In The Draft Show - NASCAR heads to Atlanta, Daytona 500 Recap!


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In fact, he's not anywhere in the United States. The Woz man is on assignment with the family in Calgary Alberta Canada. So we couldn't be here on the show tonight. However, he wanted to talk about the Daytona five hundred so badly that we're going to hear from him multiple times during the show. So stick over the whole thing not only are we gonna talk about what happened in the Daytona five hundred. We've got a little bit of news to go over as well not a whole lot though. And then, of course, the paint scheme preview and picks for this weekend's race in Atlanta where we debut the super duper gonna save the sport high downforce tapered spacer five hundred and fifty worst power car package thing. And of course. Everyone's so excited about the new super high downforce slow horse power package that thirty seven cars have signed up to go race in Atlanta. Thirty seven. So we're going to be three short Abud. Everybody gets in. Yeah. All right. So let's start by talking about this season opener the race. We were all so excited for the Daytona five hundred you know, how it ended any Hamlin won the race. Okay. Huge win for Joe Gibbs racing incredible story and not just for Joe Gibbs racing. Incredible story for the Gibbs family to a lesser extent. For Denny Hamlin who didn't seem as maybe he was just a little caught up in emotion. I don't know. He didn't seem as overwhelmed as everyone else did. But still great story for him. And a great story for NASCAR really which AD Gibbs so tragically passing away just a little over a month ago. And then here comes Denny Hamlin on a weekend and a speed weeks where Toyota really hadn't been considered a legitimate contender. And he goes out, and he wins the race the car that JD really pushed for and created at you'll Gibbs racing and the driver that he went out and found and put in that car. At Joe Gibbs racing. So there is no question at all that this was a phenomenal story. The only problem is that phenomenal story and that phenomenon name was tied to an utterly terrible race. It was awful in. Yes. I know there are some people out there that are like, oh, well, it wasn't like the the tools where it was just a follow the leader or the shootout or whatever we're calling it. Now with volatile leader. It doesn't matter. It wasn't terribly. Exciting racing at all. I'm sorry. It just wasn't. And I wish I wish I had clips from last week show when we talked about what was going to happen in this race because there were two things or two things that we said number one. It was going to be the same old racing. We've always seen the Daytona. It doesn't matter that they're bigger spoilers are bigger splitters or ducks on the there that name except doesn't matter and it won't matter that much in Atlanta either. I don't think it will. Maybe it will. But the racing wasn't going to be that much different. And in all on. St. it was not that much different number one. Number two. The second thing was set on the show was that because of the stages, and the fact that it wasn't going to be any different this race. Like every other day tone race was going to come down to pit strategy. And that's exactly what happened. Don't believe me. Go back and watch the entire race came down to that last pitstop where the eleven eighteen made to tire changes the leaders at the time, I'll make four tire changes. And that was it. Then those two guys eleven in the eighteen state out in front of all the craziness at the end of the race, which will talk about in the minute. And so that was it. It was a pit call and then race over. Now, it might have been a little bit more interesting. If there were more than like four cars in the race at the end that haven't been damaged in some sort of incident. But really it doesn't matter because that's what it came down to was pit strategy man other than that we had your traditional Daytona race. Sometimes single file. Near the end. It was single file sometimes to is sometimes three wide and a bunch of big wrecks mostly concentrated at the end of the race other than that, you tell me how it was that much different. And that much more exciting than any other Daytona five hundred because I think of a lot of Daytona five hundred that have way better finishes than what we saw their joy Lagaan. Couldn't get get wrong going Kabul's couldn't get around going. I mean on that final restart. Any Hamlin got out in front because he was on the outside lane in that lane. Had better drive off the restarts. And that was that was all she wrote the race was over and the weird part about it. And we'll talk a little bit more about Fox Sports in a second. But during the broadcasting, Mike joy was so throwing it back at everybody off you thought this is going to be a follow the leader race. Look Michael McDowell look this guy. Look at those guys all only led the race for as much as they did. Because of the way that the pit strategy in the stages were working out. They've you will you go and look at the number of lead changes. Is in the race and the number of leaders in the race. And the vast majority of those lead changes, and those leaders were due the one thing and one thing alone cautions and pit strategy. Somebody else would come in or one group would come in. Somebody else would lead some guys had different strategies during the segments some were going early some. We're splitting the segments in half. And because of that, we got way more leaders and way more lead changes or enough leaders and lead changes that when you look at it on paper. Oh, look like this phenomenal race guys jockeying back and forth. When the vast majority of it was indeed everybody just kind of sitting still waiting for the end the end came around. Everybody completely lost their minds and started running in the other. Some the other big story other than the win for Denny Hamlin. Was the whole Joey Logano situation. Joey felt like he was kinda hung out to dry by Michael McDowell in the end there. He had a bit of a run and the thirty four kind of helped him get that run. But then they got separated a little bit joy started to make some moves expected. Michael McDowell to go with them and it didn't