Ep#14 - Overcoming Adversity with Tayla Harris


You are listening to the Halley. Cpt podcast where unconventional musings of broken. Down into black sites conversations to create the contain the holistic living and self reclamation. I'm your host Ellen mental performance h and student to life. I am here to remind you that life is a journey of obstacles meant to be overcome. And I'm eager to share mine in here about your house for you. I'm the woman I once needed and together. We will explore exactly what it takes to deconstruct reinvent who we are and what we are in order to feel on and become very best selves base. Is that moment my friend right here right now. Welcome you are listening to Listrik. Papacostas number fourteen overcoming adversity with Australian rules football. I end professional boxing. Chant Tayla Harris. This episode truly is so inspiring. You guys you're about to learn who Taylor Harris is if you don't know already This episode has a really really beautiful. Celebratory on the current. You guys We really go and dive deeply into the challenges and obstacles that we face as human beings and more specifically the ones that Taylor has faced and it truly is such a privilege to be able to bring you the guidance wisdom and story Someone that has been through this riot what that looks lack while it's happening for another human and and how that can really shape us and then of course what that looks like on the side you know when the dust has settled you know how we cope and how we land on the other side this soy many beautiful angles to this and I feel really tackled. Him expelled really really well. And I think you're going to appreciate it sir. If you're experiencing any challenges or adversity right like right now yourself we have in the past. This episode really highlights. How possibility is to not only become the tough times and also come out the other side stronger than you know what that process that journey teach you and the little invitations you know that may be available to you as event CIA now. Taylor has a lot of incredible insight to share with you around having a really positive mindset and it really complements the adversity so well in my opinion I feel high-capacity to stand in her power with this really positive mindset and attitude and choosing it as a choice I feel it has given such a unique edge and sort of sort of like this really very unique advantage in terms of where she's going and how she's landed where she has riot and how his contributed to her success in her sporting craze. Now something I feel. A lot of you will resonate. With is her capacity to embody the the mindset of a winner. This really positive mindset. That I'm speaking of this was really really humbling. To me to listen to you know she shares her processes and even perhaps some of her air quotes personal rules around those processes and how she chooses to be in the world now. I also philly advice that she gives on losing and how the stigma of losing can be so negative or or seemingly detrimental. She highlights really well. How losing can be such a powerful tool right and I really love this. I love love the nature of using losing as a powerful tool. And lastly before I tell you can with her and how to get your hands on her new book. Taylor has achieved immense success. You guys as an athlete While simultaneously retaining who she is at her coal maintaining anticipate and kindness and her values to route her honor. Ed Court sort of fame right as such. This is something I feel so incredibly passionate about and it's so important and I just want you to know that you know. Sometimes I feel and I see this in my work. There is an there is a FIA. Does this fear that success means we have to change who we are you know. Oh that it might change us and you know Taylor is a living walking breeding reminder that you can be so immensely successful you can get in the ring and physically and technically fight another human being in win and you can reach the top level in your spoil in your life and your career and you'll harm and still be the moist kind loving caring human being Mary's riot sir. You guys can connect with Taylor or run instagram at at Tayla underscore Harris. That's T. A. Y. L. A. Underscore H A double R s Because he got a little carried away. We did not get a chance to tell you guys where to find her. You can also jump online literally anyway. KMART BE W Amazon Google and purchase her book. More than a kick. Footy the fertile in me can actually learn in even more depth about Taylor story. It's really amazing book. I read it. And it's it's very inspiring chilly now. If you're at only two sports if you live and breathe challenge and turning it up and taking yourself to the next level which I know so many of you do. This episode is going to feel so very good for you and if you like me sometimes struggle with allowing yourself to rise and shine like to rise that high in shine that Bryant. This is such a powerful invitation for you and it's it's going to fire you up at FIS me up at fide me out while I was listening and I was a part of it It is going to remind you that you're so immensely capable and I can't freaking wait to hear what you pull from this conversation. So sorry much of what you're about to hear is incredibly Applicable and so Taylor would absolutely love to hear from you. Please please head over to my instagram at the dot holistic dot and leave your comments on the marketing photo of Taylor and I for these pocus episode comment. What you felt while you're listening to this episode. Or if you have or are currently experiencing Buren please feel free to commoner over. Tell us what that has been lack for you And share your story because we want to hear from you now. I hope you're very very well in taking care of yourselves. And one another and without further ADO. This is episode number fourteen overcoming adversity with Taylor Harris. All right guys. Welcome back to another at the site of the hilly. Cpt Poe cost. I have the beautiful Taylor Harris with me today. How are you? How are you yeah? I'm excellent thank you for those of you. Who aren't nor Taylor? She is in my opinion and the icon for creating a movement against online trolling and bullying and she is a phenomenal female athlete. Playing for East apply for the Carlton Football Club in the NFL women's yet Olsen and she's also professional books out with your still on undefeated right as amazing. Thank you so much for joining me today. And for honestly you'll eagerness to contribute your time and your energy and what I believe will be a very impairing compensation for women and Women in Sports. I thank you mark are looking for me to sir. Mind TENSION FRECHETTE. Today is truly of a very celebratory nature And it is in full acknowledgement