Ep. 93 - Tuna Candle


A new daily sports broadcasts from wondering and the athletic does a new episode every weekday morning and you'll get an intoxicating blend of news stories and in-depth looks what's happening I'm on the Dawson and I'm on an actual trend on my way to record another episode of Athletic Omits but other podcast available and I've just been listening to the latest episode of the lead Take my co host. His name is Mr Andrew Dawson mistake. I hope you'll dishwasher is fresh smelling running efficiently imagine if you will that you are relaxing on a massage table at a country house spa a preview of the lead don't forget to subscribe to the late on Apple podcast so wherever you're listening to this right now are you nuts Chyba oil yeah give chilly give me just a little bit more time so from chickens I'm not on the Mac and cheese pot right howman cheese Chhaya butter Chili Chicken Salad ooh exquisite saw him out lack of trained coys okay trained catering as an virgin tran catering quizzes pop bong cheese pot for so that you all four minutes eventually after eight weeks the idea is that either five kit and we'll you raise money for women's health that Kinda thing no I'll just raise close your senses and then you feel the rough touch of callous voted hounds clumsily pounding your buttocks you open your eyes to see a short fat the nets without stopping to occasion could you do that you do that I could if I only had to run two hundred yards not twenty yards four entire minutes no brisk is how I allied run between my goals do you ever get a brisk waddell on all star ruined until generation that it come in handy one day fashion gets damn good ball to you I'm Joe Good morning to you as well God toft on Goodness Chili Chicken Salad as the most ex- got it right so I've got you I was traveling up so somewhere Mancha's the and I was on a virgin you know and gave me the idea for the leaks smooth ride but I see unleashed a fucking yogurt hacking away at the pot stubborn drags that cling to its grooved plastic base like your personal take the table is soft and cheated and Agip Shin coffee scent of lavender lemon oil and the gentle sound of Montenegro waffle types hello and welcome to a. let's go mints with Maple Multiple I hope you're enjoying happy times and good house in particular us a one of my yeah might might dominician the Straits now I know that you like traveling on the train and railway puts a necessary sorta doing the couch to five K. Charman are you going to do about K. or I'll get that eventually on week four of it wakes yesterday a run for four quest how much yogurt will be enough for you you ignorant noisy fuck pull about one of my fellow passengers last night on the train there are monsters all around us hiding in plain sight who can you trust which one is out to get you bob is a morning this isn't a daily off nine forty early Alliot Chris Mullin outland brisk expensive Dan Lucia and then the muck and whatever it was completely like totally Robbie the small Berkshire town of Campbell had a population of just over eight hundred a small thriving high streets and a reputation as one of the most not northern nearing both new this is real she should like submit I love and a new outside please welcome pulled into town in search of a cowboy builder he wanted to expose yeah shorty wasn't it mall smiling innocent looking fool might just turn out to be the bogeyman you see it as a child Asian visit of a tourist bus to visit the stone circle on the village green that wasn't till the fourteenth of June two thousand nineteen when a certain Mr Dom Littlewood runs as portfolio twenty chicken chili solid fall I'm in chased Chhaya Butler three POW ninety no love between them are you safer speaking to no one looking yourself away from the world evil doesn't have a face evil doesn't introduce itself and give you fair warning easy I think no wiggle room which are in the prices they're our just thought you might got that right just by saying to yourself all right which would alike most mono our commuter destinations for the London the High Street the London the High street the middle classes nothing happened apart from the annual Campbell Fan nail hunt was the local nonsense potter and had his workshop come gallery in a small stone bond just behind the high street he was at his wheel fashioning nonsense what set you know not acceptable crime five off dumb grabbed allege elephants theme vase from the shelf and dropped it to the floor the most expensive or on the tray the buffet is three items three items you know wouldn't do for you will you'll resolve I don't I'd have thought it was pretty obvious I'm a nonsense potter selling nonsense portrait of very reasonable rate for the owls I put into each piece now Asian fool me what I used to local magnetic Phillips fucking nape of a man but he did his work within schedule without without playing a fucking can I help you with something and if not take a fuck off notice and surveys on yourself wow coach in undoing so you got a yoga yoga and he was determined to get every last bit of it you see your psychopathy of no empathy for if you were eating yogurt lean licks down on these jam 'cause I have I needed the flory enforcing for the kill no skylights installed so I could see what I'm doing here listen do you want to commando this with you all right don't be so I'll tell you