158 - The Mysterious Death of JonBenet Ramsey


As a parent I can't imagine anything worse than losing a child. I can't imagine a a worse way to lose a child and to have that child be murdered could get worse than that. Yes it could what if you were told to. Your child was sexually assaulted before they were murdered. What does that happen to them when they were just six years old? Could it get worse the that of course it can what if they were murdered in your home while you slept peacefully in your bed. What if they were murdered the night after Christmas killed in the basement after another successful for Christmas where everyone got what they wanted and the dream home your family lived in the dream home you bought with the money you made after busting your ass for years launching your own business merging with two other businesses becoming president new company position it for massive buyout making millions along the way? What if your daughter was taken from you just five short years removed from the loss of another other one your daughter's you just recovered as much as one can recover from the first loss you just rebuilt your life after divorce and death spectacularly rebuilt it and and then this happens? Could it get worse than that yes sadly there is almost always room for at least a little bit of worse what if view of the one to find her dead body and then you became one of the prime suspects in her murder and your wife became another and then your nine year old son became the third what if the court quarter public opinion decided that one of you to of you are all of you had to have killed your daughter and then that stigma followed you for the rest of your life and then you're self-made fortune faded away the homes and the boats and more sold to pay for massive legal fees tabloid after tabloid accusing you of murder everywhere you go people looking at you and discussed it doesn't get much worse than that and this is exactly what may have happened to John Bennett Ramsey father of the six-year-old beauty pageant winner Jon Benet Ramsey who was murdered the Ramsey Colorado home in nineteen ninety six despite being publicly exonerated by the district attorney's office as a suspect in his daughter's death years after first being accused jonbenet Albany Ramsey's murder still remains unsolved many still thinker father John had something to do with it. Do I think he did it or had something to do with it. Did his wife do it or I don't know. I really don't my God. This is a confusing one. I felt dizzy doing this research more. You unravel this case. The more complicated gets right when you think you know who did it. A new piece of the puzzle comes along away just obliterates all of your former resolve curious what conclusions you'll come to today. We take a deep dive into the mysterious murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. One of the most infamous unsolved murder cases in American history on another who done it true crime edition of time suck. This is Michael McDonald and you're listening to time suck overstate happy Monday made sacks the content parade continues here ear on time suck a hundred and fifty eight straight weeks of deep dives dives. 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My shows in Denver Denver okay time now to move on over to today's colorado-based topic the mysterious murder the very mysterious murder of young beauty queen a Ah a victim. I mean they're always taken too soon but especially this case taking far far too soon Jon benet Ramsey in the story begins a day after Christmas nineteen ninety-six almost twenty three years ago the Ramsey family only had just hosted a lavish successful Christmas party on Christmas Day. The ramseys were John and Patricia Ramsey knows patsy nine year old son Burke Ramsey and their six year old daughter Jon on Benet Ramsey John also had two living children from his first marriage twenty year old John Andrew and twenty-four-year-old Melinda Spending Christmas in one thousand nine hundred sixty with their mother Cindy John's First Wife in Marietta Georgia Giorgi Georgia Giorgi Down in Georgia. Oh Georgia land getting my ticket to Georgie the Ramsey ABC family lives in an affluent area of boulder and huge seven thousand two hundred Forty Square Foot Tudor style dream home at seven four nine Fifteenth Street and the exclusive Swank Lancaster neighborhood of Chappaqua good name good name for an expensive neighbor. It might be Chappaqua Shaniqua. I think yeah I said that's the way better named for a nice neighborhood like toilet nuggets or missing fingernails. That's rough one shirking swing by where you live again missing fingernails he you know what I can't swing doing by. I thought I thought you bought a place in Chappaqua. People named Flint and Chad live in a place called Chappaqua people name shredder and Gumbo Live and missing fingernails fingernails on the Ramsey home cost John five hundred thousand dollars which home wise is like a million or two today maybe more than two million over the next two years patchy remodeled decorated to the tune of an additional seven hundred thousand dollars. They're doing all right in the money department the average price of a home in this neighborhood today according to real estate apps like Trulia and realtor dot com is somewhere between two and three million million the former seven bedroom eight bath Ramsey home is valued just over three million dollars right now built in nineteen twenties exquisitely landscaped large private backyard card has three fireplaces a match takes up the entire top floor of a two story home that also features a large basement level thousand was so nice the Ramsey family had it listed on the Boulder Christmas tour as well as on a regular home tour in boulder when people visited and between fifteen hundred to two thousand guests would visit each year Passi would would take them a would meet him but the door was Jon Benet burke her side each of them wearing perfect little matching sweaters you know that they had to wear to make mama happy and nineteen ninety-six. Jonah just turned fifty three He. He just got an a six figure work bonus days earlier he was married to a forty year old former beauty queen. He was crushing life not only did he and his model Stepford wife tight family have an amazing home in boulder they also stunning summer Home Lake Michigan and the twenty five hundred person picturesque little lake town of charlevoix situated between Lake Lake Michigan and the western end of Lake Show Voi- which drains into Lake Michigan through the short round Lake Pine River Complex in the heart of downtown Charlevoix little summer resort town. It's been that way since the eighteen eighties waterfront home was one thousand seven hundred thousand square feet for bedroom for half baths valued over three hundred thirty thousand dollars at the time time the idea around a million dollars now the ramseys also maintain a third residents in Atlanta Georgia where they lived before moving to boulder drove luxury cars had a boats John had two separate it private planes they use pie license to fly around in they had big parties they would throw some of which would cost upwards of thirty thousand dollars and have actors performing part. I mean crushing rushing it. especially for Bolder Boulder Colorado still didn't even have one hundred thousand people in Nineteen. ninety-six only has one hundred ten thousand now. The Metro area has around three hundred douses mostly known as the home of Colorado's biggest university. The University of Colorado the buffaloes and the ramseys were kind of a big deal in boulder. Now you're GONNA have less members of the upper crust in a place like boulder then you're going to have some place at San Francisco or Manhattan. They were rich attractive had two well behaved beautiful kids burke was shy and quiet little Jon Benet was the exact exact opposite by the age of six already one America's Royal Miss Little Miss Charlevoix Little Miss Colorado Colorado State all-star kids covergirl the crown of national tiny miss beauty and more watch videos love singing and dancing in public or tiny body exuded charisma choose little star. Her Dad was one of the city's rising business stars her mom moms want towns premier socialites and her brother well yeah he was there to nine and cute and he smiled for all the family photos. If you live anywhere near the time Amazon Benes short life you'll probably remember you know some of Genie's beauty pageant pictures on the covers of almost every grocery store tabloid there week after week month after month year after year following her death. I still see her face at the grocery store. She's on the cover. Something just a few weeks ago some tabloid and it's been over twenty years since her death. Her death fascinated fascinated America at a level comparable to Nicole Simpson or Caley Anthony actually more Nicole's probable killer. OJ Simpson Keighley's probable killer Casey. Anthony Don sucks on both of them. They got more media attention than Jon Benet Murder Suspect John Patricia Burke Ramsey and others but as a homicide victim I I can't think of literally anyone who has got the same level of media exposure as Jon Benet Ramsey not even Natalie Holloway who infamously disappear almost a decade later in Aruba. Why did her case receive so much? Coverage will partially because she was a little beauty pageant winner. Let's be honest America Covets beautiful creatures more than those deemed not not as attractive beautiful people to covers more magazines and tabloids than the ugly people alive or dead and they always will also I think in in my lifetime at least because of a also because her family was wealthy. Americans are endlessly fascinated by opulence those who lives so many of us only dream about no one would give of to Fox about the car crashes if they were pouring ugly I mean wealth is a big part of the American dream. Is it not when you hear examples of people making it never tell us about let them live modestly barely paying bills being great parents being heavily involved in their community. You know doing hands on charity work. No it's tails. The people coming from nothing ended up richest faulk back then. Maybe doing some good with that money money. We love money here in America. I love my a little of freedom it can give you I get it and also part of the fascination surrounding the murder murder of Jon Benet has to do with children's beauty pageants. How could it not back in nineteen ninety six over a decade before shows like the at best creepy and at worst softcore or pedophile porn toddlers and Tiaras and the so bad? I wondered if it was a possible sign of an impending apocalypse. The first time I heard about it here comes honey boo boo very few people even a new these pageants existed scene is sixty seen a six year old girl decked out and make up and outfits that would seem you know possibly overly sexual worn by a sixteen year old girl captured the public's attention. It became fascinated because it's so what the fuck is going on here confusing. Why is this happening who dresses or kindergarten like that? Why was your mom's so into her being a model at such a young age and I mean seriously who does that who dresses up their six year old and bright red lipstick teases out their hair puts tons of foundation Mascara scare an island or on the face addressing essentially a mini skirt and cowboy boots and tight tank top Nazar dancing singing for an audience grownups fucking weird it also takes glamor shots were she's posing obviously sexualize ways like a photographer asked my eleven year old daughter to pose in similar ways as I've seen after research Jon benet reposing in Glamour shots? I would have a little what the fuck are you doing bud conversation with guy. Tell him he's leave right now unless he wants his camera and possibly parts of his perverted body a broken broken. All my hack hack gets me fired up but their parents have anything to do with a murder. Maybe maybe not will occur in both directions basic ecstatic on child murder lean towards the likelihood that Jon Benet was killed by someone within her own family but the brutality of the crime points towards someone outside inside the home. It's crazy case and it only gets crazy. The more you look at it spawned dozens of books documentaries theories that range from a simple cover by rich parents to Satanic Child Porn rings things of course to John Being Alive today and performing his pop star Katy Perry seriously. That's a that's a conspiracy not just some of my tomfoolery and yes we will for sure have an idiot to the Internet segment today before we dive into a time line expiration in this case. Let's take a quick look context start with Kitty pageant kosher then quick little bio for each member of the Boulder Ramsey household child pageantry in America consists of about two hundred and fifty thousand children who compete in around five thousand pageants nationwide nationwide each year makes almost fourteen paget's for kids a day own my heck what the fudge stink in Gali Dead Nabet of that disturbs me because so many straight dudes are biologically hardwired to want to see women naked more than we want to see food on our table or the sun keep coming up. We already have more than enough sexualization in society. Here's some porn stats. I've found porn sites attract more visitors each month and Amazon and Netflix combined thirty percent of all Internet content is Porn fifty-six percent of divorces involve one spouse having an obsessive interest in online porn twenty percent of all mobile web searches are porn the world in general already struggles with giving women more than just a sexual identity because most porn is negative women so why the fuck would any parent in the right mind WanNa push their daughter into already been physically objectified when she's only six years old. I know that's not how they see it but that is how it's perceived creeps. I she's going to have to deal with that. Shit soon enough. Give her a few years to enjoy your childhood. I stutter letter fart and fucking Pinault's in shops smell NYC fucking hot garbage no dirt on her face and scraped up knees because she tried doing some sick as trick on her fucking bike letter letters be a kid but digress back to beauty pageants. The beauty pageants for adult women have existed in one form or another for centuries for example Medieval Brits celebrated May Day by having a little who looks the hottest in the long form thin bitten kind of our form Haydn. I guess more poofy White Dress Show and picking a May queen pageants got going in America in the Mid Nineteenth Century famous circus entrepreneur or businessmen all around exploitation machine. Hopefully Future Suck p.t barnum organized America's First Beauty Pageant for adult women in eighteen fifty four and it did not go well. The public protested parading women out in front of men in judging them on their looks was immoral indecent. It caused quite to kerfluffle instead of giving up on the whole idea of judge human beings made sack solely on their physical attractiveness borrowing thought well if they won't let me exploit women what if I could explore some babies and the very next year eighteen fifty-five a national contest barnum orchestrated called the national baby show attracted one hundred and forty-three child contestants and sixty one thousand viewers and then baby parades soon became all the rage around the country in the coming decades and there are still baby pageants today quick Google search to to sunburst beauty dot com Jon Jon Benet did some sunburst beauty pageants and they have competitions for girls from the age of just popped out a mom's baby whole to the age of twenty seven and that's it. That's it nothing for those twenty eight and up up. I guess I guess twenty eight is is ancient in the Padua just boo get that twenty eight year old office stage we came here. See some heart kids Ed's if you go to chowder baby patch and by the way I highly encourage you to use the word hot as much as possible in sexy. I don't WanNa do show by himself wearing aviator. VR Sunglasses indoors and having his hands in his pockets all the time standing in the back of the room. Just yelling shit like yeah knows kids. Don't hothouse babies talking about route say sexy hot near Saint Somebody sexy kids one hotel hot sexy babies then I want that they can stop having fucking weird pageants. That'll fuck it. Shut it down. An an expert on baby contests explained that many of these baby pageants babies have been historically in the early one stripped naked and judged by physicians according to a meticulous point system like the Houston cattle judging as what the nineteenth century beauty pageants works. That's cool cool yeah. It's not fucked up at all. Hey Lady come grab your degrade baby. Get the hell out of here where scarce him. It's a beauty pageant not an audition for Halloween Halloween House a horse once you take your Saka fussily sneak out the back they aren't you scared are hot sexy. Baby's cyber baby conscious went on hiatus in the nineteen eighteen fifties as a baby parades. Why 'cause people finally decided is pretty fucked up? Start Great Mates acts on their physical appearance when they're still in diapers. JK They didn't care about that at all. kids started getting polio and events where large groups of random children would needlessly congregate in public starting to seem like a like a dumb idea polo another various communicable diseases pre vaccine days. Luckily the polio vaccine became widely available in the late fifties and wouldn't you know it by nine hundred sixty one youth America were healthy enough to once again. Participate Peyton pageants nine hundred sixty one America's first official child beauty pageant got going yeah marshalls March kids on the stage palisades amusement park in Palisades. All Saints New Jersey started hold a weekly contest the summer from nineteen sixty one thousand nine hundred seventy one called Little Miss America the contest name was meant to evoke the adult Miss America pageant and which have been running since one thousand nine hundred eighty one but actually was not affiliated with it and Little Miss America was big hit drew roughly six thousand competitors each week and I'm guessing at least twice that many pitfalls the massive success little Miss American pageants did not go unnoticed by the people who like to make money and or work with with hot kids are regional creepy. The regional child beauty pageants began to spring up unlike little Miss America which is free to enter hadn't dress requirements for talent competition new competitions mimicked adult pageants more offering offering contestants the chance to compete in categories like talent and party wear these pageants developed into various children pageants that we know and hey today the worst one I found. Did you know that there is now an annual pageant Las Vegas for eight to thirteen girls called L. H. hoedown Yup the little Miss Hustler hoedown one of the categories pole fitness because