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Koepka Keeps On Winning


The now on the T. it's Mattie in the caddy. Here's Matt Berry and Michael College Week of your weekly Teebox function alongside the caddy Mike Google calendar <music>. I'm the Mattie. This is Matt in to the PODCAST HIT US up on social media at Mattie and Getty M._a._d._d.. Y B word and see A._D._d.. I E that is both the instagram in the twitter and most of the time for the patrons who are loyal listeners of matting again in the podcast. We thank you for those of you that are still finding us and listening coming to us. We thank you but if you're a normal listener of this program you understand that I blame caddy nine times out of ten and nine times out of ten. It's a valid blame them however not I will take full responsibility for the late week podcast coming. Oh we take this on Thursday morning I was I was in Charlotte Charlotte this week very e._s._p._N.. College Football Seminar and it was legitimate classroom work every day from about ten A._M.. About six P._M.. Of How many people believe when you say using Charlotte for seminars people like Oh yeah yeah yeah. It was all day sitting there. We're working all right. You know what I'm GonNa do. Take your clubs which you know no unlike you when I go somewhere for them. When I go somewhere for the network actually 'cause he worked for the network and I don't gallivant around countries and markets playing golf like you do this in if they have a golf seminar? I'll go there. You go see see. I know what I'm GonNa. I'll post my tin array from my email on our instagram to prove to you that I was literally sitting in classrooms and rule seminars. I'm sorry are you. Have you know lessons. It rules seminar yeah you know why because we're we're educating ourselves catty and so <hes> I educated myself too. I found out what difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit Oh. Let's get into that Persian stuff. We'll get into that in a minute. 'cause I trade disappointed that you weren't on sportscenter that morning but yeah it went down. I'm I'm giving you yeah. We talked about that last week about whether you'd heard for management but I'm just giving you the moment to let you know that I am taking volt for this being a late podcast this week because I had some other engagements that I had to take care of here at E._S._p._N.. Right now out of that welcome to the PODCAST Brooks Kapka coming off win a deep W._d.. Saint Jude and Canada's a couple of things I have to do now. I'm also GonNa Admit admit that I'm wrong on something. What is getting in this big day happened at a healing moment are you? It's a Lotta them with somebody rubbing one of those water in a bowl wall ooh what the hell have it Mattie with blow Darts Wall on wall where you wake up as painted all smokey's back looking like a monument. That's a shame in there's a whole yeah I came back at peace. I can back at peace with WHO I am. Now I'm wrong. You're wrong. Yeah taking forest say you can't grow in your forties. This'll be the last podcast I grew up hot dog. Let's go pay this guy hit with a dart and turned into a grownup in a week diesel Louis. We're going to clip this episode in this final Mattie and the caddy now this already. I'm not feeling right and I know it's not good. It's not good that I'm optimistic optimistic and admitting that I'm wrong when when I'm here to tell you is that now based on what I saw over the weekend I am now willing to claim claim that at the peak of their powers Rory mcilroy is not the best golfer on the planet who yeah debt just I just need a second man. I need a minute that you finally have come to the table of reason that's right. That's because only two guys were over par on Sunday at the W._G._C. to rory mcilroy billy Horsham who really really horseshoe who was never in position anyway I shot a seventy rory was one worse like at least billy shot even par Rory Ori plus one. I don't know what's I don't know what the deal is with rory when it comes to now crunch time I know with the demons that are there now granted. You gotta give them a little bit. I don't want to say a pass but the fact they shot sixty the two on Saturday. That's a really tough to it would have been better if he would have dropped that sixty two would have been better if he did it on Friday Yup then he would've had Saturday to shoot navy seventy you know to me 'cause the you still know that you have so much golf left Diplo rack that you can't run away and and just hide like that so you've got to keep the pedal to the metal <hes> or even if you average out Brooke shot sixty four on Saturday like rory goes sixty the two brooks goes sixty four and brooks follows it up with a sixty five. I mean that's just this new goes sixty eight sixty seven sixty four sixty five silly silly and that's right after the open champ here you go where he was grinding to get air top leaderboard. Oh that's what I'm saying like this dude. I'm telling you man he. He is in a different area mentally and physically physically than all these dudes right now height of his powers. He's it. He's Dan. He's yeah but I will. I will say that's where appeared. I'll go back to normal mattie