First Mock Draft of 2020 Episode 002


Welcome to the fantasy football overtime. Podcast I'm your host Jake with me as always is Matt Win Tyler Hardback. What's happening you guys on today's episode? We're going to go over the results of our mock draft also touch on some news notes from around the NFL. Tyler how you doing. I'm doing really good. Thanks for asking beautiful day in Minnesota and just enjoying the weather ready to record some audio Matt. How're you doing? I'm doing well thank you so I'm excited to jump into our mock draft. I had a good time going through all the draft and the results and I'm looking forward to sharing it with our listeners. Seeing what you guys think about the teams that we came up with. Yeah we'll give you that here in just a minute but before we do. I WanNa ask you guys. Here's a question for you. What's your new favorite activity to do during the Kobe pandemic? Well I don't know if I'd say it's my favorite activity but one that I'm allowed to do is walk my dog so I think my dog would say it's his favorite activity. Thanks for asking Jake. I like to cook prior to be in work from home. Kinda quarantined but now I've really started the love to cook. Chicken Wings are definitely my food of choice to cook. Mine's a lot different than you guys. I live in an apartment and one thing. I've noticed that a lot of a lot of people walk around our apartment. You know. Try to get out and get some exercise. I've noticed more and more of them have been carrying drinks with them and they've been drinking while they're going on walks. I just like to watch. As people get progressively more drunk as they're making laps around our buildings that's awesome all right. Let's jump into some on news from around the League so I would like to start with a fun fact on everybody's favorite Jameis Winston Jameis. Winston is the first quarterback to lead the league in passing yards in the very next season beyond a different team. And not only is he on a different team but he also is a backup so pretty crazy stat there. How does that happen you guys? I don't know I don't does stealing crab legs or anything had to go along with that. That or thirty interceptions. I guess he got Lisa so he can actually read license plates on the back of the cars he was saying. So hopefully L. cuts down on the interceptions. Yeah I didn't see what they ended up paying him New Orleans for that one year but either way it's kind of their style. They had teddy bridgewater there last year. I think that's a good safe backup for them to have for sure. Thanks for bringing famous. Jamison up here. It kind of makes me think of like a possible conspiracy theory so Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay Jameis. Winston went to New Orleans. Teddy Bridgewater went to Carolina. So Cam Newton. Where where does that put him? I think I see where this so. He thinks that Matt Ryan should watch his back. Well that's what I got from that. Yeah it's not really. We're always going but that wasn't a effort. Wait are you saying he's GonNa go. You're saying going to New England complete the cycle. I'm not saying but I'm saying. Is that where you're going to that? Yeah that's where I was going with them. They have to. I was actually GonNa bring that up later. I mean there's no chance at New England goes into the season with Jarrett Stidham as quarterback. Do either of you think that's even possible. It's difficult to read Bella check. I mean that's I think Brian. Hoyer has just to get a chance of starting the season as their quarterback Cam Newton does. I think bill's dogs ultimately going to be one that gets to make that call. Does he like the smell of Cam? I guess we'll find out you got any other news and notes meant. I do have one more that I jotted down per shot. Burri Lind cornerback for the Kansas City. Chiefs he was arrested Tuesday afternoon in South Carolina. Bree Linda facing multiple charges including resisting arrest having alcohol in a motor vehicle with the seal broken marijuana possession in driving without a license in what I just. Don't quite understand is didn't Chris Carter. Teach us about all guy gotTA have a Fall Guy. That's like the whole kit and caboodle. There you know for a guy. That's already facing a four-game suspension. You'd think that he'd be thinking a little bit more about his future. But I guess not but actually that kind of brings me to my next question here for you. Guys actually Percy. Harbin came out and said that he's looking for a comeback possibly the NFL. So I got to. I want you guys do a rate it on a scale of one to ten that Percy Harbin plays in the NFL this season by like week one or just at any point in the season one to ten scale. Ten being that. You absolutely think you'll play. I'm going to go with a two. I don't think it's happening. I've seen the footage of him working out. He looks like he's an amazing shape now. I'm not checking the dude out. He's just in good shape for sounds like it. I will lean a little bit higher than that and say now five is to neutral. I'll go six six okay. You think there's a better chance. I'm more likely than not that we see Percy Harvard in the NFL in two thousand twenty. Yes because of the fact that this team this was what one of the best wide receiver class drafts correct correct but a team that really needed a wide. Receiver failed the draft a wide receiver in the first couple rounds correct. I think I know where you're going with this or are you talking about the