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I look like I'm talking about something funding. Cool like motor sports. Okay. You look like we're about to sell insurance. We're trying to sell these people on this raring selling. We're not selling insurance. We're selling Quinton rate, what I looked like a damn nice insurance man the motorsports. Our starts now. About this show. They had no idea favor being recorded that as an actual conversation took place, as you can see. The dilemma was should Parker tuck in his shirt or not. Yes. These we won over roll the decision this may be Parker's home. But we now own this team throughout the show. Do not adjust your television. You are still in the motor sports. Our nothing changes for you. But we have moved back to our original home, NBC sports main studios in Connecticut. Yeah. AJ that means park Liberman is in his home state. I didn't realize he had that kind of poll, even though we could get into brought back, I still have the pull. The curious sure. Poll, but we got that our location. They unchanged. But our celebration of the motor sports star the week has not speaking. Each Thursday, we bring you a choice you choose the motor sports. Dr of the week, this dummies whole Custer the NASCAR series Adam Sandler lope from pro motocross in a row. Yup. And last week any car wears, you have Joseph new garden and Scott Dixon jump in the pool. Yeah. Over to NBC sports dot com slash NASCAR vote. And reminder, you can vote as often as you want just keep hitting that refreshed in the final results. That's cool. Yeah, cooler pond. Hey pools. If you wanted to be body. I don't want you to sway the vote. But do you have a front runner? I'm gonna go with the fountain jumper there. Scott dixon. I think that was a very impressive win. So you guys agree on anything? Never. No. I will not agree on that I'm gonna say Adam scenes Rillo. That's three in a row to start the pro motocross season. Okay. Again, the final results will be coming up later in the show. Now, historically speaking, we do pause today to remember, the thousands of brave young men, who seventy five years ago today, storm to beach, not knowing if they would return and closer to home. We're also thinking of some in our NASCAR community Stewart Haas racing lost employee Sean souls, who was killed in a motorcycle. Accident this week. Our thoughts are with his family. The garage is also rallying around if a million face in name, Peter Gielen, who worked with Alan Cohen his championship season and has been with Joe Gibbs racing and Toyota for years is battling cancer. Many this weekend in Michigan will most certainly be thinking of our friend known in the garage affectionately as Peter rabbit. And you can bet he will be watching the race. Especially knowing drivers are looking ahead to this race with wide eyes. Day today here at Brooklyn Michigan High speed and a lot on the lines. A lot of space coming out of turn four missions, going to be fast. Lot of a lot of push shove, and trying to get into. The new air magazines play at us old guys going to be on the gas and the law and really close. And that racism, the closer. You have to be so aware of where all the cars are around you trying to make asses impatient. Those things. Got be. The wide sweeping corners allied to carry out a lot of speed a lot of divorces, and you're gonna feel that as driving. Horace labor is free starts at Michigan are always crazy. This package that they're gonna be ran up to another level overtime. Retire probably four or five white having to represent all the Beal manufactured. It's from Detroit three applied honor, let me think that they get to the main factors. They get greenback. They want that in their building. And it's about. Okay. So you heard a lot of things mentioned there. Let's talk a little bit about speed and opportunity. What is this race going to be like, is it true? It's going to be different. I think it will be very different. And it goes back to the package. Her job. Gano say they're late race restarts four or five wide. I truly believe that is on offer because you look at last year's xfinity race which was crazy. And with this pack is being wide open all the time, we know they'll be wide open qualifying. You have to think the draft is gonna come into play at some point. So I think this could be a very interesting race. I've been terrible predictions this year. We both we all know that. But I think for the first time I might be onto it by saying this. We different rates that we've seen the past Michigan. Krista? For the time, I'm gonna agree with Parker. Mike. We saw Pocono last week in that sense of momentum so special late race restarts. If you get up next to a car, and you feel like you need to check up, you probably aren't. Because you know if you do checkup you're gonna lose ten to twelve spots down the front or back straightaway. So because of that. The points are so close in the playoff format word from about thirteen thirteenth the twenty second. This is a race that whether it's like Daytona or Talladega. It could really swing the points in a lot of different ways. So for some people that make them smile. And for some others, it may make them very sad after Michigan. But for all of us are really think it's gonna be a fantastic race to watch and you mentioned checking though, I think you bump draft check up. So Daytona how let's get into some names, then if it's going to be like a superspeedway race who does that favor. Well AJ mentioned it, so the real playoff. Bubble starts thirteenth Tadeusz words, twenty six points. The good and goes all went back if we're being a little optimistic here for Chris butcher who sixty out. But