and say where you were wrong. I know that this isn't a this W._G._C.. Event but I was stunned at the star power at the top of the leaderboard after all these do's just traveled from Northern Ireland Royal Portrush to go play the W._d._C. The D._C.. Saint Jude you have a now that they play they showed up and they played well because man you get the major championship grind. It's a long week their stress. There's body clock. There's travel. There's what did I say I. The thing that I have been harping on forever was don't worry don't think about this this year. Don't think about this year because those guys are going to are going to pull it off. They're going to try and do it. They're going to go over there. They're gonNA play. I I will say this for all those guys that were playing in the open championship for them to play as well as they play right that was that was a little bit surprising in a sense but you you know what to be honest and when you think about it like these dudes are the greatest golfers in the world and that's what they do for a job flying human yeah you would think so but not when it comes to playing golf. My thing was next year if they tried to keep the same schedule next year it's going to be they're going to be a whole lot of tiger woods. I missed the cut and still be like man. I'm in a pretty OK position like the thing that these guys were. I think really focused focused hard on this year was positioning of the Fedex Cup playoffs because remember we lost a Fedex Cup playoff event so there's only three so now how your position in the Fedex Cup playoffs is really important knowing that you only got three so all of these dues that came over and an played memphis were all also thinking about the big picture of take a full week off after it's done shut it down completely focus focus only on recovery and then show up knowing that you got three more in a row yeah well yeah there. There are a couple of things there one. I don't no that next year is a good year to look at the schedule because the Olympics and we're going to get into the new schedule that was released this week or so. We'll get into that on monkey wrench right. We'll get we'll dive and all of that but I'll be on the last person that I expected. I wasn't surprised worry played at a high clip. 'cause he played so awful. At Royal Portrush missed the cut. He was out of their early. <hes> the last guy that I expected to be in contention was brooks just because we know what rooks admits like I just you know he he gears up for the majors another thing that made Kapka my favorite guy on tour now's he showed up forty five minutes for his tee time on Sunday. See that to me. That's just nails gangster like you know I'm a show like I'm teeing off at a country club or a public course forty five minutes before for a I'll grab three clubs out of my bag. Hold them together. Swing them like a baseball bat and go. Just kick your ass and win by like what do you think psychologically yeah. This is why I was arguing with you about. WHO's The guy who's a game is there? This dude showed up forty five minutes before his I._T.. Time gangster style and was like man. I'm just going to drop a little sixty five and still win by three <hes> coming Manat fit like psychologically now and I said this at the P._G._A.. Championship went tiger was coming adding and he thought it was awesome and just kept pedal to the metal. This is the guy who's when his name goes on a leader board other players go. Sh be rate because he has that he's got the sweat the swag for real like D._J.. Got The swag like walk in on he got the coolness walk and whatnot but his name don't scare people when it goes up on the leaderboard not his name aim when it goes up on there is like <hes> Bra not this dude again you know so. I'm just impressed at how he did what he did especially over the weekend but now I think this win at the W._G._C.. Even further solidifies the fact that he can win. I don't want to say that that was his be game 'cause. I don't know that that was his be game. When the game well sixty four sixty five over the weekend hey at least be plus a minus Yup? You know oh putting it on. Everybody like that. So you know what I think it does is well. I think it also because what I love about about Brooks and I'm GonNa give you credit for this saying that like if people actually got to know the real brooks and before he and I had a chance to spend three hours together shooting a sportscenter commercial shorts. I'm surprised it hasn't run this week after him winning either way yeah right when we got when we spent some time together and I got to see the Real Brooks and talk to the Real Brooks you start to understand what kind of personality he is and I think slowly but surely he's leading that out a little bit more what he's talking to the media and of course the big story was him admitting that he doesn't really get up for her tournaments outside of majors. I think when you see me on TV yeah when you see me on TV that's I play golf and that's awesome many said that because it caused a big the controversy but I think all he did was back that up this week yes and that again goes the psychologically if you're another a