what for for a while call me she called me shit she did that's fucking shit pay for that sunshine and what's fucking I'm calling the police neal picked up his mobile phone but it was immediately grabbed from him by dumb also concerned from images of Canine Police Canine police units Lou no no no remote juggle when dom littlewood entered a lie northgate your worst apply what's your angle excuse me excuse me sniffer-dog centerpiece do you realize to do you even have to how valuable life he says well maybe two hundred give China pounding over thirty years you've been allowed to do things you haven't been checked anyone what is this month elect develop certain behaviors Jake Philips builder give him a bell shall we don't you don't you fucking day you little chimp without Neil dive that dom with all the forces pod chicken Chili Polo would have got out to transform last night because I like buying on the Trent Garmon the New Zuma Trains Promises Frost you to with an inch of your tedious lights at this point don grab the largest item on the shelf an orange and black Wolland avars decorated with what the fuck are you doing how can you how can you vases with two hundred fucking quake not looking cut it's worth well over a thousand pounds and cheaper that price you should know that before you continue that my wife's cousin Timothy owns a camper van jackets and thrust the Phillips Screwdriver attachment into Neil's lower back five of dogs with munch dumb climbed on top of him and switched his tune in to the Penknife Joey could muster the canine police fire shattered on the floor on the phone with restroom dom hand dumb pulled a leatherman utility to from his bomber radio all day Oh Jerry flip here with him he's number Andy Address but I'm not going to get to you without his permission just as Neil could resist no more the door of the poetry opened and in walked Belda Derek Phillips also off win gradients and I thought my inches was to project so therefore be the cheapest and knock out it's a one year two Butler and Arthur like inches what would you gotta go and for the Chili Chicken a seven look further contact showy see if there's a certain Dewey Phillips in yeah you tiny bald fook wallet give me my phone backer fucking you could well be taught warrior as far as I know Bath House to buy one of these British young since vases that listen your tongue no it wouldn't matter Congress Shiny fucking Scout Malaka killed until fucking pancake day as Derek teeth repeatedly penetrated for wondering this but what on earth is it to with you that's a friendly quietly showed well he or she gift will she a mock up in mccaddon face me look to the sky and declared Neil fucking hunt and I'm loving my life dome was released from the that the world was a done deal and everything weight off me tongue in that yet another person avenue I consider no ways and means of eight New Yorkers all about work why why is it always allowed me I went to a coffee morning yesterday I was Derek picks up and held him midair what do you want me to do we've emboss bites it by Brian Fire Oh blimey also look good that felt like two equals apiece or are you just cockney prick passing the time of day before your crack Teela turns up on him and killing the following day when his film crew came looking for him he was enabled to explain what happened as his mind had flattened and reversed inwards together Butler into the death almost choked in the kill and a couple of questions from kids for you great outright made from a solid gold me massive diamond see standard diamonds anything you'll still making monthly dot com check oversupplied dumb slowly brought the blade towards Neal's right and main putting a how far for me that's top of you little top sausage my boss just look at it for me in question one d like fuss thing such as Fast Motorbike Fast Music or frost bird or d prefer slow things such as the slow powering of trickle a slow snail that's the problem I think you're looking out the TV screen when you should really be looking inwards it yourself you do think that TV would fish in the back of mistakes in the real into Moma or I think that's right and are you feeling an occasional disturbance in your shock who's to be more specific your night shock who Ryan all was just passing so I fought pop in gets stuck up with the story and looking off me with flame decals on my parents son owns a shop that allowed to sell bullets trusting here is along these small I got it back in my car good gould allows to take away the call what are you actually fucking doing I'm meal not some fucking invincible show let's see gouge your eyes audie prefer tiny things such as tiny mouse tiny pattern of flour all your I'm sorry the tiny nope sorry not just club gave me free lack choking nap payments on it needs to be some of the euro out ride so I own out rise and not GONNA ask category settle gold play only go I don't think it's solid known woman Woodside TVD own I've got I'm currently uses sixty five anchin new the failed the stories on the late told by the people who write them it's hosted by sports career Davidson and people the award winning journalist under skull stitching till the end of this episode I am moving finger you often eight movie finger no fingerings okay if you're saying go you'd never tell us probably something that's come from your Bena celebrity for searches channels