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So depending on where you live right now at what phase of the reopen process your city or county or is going through right now at least we're I currently reside in right now in the Orange County area out of the Moto Buffalo Wild Wings are open only one buffalo wild wings is open. So, the one befall that was open was also showing two things they're showing the Denver Nuggets. Vs Lakers game, which lets the Lakers becoming the western conference champions and then they were also showing a trophy three. So. Okay. I got my basketball game. I got me F C, show all right then and also show happened on my birthday. So. Yeah Amy. So it happened my birthday. And a couple friends we went out we tried the hottest wings and also GONNA go a little tangent here in that's. have any of you ever watched hot ones on Youtube. It's like that show where. There's a host he gives a celebrity, some spicy wings, wings, ends of hot sauce, and he tells the guests a series of questions and as you're answering these questions, they're eating really spicy chicken. and. That's what my friends did. You can go to I think it's called the hedonist. Is called the hedonist dot com or his hype in hot ones challenge. Spices, and then you can go in or the actual spices from their actual show. Andrews game called Shooter Dad Works was to answer question if you feel to answer the question are the correctly or you just refuse to answer the questions first place then you get to go and eat the chicken. That my friends cooked up. Thank you. Tyler. My friends cooked up some chicken. Missile brought some sauces and we use the chicken on the chicken that was given to us from Buffalo Wild Wings we put Haas and their man, and so I'm enjoying a night of basketball and may action while also eating these incredibly Spicy Wings at Oh my goodness it it's been going through my right now I had a struggle. So it's been it's been two days later since the event happened. And I'm still feeling it. With my friends have like struggled, even sleeping or standing up. Within a couple of minutes, went to the restroom and basically tapped out I take pride in knowing the I didn't tap out to my hot sauce man. I didn't tap hot sauce. I went through. It Dude I part my way and guess what I did it. I am the winner just like is that a sign it was a winner for his bouts against Paulo Costa. So I persevered through all the height spices and enjoyed my you know my birthday. I hope my birthday was remember the do there was no covid nineteen but whatever I they had my spicy wings and Israel sign. Yeah. Made me a fan once again of is so me and my friends who for the most part do not watch mixed martial arts. You've been daughter Sonya out of any other fighter in MMA right now. Is that a Sonya is the one fighter who is the least disconnected fighter among all the great fighters because there's no other champion or other fighter out there with personality except for maybe Roxanne. McCaffrey. But there's nobody there's no other fighter out there who is currently a champion who is competing at the very highest level who was like Israel to sign? Yeah in the world arts. There isn't in terms of personality in terms of style in terms of presentation in terms of fighting in terms of Promo mark there's no. Who was busy? So I'll be talking about is, is Paula Costa here going to bring up the fight stats here in the I'll bring fight stats and then I'll talk about what happened in the first round second round because. Ended up defeating Costa Three minutes and fifty nine seconds in into the second round via Ko. He had one knockdown circling around he landed sixty five percent my shots fifty five out of eighty four. Eighty significance strikes Paulo Costa. Landed twelve twenty, six, forty, six percents. In total strikes antics strikes. So for the most part here is sign Sonya landed forty three. Oh. Yeah. So he landed forty three more shots than Paulo Costa and he also landed doing the matthew right now fifty eight. So he attempted fifty eight more strikes also more than Paulo. So. If you look at the stats here, really say alright is that a sign it was the more aggressive fighter, which was very shocking here because through the I test also Paula, Costa. Political. So really wasn't as assertive as normally as Dana White in the Post I press conference. He was talking about this. He was he was himself was surprised. He's like it's not. It's very surprising to see Paula stuff fights. Asked passive as he did. But not the Pala Costa I think he's only gone to third around once in his thirteen by career currently now, fourteen fights, he's only gone to a third round once. For the most part, he wins all his fights via knockout. He's that much he he? Called the Eraser 'cause he comes in and you races you. The guys powerful guy strong. And so. For Paula. Costa when he is at a Sonya, I was watching this. And one of Friends Johnson was talking about this. He said this is going to be exciting. You is going to be exciting because Paulo Costa always precious his opponents. All the time the reason is to sign you have versus your Romero wide that sucks was because enjoy the sign was a character and somebody like you all Merrill, who normally isn't a sort of a fighter precious for pro press forward. While you're merrill he didn't press. Politico. Step hidden press for at all and once he did press forward. That led to his knockout. Serie now is whether whether or not you like? The fight style of being the counter fighter and always walking backwards. It works for him He's twenty right now because of that terrified ing very safe fighters fighting style. And so. The key of the game here. Here here, the game I'm thinking about muscle. The kid if I heard it was the leg kicks. So both him and John. Block who ended up winning his fight against Dominic Reyes congratulations for blackwoods for being now the new let hey, we champion. But it just Sonya chopped Paula Costa immensely with cakes. What my so go into the fight that idea was Paula Costa. If you can even check up like instagram or polaco says, Youtube Channel they idea was is that a sign? Yeah would be walking backwards the entire time and pollock. Also, we'll just overwhelm izzy with the pressure. That was how a lot of people predicted. The fight would be going and a kind of was right though in the Paula Costa was pressing forward on is Sonya. But a lot of people forget though was a is was a really good kicker. It was really good at kicking and he knows how to gauge distance and if you'll watch the hype in fight videos on in the training Camp Republicans the. Other was based around the idea that Poloko stop would be hitting. Let kicks