happen in apparently after the race. There was a bit of a disagreement on pit road. And joy said you should come with me. And then McDowell made some comments to the media saying, hey, I don't get paid to help Joey Logano win, and I felt the call Bush had a better shot of getting up to the front taking the lead. So I went with eighteen and not the twenty two now a couple of things here when it comes to Michael McDowell. Yeah, you're right. You don't get paid to help Joey Logano in the race. And obviously you're trying to get as close to the front of the field as you possibly can to get your team. The best result that you possibly can. And honestly, I agree. With them. He shouldn't have to push Joey or anybody else. He should be racing for himself. I think all of the car should be racing for himself. That's the ideal situation. Right. But that's not the reality. And the reality is when you got another Ford up there probably have to go with the other Ford, especially when you're Michael McDowell. And I wonder if there would have been a difference. And this is kind of McDowell's argument one of the things he said, I think it was a day or two after the race is, hey, if I jumped out of my car at the end of the race ran over the Joey Logano and said that everybody, hey, why didn't Joey Lagaan to try to push me to win. Everybody would have been like because he's Joel gone with Gaza champion and your nobody. That's why he's not obligated to push you to the whim, and so we pointed out the double standard, and I agree. I don't know. Scotty does. But I agree there probably is a double standard there. But that double standard exists that like, that's the privilege. You get when you've won it's on a racist. And you've won a championship. Right. When you're Michael McDowell. And you're hoping. That you're gonna have this ride in the future because you're already getting, you know, onto the backside of your career, and you really haven't done a whole lot if anything then. Yeah. At that point. You do I'm sorry. You have to push joy llegado in that situation. Because down the road, you know, front row is going to be talking to Ford, and they're going to be talking about who they want in their car the next year and four it's going to say, well, you remember you didn't help Joey and Joey was our reigning champion at the time. And maybe they've got somebody else they'd like to be in the car and four doesn't have that much influence over any one team. But they've got some so, you know in principle. Yes. I think that Michael McDowell is correct. And everything that he said, but as we all know principle doesn't get you very far in the real world. And so probably he should've gone with the twenty two. What did it made a difference in the end? Now, I really don't think it would have. But for the sake of his standing in the organization, and with the manufacturer would have been good idea to do it. Anyway. Yeah. I think he probably should have done it. Anyway. All right. So Denny Hamlin wins this race. And it wasn't just that Hamlin one that made it such a phenomenal story for Joe Gibbs racing. They finished one two three with Kabul. Second and Eric Jones third. So that kind of put the exclamation point on that entire story. And really the story. I think was the highlight of the Daytona five hundred unfortunately that was only part of what everybody was talking about because as a juxtaposition to that incredible tribute that unexpected tribute to j d Gibbs and such a huge way we had the wreck fest that generated it Emam what? Oh, man. A an S show is what I was thinking those last thirty five laps took over an hour over an hour to red flags. I think and I don't know. I wasn't timing it because I was too busy trying not to fall asleep. But I think. Was like the first the last ten or thirteen laps actually took an hour. Which means the last thirty five laps took like an hour and a half. And we all saw the wrecks, you know, the genome one that's twenty one cars half the field or whatever. And then the other ones after that. And I know then it makes for great highlight reels. And that's all the NASCAR cares about right now is having some sort of calling card, and if that calling card happens to be disastrous wreck with twenty cars in it that takes out all of the main contenders except for those two Toyotas. Well, then so be it. They don't care. So. Yeah. It makes for a great highlight reel. But in all honesty for those of you that actually take the time out of your schedule to listen to this show. I'm pretty sure that you agree that that's not really that's not racing. And while that is great for highlight reels. And there's some people out there that think that makes an exciting racing half. The field wreck. I don't think that's exciting. At all that I think it's terrible racing. And I was shocked. I was shocked. We'll ask Audi about this in a second. But I was shocked with the number of articles that I saw on Monday about the race and about how like there were headlines. Like, oh, this could be the race. It saves NASCAR. This has gotten NASCAR back on the right track. This was such a dramatic race. It was such an incredible race. I'm like what were they watching especially what were they watching for that last hour and a half because there's nothing incredible. And there's nothing dramatic about car sitting on the track. Under a red flag twice in ten laps or twenty or thirty laps or whatever. It was the only thing that was incredible about the Daytona five hundred was the story at the end. And that's it. There was nothing else interest in you'll have to listen to me about Scotty. What did you think of the race and more broadly? What did you think the wreck test at the end added to the entire day of race? Thing Wilson as you can tell I'm in this teeny studio, I like to call home here in Alberta her array in any case, it's warmer here than North Dakota. So that's got that going for it. Did anyone enjoy the tuna five hundred my say, I said what I if they if they did. I like to meet him that was a bad race. It was the only thing that saved. It was the fact that there was a sentimental ending that any Hamlin did win after JD gives passed away this past offseason. But at the same time like I off a flight. It was thirty five laps to go. Once