of the incredible work. You are doing and have done on a as a pro athlete. Really Passionate about women in Sport and you know their energy that discipline they mindset and be as a voice riot phocine many for creating change in ways that I feel so many of us either have before currently do feel hopeless and palace to create ourselves right so actually met Kayla in Japan last year. Sir Of all the places we could be in Japan. We met at anytime fitness in Shinjuku which I think really speaks commitment and discipline to work. I think Actually that that day a heck admit I snuck in the gym because I didn't have a membership and I couldn't communicate with the stuff that I have to try him that I if wade into someone else in the door and I stuck in try. Yeah I love that. I was really struggling to communicate with them as well and I had a current membership so I totally get where you're saying Showing actually he went and Thou lack owner. You can't come with your tattoos so he had to go cover off and Literally head to turn in lack long sleeve shirts trekkies and come back and train like that so that was really interesting. I would have been wearing a long sleeve but they I think because I've got my on also. Yeah it's a Something you have to be aware of before otherwise you'll get caught out and you'll be disappointed but it's culture unless you're aware of it you can. Econ- push back on it. You the complex. Absolutely I loved That's something I actually love about. Japan is how How loyal they ought to that coach. It's really it's actually really beautiful. Yeah I love Japan I so I read that Sir. I didn't actually know who you were at the time Brian. I didn't know that you were Kind of likes footballer. Oh books are had no idea who? You were That I was actually just most start to hear another. Oh the accent. 'cause I was on my day My friends were off doing something else. Sorry Yeah I had. I had the chain as Schedule I had a flat coming up. I think At the time so yeah. It was very much a little bit nervous like I festival. I'd broken into the gym second of all like I didn't know anyone or I couldn't understand anyone's I was very. I felt home. When you hear an accent over there. You feel like you say you know all of a sudden. It's just not as lonely. Yeah I totally get that. That's awesome but what actually caught my eye that you is that I saw you. When I saw you training I was really because at that point. I still had no idea who you were But it was clear as day that as soon as I started saying you try that you clearly either an athlete or you just had like a really sick church and you'll falling a program. They'd written full unite. Just remember thinking. Wow election moves really really well and this is just like a habit as a as a coach myself. Like a Moi's dialed into the way people moving in what they're doing in the gym and you were doing some explosive jumping or something and all black man like she's not I remember. You looked amazing while you're doing it and and then at the end we were talking about Trying to set up a pad session. We showing your member that yet and we couldn't quite get it to work so that was a shame however I do distinctively remember like just how kind you an? How incredibly down to Earth? And you know that really stuck with me and I kept telling shown lack. Wow she such a cool shake she say down to Earth and then from that point on I just remember seeing you in like Nike posted on the walls and I just remember being so proud to be a woman saying now woman representing spoil in that way. It really excited me and then about two weeks ago. I saw that you had launched a book which we'll talk about And now here we are Sir. Thank you sir. Awesome to be landing here with you lack this after all this time. It's really cool. Yay I love that. We met like that like I. I love organic meetings. And there's no like I'm so glad you didn't know anything about my fault because I would much prefer meeting someone on the basis that I've met them because they want to chat with me if that makes sense rather than wanting to know about putting he'll thing yeah it was great and In country is just why of all the places actually indicating that same trip? I opened at another trillion. Couple that happen to know my family just in this really random roundabout way and it was in the smallest little by you could ever know like it was upstairs and everything just like out of this happen in a whole nother country with millions and millions of people. Yeah it's meant to Bay Cycle Saiga so we're talking about least before back at the time of this recording where currently experiencing a global pandemic and most of the world is in some form of look down or Quarantaine And Scott has basically been virtually canceled. Gyms have been closed at you say athlete to throwing down without a really dense crowd right. So it's really weird time And I don't know about you but I am absolutely seeing my sport. Jiu Jitsu sorry match you know I like I said before we have some mats at he but it's not quite the same at home Like the without training without team and training on the mats with a goal. Like a really. Miss that support and competitiveness in the challenge it brings and also just not knowing when we as I could team as a cloud can get back to the mets and start competing again working towards something so I really miss that degree of certainty but something that I'm really passionate about is kind of understanding how Other human beings experienced the world. You know what they're thinking the decisions they make you know why they do what they do how they respond to laugh and so. I'm really curious what what has been like. What has your experience been with this? Pandemic what are you experiencing as like a fellow human being and also as an athlete who? I'm sure you probably had some big plans for twenty twenty. I make very conscious point decision to try and find a positive in any given situation. Sometimes it's really hard and obviously at the moment. It's quite challenging. I've decided that this is not need for me to spend time with family to give my body bit of arrest but also making sure that I'm maintaining fitness in an attempt. Shembe as ready as possible whenever and however it looks like when things the best in the world because I can imagine everybody is in the same boat and it's going to be so excited to get back out last but everything just comes really quickly and everyone just really gotta get back so I have to be ready and the other thing. I'm I've enrolled in a course online leadership core with latrobe uni which I would never do otherwise I wouldn't have time but I also not one study. That's something else I'm doing some really trying to make the most of this time and trying not to after it's all I look back