on Sonya and he pressure is on your so much with his kicks and his pressure that at some point is GonNa go and lean and for counterpunch because when he leans in for a job or for a strike, he goes for a heap He presses body he goes chest I end and so there are it's whittaker Robert. Whitaker was able to get more people clean shots on is Sonya. He was able to go and. Execute and understand. When was there I tend to go strike in and is Sonya though. He did compared to what he is our Merrill, what it gets our whitaker. was that is what a scientist kept chopping down pocus leg over and over and over again, and so says initial strategy which was strategy. He pretty much nullified Paula says strategy. He did because in the audience. House with watching the show back in buffalo wild wings every time pollock coastal with thrown electric and most fighters were trying we're trading Olympics. The people in the audience with the always kept saying Oh man pollock kicks Van. You're slow like people who I was watching. We're making fun of Costa saying Hey man, those sluman, those skits were predictable. Compare that to Israel to sign yeah it was bang. One quick. Let kick back way. He'll fainted for jab Bam quick leg kick when even I could spot. Paulo. Costa when he was going to go shoot in for electric and he threw some good licks, it did it turns some good chess kicks also but by the time he was really making any conservative, but it was a little too late a little too. Late he threw his light kicks early in the round is auto through morlet kicks onto leg off to the chest that by the time Paulo Costa became assertive it was all too late. His tragedy was notified. His King tries you was notified. And also a lot of the training videos you see Apolo Costa online in which he expected a lot of hooks he expected to grapple him. He expected your fight in the close range. He couldn't because there's like slow down. Costa. Enough to the point that. Could slowly pick them up parts I. think like I have an eight inch reach advantage. Yeah. Sonya had eight inch reach advantage and was three inches taller then Pala Costa. So, just like Glick Lekic LEKIC. All of a sudden ability to stay in the pocket is becomes a lot more struggling for Costa and. Is always backing away all the time. Because that's going to put pressure on his left leg and I thought to myself. You know what? A POLICE Stance here. So his right leg would be leaning forward. Then you know that you won't be enduring that much damage and is boxing bill are better, but he didn't do that. What is that Sonny mentioned this in that? He said that because Paula Costa was committed. Twists stance he was not stance switching he could spot when he can go and find the legs for the right leg. Because he would always lean in with his cripple up like this points now say cripple injured left leg. So because left leg was injured so much. On sign, it could go predict and he would understand when was the right time to move? And follicles the worst witch which I think would have been better for him I think he would have lasted more rounds then you'd have completely forgot the strategy of kicks. So. Strategy, he can pull up the legs anymore because his legs is way too battered. And then he had to really and then he had to go over commit in the boxing politicos don't WanNa throw leg kicks so we can force. To come inside the pocket now he can't do that anymore. So Paula Costa now Hughley has to go and in the pocket of Addison and hope the IRA Sonya isn't going sidestep him and go for a knockout because he's really good at that and guess what happened. Sonya he sidestepped Paula Costa because politics is like, okay. I can't let the Guy I got up pressure my way into his pockets with my bad leg and hope they say they doesn't counterpunch mean. He dives in their gets counterpunched gets rocked. A four. Off Site near rains in some ground and pound and Israel. Wins the fight as he is still. The, UFC middleweight champion. Fun Fights not only that he's a smart. Okay. Everything was interesting about this but. My friend said that if I was in a fight with Sonya. And I lost the way I did man. I would hate myself Pala Costa looks devastated and I wouldn't be surprised if anybody who wants to center they did with is. Now. It's not a Israel's sunny defeated them that are on the issue is is Sonya. As the referee was breaking them up as referee was stopping izzy. From breaking the fights from Brigham, the ground and pound Israel Sonya goes on the back Apolo Costa. Dry Hampson. And then he walks off. He's mouthing off to everybody and anybody and the news media starts to break dancing in front of the corpse of. Pala. Costa. He's always break dancing in front of them, and then he does the Naruto run he ran he laps polar Costa in a circle. He teabags you. He break dancers in front of you, and then he runs in laps. Run and he's laughing and then when it came to. Israel artist Sonia is right. Assign you immediately starts dancing also start showboating. Are. Man Dude. It was. embarrassments it was embarrassing it was embarrassing for Costa to not only lose. But to lose in a way where you're ponant is rubbing rubbing on you in the worst possible way he literally got teabag he got lapped he danced in front of your corpse while you're on the ground. Completes Devastation. They're even when even when I was standing and Costa? Like ha ha like is there right next to the refereeing ranks forever free. He's he came out of direction. He's looking at the other direction because he's dat messy devastated. Use into the GS MC podcasts comeback raptor short break here. See you soon. Show built around the women MMA from the UFC to the extreme cage fighting we got the fights cover. The Golden State media concept's women's MMA podcast. The latest news of upcoming fights discussions of previous mattresses join us as we talked to in about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future. When it's the women's fight game, you know where to listen to the golden state media concepts women's May podcast. This is your ultimate stopper everything sports, the golden state media concepts or podcast. Should I say more from the NFL Melby the NBA TO MMA all in here golden state media concepts, sports, podcast listen. And we are discussing UFC two three. And is. T bagged Paula Costa he broke dance in front of them. He did like his head with on the ground level of the job walkies did and it's like spin around in a circle. And then he now to run around him. And Paula. coast. Even look at the same direction because Wa- Bruce Buffer was announcing the winner is might be a Tko. Is still dancing he still dancing. Then Costa, walks. Away. And is it a Sonya