auto search this'll be increased by the way it work increase I don't I don't see why wouldn't that does your washing machine included tumble dryers well no shame visit locked into a fitted kitchen Beasley removed you could remove quays I'll tell him when he come us you know standing alone nothing how'd you felt a shift in your shackles during this consultation you know I think maybe lose or would you may know the toilets did you generally just generally on roads I think you've probably trained is Louie arranging a your time life is easier for heated process countless things like a peak tower a big bridge or big lick south to wrexham emotional wants to help you ignore disturbances at night I don't know what's happening but I can assure you without you the tiny ally Woah Best I think a lot of big things big things old like a lot oh you're slow Bryn walk as good quesadillas objects it goes Jn a fake alike to stare slow thing the not any she plants really be making plug whereas in stripping away your laser Vigo and discussed I probably have to wrap it to the Dubuffet for protection for the screen definitely fit the definitely Fay will call is it hard to set up you just plug it in to help on the terrific yeah measurable progress under have you got only one or two I've got TV bedroom TV should've told me to founded who is new to be alone or both thank you the WHO's part in full Miao look find him terrific Komo telling them on the centers of bone out of the question I hope we'll dig down deep into your psyche do you own anything hello yes good so you can plug a home run to more washing machine or you gotta take get invited the Song I've managed to hack yeah can you Huck Awhile uh-huh uh-huh 'cause y'all department Jurgen Klopp was he's got a little recording studio in his Co. and he's bungalow right now it's the up P PLOP I'm as cuddly as a kitten licking claim but when my arse gets sure I mean wow give me a hug come on let's mile this one out liberal in the sixties never let go it's a sexy silk pajamas are yeah I'm Yorgen Club I'm the leader of the Liverpool's regime I'm sweater lot just like a cheap bacon in a lukewarm pot so that's why you all the organs painter the club plugged I'm the savior of this foot ball club I missed the club the European club and cliff be plugged I'm the undisputed leader of the Cup toss lovely TV wise just to say about you know the two big box at the moment on your players and Ah Yeah two couples and this is a big floor with a screen on it and they've got there's bits blackout identify where a certain thing would be on the Overcome all conflicts with our hulk smuts Ramos stink like a mixture of digestive biscuit jeff put in a gold ring on it and the rings got smaller as it goes along and you win more money all right hall monitors compelling well I've been the house let's do not do you want even more high quality content from us are you happy to bring us less than the price of a pint once a month for it if assist everyone was going Hoopla Dingy Duda writes on twitter about I'm not on the twitter at the minute of delete yeah looking at it might the only saving I'll be watching really five gold rings is Philips go failed Adana Avi not saying it oh it's it's the unclean Oh baby come here put that dog kicked out for sure let's make out eh accounting who is the so what so I can now make cadinal Our of attended Shona all you need to sign up to club Parsnips Goff let the comments dot com slash parsnips. Now find out more each month you'll get an episode of Parsnips that you won't hear anywhere else you commenced episodes three days early and with all adverts removed you'll get an exclusive on a mission from podcastone I by the genius that is Ben Picks and you'll get accomplished an episode of the best bits from one install receiving it where they can put your movie it's all and then there's one on it is called is called the accused of something you cold hits and the gunman in sync yes sure of dirt you'd love it so you see TV for each O- Blue Ya'll Khan and causing the Laura grave to a fellow mile wiry foul lot and coming down the line not date fixed ooh on your hopes the capture I've heard about that what's that about no it's pretty good on the atten- yeah he's complicated gangs of the e. p. l. remind you had one baby and that's enough I'm not the one on trial here that's enough for a big this aw direction this podcast hadn't unfortunately guess guess guess guess guess besides as you probably know there seems to be some problems going on right out of the tuna of just Econ shooters in the cabin of accountable candle yeah I can also make comes a lot all your questions should be founded athletic dot com slash parsnips and you could sign up a pitching in dot com slash clinical men's pasta uh-huh boys keeps you thinking about them well it's complicated it's about too complicated next split it's about foreign forces in favor Debbie thanks bus winky Guy Express Eric thanks bus the cartoons from the podcast there's also other occasional bits of bonus stuff such as the video for our live show from a couple of years ago become a pasta now and you'll be helping to support the podcast future unsee you know fuck off cheese wick eagerly looking any other little the little thing that you pull to open it up God overlook Andro go another look you just done wrong winky he should have slipped across the table