and think I just wasted a few months. I've certainly made them. I also started a Youtube Channel I noticed that a lot of people were wanting to not sure to do at home workout so I just Kinda put up that while I was doing it was really easy thing to do because I was already doing it. The difficult part was learning to edit it all and make it not look so Harvey. I have but not that really mad but I wanted to make it easy to follow along with me. And I've got some good feedback especially from kids to the forty players or anything else. They're gonNa just do something and whether that's Kids and their parents joining the same time. I love that or it could just keep on the in my bedroom on youtube and just being active. I think that circle because it's quite easy to fall into The idea that in this time he should be playing video games. Dodi watching Netflix. Which is nice tempting but I think just a little bit exercise through the day so important as it always is but even also now yeah absolutely and movement Flato for our mindset as well. You keeping online's healthy and eliciting dolphins as well lack at our what I would do without the ability to move lack. It's yeah and I love that. You should see the smile on my face guys. Moonlight hearing Taylor speak. Valleys is so good. Will Yes sir. Yeah I Norfolk. Mate has taught me a lot about 'cause I'm usually the kind of person that just does like A. I go ago when I rarely ever give myself a chance to relax so this has been a really nice opportunity for me to actually slow down and really recuperate my energy and and having done that like when I do go out to the mat-su show on like I'm my focus in my precision is sorry cle- lack. I'm training differently. I've got more energy more gumption like a recovering sta yet. It's different but it's actually really appreciating it so it's found it really interesting. How people have been deducting with what my parents. My mom is a insurance claims. Circa and my Dad's marine mechanic so they've had to work from home which is obviously industries is quite Unheard OF I guess Especially died obviously fixing. But so we've got my family live in Brisbane. But I've gotten on the fence. I know some God's bringing a said he's third. How's it going to sit in the back yard? He finds a way. It's is a down side of the House with one centimeter between the brick wall. And the head like he just nice. It happened so I think it's amazing how people are adopted and how human candidate if anyone ever questioned how we would How would go into time like they? I think Austrailia empathy gone on with the. I mean the on behalf but I really speak with the knowledge that Australians Really yeah making the most of a time like this and A of people of course are experiencing some times and struggling but I think say generally pretty positive vibe around the absolutely yes. I fully agree. All right Sir Let's talk about the cake right. The the very famous tale Harris cake the hardships that came with that and ultimately how it impacted a movement so you recently launched a book more than a cake. Footy the photo in me congratulations. That's a huge huge thing. Well done I never thought I brought a book but here we are clearly up. I read it and it is really. It's a really neat story. And biography of how you came to be in the walled and how you've overcome some of the biggest challenges you face in what you just spoke on before about how your parents are just making it work. You can really see that shining through just in your attitude like you've got this real lack can do can make it work. Nothing's going to stop lack. Limitless nece about you. I love and Gaza going to link up. Taylor's book in the shriners. So you can get your hands on it but what? I really took away from the book is that you know you've had to learn a lot about leadership so it was really interesting that you brought that up before about doing your course. They've had to learn a lot about leadership and being you know this positive role model and you know that you take that responsibility very seriously and I thought at the same time. You're quite young yourself and I have some questions and curiosities about this so just for our audience the Keith. Can you tell us about the famous Harris Cake and the story of sort of how that came to be? Yeah ours actually Recode this very many times so we've got it pretty downtown now which which is good but in summary. There's a fight. I price that have made online playing for kicking the ball and Michael. Winston was the photographer who five nine at admired for a long time. He's an amazing story from the best. If I say so myself I he took it and as usual. He posted a few of these special from the day On his personal account and then seven. Afl facebook page stay. Posted at and echoed. The what Michael had said that this is a great fighter and then in the Clintons obviously it was really positive right chop my whole obviously take whatever benefit. I don't know that it actually went through goals so I was. This decided out of the narrative but a lot of people questioned whether I had ten meters out in the phone. Whatever I just glad to know that I and any video compared the high Actually case it well side But yeah and then. After that there is a few moments that were really sexualizing. And and I'm kind of remember saying them and taking all that's pretty good from just moving away from it but then later on I for whatever reason went back to the comment I think it was because someone else had tagged me in when my friends just saying oh great as my friends do this. I quoted in the back and then above vogler was of course as disgusting and because they were started. I had time. They likes about them right up the top of the comments section which is a pretty disappointing thing. Obviously these disgusting sexist misogynistic comments getting somebody like so just blew my mind that other people could even consider supporting telling they but there was and I just decided in the moment I was like I don't like this. I'm not going to Sandra. I wouldn't stand for it in in real life. So why would I send for online? And then I made a personal without him in gem and I just said blanket that sexist and misogynistic comments on not okay and then. Obviously that picked up a lot of traction. A lot of people will curious what you back and then it don't make sense to faithful channel seven delayed the price. The people picked up on the fact that they needed it. And then I kind of brought it back up and said the furnace should not have been deleted. Obviously the comments should have been deleted which is which is obvious. Now that I understand in the moment channel seven were under fire to try and this right and to fix it And it was late at not. I'm sure someone just