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Alan Berg Pt. 1


Before we begin just a brief. Disclaimer, we at par cast do not support the beliefs of white supremacists. Although we'll be looking through the point of view of these assassins throughout the episode. We thoroughly condemn their actions and their hateful rhetoric. On November sixth nineteen Seventy-nine radio personality. Alan Burg, hosted his controversial call in show on Denver's cage EMC, although food and drinks were banned in the recording booth. Bergh's sipped a mug of coffee and smoked a cigarette. He wasn't the sort of follow the rules. He destroyed so many microphones already the studio had suspended his microphone from the ceiling. So there would be no way for him to spill coffee on it that day. Berg was in a heated discussion with a caller who felt the district attorney showed preferential treatment to the local Jewish community. Berg who'd faced anti-semitism his whole life, shouted the caller down. He even taunted him saying come on down here to Burg these shouting matches were just part of the job. He didn't even realize the caller was Fred Wilkins. Head of Denver's chapter of the KKK one week later. Door. Swung open during Berg's live broadcast. The intruder pointed a gun at his head and said, I'm Fred Wilkins. You will die. His words were broadcast live to all Berg's listeners very walked away from that encounter uninjured. But shakan, however, the next time a white supremacist group targeted him, he wouldn't be so lucky. One death can change the world. At least that's what assassins believe welcome to assassinations on the par cast network every Monday, we examined the famous assassins of history, and the men and women who were assassinated. I'm your host Bill Thomas, and I'm your host, Kate Leonard. This is our first episode on provocative radio host Alan Berg who was killed by members of a militant white supremacist group known as the order at par cast. We're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help us. In nineteen eighty three David lane worked as a security guard for a newspaper called the primrose and Cattlemen's gazette lane loved his job he got along. Well with his boss. He believed in the message. The paper was spreading. He'd even written an article that was published the death of the white race. The newspaper was a platform for people like lane that is white supremacists. Who believed a race war was imminent and just three weeks after lane started his new job. It looked like they were about to get a publicity boost the paper's owner Rodrick Elliott was invited to an interview with radio host, Alan Berg. But the interview didn't go as planned when Elliot called into the show on June fifteenth, nineteen Eighty-three Alan Berg, publicly insulted him for the full duration of the interview. He called him crazy an anti Semite and a racist. Finally, Burg said, quote, everything you have said is ally. You have no facts, then hung up on Elliott before he could reply after that disastrous radio appearance. Several advertisers pulled out of the primrose and Cattlemen's gazette the loss of revenue led to layoffs and less than a week later. David lane lost his job. Lane was furious. He'd always believed that a Jewish conspiracy ruled the world, and this seemed to confirm it when David lanes white supremacist groups started planning the assassinations of prominent Jewish figures he had the perfect idea for their first target from nineteen Eighty-one until his death in nineteen Eighty-four Allen Berg used his Denver radio shows to challenge. Racists, white supremacists. An anti-semites he regularly invited the leaders of hate groups onto his show only to cut their mikes to prevent them from defending themselves on air. Here's bold broadcast led to numerous death threats and a face to face confrontation with the head of the local chapter of the KKK in nineteen eighty four. He was killed by a white supremacist group called the order the assassination can't be attributed to any single individual. But in this and the next episode. We're going to. Focus on two key members. Bruce Pierce who physically shot Berg and David lane who drove the getaway car to understand. What would drive these men to commit an assassination? We have to start with their pasts. Bruce Pierce was born on may fourteenth nineteen fifty four in Frankfurt Kentucky. Bruce had always loved the outdoors and as a teenager. He longed to get out of the city and live in the countryside surrounded by trees and nature. Just a few months before his high school graduation his girlfriend Elizabeth got pregnant so instead of donning his cap and gown he dropped out and married her on April. First nineteen seventy-two Bruce in his new wife moved to Atlanta, but he still dreamed of living in the rugged country out west after he and Elizabeth divorced in one thousand nine hundred eighty one twenty six year old Bruce Pierce, finally made his dreams a reality and move to Montana, but the reality of. Rugged life in the west didn't live up to the dream. He soon remarried and had a second child, but they struggle to make ends meet. And while he loved the beautiful scenery. The west offered Pierce was deeply lonely without any family or friends around about a year after Pierce moved to Montana. He met a man named Mike