you know there's a lot of races left. We saw outs outspoken. Up huge deficit and going into a crazy race like Michigan where there's a lot of opportunity offer because who knows how this racing turn out. So I think this is this is your main battle amongst all these drivers, and it's a tight one. I mean it's very tight. When you look at Eric Jones, collars, Jimmy Johnson, Ryan Newman, and that is a bunch of drivers who are going to be feeling that pressure as we go into the summer stretch. So I look at this group in a couple of different ways a William Byron where over the last really four to five weeks. They've started to build so momentum he's had a couple of polls. He's been quick got a lot of stage points so not air. Joan. Yeah. So, you know, but you look at William Byron there gain momentum Eric Jones, whether it's bad luck self-induced. They've had a lot of speed. So you know that consistently. He's going to be getting a lot of stage points. Kyle Larson kind of the same way in the sense that he won both stages at Pocono, but his big problem this rate here for so they can't finish the race. But I start looking down at this, this kind of minus thirty two Paul Menard, Ricky Stenhouse junior and really look at Austin Dillon. Chris butcher, those are the guys were points. Sure they can on a hot streak. They could probably make up some points, but consistently. They're not running inside the top ten in stages to get a lot of points. So if it's on the borderline of do we try to just get some points. Or do we take a bold strategy in go win a race? These guys right here from twentieth on back to do that. And I can click by the well, wait. Okay. So keep it on. Kyle Larson one to make your job easier. Thank you. I mean Kyle Larson the sort of known as Mr. Michigan. So if the race is going to be different vantage out the window, I think, so because when we look at what you did it. Michigan pass all pass races. You kind of thrown out the window everything that made him good at Michigan makes him good at California. Racetracks billing, that they're going to be flat out in qualifying that there's gonna be element of drafting. This is a completely different type of racing than what made him so good at Michigan in the past. So I think it will be different. I don't think he can take any sort of actual vantage other than just the mental advantage, which is maybe something he needs right now, which is a bit of confidence to know I've wanted this racetrack. I know I can get it done here. At least it's just it's going to be a challenge in, we keep talking about we think it might be like this. Nobody really knows until they get on the racetrack and get in practice. So. You, you pointed out, somebody, Ricky Stenhouse junior, he's a guy that's very aggressive. We've seen it. He's one on the super speedways. He's got fifty stage points. What's actually shocked me when I saw this because I didn't realize that he hid had that many states points which shows me consistently. There at least have some speed. But if somebody's gonna make it happen on a racetrack. That's a flat out racetrack. That's more like a superspeedway. We know Ricky Stenhouse, junior is at least gonna make it exciting. Yeah. May not make it happen for victory. But these guys right here if one of these kind of bottom guys win a race like this, it knocks out one of these spots for these other guys. So that's what's going to make it so fun. And we're going to talk about it for the rest of the season going into the playoffs. If somebody steals a win one of these guys that's right on the border line. That's another spot on the play playoffs. And I liked that about Ricky centers watching clips from that, July Daytona race where he made no friends, but I think that's what's great about him. And I think that's why there's an opportunity when you look at route. Fenway racing as a whole right now with the six car being so close to the playoff cutoff considering last year. That was really running for points having two different drivers in it. You look at Ricky Stenhouse being close enough with a race like this, this opportunity racing that he can really be aggressive and make a difference. I think there's a lot of confidence in that camp about this race and a lot of optimism because this race offers that up between, let's go right below him to Austin Dillon. This is a car a team. I'm watching very closely this weekend because they had been so fast on Mouna house in qualifying and they've just found a way to really trim out. Those are cars teammate deal. Henrik has been fastened qualified at time. So I think this race they have to be thinking very optimistically about because he's been great. He's won. The Daytona five hundred. They know how to build cars at have low drag high horsepower. So I think this is a racing. I know that they're sort of having a lot of confidence going into. And then I saw him yesterday on this show. Talk about tonight Ryan, how he said, you know, we could point our way through right? We could do it outs. Bom. Has done in the last couple of weeks. He's had this tremendous run races, and vaulted himself firmly into the playoffs. But I know they're thinking, we could actually win at Michigan, and that's what gives them confidence. And there's no doubt anybody here that gets on a hot streak over the next four to five weeks can't make up a chunk appoints. That's what stage racing really allows. But Austin Dillon also on the expanded erase last year when this package was at least similar, so he just kind of strikes me that they've had speed. But whether it's just over the last four to five weeks. I mean they have fallen in the points at one point, he was right