made a decision and I'm positive that they regret the leading the hope now but with social media you cut it back magically so so that happened but I wasn't too concerned about leading the principal of when women and athletes shouldn't be deleted. The Clement should and understand that but I also get the process that whoever did it went through so I don't really WanNa hold anyone accountable by just actually added to the whole story line which was in hindsight ideal so the fact that it was elated was with good so I can kind of think that I guess and then it went away to the world which was crazy and are missing the same as anyone else watching on. Is this kind of blew up. I was thinking what the Hell is going on. I didn't know what I started. Intend to stop this. I just wanted to opinion out there but as soon as I realized that it's much bigger than than I ever could have imagined I was. I was on that train like Rod onboard and I was going to Make sure that I made as much of a annoys and as much of a conversation possible so I did a radio interview the next morning and a press conference and the reason I they did a couple things is because I didn't want to dilute. The message had a very clear message that I wanted to get out. I wanted to really articulate and as you can imagine when you do many things sometimes it can get diluted and A few words can be taken out of context. I didn't want that to happen an old. So that's why I was very Was very deliberate with my approach to the media and it would have same kind of wins. But I didn't do many things about that was the reason and yeah after that they stuck to which is pretty. Wild is the fastest thing to say. What is going on now? I just got my rod like a very burn As it was obviously Bundy fans that they've them that she says good. I actually rang my mom and dad and I said now. They've made this that you and obviously they're very proud and happy and everything but I said just the aware that a lot of people are gonNA know understand and they're gonNA make main comments and everything like that and I knew that before anything plaisted and that's fine. 'cause 'cause people don't read articles and people don't get it and that's that's one But anyway so just prepared them for that. And I didn't want mom and dad too 'cause I obviously got really upset. When people say main things about the kid they still got upset at least But then the end of the day I realized that. Even if you don't understand this you still if you're still commenting on that you're adding to that conversation and you're adding to the reason people are going to go back at you with the reason. The said she was was my as much as it was a bit shedding. That people didn't get it in the end. It was made it necessary. That was one part of the story that have I never could have imagined that they would that she but I also am very that it one hundred percent about the moment and has nothing to do with my footy or whether I'm good old or not and that's open to interpretation and fun And I'm GonNa read a Guy. I was twenty two at the time. So twenty one even maybe say Yeah it's very easy to to make sure or to tonight that I don't think they start. You is any more than a moment in time. And it could have had no sort of represented it can be. There's still a wet and I would have been more than happy with that because it's yeah it's just a really important in pending point in society. I think a few people were fed with us and I was so sick of online charlene which is bullying and harassment. And everything. And I've been thinking since the day I will into the school into the school ground so I couldn't understand it from when I was young president. I still condoms than it now. So I'll continue to push back in anyone who thinks that it's okay to be today name to people or to bring people down and unfortunately Estrada told puppy syndrome. The school is a big thing and I hate it because I love supporting during really well men or women in any sport or any any Foil music or anything like that. I think it's pretty disappointing that often when people are doing well. Australian coach kind of is scattered that they they bring them back down to think that it's Think that it's right but it's not Totally and what? I lost so much about this. He's like it. Despite the hardship that you went through it led you to create a movement and speak about something that required attention. You became the face something really really powerful and I think I speak on behalf of so many when I say lack way to Gar- like thank you for that. That's awesome thank you yeah. Of course The women that I share my world with the Women in my gym in my online communities their incredible like they're the most incredible human beings and you know the kinds of women who see another woman going through hodge it And they relate that experienced back to themselves and they show up and they support and they be they shop in your corner and on your team all the way. And the become very curiouser. One question that came up a lot when I told them that we were doing this. Was they said you know how? How did she cope with the hardship? And Sir I'm going to refrain the for you because you've kind of already answered the question. Bet I there's something else I wanNA acknowledge here also as someone who has read your story know you've already kind of these quite nicely however lack. It seems that you know this was such an innocent thing. You know the way you a kicking the ball like it's it's such an innocent thing. It's something that we should be proud of. It's something that we can ensure admire. Not that's a really really good thing and it feels like in many ways like you mentioned you know. We've been taught almost to not do that or as an as an OC culture like it's not celebrated and to not and not to celebrate ourselves in case you know maybe it makes us appear undesirable. Or what have you whatever? It is In this moment this picture you simply use simply doing what you love what you do every single day kicking the ball the same way always have and you know that so very quickly became an entirely different narrative lackland social media and. I was bullied in high school. And I can't even imagine what that would have been like if social media was what it is today and Sarah. My question is like what supported you through this experience in those moments of I. I can't speak view that I imagine you went through moments of anger and frustration. And even maybe about to feel This very clear violation of something. You know so incredibly innocent you know. How did you navigate the income out the other side even stronger? What's supported g through this experience? Well I was very lucky to have such an amazing Support crew I suppose around me and that was my