of all the poll all finished classes nine year olds g-strings doing stripper moves in front of middle aged dudes judges and audience primarily men who are allowed to take as many pictures as they want as long as flash turned off. That's fine just no flash. That's the only rule kid's crotch shots that's fine. No flash also tease competition with the kids dance on a catwalk and take off after close they go all the way down to their underwear and because their kids it's not illegal for them to go topless so they can even take off their tops and they do and they end up bare-chested in front of these fucking dudes is gross and if you don't believe that it's real go ahead and check it out for yourself. Go to the website it's. WWW dot get the fuck out of here dot no not yet. None of that stuff is happening yet. Hopefully never will. I hope you're hope your outrage for a moment there as you heard all of that and you didn't think it was a big deal. I want you to focus less on podcasts to focus a lot more in therapy. If you'RE FUCKING WE'RE GONNA get my ticket out. She gives them up. Would you get some real help and pageants as bad as all that now. Oh I guess I know I'm sure a lot of people run in them have a completely different. Look at it but I do look at it like you're just like advertising your kid head for fucking pedophile. Would you dress them up enclosed it. I don't know how some of these people rationalize them not being sexually provocative. I mean it's it really and and I'm not approved by swear to God. A lot of these outfits have been row was wearing them at sixteen. I'm like whoa where where are you going. You're going to school no nightclub. Okay another round with a little bit of knowledge about the Kiddie Porn. I mean Kitty paget world. Let's take a look at the Ramseys to understand the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. We first have to understand the FAM- the start it was Jon Benet Jon Benet Patricia Ramsey was born on August sixth nineteen ninety in land. Georgia should be just barely twenty nine years old today if she was still alive so oh crazy she would die so young if she died today she's still young. She died over twenty years ago. She was a daughter a beauty queen. The niece of another beauty queen to daughter of patchy in Jon Jon Benet was named after a feminine version of her father's first and middle names John Bennett also given her mother's name as a Middle Name Jon Benet Patricia Ramsey and these people the little little vein. I feel like that's always we never understood that the need to put your name in the name of your kids. I must make another media understandably Dan neither one of my kids have names that have anything to do with my first name or middle name which is Brent. Neither one of my kids are named for anyone of my family but but I guess they do have my last name what you don't want to be honest alike but if it was culturally normal to give kids different last names I wouldn't care to me research in his it felt like Patricia wanted to like clone herself right. Her daughter has has renamed Middle Name and said she did pageants. She makes her daughter do pageants seems hyper hyper focused on her daughter. Daughter's seemed like more like a doll her the human being you know I mean clearly you're getting pushed hard that direction. We do this stuff at the age like four. I think even younger three four five I mean she's a pageant girl raised by mom and her life revolved Aldrin Rehearsals costumes get made it pretty and competing not doing typical kids stuff. It's like she was more like a show dog or show. Ponies in a human being jonbenet Albany was youngest the two children at least on her mother's side her brother Burke nine. The time for murder was three years older by age six Jon Benet had already won multiple national pageant titles. Thanks thanks store bouncy blonde hair naturally poise smile glittery costumes Tenet the resume of a girl who only lived for less than six and a half years on this planet. This is a partial list Colorado Ratto State all star kids patching able ninety four little Miss Charlevoix July ninety four Miss Colorado Sunburst Summers one October ninety five five America's Royale Tiny Miss Division title July Ninety six America's Royale Miss Colorado Dream Queen July Ninety six. I guess it's the same one sunburst national pageants second-place August Ninety six Colorado Little Miss Christmas December seventeenth ninety-six Colorado's all-stars Christmas pageant metal for talent talent is a few days before she died December twenty second ninety-six and unfortunately there's not a lot else to say when it comes to Johnny's life since it was very short on the surface she seemed outgoing and confident was giving a plush and comfortable life and one documentary. I saw her room or bedroom and chateauroux bathroom should her own Christmas Christmas tree right before the holidays giant virtually life-size Santhal on this little kind of a couch she had in a room she was given wherever she wants tons and tons of toys. He's she seemed to be the center of her parents. Worlds very very privileged childhood before such a tragic end. I know a lot of Comedians in New York who would love to live in an apartment the size of Jon Benet old bedroom it also love to be able to furnish that apart with the same budget that was clearly used to furnish her room now more on her parents starting with her father John John Bennett Ramsay born December seventh nineteen forty three Lincoln Nebraska Ramsey moved with his family to Oklahoma Michigan at the age of fourteen his father Jay was a decorated World War Two coyote before becoming a director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission as a teenager Ramsey competed in cross country played the band nurtured a love of aviation he inherited from his father he joined. ROTC at Michigan State University where he also met his first wife Lucinda Cindy Lou posh the the Cindy Lou the to college sweethearts were married buried in one thousand nine hundred sixty six moved the Philippines or Ramsey spent two years as navy pilot shortly after they returned to Michigan Cindy gave birth to their first daughter Elizabeth July of sixty nine Ramsey earned a master's degree in marketing from Michigan State and seventy one got a job in Michigan couple header their second child another daughter Melinda in seventy two after working locally really for two years John accepted in Atlanta sales job with an Electronics Engineering Company and seventy three before eventually striking out on his own. He has wife had their third child. John Andrew Nine hundred seventy six before divorcing in nineteen seventy eight and in the summer of seventy nine thirty five year old John met twenty two year old nine thousand nine hundred seventy seven Miss Virginia Patricia and Paul Rebounding with a with a model thirteen years younger. I'm sure his ex Cindy love that. I think it was I have in my notes miss for maybe West Virginia. It's not it's not a crucial detail to this narrative. It may be nineteen seventy seven West Miss West Virginia because that is where she grew up on anyway. yeah sure Cindy love that I'm sure she was thrilled to drop her kids off with an ex husband in his hot young model wife on November Fifteenth Nineteen Eighty Jonah Patricia and go bypass has he got married that we continue to live in Atlanta John's Ex and apparently they did get along pretty well for the next six years. They fucked so so much you know they he did. John didn't marry a young model mostly for conversation. I mean let's be honest he didn't he didn't January twenty seven thousand seventy seven Patricia gave birth to Son Burke John's fourth child and second son Nineteen eighty-seven Ramsey also founded a tech firm called advanced products group in Roswell suburb of Atlanta business boomed named a year later nine hundred eighty nine two years later excuse me nineteen eighty-nine advanced products merged with CAD CAD SOURCES INC of Piscataway Okay New Jersey and Cad Distributors Inc.. Of Boulder Colorado to form access graphics a Computer Distribution Distribution Corporation that would be headquartered in Bowler her access graphics was a business to business wholesaler buying computer systems for manufacturers then reselling them to other companies talk a little more about it in detail but I don't WanNa put everyone to sleep. They made a lot of money to inborn shit by Nineteen ninety-six the year of Jon benet murder the company would employ about six hundred techies worldwide by about three hundred and fifty those people would work at the boulder headquarters. I then on August Sixth Nineteen Ninety John and Patsy had the little girl Mrs Ramsay had dreamed of Jon Benet in Atlanta John Third Daughter Patsies I and within a year of Jon Benet Birth Nineteen Ninety one the family moved to boulder so John Run the growing company he was president and CEO of be present at the headquarters also ninety one forty seven year old John Sells access graphics is to Lockheed Martin in American Global Aerospace Defense Security and Advanced Technologies Company major part of the Military Industrial Complex luminosity ocoee kept him on to run the company life going very well his company's growing he's making stacks and stacks of cash his ex-wife amicable. He sees kids often then in January of ninety two tragedy strikes John's oldest daughter Elizabeth die suddenly in a tragic car accident in Chicago at the twenty two less than eighteen months after the birth of Jon Benet for the next four years following Elizabeth's death life would spare John any additional hardships. John returned to work quickly following his daughter's death continued to grow his company Johns on I two kids remained healthy or or as most read yes I mean healthy and he travel to Atlanta's often you see them in his family. In Boulder thrived burke was doing well in grade eight school. Jon Benet was rocking. The pageant seen patchy stayed at home ran the family social life. John worked lots of hours continuing to make a lot of money by nineteen ninety-six. The families net worth was estimated at six six point four million dollars nineteen ninety-six money crushing it by nine hundred six John also two planes and he flew himself three homes beginning to negotiate another buyout for his company. General Electric was getting ready to buy access graphics from Lockheed Martin for Cash Huguette an untold amount of money in that sale. WHO's rich rich look like he's going to be wealthy soon? Personality wise you describe by friends is exceedingly quiet calm and collected according to family friends John Murdering anyone especially as daughter fitter age. you know one of the many theories proposed highly unlikely. He'll never seem to lose his temper about money. Check this out. This is so sad to me. The Daily Really Camera Boulder's newspaper published article about John's business success just five days before Jon Benet murder on December Twenty First Nineteen ninety-six the headline headline read access celebrates one billion dollar mark. There's a picture of John Sitting at his desk looking so happy so proud and in less than a week is live completely. Unravel photos like that weird me out right. We're you know obviously with time elapsing. You know there's something really bad happened not long after that photo but in that photo of the person being photographed has no fucking idea right in this particular photo life was going so so well and then we know man just days later everything went to shit man. You can drive easily drive yourself insane thinking about things like data. You know how he was supposed creeped me out that you know because I think about that for me. Well we all do we personalize the stuff Michael. Shit things are going well now. Today's a great day for me. What's GonNa Happen Tomorrow the day after that? I think it's good remind yourself if you spiral on that also can go a lot better and most of the time the overwhelming majority of the time things don't fall apart tomorrow okay anyway. Here's a little excerpt from that article Michael When boulder-based Computer Distributor Access Graphics Inc.. Pass to one billion dollar mark in Nineteen ninety-six revenues. It tossed a luncheon party at the Hotel Bowl Dorado on Friday Friday. A dixieland jazz ban made the rounds at access boulder offices Friday morning to announce the celebration later played at the Ball Dorado John Ramsey president of access graphics thanked about three unemployed at the gathering told him he couldn't have happened without them. The one billion dollars in sales is about twenty five percent increase over the eight hundred million the company posted last year and Ramsey foresees continued growth again future is looking bright sky was looking blue who five days for our gets killed on around the twenty first lucky mart also gave Johnny Christmas bonus of one hundred eighteen thousand dollars Papa Ramsey rich even-tempered super successful computer guy in charge of a growing corporation a business business star in boulder making somewhere between Oh my heck. That's a lot of Gosh darn money and what the fudge what can you even by with old effort flips sake any had hot wife thirteen years younger than him and bad not bad now. Let's meet his second wife. Patricia an Ramsey called Patsy by your friends and family born December twenty ninth nineteen fifty six and the tiny tiny four hundred and fifty person town of Gilbert West Virginia Gilbert is just fourteen miles from the Hatfield cemetery of the Hatfield McCoy feud fame folk full cast ah few miles from where the hatfields used to fight the mccoys and the West Virginia Kentucky border. I would be the oldest of three girls born to Donald Nedra Apo- NEDRA CAIXA. It's rough name not a sexy name address. Listen No word about mom and NEDRA compete in any pageants probably wasn't allowed to sign up that name. I am Nedra here Santa for the BBC now. No you're not now closed. We just close right now just right now when you walked up when we when we heard that your name is lady net we have no lady net rule here at the pageant's according to Washington Post articles young girl. Mrs Ramsay Developed Reputation Listen. It's been a straight Arrow leader who studied hard enjoy performing shoes I like to do drama frequently thought others I high school. Mrs Ramsay discovered her love of of beauty pageants. Excuse me becoming runner up first runner up in the Miss Teenage West Virginia and here we go crazy. She began competing for the ultimate crowd of Miss America a few years later West Virginia University where she belonged to the Alpha Z. Delta Sorority. She stopped thinking of others first and stop talking ugly people altogether. I don't know if that to be true. Actually she was runner up in two preliminary competitions before winning the most Miss West Virginia tidal okay so was West Virginia there we go as a sophomore nineteen seventy seven at the national national pageants. She took home a talent award and two thousand dollars scholarship for younger sister. Pamela was also crowned Miss West Virginia nineteen eighty the pause dominate Nedra his daughters look fucking little lady nets offspring crushing those beauty pageants that was the first time instead of sisters won the state title before that nineteen seventy nine she graduated -aduated with a degree in journalism marketing move to Atlanta where mutual friends quickly introduce dirty John Ramsey and then she would marry him the next year things moved fast passy was a southern southern bell and a socialite made sure that both John Daughters from his first marriage were given lavish birthday parties. She did seem like a good step. Mom come from Gilbert which is pretty damn podunk. She must've loved being a young rich socialite. Living in Hotlanta she became involved in numerous charities like some lady called society. Ta Eh she was also dedicated voluntee- women's Junior League Patricia was also way endure daughters. Pageant career was total pageant mom. It was her thing she loved loved dressing Jon Benet up doing her hair put her clothes hiring coaches talking other pageant moms which again makes me feel like she thought of Jon Benet more is more of a toy doll than daughter. She was living breathing Barbie. She loved her but still weird to me. Neighbor would later recall at one time. Jon Benet came downstairs as Patsy was having a conversation with neighbor another neighbor. The neighbor shocked because Jon benet suddenly had bleached blond hair the last time the neighbor had seen her her hair was clear light brown when this neighbor ask patchy about it she said just from the sun in Michigan. NOPE Patsy was dying or daughter's hair from the time. Johnny was five years old getting that hair dyed blonde. 