cuts promo rece- pretty much making fun of people calling him boring. He's making fun of Pala Costa. He supports right press conference to make one Apollo Costa Dana White is the in ways talking the postal address conference being like, yeah. Man polyposis devastated dude his so self-confident is low I understand why he fought like that are really didn't. Now was it five of the year? No I say, the year must have been. Yeah still. Well, it's so well these young versus you want to check or. Oh versus Vieira. The, an honor killing Rosa is a killer by stole the ankle brace for Soza. As my second best player of the year so far and then we had. An while Jiang and Rosenbaum, Emily Zang happens this year and other be awesome. Rarely happen. But yeah so. Embarrassing Paula Costa. Is Is that a sign? Yeah he is. Still a champion Im hyped up for izzy. Everyone in my crowd were hyped up and. I don't know that politics says, Apolo coastal in terms of personality wise is A. Dude like if you're mashed personality versus personality on Asana and Paula Costa Pokka as much more likable but he's a lot more easier to hate on because my crowd hated Paulo Costa man like when they saw him walking everyone in my crowd or like this dude is on royds this look this guy looks some pretty boy this looks like a model this guy. He's obviously on something and then when Israel Tucson Yep, despite his performance is really poor performance on your Romero people in my crowd were clapping cheering their Bianchi is fm up and then when they all there's doing the heck out of the guy they were supportive they're cheering they're laughing their butts off with is signing teabag them. They're like Oh snap yeah. Get Him. So, yeah. Just follows the he looks like a villain. He does my friend said it best he says someone's he said. He's the guy. Your girlfriend tells you Nasi worried about. My other friends agree it's like, yeah, this guy he's jacked he's huge looking dude he's got sick Brazilian accent going on. It looks like a model. He's got great hair great physique and. Other people in my crowd recalling. On Eighty five more my friends saw Kaliko six. One eighty five. No way that good that looks like a one, eighty five and one of my other friends told me Pala Costa normally walks around at two thirty. He six one, allegedly he six one walks around to thirty. Then cuts way from two, thirty, two, one, eighty, five. Easily I think he's never missed it at all. So I say man I don't know what's up the genetics of the man, but they are insane. Absolutely insane asylum run of the middleweight rankings. Yeah. I think it's IAGO Santos and. Sarah. Are. The two fighters are next in the rankings here. Okay. All right. So coming up, we have rubble whitaker was Jerry Cananea they'll be competing next and offer. So I think I mentioned Ciego Santos English, share competing for every tattle for that but. Derek in the air in. Post by press conference is Sonya said that he expected to go fight against Jerry ca near gives role in the Canadian border provide these two fighting next month on October twenty, four, twenty twenty, and this is going to be very interesting right now, there's a lot of stop Brenna going twice can any right now? Though I'm never going debt rubber whitaker and his mom you're either now the winner of whitaker and Koonya. We'll go fight Israel Sonya. And Tomasz you I don't expect pollen. Costa getting another chance at the title till Probably Twenty twenty two. To. Believe. That I believe for politics with his performance. He really needs to go and face somebody like Jack Her Masan. Or? Until again. Have he until I'm not sure but I think. He has to nab out lease two victories. Before he fights. Again maybe might have to go and fight somebody guarantee who I think is a good ask matchup for him. He needs to get to jacker. Masan. Whitaker Jerk Qanoni right now because right now, how IC- Holocaust Costa are now there are a lot of people who pretty much are front of him now because of his loss. And because of this loss right now, we're thinking all right. Then who is next in line for the Sonya so Kanani Air Whitaker icee Cananea is GonNa feet whitaker, and they were going to. Assign every now and I think that pioneer right now is the best mash up in the middle ranking. Syam primarily because of his pedigree. Enough though in the stare down the stairs out of Sonya and Paul Costa had there is narrative on the fact that pocos say he's a black belt in Jitsu. Ida Sonya White Belt Man of. was joking about its whereas. A white belt stick together all the way as he w I don't need a black bill to So on a Sunday his ground game has never really been proven. Strange because he fought against. Your Romero. Who is proven to be a great wrestler raiders on WanNa Wrestle. Pala Costa. Who can also wrestle who was a really good grappler but he's not grappling arresting anybody because he so confidence striking. And suffer. I think that somebody who is confident in his grappling wrestling that can really test and can really challenge is assigned him. I believe. So if not, there were zero whitaker again and there's no fighter I believe in Audubon as you see career. That is. The had as many clean shots. As out of Sunday because if you don't remember killing them. Forgotten gasoline or it says, I remember. I think it was with whittaker where it was incorrectly back and forth. Back and forth and whitaker had multiple good shots. Good clean shots on Amazon But just she just couldn't. He could just couldn't ever knockdown Tucson tank his way through and knocked down whitaker before Kim Down buggers anybody who had has landed as many clean shots to sign the it would have to be. Probably Whitaker. And so for Konan numbers whitaker that could really go either way it could could really go overweight staffed by fate of izzy. izzy right now in terms of lineup, he has whatever he asked earlier I know Jason from Emma point he wants his year on mayor over. Again. I. Do Not WanNa see now. Romero is coming a three fight Lewis streak right now. Yeah. He's coming up a three five losing streak. I don't think it's right for him. I. Think we're your. Romero. Has To be in this. Moon right now in this career has played that Claudia Car Cadila Carlos spars role as they're doing right now for the division shit, he has to do the same thing for the division he has to play the role as a gatekeeper. And when I'm looking up on the top fighters in the middle rankings or Euro marrow against their Intel. Your Romero against. Kevin Gas them your America's there've Bronson Bronson is another top name your Derek Brunson the guy who I really expect to go maybe be the one that can go and stop policy Costa when he has to climb