friends who my pre existing friends and then the people I met along the way like yourself and then my parents my family. My football club. It was a very Eye-opening experience to have had. This happened to me to be involved in football. Like Colton the fact that I was very supported and incredible and I'm sure every club would have been by the way that they showed up and they continue to make sure I was okay to reach out everyday or every few allies even from that club. President to my my coach. Everything like that. So that kind of thing is a way for me and it makes me realize I am okay and really empowered and I never want from the very start so that I couldn't handle it. I had people Alex laundry my manager. I don't really like saying manager. Mervyn friend Joshua's justice there the whole time no matter what time of the day or Arab the not she was on final was ready to come over and make sure they say. I think I was very fortunate to have those people but it also Required made a reach out if needed. I the only time I really did was Kinda to check in on my parents. And then obviously because I would if Minnesota affected than I was about this in a Lotta ways because they're in Brisbane Melbourne so I couldn't mom officially couldn't just give me a hug. She she voiced that often say is pretty sad about that. They had to work. They couldn't just drop everything and I wouldn't let them destroy everything You know so. That was difficult. My grandparents had no idea what was going on then on social media. Thank goodness but I got a cold because my men was watching the TV early in the morning as she does with a cup of Tam Show and she called me and she said what what is happening. I don't know why are you on the news on the sand. 'cause obviously the the the tone of the report was really scary. So man rang and I was like man. I'm okay. Thank stress it. This is what's happened. She she wind understand because social media is just baffling to the older generation. As you can imagine that was really difficult That that I didn't even consider and yeah it just Kinda goes to show that when things are reported in a way that isn't quite clear to the entire population it just makes things confusing and it just Yeah just creates a really difficult to have conversation for the people involved. But then I suppose I bringing made me very resilient one but also I another thing I was always positive and that was from my parents and my family that we're very much. If for example my we're about every weekend we could be out of gang by twenty if the weather was a bit about The cost cloudy overnight rain. That would say that's why not get an hour in and so we just pack up everything really quick jumping in the car and get out in the book. We might have steady minutes of life loading and stuff but he would do that and obviously the petrol and to get the will not only get it out with enjoying that thirty minutes. That's where I got it from the nuts something than I continue to add in every aspect of my life and I find that segregating. I am always. I've found that I'm quite often up and about about things that if I'm but I find a way to make myself feel better and feel Excited for whatever that daybreak. That's awesome your family sound incredible. They really do your. They're very cool. Yeah Yeah I'm reading about I writing about this in the book and they can see so much of how they've raised. You shine through in the woman that you ought. Today let truly have done an amazing job since really really cool And Sir on the other side of all of this all this budget You become like a role model and a leader in a sense. And as I said before I see you take this quite responsibly and quite seriously sir You know I I work with women in multiple capacities quietly on quite deeply actually as lacquer and also as a strength and conditioning coach which also takes me to that depth in so many ways of you know what he Megyn self-doubt lack of confidence anxiety depression. Like all of that. And what I do is I take on a really profound jenny to like self reclamation essentially I kind of bring them back to life The Way I say you live. Your Life. You know. That's a really great example of what I love to bring in other women And when I see you standing in your power and the way you have The way you do. I see that you've tapped into this power that I speak of and from such a young age and that is incredibly exciting to me. Like talked into something. Sorry Pal and I get Kinda like chills and goosebumps thinking that like the endless possibilities to you and what you're going to achieve and create in this last time because of the way you were raised in what you believe and not really beautiful attitude that you have sir you know. I suppose my question is what has this becoming a role model alita been lack view. And you know what? Is it still teaching you? Well I realized that I was in a position to influence when I was seventeen and I got An opportunity to play for the Brisbane Lines. I was there first lection when they were given a team in the inaugural I W as it and so the second. I was announced as a player for the bridge and lines. I noticed that young people especially where reaching out and saying cool I and I get my number on the back. They would WanNa take fetters. May and everything like that so as a seventeen on my eighteen year old on the bring to that exciting time in any presents. Young young person's life I got out and about the city and everything but I realized that selling more important. What's happening for me at the time? And that was becoming real. What do and so I thought very like probably messier than top site couldn't or shouldn't but I was very much. This is my job and I didn't sign up for it those no. There's no explanation of the work. But I was doing and this is it. I'm the rest of my life. The Roman now so I think that's something that a lot of young people who come into fell at all or any sport with And they have publicity and things like that NATO understand that they have the ability to either do really good things and help people in a massive light all they can influence people in a way that they will regret in future. When when they have kids aren't yeah for a long time. I've realized the way that I can impact people and as out which is an a few years but I've also realized that there are many ways to do this. And that can be simply just being really pretzel when someone off professor and the first thing I learned was when you ask a young person. What's your name and username in your in your response and off the one thing about that day. It's very easy to tell deplace. How's your day going or anything like that? It can make a young person. Yeah Week cool even after not enough for me. Sorry about something that I am big