around twelve to thirteen th and now he's twenty I fifty seven points back. So Michigan is a key rice for them that they really got to start making up points or really go bold and try to win this race. Yeah. Opportunity weekend for some of these drivers, you guys have mentioned and speaking of Austin Dillon each month. Richard Childress racing honors military members with veterans coffee and in remembrance of d day are CR had a luncheon yesterday for these veterans as part of it Austin, Dillon's paint scheme. Was revealed for this weekend. It carries the names of over fourteen hundred veterans. I know we talk a lot about racing heroes. No question. These gentlemen, in the gentlemen. You just saw. There are countries truest heroes, coming up, we are back in our Connecticut. Studio. One reason better snacks. Right. Another reason, we could not fit the sim simulator in the overhead compartment on the flight. So Parker in AJ are going to wage a friendly battle friends hearing wage. What did you know, the infield that Michigan is the seemingly? Well, crazy. That's yup. Okay. So is the action on the track is your favorite moment. Make our list of top fives and can Graham rate home. They get back to victory lane at Texas. We're going to talk to the two thousand sixteen winter from the racetrack coming up. Lara. Enjoy your breakfast with two of all time. Greats Roger Federer and Rafael Nidal square off in the French Open semi-finals from Harris tomorrow morning at seven AM eastern right here on breakfast. In the French Open. French toast, right? Why? Around the world in sixty seconds last night Cup series. Driver Ryan free in the thirty one car returned to his home state of pathetic it, and one eight thirty lap modified feature that was at Thompson moat speedway motorsports park. Congratulations, ryan. And last Saturday. Chase KB a member of nascar's drive for diversity program, earned his first clear win the canon pro series that was at Memphis, international raceway very aggressive move to win that racist. Well, we're going all over the place because we're gonna head north of the border to on -tario, Julia Landauer in the Twenty-eight card became the first woman ever to leave a lap in the NASCAR hinting series. Did you also know the Stanford grams once they contested on survivor back in two thousand thirteen should eat bugs and just before we came on the year? NBC televised. The inaugural w series race at Hockenheim. Twenty year old Jimmy Chad with England became the first winner of the all female racing series to Americans. Piece in the W series. Florida shake Holbrook in Colorado sabre cook, you can follow them and the rest of the world's top female drivers. All summer here on NBC round two from Belgium airs tomorrow at four eastern got a lot going on. We're only twenty minutes in not even twenty minutes. We talk NASCAR but there are a lot of series racing this weekend. All month long motocross, you've got quite a battle going on AJ in four four fifty class. It's my battles much. Markers. It's been a great battle. It's really between Ken rocks and Tomac. They've really stepped out the way. Motocross racing works is the fact that they have to motives, well they score points in each Moto, but the overall winner of that race come from the best points total. So you look at Tomac has four Moto wins, Ken rocks and has to motor wins. But in two of those races kinda subpar finishes. He's finished fourth finished fifth Thome ex been pretty consistent. So in the overall wins Kent Roxanne has the battle to one over Eli Tomac. But when it comes to raw speed on it consistent basis, so far shown a little bit more. So right now can rocked and has two point lead over Tomac. They've kind of stretched over everybody else and I just kinda continue that battles kind of throughout the rest of the year. They got an off week this week, but they pick it back up and it's been cool for Ken rocks in because if we've documented on. This show too horrendous injury back to back years. So for him to now have two wins and three races. It's a big deal. Okay. Let's go from two wheels to sports cars IMSA racing last weekend in Detroit another series with off weekend. But they've got something big coming up. They have something big coming up in sports, girl, these the biggest sports car race in the world. The twenty four hours of the mall, and that's in France, by the way. Yeah. This is obviously the biggest race. I think they almost three hundred thousand people do attend this race and it's the most procedure sports car race. And the cool thing is you have all these insurrections over there. So you have a couple of GT, obviously, corvette racing with eight Lama victories. One of the winning over there Chip Ganassi racing the Fords. So last time doing it, you have a couple of cars as well. And then twenty eight drivers from the series going over to race for different teams in the twenty five of the mall mecca for sports car racing. It's an incredible. I love this race age. I've always wanted to race it haven't had the chance but I do love watching this race, and it's such an awesome thing to see them blasting down that both on straight in the nighttime through the French countryside. Just an amazing spectacle, just a bucket list race. What always stands out, is my longtime friend and teammate, Justin Wilson. He hit raced at Monaco, he came to watch me race at Daytona. He's run the five hundred and I said, so what's the coolest ever did? He said hands down the mall. No question. I said, seriously said. Without a doubt. So for sure a bucket list on the side of it Team Penske. They've won two in a row at, at middle high when Detroit Dane Cameron one problem