back into the rankings here there are a lot of fun match ups here. Whitaker can own your your Romero. jacker Masan dare until Kevin Gasoline her end entails the are expected to fight on December fifth. Twenty Twenty Derek Brunson does not have a match coming up right now. Crystal in top ten would just so bizarre. And Edmund Shahbazi, and there's a lot of hype going into them right now he's creating ranked as number twelve fighter right now you're row is GonNa? Find. Arison Silva. The week following Whitaker Colonia on October thirty, one, twenty, twenty. W Stellar Front fight though. Really will be. As I'm picking up here. So we got I got on a vacation here from not perfect but from manager while it is now is coming from and may fight on Com that pollock or postpone light heavyweight move after is a dishonest disgusting post by antics. polyposis longtime manager whether it is revealed that he was planning on moving to Hedwig after taking the middle title away from is at a Sonya. But, ever change after the last aisle benders post fight antics. Coastal was stopping Sonya on in the second round. Odyssey. is his focus as said, Hughes taking moving up in weight won't anymore because he wants to get out of Sonya and the you have ozone that. No you have. He doesn't owe politics that anything he will stay at one eighty five only to get out of sign yet because he's really upset outrage what Post by attitude, he's a bum warriors fight and when it's over, it's over. But doing that after the fight, he's a bum and he can expect a nightmare coming Adam. According to Ishmael. There's some special antics got Costa. Fired up you can do that. 'cause angry it was gusting audit shown you. showed his lack of character to warriors issues in the fight but he's a bum. That's the worst thing he could have done. Costa is pure angry now. It's not give out assigning or other credit for the victory and emits that they had the wrong Shijie for the match. But says, wasn't it wasn't close as night Costa broke assaults on the loss on Monday saying only a saying only what happened is small said the Brazilian did not sleep the night before you asked three due to a time to time difference but we can't just use an excuse 'cause game plan was to hold back during the first couple of rounds and unleashing the final three, which is what is artisanal predicted to be what the goal was or what the one condition was for. Costa. All status on your for lending kick but coastal was too passive and the strategy was wrong. We should have changed strategy the the first kick slanted and went to war. We know that now he's not a tactical fighter he's a warfighter he's very upset. He's very upset. He said, he said of Costa you can lose losing a war going forward nothing that would upset them and what pissed them off the most was Sahni as disrespect he's mad at him. He said I this on you. will pay for these done. He spoke with after the fight because he hadn't seen that yet that suspect he's Sonya will pay for that. All right then. So as a person who so for those of you who don't know me I do competitive fighting games I did competitive I do like fighting games I, do competitive you and also I love lifting weights my friends competitive about that also for But I'm on join competitive person when it comes there and tasks even when I'm playing basketball. Local Same Committee Bachelor and friends actually I go hard and the paint man I am a proper Shack Charles Barkley Zion, women the I wore elbow the heck out of you to go get myself the win butts even when I'm doing that even when I'm playing really hard to plan my goal is to win all right my lost but I'm not going to say aiding spectacle to you earlier in the match or not I will say I will say this snuggles up early team trash talk. To you earlier before the actual match happens. But during the match I'm not going to trash off you I'm not. But if I to win, you get bragging rights that's how things have always worked in terms of international competition. If you win, you won the right to smack talk you'll have to smacktalk. You don't. You don't have to be respectful to your opponents. You don't have to shake their hand. You'd have to bow to them. You don't fist-bump. You don't have to do that. It's courtesy. It's common courtesy they go. Hand but you don't the other person courtesy. You. Don't owe the other person respect respect them initially in the first place. All right. Then so my friends talked about it in the fact that Paulo Costa has no one to be upset about other than himself because if he defeated Israel Sonya, now he gets bragging rights if political, the defeated are Asana Costa can go on interviews and be like yeah man. Sonya now gonNA move up in the rankings and become a light heavyweight champion. Now guess what if you didn't WanNa Sonya to pretty much embarrassed the heck out of you on pay per view you should've won the fights It's like Frank Mir Frank Mir got really agitated when Broccoli defeated him guess what frank if you didn't want Brock Legend smacktalk you you should have one if you're a better than him. Then, you should have defeated him, but that's not the case here. So when it when he t bagged broke break dance and now it's a run the heck out of Holocaust. Embarrassed and pollock either could have stood up and be like you want man you can't do that to me but guess what you're up to. Any, anybody you to say, you have to say stuff about that outside of A. View because you've got, you've got your feelings hurt let's be honest. You want your feelings hurt. You didn't win the fights and you don't have the bragging rights anymore out assigning a bragging rights. That's why I don't find anything wrong with his antics you're listening to MC podcast coming up short break you're talking about UFC two three CSM. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts listen close and here this out soon, there's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than our podcast lists with endless hours of podcasts coverage. From News sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football, and so much more. So stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that podcast. Whatever it may be visit. WWW DOT JESUS MC podcast dot com follow us on facebook and twitter and download us on itunes soundcloud and Google play. This is your ultimate staffer everything sports, the golden state media concepts, or podcast should I say more from the NFL Melby the NBA MMA all in here golden state media concepts, sports podcast listen. And we are back with again utilised GSM Sihamoni podcasts. I'm your host Arnold Yonne, and this hot one spices right now are really hurting me. You guys understand him as I'm speaking right now to this microphone my stomach my tummy on music in. My stomach is aching it pains. I am so edit this podcast here. And I edit all the time I'm burping or I gotta go and walk out of the room and go to the restroom because it's really going right now and it's just me friends. So I'm GONNA persevered through this right now John Black wits made a fan of my multiple friends here. Oh my gosh. Beyond in the areas if you WANNA go and mess around with your friends, go go go go play hot ones go play the hot ones thing mess around with your friends. You're. GonNa love it. No, you're going to hate yourself. They Billy Irish. Did you utilize the last stab? Super Hot Spicy thing And start running in circles I ran in circles I ran in circles, and then went on both knees and I was on the ground for about seven minutes. Slow. Off and attention now because I am stroke if ever feels like that I am not saying anything that's coherent now and I might sound incoherent. It's the spices. All right into spicer right now going through my tummy as I am fighting my way through this and so John Buck quits he made a huge fan friends. So all my friends they, they casually watch mixed martial arts. They know Costa they don't is it a Sonya Charleena rampage. Brock Lesin Ronda Rousey. Winners though I asked my friends. Hey, who's Rousey and they said Oh run rows famous female fighter the her head kicked in and then I asked him, Hey, tell me the name of the fighter who kicked run around his head and he just froze up. So yeah my friends are casual fans, mixed martial arts and then they saw Schambach wits, Dominic Reyes and my other friend who I watched with. He's a huge boxing fan and. Okay. So you see and Beltran stuff but he can't name that many fighters who are outside the top five, which is understandable like during the killing Vir, eubanks I'm hyped up about that fights which the women's bathroom of the only homes in the main card here but they weren't have to fort though they weren't hyped up for our Kim the widow of takoff but there have that for the two for the main event and the Queen had been here. So my friend new dummy GR- is. He really thought Democrats Win Dot. mccrea's was the favorite to win this in John Blackwoods was plus two twenty Hughes The plus the twenty underdog and I thought to myself really because among all the fights here in this entire card, I believe that box dominic res- is the closest fights. It was the closest the males predictions about the to fights the main event, the community really went off the wire. Generally, most people predicted Costa at a Sonya ending via decision. I thought it was going to split decision a sign on my other friends. I was going to be unanimous decision on. Yeah. Most people had this fight going towards majority unanimous or split decision in the main events. Whether it be Pala Costa winning or is Sonya generally my people said, okay. This is going to end after five rounds of action neither person have has shown. The are even capable of being knocked at except Israel to sign ya but as time kickboxing. Non MMA so. It was very unlikely. The odds were very unlikely but if I was getting it in the second round via Ko now it didn't happen and Selfridge all black goes dominic raise the narrative behind this right was alright then. Dominic raise when toe-to-toe he was the UNCROWNED UFC light heavy champion he showed defeated John, Jones. Judges Score John Jones win, the fight But me and the large Madrid people thought recreation of one against his fight against John Jones. And so good blackwoods fights. The way how I put it down because I thought. I was thinking. All right dominic re as is the better technical boxer than blockades? RAZZ has better footwork than blackwoods. And I arguing argument a friend about this and was read res- is technically. A Better fighter than John blackwoods. But. What I said to myself and I told him was I'm I'm afraid that dominic res- might developed this keen sense of invincibility. and. Then he lost. He's like, okay. I should defeated who many consider to be the goats of mixed martial arts John. Jones. So I'm not me fighting John Locke who everyone says is lower is much lower than the totem pole. Then Jones, I can go toe to toe with John. Jones I'd not to what anybody? which leads. To dominant, Grizz underselling how good are underestimating how good blocker says and I looked at the previews. Look at the betting odds out the pres ones predictions generally everybody anybody was underselling John Wigs except for one of my friends who was a casual so when he was looking at the happy hype. Package is. The hype package showed that says, was you know he was a really good boxer, his spot work and it was really good his his angry he's angry ability go find shots was a lot more cleaner dominic Reyes is appear to watch and then he's all John Box. And blackwoods like a proper monster years man does goes in there and is rexel just knocks people out. So my friend was like, okay. According to you guys stomach should win. But it looks John Blocks is author scarier, and then when blocks game blocked is by the way he is a scary looking man. He is a scary looking, very wide thick looking man. Before the fight even happens there because they're promoting. Yes. For the show, the video game models of the fighters. So they showed izzy Costa Demographics and zone blackhawks is huge. His poorly rendered by the way is poorly rendered poorly textured video game model is super pasty video game model. Is Gigantic. And when you look and when you look at the back of John Blackhawks, I did this rican huge. He's big. He's a proper big thick wide boy man. and. So the happens. And the narrative behind. So how the fight went off was very similar to the main events is a Sonya he poked PARCO Steph with let kicks John Backward which Michael is he poked dominic. Reyes would body kicks. And so we'll just raise because Dominic Reyes has the reach advantage. He's taller he's bigger. He's got the Richard Vantage. He should be able to poke better than John. But that's what happened. And instead I think make repairs was. Was using his lakes to go set up for knockout on box. And that Hewitt and push away blocked until block get so impatience. The BAWKU GONNA dive in and dominate Grizz is GONNA hit him with knock out hit or he's GonNa go and take advantage of him and pressuring down with the striking similar. To other Sonya, one of those. Dominic Reyes, an artist on I believe Kim's a fight with the same tragedy. But while I was able to sidestep STA and while Paulo Costa was struggling mightily because his leg was jammed up Dominic Reyes kicks him. Botox. Really. Didn't do much. It annoyed documents but for the