player like don't autumn do's and Jupiter back him up and say yeah now we never seen him. He's a member at this Florida. Yeah and we're never seen here. We'll newseum grinding like you know. Come out and just play and hang like what does that do to those dudes. You're out there grinding getting ready and he's a I work out. I'M GONNA go. I'm trying on thongs yeah. I'M GONNA go go pawn tiki crews on the Inter coastal and West Palm Mom you guys knock yourselves out and then when I show up and knock you out myself with a JAB uppercut. Let Though Jab that's right Bryansk. y'All are going down like that is just so demoralizing Mike that's as amazing as as the run if you remember when Jordan first came out and went on that crazy run in two thousand fifteen it was like Oh my gosh the golden child here he is he's going to be but no one. There were no other golfers that was like yeah you know when Jordan is going. No one can beat him like Ni- they were all like Nah <hes> we can catch him. You know me we he ain't scared of them. You know it's it's cool to see but no one was like hot dog. This dude is just walking around with. Just gotTA chain like everybody what here that's like this. Do you might as well put like a flavor flavor flav clock on his time game over so we never we everyone tried to anoint or a point you know when Jason Day was number one it was hey this dude and he's a tiger guy and so and then it was Dustin Johnson while for awhile it's going to be number one and he's kind of close. They haven't done anything and then it was Roy. mcelroy Roy's like Roy's depressed when he and he was at a time was I if this guy's a game but then was I you know I wonder when we're going to see his Zeh game crickets. His game just never comes out for a full week right and now Brooke shows up and it's holy holy cow and Brooks is the one where people like Nah Reagan's. How about Brooks like he don't you know Kinda Vanilla? No one really wants to get to know oh him very much and then he took that even more as a slight and was like you guys can all kiss my behind right and Kim whoops. Leave us that that's what I'm saying we as a bunch of other media we messed up we should have you should take this seriously you see but I think what what I think you've seen with Brooks probably over the last two three months is that I think he also understood and that's why I'm sure you you know he agreed to do the sportscenter commercials. I think there's a lot of him. That understands okay. They need to respect what I'm saying here but I also need to respect a little bit of what they're saying here and maybe a little bit more and I think he's he's trying as hard as he can to meet people in the middle what the personality traits but one of my biggest pet pet peeves and then we ironically enough we brought this up at the college football seminar in the after classroom reception that we had we need to stop stop trying to do the tiger woods thing meaning when mcelroy was on his run of the next tiger when <hes> when Jordan spieth is on his run over the next tiger when Jason Day and now Brooks we need to stop because we need to understand you are you are never ever ever ever going to see a run of golf with tiger like you saw from two thousand two thousand two thousand sixty thousand seven. Oh well never say never. I don't know that it will ever happen in our lifetime. It's you just you're not going to see it so for us to continuously go that route. All you're doing is damaging the guys that are playing well now. Jordan's two thousand fifteen was historic. Yeah it was an outlier but it was historic we couldn't we can't enjoy it anymore. Because now now instead of enjoying what was a remarkable year. We're trying to figure out what's wrong with see. It's not that what's wrong with it. Here's the problem. The problem is the the the Oh man get off my lawn syndrome and to say look. We have to stop it. That's like saying stop comparing Jordan to Lebron Ron. It's the same problem not really they're different players but I understand what you're saying and you and I are logical logical reasonable people but that's the problem how many people are not magical reasonable people. That's especially when it's something that you you saw and we're passionate about like the people that are all in the fanatics. The fanatics of Tiger Woods you. I can't tell them that there's another player you know Hey Brooks Keppler pretty good. He Ain't Oh tiger. That's going to be the default screaming. Why don't you you dare anyone is even a what tiger was? He can't even wear one of his socks bogged calm down like seriously. We can't have a intelligent reasonable discussion on a guy who is doing something like you have to understand. Brooks is already done on the Tigers never done right right which was hold the P._G._A.. U._S. Open Championships twice together and defend. I mean it's and that's the problem is if you say something like that. Then the fanatics are like how dare you here but none of our guy but here's the thing is bringing. I met up attacking the do no and that's why we have to. That's why we have to stop and that's what would you still have to bring it up you do but what I'm saying is brooks. Kapka