Butler. They became fast friends after a while Butler invited Pierce and his wife. Julie to join his bible study group as it turned out. Mike Butler adhere to an anti-semitic ideology known as Christian identity. Mark potok of the southern poverty Law Center, explains person identity is a theology. It's not a group it's practiced by perhaps fifty or sixty thousand people in this country. And in fact, has produced a string of murderers of people who have, you know, tortured children who've blown up buildings and really just a remarkable bevy of crimes identity in. Short believes that Jews are literally the children of Satan. That whites are the real chosen people not Jews and that blacks and other people of color are soulless mud. People quote unquote, Pierce had never given much thought to Christianity or white supremacy. But in spite of a hateful rhetoric, they adopted Mike Butler, and his friends were always warm and welcoming to Bruce and Julie Pierce, the pierces had been looking for a community, and they'd found it Julie was actually the more fervent supporter of the two. She claimed to have had a prophetic dream in which God revealed to her that they were on the right path to preserve the white race. She encouraged her husband to get more involved with the church so less than a year later in one thousand nine hundred three the family, moved to Idaho to become more active in the white supremacist movement. They even enrolled their children in a Christian identity school with a white supremacist. Curriculum the deeper twenty nine year old Bruce Pierce got involved, the more white supremacists. He met he made friends with thirty year old Robert Matthews and forty four year old David lane. Both members of the Neo Nazi National Alliance. Let's turn our focus for a moment to David lane after his father died when he was only four years old lane was adopted by traveling Lutheran minister he spent his early years traveling around the midwest for whatever reason the young lane was obsessed with Adolf Hitler in the same way. Bruce Pierce had been obsessed with the outdoors. He always wanted to play the Nazi stormtrooper when he and his foster brothers reenacted World War Two the family eventually settled in Colorado, where lane stayed throughout his young adulthood, his first job after high school was as a real estate broker, but he was fired for refusing to sell houses to black customers between nineteen seventy eight and nineteen eighty three lane dabbled in several white supremacists. Movements including the K K K and Christian identity where he met Robert Matthews and Bruce Pierce. It was a meeting that would change history. The eighties were a fortuitous time for white supremacists. In nineteen eighty eight the K K K reported its largest following ever with fifteen thousand members plus one hundred fifty thousand casual rally attendees hate groups found a valuable recruitment tool in a novel called the Turner diaries. The plot follows a group of white heroes who overthrows a Jewish cabal that rules the world when Robert Matthews read the Turner diaries. It resonated with his own beliefs. He wanted to be that hero bringing down the vast Jewish conspiracy to that end on September ninth nineteen Eighty-three he invited some of his Christian identity friends over for dinner. It was a fairly normal dinner party. But when dinner concluded nine men including Matthews Bruce peers and David lane retreated to the back yard for some fresh air. Their Nath us presented a six step plan. That would culminate and founding a whites-only nation. Step one form group. The nine of them would be the core. Members stood up to was to set goals, which he'd already done by sending out this six step plan. He'd gotten a bit ahead of himself on that one step three was to finance their operation Matthews modeled, his plan on the plot of the Turner diaries counterfeiting and stealing the money. His group needed for the next three steps. Step four, recruit, more members step five assassinate highly placed enemies and step six raise an army that would overthrow the US government after Matthews presented his plan. He asked that each of his friends give a loyalty oath because they were fighting for the future of the white race. The oath had to be sworn over a white baby who represented the coming white generations. Luckily, one of the men Kenneth lawf- had. Six week old daughter. Kenneth ran inside to grab his baby. While the other men laid out a blanket and surrounded with candles. Kenneth put his baby girl on the blanket. The men stood in a circle over her as Matthews led them in a loyalty oath. They swore to secrecy and Matthews swore as their leader that he would defend and fight for his men. Bruce Pierce knew that his days of loneliness were over from this moment on he was truly bound to Matthews lane and their white supremacists. Community. Coming up. We'll look at the orders plan for assassination and their target. Allen Berg now back to the story with steps one and two completed it was on to step three fund their operations. Robert Matthews authorized, the other men to counterfeit cash and distill large sums of money. David lane was put in charge of the counterfeiting operation. Nobody involved with the order had any experience with counterfeiting money including David lane and the bills