most part here. Blocks destroying wrecking res- man. With his body. Kicks. In, just a two and a half mark on the right side of Dominic Reyes ribs is this a purple red swollen spots? It looks disgusting man it looks disgusting. Dominic res- He looks. As if I were to go On. A lot of confidence in kicking. And next thing you know dominant Grizz was just a lot more patient a lot more passive and John Blackhawks despite the distinct advantage. This is this advantage black slowly chopping away at Dominic says. The slowly chopping. And knowing John. Black was the much more stronger fighter. I told my friends this and I didn't see this in in the predictions are also saying this is going to go by rounds is said, Dominic Korea's if you're to defeat Blackhawks, it would have to be by decision. It would have to be him being the better boxer. But Dominic as he ain't knocking out John. Ain't doing that. It's either raised if he's blacklist by decision. Or John blackwoods knocks out rae is in the fights. And happens. In the second round John Blackwoods and oxygen out four minutes and thirty six seconds and. I I thought the referee should. have given dominic res- maybe eight seconds. Maybe eight seconds of time to defend himself because he was defending himself. Now obviously, there was no way Ray was going to get back up. Okay. Obviously there are free didn't pull it, pull it in job-lock. What's would go and pressure the heck out of dominic res- and his record guide there was no possible way. No freaking way res-. Would be able to really defend himself all of that well in the final twenty seconds. But I believe that dominic risking endure this waiting for a seconds and it wouldn't be like an obvious on man. This guy is obviously done or he's obviously dead. No. Either he can endure and tough at all like a lot more if referees give their fighters more time to endure. Yes. All because they're in a position of not in a good position where they can go defend themselves. They are still in a position where they can go and adore a lot and it won't be able to consider knockout or or that back to them I think it'd be a lot more at. All like a lot more if I were given more opportunities to defendants, I agree dominick Cruz and his assessment on that. Also. John. Jones here are actually title win. Let me see what dominic rare is said about the fighter. So coming in by SP nation calm dominic Reyes drops f-bomb. To performance got pull the trigger Dominic grads was heavily favored. And captured the vacant light heavy title last week and. Then and I have a feeling that it was so impressed. The. Impressed by his own performance against John Josie believe three events was a mere formality. Not Quiet Barcodes came out with bad intentions and take the fight to raise and knocked him out in the second round. And? To say, well, F-, this got to pull the trigger res-. Role on social media nothing left to do but get back up congressional John Helvin four minutes not all of God's lessons. Feel good. Thank you. The Dana White and the opportunity. Thank you for our team and almost four is comeback stronger better. I. Love this game and will continue to grow raised drops. He is twelve in to defeat. He lost his past two fights right now and necks up you got glover a Antagon- Santos right right around the corner here and winter that fight will likely pikers John Blackwoods I think Glove Shero will Lafitte Diogo Santos and we are going to see a war. We're going to see a scrap yard fight a proper battle between two of the hardest hitters in the AFC division and John Blackwoods and gloves Sarah. Blackwood said about what he believes having her because that's obviously an expert and Glover Shera verses. Glover services. Scientists should be I. Think next week. Let me check up schedule for those two fighting up now. But I like the fact that. And just one month away. We're GONNA. Know that contender busy and I think it's all right so Does that Is going to happen in two months going to happen on November seven, twenty, twenty these were Initi- meant to buy each other. In the same card in the same car, but then it was moved over so liberty, Shera and. They are up next I predict Glover Shero who at forty is still looks great. He'll be fighting against Dago. He's GonNa win the fight. He's GonNa fight you block Lindsay Douglas. Santos. Again, stomach res- DUBLINER Fund. By find us on blackwoods. So right now, the heavy right now is pretty much covered tied up among those four. We have Alexandra Quiche who is right around the corner and say I've. Got We got to prospects or cooling ranked number five number six. Those two fighters they're moving up and we surprised if by the end of twenty one or early twenty, twenty two, we can see either quiche or is your Chaska being normal contenders fighters blackwoods. And I think John Blackwoods is good enough to defeat Democrats again. I think he is good enough to belly scrap away and get a victory on liberty. Shera. That's a very scurvy for black wicks and I believe he's better. He's really good enough to go. On those. So among the top three here we're finding Jumblatt quits next year. Glacier has the highest chances other feeding backwards and the year after that we Alexandra Tosca as being fighters. Lynn to look out for the year two, thousand, twenty two. And then coming back short break here. Obvious cussing the rest of Jesse tiffy three along with an MA news brief right here Jess Mc, MMA podcast joy short commercial break here. Want. To know the latest and soccer that listen to the golden state media concept soccer podcast MLS is the world's Premier Li. Got You covered the latest updates hottest matches news on the League's top? It's the golden state media concept soccer podcasts. Listen now. And we are back and so I'm still discussing you re three and let me just give a quick take on. Holocaust saying that he initially as come from. Politics Manager And the initial plan was for politics to defeat Israel Sonya. Then move up till it heavyweights I'm guessing to. Compile a have rate while maintain the midway belts. or it might be you know or he might go challenge. John blackwoods. Champion heavy champion. To listen to this podcasts for a long time I, the past champion versus champion Bouts you know why? Because then at least two one, here's a because you're double champion. That doesn't mean you have double the responsibilities and you get to compete twice as much. In a year no because remember a man of Nunez. Despite the fact that she's a double champion. Picks and chooses when she wants to defend her belts. Enron Henry's Hudo who. Is Adult who was a double champion but defended his belt once. During his time when he never