I got back into my hotel and they took like two hours to finish that damn race. That wasn't fun. The wrecks after Rex was not fun. That's that's something that and they were stressing a lot they were stretching a huge amount that it was the last kind of restrictor plate race at Daytona. For the low low air force air force dynamic package comes into effect. But like, that's that's racing. I don't wanna see like that's it's took forever for them to do that like that not necessary not unnecessary situation. You know? And then after the fact everyone be moaning about someone not pushing me might with Dow to to talk himself out of why he did push Joey Logano. Kyle Busch was bitching has his want. But by and large. I think that it wasn't like it wasn't exciting. There wasn't much fun to it. I was or with it. And yet towards the end of just got sick getting with everyone wrecking trying to I mean understands late in the race. But goddamn like you saw the entire time wasn't working. So why do you think was gonna work this time? But yeah, I mean, that's where that's where I stand on this not a great race. I agree. And at one of the articles, I was reading I think it was on Forbes or one of the other. I don't even know where where it was. But what are those articles? It was kind of lauding the race was talking about, you know, the the first hundred eighty oh there was too wide. There was three wide racing. So much over the first one hundred eighty laps or whatever, you know, before all the craziness started. But was there really? I'm going to go back and watch I'm going fast forward through it. But I'm gonna go back and watch because I don't remember thinking. Oh my gosh. Is thrilling racing. There've been. Many many Daytona five hundred's that have been too wide three wide where every lap. It's either this guy leading or that guy leading this guy leading or that guy leading despite the fact that NASCAR is trying to engineer in aero package that creates that exact drama every single lap. I don't remember seeing it remember it being to behind the leader quite a bit. But I don't remember to three wide and all three of these guys is crossing the start finish line side by side by side. And I can't remember like I said, I can't remember which article it was, but this guy was like defending. He was doubling, Dan. Who's like, oh, you must not watch. I one hundred eighty laps. No. Nobody watched the first hundred navy laps. We'll talk about that in the second to and I would much rather. Like the first one hundred eighty laps of great racing. Awesome. Then let's just do one hundred eighty laps. In fact, let's do one hundred laps making two hundred fifty mile race. May maybe that's part of the problem. Maybe if you have to say, okay. Well, the first. Four hundred miles was great is just the last under miles at sucked. Okay. Then have a four hundred mile race. That's what we all want. Anyway, we don't want to sit around for five and a half hours to find out who wins the Daytona five hundred when people have other stuff to do what's going to happen? The get up in leaving. That's exactly what they did do for this race. So I don't get. I don't get everybody or not everybody. I don't get the multitude of articles that I saw on the internet lauding that this could be the race that gets NASCAR on the right track. Again, it was a middling to low quality Daytona five hundred. We've all seen many many better Daytona five hundred's. I wanted it to be great. I really really did being honest with that. But it wasn't. And I'm hoping that Atlanta gives us something different. Although I'm not terribly confidence going to be any different than any other Atlanta race. But that's, you know, we'll talk about that in the show now along with the fact that there were the big wrecks usually and every time we have a Daytona. Talladega race. It does open the door for some surprise finishers. And there weren't as many as you would have expected. I mean, you did have Michael McDowell up there in fifth, but beyond that, not anybody huge. Well, a couple Ty Dillon. He finished sixth in this one Ryan Preece his debut on the Daytona five hundred rookie year in the. Forty-seven car finishing eighth. Great race for him. And then Ross Chastain rounded out the top ten and really I was more surprised when it came to surprise finishers. I was more surprised by some of the big names that ended up in the top ten you had a Jimmy John's Jimmy Johnson finish ninth the left rear quarter of his car was gone. And that brings up an entirely different issue that forgot to put in the notes been who who are those two drivers BJ McLeod who somehow finish top twenty by the way, he was nineteenth BJ McLeod. And Cody wear finished thirty ninth in this race. Those two guys put on the it was the biggest pit road. Bockel? I've seen in a long time. When those two guys under green tried to get into pit road. Actually, one of them. I think it was Cody wear. I can't remember one of those two was trying to get in the pit road. They ran smack dab into the other going one hundred eighty miles an hour down the front stretch. Both of them went ca-. Careening down pit road. Took off the recorder of Johnson's car wreck the bunch of other guys endangered everybody on pit road. If there is any better argument. To not have rent wreck rented car drivers in these races. Especially one like the Daytona five hundred where one false move can cause a twenty one car pile up. And that was Ricky Stenhouse that triggered that one. He knows what he's doing. You get these guys in there that shouldn't be in the race in the first place. I'm sorry. But they should they should be racing. Annex Finnity getting better getting better getting better and then move up. Right. And instead the got a couple of bucks. They got a sponsor. We got owners that are desperate for a couple of bucks or sponsor. They put him in the car and something like that happens on pit road where people could have gotten hurt, and it destroyed some good cars or messed up some good cars. And that's you know, I think that's argument number one or more top three on the list of why NASCAR should trim the field down to twenty five cars, maybe thirty cars in that area. But probably about twenty five cars because when you get those twenty