'cause you gotta be prettier. Who's GonNa love you if you're not pretty nineteen? Ninety-three repassy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer what was in remission by nineteen ninety-five even rich people can get sick sad reminder that you can't get to a place in life where you're just insulated from anything bad happening to you. That's kind of this story to maybe that's another reason the story fascinated and continues to fast indigent republic to remind you that no matter how much Astra kicking a life life can still mother fuck fuck you happy thought my my heck my heck. I apologies for the language and I was quite dark. Now talking about patches I shall jonbenet's older brother Burke Mark Burke Hamilton Ramsey. That's real name Beck Hamilton Ramsey born on January twenty seventh nineteen eighty-seven in Atlanta Georgia some trumpets went off. He's born. I present you Hamilton Ramsey pump Barabara. We don't know a ton about him other than he wasn't cute enough to compete and little boy pageants so mom on probably loved him less. I mean that's how it works right right. I actually do think that he was the least favourite and jealousy may have fueled an accidental murder after childhood of Wealth Burke Ramsey his life starting to chaos for years after his sister's murder partly because at nine he was a murder suspect. The subsequent extensive publicity of his sister's murder was reportedly caddick nightmare burke of course it was. I watched an interview with his dad. John conducted years after Jonbenet's murder where he said that immediately after the murder they pulled burke from school for well made sure to limit his exposure data Paparazzi and just you know socialization general keep away from nosy neighbors prion is tried hard to protect him from the media circus. You know that you quickly enveloped them when they became mm suspects and then the first time you let her go to the grocery store. After his sister's death months later he sees a tabloid cover with his sister's picture on it and a headline accusing him of murdering in her he was devastated of course he was a burks relationship with his sister was less than perfect as many sibling relationships are to be fair he he may He may have had a little more anger towards his little sister than than some big brother's family friend photographer Judith Miller would later say that Patchy told her burke had actually actually struck Jon Benet in the faced with golf club year and a half prior to murder hard enough for her to need stitches. She gives small cosmetic procedure from the plastic surgeon to avoid scarring. Mama can't have a BUFFA Barbie. Doll you gotta get that little face ready for the camera. Who's GonNa Review Birkin? The families that it was an accident. Maybe it was but later patsy would try and change the dates attach. This story saying the burke was five or six years old when he did. It was actually seven so let's just odd detail. Maybe she forgot. Maybe not a big deal or maybe burke you know hated. Sister was getting increasingly increasingly violent towards her dudas Philip Ramsey friend for more than ten years local photographer said this about the golf club incident many years later. I think burke had a bad temper. It's like a chip chip on his shoulder. He had hit Jon Benet before the murder. I would have to say it was probably a year and a half they were playing in the yard and apparently he hit her with the Gulf right here points the area under her eye. She patsy said the kids were playing burke lost his temper and hitter with a golf club. Could he lost his temper again a hitter with something else and killed her nineteen ninety-six and could the family. I believe tried to stage another crime scene or make a different type of crime state crimes to make it look like an intruder did it that is a popular theory also former New York City prosecutor retired. FBI Supervisory Special Agent and profiler Jim Clemente and former new Scotland Yard criminal behavioral analysis Lower Richards who examined the Jon Benet case for two thousand six six teen two thousand sixteen CBS Docu series discovered during their investigation that apparently burke had committed what they called some scatalogical infractions as a child scatalogical infractions meaning that spread feces his own around the ramseys bathroom and even around a Jonbenet's bedroom. Eh drew time or two peanut butter showbiz Hollywood spreading his shit on the walls of sister's room ex. Oh my heck that seems pretty hateful my little sister Donna Nordea shit out of me all the time growing up but never hit in the face with blunt instrument hard enough to send her to the doctor and I definitely didn't literally or didn't smear literal shit on the walls of a room. That's a some next level anger. The same investigators also watched the video burke with therapist shortly after his sister's death and they were bothered by how just a relaxed he was when he was asked if he was worried about a killer her sister's killer specifically coming for him and he wasn't worried at all. He said like I'm just the life he's very calm and you know why would he be worried about a killer coming for him. If he was the killer we'll get ahead of myself. We'll talk about who may have killed Jon Benet and why soon enough enough and in detail overall burks to be pretty well behaved kid when he wasn't whacking system to face with the golf club or wiping his shit on the walls bedroom and now that we know a little bit about the family wait. Let's get into today's timeline starting just a few days before jonbenet's murder right after a word from today's for sponsor. Today's Times is brought to you by by Steph Cox Gurvey's. You might be a killer world tour. Get your tickets now. 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It ended with Jon Benet is enjoying her first year in real school kindergarten in the core knowledge program is fast pace and five full days a week doc. She has already been moved ahead to first grade math. She continues to enjoy participating in talent and modeling pageants. She was named America's Royale tiny missed last summer and it's Colorado's little miss this Christmas. Her teacher says she's still going. She'll never have trouble delivering an oral book report Merry Christmas and much love the ramseys earlier. They wrote a less flattering message about their son Burke Christmas letter. Writing Burke is doing very well. He hasn't hit anyone with a golf club all year and he is barely smeared his feces on anything he wiped got a few Jon benet dolls and dollhouse with tiniest bit of poop and may have rubbed a little bit on our pillows around Thanksgiving but that's it. We're super proud of him. I know they had nice things to burqas well. On December twenty third the Ramseys hosted a Christmas party where approximately thirty guests attended including former journalism professor bill mcreynolds who played Santa Claus is poor bastard when Beena suspect and all of this the suspect. I feel these stories for in some ways the next day Christmas Eve was a busy day for the Ramsey Jesus. Well an article appeared in the Boulder Daily Camera regarding the success of the Ramsey Christmas party the day before it's been a slow news day according to various reports Jon Benet played her friend. Dan Meghan Kostanic House that day Ramseys also attended the twilight service that night at Saint John's Episcopal Church in Boulder by nine PM. The kids have been sent to gather gifts that were stashed can hardly used basement room and John Ramsey retrieved a brand new silver girls by extorting neighbor Joe Barnhill garage place under the Christmas tree for Jon Benet then on Christmas Day nineteen ninety-six Jon Benet receiver bike and other guests of course she was pumped and I imagine Patsy you know immediately talked about how she had to be very careful. Always wear a helmet now by elbow pads kneepads risk writing loves God forbid. She crashed and skinny. Give some sort of scar. What will the judges thank? You won't be pretty around noon. Christmas the John left for the airfield to check on one of his planes return between two and three PM around five or six. PM Ramsey's Leifer Christmas party at fleet and Priscilla Whites home home. It was reported that nothing out of the ordinary happened to this party fleet would soon become another suspect in the murder. Many many suspects also has the most stereotypical rich white guy named history fleet white and of course his wife is named Priscilla. A guy named fleet doesn't marry a NEDRA. No Lady neds fro fleet anywhere in the drive home from the party champagne brother Burke fell asleep in the car the Ramsey before heading home dropped gifts offset Stewart Rocky Walker's house and then Glennon Susan Stein's homes so many rich white people stewart and fleet surprised. We haven't met an archibald born arriving home. Jonah put Johnny bed played a game with burke before burke went to bed Jon Benet and as last seen alive around ten PM lane safely asleep in her bed lying save John Apache went to bed would later claim they were never awakened during the night such a nightmare if true the next morning around midnight neighbor Scott Gibbons look kitchen window. It's Ramsey residents observe the upper the kitchen lights were on and dimmed low does mean an intruder was in the house would an intruder turn on the lights if they were. I doubt it it means someone from the Ramsey. Household was still awake. Nobody said they were more likely though so for a snack still wanna down for the day thinking about a cover up a murder a to another neighbor Melody Stan allegedly really here's a scream from within the ramseys home her husband and reportedly here's the sound of metal on concrete sometime after the scream years later melody would backtrack on that statement stating that she actually heard the noise two nights prior. If at all memory such a funny thing seems to be the most reliable right when you're closest to the event time Weiss closer into the incident. You're trying to call recall which just makes sense like if something happened you a few hours ago and you had to give a police report about an hour from now. Don't you think that your report is going to be more accurate accurate then if you had to describe what happened ten years from now that's a big problem with this investigation. People say one thing years later say another yeah we've learned about false memory syndrome multiple times sir on the on the suck memory very very tricky thing things we think can be so real can be completely made up our heads the morning of December twenty six the family gets up at five thirty. Am they were supposed to fly to Charlevoix Michigan for the little family vacation at the one of the other homes while Mr Ramsey shower Mrs Ramsay put back on the same outfit she had on on the night before reapplied or makeup. That's what she say. Find us a bit odd for lady who liked to show how together put together. She was but we're gonNA advocation so maybe she was in vacation. Mode and just didn't care does seem suspicious if you think she could have been one of the ones that did it or did it. I found a few reports said Patsy Ramsey also the second floor of her home to rinse out a pair of Jeans Jumpsuit Pajamas. She apparently soiled the night before then went downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee many have speculated that anger anger over Jon Benet continual bedding led to patches role in an accidental murder and then intentional cover up around five forty five. Am Mrs Ramsay heads downstairs reports finding finding a two and a half page note on a back staircase in the house. Patsy says she only initially read a bit of the notes regime kidnapped with safe and unharmed. The kidnappers wanted one hundred eighteen thousand dollars in cash more this crazy no in a bit upon reading part of that note patsy reportedly immediately screened proceeded to check Japanese Room. She found it to the empty ever hear Mrs Ramsay Scream. Mr Ramsey ran downstairs met Mrs Ramsay in the Stairwell together. They checked on their son who appear to be sleep his room Mr Ramsey then went downstairs to read the ransom note will Mrs Ramsay immediately called Police Patsy dials nine one one at five fifty two a m. She's understandably. Hysterical doesn't answer the operator's raiders questions very well. Here's the short transcript of this nine. One one call patsy Ramsey starts with police. What's going on Ma'am seven five five fifteen th st what's going on there? Ma'am we have a kidnapping hurry. Please explain to me what's going on. Okay there we have there's a note left our daughter's gone a note was left and your daughter's gone yes. How old is your daughter? She six six years old. She's blonde six years old. She just one Colorado Little Miss Christmas on December seventeenth. She got a medal for talent in the Colorado All star Christmas pageant just four days. Please help. We have a Michigan Pageant Day. You have to help me find. We have a hair bleach appointment tomorrow. Aw It's really hard to reschedule with Georgio please. We have rhythm worked over the choreographers meeting at noon to me. Sorry that's progress aggressive but I had to break it up. I knew going in that was tasteless but I felt compelled to continue a I'll show myself out myself out all all paths. He actually said it was six years old. She's blonde back back to the real transcript all right. How long ago was this? I just got the note my daughter's gone. Does it say who took Kerr. What does it say who took her? No I don't know there's there's a ransom note here. It's a ransom note it says sp victory please okay. What's your name? Are you patsy Ramsey. I'm the mother Oh my God please okay. I'm sending an officer over okay please. Do you know how long she's been gone. No I don't please. We just got up. She's not here. Oh my God. Please okay. Please send somebody I am honey. Please take a deep breath. Hurry Hurry Hurry Pazzi. Ah Pazzi Pazzi Pazzi patchy hangs up the phone which many forensic psychologist question when your situation like that when your daughter has just been take it. You don't know who's in the house you other members. Your family are still endanger. The phone is your lifeline to the outside world. Why would you hang it up? However to play devil's advocate everyone handles tragedy and stress differently? If you're panicking who knows what you're GonNa do also we actually had a couple of law enforcement friends about nine one one hangups and they said it happens all the time but check out this very very interesting twists on the hangup patchy puts down the phone because she thinks she's hung up the phone but it didn't hang up all the way the operator can still hear vaguely what's going on. No one is quite sure what happens after this because the tape is very fuzzy but it's been the subject of a lot of investigation by everyone from the FBI to the Secret Service the Boulder Police Department later send this tape to a company called the Aerospace Corporation which then analyzed it was super sophisticated sound enhancement equipment aerospace never releases its findings the Jon Benet case is still open technically in boulder so they still won't release it but the national enquirer supposedly got a hold of this audio footage and leaked it in two thousand and three and I know I I know it's a national enquirer just about the least reliable news alad in the world not quite as bad as the weekly world news entails a Batboy but not good however boulder's olders daily camera also reported on your hands audio right when the enquirer leaked it and reported quote. The general content of the transcript in the supermarket tabloid is accurate according to sources familiar with the investigation so I think it's definitely worth sharing this. Here's a transcript of what may have been said after patsy thought should hung up the phone on Patsy can then be heard Saint Helen. She's helped me Jesus then in the distance. There's another voice thought to be jonbenet's brother Burke. This is very important. This voice has pleased. What do I do and then John Ramsey? We think can be heard saying sharply to were not speaking to you and then Patty says helped me Jesus help me Jesus then she may have also said it's very tricky to properly a decipher this even for the audio experts but she may also said what did you do help me. Jesus seizes then more clearly burke can be heard saying what did you find. This doesn't prove anything about the actual murders but the Ramsey would later tell the police that burke was asleep leap the entire time if they're lying about that why furthermore although the operator couldn't tell what they were saying the time without enhanced audio she would later report port the tone dramatically changed when patsy thought the phone hung up Patsy was no longer hysterically babbling talking quietly while John spoke clearly and deliberately and Burke didn't seem scared or worried in a recent CBS documentary the case of Jon Benet Ramsey does operate says it sounded rehearsed and she wished initial lead investigators had heard her side of the story very interesting before we knew the time this case. Let's look further into this ransom note. It's very ought it may be the most important clue in this whole case for the sake of being thorough but I'm gonna read the whole thing Mr Ramsey listen carefully. We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction what small vaction no party believed for a second. That's true two sentences in and this feels Monica Nigerian e mail scam that does a real ransom note now just like some bullshit like we transfer can much money's into account. Please praise God. I have no time much of due to illness. Bank contact cannot take needed transferred. Could you help out of goodness hearts and give us bank info for us too much funds to you if you could wire just small amount of one thousand dollars. US To us to authorized transfer we feel trust to are you one million dollar knowing you are good person person of God the real note we do respect your business but not the country that it serves at this time. We have your daughter in our possession. She is safe and unharmed and if you want to see her now if you want her to see nineteen ninety-seven you must follow our instructions to the letter you will withdraw one hundred eighteen thousand dollars from your account one hundred a one hundred thousand we'll be in one hundred dollar bills and the remaining eighteen thousand and twenty bills. Make sure that you bring an adequate size attach Jay to the bank when you get home you put the money in a brown paper bag. I will call you between eight and ten. Am Tomorrow to instruct you on delivery the delivery every will be exhausting so I advise you to be rested. If we monitor you getting the money early we might call you early to arrange an earlier delivery of the money and hence it's an earlier delivery pickup of your daughter. Any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter. You will also be denied. Her remains for proper burial. Will the two gentlemen watching over your daughter do not particularly like you so advise you not to provoke them speaking to anyone about your situation such as the police ace. FBI ET CETERA will result in your daughter being beheaded. If we catch you talking to a stray dog she dies. If you alert bank stories she dies. If the money is in any way marked or tampered with she dies you will be scanned for electronic devices and if any are found she dies author should've led with any of those last reasons skipped the first stray dog part weird tonal shift. I Open a nonsensical bill and then go you know very realistic if we catch you whittling a small tugboat out of Balsa Wood by seashore to carry handwritten note placed in Ziplock Sandwich bag for it not to get wet and put it out to see perhaps one legged pirate to find and try and kill us with cutler sort or antique ship cannon. She dies also don't call police make sure bills or unmarked nothing bigger than a fifty. Don't leave home. 