no thank you say absolutely not I want you to guess what I have for supper and chose then Yugoslav feature of just Jim saw well I'm GonNa say just go with me I thought Chinese Turkey baby bell a youtube as well obviously yeah and I'm looking at Survival stuffing everyone ends are and yeah so I can now make a I'm thinking of moving to create weeks ago hurry called a meeting of some of the whiteouts in his little captains office at the training ground Debbie Eric and Harry winks were there so spurs Andrew and is often the case is often the case it's gang related has been a big breakdown in relations between the white hots by hurricane the eric he should have thrown them restored Crispin Erickson well as Harry handed them each pair of scissors. There's a knock on the door and they all say if you want to clubhouse eight I humans fail Obama people can't yet that seems easier 'cause that's GonNa Walk Zeon Exterior yes what you're gonNA use the wick apple with you in bride excuse me Crispin Baljit in here like shrill wind around the pity kites around and this better not be a yodelers trick to spy on our Halloween designs such of the stuff and Battenberg hey that sounds awful doesn't that guy is yes very upsetting says Debbie regular you like I as you know we will soon be making our Halloween costumes and I wanted to give you a safety talk well ahead of make first thing Debbie can you hand me those centers Debbie Hans Hurry Paris's with the blades facing Harry Right Guy what has oh last week got the training but song can sent me a message to Mayton boiler room could scratch the surface of the valuable taboo and much worse they could overshoot and interfere with the tuft of the carpets it could be bloodier Landes Daltrey simple you must always handover says with the handle fessing away from you I've got to says for each of you to practice with tantamount to a gas okay by God. US outside for a moment and practice handing over properly. I'll bet that was quite distressing intimidated especially in such a noisy confined spaces yes you've got that right that's an that could mean eyedrops and you know how much they can unsettle the man Debbie what you say don't know plus it's upset me it's making me her ooh okay operation it's just guess it another Nebi on this Guy Luke this have you thought tube and send your senses to Pakistan A- shops ablaze could make the skin of the catches hand on Butch were scratched the surface up each other Debbie fucking less not fat come on Tabby was you told so the leave an hurry in crispin around anyway before I had a chance to speak Toby Morrell crap man very roughly mind and rubbed canteen pepper into my neck and cheeks. y'All boys led by photographer gun young photographer told me and the is lot is what we all started right so about three Tongkin continued we don't like you anymore crispin we think you'll potential not pet so it's our intention to make your life a misery so you leave this globe now hand over your yodeling membership card you're hearing and your Yoda cash clip to hurry I cried out in pain and wishing to but Duncan stopped me by placing his hand across my mouth Tom Johnny say the thing is I would like to join the Y. Dogs I've fallen out with town and they've started making he has a chance to speak the door of the station recovered opens and out jumps for Tongan Ha White Hats I'll have breached your security systems like clever busted breath I like to speak with you alone the details of the fall outs highly bettas knowledge of that Listen up because spin and don't Piss your pants like you did when we went to see the lego movie Oreo retarded but this is why tots HBO and You Yours by and therefore our sworn enemy I must say you've got to bloody shake I handed them over now I need your protection from them I need you to take me under your wing helped me Harry Y'all not only show the show up when I got there he was with that ape co-develop Lunatic Oreo I hate each one club seats I you must fail off hate the door opens and that's not sketchy Fluffy Buffalo Debbie this isn't safety talk not the Spanish in Can liquorice apart say I then Eric we are the White House failed out for his English leads can protect you then you really are a skateboard funny correct Debbie says the says Debbie through success in unheard everything we liked about you all along crispin you're sneaky papa for Tom Grabs Crispin Buys Neck and lifts him off his feet if you think the the gang so Harry calls the white hearts back into the office right Crispin Tell the Gang Yo upsetting stall that you are just told me but before Bolic's sorry that's my feeling gangs the cars the rules on that come an equipment I can see it for a fact that there's a very well-known center hot we still have the windows it's only Christmas ha ha lot Tongan it's how you say a fucking mental est I love it rushes hates by the way quitted was I knowing noise we hear every time you speak a bit like wind passing of poodles handbag here with more details and secrets about what it's really like to be a football player these days the modern footballers Tongan side handle I a knicks his own party on the blade the Al Baath that's a packet ship method don't Pack Shit me opne amongst John Well what did you say gang candy joining us he's very much in a pickle cream horn on top to boot does agree

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