five guys out there they're going to make those rookie type of mistakes at the Daytona five hundred. I mean, if they made that kind of mistake at Bristol martinsville someplace like, not not a big deal. I mean, you have some upset drivers. But not a big deal. So they could learn there they could learn the extent of these series. But don't have them out there learning how to do green flag pitstops in the Daytona five hundred and taking out cars in the process. But despite all of that Jimmy Johnson somehow because it was such a show after that. And so many guys got destroyed after that that it didn't matter. The Jimmy Johnson didn't have the left a recorder of his car. He's still finished. Ninth collars colors must have been in bore wrecks some of them on his own some of them, you know, a product that somebody else, but he must have been three or four different. Rex he finished seventh. Eric Jones had damage on his car. He finished third. So it was weird. I you know, there were definitely some guys who were surprises in this race. But Scotty, I was more surprised by the big name drivers. That's still managed to finish in the top ten despite the fact that they got caught up in one or more of somebody else's mess. Good to see some guys. I mean, Ryan Preece had a hell of a showing just getting through the accidents. He got through. So I think that that's a huge plus for him. I mean good showing restrictor plate race of cares. Really same goes with Ty Dillon. Michael McDowell heaven top ten finishes Jimmy Johnson's cars fallen apart. He's finished ninth loss Chastain with templates finish. It would have been fun to see one of them women, but give go at one-two-three, you kind of figured that. Yeah. These guys were going to go ahead and win the whole shebang. And then there was even guys like Parker, click Herman who got caught up in at least one of those wrecks. If not more than one he finished fifteenth so good for him. So I don't know if you notice the stands in this one it was kind of interesting because NASCAR wanted you to believe that was the fourth consecutive sellout of the Daytona five hundred. But I think if we all looked very very closely, then it was pretty apparent that the word sellout is kind of a relative thing nowadays because there were definitely some empty seats a decent number of empty seats. Now NASCAR announced that the race had sold out at four fifty seven on Saturday evening before the race. And then like I said you could look at the stands, and it certainly wasn't a cell now. I don't want to take anything away because they still said they sold over one hundred thousand tickets, I think the official was one hundred one although am where did this official attendance come from this the first time in what three years in nascar's given us attendance. Because they sold out the race, quote, unquote. I guarantee you that they will not be telling us what the attendance is this Sunday in Atlanta. And I think that when we see the stands raw gonna know why they told us what the attendance was at Daytona. And they won't tell us what the attendance is in Atlanta. So people were there, and that is a good thing. It's a very good thing where they watching on TV. Well, that is a little bit of a different story. And it was an interesting story to because. Right after the race first thing Monday morning, the overnight ratings came out and everybody went nuts. The same people that were harping on on. And this could be the race. It saves NASCAR. It was so exciting so much fun. It was so much different wasn't any different. But those same people were saying citing as a reason that this race could be, you know, turning around it could be the pivot point turning around the fortunes, they pointed to the ratings, and they said, hey, the ratings were actually up from a year ago. This is great thought. Wow. That that actually is kind of impressive literally. There were people saying that the numbers were up, and they were showing the numbers saying that they were up and then two days later on Wednesday, the real ratings come out, and it was the lowest number for a Daytona five hundred ever since they started doing ratings for the race in nineteen seventy nine. And this is Representative of what happens all the time in NASCAR. And usually it's NASCAR doing it. But apparently it extends to the media as well. You know, whether it's rules or gimmicks perceptions of racing in the sport or whatever the small idea overnight ratings or good story at the end of a race snowballs completely out of control the idea of this high downforce package symbols completely out of control at the speed of light like instantly overnight. Everybody's like oh my gosh. This is the big thing. It's going to do everything for this. And it's billed as the best thing ever. And then it immediately falls flat on its face to everyone's embarrassment. Some there. Was some good news in the viewership. And the ratings numbers even though there was about nine million people. I think they said that watch race which is not bad. I think it's really good. It's not going to be like that next week or this weekend. But it's good for the Daytona five hundred of late. I guess but the good news. Is it Fox Sports? Go reported that numbers were up ten percent for online viewing. No, it's not a huge number fifty three point three thousand people as opposed to last year where they had forty eight and a half thousand people. It's not great. But it's something, and it proves what Scotty, and I have been saying for well over a year now that NASCAR needs to readjust how they think about distributing the sport because they're trying they're trying with all monster thing and everything you're trying to appeal to younger people, but they aren't giving younger people content in the way that they're used to consuming it. And nowadays that's online. I mean, die hard fans of sports that are younger. They want to go online and. Content. Whether an for any type of sport, not just racing, but any type of sport. I mean, there are people that not only watch TV online, but they consider YouTube to be their TV. And so if NASCAR seeing an uptick, there's a reason for that. That's great. They should go after that, they should focus on that and give more content and more importantly, if