'til all financial arrangements have made or having back to the real not now you can try to deceive us but be warn that we are familiar with law enforcement counter measures and tactics you standing ninety nine percent chance of killing your daughter. If you try to outsmart US follow our instructions and you stand a hundred percent chance of getting her back you and your family are under constant scrutiny as well as the authorities. Don't try to grow a brain John. You're not the only fat c-h-a-d around so don't think that killing will be difficult. Don't underestimate us. John used that good southern common sense of yours is up to you now. John Victory Victory S. B. T. C. Okay many investigators. Go on to claim that the single best piece of evidence that ties Mrs Ramsay to this crime. Is this ransom some note. Mrs Ramsay would flatly deny having anything to do with notes creation. Obviously she would do that whether she was innocent or guilty as far as ransom note go this one is very long very verbose in fact. It's one of the longest random notes in the history of kidnapping cases. It could've been just four sentences. We have the girl withdraw hundred eighteen thousand dollars an unmarked non consequently bills from the bank. Do not alert authorities or the girl dies. We will contact you between eight and ten tomorrow to tell you how to deliver the money to us. Why would someone take that much time? I'm to write out a ransom note in the home of someone whose daughter they just killed and whoever did it wrote it did write it in the Ramsey home. I mean people believe they wrote beforehand and brought it but that would mean they would have had to come in a previous time and take the stationary from patchy is not because the paper for came from the House that's definitive that doesn't seem likely the no was drafted on paper taken from middle of a pad located within the ram home written with a pen found in the Ramsey home the pending the paper abor belonged to patsy additional sheet for missing from the pad and we're never located in the Ramsey home finding there was another page in the pad that had Mr and Mrs I com written on it which may a have been an early false start like start a rough draft of the ransom note based on a CBS documentary recreation of the note it takes twenty one minutes just to copy the the entire note out by hand and you would think it would have taken longer to write it initially because you'd have to think about what you're right. Over twenty minutes is a long time just to chill chill out write a note in an active crime scene when someone could walk up and catch it anytime someone coming in and taking Jon Benet from her bed and as you'll see never leaving the property with her killing her possibly sexually sexually assaulting her then sitting down and writing. This note seems highly unlikely to me now. Let's talk about handwriting analysis during the initial murder investigation in an attempt to determine determine who wrote the note the Boulder Police Department in Boulder County District Attorney's office consulted at least six different handwriting experts all of these experts consulted the original ransom note and compared it to original handwriting samples from both Mr and Mrs Ramsay four of these experts hired by the police to were hired by the ramseys. All six experts agreed that Mr Ramsey could be eliminated as the author of the note the same six consulted experts did not eliminate Mrs Ramsay as the author of the ransom note. Their reaction was mixed on a scale of one to five with five being definitive affinity elimination as the author of the note the expert tire by the ramseys placed Mrs Ramsay overall some routine four and a four point five described the chance of Mrs Ramsay being the author of the note is very very low. The animal analysts hired by murder investigators however think Mrs Ramsay might be the author and recently in Two Thousand Sixteen when a twenty twenty special air twenty years after the murder conditionally analysts Gideon Eptein seen Awang professional handwriting experts who have worked on hundreds of investigations thing that it is highly likely the Mrs Ramsay wrote the ransom note Seena Wong said it's highly probable that she wrote the ransom note if she did right to know does that mean that she killed her daughter know what it means. She has something to do with it. The very least you knew who the fuck did and wasn't her very likely your husband or son also an investigator closely involved with testing of the ransom note said out of the seventy four name aim submitted for testing patsies handwriting was the only one that set off alarm bells a Colorado Bureau of Investigation. CBI report concluded there are indications nations at the author of the Rams Have Noticed Pat Patricia Ramsey but the evidence fall short support that definitive conclusion over one hundred total samples of different people's handwriting were given the law enforcement investigators over the course of Johnny's initial homicide investigation. Every single one were proven is definitively not matching the note except Patty not her handwriting sample was the one and only one this showed a result of inconclusive couple more interesting point you made about to know before you move on and actually really quick before we get to these boats this remembering something. I didn't even put on my notes. the type of pen she used was a specific wasn't ballpoint that apparently makes a little extra hard to get a definitive conclusion so some of the handwriting analysts think that that was what kind of a little bit from being Patricia is that it was just the type of append made certain kinds of brush marks the that make it a little harder to say four shirts this person okay more about the note i John Ramsey was well. No millionaire why the kidnappers ask for one hundred eighteen thousand dollars why not a million the amount of hundred eighteen thousand dollars you know as as we know now that's the amount of his recent bonus and a strange amount mount to ask for not one hundred thousand not a million not a quarter million not even one hundred twenty thousand one hundred and eighteen fishy to me feels contrived also the supposed supposed kidnappers specifically asked Ramsey take money from his account. Why does that matter typically could ever? They don't give a shit. I give the money they'll give trump since how to get it this way to give it to him. Another weird detail according to experts is the way the kidnappers cry themselves who calls themselves a small foreign faction Y- like I said it gives it gives it a whole fucking Nigerian email scam vibe. If this faction was real small. Why would they want you to know they're small make more sense as they want you to think that they're large powerful big now trying to more powerful not less notes kind of sounds like something out of eighties actioner in her nineties action movies like die hard now John Maclean trying to save everyone from a theories efforts of a small foreign faction held destroy America Yippie Kyw foreign faction now back to the time after calling the police at five fifty four? Am Patchy calls family and friends both the White Family John and Barbara Fernie at around six am the world's most Caucasian couple fleet and Priscilla white arrive on the scene. I imagine both of them wearing silk ascot's they'd never seen patsy so hysterical flailing collapsing sobs John Ramsey was known for displaying emotion motion fleet who done a lot of sailing with him of course he had a rough weather had admired his calm even in the worst storms but not John distraught as well around the same time five fifty nine. AM officer Rick French fries in the scene the first of many officers from the Boulder Police Department to respond to the nine one one call he immediately makes a cursory search at the home finds no signs of forced I entry during a search off Rick French goes to the basement comes to door secured by a wooden latch unbeknownst to him. JONBENET's body lied directly behind it. Sadly the French walks away without opening it. If you would have opened it he could have secured a crime scene. Someone could've been arrested not securing the crime really made this one a motherfucker to solve for later investigators a flea white also searching house testified that when you began to search the lights were already on in the basement in the door in the hallway leading to the basement wine cellar room was opened further testified that a window the basement playroom was broken under the broken window. Mr White States there was a suitcase along with a broken shard glass. Now later will be revealed at this window and broken for some time and the suitcase suitcase also been there for some time nothing that had happened the previous night according to John Ramsey. We'll talk about this a little bit more suspicious. Mr White also opened the the door to the wine cellar room but he did not see anything inside because it was dark and he couldn't find light switch between six am and eight am four more officers arrived the Ramsey residents policeman Karl Vich Barry Weiss Viseu Barlow and their supervisor Sergeant Paul Reichenbach zombies parents now have a house full of people besides an increasing number number of officers and family friends there reverend rollover stock from Saint John's Episcopalian Church arrives around seven fifteen a m just before burke is taken to the White House Mary Lou Jets Grace Grace Morlock Boulder. PD victim advocates arrive around six forty five am with bagels and coffee houses now loaded with people people fucking up with their soon gonNA find out an act. It's you know it's fucking crime seats murder crime scene but they don't know that yet at eight ten. AM The first detectives on the case or Linda aren't and detector Fred Patterson who immediately began their investigation nations. Police are notified of the kidnappers plans to call between eight and ten am as per police procedure the ramseys phones are tapped in the calls are monitored but the small foreign faction never calls and and surprisingly enough no one including John and Patricia Patsy ever mention the missing of the kidnappers call window never bring it up a few officers investigators gators in particular detective. Linda aren't notice how strange that is they make note of that they know also the John and patsy barely in the same room together to this day. Detective aren't is convinced convinced that someone in the family probably John Kill Jon Benet round ten thirty a. m. that morning detective art notices that John Ramsey goes missing for at least an hour leaving leaving the house who supposedly pick up the mail later determine this couldn't be true given the family's mail was delivered to a slot in the front door while we lie about that what was he doing moving the body one. PM Detective Linda Aren't tells a resurface John Ramsey that the police conducting full suite with House John Fleet agree to join in will flee white light after John Ramsey moved his computer company from Atlanta Georgia to Boulder Ninety one the whites Ramsey's found that a lot in common flea was also successful. He's a tycoon oil business. Of course he was. If your fleet white you're not cleaning toilets Burger King you make an oil money manse good name solid rich name name both my kids Fleet White Change Qatar's Tamed Fleet White comments and encouraging to where Ascot's Change Monroe's name to fleet or white coming or maybe fleetest the fleas white she wore mink coats even in the summer a lot of pearls diamonds long so gloves father. What's for dinner caviar fleet? You know that's Mondays Caveat Nights Mondays caviar Tuesday's Tuesday's lobster Wednesday at stake and the rest of the week. It's whatever gets floor in fresh from pre dinner would be seven plates of gold and the food will be chewed by servants then spit into Jio mouse. I boy flee my data fleetest that going to chew their food. Xm Kevin Peasants Five PM detective detective art begins to lead officers on a thorough search the house from top to bottom John Grabs fleet heads to the basement again and that's when John Find Johnny's body according to forensics expert Ron Walker who worked for the Boulder PD the time whenever a murder is staged the perpetrator will deliberately take a family friend or neighbor to the body so that the other person can witness their shock and distressed their surprise upon the side of his daughter. John Smothers her cries out covers blanket takes Jonbenet's body upstairs effectively completely destroying the the crime scene. Now I do realize that might have been a natural reaction. Some of my you know my react to react that way up. I might not care at all about protocol might have been killed but if I'm very strange about all all this is that it took the ramseys over seven fucking hours to find her body was in the House the whole time think about that over seven hours. If one of my kids as was missing ransom note or not I would think I would tear the house apart looking for them and she wasn't hidden. She was laying on the floor in the basement of all the fleet or just turn on the light earlier her open the door right there. She wasn't hidden under anything. The family was now looking in the world you know for in fact they believed they believed the ransom some notes author. We're supposed to wait at home so if you're supposed to be home anyway anything you know you're supposed to waiting by the phone or at least you'll be able to grab the phone cookie when they call. Why would you at the very least it's not look everywhere in your home the nine eleven or nine one one call was placed at five fifty two? AM They can't over seven hours and they don't look in every room in the house what the fuck that really it makes no sense to me at all five minutes later at one ten PM detective art moves the Body a second time into a different room further muddies the evidence people could teach us about her for a long time as well okay now. Let's push pause time. Let's look at the crime scene a little bit polo job as mouth's was covered in duct tape nylon cord connected to a crude grat was was found around her wrists and neck and torso is covered by white blanket so sad I mean she just celebrate a dream Christmas and imagine now she's dead just got an I bike now this very strangely. She wasn't wearing the clothes her parents said she had on when she went to bed the night before so apparently she'd been redressed after her murder. John Apache told investigators that she was wearing a red turtleneck pajama jam atop when you put her to bed she was found in white. One Red Turtleneck was in the bathroom sink found according to John fully clothed covered by one of her blankets very unusual especially considering that her autopsy would later conclude that you may have been sexually assaulted before her death say mates this. You'll see thing it's so muddy here real quick. you know that detail would seem to make the whole thing stranger like what what kind of intruder sexually assaults kills a child and carefully puts clothes back on them fresh close then to take the basement careful as everybody in the ground and then sits down rights at a long rambling ransom note then leaves and doesn't ever call about the ransom money. It's all very odd making all weird or the ligature is around her neck and right wrist word investigators say very loose consistent with staging a crime the not used on the crude garage made from patsies own paintbrush to choke the Child L. D. death were quite intricate. Also unusual dirtbags you look into sexually assaulted a child strangle. Don't usually take the time to make a nice fancy. Not You don't know how can be real honest moreover there are no signs of forcible entry and more importantly no footprints in the melting snow around the house this makes an intruder breaking breaking in that much more unlikely Greg McCreery former. FBI agent and adjunct forensic psychology professor at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale contributing author to the nineteen ninety-two crime classification manual do know some shit about crime as a pedophile and ransom kidnappers never overlap. He says bedfellows grab the child molested and discard them. Random kidnappers are in it strictly for the money what the fuck is going on with this crime. Although the corner did not specify the exact time of death there was a neighbor who told police that she'd been wakened shortly after midnight. Remember that loud person scream other Ramsey's tell police they heard nothing. They heard nothing then the boulder. PD makes a huge mistake. They would later admit it they didn't separate the witnesses the RAMSEYS and didn't get their statements had they done that. They might all case you know instead they potentially they gave the murderer or murderers months and months to come up with a plausible denial good plan hire the right lawyers in the basement where Jon Benet was found again. A window was broken. There was a suitcase case. I don't need to like we said friends is on the same thought that if a perpetrator entered the house you know maybe he would GonNa use this suitcase to get out the window. especially the suitcase had an an unidentified footprint on it but John Ramsey later told investigators he had broken window to get into the house when he locked himself out a few months before his weird that he didn't have someone Oh and fix the window right. They were loaded this busted months ago. Why didn't why didn't you have some come fix? It seems like a beat someone on the priority now let people speak in your basement. There's was a sizable cobweb. Also this is a big thing about the intruder intruder theory sizable cobweb on the window still there when police initially investigated it's if a perpetrator at slipped through the window yeah no not disturb this giant cobweb which would have been virtually impossible also the complexity and size the web was such that it couldn't have been new. Do it looked like it had been for quite some time between one twenty one thirty PM still in December Twenty six boulder policemen Ron Walker police officers Ron Walker Larry Mason arrive and searched the basement wine cellar for further clues they finally secure the home preventing further arrivals and contamination but the damage already been done one forty pm John Ramsey he calls his pilot allegedly is heard asking him to prepare a plane to Atlanta. The law enforcement instructs the family not to leave town five minutes later he'd in the officers warning the ramseys leave their house with plans plans to stay the night at Bernie's home at two thirty pm that day police conduct an interview with jonbenet's brother Burke which reveals the nine year old allegedly slept to the events of the previous night but what about that enhanced audio from the nine one one call now some point after this his father's advice to procure an attorney he does hires a friend named Mike Bynum the following following Dana Topsy of Japanese bodies conducted on December twenty seven by the Boulder County Coroner's office. Let's examine what they found out. The cause of Jonbenet's death was ruled as fix ya by strangulation associated with cranial cerebral trauma. The autopsy report supports the conclusion that she was alive before she was fixated by strangulation relation and that she fought her attacker in some manner evidence gathered during the autopsy was consistent with the inference that she struggled to remove a grat from her neck. The autopsy report reveals injury jonbenet's Genitalia consistent with a sexual assault shortly before her death although head we'll see that's going to be challenging but although no head injury was visible when she was first discovered the autopsy also revealed received she'd received a severe blow to her head shortly before where around the time for Murder Order forensic pathologist believes she was alive when she was struck on the head in alive when the garage was applied the scalp hemorrhage ran from the right eyebrow to the back of the head the correspondent skull fracture was eight and a half inches long with a small displaced fragment of bone. She had a subdural hemorrhage beneath the school. Although the head wound was a fatal type injury three Particu hemorrhaging of the is indicated that Jon Benet was alive at the time of her strangulation possibly brain dead or about to die but technically we still