weren't convincing. They weren't even the right shade of green. But the order forged ahead with their plan to pass the counterfeits office, real US currency. In December nineteen eighty three Bruce, Pierce and other members of the order took their counterfeit cash to a shopping mall. Their plan was to make small purchases using large bills gaining real money in change from the fake fifty dollar bills. The men split up. Bruce Pierce went to radio shack where he tried to make a purchase. But the cashier easily recognized the cash as fake Pierce hurried out of the store. He thought he described he still had plenty of cash both real and counterfeit. He tried another store. But after he left the store he noticed a security guard following him. He didn't want to be arrested. But more importantly, he didn't wanna lead the guard to his new friends in the order Pierce played casual walking through the mall darting from store to store each time. He passed by a fellow member of the order. He'd quietly warned them not to acknowledge him. The others kept walking right past him Pierce made it outside the mall then ducked into a seafood restaurant right next door. That's where the police caught up to him Pierce was taken into custody and questioned by secret service agents who were in charge of investigating counterfeiting cases. Even under pressure Pierce continued to protect the order. He gave only one clue about his motive when he made an anti-semitic comment about one of the secret service agents who was questioning him that turned out to be a terrible mistake. The secret service agents suspected that Pierce was a member of a militant white supremacist organization. And they wanted information about his group as part of any plea deal, but Pierce refused and talk. He was given a harsh sentence of two years in prison Pierce requested time to get his affairs in order and the judge ordered him to return to serve his sentence by April twenty fourth nineteen Eighty-four peer. Agreed. But when April twenty four th rolled around Bruce Pierce didn't turn himself in. He officially became a wanted fugitive during their spree of robberies and counterfeiting the order started working on step four recruit new members, the group never really succeeded at this at its height. The order had only twenty two active members as each new member joined Matthews provided them with a copy of the Turner, diaries and outlined his six step plan. Some new members were uncomfortable with step five assassinations Matthews told them he'd abandoned that ideal that was a lie. He and his inner circle were already talking about targets for their first assassination. Meanwhile, Bruce Pierce was teaching himself how to build bombs using manuals from the area nation on April. Twenty ninth nineteen Eighty-four just five days after he failed. To turn himself in his jail sentence. He decided to put one of his homemade bombs to use that night Pierce was on a trip to purchase weapons with another order member. He asked his friend to make a detour to a synagogue in Boise, Idaho. When they arrived Pierce found a crawlspace accessible from the outside of the synagogue. He crawled in and placed the bomb under the floorboards. He set a timer for half an hour, and they drove away Pierce hoped. The bomb would be powerful enough to destroy the building. But when it went off thirty minutes later, it only caused minor damage when Robert Matthews heard about the bombing. He was furious. I he hadn't authorized the action and second the bombing it failed after this and the counterfeiting fiasco Bruce Pierce was on thin ice the next month. The order got their first real taste of blood, not an assassination, but a murder. Of one of their own an order member named Walter west had tried to pass some counterfeit money along to his first ex wife Joan head injure without permission, Robert Matthews wouldn't let that stand on me twenty seventh nineteen eighty four another order member Randy Dewey took Walter west on Dr west was suspicious. He insisted on holding his rifle throughout the ride. And do he didn't argue he drove west to a remote location in rural Idaho where Robert Matthews and several other order members were gathered in the woods a little after six PM. Do we stopped the car, and they got out one of the order members approached from behind wielding a sledgehammer he struck west twice in the head. But didn't kill him. West shouted what's going on here? Randi. Do we picked up the rifle west had brought with him and shot west in the forehead finally killing him. It was a new era for the order with west murder. The order became a deadly organization. It was almost time for step five assassination. Let's turn our focus to the order's eventual victim, Alan Berg. Berg was born in Chicago Illinois in nineteen thirty four. He grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, but his encounters with anti-semitism shaped his childhood he frequently clashed with his father who worked as a dentist in wealthier, gentile neighborhoods. Berg resented his father for hiding his heritage as Allen grew up. Their relationship was strained. Berg went to law school, but his behavior was unfocused and impulsive on one occasion. He eloped with classmates then received an annulment only a month later after that he transferred colleges