on toy have really closed that points battle on fleet by Nazar and Pippo Dirani in the thirty one wheeling engineering racing Cadillac their teammates, Ricky Taylor and Elliot Castro Neves, they're only six points back. So it's been a great battle on the side of it. At Detroit, Jack Hawksworth and Richard. Hi STAN with their Lexus of one hundred rose, so a little bit of break, for some not so much of a break for others. All right. Well, any car does not have a break, because they are in Texas this weekend. So that's another fast track. I mean, I know they're coming off the street course bile park. But what do you expect to see from Indy-Car, Texas this weekend? Insanity this racetrack. It's, it's insane. They don't have as much pack racing anymore because they've taken a lot of the aero downforce away from the race car. So tire wear is a big deal last year's race. The Penske cars really struggled on kind of blistering right front tire so handling still important. But as the sun goes down the track temp cools down that grip comes up, we start to see side by side racing again. And these drivers. It's I hold my breath watching TV and it's, it's so you get like oh, it's a noble Indy. No, it's not. It's way different than Indy. So it's, it's going to be a battle out there. And as I said, for six hundred K, I'm going to be holding my breath on TV watching it. Yeah. It's a big payoff at Texas have great paycheck for that. But it's also some of these individual names like you guys talked about when you guys over at the touch screen for NASCAR. Let's single out some guys Scott Dixon, so that would share right. Yes. He's won three times. He's coming off the momentum of racing of winning race number two at Detroit. And I think you know, he's truly dangerous for all. Field there because he's the perfect IndyCar driver. Right. He's great on street courses. He's great on road courses. He's great on ovals. Great at the five hundred is the best at saving fuel. He's kind of the Mark in the car series when he's got momentum on inside. And if they can find a little bit more speed than they have the five hundred in those Chip Ganassi racing cars that I definitely think he's most likely the man to beat in my eyes because of just what he does so well. And that is just find a way like he did Detroit to get to the lead and win races. It's incredible. How he does it. I've time champ the Ice Man. It's he made a mistake. The first Detroit race on Saturday. He actually crashed. What you very rarely see on his own his own mistakes first years on his, but goes back and wins it so it's, it's incredible. I looked at a guy like Simon parents, he's coming off of winning Indianapolis, and we talked about it last week. You never see Indianapolis five hundred winner go win. Detroit. And sure enough, you do all that media allegations you come off the biggest moment of your career, you have to settle down for two events at Detroit. He struggled salvage some points. But lots of the points lead. He's back to third. I believe it's like twenty five points back now. So a guy that finished second in last year's race behind Scott Dixon. Obviously, those Chevy's or really fast on the ovals that was something that Alexsandr Rossi talked about. He felt like the Chevys had more horsepower than Honda's. So at Texas will that kinda show again or or will that high banks in handling kind of takeover? Again, so Simon's gotta have a rebounding weekend. But he does he still won the five. Hi, I'm going to be okay. I think, you know, you can take that sort of momentum from the Indy five hundred dollars on an oval so you know, they have the speed. You know, some of the things what they've done a Texas and turns one and two of brought the handling. Then, like they haven't Indies, so I think you're gonna see the Team Penske cars have a lot of speech that gives time Paseo some conference but he hasn't won there. So I think it's one of those things where he has to kind of prove himself on that type of oval can get it done. Another driver, though in the Team Penske camp that can get it done there, probably needs to get it done willpower is one there twice. But this is not been the best start to the season that we've seen out of him. There's definitely been some struggles at times. And I think this is this is a chance for him going to place. He's been successful at before to turn that around. And I think they really need to j it's kind of point of no return. If we don't do it now. Yeah. We see here. This is Saturday, the first Detroit event, they didn't get the tire tight, so you lose the tire here on Sunday. The actually have a mechanical failure with the gearbox was great in somehow the Team Penske resolve. They fixed it made his way back at the third salvage the weekend a little bit. But he has no wins. He's eighty four points. Back six points, his teammates, both have two wins. The great thing about IndyCar is the way they're points or structure, if he wins it's fifty points. Plus you get bonus points for pole quickest lap, etc. So you can extend yourself by ten to twelve points each week and willpower. Anybody can do it. He can go on a run and pull off three four wins in a row and get himself back in the championship. But he's got no more mulligans left. You can't have any more bad races. And it starts here, Texas. All right. And go back to sign passionate. I think I saw him at the Charlotte airport on Monday. He was no longer wearing the reef he did find it off. Yeah but Norman was Norman. Thursday, trivia question to five hundred champions involved in victory lane altercation following the inaugural. It was at the inaugural IndyCar series race at Texas in nineteen ninety