on and It's very simple but that's why everyone should do. In addition lack myself will even anyone in general. Just make that little extra because it will come back and give you a good feeling but also can really give someone else and then everyone. His often just smile at people they will cost. You don't even have to Saleh just smile. That could make. That could be just what they need. So I'm big on and I think it's just too easy not to yes. I love that and it's such a big commission slate when you behave that way when you choose that when you choose that way of life such a big permission slip for the people around you to do the same as well. It's accurate she chooses. This and this is something that she really prides itself in being an perhaps I could learn a thing on Syria. So it's it is it's like you're a big walking token permission slip for people to do the same thing. That's really cool. You're on love's I want people to to copy and I want people not to try and Bay me. I want people to try and be better. Term Bake may be better than the NIAMH trying. Try and find my flows because I'm sure there are some and Tell me about them. I hit I'm very open and honest about because I'm confident that I'm doing the right thing but don't I want to know if anyone thinks I'm not make change? Yes yes that's such a huge Asset riot like disability to receive feedback in a productive way and decide for yourself. If it's something to learn from won't change from lack. That is something. I feel a Lotta people really. Struggle with is just being out there to save not feedback. So that is not only won't makes you powerful like as as someone who wants to be a role model and you know in in spies to be the best she can be. That is really valuable So I'm going to shift gears now to your career as an athlete and sportsman as a boxer. Because this is something I'm super excited about So so you're building correa as a box that and as a football la That sounds like crazy. That's that seems like a lot Can we talk about so to how you juggle them? Birth BECAUSE BY SPLITS DEFINITELY. I can say that they complement each other in terms of your training and like the physical and even the mental demands on. But how do you make them both work? Well Yeah they absolutely complement each other in physical. It's it's quite obvious but mentally is the big one for me so I often use example. Inefficient says no bench. He conscious think halfway through around on any of the rest. That's not an option on the city field. I can translate that to if I was on the other side of the of the bench hours on the other wing. I couldn't get off within a few minutes left and my teammates new field. I can think to a time in the ring when I've been in the middle of around and I just feel like I need need. That release will break. But it's not an option but that I find really helpful and beneficial and I think I would not be able to play the way I do now. Which being I woulda got. Run being out to Finish quarters or finish games. I think that saying that I never previously had into started fighting but the other thing undo very deliberately is I dedicate half the forty and huffy. It's about and I can do that now because I found out. The is only five months six commitment And that allows me to yet. They both thing in the other off the The good part about it is it's in winter and I live in Melvin. So book in my tracks it I I could wear double Fox and if I was like twenty in the winter like there's no loan there's no treacly over like you have to short supply and I'm not interested in that I'm from Brisbane. I grew up in the wall. Like that's a big reason and that thing with its international so I love the idea of being out of trouble me and my team Got To go on a trip to America and we had the best time ever. I learned the most I've ever learned in my life about about thing but about also things about my teammates about About my team. My coach my Alex. My job and so it. Yeah it's given me an amazing opportunity and doing during tastes ball at once. Has Its challenges. Obviously exhausting it's hard sometimes to understand if I'm 'cause I'm very cautious not to to give Less than one hundred percent either sport. 'cause I WANNA make sure giving one hundred percent vice book sometimes when you do than one for get out giving eighty percent here eight percent here and nothing actually get one hundred percent. But I think I've found that balance and a found that ideal amount of time dedicated to h sport per year and because they complement each other. Well I think just found the two very unlikely but very well much. Yeah that's awesome AK SAR all right. Let's just say that it's fight day for you. Let today off to this podcast. You're gearing up to step into the ring tonight like from the minute you wake up like what is going on in your head like nervous. Do you have a routine or process that helps keep you kind of in that winds mindset like? How do you navigate your day knowing you'll be literally fighting someone later well because fighting the nature of it you generally if you're later on in the car you're not gonNA fine to ten PM which is Pussai bedtime anyway? So it's a challenge in itself. I'm GonNa make sure what a sleeping with one have but I'm probably not going to sleep in because I'm so excited about it. Separately wake out dreamt about excited One thing I try and do the as normal and that would be hanging out with my friends. Taking the dogs will probably not GONNA go. Play game with woody Going to be detrimental but yeah I'm GonNa need normal things and I'm going to Have a normal breakfast. I'm not gonNA anything not eight enough or anything like that so I tried not to change much to my normal routine and then when it gets to the thought to the probably closer to the five time in the afternoon Have a gold from my courage. He'll say hey going did a thing on anywhere thanks anyway. What about because. I don't need much like I've got my backpack on aid briefing. Doug like I'm quite low maintenance. I'd like to think when it comes to five day and I in my mind I the guy on the prep begins eight weeks prior. So I've done everything that I could have done if I've skipped a training session if I've done everything my coach prescribed. There's no as in mind that I should be noted and if things that go my way with the fight that was on that I drew for their strategy and to a few years before and I. I wasn't obviously I was disappointed. 