they really watch online and learn shorter more concise content that's going to help out quite a bit which unfortunately means shorter more concise races. I know novel concept, right? So there was a lot about news. A little bit of good news. When it came to the ratings of I'll tell you FOX was all about it mentioned earlier, Mike joy in the booty, basically was telling us we were all it's for suggesting that they told it was going to be just another follow the leader race. And the funny part is he suggested that at the end of the first stage. Well, the first time he suggested it was at the end of the first stage where there wasn't really any exciting racing. I mean a couple of guys. A couple of moves like they tried to get outta line. But when they got online, they stalled out immediately, and whoever it was I guess it was called Bush just one that I stage. Nobody challenged him to the line. So it certainly wasn't. Oh my gosh. It's exciting racing them. Like joy tried to make all thank. And then he said that the later two that oh, boy there's such great side-by-side racing. Yeah. Like three or four rows back but up at the front and the last time he said it who was immediately before everybody got single file leading up to the wreck fest that happened in the final thirty five laps or so so I thought that was kind of ironic so was man your final thoughts on the Daytona five hundred. You know, I don't know what to think this means nothing this raises kind of garbage. But. I guess the biggest takeaway was the fact that the superspeedway super speedways boring and restrictor plate racing is deadly in. It's not fun. And it causes a lot. We we always talk on this show about how we want shorter races and stuff like that. Which is interesting because the the NASCAR fan council had a nice little survey about shorter races and races during the week, and where you want races at so next week when I'm actually live with you. We should go over that. But I mean by in large, I think that it's it's something that NASCAR needs to look at this. This was a race that went on to long to huge red flags. Cleanups. To huge Rex it. Revolted will run right after another legged dragged on and dragged on it was not necessary. So maybe what this new with the restrictor plate as we know. It not being a thing maybe that'll help. But I don't I mean go into. T L, man. I don't know. I think if anything else it's going to be worse because ATL's basically a speed track with without the restrictor plate. Anyway. So. I'm I'm not too. I'm not too keen on it to kind of glad maybe made see I don't know. We'll see how it goes. We will have to see how it goes. But that is a very good point that the laws man brings up that we're gonna have not the restrictor plates, but the tapered spacer which accomplish the same things restrictor plates. It's going to limit the car's five hundred and fifty horsepower this weekend. And we've got the bigger spoilers and all the aero-dynamics stuff on the car. That's gonna make them stick more. And as we saw in the Las Vegas test guys were able to hold the throttle open all the way around and it's probably going to be similar Atlanta. No, Atlanta's a smaller place, but it's got really high banking. So in that, I mean, everything points to the idea that it's going to be very Daytona like which brings up the question. Are we going to see the same type of thing again this weekend at the end of the race? Like we saw last weekend. Nobody knows yet. I mean, we're all gonna find out together. But I certainly hope not, you know, for everybody's sake involved ours in the competitors. But in the end, at least it was phenomenal story at the end of the race. And I do want to stress that because it really was great. It was awesome to see job. Abso- overwhelmed after the race. I mean was really great for him. It was I'm sure we'll help that organization move forward. You know, pass this and help them continue on and know that what they're doing was the right thing by keeping their head down working hard on those cars and getting them back out on track. Now Denny Hamlin wins the race. But believe it or not even though Hamlin won the great American race. The Daytona five hundred is the Daytona five hundred champ as cargoes in the museum for the year. He did all the media towers. He's not technically the point leader. I mean, he is the point leader by tiebreaker because he has a victory. Nobody else does. But believe it or not when you look at the points. He enjoyed Lagaan or tied. They both have enjoy go finish what fourth fifth fourth finished fourth. Hang on. Let me look he finished fourth in the race finished fourth in the race. And yet he is tied for the point lead with the man who won the Daytona five hundred. Then Kabushiki who finished second in the racist. Third in the points, Ricky, where did we Stenhouse house junior even finish he's fourth and points. He finished. He finished thirteenth everybody. Hang on. Let me say that again. Ricky Stenhouse junior finished thirteenth in the Daytona five hundred. He is fourth imports to start the season. And then Eric Jones Alex Bowman colors. Just saying. Maybe that's part of the problem. Okay. Listen you, and I understand that holding you explain it to fan. That's all I'm saying. Over in the end of the series Michael net one for j or motor sports. Great win for him. Good to see a an xfinity series driver when that race and the same holds true for the truck series. In fact, the truck series, huge huge story. Austin hill wins the truck race. Now. Remember that Austin hill went to Tori racing over the offseason. Replacing Brett Moffitt who had won the championship in that truck. And that was a big deal where you know, Moffet got the boot even though he won the championship. Austin hill comes in. Well, how does he'll get his career started with, Tori? He'd takes the truck to victory lane at the tone up in a truck with my favorite sponsor ever on it, by the way, Chiba Toyopet sell. All right. Let's do this. Let's take a quick break. When we come back. We'll talk about a little bit of NASCAR news just a couple of stories to go over and then Scotty, and I'll do our paint scheme preview 'em picks for Atlanta. Don't go anywhere. We're not sure why you're still listening put since