indicated? No. No. No. He never even defended I those belts he'd okay. So he defended one belts. And then he defin- crews. So as champion, he defendants Mamas. And then Dominick Cruz. and. He's retiring and then bulk bolts were vacated. And everything was a mess. We got champions your vacating their belts and then right says. that. If. You want to be the man. You gotTa beat the man also for Clare, but if the man isn't available. How can you fight him or her in this instance? I don't think champions should move up in weight class unless they vacate their belts. Because, you know it sucks is out of they make the belt and the belt left there and the figure out some way as to worship fighters should. Vacant title and so we have no champion. Andrews. Astra stats champion even job. As a great fighter doesn't aspects to it in that backwards oil heavy champagne because John Jones around. Doesn't make him look good. It doesn't, and so I am happy I know is that a Sonya had seen motivation also in the he wants to go and move up in weight class. He wants to go to heavyweights and then at some point at heavyweights because he six four and he can definitely make it at heavyweights. But that's future that's future and hopefully when the time comes when he does more of till heavyweights and if he is still champion. The AFC can handle it better, and if he ever does plan to any fee to do that I, hope he lose the belts and so many vacated or somebody beats him. I don't like champions leaving their division unless there are beaten forty bigoted. So, yeah, not happy. I'm not happy that pollock. Had, idea, I am happy that he isn't doing that. So Yeah pollock stay at one eighty, five. Okay. Stay there or you can move to La heavy right now but don't you dare bring a. To another division no. So. Because the fights here we have Kaikoura France against Roy Val. Call Man Without a doubt in my opinion v Fights of the knights take. Care France he comes in from. Sinus, kickboxing academy and we got Brennan ran evaluate well is ranked number nine and France is ranked number seven. So when our best go on compete with somebody among the top by in the fight division, which isn't all that hard for is fighters to go beat up because the fight news you know is kind of lacking we have cody garbrandt. He's expected to fight against the five champion in the he's only once in the flight division. Is Only one player division, but he is one and two in his past three fights. So yeah, it'll be cody garbrandt Davis. Figueredo and they've got Brennan it'd be Brenner vowel now fighting's up you'll probably Just Been Evita's, and then which could help them make the case into fight or fight against my cody Garbrandt if it'll lose. The division right now. Debt division is really weak, but we saw a really fun exciting fight here between care. And Brennan rebel Cerro El was able to defeat friends via submission in forty seconds into the second round, and this was the fight that got everyone in the crowd pumped excited because the first fights people were really disinterested they're mostly focused on because they. Now before while wings their two games, they had fight going on the events and then they had the Denver. Nuggets Allegra game. A lot of people are focused a lot more on liquor game than they were. People were more focused on the Lakers nuggets game were in the actual fights and to be honest with you, it was a big game. A Lebron James, ill be making his tenth finals appearance after missing out on the playoffs in his first year with the Lakers. So it'll be Davis's first time being with a real serious contending team and he's already in the finals. So yeah, it's a big moment in the world of the national baffles. Me Living in southern California the La Laker team, they are the team of Los Angeles. All. Right. So it was big news. There the criteria we care about killing Vieira. CR EUBANKS didn't care about how came Gins Bureau took off, but the crowd came alive. When rival and Kaikoura France happened. Because by the time the by the time, the Laker game ended was when Ray Val and France were about to enter fight and go into the second round. Is. Insane, man. Kaikoura. Friends. Had I. Think. Four knockdowns? No No. I don't know. I think he had four knockdown limited to fight here because they're mobile what's only three knockdowns? So there are three knockdowns in total of this fight here both guys were fast as all heck. There were throwing bombs there was one moment in the fight I didn't Haiku France he aimed for spinning elbow and then Brenner while rebel ended off with like a left-foot with left jabs and they both simultaneously knocked down each other, but Barron will stood up. And he got on top of Kaikoura France and in Roy Val. Let me when I played. You'll see resolved in tech and seven just spamming these man I love it. He just spamming the. Ford ex spamming knees man he's not giving care France anytime to go react these two guys throwing a karate kicks flying kick spinney elbow Spinning Back Fists Flying Knees. This is a fun fight man fight of the night at a doubt I, even though these fights usually don't way you don't end via. Va submission or a Tko. Rebel was able to TAP Kaikoura France. Kaikoura France was the favorite going in, and so rebel as the underdog Alma blackwoods had to stop performances and if you've been on either those guys, congratulations, you're the minority here who really believed in those two fighters rose making his way up in the rankings here defeating Kaikoura France and John blackwoods now champion good for both them up killing VCR eubanks. Friends were not interested in by I really was because I'm a huge. Fan. I think it is ridiculous. eubanks is competing in the wounds division. I. Don't understand why do that? Okay. I understand it's easier for the weight cuts but really Sarah eubanks she is perfect for the division. She's competed flyweight bantamweight banks would be perfect for the story division I believe she can go make way because she is significantly a lot more smaller. All over opponents in Caitlyn Vieira is huge compared to you bangs like vera was the school bully and she just hovering over you back Centauri time and although eubanks is the better boxer, the fact that Vera has so much length. Size on eubanks you becks typical advantage at people advantage she would have against Moore fighters doesn't apply here. Vera took apart Sarah eventually striking groundwork all over although impressive before the area. So vero landed ninety three out of two hundred, three total strikes forty six percents land sixty eight wasn't he won forty percents and had to up five take downs compare eubanks who was able to get forty seven percents sent me to