numerous times jumping around to Colorado, then Florida and then back home to illustrate despite his erotic behavior. He graduated from depaul law school in nineteen fifty seven at the age of just twenty three for several years. He had a successful law career representing those who needed it most mafia members and sex workers. He wants defend it a model. Tony Lee who'd been charged with indecent exposure after visiting a beach topless, but beginning in nineteen sixty six just nine years into his law career, an undiagnosed brain tumor caused Berg to have recurring grand mal, seizures his health struggles and stress lead to depression and Berg began to self medicate with alcohol Hsun, he was a full blown alcoholic in the late nineteen sixties he and his wife Judith relocated to Judas hometown of Denver, Colorado where he attended rehab. He maintained his sobriety for the rest of his life. But the Berg's chose not to return to Chicago or to the pressures of the law. Instead they stayed in Denver and Allen got a job as a shoe salesman. Working in sales turned out to be a great fit for his energy and charisma in nineteen seventy-one he encountered a customer named Lawrence gross of talk show host on the local station. K G M, C gross. Was so impressed with Berg's conversational skills. He invited Burg to join him on air. Berg was thirty seven years old and had never been on the radio before, but he was a natural. In fact, he was such a natural gross kept inviting him back for more interview spots later that year when gross decided to relocate to San Diego. Berg was the natural choice to take over his talk show. Berg thrill listeners with his natural charisma, but he didn't develop the abrasive attitude that would make him famous until nineteen seventy seven when he moved to a new network K H O W and took over a slot that had previously belonged to a music show rock and roll fans. Called in to complain about the lack of music during Berg's talk show Berg brushed off their complaints often with insults. He learned that the more rude. He was the more listeners wanted to hear what he had to say those who knew Birdwell agreed that away from the microphone. He was soft spoken respectful and pleasant to be around, but his abrasive persona was a large part of why he became so successful. And as his show became more popular, he only became more combative on air. Sometimes he would intentionally misrepresent his callers opinions or misquote political leaders. So that angered listeners would call in and correct him. He regularly cut his callers off or hung up on them, mid conversation as Berg explained in an interview, I stick it to the audience, and they love it by February twenty third nineteen eighty one bird move to KOA the largest radio station in the Denver area. His show ran every day from nine AM to one PM his broadcast reached thirty eight states and more than two hundred thousand listeners tuned in every day to hear him insult and berate callers. Burg wasn't content to let any of his colors, go unchallenged, regardless of their political leanings. But his biggest trigger was anti-semitism. Not only. Did he criticize hate groups? But he even sparred with common listeners who he claimed were complicit in hate through inaction during one broadcast in September nineteen Eighty-one he said, I know there are antisemitic people out there among you gentiles. I know you're listening. I want you to call me and tell me why you don't like Jews. Let's not pretend this doesn't exist. Let's stir it up these pronouncements made Burg a threat in the eyes of numerous hate groups. He clashed on several occasions with the K K K Neo, Nazis and adherence of. The Christian identity movement as a member of the KKK the area nation and the identity movement David lane didn't particularly enjoy Allen Berg show, but on June fifteenth nineteen Eighty-three lanes boss Rodrick Elliott was being interviewed. So he and his roommate decided to listen Rodrick Elliott was a holocaust denier, and as usual Burg railed against claims of an international Jewish conspiracy, David lane, of course, fully believed that a Jewish conspiracy ran the world and over his lifetime of white supremacy. He had done extensive research to back up that belief he called in to prove Alan Berg wrong, while the phone rang lanes roommate began to record the call when Berg answered lane presented his case listing several Jewish world leaders who were a part of the conspiracy. Berg didn't denounce him. Instead he admitted that he hadn't even known many of the people lane. Listed were Jewish. However Berg didn't have the chance to finish that thought David lane hung up on him from Berg's perspective. This was just a typical call the sort of thing he dealt with every broadcast. It was a little rare for someone to hang up on him before he got a chance to hang up on them. But apart from that David lane was no different from the other. Dozens of callers he fielded every morning rain, however, believed that he'd humiliated Burg and proven that the radio host was a fraud for weeks afterward. He would play the tape for his friends and family, but in the end, Alan Berg was the winner shortly after that day's broadcast Rodrick Elliott's newspaper the primrose and Cattlemen's gazette folded under pressure from advertisers, David lane, lost his