I'm going to think about his hydroponics. Yeah drew upon x. Hydroponics tackles are onto the bed. And she's all giggly about a two. Yup i can't wait to see your old balls so very faucet and kirk. Douglas have been separated when they were space. Grandpa gassing hector the robot. Yes i don't really understand how their voices are like weird modulated now in this hallway seeing. Did you wonder why. I just let it go okay. Hey i'm easy hector's looks like he's gonna do one of those windmill thing. He puts his arms out to decide his. Just gonna spin around again. You can easily run away from hecker. I mean he's not sneaking up on anybody. But i guess this base is so huge. That maybe i don't know hector. Has he knows all the shortcuts zone. No they're just trying to get back to the botany bay right. Yeah i guess. Hector is Again just everyone is of voyeur. In this hector gets into the control room to watch them on. These closed circuit tv again. I mean this is so in the future that they are in a giant spaceship in a asteroid field but he has to go to a room to watch the cameras for you know. That's the part that i never understand. In the sci fi movies in you not just think. I mean maybe i'm just being maybe just the thought of like bluetooth or something as just like blowing people's minds or if they he just had a artux to won- sticks into the wall and then he can say these things that would work to buy right exactly exactly so we set up their waste disposal system underneath the floorboards gray water just so they could set a trap later now for hector so removing the floor grates and covering it back up with these cheap panels right. They basically were like supported by those like plastic pallets battling from walmart. Yes this is weird to me to. Plants don't need rocks around to make it seem like they're in a like habitat or something. You know what i mean. But you know the the bobby room. They didn't take an entire cave system from earth and put it into a spaceship. They made it up like it's a like a theme restaurant. Id there you know sure. Yeah volcano goes off like noon. Everyday i the way i thought it was. Maybe they found this cave system on this moon and they just decided to use it and then build the space station around it. Okay that seems unstable to me. Because you don't know what this moons capable love it starts having any kind of freaking earthquake that would then destroys said station right there in an asteroid field. There's just asteroids just like. I'm not exactly sure. How asteroid fields work. But it seems like that would just be a poor place to settle the some. So how does go ahead okay. You're probably asking the same question getting ready to answers. Here's a cut scene deleted scene. That actually shows hector edging towards the the trap that they set sure and he looks down home. I don't know if they if it was portraying that he could tell. The floor was hollow. I think so and then walked around it. But that's what the scene they deleted made you think the version that i'm watching. He dropped one of those like fake rocks and it broke through. I think it's fair. Faucets acting the i mean. I don't wanna be like two critical. But i think she can't even convince a robot that she's not lying transparent. She's like all of a sudden she likes him. You know. I find this amusing when hector gets himself out of their wastewater and it's like he's just covered in What i could only assume space toilet paper right. Yeah it's just caked on komo's looks like Candle lacks yeah. looks like petroleum. It's gross whenever they dislike slathered him with the from their stash of play toys and costumes. So i mean that's what we were all thinking but we don't say outlet. They're trying to get away from hector they put on their space suits and they're going to run out to harvey tells ship to get away. I guess and then the ship explodes because hector finds a button that says detonate. That seems so silly and that affect was so bad i. They could've set that up easier. I think you know yeah them trying to run out and then seeing the only escape pod explode which makes me wonder. Are they trapped on this planet on this moon. Yeah and they have no means to get off whatsoever that sign like they don't have a less they have like a escape hall or something. What would normally happen. The math made me wonder. Why didn't they go to their escape. Pod and instead of trying to go to harvard guy tells ship all they got this groovy space station. They don't want to give it up there in heaven here. this is coming. I expected them to be called. Adam and eve Yeah that is kind of awe that they seems like they chose that on purpose. Maybe too i mean is it. Just the era everything is like sex. I mean i guess it is fair faucet she literally is like the you know. Sexiest woman