is the Best Golfer on planet Earth Right now agreed. Let's let Brooks Skate in his lane and forget it. What what Brooks is doing right now has absolutely nothing to do with Tiger Lillian literally nothing and so I agree but how do you how do you put into a historical perspective what he's doing the only way to do that and it's the the same in every sport when people say what this dude is doing right now his historic while historic is a word that comes from history so the only way I'll give that perspective thank you very much? The only way to give that perspective is to then say here is the history leading leading up to what this person is doing that no one's ever done before you have to go back you gotta put it in context I agree yes and the well who else you compare until like you're not going to be like you know when Bobby Jones did such as people no one's which we we still do well. It's too soon for people people like look you and I both saw Jordan and Lebron right so that's the thing about Kobe Nano shortchange Kobe yeah no sin. What isn't he kind of like an employee? I'm a Kobe Guy with the Oh really odd. I'll take Kobe Lebron James any day. What yeah blasphemy sorry? Do you know what I'm not. Sorry Stephen a Smith Kobe Kobe was was an assist assassin. You made his hairline receive. Even more Kobe was an assassin either way Lebron's not an assassin no not it's a law that's okay. That's what I'm GonNa tell you something. I think I may agree with you on that. Oh man like when when when Mambo was in his prime thank you're done. If if you need a last shot you're done. He's GonNa hit the pro. I don't know I think Lebron when it comes to Lebron the Bronco do things by himself. Kobe never could correct the different skill set. It's ever compared to enjoy long Bronco do it all by himself so the FBI you're right and that's a very valid point in that. If you're GONNA do this historical talk and he's breaking some records the name that often comes up with a record breaking his tiger was night. Get all of that all I'm saying for the health of the game for the health of the sport because we went to a very very dark place in a couple of years tiger was physically unable but a play and that's did we though Yes oh yeah you wouldn't good think so. I think I think golf I think golf is just now catching up from that because you get a little bit of time you get the tiger infusion and I know what you're going to say the young up and comers and all of that that's all all well and good but the young up and comers weren't winning that much in the TV ratings were down yes but that the TV ratings were down because the fans that don't don't watch golf and only turn it on when tiger plays. They didn't come back yeah. I don't know how to break this to you. That's not good yeah but I don't know how to break this to you. You okay so what like that's like saying you're right. You really showed me there. That's what I'm saying. I don't know how to break. Okay so <music> off needs Gulf can't survive on that's not people no. That's not true go faster how long has golfed survived on just golf of people to abortion the way that Monaghan and these guys wanted to do. They need signed. See here's what you're thinking. You're thinking flourish in the way that we had when tiger was around see that's no. That's not realistic. Okay so you're saying baseline I I agree. Baseline is below that they can't go to a spot. A merely Zany can't go to a spot where lack of interest is that low because they're too busy about worrying about life after tiger when they need to harness the young guys and start doing live without tiger now but I completely agree and I believe that here's thing tiger takes everything stratus like stratospheric -ly very much so stratosphere glee that's not a word but we but we'll make that up and we'll do a different stratosphere yeah yeah completely and that's the problem is when you compare baseline so then and what tiger brings to the table you go well. Can't we have a happy medium. No we can't have having me. I'm sorry like I know people don't like to here's the word no but here it is no. It's like slow play. How do we fix slow play? Can we fix it. No we can't fix it that yeah you like. We got speed golf up. No like people don't WanNa hear that. Can we play a quick Ni- yet you can can. We play quick eighteen on a Saturday at a public course no speedup play tournament. That's yeah that is another podcast but all I'm saying is range finders. Let him what's fantasy that it's not gonNA play sorry 'cause they've already proven that on the web dot com tour because we played a tournament with using lasers during the tournament. You know how much quicker quicker we were exactly exactly. You know why we don't do it anymore. Because there was no improvement in speed how getting back to the Bruce Campbell Tiger Woods thing Brooks Kepco what he's doing now we will slowly but surely as he keeps doing this see a small incremental increase in interest because the more he does it the more we talk about him now when tiger the tiger was the perfect extort because when tiger came around he was the everything he was the everything at a time when a social media starts starts