are stick around or coming up on the draft. Welcome back to in the draft with Wilson. And was I'm Wilson. Scotty was is somewhere in the wilds of Canada will be hearing from him shortly when we get to the paint scheme preview and picks and he'll be back in the studio next week. All right. So before we get to Atlanta this weekend with the new high downforce low horsepower package, it's going to save NASCAR. Let's talk a little bit of NASCAR news and one of the stories that initially was a big deal on race day or right after the race in the Daytona five hundred but it's kind of fizzled out after that was the three wide penalty or lack thereof in the Cup series race two days in a row on Saturday and Sunday. We had situations on restarts where there was confusion and on Saturday in the Finnity series. Noah Gregson didn't know where to be in line. So he started three wide on a restart in the series. He was given a pass through penalty by NASCAR one day later in the Daytona five hundred chase Elliott is trying. To get in the line. He can't he now is on the outside starts three wide in this Cup series race, no penalty. Why not only can? I not really explain it to you. But Noah Gregson was wondering the same thing because he couldn't explain it. And he actually trolled NASCAR on Twitter. He posted a picture during the race or immediately after their escape remember when but it was on Sunday. He posted a picture of chase Elliott three wide. And he's basically like guys what's the deal heaving get penalized? I got penalized. And then Steve O'Donnell because he's you know, such a professional person that he decided to get sucked into a Twitter battle. Says on Twitter in front of everybody. Oh, well, you were told to get to the inside. And you didn't where chase Elliott was forced to the outside. And that's why only Gregson got the penalty. And why chase Elliott did not get the penalty? And then a Gregson tweet a back. And he said, what do you want me to do? I'm on the outside of can't get to the inside. Because there's a stack of Carson was supposed to wreck these cars. Just get the inside you tell me what I should have done better. And that was the end of the Twitter conversation because Steve O'Donnell couldn't logically answer that question. When really what should have happened in? Both those situations both of them NASCAR should have waived off the restart, and they should have reordered the cars, and it was interesting. Because apparently, I don't know if this was on after the race, or if this was on Sirius XM because you know, the NASCAR brass was going to Sirius XM every week after the race talk about how awesome they are. And somewhere one of the Cup. People said. Oh, well, you know, we didn't want to extend the caution session one more lap because we do our best to try to minimize cautions. And so when chase was stuck on the outside. We were like, oh, well, we don't want the fans have to sit around. We'll we'll just restart the raise. If they didn't want us all the sit around watching caution laps. Then why do we go to caution for each stage? Because if I remember correctly there was five caution laps at Daytona in between the first and second stage. Not five caution laps around martinsville. Where it takes like, you know, thirty seconds to get around. But five caution laps that they tone to and EPO track between sage yet. They don't want us to sit around they stopped the race on purpose. Have those guys do caution lap after caution lab, but when it actually matters when there's three guys lined up, and there could be a safety issue or guy could get screwed and chase Elliott m Noah Gregson, both got screwed and separate ways. Chase elliott. He just got kicked out line had to go ended up drifting to the back or. At least partway back until someone. Let him in the Gregson. Of course, got the penalty. So he was really screwed by the whole deal. You know, I would much rather in that situation. They extend the caution another lap rather than needlessly. Go to caution laps in between stages of a one way or the other. Even if you go with NASCAR theory and say, all right. It makes sense. We don't wanna do extra caution laps. I still think Gregson has point. Greg sim wasn't saying why wasn't chase Elliott penalized. With Gregson was saying is there were three cars Saab is out on a restart. Why wasn't someone penalized because I was in that same situation. And I was penalised. It seems like there's something going on wrong here. And you know, Donald point that chase Elliott push the outside. That's fine. If chase Kelly was supposed to been in the outside lane, but he got forced up higher than that. Then he should not have been penalized. Because he was in trying to be in the spot where he was supposed to be. But if there are three cars side by side on a restart so. Someone one of those three cars, whether it was chased or not was in the wrong place. So I think Gregson has appoint somebody. There should have been penalised even though nobody was penalized. Or better yet? They should've just waved off the damn restart Londe everybody up correctly and then restarted the race. Because all of the confusion was started. By the fact that a couple of guys it was a wreck. And there was during the pit cycle and a couple of drivers had to go to the back because they actually didn't get into the pits and time everybody was trying to reorder on the last lap on the lights out lap before they went racing if any situation merits extending a caution, I think that would be it that and of course, a safety issue with mayor as well. All right. So let's move on calabash said over the weekend that he is in the process or starting the process of negotiating a new contract with Joe Gibbs racing. The stick around in the teen card. Don't see a reason why that wouldn't get done along the same lines. He was also asked in the same interview about the fact that he's getting closer and. Closer to two hundred wins. And now that's two hundred wins across the Cup series the truck series and the extended these series, of course, the vast majority of those in the xfinity series where he's the all time leader in wins. And then the same journalists because there were so desperate for something to talk about also asked Richard petty about it because