seven answer is coming up. Parker quiet. All right. Ask Parker AJ what they've been doing all day. They're going to tell you research for the show with me. They've been in here in the studio goofing around in the simulator do anything we're gonna find out next. Here they call. So we're coming on road. I one hundred percent sure to write call. We got about three quarters way down pit road. And I was about seventy percent share and there were slim. And it was about fifty percent. Sure, I am a mile ahead everybody when I looked at the mirror. This is an army of people on the same forecast. Same radar. They took. Definitely coming down. Now we've gone right on five sprint whole fast. Car has just told us the rice is official. I Ray twinning driver Clint. Out again. Twinning drivers voyeur. Rocky? We're to. That's gonna happen. I know you guys a question it's going to happen tonight. That was put lawyer following his win at Michigan one year ago this weekend. Both be Cup inexpensive series race in the Irish hills. Saturday racing on four foods, instead of wheels coverage of the one hundred fifty first Belmont, Stakes begins at two thirty eastern on NBC then continues at four PM on NBC and cap off your Saturday night with the IndyCar series at Texas on NBC at eight eastern. Well Parker miss being in the studio mostly because of his friend, the semi assignment, passionate cakes. Norman everywhere. Parker would choose to take the race stimulator everywhere, if he could write park, routes course we're going to do here. Krista AJ. You're gonna keep track. So Michigan's gonna be crazy. We're coming to restart here at the back. We're gonna do competition where you see how cars I can pass your. I didn't get a good really, really good start and every card has the point over the next three laps then you're going to jump in later seeking gets four points. Start at the. So that's what Tim three. He's up to five point. I mean, this did you set these guys on? This sister. The music losing count. So this is the problem here. Now, now, now he's in the middle. No. So how are these courts into react, high down force having a whole the wide open in the corner? We're gonna see here, pork or split them in a love spot that he has about ten callers, ready case started P thirty first lap done the voice Bank in the shop Philby fast based on, we had an issue qualified. This is this is a credit. He he's at least by fourteen cars. Here we go. Still gotta run through the middle Atanas grip with these callers Jairo Pak can't lift. You don't have to. I mean it's amazing. You can just keep going through. I mean you think about when we go into Michigan afford and had to lift and break a little bit. And you're going so fast. And now you're able to carry this on all the way through that guy got. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right, there, I kind of I kind of start to lose my breath into three usually. So it's interesting with this airbag kitchen keeping count. It's went by so many white flag here. What flag in the air he's, he's went by twenty cars. I mean he's inside the top ten. This may be the race of his life. Oh, he's also paid these guys off and look. Good. Bye. No money. Just say all got checked out for you. Come on now. Hey. This is a win win this. Three wide on the outside. All I gotta run down the middle coming to the line. We'll see getting the draft. He's got one. I'm gonna give them pay for war. Well that's a lot of points is the key. I think that would take away from this. Yes. So you have a big amount of, wow, you here. I'm gonna try I'm gonna try to not read 'cause I'm trying to slow down here and let you in you should get it now. Now. I don't want this what I warned it up. I warned me that for you. Seat's gonna have to move up. Time now for our top five moments at Michigan number five. This was two thousand one guys walked me through road, making big pets here on just fix put then Jeff Gordon comes back around the outside. It would go on to win. It's what a close about like that. Get so much more excited when you do it. Okay. Two thousand nine. So Jimmy Johnson gallon on field twice at Michigan in June eight coming to the white flag while leading, Mark Martin would win. This is race that no one wanted to win Johnson. Didn't win it. Brick didn't want it to Martin gets it, and then Brian Vickers ripple Racine is the lucky recipient of Jimmy Johnson, once again, running out of fuel the big deal for red bulls. Win a no sane Lear that was August. Chat knowing that he'd pride and make the right. Number three, this, any expanding series, two thousand six when he guys remember about this one junior said, hey, Carl get out the way. I'm coming through, and I'm gonna win this race. Colonel had one. Celebrating. He wanted to take out his middle finger now. Oh, that's close. Scares me a little bit. That was that was weird then they talked about late. All right. Number two. It's the truck series. This was two thousand eight remember, the name, Eric Darnell beats Michigan native Johnny Benson. This was an incredibly close finish. Maybe like something. We'll see come this weekend in the Cup series of those trucks. A little bit more similar era. That was five one thousand of second number one nineteen ninety one. Dale Jarrett Davey Allison by. I mean look at that this was his first career victory. Yeah. Feel like that. They went caution free race, right? Far for us better, destroy the me. And then Kyle Larson. One is I grew event, as well. And he celebrated like he should celebrate. And they've partied, all night I wasn't there. I wasn't invited, but I was told they party as twenty five years later, okay? Here are the looking you were