blowing up and whatnot I mean remember tiger woods at Masters late nineties so it's we have tiger all through early two thousands when everything thing is ramp up you know so what he did stratospheric -Ly Love that word is just not you can't compare it due to where we are and I don't believe that it was a dark period when tiger was gone. I just think that what happens was those casual fans. WHO who only turn? I'm only going to watch golf. Tigers plan you know and look I'll be honest as as an African American male there was plenty of times. I talked to plenty of brothers out there. That was like Nah. I'm just really not into watching any of their mother. Do Right you know and that's not a knock on anybody. It's just for a lot of people it was. I WANNA watch the do it looks like me yeah and the fact that he's the dominant dude even better wanting gate right and he took it to again we can't when you can use transcend it with probably five athletes in the history of the planet and he's one of them so so you're right I agree who didn't who would never watch govern could care less but when tiger was on they're putting it on yeah. It's not again. It's not fair to to do both but I do believe that the catch it and make cool with these young millennials Gulf needs to start <hes> embracing more so in the young guys in the young stars with all due respect to these other guys are winning the young stars. It'd be showing up Ricky Rory Jordan did the problem was and the problem still is is when you say these guys gotTA show up Tiger Force everybody to raise their game so everyone did well. What's going to happen then? All the ships are raised so the problem is Jason Day can't be dominant now because Rory's there right and because Dustin there and because brooks is there and because Ricky's trying to be there and because Justin Thomas and because Dustin like this is the problem. is you see you're not when you say these guys gotta show up they are. They're beating reading one another up. It's similar to before Alabama was dominant like if Great S._E._C. Conference the problem is they beat up on another. It's not the C- conferences the S._e._C.. It's the S._e._C. confident. That's the southeastern conference the A._T._M.. Machine the why why dismiss him a flow of man. I WANNA you're you're good free minutes too long good but go ahead gone conference the A._C._C. Conference so I'm just saying when you have a a large group of people that all playing at an incredibly high level thing you don't get the one dominant factor and without a dominant factor then casual fans. I don't have anyone to love and hate so they kind of go there. In different they're saying golf has socialism. Everybody gets the piece of the Pie. It wasn't a dictatorship back. Akron Tiger was dominated like this is how it's GonNa go all right. Can you help me. Can you help me fix a hangover caddy. Can I help you fix a hangover dude. Have you heard of blowfish I have I mean not early in the blowfish. Blow not who these not not not not who these crew know Bah but like a real we'll hang over. There is a product called blowfish. That's out on the market Yup and we've both tried it. 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Can you imagine if like <music> out I'll put some of that on my head and grow afro out. There isn't enough prayers in the Bible make that happen. They did like honestly do you think are you you. Could you grow your Robak out. Yeah you could yeah we do it. No why because it's a lot of work you know how I like being bald because I don't you know what I don't buy any more shampoo conditioner. What are you? What are you putting your beer? You just let go oh. You don't put anything in that <hes> yeah. It's high maintenance. That's what I'm saying. Now you're telling me I got double up special beard shampoo and then you gotta put an oil and a balm in there and now you're telling me I gotTA grow my throw out and that also means like picks you know yeah I know look being looking goods not effortless yeah. I know I make it look easy but it's like you says the says the do you give him a minute voice allergies Ranier what go ahead says the dude who how long between waking up and out the door at a hotel when you when we gotta go do something. How long is it from wake up to out the door twenty minutes see now you you make fun of me all the time? How long is my get ready three hours yeah and now you want to throw in hair products as well yeah no? That's the other thing with this podcast. How is it that I'm the one they literally can get ready to go be photographed or go on live T._v.? And Twenty minutes and yet you take three hours. That's to me a resumes them making me read the bald sponsorship ownership well who knows brought Jordan spieth the hang out with them enough. That's true just saying you know just say. Did you do the get ready thing in in in Northern Ireland Yeah Man Yemen look my whole thing is all about comfort so for me go through my routine eighteen have my coffee launch sequence begins saying like you're comfortable just being out the door. Twenty minutes have some coffee and just just hey man wherever you gotta go you gotTa go like Nah. I don't work that way for