alive at that time the bleeding Jon benet Genitalia area also indicated. She was alive when she was assaulted. If she was assaulted her hymen was torn and material consistent with wouldn't charge from the paintbrush choose to make the Garrett found in her vagina the at such a strange wrinkled all this you know no evidence suggests that she was the victim of chronic sexual abuse which I would think would be the case of one of her parents assaulter however you know she was sexually assaulted by famous. I you know it could have been the first time as always has to be a first time on a possible. did John or Patsy or maybe even burke began to assault her. Kids are curious. Sometimes they do act out sexually another kids. That doesn't not happen. Did that begin to happen then. She tried to get them stopped. Often things escalated from there maybe again it's such a confusing crime and check this out. Mark Becker the man who is the boulder police chief during jonbenet's murder investigation Asian did read it. Ask Me anything in two thousand fifteen. This is what he said we know from the evidence. She was hit in the head very hard with an unknown object. Possibly a flashlight or similar type vitam the blow knocked her deep into the blow knocked her into deep unconsciousness which could have led some to believe she was dead. The strangulation came forty five five minutes to two hours after the head strike based on the swelling on the brain while the head wound would have eventually killed her. The strangulation actually did kill her. The rest of the scene we believe was staged this import the rest of the scene we believe was staged including the vaginal trauma to make it look like a kidnapping assault gone bat right and again that was a Reddit Ama response from mark back near the Guy who's the boulder police chief during jumping as murder investigation a guy who didn't understand what an AMA was and didn't realize that everyone would be able to find out what he said and felt bad about disclose all of that later I mean I mean the PD they I thought this was all staged. Vaginal trauma they fucked up is that I mean think about that means. You know that means that you know. Let's say burke master in the head on accident Donna Patsy. I think she's already dead or is GONNA be dead. One of them strangles her puts. A paintbrush entertainment and their daughters are John. It's making look like she'd been sexually assaulted. How incredibly dark doc is that possibility? I mean I don't know what else you're supposed to infer from this as as when when they say that must have been staged. How could you put a paintbrush Russian? You're dead daughters vagina to cover up accidentally killing her corner took nail clipping from Jon Benet male. DNA was found under Jon Benet as right hand and female that does not match any of the Ramsey's addition male. DNA was found in Jonbenet's underwear did not match any of the Ramseys man DNA analysis will further muddy this shit up over the years as you will soon see finally the coroner's report notes injuries on the right side of Jon Benet facing left lower back. All defenders assert that these injuries are consistent with the use of a stun gun plaintiff notes from the investigation no that the coroner's report does not expressly state the injuries were the result of such instrument over Dr Michael Dourson forensic pathologist colleges retained by the Ramseys who examined the boulder corners autopsy report an autopsy photos concludes that the injuries to the right side of the face as well as the lower left back are patterned and injuries most consistent with the application of a stun gun in the sound this part of the intruder hypothe- some some creep came in there and started with a stun gun then did what he did. There's also a flashlight photograph sitting on the ramseys kitchen table that fit John as rectangular headwind fracture exactly some later point to this as the head trauma weapon air something else to think about why would a kidnapper strangled at the child who who's already already suffered deadly head trauma of a family member hit in the head why would they we also strangle her or make. She was strangled. If it really was an accident why couldn't you just be honest. Burke was nine if he accidentally killed a sister would really get now a trouble. I doubt it now with attorneys you the ones the family could afford told you in the more you look into this more confused should gets. Dan Lewis a free to clear my head Troth now. Let's make even more confusing. The autopsy also reveal vessel fruit material which may represent pineapple was Jon Benet had eaten a few hours before her death photographs of the home. Take on the day when Jonbenet's body were found do do show a bowl of pineapple pieces in milk on the kitchen table with a spoon however both John and Patsy said they did not remember putting the ball on the table or forever feeding the pineapple did Jon Benet the flips this fruit someone she knew sneak in wake her up take her to the kitchen for midnight snack. Would someone ever do that knowing that any time the parents could come downstairs and catch him. Please reported that they found Japanese nine year old brother Burke fingerprints on the bowl burke. You know help a little snack and then something happened after that. The ramseys have always maintained the burks led to the entire episode until he was awakened several hours after the police have arrived like the phone call Danielle makes it seem like this is not true. Why are they lying about burke? Why this seems to be a lot of lies around burke again at Burke kilter would nine year old follow up with a headwind was strangulation? I I don't think acute done that doesn't make sense to me. December thirtieth please take blood and hair samples from John Ramsey other members of the family John Andrew Ramsay and Belinda Ramsey Jon Benet adult half siblings were Georgia on the day of the murder or immediately limited suspects December thirty first six year old jonbenet buried at Saint James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta Georgia the family including John and patsy allowed to travel to Atlanta for the funeral tragic less than a week if they were all celebrating Christmas the following day New Year's Day January I nineteen ninety-seven John and Patsy Ramsey and extensive interview to CNN which Patsy Ramsey proclaims there is a killer on the loose. John Ramsey calls the idea that he or other members of his family could've committed the crime nauseating beyond belief. This interview was done before the Boulder. Police could officially interview the two alone and the boulder police are beginning to further suspect the ramseys Ramsey's had something to do with this murder. Five detectives fly from Boulder to Atlanta to interview them now. Let's look at the CNN interview more. It didn't did not do them any favors with the court. Public opinion in one part of this National Interview Patsy Ramsey says we have to find out who did this. John Ramsey ads not because we're angry but we have to go on not the angry but what's your daughter was sexually assaulted and murdered in your home fucking week ago and you're not angry you robot you sociopaths. Does your best incapable of emotion like more. CEO's are sociopaths than the average person within a long time ago in sucked number four just very weird does not it's not a good look. The ramseys are asked. Are you fully convinced your daughter was kidnapped. Patsy starts to shake her head no and then John Jacobs had yes. She starts nodding yes as well then and then she says I it's. It's just hard to know but we are on our families loving family. It's a gentle family. Why would John You know give a yes answer? Do you know she wasn't kidnapped found her body in the home the concert by six. Am No kidnapper snug her body in his law enforcement continued to arrive and wha- what some can never snuck her in you know sometime after or snuck in sometime after ten pm got her out then brought her back. If what makes sense he wasn't kidnapped on January third Jonah Patsy Return Arne Colorado to jonbenet's funeral February thirteenth ninety-seven Boulder police chief. Tom Koby Bolder Boulder County district attorney Alex Hunter hold all the news conference where they vowed to kill will be brought to justice. Da Hunter that announces the formation as different please. You've mentioned earlier it. Was You know those along investigation ended up being several police chiefs part of it d hunter then announces the formation of an Expert Prosecution Task Force including Forensic Expert Henry Lee DNA expert Berry Shack back both Leeann check were part of the Oj Simpson defense team and the media aides issued up cases a subject of immense media coverage. The general consensus seems to be believed that the ramseys did it Jon Benet. Pageant experience seems to have been a major factor in coming to that belief media puns in the general public alike finding pageant lifestyle awed. Obviously I can't blame them. I mean let's say the Ramsey had nothing to do with her daughter's death and she was killed by some random pedophile tunnel a ton of articles about the case that I've read indicates that a lot of people thought that at the very lease dressing her up like they did turned her into a magnet for paedophiles turned like Pedo Bait and I don't totally disagree. I mean you sexualize your kid. I mean you. Are you know making them. More noticeable to fucking people are actually attracted to kids to someone who knew I heard from pageant world killer. That's another possibility that goes with the intruder theories March thirteenth ninety-seven veteran homicide detective loose smit joins the Ramsey murder investigation. Smith was a retired investigator from El Paso County best known for cracking the murder case of Heather Dawn Church in Colorado Springs headed down was not affected church. She was a thirteen year old girl killed by Derby named Robert Charles Brown a guy who like Otis tool and Henry Lucas ended up confessing to a whole bunch of other murders may or may not have committed African arrested April third nineteen ninety-seven. DNA testing begins at cellmark diagnostics labs Maryland this was the second round of DNA testing. The Jon Benet case initial round was conducted the Colorado Bureau Investigation Labs just two weeks later D. A. Alex Hunter for the first time publicly identified John and Patsy Ramsey is the primary focus of their investigation. Gosh Dang g workers to salad slipping. Get a neighbor twenty seven ninety six the ramseys funded newspaper AD offering a heart thousand dollar reward for Info about jonbenet's killer three days later April thirtieth the police conducted inducted long-awaited formal interviews with John and Patsy Ramsey more than four months at the Jon Benet found murdered not good patsies interrogated for six and a half hours johnny question. We're just two hours at the end. The police released no statement regarding the contents of those interviews. May I ninety seven John Patsy Ramsey in a rare interview with reporters declare their innocence. I I did not kill my daughter. John Ramsey States patsy says let me assure you that I did not kill Jon Benet on May Thirteenth Ninety seven. I detective to arrive at at the murder scene. Linda art aren't is dropped from the case. Why selena claims she was fired for criticizing her superiors for their handling of this case her superiors were say we'll say she was removed because she bungled the case on August fourteenth ninety-seven Jon Benet grisly autopsy details are released to the public on January Fifteenth Nineteen Ninety eight Jonah Patsy Ramsey refused to submit to another round of interviews unless they can review the evidence first a condition unacceptable to police to refuse does seem weird the whole refusing to come in and do the interviews does seem weird to me? It's never properly explained. Some sources say the boulder. PD bossy interviews not not demanding the them immediately because John was rich bigwigs. Local businessmen was military contractor die. Some sources seem to think that this is just what happens to give lots of money can hire good lawyers to do everything in their legal power to make it hard for police to investigate you. I do think if they were for sure innocent. Why not cooperate more police but again? If you have a lawyer reminding you that innocent people can do go to jail horrible crimes all the time even murder I also see whiteness and person would not cooperate January Sixteenth Governor Roy Romer Romer Roy Romer rejects request by two friends of the Ramsey family to appoint a special prosecutor in the murder case little bit of conflict of interest. They're your friend is suspected of murder and now you're gonNA try and get a prosecutor you like attached to the case January twenty nine ninety eight more than a year after Dada was murdered the ramseys turnover to police the clothing they were wearing the night. Johnny was found dead that that is so ridiculous to me which which I understood legal protocol more here. Why didn't they get too close week one? What is the point of getting them over a year later? I mean you can see what kind of detergent they've been using also. Wouldn't it be very easy just to buy new versions of the clothing you're wearing then. Give that to the police. I mean how the fuck with another difference a March twelve ninety eight at looking for the killer of jonbenet for fifty fifteen months police say the best bet for solving the murder a grand jury investigation and formerly called for such a probe after conferring with District Attorney Alex Hunter so what is a grand jury investigating. I've always been a little confused by that. I know we mentioned grand jury investigations of the Black Dahlia Suck. They were used to investigate. LAPD corruption also try and bring Dolly is suspect to trial but I never explained what a grand jury investigation is. It's pretty unique. According to wikipedia which provides you know provided the the best most understandable lame speak type definition. I could find a better than the legal sites found a grand jury is well a jury a group of citizens sends empowered by local bylaw to conduct legal proceedings and investigate potential criminal conduct and determine whether criminal charges should be brought a grand jury he may subpoena physical evidence of or a person to testify a grand jury is separate from the courts which do not preside over its functioning Liberia and the United States are the only two countries in the world that use grand juries like this type of trial basically the determines. If you're going to have a criminal trial unlike a regular trial there's no defense with a grand jury investigation only the prosecution trying to convince the jury that someone should be prosecuted at a criminal trial and when and why are these grand juries used without without you know hijacking this timeline further into an explanation of our entire criminal court system the simplest answer I've found is grand. Juries are used when the prosecution does not have enough evidence evidence to convince a judge that subject should be held to answer for crime so the Jon Benet case what happened was the boulder police department is having a hard time figuring out how to charge Jon Benet parents with her murder lot of members of the BP did they think that John and patsy maybe burke either. Did it has something to do with it but they just don't have enough evidence to get a judge to sign off on indictment so they decided to try for a grand jury hope they can convince them that. There's no evidence enough circumstantial evidence to bring them to trial. I think it's about as good as I can. Explain it. hopefully I got that right. Make things more complicated while most of the boulder. PD convince the RAMSEYS GUILT THEY WANNA call for grander investigation the DA's office does not think the RAMSEYS are involved. This was a big complicated part of this case the Boulder Police Department seem to consistently believe it was the Ramseys the district attorney's office seemed to consistently believed the intruder theory in May nineteen ninety eight loose-knit the detective hired by the DA's office presents his findings and bpd with other staff members of the DA's office concluding the that the evidence pointed away from the Ramseys however smitten his team were unable to successfully challenged enough members of the EP who did believe the Ramseys were guilty the DA's office ought to take control investigation due to animosity between the police and the DA's the office and the pressure to obtain a conviction Colorado Governor Roy Romer steps in names Michael Caine a special prosecutor to initiate a grand jury two of the lead investors in the the case had opposing views Smith and Steve Thomas Resign smid because he believes that the investigation headed incompetently overlooked the intruder is Thomas because the DA's office had interfered with and failed to support the police investigation of the case pointed that the Ramseys Steve Thomas resigned with the well publicized letter which said attempts to gather evidence for met with refusals and instead it was suggested that we ask permission from the ramseys before proceeding he thought the Ramseys had intimidated the DA's office office as the feud with the DA's office escalated the Boulder police accepted the aid of a Dream Team of three attorneys who offer to provide pro bono counsel in the case curiously one of the attorneys had served as outside cancel council. Excuse me to Lockheed Martin and several cases the second belong to affirm that also represented that accompany the third had been co-counsel with how hadn't John Ramsey's criminal attorney Carney in another matter right a little fishy who'd want the case too late various entities connected to the case had strong reasons for delaying a grand jury Investigation District Attorney Hunter whose office rarely went to trial and homicide cases was just one was not his comfort zone. This guy was not well liked at all by boulder. PD They seem to think he was pretty weak. Willed willed weak-minded Lockheed Martin. One of the largest employers would want to try delayed as well right this company's been trying to sell access graphics for awhile now to General Electric. You know any risks that the company's top executive would be facing possible indictment would not have helped the development plans all is now you have lawyers representing John Ramsey. WHO's employers can lose a lot of money if he's found guilty daughter? The trials delayed the delay was no damaging to the investigation further on several fronts leaks proliferated witnesses altered or stories stories or sold them to tabloids just keeps getting Messier on June twenty-fourth Nineteen Ninety eight John and Patsy Ramsey returned to Colorado interrogation by district attorney's investigators a reportedly questioned together and separately for the first time the prosecution conducts an extensive interview now with their son Burke who's eleven over a year and a half after