job seven months later in January nineteen Eighty-four Allen Berg invited a Christian identity. Leader named Reverend Pete. Peter's to come in for an interview Peters came armed with bible verses and ready to debate the Allah Judy, but Burg cut him off every time he tried to raise a point at one point Burg said, quote, you're not going to read the bible on my show, David lane, Robert Matthews and Matthews. Girlfriends Eela were all occasional attendees at Reverend Peter's church. They saw bergh's attacks on their Reverend as an affront to their own beliefs and a personal attack on themselves. This was just seven months after Berg's interview with Rodrick Elliot had led to David lane losing his job. In lanes is Pam the eyes of the order. This was strike to strike three came a month later on February thirteenth nineteen Eighty-four Burg invited white supremacist Colonel Jack Moore onto his show solely for the purpose of embarrassing him through all the broadcast Burg mocked more. Four and cut off his mic. So we couldn't respond to the insults. This was a pretty typical example of Berg's interview style, but the order saw this as the last draw they were already compiling a hit list of potential targets for their first assassination. Alan Berg had just jumped to the top of the list. Coming up. We'll take a look at the lead up to Alan Berg's death. Have you heard the news park cast has released its first ever fiction podcast mind's eye leg by nightmares homicide detective Kate McClay. Enlists her radio journalist husband to get to the bottom of her horrifying dreams in the process. Kate fights against psychology unsolved crimes her own family in even a serial killer. If you love true crime podcasts mysterious audio dramas and psychological thrillers. Like, I do this is definitely the show for you. I was hooked right away. Be sure to stay tuned to the end of our show to hear a teaser huge mind's eye wherever you listen to podcasts or visit park cast dot com slash mind's eye to start listening. Now that's mind's eye. The scariest monsters are those hiding inside our own minds. Now back to the story in early nineteen Eighty-four leaders of the order decided the time had come to fire the first shot in the impending race war. They were ready for step five assassination. Number one on their list was Norman Lear. Ninety nine. Lear was a television producer who created the show all in the family. The order resented the way that the main character Archie bunker was used to mock their white supremacist beliefs. They also had a problem with these shows positive depictions of black characters and sexually empowered women. However, the Los Angeles based television producer was too far away from the orders, Idaho headquarters. Norman Lear was crossed off the list. Number two was Morris Dees a civil rights lawyer who founded the anti-racist southern poverty Law Center, but due to dis high profile and tendency to travel with security guards the order also ruled him out as a potential target that left number three Allen Berg. After Berg's interview with Jack Moore in February nineteen Eighty-four the leader of the order. Robert Matthews spoke with his girlfriend's mother a woman named gene. Craig she believed in the white supremacist 'cause and agreed that Berg had to be silenced June Craig's spent the spring and Denver tailing Burg and learning his habits. She took photographs of bird coming and going from the KOA studios, his favorite, restaurants and his home. Thanks to her scouting the order. Learn that Berg's home was secluded enough to be an ideal assassination location as David lane. Bruce Pierce and Robert Matthews planned the assassination Pierce fought for the right to be the man to pull the trigger. He believed that whoever initiated the revolution by killing Burg would be remembered as a hero. And he wanted the glory for himself Matthews wasn't as ready to grant peer such an honor. Tensions had grown between the men after Pierce's arrests for counterfeiting and his unauthorized and totally unsuccessful synagogue bombing. After a long debate Matthews relented and allowed Bruce Pierce to be the assassin David lane was chosen to be the getaway driver on June eighteenth nineteen Eighty-four Bruce peers, David lane, Robert Matthews and another order member. Name Richard scutari checked into a motel six near Denver, Colorado. They have their machine guns in tow and their target plan to perfection. Alan Berg's day began in a very typical manner. His morning radio broadcast covered recent sex scandals within the Catholic church. The pope had recently made a statement that sex for pleasure was sinful and Burgh adopted a typically provocative stance goading, his Catholic listeners to call in and testify as to whether they'd ever enjoyed sex at one point in his broadcast Burg asked the audience, quote, can you figure anyway as a man you can have sex without pleasure after his broadcast. Concluded Berg spoke with his producers about the topic of his next episode gun control by two pm. He left the KOA studios. The day was rainy and overcast the skies rumbled with thunder at five thirty pm bergh's now ex wife Judith, parked a few blocks from Allen's apartment building and walked over over the. A years, Allen's repeated infidelities had led the couple to separate and reunite multiple