told here, the latest is to win in Michigan. Kyle Busch is the favourite his last win. There was in two thousand eleven Michigan native Braga's asking. Wow. He's never won. A Cup race on his home. Track is currently eight to one to win on Sunday. Meanwhile, three-time Michigan Kyle Larson listed at court team to one. Okay. So when we left, you Parker was in the simulator, is it age as turn it is AJ, stern. So he has a huge task ahead of head twenty six points because we have thirty drivers here. All real drivers from around the world, helping us make this segment. So thank you to them. So AJ obviously, they've already you've already paid them on half the guys didn't go way back learning store, lineup the lineup give it give it time checking only hit some cloud. Cover. You got caught up. He might. Oh, Cole trickle often the hammer in the green. I don't think this is legal but I'm gonna let it fly. Oh, here we go. These these guys. They don't know what to up like Harry said, he's going to be wide open come into the green, I'm coming through hill. I got ride, but we got your six. Oh man. You got to the next pastor. We're gonna have to. We're gonna have to get a big drop down the back straightaway. But that what this aero package allows four car side by side. I'm gonna start rolling ball them here. Margaret tried the middle. Oh, yeah. I didn't think you were clear that for now. But you make myself clear here. Here. We got a big run on Al. Stores devils zero there right now. I mean back to the middle spot the middle. Yeah. Saving. Likes the middle. I'm gonna try to run the top here and see what happens. All right. See I'm gonna have to right now. I'm gonna have a lot to do here. Oh, we got the run down the hall. Yes, go rolling into three. I think I'm clear spot, or just fell asleep on me. We don't know where to go this run paid him. Gotta live. Here we go. Flying. I got the past ten cars and you got a little work ahead. Older any wreck. Wreck. Big wreck behind me. You're not gonna have the help. Nascar says stay green. This is why we're not throw it. Yeah. This is what happens on the white flag. You don't don't live through the middle. All four wide definitely wouldn't be. Clear. So where do you go? You got there. You gotta get to. Let me turn somebody. I don't think you got it. Voight short. I think you are place short. What we did learn. No is this could be a crazy race. Basically. It's gonna come down to checkers records. That's all it is. Oh, my, by the way. Parkers Parker's sim is live. Thank you, Joe. I racer everywhere maybe in your town racing. Sorry, AJ just wreck. You my bad vets, his that. They're still going cutting out. We're going to preview this weekend's car action at Texas place known for its high speeds close finishes as well. The closest belongs to ram Ray hall, we're going to hear from the two thousand sixteen Texas winter, when the motor sports. Our return. St Louis flows in Boston. Bruins are tied at two games case in the Stanley Cup final will take control tonight's game five NHL live is next here on NBC taking you up to game time if eastern over on NBC. And the NBA finals are also going on as Tronto raptors currently hold a two one series lead over Golden State. Thanks to the performance of Leonard. Now IndyCar driver. James Hinchcliffe, a Toronto native, and a big raptors fan would very much like to say Leonard remain with the team, I was going to offer that L put a picture on my helmet. He said and offer him to free passes to any IndyCar race. I'm competing for the rest of my career if he stays foot. He told NBC sports that inch then tweeted he was dead serious about his offer. Yeah. There is actually a real estate law. No, no no on Steph curry. You come golf with all by any time whether you win the championship or not. I just I just wanna I just wanna play golf with Steph curry dub nation hearing. I don't know what he's saying. But. I might be a bigger offer because Hinchcliffe definitely gets those passes for free, but are there is a whole movement going on in Toronto. In fact, a real estate company offered co I think a penthouse condo to stay put. So I don't know. He might have to update any hint. It doesn't matter warriors, you know. All right. Back to rain, somehow, I don't know what happened here. Thursday question who were the two Indy? Five hundred champions involved in victory lane altercation following the inaugural IndyCar series race at Texas in ninety seven what is J Foyt and the other? The answer is you are correct. All right, lion. Vase driver, Billy boat finished, but are it went to victory lane claiming scoring air had been made, and that he wants to winter AJ like that. Ficials determine you. Don't wanna mess with you. Tell me. Are you telling me killer bees, are you with right? Awarded in the win the next day, one year later, June six nineteen ninety eight and folk revenge. Texas rainy IndyCar champ. Tony Stewart started on boat. Took the checkered flag led a race high one hundred eight laps in may the wing half, Greg Ray. What we're getting here with seven laps to go alone. Indycar win. Of boats career. Now, here's when and where you can catch IndyCar this weekend at Texas at all leads up to Saturday nights race at eight eastern here on NBC, SNL Graham Ray hall is looking for his second, Texas win Yang Beka spoke with him earlier today. Krista, what driver better to get some insight into Texas Motor Speedway, then Graham Ray hall. He's won this race with the closest finish in speedway history. And then IndyCar crazy fast over two hundred and twenty miles an hour. What are the sensations like behind the wheel? Well, it's changed a lot. You know, this place used to be pretty