is just a sex symbol. Yeah but after she was fired or quit from. Charlie's angels her career kinda hit some slumps but she was real hot in the eighties so it didn't seem to affect her career that she was in disappointing movies. Like saturn. three that did not Ah failed at the box office. Yeah they are kind of being forced down to find the reveal that hector is wearing harvey tells face. It is the coolest part of the entire movie. I paused it. And there're actually like maggots on it and stuff did you. Oh my gosh. that's cool. No i did not see that you don't see it for very long. It's only on the screen for a few seconds but i The yeah it looks real and it's lit from below you know it looks like a full ci movie. Basically hector's face is poking out of out of the side of jeered. But yeah i see magazines all over it. Granted the that does not look like harvey. Kyw tell one so. It's not the effect is there. It looks like Houma man when he did. The i mean that's for real like full she stuff even the way solit- it looks cool. I dig it so that just kinda fades to black to say that. Now they're being held captive by head. Yeah i mean farah fawcett faints. But you don't see what happens to kirk douglas. And then he's waking up like. I don't know what happened there. There's just so Shops that he's got a rip harvey cut. It's beautiful so they show the site. Fighter is a total rip on star wars yet. our wars. there's a little bit of battle star galactica. Maybe yeah sure. Now what i was going to say is we actually kinda see the eclipse. The end of the eclipse kind of that was just a little visual. The show is that time has passed. I guess right and but they just happen to show up right at the end of the eclipse like it's almost like oh thank god that big planet can get by like. The lane was blocked. What i was saying that they wait for forty days to check on these guys. Yeah i don't know. Seems like checking on them in the time where they can't transmit thing exactly. We don't know how much time has passed. but i guess hector has implanted kirk douglas. With the with the matrix thing kovacs which. I wonder why. He didn't put one in farah fawcett because obviously he's quarantined them away from each other. Yeah it seems like that's the one you want control. Yeah you want to get into her mind find out her likes so you can start dating her properly come on robot exactly yet find out what she's into the she Lack fondue the band red. I'm just guessing that she likes both of those. And then this. This scene made me laugh but we talked about it already. But it's like so You guys okay. Everything's fine in a weird. I mean they obviously know. Is he trying to do kirk. Douglas imitation because it sort of sounds like kirk douglas. They i guess hector has now just mimicking. Everybody even does heard as he yes yes he does. Alex is forgot about that and so they feel utterly trap that now the this slowest moving robot ever is holding them captive right and they can't escape it and now it wants to learn everything that kirk. Douglas knows right about hydroponics i guess. And what fair faucet before harvey kyw till Did his before all of that. You did you see. He actually took a big handful of pills. Yes just random pills all the flavors of mike. And i yeah valium. Vitamin a. Tom's like zertec or something. That's took lactate. Casey wants like a piece of pizza later when maybe should have taken some penicillin because space herpes. So grandpa gets his action vest on and now he's really ready to take on the robot. The end of this film made me laugh so hard. Just bathing hector. The yelich naked gun takes that he does with the thing in the back of the neck. He's like oh one more thing like it keeps on down his neck at the very last. Hector just wants to stick the poured in just still or a second. Make me scissor your head off and in hector did not repair the floor whatsoever. So it's his fault. Yeah it really is. He is not a good robot. he's not very smart law. That's why he's trying to get the smarts from kirk. douglas. I guess so. Yeah i guess steal your smarts turn your head around. Hold still one more thing. I was wondering he runs up and grabs soc- look suspiciously like a lightsaber out of a can see that. I'm not sure what that is. Was that the bomb that he's trying to hang on. Let me get a bomb. Out of the cabinet is just right next to like is just a box on a wall. Yeah it was in the. It was in lifesaving bomb cabinet just like you said but tackling hector into. Oh my gosh you can tell that that is a horrible stunt man. Pushing hector into. Oh the owner. It is very very apparent that that is not space. Grandpa kirk douglas tackles hector into the cesspool and detonates. The bomb we see pieces of hector flying around everywhere. Where are the pieces of douglas. Right