Richard petty, of course, has two hundred wins. And they were both ask separately about getting to two hundred which I think Kyle needs about six more victories to do. I think is like one ninety four or so and they actually asked Richard petty. Whether he was concerned about the fact that his two hundred wins were quote unquote in jeopardy. And I have no clue who was asking these questions or how gotten to an article that I was reading. But whoever was asking those questions had absolutely positively no concept of the difference between what calls done and what Richard petty did. And now Richard petty probably came off to that person's being arrogant because Richard was like, oh, well, I mean, I know where I want all my races. And I know where he won all his races. So no, I'm not concerned at all. It's not the same thing. But the thing is I think that Kyle would have said the same thing. In fact, if I remember correctly in the quotes Cal kinda did say the same thing he was like well two hundred wins. I want to get to that. Because I wanna have as many wins as the king of NASCAR. But I realized that what he did was way way different than what item Richard petty a two hundred Cup wins not two hundred wins across all three series. Now it's way harder to win a race nowadays. And it was for Richard petty back in the day because his car was so much better than everybody else's and he would win just tons of races. Every. Ear but still that doesn't really make up the difference. I would say that winning a hundred or a little over one hundred braces now would be as difficult as it was for Richard petty to win two hundred braces, you still do have to wait. I think you know, I think that it was easier for Richard petty back in its day, then it would be for him. Now at the same talent level, you know to win that many races. So I think that somebody who wins about one hundred as I think Jimmy Johnson if he does get to one hundred I think that would be almost comparable to Richard petty winning two hundred races in his career, although knew a lot of people really disagree with me on that uh Scotty about it. When he gets back see what he thinks to Fernando Alonzo may get a chance to try NASCAR. After all with Toyota. You remember over the winter? He and Jimmy Johnson had that thing in the Middle East where they went there, and they drove each other's cars Alonzo, drove a forty eight car and Jimmy drove a Formula one car and now Fernando Alonzo at that point his agents or is people were like, oh, you should really do. This you should try this for real he kind of laughed it off a little bit. But did say he would be interested. Well couple of weeks ago for an Endo Lonzo was at the Toyota super launch and the head of Toyota racing in the US said, hey, I'm definitely open to the idea of Lonzo running a NASCAR race. Maybe one of the road course races. Now, he didn't specify series whether he meant xfinity or he meant Cup series, but for someone with Fernando Alonzo credentials. I mean, he's won an f one championship. He's one Lama for Toyota, which is where the connection comes in. And just last month. He won the twenty four hours of Daytona in a Cadillac, so in of course, did the whole, you know, swap thing with Jimmy Johnson. I think somebody with his resume. I would think that would mean the Cup series and heck to have him race at Watkins Glen or sonoma's or the role trademark. I think any of those will be awesome. And right now, let's face it. The sport could use any kind of boots they could get. So if they get somebody from an international series in international driver that would attract. Act some new attention from outside. You know, what he do really well in a one off race his first time ever, probably not. But that's not the point. You know? I mean, if he thought, oh, this is a lot of fun. I want to try this. Does he have the capability of being very good at it? Yeah. Totally. I mean, I don't know who wouldn't be well Kimi Raikkonen tried it in the truck series that did not work very well at all. There's a lot of yelling on the radio. He was great at that. But that's about it. All right driver in sponsor, news, only one item of note for this weekend. Mcdonald's is moving over to be the primary sponsor of the forty two car. They're going to sponsor collars and on and off this season multiple races. Now that Jimmy Murray is all done. We will have a debate about the merits of that paint scheme that CAL's gonna run here in just a second in fact right now because that's all we have for news this week, which means it is time to talk about it Lanta the first race. Okay. Daytona we saw restrictor plate racing with the new aero package. But it wasn't the two thousand nine. Nineteen package this weekend. In atlanta. We're going to see the two thousand nineteen package the tapered spacer five hundred and fifty horsepower. The big spoiler all the Aeros stuff on the front of the car to kinda slow things down. What's the racing going to be like who knows? It could be like a mini Daytona. Or it could be exactly like every other race. We've seen in Atlanta. Me I'm kind of leaning towards the latter of those two because how many different interrelations of aero packages and engine packages. Have we seen and how little variation has there been in the actual racing product on the track? And how many times have we heard NASCAR CEO this new package is going to be the thing that generates so much more excitement. So like, I said, I think it's probably going to be very similar to the racing that we've always seen in Atlanta. But if it's not then I think it will, you know, go much closer toward what we typically see Daytona which. Yeah. Potentially could increase the excitement level artificially. But it could do it or we could end up with a situation. Like we had at the end of last week's race where it's just a bunch of wrecks at the end when everybody wants to get to the front. All right. So the entry lists for this one thirty seven cars, so everybody gets participation badge. Everybody gets to run. Among those thirty seven cars, you've got Ross Chastain in the number fifteen for premium motor sports, a lot of carryovers. From last week in the Daytona five hundred BJ McLeod will be back for Rick ware racing in the fifty two car