pretty wide open. You know, very bumpy place. But in recent years, since last couple years since repaved, it's been it's different now. You know, turn one and two for, for us as more of like a short oval sort of feel, but at a much higher speed turned three and four or more big and open like a superspeedway which really hasn't changed. But, you know, this place is tricky it's slippery nowadays, the tires have gotten a lot harder for us and recent years in the cars have less down downforce, so for us you certainly slide around quite a lot here nowadays compared to when I first started, but, you know the heat also plays a role. It's very open to get a lot of wind. I mean, this is a demanding trek, probably in the top couple toughest ovals that will go to now we mentioned about the closest finish here at Texas Motor Speedway. That was the only time you led that race just the final few feet. Is that the way you wanna play you wanna hang back and then come into the kill? Well at that time you need it to that time. I don't think you really wanted to lead. You know you could run three wide here. No problem today with the asphalt. I know it's not that way, actually spoke, even Jimmy Johnson, just the other day is good friend, did they can't nasqad can either here anymore. So this, this track has taken a different form since they repaved. They used the lime wash and everything else, it's not as Griffey. It doesn't allow for racing, you know, and various lanes like it used to so nowadays, I think you wanna be up front. You know, you'd like to lead it, most of the time be able to take off, like Dixon did last year. Nice segue. You did lead this race for twenty seven laps until a couple from the end, and brushed the wall. That's back in twenty twelve. What you learn from that, obviously you cashed in later with the wind. But that was good experience. Yeah. Yeah. That was the tough Tae Bo my good friend, Jay will got the win. So at least, you know, a guy like that was right behind this. But that was a tough day, too, and that, that's more similar to today's conditions where light on down force and the tires really weren't last since your sliding. But yeah. We got to be patient here cell Saturday looks like it's ninety three degrees at eight o'clock. I mean that's crazy. So, so I was going to be hot and be a toasty one. All right. Let's finish up since this NASCAR America, let's finish up what they fundraiser, you have coming up driver fantasy camp with your dad and Clint Boyer. What's that sounds like a pretty cool bucket list item? Yeah. You know, I think Colorado state in the one care group, it's been so instrumental in cancer research over the last handful of years and his partner with us also partners with Clint Boyer NASCAR. So we're going to get together at autobahn country club up in Chicago. We're going to give some hot laps to, to those who to come. It's, it's five thousand dollar donation to, to come and join us, and we're gonna have dinner, kind of a Q and A and hang out at our car barn, but we're looking forward to clinch funny guy. Some show. There'd be a lot of lasts shared, but it's all to raise money for you and for one care, which is an amazing group. Awesome great cause. And of course, that'll be something Krista might want to keep on your bucket list. It's a great causing being. You can see the smile Graham has talking about that. So it's going to be a lot of fun. But there was also a lotta talking when we were at Indianapolis last month about the potential for an IndyCar NASCAR double header obviously talking about the Cup series. But it already happens, as you can see in has for years down in Texas with the trucks and IndyCar racing. I know it's always cool when you raise to seed, kind of, oh, I love it. I've been a part of this race week in many times. And it's really fun weekend because you know when the truck threes it's a NASCAR vibe. But then you walk just two little bit down the street they're basically inside the racetrack. And suddenly, you're IndyCar. I mean it was really cool. Then I think, you know, it might be a template for the future. Yeah. Okay. Big headlines in Texas this weekend. The biff is back. The biff is back with what we say two thousand four was the rented truck rates. Yeah, trucks are slightly different. A little bit. So is talented. Greg biff, it's still going to take time to get used to it as they practice. And he ran a practice session at the first truck race there, Texas, and just to get used to it. So in a KBM, truck, he's going to have the right trucks to go out there and win. But no matter what it is long as you don't it. And he's done in the past. It's gonna take some laps in some time to get used to, and then you drop the green and it starts all over again. Trying to feel like what the trucks race alike in a pack. So he knows. He's entering the fastest truck Missouri's five wins with the owner there. Kyle Busch know if you heard of him before every time basically shows on the threes. So he knows the best crimen. I did find it funny that the Piff was kind of lower expectations little bit. And some of the quotes, I solve, I say, you know, hey, I've been out of it a little bit. I'm figuring these things out. I think once he gets in there like anything else he'll figure it out pretty quick. And he should definitely be a contender for the okay. So last truck, you said two thousand four which basically means everyone is racing against was four or five years. No or anything. Okay, Ross Chastain, that's the other headline he is doing. Basically Parker has never been done before. So basically, so this is really cool base has happened the last couple of years participation rules. We have