exactly. I saw a shape that was kind of flipping around in the air now is like is s hurt businesses. We and i was like oh suharto the robot he he killed himself by blowing himself up and there is no evidence of blood or anything no just piece of hector. Pieces of hector foam. Cummings i think when she's talking to hector while Hurt doug was getting all that together. There's just a random collection of like hydroponic stumm binder. It is clearly just giant containers of You know sour diesel by afghan kush or whatever. It looks like there's even some edibles with like a rainbow rainbow tape across the top earlier in the beginning of the film. I swore they had pot plant in their little domicile. I know i was looking like yeah. We're saving earth. That is funny. Though that there's no there's no food to speak of it literally is like hanging plants. I mean in. Maybe they're doing that for oxygen but it seems like they should have like some broccoli. Go some fake. Since they're going to eat dogs on earth because they i why are they not breeding pets then just for consumption. Yeah exactly so. that's the end. We actually close with this weird space ship. And this is where. I was thinking. Straight out of battle star galactica. Yeah the nose of this space craft very stupid looking yet. Which i guess they're taking all these people back to earth so now farah fawcett is making her trip to earth where she'd never been never seen before. Yeah the atrocities that are in her futures. Can't wait for my first dog sandwich. I'll had chihuahua club. They do it real nice. They put those like sauteed peppers. And i like it when they slice the dobermans. Like really thin. You know real thin just melts in your mouth Her hair looks like she was near a takeoff spaceships off. That is exactly the way you hair looked in the disk. Right in dropping acid seen by the way yup. Let's do this quick in seen since your face looks the same in every in. So they're going to earth but earth does not look in good shape whatsoever no and harvey kite sell if he's any indication of what people like. You don't wanna go out to hang out people now right. So that's a saturn three Well you're welcome. I mean. I remember watching this on. Tv afternoon tv. which now. i can't believe. Did i seem nipples cut all that out by. They had to. They probably blurred them. I don't know mosaic tournaments back in the eighties. You know. maybe you know if you look at charlie's angels. They were showing all sorts of cleavage. Sure but whose nipples were portrayed better. kirk douglas. Or farah faucet. I i honestly can't said. I think what we have to learn from today's show is the term moose knuckle. Yes there's just no other way to describe it and it was in full force like he gave himself a wedgie before he started everything. Well that was a movie. I mean it was on it. Had they paid actress v. In it two lovers stationed at a remote base in the asteroid. Fields of saturn are intruded upon by a retentive technocrat said. No crabbiest matter. It's not a real thing weird sex stuff in space with a giant robot with tiny. But that's right anyway. Our guys well that wraps up saturn three. Let's shut this bitch down like we always do. Jason tell everybody where they can find this. We are at the moratorium dot com. Why are you being robotic. I don't know you can find us. The movie we just did did not even ever do do that. Does get irritating after awhile. Now he would have been better if they gave him a voice. If mel tillis would voice if he'd had immediately like guess redneck boys. Hey guys what's going on. That actually would have been a lot. Croupier you know. Can we make it cut where we voice the robot that would be. That's what we're doing. Now hi my name is hector. Hey chopped your hand off. Do you need me helpless. That all right guys. We'll hate the moratorium dot com. You can find a link to everything. Go check out our youtube started. Doing these mini moratoriums. I'm continue those. You can expect those every friday. Just little mini moratorium. Fifteen twenty minutes. Long i'm gonna cover some different stuff this next week actually Sorry this last week. 'cause i'm were recording the future. Do we have to go into the future in your cord this episode. Or how do i. I have a little portal. Back here. That i just jumped through and jump back just. We'll all willy nilly like yes. I think willy nilly is the best way to go anyway. Go check out our many moratoriums on youtube. You can find this everywhere you listen. You can find us on all the social media's all the most important one that i want to keep up with facebook twitter instagram head on over to our patriotic and help support this podcast. We need your help guys. Just just a few dollars a month. You can help us. 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