me and that you know where that goes back to two. I'll be the first to admit it's from caddying when I I started caddying and I thought hey you know we're cool. We've just go in the locker room right when we gotta go again fine porta-john for number one but when it's time eh you know to make that burden on a par three to do then it's like they were like not porta-john what new <hes> you know so that whole routine started because it was like I gotTa know from First Coffee Cup to launch wjr when when we released the hostages. That's what I'm saying so it's like you are fine just running out the door and you could just and I've have gotten into a routine where it's not. That's not okay and you're GonNa be somewhere where it's like. It's it's it's a safe space. Could you've gotta sit on a circle of trust. You're telling me you're losing sleep over this like you're the entire starting your day. They don't lose sleep predicated around loosely. WHO's the one that's leaves the most 'cause I love sleep? That's the thing I will will on occasion. Go out have a good old time throwdown but yeah if I if I if I go out and have a good time there are times when I am sleep deprived so here's a perfect one. We had to drive from portrush where we were staying yeah down to where Royal County down on is to go play golf workers. Go ahead yet to go play the world's number one golf course thank you very much so I only got two hours sleep leap because for launch having to start start the routine off 'cause like can't have coffee in the car. I drive. Why because where am I going to stop you? You can't hold it and then go to go. What better story is there to go at number one golf course in the world now because I've never seen there? I've never seen it facilities ladies before that that adds to the charm of the matter though see what we're talking about releasing hostages I don't need charm. We know I need a safe space. I mean comfort. That's that's the number one thing is. Is You know Oh comfort and safe-space. Oh it's like you know. What if I got a spot where I've been for a week? You know what I mean. I know the routine got everything said now boom and now I don't have any worries throughout the day see like you just get up twenty minutes out the door. You know what I mean like. We could be at the golf of course you'd be like Y'all when we get to the turn. It'd be back but like seeing that that's not me that's not me. I've I've got a little more discipline than you. What what do you like the state for Dude? I meditate to goes away. How's that working out? I mean I'm a pretty I'm a pretty trim dude that I. That's what I mean like. Your stuff is probably like rabbit gear. You know little like little milk duds two of them. Come out of your good like Nah. I need some time again. You know you go in there offline or a pamphlet book he can marathon an entire season two sopranos yeah like I going to war and peace you go in like you go into with a pamphlet like it is that's stunning but it is absolutely unthinkable for me to put this much thought into that. That's when you don't have to but because you never caddied full-time so you were never forced like. Are you cool with using a porta-john hat. No no see exactly now now if you ha- if you knew that everyday you went to work your only option was aborted John had learned to like it. I honestly I learned a lot. No no you don't you don't you don't learn to let you know you can drink. I mean you've done that by training your body but like learn to like if there was no choice. No you know the problem is that where are you there problem where you like. You're not if it's not in your hotel or the comfort of like airports nothing. You're out an airport court. Yes an airport. I have on occasion like an airplane. Do know anyone on an airplane. Anyway doesn't an airplane needs a pot of coffee porn actually drastic. Don't waste coffee just water. We don't we it don't use it. Don't use collinses launch mechanism yeah. That's so say would did what did what the Juan Valdez every deserve zurve that. I'm just saying like Porta Johns. You say like you learned to like a porta-john. Not I have them saying that on a Saturday after that things have been sitting in the sun now okay see that's what I'm already scrutiny issue but then you go there yeah so yeah forget it. There's no you have to learn a different routine and then once you get into the routine breaking it is really difficult. When you know look you can just figured out figured out now? The Nice thing is because of the schedule now like how crazy is this. It's <music> August. We are recording on August. I this last event of the season before the playoffs is now in effect effect. They are literally playing around one in Greensboro and the season is over after this like if Look at we talk about youth. Sane routine look at what it did to Justin rose this year like that do was he was staying in between world number one the world number two for a while how and this year fell off all because it is condemned schedule so your some like let me tell you something anyone who's ever listening in catty. The fact fact that you were able to we are conversation segue to that is probably the most