'cause I wish I had been able to To win nobody. I knew that that was what was meant to happen. Like it was I didn't lose. That's one thing my country I did. He said he still undefeated. So that you'll get another opportunity to win this belt. And that he was so proud of me and that my family and friends is still going to be as carrying as loving as before trying to I I was. I was fine about it of upset about. It wasn't the end of the well. And yes. So that kind of sums up my thought experience and that is super casual five minutes before the fat. I'll still be laughing with my shot. The back I'm not really don't need headphones. Have Not real serious. Anyone can come back and say hi I feel like it and we will not we dislike. We hang out we play games out back. Say That's how I do it and it's not very run but that's the way I go about my pre. Yeah I love that. I feel like you'll you're like you just allow laugh to continue to flourish for you in that way and I feel like that really attributes To like how. You're showing up in the ring. Lack really calm collected like you're not making such a huge deal out of it like I really do feel like it was always lacked that for you. Do you feel like you had to to kind of get the hang of it now. I think that because I genuinely enjoy the sport and I love the technicality of it and I love the idea that and I have to my best for France. I think I think four or five. I had the opportunity to knock my turn out but I didn't and I couldn't understand why and I realized that it was because I was to human. If that makes sense in the moment my coach said like I said You you do the pension that Wrexham but you just hold back and you don't do that second one you won't and he would visibly as a as a book day himself. He was visibly like. Why don't you do like I don't get it and I said I don't want to hurt them like I don't want like I can see is that they they gonna you know like out which is pretty scary so the why the kind that? I tried to explain to me that you have to consider them as a school board. So we've put he. Obviously it's pretty easy for me to understand that. So he said. Try Not to think of them as the person you met before. The show can't with him. I won't be nice to my respect. Them try and just so that twenty minutes or whatever it is in the ring just trying to think of them as Some an obstacle in the in order to and I was like okay. I can do that. And then only the sudden I was able to not recognize my Appendi- facial expressions as she's had she's Upset She's whatever and I could just have a blank face and I was In between rounds I to like in between rounds I can have a conversation about. What's the lunch smer if I felt if I wanted because I'm so I've got that ability and I think it's very rare of discovered that ability to take myself out of any given situation and just come back to Noah last but then the ramp thought about it I think is that ability to go back and flips right back into What my job is At in that moment so I find that quite interesting when I go in depth about the way that I thought and ny habits things like that but now since that moment and since that conversation with my coach I I've known out all of my opponents which I don't love say gloating about but it's not. It's the school board. It was the home run so Yeah Yeah it's on. I find it super intriguing. This is one thing that I really wanted to pick your brain about was literally like how you prepare for. Fight where your head's at would emotions going through your body like that for me is really intriguing because I have. My upbringing has been quite the opposite of yours sir. I kind of learned how to be afraid of everything like very young. Sir GROWING UP I. I wasn't confident or outspoken. I didn't really believe in myself. Struggled a lot with Lex confidence and self doubt and I was bullied and competed for the first time in lack of grappling competition in December last year. And it was like I really really struggled lack showing up with a calm and collected and lack. I couldn't sort of. I felt really in my emotion lack. I was really really struggling and I remember doubting myself a lot end simultaneously still being a cheerleader for myself so as still kind of going back with employs between what the hell am I doing like I'm GONNA lose. This is going to be crazy and then I'll also lack. You've got this you're good. You're trained hard. You've done everything right. You're strong you're capable like you've got this And you know. I know that if I had believed in myself and my abilities more if I was able to maintain that really calm and collected state I would have crushed it like I would've walked away with two goals instead of to Silva's laxer in hindsight it was definitely familiar with more mental than anything else and I really really struggle with that cell service to super good to he say like how you deal with that because I feel like hearing you say it is only sought permission to me to look at it in a new in any way. Yeah it certainly finding your own version of of not and it doesn't have to be like I walk out to the ring smiling and I love it. I waved my friends through my gloves. So it's a pretty weird way but I Yeah I I put myself very much and very literally in that moment and I don't think that I mean the training Kimmel. I know that I'm he a crowd. What my friends watching. I don't want to discipline them to this crush. But it's good pressure so I I believe that that that's my way but I can tell you a million different options in ways that that could be a variation of communist and that might be envisioning that you're in the training. Jim All that could be No crowd that noises From the speakers or something like that like those different options. But you just have to spoil and you have to understand. I think that losing is okay. So I'm very much if I lose in boxing or in Comex because quite a Stigma around if you if you lose once the massive problem. But I'd leave that anytime that I've lost or at a Whether it's in training or anything and pretty is probably the big one. Because obviously you've got your whole team that you're lying said little bit hot to to Have Self so what's the would soon. How did the Blind Yourself? I suppose for table that I've learnt so much from those experiences and knowledgeable team went from the bottom of the ladder in two thousand eighteen. We've lost five out of seven games or something like that. And the next year we were in the grand final and we. We didn't win. Matt Grandfather bought wake up there bad experiences. Beavis and I can think two thousand eighteen to that because there's no way in the world we would have been to make our way to the grand final without that experience of and that feeling because many feel it. You don't want to feel it again so you know what it's like and you just get reassured that I don't WanNa do that ever again so It just gives you that little extra motivation. I think it's necessary. Yeah absolutely I learned so much And walked away like from Mike. My my competition is nothing like stepping in the ring. It's not quite like that bit. It's