Jon Benet died August August six hundred seventy eight in a sting eight-page resignation letter an angry detective Steve Thomas. One of the lead investigators says District Attorney Hunters Office is thoroughly compromised and that they've tripled the case. Thomas charged that critical evidence had been collected and maintained that other evidence wasn't even tested Colorado Governor Ray Rohner then asked four boulder the area. Da's whether or not he should intervene further in the case. It's huge mess August twelfth. Governor Romer says he wants to help the DA further now removing from the case he invokes a state statute that allows for special deputies Japanese to assist the DA cases headed for Grand Jury on August twentieth source until the Denver Post an enhanced version the nine one one call Patsy Ramsey made of the morning she found the ranch note includes includes burks voice. We talked about that. A grand jury convenes beginning September Fifteenth Nineteen Ninety eight to consider indicting the Ramseys for charges relating to the case five five months after they were chosen Boulder County grand juries beginner investigation then investigator loose Smith and resigns Santa Thorns. These are folks who have Leeann Jonbenet's parents his resignation letter. Liu says the RAMSEYS did not kill her daughter and a very dangerous killer is still out there October Thirteenth Thirteenth Nineteen Ninety eight grand jury begins here in forensic evidence including analysis of handwriting. DNA inherent fibers found at the scene seven days later on October twentieth. John Ramsey returns is to Colorado for deposition in civil case filed against him in the national enquirer by photographer Steven Miles who's a neighbor of the ramseys and one national enquirer article a statement attributed to John Ramsay speculates that the real murder was an intruder most likely a pedophile. We plan to suggest it was a neighbor Stephen Miles. John's attorney will argue the John said no such thing ninety nine the grand jury returned a true bill to charge the Ramseys with placing the child at risk in a way that led to her death and with obstructing the investigation of murder. This is an easier easier indictments than outright murder requires a lower burden of proof but Boulder County district attorney Alex Hunter does not prosecute. He believes he still doesn't have enough of evidence to prove them guilty beyond reasonable doubt in court something the Ramseys have literally paid. Da Hunter off the sniping fingerpointing between Boulder PD the dish attorney's Attorney's office intensifies some prosecutors believe detective too fixated on the parents as suspects failed to adequately explore other leads cops accused of being too chummy. You're intimidated by the Ramsey legal team after more than a year of hearings the proceedings have accomplished absolutely fucking nothing they look to be over on February Eighteenth Nineteen Ninety nine Lawrence Schiller's book perfect murder perfect town offers new insight and details into the investigation. This book describes the feud between police and prosecutors on April eight nine six months extension of the grand jury investigations granted proceedings seatings not over. They've decided to keep trying on May nineteenth ninety nine Birkenau twelve secretly questioned by the grand jury the next day boulder authorities publicly confirm arm. He's not a suspect but is witness. Fuck what a witness. What did he see the September thirteen ninety nine former detective? Linda aren't one of the first detectives on the Crime Crime Scene The day Jonbenet's body was found who by this time has resigned from the bpd appears on Good Morning America claiming she knows what happened. The Night Jonbenet was killed in a five five-part interview. She says she knows who killed a girl but will not reveal the name but he kind of does she makes I watched it. She makes it very clear without saying his name that she thinks that John Ramsey the father. I sure did it September twenty third nineteen ninety nine after a almost four months off the grand jury returns to Work October Thirteenth Ninety nine Alex announces after the grand jury has completed its work that his team still does not think they have sufficient evidence to warrant filing charges over three years later Mary lacy the next Boulder County district attorney takes over the investigation from the police on the six year anniversary of Jonbenet's death December twenty six two thousand and two in April two thousand three Lacey States Jonbenet's killing is more consistent with the theory that intruder murder Jon Benet then it was with the theory that Mrs Ramsay did back and forth it goes December two thousand three. DNA results muddy everything further forensic investigators extract enough enough material from a mixed blood sample found jonbenet's underwear underwear to establish the DNA profile that DNA belongs to an unknown male person investigators obviously hope that this is a big break in solving the case DNA was submitted to the F. B. is combined DNA index system database containing more than one point six million profiles doesn't you'll to match fast forward a couple of years later June twenty four two thousand six Patsy Ramsey dies after battling ovarian cancer off and on for more than a decade August fifteenth two thousand six John Mark John Mark Car a forty-one-year-old elementary school teacher confesses that he accidentally killed Jon Benet while attempting having to sexually assault her he's arrested in Thailand for a brief moment. It looks like Jonbenet's killer has been found nope the case against car collapses later that August. DNA NATE test results eliminate him as a suspect also he wasn't in boulder at the time of the murder more on this fucking nut job a little bit later July nine two thousand eight arm with new DNA evidence that points to an unknown male zombies killer Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy Public publicly exonerates the child's parents and immediate family in a letter hand delivered to John Ramsey. Lacey says she is confident that a touch DNA analysis done by private lab has determined the genetic material left on the way spend long Johns Jonbenet was wearing when her body was found matches. The DNA left in her underwear in the DNA blogs to an unknown suspect with no strong suspects remaining the case goes cold and October two thousand ten two cases reopened new interviews are conducted following a fresh inquiry by committee that included state and federal investigators gators police are expected to use more Jews newer. DNA technology this investigation there was no new information gleaned from those interviews according to ABC News it was reported in September temperature thousand sixteen to the investigation and Janis deaths continued to be an active homicide case for Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa September two thousand sixteen ECKSTEEN TV programs from a any Dr Phil dayline NBC CBS News Airs Jon Benet Specials in advance. The twentieth anniversary of Murder Boulder police chief Greg Testa says timber. I videotape statement that he won't do interviews about the case to maintain the investigations integrity he points out the department is processed. Fifteen hundred pieces of evidence has taken two hundred. DNA samples interviewed more than one thousand people in eight states investigated more than twenty thousand tips. NOT GONNA do any more interviews in October of two thousand sixteen eighteen forensic expert to examine the DNA test of tained exclusively by the daily camera and nine news dispute former Da. Mary Lacy's conclusion the DNA DNA profile found in one place on Giannis underpants and two locations that are long johns was the killers. This is where the fucking DNA thing is so crazy. The experts say the evidence showed the DNA samples came from at least two people in addition Jon Benet something Lacey's office was told but did she didn't mention when she cleared the ramseys and the experts also said that these DNA samples were of the kind that likely could have come from a long John Factory factory worker Sneeze Datta dammit right many female field that the Ramsey should have never been exonerated based on DNA testing right the results were misinterpreted looks like the DNA tests had nothing to do with the murder December thirteen thousand thousand sixteen boulder police and prosecutors plan a new round of DNA test that yield Jack Shit to this date. There are no new leads. The case remains remains unsolved variously analysts. Do all agree that the case will in all likelihood forever remain unsolved over still gonNA look at some suspects. Let's bounce the timeline to do exactly that good job soldier made it back when it comes to suspects there is as you know two main groups family intruders. We're GONNA look at both afterward. After a word from a final sponsor time suck is brought to you today by Boulder private investigators staffed only by former investigators who worked on the Jon Benet Ramsey Ramsey case. VPI specializes in taking your hard to solve case and continuing to never fucking solve it ever plenty of firms to get you answers. That's easy. BP I get it's you so many questions always questions and answers or your money back. Do you want Constan disagreement between investigators and friend GAFFER'S THE DA's office. Do you want to drag a case out indefinitely continue to add theories until even cares you did it anymore. Everyone wants to put the whole thing behind them. Do you want to really start to nail down a suspect and then go full jake their mind and start over over from scratch. 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The intruder theory goes something like this. Somebody was able to survey the family find a time when they weren't in the house. Get into the house when everyone to sleep they wrote a ransom letter took Jon Benet possibly using a stun gun to do her then took her down to the basement tighter up kilter still left the ransom note saying she was safe then they left through the window without disturbing a huge Wjr cobweb then never contacted anyone about the ransom. So you know makes a lot of sense this is the theory that loose Smith Vice One of the homicide detectives was hired by District Attorney Alex Hunter early investigation. He believes it's mostly because Jon Benet might have been sexually assaulted and dismiss Iraq irrevocably Gosh points to someone what else I the house but she might not have been sexually assaulted. There was no evidence of conventional rape. Although sexual assault could not be ruled out although seem was found there was evidence that there have been vaginal injury and the time the autopsied appeared vaginal area white cloth however fuck this is so confusing this case so my mother Dr Richard Krugman a specialist and child abuse brought in as a consultant by one hundred office says that there was a vaginal abrasion which is quote a sign of trauma not a sign of sexual abuse necessarily manning she could have fallen down could ran into something you know her. hothead brother could've kicked her in the in the junk. She might not have been sexually assaulted or maybe she was Dr. Cyril Wecht a well known forensic. Pathologist has no doubt that the forty five pound child had been molested saying if she had been taken to a hospital emergency room doctors had seen the general evidence evidence her father would have been arrested right fine. No one can agree on anything called. VPI The vaginal opening according to Dr Robert Kirshner of the University of Chicago's Pathology Department was twice the normal size for six year olds the genital injuries indicate penetration he says but probably not by peanuts and are evidence of molestation that night as well as previous molestation yeah. I'm not a doctor but it seems like Dr Cursor is reading a lot into vaginal opening especially since other doctors are divided on what happened there was also blood and urine stains on her underpants a considerable obstacle to the investigators according to one well play source and the DA's office was the fact that the crime scene in the body had had been cleaned up. Maybe that's what John Ramsey was doing. He was missing for an hour. Another piece of evidence pointing to an intruder is that there had been more than one hundred burglaries and the Ramsey's neighborhood in the months before John. Somebody's murder also there were thirty eight registered sex offenders living within a two mile radius of the Ramsey home crepes. Don't just live in neighborhoods like missing fingernails. They also also live in New Orleans. Living near neighborhoods like Chappaqua now. Let's look at one of these sex offenders and a few other suspects relating to the intruder theory one of the individuals that veteran homicide aside detector loose-knit identified as a suspect under his intruder theory Gary Howard Aletha or Allah who was arrested for two counts of attempted sexual sexual exploitation of a child and one count of Sexual Exploitation of exploitation of a child on June two thousand sixteen so it's the same charges whatever the house written this con- convicted pedophile have been living in the area on and off when police allegedly found a magazine cut out of Jon Benet Ramsey his back back after he was apprehended on drug charges in two thousand incre- he was soon released but suspicion remained. DNA DNA testing for the Damer cleared him but we know all the fucking problems the DNA testing he was charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a child for possessing child pornography and check this out justice summer. This motherfucker currently imprisoned but due for parole next year allegedly allegedly confessed to accidentally killing the six year old in a series of letters sent to a former high school classmate. I never loved anyone like I did Jon Benet and yet I let her slip flip in her head bashed in half and I watched her die Aleve a wrote in a letter to his former classmate Michael Vale. It was an accident. Please believe me she was not like the other kids so creepy. Now like the other kids Google image search this living heard in human costume and he looks exactly like the kind of guy who writes that letter why did so many pedophile have long wispy hair and fucking mustaches. He looked so creepy that if you were a parent and you're willing to let this motherfucker watch your kids and that he then molested him the police should arrest you and the pedophile steady both the prison would you in for letting fuck Gary Wash my eight year old sounds fair and other letter to Vail deliver wrote or Gary Rhodes Net last names Jon Benet completely changed me and removed all evil from me just one look at her beautiful face for beautiful glowing skin and her her divine God body. I realized I was wrong to kill the kids yet by accident. She died. It was my fault her divine God body Jesus. That's why you don't put what sex sex up costumes fucking prayed around a catwalk because of the Gary of the world. That's it rose only wearing garbage bags starting tomorrow better yet you'll be garbage can like Oscar the grouch and Fridays loosen it up. She does the summer she won't have to. You know we're snowboots. Vaile said he suspected his old High School Buddy for twenty two years of killing Jon Benet ever since he received as a serving call from Gary shortly after the murder and before the case made national headlines Vail who lives in Ventura California until the Daily Mail my suspicions began when Gary called me late at night on December twenty six nineteen ninety-six he was sobbing and said I heard a little girl. I tried to get get more information out of him the only other thing he told me that he was in Boulder Colorado on December twenty seven to read the front page in my local newspaper girl six lane in Boulder Colorado. I immediately called the boulder older. PD told them what I knew about Gary and what he told me days earlier they didn't get back to me three months later. I called the police again to find out what was going on the investigation and Gary but instead I was sent to police answering Sandra machine said it for tips and the Jon Benet case. I let the message on the recorded line and again. I never heard back from investigators. Boulder police released a statement this year saying that you you know Levy Linda. It's I've no fucking idea to pronounce lever Oliver Oliver had previously confessed and investigators had looked into news claimed the Boulder Police Department is aware of Gary has investigators potential involvement this case including several previous confessions said the statement the Department routinely receives information on this investigation information provided to the police department is reviewed along with the many tips and theories who receive I looked into this Michael Vale guys well who settled us about Gary. He also looks like a total pedo. Why is he still friends with Gary over twenty years after Gary Basically told him he killed Jon Benet Fuck you Mike Valey piece of Shit Yours? Rely R- interfering with the murder investigation to try and get your face in some magazines or your longtime buddies with an admitted you know fucking child child abuser for pedophile another potential suspect according into Ollie Gray private investigator higher the Ramsey family who died in two thousand seventeen was an electrician named Michael Hill Goth who worked at a nearby auto salvage yard gray referred to as is a hell raiser tied to alleged property dispute involving the ramseys could that have served as possible motivation to seek revenge on the family and kidnapped Jon Benet speculated that once a twenty six year August caught wind that he could be a suspect in the case officials found a blueprint leisurely similar to his near the Ramsey home he committed suicide before anyone could get to him. His death occurred two days days after in one thousand nine hundred seven press conference announcing that the Boulder D. was zeroing in on a new suspect however hell remains cleared by you know both. DNA which again questionable the fact that he's dead as fuck seems a little extreme to get back at him for like a little. You know a money dispute properties what yeah I guess that stuff can't happen authorities. He's closing investigation said in two thousand sixteen helps Gary Leyva had been carefully investigated for many years and had not been considered suspects in two thousand the sixers you mentioned a former schoolteacher John Mark Karr confessed out of the blue to the strangulation of Jon Benet in graphic detail a car was arrested in Thailand where he'd lived on the Lam facing child porn charges and us us when he confessed he was immediately flown aboard requesting ultimately cleared after DNA failed to match the profile of an unknown male cars dementia confession involved a series of diary entries allegedly written didn't from the scene of the crime and dramatic account car recalled strangling Jon Benet in a love game gone wrong close. Your pretty eyes sweetheart reads the excerpt in which