to clarify, what series we want to run for points in as a driver. So he more extending point to begin. The year was running JD motor sports just outside the playoffs. But then in this niece motorsports truck, he's been tremendous also ten years, the win it Keyser's, but he hasn't gotten anything for that. So the team came together rising might have a chance at making the playoffs, and there's where he is clear his declared to Goto truck series points, and now racing the truck series full-time. He has to get to the top twenty points and get a win. He'll definitely get the top twenty points. The win is tough part, if he could replicate what he did it Kansas, though. This'll be a tremendous run. Just love this. This is like betting on yourself. Like we see another young drivers do with trees in one offs or to race at time. But basically with your season. I think this is very cool. Very cool move. It's a great move, and it's really a no risk move, because you don't know disrespected JD motorsports. But he's not gonna win. Championship in the expanded series. There's he's got all the talent in the world. We've seen it when he jumped on the forty two car winning the truck race. He's got all the talented in the world but they're not gonna win a championship. So why not go try to win a truck championship knowing that you've already wanna race? Yeah. It's like he's never existed in the series way. I look at the points but you go out there as you said, he'll probably get easily in the top twenty goes and wins a race. Next thing you know, he's got a chance at a championship, and no matter what series it is. If you win a championship in the top three series and NASCAR you've done something special. I like said he's betting on himself, and that's going to be a fun story to watch over the next few weeks to see what you can do. Okay. We will find out the final results for our motor sports star of the week forecaster vote by going to Twitter page. Motorsport our NBC. Oh, look at that or go to NBC sports dot com slash NASCAR vote if you don't like these numbers. Make sure your voice is heard you can vote more than once to bigger Levy has race. The Saint Louis blues earned their first ever home win in Stanley Cup final in game four. And now the series has become a of three ships back. Coming up next. Dame five coming up tonight this weekend, lots of horsepower in the stables NASCAR Cup annex in Michigan IndyCar in Texas, and the triple crowns, longest race the one hundred fifty Belmont Stakes coverage begins Saturday at two thirty eastern on NBC. All right. Your final picks for your motor sports star of the week seems Rillo Kim, I don't think I had any effect poor Scott Dixon there. Two percents. We have hocken it yet. I mean, unless there's going to be a big swing on. That took it needed. I results I'm surprised by that. I'm surprised by that, large Scott Dixon would have made a last corner pass. Yeah. I think that was cool finish. Let's go ahead and turn our Ted. Thanks, everyone for voting by the let's turn our attention to fantasy picks. And don't forget, you can sign up for fantasy live at NASCAR dot com. Joined the NBC sports NASCAR America league. We're gonna start with our cheat sheet for Michigan courtesy of van beaver at rota world dot com slash NASCAR. William Byron is Dan's value, pick Kevin Harvick who won last August at Michigan his garage pick but for the red flag got Martin junior true excess had mixed results lately at Michigan dancing. They are better better start Martin. So let's get your kicks Parker. Yes. So I'm going to make this on the fly right in front of us. So I'm gonna take William Byron there in that twenty four because have confidence motorsports cars. I haven't used much also gonna us guys know. Eight all got him. I'm pretty Hendrick heavy right? I'm also going. I'm going crazy. When it'd been easier to start up what have just go where. What have go? I also use a lot of our top guys too much. I've got eat some others. I need Joe Ghana in there because I know I haven't used him too much this year. And I need Kevin Harvick. Please all right. Ford's always got the good horsepower in the garage, and you have my else. No, I know I need myself at Joe Gibbs car, and that's going to be Jones home race. I have we're not picking those. All right. We're going to go here. You know what one go with, you know this right here. This. Nope. That's there got it first time when there's a long way up. And you know you guys. All right. So I like that. I do I do like the Joey Logano pick are always fast. They're important race for Roger Penske and Ford. So we'll go with that roll down a little bit. You know what I like cow Larssen? Let's bring some momentum BAC. Yup. Driver four. That's a risky what you know. Yeah, I know the Bowman pick is. Nice, I'm gonna go with Bowman. Maybe it's not gonna let me pick Bowman. We're not picking. Let's go up here. Let's pick Eric. No. Van let's go, there Jones garage pick. Stan, how you try? Let's go Stenhouse do. Technology, technology, partly, you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna work on the on the pig. Go ahead and tell me race when you don't have to do anything with technology, though, head and tell me you're right for you go I considering I got Bush in the garage. I'm going. You're heavy. I'm gonna say this weekend. We get maybe a first time winner. And I'm gonna go with eight over. Here we go here for watching the motor sports. Our other reason back here. Connecticut, NHL live is just down the hall while they would be if they weren't live in Boston and math where where they are. We're taking you right now.

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