I remember feeling sore proud of myself. Flacco is just sorry. Sorry stike that I have put myself in a situation where I was terrified and scared and I didn't anyway lack and I think only lost two of my six spots it was still lack the most amazing liberating experience for myself and I never will regret it. Lack it's amazing yet. Well yes I think. You'll find that anyone who is involved in your process even over it even anyone who just code you training day and you just finished an existing session and experience how hard and how much effort you put in. You know that they proud of you. And they'll I'm sure that you would have had plenty of fun calls and plenty of messages off the your Competition and I think that's the best part of it knowing that no matter if you win the whole thing and undefeated and no one came close or if you Don't quite Win The whole thing or whatever it might be you'll still have that support and and people who see what great things he did whether it is in. Split second of flight number three on the event but love when someone says. Remember when you do that that was so instead of saying? Oh well done on your whole commission. I just yeah when people make the effort to bring out one particular time. That's my favorite things. Yeah me too that's awesome. Yeah when can relate it back to something really specific that you've done it's like a it's like a it's like a complement to your to. Your work. Not just your role success yet psycho. I lacked that. Do you have a year like? Where are you at right now? With footy and football. Do you have any upcoming fights What part of the do you do Voice Ada? Well couple is from November until eight thirty and then boxing is the other and the moment of with the current climate. I really can't answer. Notre what is happening? Career is different. Acquaintan- differences W is so. When you hear something from this morning I heard something about Jim. Three opening and I thought it but then I realized that I think that's only full. Who somewhere somewhere that somebody that I'm not sure. Many kinda get disappointed against I I don't know what's going on at the moment and the only thing that I do know is that I will be prepared. For What an whenever things back up again or whatever presents itself makes and just got that could be really random. That could be very left field. I get an opportunity to to travel overseas An opportunity in a whole different whole different realm of things than I'm looking forward to that. 'cause that's the way things have gone for me in the last few years and I'm very often see I do something very left field coming my way. I like that. You're always ready. You're always prepared Taylor. So what he's one piece of advice or a spoken word that you might have for women that you'd like to leave here in the space. Well I think if in any variation or any way that you can you can adopt and bring positivity into any given situation and that could be something small and that could start with just waking up in the morning and thinking we're GonNa have a good day today and if the doesn't turn out to be a great one that's okay. That's no fun but I think it's just starting to add that into your everyday routine and trying to adopt and develop that January wing of trying to find entity because it honestly just makes things so much and you'll find that is just awesome when you try your best to find something good in every situation or something. Good in everyone that you make. And that's something that I've been doing for a long time and it takes a long time to muster. That takes a long time to get a little bit frustrating. When you try to find but it's a challenge that I can Give people if they feel like Just it's not the Waco thought with the day and Say Go and see how you feel after that. I love that I always say to my people. Like what you focus on you find and create more of Surrey. If you want to focus on you know all the things that are wrong in the well then you're gonna find and create more and more of those things that if you wanna focus on all the things that are riot and positive not bring joy to your life then you're gonna find and create more and more of that like it's it's inevitable say that Yes Awesome Aka. Well we're running out of time so I wanNA thank you on behalf of like all of the women that I know and love and cherish and those who have ever felt maybe a little bit trapped or emotionally unable to do something like to set the stage to demand a shift to rise up for a much-needed change. Thank you for. Thank you so much for showing us that it can be done and not. It doesn't have to change who you are like. You've clearly been able to retain like that down to Earth. Notice that that pot that makes you and you've been able to rise up at the same time like for that a really wondering -nology for your willingness to be the voice riot many and Fitz using sport as your platform to shine it has been on our ended privilege to Chevy space with you today and I will definitely be falling along at harm. I can't wait to see what you get up to over the next gosh decade. It's going to be incredible right. Hugh of really love brain of proud of it. Thank you thank you guys so much for being here and training in today. I really appreciate your presence and your attention truly. If you found value in today's podcast please subscribe share this episode on your social feed of you guys know. Instagram is my social playground. You can find me over there at at the DOT holistic dot. Pd and guys. Please please let me know what this episode inspired few today. How did it make you feel? You know what? What did it help you to think about change? Did you have any specific? Beautiful moments or memories. Revelations old new that came to light data re-inspire act or embrace. Maybe reclaim a piece of yourself. Or you won't look whatever it is is if fate I am interested in and I would love to hear from you and if you're anything like me and you struggle to find the right words sometimes. Fu Free to put a noon on any of my pictures over on instagram and I will marry something. Profound has happened here for you today. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate with if you're feeling particularly generous today. Go ahead and leave Mir view chains. That helps me to get these words and readings in two more hats and trump and I appreciate it four nights resources updates on what I have on off a few and I am working on some really big hotted things. Fifty Thousand and twenty Komo Narva to the holistic T. Come to you and subscribe to my notes. This will pop you on my newsletter so we can to get and keep in touch between exits things again for being here today. My friends take care and by an.

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