brilliant bit of journalism you've ever done. I use them. I went from no this. I did stand up comedy for Twenty Years Dude. You've never had I here in well. You got to Segue from subject to subject in weaving a tail and a a story so that you go at some point someone go wait. How did he get from talking about cruise ships to talking about golf brilliant? I mean that was after that. I didn't even notice it. I e the fact that you notice it now. People are going to be like wait. Yeah he went. He just went he went from it would remain hostage scheduled to P._G._A.. Tour schedule this guy's a genius because the P._G._A.. Tour announced earlier of the expanded twenty nine thousand nine twenty twenty schedule Forty Nine Fedex Cup tournaments. There's a change to the opening segment because in the late season adjustments because of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo Tokyo and eleven of the forty six regular season advanced will be conducted in the opening portion of the schedule between September and November <hes> anything in particular particular cliffnote version here of the schedule release that stands out to you what a- first thing that you're going to realize is that that three M open <hes> in twins in Minnesota screwed Yup. They're screw the week after the Open Championship and then eleven days he's after the open is the Olympic so they're just they're not even getting Roy. Sabatini who's going to be playing for Slovakian which is Craxi yet. <hes> I mean it's so inbetween every single major the masters so it goes the Masters Astor's April ninth to the Twelfth Yep and then four weeks and then the P._G._A.. Championship Park San Francisco California Yeah right four weeks going to wing foot New York Yup four weeks going to the open championship in Ken and then then after the Olympics one week and the playoffs this time the playoffs are done the last week of August twenty fourth the thirtieth yeah which is it's so tiny similar to hear. You say it's tidy but here's well. It's tidy until you see the schedule starting September timber after that to me I know we've had this podcast before but at some point just get rid of that. Let these dudes have all the schedule. I love the fact when everyone bought into the whole lie of we're GONNA finish the season so we don't compete with football until you look at the schedule and go. Let's see one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven eleven events between between September between September Twelfth and November twenty fourth twelve events way who who were they competing against what they go into look then you go into December January when the playoffs are going on in the Super Bowl and they take Christmas we golf and all that but yeah point being that like with the scheduled golf is close. I don't think golf should start till January and I think it should end at the end of August but they can't. They can't do that because the job of the P._G._A.. Tour is to give as many playing opportunities as possible. I the one thing here's where the P._G._A.. Tour was in a sense smart and in a sense drop the hammer on the big name guys if the if the tournaments let's say the seasons went from January two to September first okay and September first season's over no more golf. What do you think pros at the top we're going to go? Do you think they're just not going to play golf like what did they used to do. Yeah but it would go play in Europe and get all kinds of appearance fees and then they can still do that. I think it it's still be optional and I I also believe that the guys were trying to protect honestly Michael. I think they should do this. If the goal at the golf season ended last last week of August because January last week August and September October November December are tournaments strictly for guys trying to get to or cards trying to maintain money status and if if you're a certain ranked player in the world let's call it one the carbs Asian twenty five or fifty. Whatever if you're within that top fifty you're not gonNA get penalized for not playing in these events and you can really start building your depth of better players who get to continue plane passed when the stars in the top fifty players in the world at the play? There's one the problem with that. What's that what gets you into the Fedex Cup playoffs that bats and I'm saying that they have to alter like they have to figure out to where Fedex Cup points or played between January and whatever until they start and then from September on those are just tournaments that are completely independent of the Fedex that ex-cop we already have that? It's called the Korn Ferry tour guys on Web. No I'm talking status this and because you always say we can't do that for the guys that are low in the money list low in the world rankings and low. There's low that they need their opportunities to play. Would they should should still be able to do that in Kinda in a separate section of the P._G._A.. Tour of the guys that aren't making all the money finishing in the top ten the top twenty and getting all this. You know there's a way because they've already just think next year we're going to sick of the cuts going to be top sixty