out of one fifty, two total strikes and six nine out of one forty, nine signaled strikes. Beg slanted one more strikes but was down by twenty one total strikes, and also can be a controlled eubanks on the ground here, and although eubanks did a really awesome job defending the takedown and defending yourself from somebody who has as good as grappler as Vera. Huge props for eubanks here Ed just the size advantage was too much and although started eubanks is a great boxer and her striking built is really good. You wouldn't really count CR eubanks as a type of fighter who can go into knock out's is you happen I can see her pressure opponent she can't pressure opponents if killing. How the size and she's extending your arm as she can rushing out to CR eubanks and preventing her from getting any advantage she couldn't get in there for boxing. She didn't get in there provided inside the pocket Sarah Eubanks was pretty much outmatched in this fights. And they read a Hakeem do ought to resume. Takagi. Gone beyond to you. I was not all that interested in this fights, we have to hundred fighters here came out of was the favorite going to this fight anyone the fight and in a third round it there was a lot of time going with. where he was like, yeah, man get me Man Gimmick. His armored down heels yelling deborrah Zawar wasn't really giving anything at all to him and the very end here's Kim just pretty much overwhelmed with souls right near so Akeem Linear fifty one percent of strikes seventy out of one, three, seven at one, hundred, thirty, seven strikes sixty, nine out of one, hundred, thirty, six, seven, strikes fifty one percents compare that to the Toco Gov who landed forty of ninety eight landed ten percent less strikes and was thirty strikes less than do out by minus thirty. And also damask strikes. So as a borough sigma strikes was thirty five out of ninety, three, thirty, seven percents and landed thirty, four, thirty, four, thirty, four, thirty, four. Signal strikes how It would have been a Tko by Duda instead of him trying to beat out the Beira. Zubeir had no knockout power and there was no possibility of knocking on the first place. I would have liked to see a lot more from Akeem congratulations for came home. He wanted to fight him though I would like to see a little bit more by Sasol a little bit more live impress and I would have. enjoyed. The fight is a little bit more better as I believe. I'm going to give a quick shallow to Sanchez. He had a really tough go in his fight against Jake Matthews here. So it's coming in by 'EM MAJORCAN DEO Sanchez Oregon Seek Matthews as the main event for the prelims forty three. They not going to say that he loves EGO Sanchez, but his unsure of its future following USC two three, it's tough. So. Yes he has a sauce for ego. Sanchez but isn't sure if he's comfortable seeing the veteran and find out I of his contract I think is a t I think excites lepers contract we're surprising. He says I love dig, Sanchez and I don't know white said the repulsed by news. It's something that I think about it's obvious something that I talked to the guys about back when we get home the office and we see that everybody thinks I got these guys now. You Got Diego Sanchez who fights heart out there every time he fights he was part of the professors. One everybody knows how I feel about those guys. Any Person? Then he cowboy Rony when you can say all the same when you can say all the same things about him also. And as these guys start to get older and start racking up some losses, it's tough but IGGO Sanchez like I wanted to say, I don't know for sure off the top of my head, but he's won three of his last five or something like that. But yeah, it's tough. It's not the fun part of his job. So Dana White he's really skeptical and Diego Sanchez on May be perfectly honest you. Don Stony you can keep. Nico Price. Was Too much for Rony dancer only had a real close a good Anthony Pettus. So I really wouldn't. Put Sanchez and Sironi in the same guard. Yeah. They're both like journeyman veterans who are pretty much in the down slope of the careers I get it. But. Sony is in a better position, Sunni is a much more physically better condition. THAN DIG Sanchez Dig Sanchez in their fight against matthews CNN chest no chance man. No chance, there was not a single instance in that fights. That, I saw was like, yeah, diggle Sanchez. Matvey is no no, he doesn't. I don't WanNa be that guy, but I would be perfectly happy if I don't see another Diego Sanchez fight. I, really went in and it sucks because Sanchez Risk Lake Rita. Alleys to me is my favorite fights of all time. But you can't keep paying the basal beyond Ego Sanchez still being there is because he was part of tough season one here star Friday eggs, Klay Guido. And he's a fan favorites beyond that though in the NFC, which is supposed to have the best collection of fighters in the world. Dago Sanchez man. He shouldn't have neither here early shouldn't. Maybe. Give him one last hurrah fights. But that's about it. I. Don't see. Dig Santa's at all having A. I don't see they go scientists at all moving up the rankings I don't see a second phase of his career where he works way back up. At this point, I'll be happy to not see Daego Sanchez. NASA octagon unless it's official see this one last Hurrah by Dago. Sanchez. But I was really underwhelmed. By performance against Jake, Matthews and Dana wants to cut him or reduces fight contract lower. I wouldn't be surprised. I really wouldn't. And so that is USC typically three I recommend everybody anybody if you haven't watched it yet go watch the to fights. Going last fights gone archive. Francis rebel go watch on blackwoods get stomach raise is. Risk Costa three you really fun and it's an interesting fights argument everybody anybody if you are a fight fancy, go your way and watch the show. And that brings to a close to podcasts. You have been in great audience as usual. All I got to say is this are now w. With thank you. Thank you for listening to the MC podcast brought to you by the. PODCAST network. Please remember 'cause the shown right in Nice reviews that. Also trapeze. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. Thank you and have a good. Nice. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts, MMA podcast part of the golden state media concepts, podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot Jesus MC podcast, dot com download our podcast on itunes stitcher sound clock, and Google play this type in gs MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music throws, sports, entertainment, and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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