times that night they were attempting to reconcile they agreed to have dinner at a restaurant called Jefferson, four forty. They drove over together in Allen's car, meanwhile, three of the aspiring assassins from the order went to Berg's apartment, David lane. Drove Robert Matthews sat in the front seats and Bruce Pierce sat in the back. They drove slowly past bergh's building. It was seven PM and Berg wasn't there. The assassins didn't know where he was or when he'd be back lane pulled up to a taco John's at the end of the block to wait him out. Once the car was parked Mathewson Pierce God out Matthews headed toward Berg's building to scout the location Pierce, stuffed his machine gun into a tennis racket case. So as not to draw attention the night was quiet and free of witnesses Matthews noticed a free. Parking spot in front of Berg's building. He headed back to the taco John's and told them everything was exactly as they expected. The three men got back into the car and trove over to park right in front of the building where that have a better vantage point Matthews laid out the plan. They would wait for Burg to return home, then pull up alongside him in the driveway working quickly Pierce would gun him down and lane would drive them away. A little after nine pm bergh's car pulled onto the street. Bruce, Pierce held his breath. His moment was about to come the car pulled into the driveway. Then stopped an idled for a minute. The mood in David lanes car grew tense. Judith had wanted to come into Berg's apartment to make a few phone calls before returning home. But now she was feeling tired and should rather leave the calls for tomorrow. Instead Burg backed up and drove her back to where she'd park your car. Several blocks away Pierce lane. And Matthews watched the car drive away out of sight, they were completely baffled. Berg was only gone for a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Finally, the car returned and parked in the driveway. Matthews said, quote, let him pull in then David pull up to the driveway and Bruce you take him Allen. Berg stepped out of his car with a bag of groceries a lit cigarette dangled from his mouth, he didn't pay any attention to the car. Pulling up right beside him Nath. You stepped out of the car and opened the door for Pierce Pierce was ready gun in hand, he stepped out strode toward Burg and opened fire bird collapsed to the ground, the groceries and the still lit cigarette fell beside him, he died instantly. This was the first time Pierce had killed anyone. He was exhilerated thr-. Drumming with adrenaline Pierce jumped back into the car. He bragged. Did you see that? It was like we pulled a goddamn rug out from under him the way he went down David lane. Sped away within seconds. Alan Berg's, assassins had disappeared into the night. Alan Berg's death would be just as controversial as his life. The story of this assassination. Hold significance beyond Robert Matthews, David lane, and Bruce Pierce as the order had predicted step five would launch a new phase for militant white supremacist movements and change the shape of hate groups throughout the next several decades, we'll discuss that and more next week. Thanks for listening to assassinations. We'll be back on Monday to explore the fallout of Alan Berg's death. And the manhunt for his assassins, you can find more episodes of assassinations as well as all a par casts. Other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network CNN time assassinations was created by max Cutler is a production of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network. It is produced by max and Ron Cutler sound design by Kerry Murphy with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller additional production assist. Since by Carly Madden. And Maggie admire assassinations is written by Angela Jorgensen and stars Kate Leonard and Bill Thomas. Now here it is a teaser of parkas first fiction podcast minds. I if you enjoy it be sure to rate review and subscribe to mind's eye wherever you listen to podcasts. Euro five January twenty seventh more notes on case file number three or four nine east Colfax motel murder now east Colfax motel murders. New victim. Middle aged male found mutilated nude murders. Are clearly connected based on posing. Here's sexual in nature. My working theory jilted husband killing for revenge. Now turns zero killer. Victims would be men who slept with his wife, but possibly men that have a better sex life either way. He's jealous stabbing scene passionate, but cleanliness of Mattel room suggests premeditation. Have a call with Santa Fe PD today about a similar case. They're working from last year. They say there's posing but won't release details. Removal of body parts points to psychosis. Or perhaps it's a message harassing keeps bringing up Jack the ripper kidney letter and told the girl who gets our mail to watch out for stray eyeballs, he's a little green. But gotta give him props for the enthusiasm. Here's the thing. The crime scenes are identical. If it's a message, it's the same message repeated, and we aren't receiving it. Detective Cole Denver PD. Gimme a second. I'll be right there. One last note media all over second victims case. The nickname the killer. The blind butcher.

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