five top sixty sixty five from seventy. They're going to go to exactly what the Korn ferry is. What is corn pairs now are they? It was the web dot COM yeah. No I know but what they're going to sixty five is what are they yeah. Yes so it's less it's going to be less guys competing for more points so it's GonNa be an even bigger crunch for opportunity like I'm cool with them doing stuff like that but then you can't take you can't change change that September through November schedule because those guys the guys who are low on the totem pole the only way to give them that opportunity to get high on the totem pole but then and then that also gives those tournaments so a tournament like let's say Safeway Tigers played in that once before and those guys somebody like Tiger or brooks or dust in someone might have to play him one of those events or even two of these events as well like the C._J.. Cup No cut over in Korea that nine bridges is this Oh championship first time we're going to be playing in Japan like tigers probably going to play in that why well a couple the reasons because you go over there and you plan those events no cut you got full Fedex Cup points so you don't let you don't let let yourself get too far behind the eight ball before you then show up at farmers you know right so that in that sense it gives the little guys plenty of opportunities to get up there in the Fedex Cup standing but also then forces the big name dudes to not just take time off and go do appearance fee stuff so in that sense wrong with that every other major sport has an off season where these guys can go do whatever they want and not get penalized for it yeah but the problem is then they all start in every other sport. Everyone starts off on the same day at zero golf doesn't work that one's true Gov it just doesn't work that way and because every guy is in like in every every other sport there's no such thing as a sport where there's a hundred and seventy teams where in this sport is a hundred seventy individual teams. You know so call that an individual sport exactly right. That's exactly right so it's it has to be different. It's like does tennis ever have really offseason. Yes when I don't know I haven't looked lately all right. I don't think it's actually does have aussies now like I'm not believe me. I'm with you as as a part of I'm not necessarily cool with the whole faking people out because I feel like the tour did the three card Monte when it comes to the play offs and we're going to end the season you know so we don't compete against football. Aw That's a lie you say or you say well. We'll start the season to compete with football because nobody cares but people do care like the guys that gotta play but that's that's dude look. They're not at that point. Golf is understood that they're they're mass. Appeal Audiences Gone September one way is you as Gov the U._S. Golf and the P._G._A.. Tour you're still asking us like it ain't like they're not going. Hey y'all don't have to come cover this. You know to be on warning me. They they understand they understand that they're not getting covered. That's why they did this. They know that the heart or the writers going to be there but national coverage is going to Wayne and everybody everybody television networks understand when programming gets good ratings when programming it's bad ratings right now worded death stop of ratings and because we under the big time for every other sport the big time for football is coming and that's when we put our most resources around football is king and for the Gulf and Monaghan to understand that hey we are going to yes they did play a little bit of a trick and yes the season does start right back up but but in terms of admitting that they want their premier event which is their Fedex Cup happening before football season starts. I think that's a step in the right direction all right okay <hes> where we are so that'll be it for this. Week's edition the Matt in a caddy. Do you have anything you'd like to part on against sorry for the late one. This is all me. I hope you enjoy this over the week and we'll get back to their early week schedule coming up next week. Is there anything entertaining that you're doing this weekend. I gotta travel again where he makes me nervous <music>. I'm flying well. We got we got the playoffs coming up so I'm flying up to new juicer early to play in the Morgan. Hoffmann Foundation Morgan Hoffmann the P._G._A.. Dot Org yeah who got diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and 'cause yeah this is his second annual event <hes> so if you don't know about Morgan story stories definitely go just Google Morgan Hoffman and Hoffman is spelled two FS and two ends and the end <hes> and take out his foundation. It's going to be a please please do. It's a great it's a great event and then I found out why my travel summer has been so horrible I've been racking my brain on why so many cancellations and delays and whatnot and it's a labor dispute between American and their mechanics now yeah well that that's safe yeah well. That's part of the problem like I'm all about the working people too

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