hopefully, less eventful race than he had in the tone on a Garrett Smith Lee and the seventy seven perspire motor sports and Parker clim back for unsexy straight race for the brothers and the ninety six with the weird font. So that of course, brings us to the best thing NASCAR dot com, which subsequently ruined. And that is the paint scheme preview without any further ado was, ma'am. What do you like when you look through these paint schemes this week in terms of the paint schemes of? Pro cordless cold ninety five it looks pretty dissolved. Mcdonald's winless we I don't like the new McDonald's scheme from for Kyle Larson. I don't know what that is the heiress the forty one looks weird with the heiress just because that black arns doesn't usually go together. From what we see in the past years. Surface sunscreen, looks pretty cool. Man, necessarily come does not like to backload pillock to eight and that was the other one. That's are Ryan new court on that's fun as a fun car. I don't know what they are. Will look it up later. So that's something. I not really much else all honesty. It's kind of by the numbers a situation when it would you would you like, well, there are a lot of cars this week that have sponsors that I'm not terribly familiar with like the number one car that Kurt Busch is racing. Almost Jamie McMurray. They're also like the number thirty six surface card know, surface sunscreen. So that's what it is a paint scheme. Looks good on that car. What else? I don't know what on the thirty eight. I don't know what fire aid is I don't know if that's a drink or fire product, but one way or the other it's a bad name because of its fire like drink. Well, then I don't know if you really want to say it's going to taste like fire. And if it's a fire product, I wouldn't put eight at the end like you can drink it. That's a cool paint scheme though. I like the colors they used on that one a little bit of switch up for the air scheme for the forty one which I think is all right. And then the forty two okay? This is where we disagree because I like the McDonald scheme for Kyle Larson and the forty two things much much different than any McDonald scheme that we ever saw on Jamie McMurray is car. So I actually do like that one. Even though you're not a big fan of it. Let's see are there any of the other ones in the Finnity series here. Neutra shops ninety eight oh that's chase Briscoe with the weird font on the ninety eight and it's got a dog on the side. So it can't be all that bad. And that's about it. A couple of the truck series trucks, have some cool numbers. But other than that. That's all I got sep- brings us down to the most important part the picks. Now last week I picked brag his Laskey who despite getting caught up in some stuff still managed to finish twelfth. Ryan Blaney Scotties pick. Not so lucky all the way down. Thirty first after getting caught up in the big wreck, which means that for probably the only time this year. I'm in the lead. I know it's not gonna last long. So because I won last week. Scotty, I will defer to you plus your major pick. So I should defer to you. So I don't pick the same guy you picked so late on swabs. May what he got. All right since you went. I went first last week. You did. I think I. Yeah. You did. I don't know. Who went I last time you play and says I'm going to pick either. Kevin Harvick Akabusi who you don't know. Okay. There. One of those who you don't want the. The. Then if you didn't want either of many way, I'll take Harvick that sounds like a good one for me now. So hopefully, joy this tinny episode. I'll talk to you next week. Oh hired shop this up, but enjoy have fun short and sweet by their ios. Okay. So what he's saying is at Atlanta. He's taking Kevin Harvick. Oh, he's going out on a big limb there. All right. So Scott Hawass has Kevin Harvick who am. I gonna take in this one. You know, what I'm gonna boy this is kind of tough because it's so much different. Because we don't know how any of it is going to play out. So I think my philosophy. This time around is to go with somebody who's not only good at Atlanta has been good at Atlanta in the past. But also got the season started off, well and has a little bit of momentum from Daytona. So I'm gonna go I'm gonna go out on the limit of limb. Because I think it might be too early to start picking them this year. And I'm going to go. Jimmy johnson. Gimme Jimmy that. He's won a ton of times at Atlanta before. Of course, he won the shootout before Daytona. And he somehow survived all of that crap last week in to finish top ten was kinda thinking, maybe him, maybe call Larsen and other guy who's decent in Atlanta who was able to survive overcome adversity last week. So he's got some momentum. But of those two Jimmy's way better in Atlanta. So give me Jimmy Johnson. So Scott and takes Kevin Harvick I'll take Jimmy Johnson. You want to find out who wins the bet there is a side bet yet. So we've got to come up with a side bet starting next week. And if you want to know what we thought of the brand new engine two thousand nineteen package that's going to save the sport. Well, if to come back next week or better yet subscribe to the show all you have to do is go to tune spreaker Stitcher played out FM, Google play music. Iheart radio spot. If I go to any of your favorite podcasting sites type in in the draft show, you should be able to find a sin. Subscribe. In the meantime, you can. Always go to the website at in the draft show dot com. You can hit us up on Twitter or Instagram at in the draft show. And of course, there's Facebook page to Facebook dot com slash in the draft show. Leave your questions you comments, which you want us to talk about. And we'll put you on the show. So until we talk again next week. Thanks so much for listening for Scott. Who was I'm Wilson. Thanks for listening to in the drop with Wilson the laws. Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investment. Our new investment product offers competitive returns, no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. Make the reliable investment in reliable energy, the dominion energy reliability investment to find out more. Go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. 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