car repeatedly he'd leave. I who himself as DAX's DAX's loves you so much. Oh my God I love you Jon Benet am I love his eyes are slowly clothing and my lover's eyes are slowly closing. I know we shouldn't make it illegal to write creepy shit like that about wanting to have sex with dead kids. That'll be an assault on free speech but can we make it legal for parents to get to hit these people. It's hard to they want in the face at least one time for doing that a car you know his he was dismissed as a suspect altogether written Alpha's pedophile. You'll just wanted notoriety notoriety famous. He wasn't even in the area what happened just fuck another not a car believed to change his name. It is gender living somewhere as a free woman in the US named Delilah Alexis Reich new general same old creep suspect I feel sorry for was the Ramsey neighborhood Santa Claus bill mcreynolds who died in two thousand to the age of seventy you too friend of the Ramseys who dressed up Santa Claus the week before John but as murder to entertain the neighborhood children want patsies famous Christmas gatherings the possibility the now deceased McDonald's had anything to do Jon Benet death extremely unlikely but does get tossed around on the Internet lock a lot as far as suspect list after dues we've named He. He's the most suspected you know suspect under the intruder theory mcreynolds was rumored to have paid a little too much attention to Jon Benet going as far as to arrange a secret visit from Santa Claus on Christmas supposedly he'd chosen Jumba to be a special friend going as far as to bring a vial of glitter gifted to him by the six year old with him into heart surgery even stranger. He asked his wife to mix to build glitter with his ashes where he died. I mean it is a little bit odd. Twenty neighbor girl's glitter mixed in with your ashes that story generated buzz the Denver Post failed to amount to anything more than the Ah sensationalized characterised assignation of a friendly old man poor bastard should never said Shit about the glitter build us to have been a good guy. Bill was born in South Texas a few miles from the border. little town of Donna Texas nineteen thirty received a degree in journalism from the University of Texas served in the army return to his home amount mater time for five years before for moving to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota where he earned his doctorate in American studies hired by Colorado University Journalism Department in Nineteen Sixty eight and then he and his wife Janna spent the next x thirty years in boulder raised three kids after his retirement from Colorado University Ninety two he volunteered a lot of time to be a children's Santa Claus he really took up to the role as a life goal Jena said after his death he loved being Senate he loved little children and then the Ramsey case destroyed that career and just devastated him he loved that little girl who was is a very sad thing in his life because he generally loved children. It was the happiest part of his life after be named suspect by the Court of public opinion for the social backlash that entailed key and Jen moved moved the left for Cape Cod nine hundred ninety eight mcreynolds never volunteered to be sent again instead he the grandfather of six volunteered at local senior center last view the last few years of his life before dying of a heart attack and poor bastard not all people who like to spend time with pedophile. It's important to remember that after my myself that sometimes comes after reading about all these dirtbags there are other even less credible suspects in the intruder theory too many dimension. Let's talk about one last creep Randall dewitt Simmons Randall dewitt Simmons is a piece of Shit. He is also a pageant photographer who took pictures or was who took pictures of Jon Benet six months before she died died and he was arrested earlier this year on Kiddie porn charges of course he was he liked little girls. All sexed up like hot kids dirty bird sixty-six-year-old sixty-six-year-old was arrested this past July second the tiny central Oregon town of Oakridge charged with fifteen counts of encouraging child sex abuse currently awaiting trial and Oregon in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight less than two years after Jonbenet's murder he was arrested for walking down the street naked and one of the first things he said two officers when he was arrested was. I didn't Kill Java so that's you know that's fun not suspicious at all despite all this. PD never considered him to be a serious suspect. They seem to put him in the nuttier than squirrels squirrels Shit crackpot list put him on that he was given a psychic val or cycle following one thousand nine hundred arrests so it's confession killers all over again man. What is it what these nuts confessing confessing the horse shit heinous stuff they didn't do some kids thrive on negative attention? I guess some grownups do to now's the family one last time I Pazzi Genie's mother other Patsy Ramsey took whatever secrets she was holding from that you know that more into the gray which he passed away after thirteen year battle with cancer the main murder theory with Patsy is that while she was cleaning up yet another one of John as Bedouin accidents now she flipped out slammed her little girl's head against the side of a hard blunt service like a bathtub in and then panicked like a stretch to me a big stretch but former detective Steve. Thomas thinks that Mrs Ramsay strangled her daughter in panic moment on Christmas night nineteen ninety-six for accidentally caused a serious wound two little girls head. He contends that the girl's father John Ramsey after realizing what happened chose to protect his wife rather than help authorities achieve also thinks the Apache wrote the note and Apache did Jon Benet. It's unlikely that she covered it up on her own right like you said everything from her husband. So that brings us of course to Papa John John was the one defined Johnny's body the one to ruin the crime scene he'll he he also if you'll recall reportedly disappeared for over an hour during the search for Jon Benet report rumors of a history of sexual abuse began to circulate almost immediately after the murder became sensational news story though no evidence was ever found to prove allegations John Address those rumors at a press a statement saying there is no history a person doesn't go throughout their lives as normal human being one night turned into a monster slaughter their daughter go to bed and get up an abnormal from there on that doesn't happen and to his his point no allegations any wrongdoing ever played this guy before or since three other daughters none of them ever alleged. Anything seems unlikely he molested Western again. She may not have even been molested. Analysis brother Burke Warner Spitz is the ninety three year old German American forensic pathologist who has worked on so many high profile cases including investigations into the assassination of JFK Martin Luther King he testified at the trials of Casey Anthony O. J. Simpson and he consulted on Jon Benet Homicide Investigation Investigation and his review of John as autopsy included finding a perfectly rectangle or defect that he suspected came from a blow to the little girl's head with a blunt the heavy flashlights seen in a photo on the kitchen counter and the crime scene photos he cleaned the flashlight fifty eight and a half inch Gash in her skull to perfection however no trace evidence of you know neither Jon Benet or Burke was founded the flashlight. The flashlight became more suspicious when tied to the pineapple scenario at theory. We talked about earlier. Maybe Burke gave her. Some little slice of pineapple is an late night snack like an argument stuck with flashlights in a moment of anger. No Oh kids do stupid shit why strangulation afterwards though why the possible vaginal penetration again they think that you know John or Patsy both have simulated related all of that to two point crime different direction many theories with burke revolve around Jon Benet irritating her brother Burke hitting around a rage and frustration. I mean he did have golf club. Instant years earlier could have gotten angry after strike assisted with the flashlight then ran and got in the parents who came and helped cover up. Yes I mean it is possible. Jon Benet seemed been alive when she was strangled. Oh so I mean that got man. You know what John Kills. His own daughter struggles to keep his nine year old son from getting caught but I guess there was the possible that she didn't appear to be alive that so many things and these aren't the only theories. There's also a bunch of conspiracy theories. Let's let's let's take a break from all this reality. Check in see what utter lunatics think happened on Today's idiots of the Internet take. We're GONNA bounce around for a second before looking at some comments under one video. Some people actually believe the Jon Benet. They never died. I mean it's necessarily or older. PD lovers theory they think she went into hiding then resurfaces pop star Katy. Perry is the real theory what the flip according this theory or or Katy Perry Song Wide Awake is believed to be an undercover message revealing the truth about her passes Jon Benet one of the manholes his theories that Katy Perry is six years older than Jon Benet the others for this one is kind of but but but not really a physical resemblance between Katy Perry and Jon Benet Ramsey as well as the kind of but not really assisting resemblance of both sets of parents. It's super dumb but some people believe it 'cause some people are idiots. One youtuber theorist went to great lengths to prove the similarities of their eyebrows rouse obviously means the same eyebrows different youtuber points out the lines and Katy Perry's autobiography. She wrote in reference to writing songs at an early age wjr not that I was one of those stage kids there was no Jon Benet Ramsey inside of me waiting to burst out. They think that's see she saying it's it's they don't understand fucking metaphors force analogies. got okay so another conspiracy is it the little dyed blonde haired girl was sacrificed in a satanic ritual of course course that shows up. There's all kinds of articles saying that a brotherhood term for devil is John Bet Excuse me which is quite similar to already unique first name but none of these articles seem to have sources who who is this Brotherhood probably just a term someone on Reddit when they're drunk and someone else riposted you know here we are another another satanic theory is that Jon Benet was killed in panic pedophile ring ritual nope move away from that one something aliens kilter really really paranoid and crazy people who think that aliens would hit her with a black object choker then right a weird ransom note that may make it look like maybe she'd been molested then move her body not call random then you get down this now. They're aliens. They have to make sure so complicated. No alien has ever been arrested that we know of ever you know are they're worried about covering the tracks also conspiracy variously links jonbenet's death with nine eleven year according to conspiracy the unharmed mind jonbenet was murdered by Royal Canadian Air Force Colonel Operating on behalf of major British and American corporations and the aluminum naughty because her father refused to assist America's enemies in planning nine eleven. Yes people believe grownups believed this people with more free time than me just like with the aliens why the fuck would trained assassins leave such a weird crime scene behind when I just have her disappear forever even in even arguably weird or theory. Is that some people some people think wolf killed her I want to repeat that some people believe their six-year was murdered by fucking Wolf Big Dog and and the boulder. PD couldn't figure that out an investigation involved. God knows how many officers dragged on for over twenty years did the wool shelter the wolf put on that little garage. You know the Wolf Change Your clothes the wolf right fucking note. How does the ransom note work into that good question? Stereo hold issues attacked by a wolf and her parents freaked out they can they get in trouble for not protecting their daughter from Wolf's offs because that's the thing so they covered up wolf murder by staging kidnapping anyone over the age of twelve who believes that should be sterilized forever not kidding Nelson the few youtube comments left under a video called program to kill Satanic Cover Part thirty-one Jon Benet case John and Patsy Ramsey here my favorite ever comments think tank supervisor Debra rhymer posts this reeks of multi generational M. K. Ultra mind control programming Lord helpless job De ed thanks for showing up multiple generations of people with their minds controlled by the CIA right all this training all this investment also a six year old can be killed a girl who oh you know could also just be run over if they wanted gun but nope this long complicated can lots of training mind-control weird shit takes decades kill. This kid obvious Ivy League sociology Professor Jerry Jeff I post trauma based mind control preparing her to become a Hollywood elite sex life and got out of hand. Maybe oh sure Jerry maybe or maybe you're fucking crazy. Hollywood elite sex slave won't hang corey feldman. You guys love each other. A mental member is to see post shadow government satanic cover up snuff film. CIA Christmas is a high blood sacrifice day. Thanks is to see you just really opened our eyes to your ability to throw at random conspiracy terms. I I can do that to to check us out right. I I see your terms arrays you agenda Twenty one Denver Airport Builder Burgers Bohemian Growth Flat Earth Wizards probably not even a troll Michelle Post. I am sure Hillary Clinton is a part of all of this. Oh man think about fun Michelle beat of hang out with if she actually believes Shit this stupid I love kills me the killary stuff what people believed the specific details they believe the shit like the Hillary Clinton who was the fucking can first lady in one thousand nine hundred six time away from White House duties to kill a six year old pageant contestant and bolder than higher body in the basement. You'd think someone may have noticed the first lady learn about the neighborhood. Maybe not she was in the White House in secret service agents never let her out of their consign public. You can get sterilizes well Michelle for sure forever any kids you have need to be taken from you. Finally an Kogi knee tow just gibberish ex post the word Burke as defined in the World World Book Dictionary from Nineteen Seventy four is to kill by suffocation or strangulation. The second definition is to conceal that actually is true true does that's true and the word coincidence means of remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent casual casual connection causal connection and the second definition of the word lunatic extremely further foolish or an eccentric person. That's you kid wasn't named Burke so he could grow up a strangle his sister you paranoid Fuck Waku. Stop a good job. Youtube sounds better with your life. The Dif- definition of the word flustered mush mouth struggles goes doing so well for half and then I got tripped up but I felt good I felt good. Just take a little break from the heaviness just just look into other maniacs scout here okay so final thoughts we likely we will never know who killed Jon Benet Ramsey. Now tons of books have been written by tons of people involves suspects detectives private investigators on and on and on and the one thing they all agree agree on his nothing. Maybe that's another reason cases fascinating for so long we meet sacks do not like unsolvable puzzles. We like answers case. It feels like there should be some answers but there aren't any nothing definitive if I was forced to pick I've thought a lot about this last week I would say the Jami was molested and then her brother did it. I would say say that it was an accident and at the parents freaked out and then decided to cover it up in a in a you know panicked attempt to protect their son. It doesn't make a lot of sense it does make the most sense we the patsy wrote the ransom note John Intentionally messed up the crime scene done the the body the throughout you know the investigators here's with various nonsense burke was not asleep no John and Patsy smart successful people maybe even in their shock you know and trying to pull themselves together to protect their Sonnen Donna these come up with his fucking convoluted plan once they start on that road. Maybe their word they'll be implicated as well now. They're going to suffer also I. I don't know I you think I had to pick. That's what happened. It seems to be the least ugly truth of anything that could have happened. As far as I can take you know accidental blow from her brother far better faith and some pervert breaking and terrifying Jon Benet before she died terrible for the parents of it is true you know key magid having two kids have one killed the other who for parents. Maybe that maybe that is the worst scenario than anything else I described to start this suck so recipe Shamanee Ramsey. I hope it was quick and painless. Whatever happened time now for top five takeaways time away number one child beauty pageants pageants are weird and gross to me? Hey you think your kid is cute. I get it but maybe just telling that maybe just tell them to give them healthy. self-esteem without dress them up like you know pedo Porn Stars number to the murder of the six year old beauty pageant winner Jon Benet will never be solved despite over a thousand pieces of evidence thousands of man hours investigating from the initial selling of the crime scene by Janis family and their a friend to the lack of concrete evidence to pin any one person to crime to know investigators seemingly being able to agree on anything in the death of several suspects. This mystery will remain a mystery number three. Why did the story becomes a popular? I America was captivated by the death of a pretty little girl because a lot of American meats acts worship beauty. We care more about pretty people than lady nets which maybe work on changing that bit number four if brother Burke didn't have anything to do with job as murder then besides her he's the biggest biggest victim and all of this his family thrown into the centering of a media shit show and he himself became a hated murder suspect at the age of nine in September of two thousand sixteen to honor the twentieth anniversary of Jon Benet Ramsey Death Burke Ramsey came forward even out of the public for a long time wanted to share his side of the story for the first time Dr Phil Ramsey poured out his heart Dr Phil describe the emotions he underwent saying I remember the viewing the casket was small. Her eyes were closed. I want to honor her memory by doing this interview. I don't want anyone else to forget. He also said in the interview that for the last twenty years I wanted to grow up like a normal kid which does not include going in front of TV. Cameras Curly Burke Ramsey's a computer analyst who works remotely from his home based office man. Maybe I was wrong about best case being burke actually killing her now hoping he didn't do it this case every day. I've researched it. I suspect Beck something else. fucking aliens okay this Aliens Lunardi Aliens. Maybe that's it number. Five New Info another theory has been popping up more and Moore's claims that the murder of Jon Benet is linked to the murders of two other little girls in Colorado and Hawaii retired police investigator James Benesch is of the belief that the murder of seven-year-old Tracy Murray Neef nineteen eighty-four and killing a four year old lacy ruff nineteen ninety-three have something to do with John as murder as far as the same killers. All the girls were between the ages ages a foreign seven reduction in similar fashion. He thinks they were killed by brothers Aaron Todd Sean Sean Sean Lau Areo Sean Lau when Tracy jean-yves was kidnapped to nine hundred eighty four members of the Sean Lau family were living close to tracey's house Thornton also they were living close to lacey rough when she was abducted and killed inqui- after Lacey's father discovered her body todd called. The police said his brother Aaron abducted sexually assaulted and killed lacy. Aaron was convicted for all of this life in prison so he couldn't have killed Oh Jon Benet he was in jail but Aaron had previously been in juvenile detention for sexual assaults that he allegedly committed as a minor in Jordan. which is you know very near Boulder and when former detective benesch spoke with the person Aaron had gone to juvenile detention for assaulting she alleged that it was actually someone else Sean How's relative who had assaulted her she'd been pressured to you say it was Aaron Benesch believe Erin conviction may now be called into question suspects? The actual culprit may be involved in the murder of Jon Benet. He thinks that culprit maybe the other brother taught Zombie can todd aired guy man so many fucking people in this thing was Zombie was found dead in nineteen. ninety-six is unclear whether Sean Lau family were based but in May that year you're a male member of the family was arrested for salt as well as for domestic violence at a county close to boulder this means. It's man could have you know been living in Jon Benet vicinity may one of the other relatives it came to visit him. It's a stretch I know the stretch I know but it's the latest the never ending Shicho list of suspects someone is. I'm sure considering writing another book about the Jon Benet Ramsey case away like I know way more than I did about this case before we started started but I also feel no closure. Oh my heck I don't flip and like it. Maybe someday our future robot overlords going to figure out what happened. Jon benet still they don't the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case has been sucked hope he found it interesting entertaining thank you to the Times the team thanks to Quinn to suck Lindsey comments my scared to death co host. Thanks for listening to that again. Thanks to high priestess suck harmony veldkamp reverend. Dr Joe Horse Got Johnson Paisley. Thanks bitter APP design crew new update almost here two three three more rounds of Beta testing this past week and so far no more bugs fingers crossed. Dare I say new update maybe by the time you hear this or just maybe a few days away. Thanks also to access apparel script. Keeper Zach Flannery hope you feel better. He's been little stick thanks to Heather Knowledge Ninja Rylander for additional research judge and what's up next week. I don't know for the first time I don't know it's GonNa be surprised still deciding time travels in two weeks and that space has voted for that. That'll be fun different one next week. ooh It's got find out no surprised in the show GONNA stick with a would love to end on you time now for time. SUCKER UPDATES Times Mirror. I update is from Melissa. We're only GONNA do a few day because you got some. We have some big ones. Some whoppers thought this was a good one senate a few weeks ago some heartfelt food for Thought Melissa writes Dan I began listening to they had a great deal of time stationed at Fort Knox training over the summer. Thank you for your service. One of the other trainees enjoyed your show. I have as well maybe a little sick myself as I'm a the longer I'm in the military the more differences I've seen with people I'm writing today because you've mentioned several times the love you have your children how the time you have with them. After divorce gorsuch changed I hope you and your ex co parent well. We're lucky we were very amicable. It's half and half joint custody which is nice. Writing is a woman who is also a father's rights advocate. I Co parent well with my daughter's father and my husband's struggles to co parent with his ex and their seven year old and three year old daughters. He's a motivator for why I'm a member of the father's rights movement in in two soldiers I deployed with who committed suicide after losing everything in divorce battles including replaceable stuff but more importantly access to their children how not deadbeat not abusive not anything bad about these men that would prevent them from co-parenting the one thing that made them unfit parents was having a penis and this is typical in Alabama twenty two states thus far have passed equal parenting as standard unless one parent is deemed unsafe with criminal or drug history as it should be. I wanted to share a news story about a young man that fought for time with his child fought against the mothers. There's history of abuse and neglect how does young child die in the mother's care then have his rights of free speech stripped jailed for speaking out against judge. Thank you check that out too much to go into detail here today because we got a lot more of what you said to share here it varies by state and county by county takes five percent of each penny clipper child support most yet a father's pockets many fifty fifty parenting parenting plans include wave ARY include waving child support in favor of pain directly to childcare provisions at each parents home and one or both parent providing insurance splitting medical costs. Yes you know the exact thing you would do. If you're parenting under the same roof I think this leads less unwed pregnancies less babies meal tickets and if dads are not not only allowed but kind of push by society to be in babies lives at conception maybe less babies made until the man is really sure sorry can't can't account fulfill birth control but I know men who have had babies and made the statement that the state can't take more out of their check already do if these types of men are expected to provide half of the physical go care has the diapers half the waking up etc.. We not only create more well rounded children but we keep the maturity level of some parents down Alabama has tried to pass similar bills to the one Kentucky he just passed his share for shared custody as default it gets passed in the Senate but rejecting the house too much money the state would lose my husband planned both children and his marriage tried for babies attended the money loses all the federal government pay subsidies for stage collects known support order Scott. My husband planned both children in his marriage tried for babies attended doctor's visit Sheridan parenting responsibilities until the day his ex ask for divorce and her provision of care were met. He spent eighteen hours a week with two daughters that comes out to thirty nine days out of three hundred and sixty five a little more than ten point. Five percent gave mom the House no equity asked pays child support was made to feel every move he made was wrong and we'll be punished. We put six thousand dollars into a lawyer were able to get close to forty percent of the time but still not labeled as shared custody. MOM has default and veto rights we will go back to court annually until the youngest is nineteen asking for those rights the constitutional guaranteed rights rights. This should be a no brainer. I don't care if it causes one hundred thousand dollars. We're also lucky with our income. MOM is as well. Could you please talk on these points. Please point out to Casey Anthony's of the mother population. Yeah dads can be bad to the abuse at the hands of Stepdad's allowed to happen by women yet. Good dads pushed away so many songs come to mind father father of mine from ever clear all these daddy issues how many and the courts are fostering them. If you've ever seen the dad crying over his kids a hard military man with tears streaming down his face because of course tripped everything he fought for if you've ever seen a bitch ass mom who made the funeral of his into a circus and a pity party for her if you've ever seen a four four year old receive a folded flag not knowing her mom daddy away from him catching from able to provide a roof over his own head even working two jobs if you knew the feelings one of these these soldiers struggles with knowing other women are okay doing this to their kids fathers that I hope to hear podcastone supporting to good parents being in the military I can only lobby so much but I think if we could fix fix this one issue we can lower the overall rate of suicide in the military and a single young. Dad's kept out of their children's lives. Thank you suck master. Keep on suck and Melissa listen. Wow yeah thanks Melissa arena of so many great points. I mean that's such a big problem. Society Absentee Fathers and then the courts do in many cases foster that which is very unfortunate. Don't don't keep good dad's away from their kids. They should have equal rights. This is something you don't hear about a lot. In the push for equal rights equal parenting rights for father's equality needs used to work in every direction. The mothers are more important to their children than fathers is inherently sexist is wrong. I've seen some fathers far more maternal nurturing instincts than than some others should be case by case you know hearing loss of fathers rights connected to a military suicide is especially tragic support to good parents put the kids first and divorced forces well. I can proudly say the my ex and I both did that. A proudly swallowed a fair amount of pride in my divorce and did what was best for Kinda Monroe and I know a lot of other dads have been the same. Don't don't hurt your kids by trying to hurt your ex. It's about the most selfish fucking thing you can do in life helps. You hope someone who needs to hear this message does here. Thanks Melissa wouldn't have shared it if it wasn't for you. Keep keep fighting hail fucking Nimrod now that a lot of great updates about mormonism Mormons Non Mormons like Melissa most were very long detailed messages only time time for for one of those before we get to it quick Mormon update that answer something for me from Ryan Brewster who writes hello there in regards to Martin Harris taking the first draft of the translated plates it is believed when Martin took the pages to show his skeptical wife Lucy. She held the pages ransom and said if the gold plates are real and Joseph is really translating them he should be able to do it again word for word. This is why Joseph said he couldn't translate the same plates ever again and the translation changed so the pages may not have been lost lost but just kept away from Martin and Joseph's they may be lost now but I thought this detail was super interesting and worth mentioning Love The podcast Ryan Brewster. Wow That is interesting entity Ryan. I was confused about that part. I couldn't get the answer they want that makes so much more sense because how would it help Martin lose them. The super important papers now his wife token Tokyo wanted Joseph to recreate them so she could see if he was telling the truth and he didn't said God didn't want repeat story so either God gave a New Vision or you know he just knew that if if he tried to repeat initial prophecy be caught up in a lie very very interesting thank you for sharing that and finally a very nice update from some Mormon time suckers than spaces and and Longtime Standard Fans Caroline Park Mitchell who writes devout Mormons and we still love you you frigging heck spun mother trigger longtime listener. It's my first in writing in this topic seemed to import did not reach out some clarification for your most recent episodes my husband and I are devout members the church Jesus Christ latter-day Saints Mormons and we listened to your episode in Mormonism and you'll be pleased to know that we love you and time suck we will listen to your stand up from the beginning of your standup shows in Salt Lake City in the most recent lifetime suck we will continue to be loyal spaces as we have since day one of your thank you we also wanted to help clarify a few misconceptions nares and thank you for that as my favorite kind updates we were both raise mormon but my mom converted to the church when she was seventeen and is the only member of the church in her family so we understand that to other some of the stories of how the Church was founded can be hard to believe so we weren't offended by how hard you weren't Joseph Smith each person has to decide for themselves if they believe in we by no means plan to try and convince you you mentioned the episode around the nineteen forty seven minute mark that in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight when Spencer W Kimball received revelation to allow black men and boys to be ordained into the priesthood this is true but he also lifted a ban on women and girls being allowed to enter latter day saint temples that parties clarification although there may have been some restrictions on black women and girls going to the temple which of course is not fair. All of the women and girls have always. It's been allowed to go to the temple. This is especially true because the temple is where we get married also called sealed so it's absolutely necessary for women to be allowed in. I just want to clarify in case anyone had interpreted that as meaning all women have been excluded from tap services since that is certainly not the case the second point. No one can truly judge another person's worthiness but we definitely don't think you are a son of perdition perdition. Here's a good article explains what that truly means. The short version is sons of perdition are those who had assured perfect knowledge of the truth than voluntarily turned from it the first requirement Dan to become part of this group have been members of the LDS Church after that they would have to go have the truth revealed to them with such sureness and clarity that there would be no doubt out of their minds about the truthfulness of the Mormon Gospel so basically it's impossible for you to perdition because you never became a member of the Church and I assume you haven't had any visions or revelations that have made you absolutely certain the LDS church is true and decided to actively work against so hack yeah not being sent to Satan's outta realm. I like that part of the update a lot three I have to say I was disappointed by how you just glazed over the Hans Mill Mask around one twenty five. I appreciate you mentioned. It thought you would have at least comment on the terrible atrocities that occurred there. No matter what religion someone belongs to the they do not deserve to be murdered in cold blood after they surrendered how their bodies mutilated their wives assaulted their houses pillaged many accredited story states these tragedies more inflicted on Mormons that day on many of their cases saw start bothered me that you feel dimension that none of these men were ever investigated or prosecuted it despite there being eye witnesses and numerous council what happened this was made even worse by the fact that Missouri State government was so heavily involved persecution and violence against the Mormons. If you spend so much time I pointed out how silly some of these things we believe are should spend a few minutes expressing how wrong it is that anyone would suffer so much because their beliefs yes. I'm I'm doing that now part of that was it was just such a big topic to pull off a week that biggest episode yet I just I had to cut some narrative. Details weren't things that I was just I didn't have time to thoroughly the explore and that's one of them so yes not not intentional to whitewash it being settled also like to thank you for your kind words about Mormons. I'm glad that you've enjoyed your interaction with us. MHM Oh heck yes I have my husband and I truly believe that the best way to gauge the worth of any organization religious secular even the curious is by the good they do in the lives they live. I like that I did a lot sorry. This is a long just want to let you know that we appreciate you doing your very best to be impartial. You haven't offended all of us. You're loyal spaces caroline said like the last Oh oh Shit Carlin you correct me new it fucking. Ui Frick it up I flip it Carlin said like the last name of comedian George Carlin yes and Parker Mitchell so many messages. That's just like that. We're sending so many devout Mormons who listen to everything I said and are okay and we'll listen this week Kudos to you in my opinion is so admirable especially today when it feels like so how many people wanted to get outraged right and this would be something new be worse. I said this on the secret sauce last Thursday but I want to say it again here before leave. I applaud many of you Mormons for being able what's laugh your own religion especially those of you who are deeply faithful to takes a lot of strength and confidence a lot of courage. I think they'd be able to laugh ourselves. As very important life is so much fun for all all of us when we're all not offended all the time you know what if we lived in a world where we all joke and be reverend and talk things out learn about each other not get all bent out of shape over the opinion of someone else and and not have that knee jerk reaction of storm off taking our toys run home crying we here's something we don't like to agree with the not talk about it later. Our world is good very good. But how much better would it be. If that was the reality we lived in one we can disagree and get the heck and flip over it. My goodness Hail Eq- Mormons. Thank you for sending that in thanks time soccer ninety two now we all did. That's all for this week another other long one Dang it. I blame the script keeper two of US doing research together this too much shit. We could fuck in sucked into you. Don't trust your little ones enclosed fit for rebellious Elliot's seventeen year old parade them out on a catwalk this week and just most importantly guys. Gosh Dang Heck would you just keep on sucking after B._P._I. Specializes in taking your hard to

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