Green Bay packers. Something tells me Percy. Harbin will be playing with the Green Bay packers this year. Okay okay. We'll hear this actually leads into a little bit more here. Okay what it's same scale Josh Gordon do you think he plays this year? They got rid of the marijuana testing. So it's very possible that we see him again. I don't see him coming back again. So your numbers. One one on that one Josh Gordon. Chance I'll say three three Matt I say I don't care if it's neutral say five it could go either way okay kissing. Your sister doesn't really count all right. I got one more player for you guys. I'm sure you can guess where this is going. Antonio Brown same scale what do you think no at Tyler? Would you go first Antonio Brown? I'm not sure if anybody wants the locker room shenanigans just the just Antonio Brown stuff yeah. I will say similar Gordon. I'll say three. I'm saying three as well. I don't he's obviously got the talent. He still in great shape and he could help Any football team really. But he's too much of a distraction. I don't see any team bringing them on at this point. So you're saying there's a chance again I guess too all right well that segues over to our our segment here for today in that is going to the results of our mock draft our very first mock draft of the year. How did that feel guys? It felt good. It's it's never too early to do a mock but yet it does feel super early because it's going to change a lot. Yeah and the way that we did it to was. We just picked out of a hat for where. We're going to draft Actually like how it landed on. We're all KIND OF SPLIT UP. So Jake ended up with the second pick. I landed with number five and tyler ended up with number eight. Yeah and with this mock draft most of the people. I was actually surprised. Stayed through the entire thing we ran it on ESPN. It was on twelfth person. Mock draft and I was really impressed with how many people stuck around too many of the late around so it did have some pretty accurate ratings. Yeah well they must have known that they were mocking with the overtime podcast crew. Yeah they had to have known Yup. So there was a kicker defense in this one here as quarterback running back to wide receiver and a flex and tight end and then six bench spots. Correct yell pretty deep all right. So let's dive into the results here. So pick one Christian. Mccaffrey NO SURPRISE THERE. Muslim. Talk with pick to. I wouldn't Saquon Barkley. Some people might debate Michael Thomas Uniform but with a running back. That's also going to get you one hundred targets. I think that that was the safe way to go. Michael Thomas went three tyreek Hill. What four bit of a surprise there did you guys feel the same way? Yes that was definitely surprise Tyreek Hill is obviously a first-round player in most drafts. I think everybody will agree with that. But going forth overalls definitely too early so when it got to me at number five. I was not expecting to have the decision between Elliott and cook. I thought one of those two would be and I would just take whichever one fell to me so I ended up going with the safer pick. You can't win your draft in the first round but you can lose it. I went with Zeke Elliot. I'm Minnesota and I loved Alvin Cook but being from Minnesota. I have seen a lot of injuries. That Devon Cook has faced. He missed a total of twenty games. In this first three seasons he started twenty. Eight of forty eight games so in total. He's missed forty two percent of the games that he could have played in since coming into the NFL. So that's why we went with the safer pick and Ezekiel Elliott. The guy's a workhorse. Three hundred carries last year. Fifty four receptions on seventy-one targets fourteen total touchdowns. He's much safer about to stay on the field. And that's ultimately what my hand towards GONNA seek. Gotcha okay good. After that Delvin Cook went six Alvin Kamara seven and holler back. You were on the clock at eight. Yeah on the clock at eat. Typically I really like to draft a running back in the first round. My trend always goes to Hopkins is still on the board my wide receiver to but also Derrick Henry. My why are running back six? So I decided to pull the trigger on Derrick Henry coming off a great year in two thousand nine thousand nine hundred led the League and carries over three hundred carries had fifteen hundred rushing yards and tied league in rushing touchdowns. What kind of calls me pause in drafting Henry though is just negotiating. That LONG-TERM DEAL. Is he going to hold out? Causes some concern there what he is the key to the Tennessee offense for twenty twenty super durable and just doesn't catch a lot of balls so a lot of people will have them right at a little bit lower or a PR league versus standard? Really feel he's GonNa maintain where he was last year. Yeah Henry Stop. You can't go wrong at eight. That's right about where he's going to go. Yeah I have a little more than you guys. I think because it has a full point PR. I won't take them necessarily but I don't think it's a bad pick I just Li- like receivers in this instance. But like I said he's a stud going through the restaurant. One Davante Adams to Andrew Hawkins. Julio Jones and Aaron Jones around that out we talk about Aaron Jones here like him being picked there no too early. He is going to probably regress in touchdowns in he had eighteen of them last year. just on the ground. Yeah I think he definitely is GonNa regress in touchdowns on let's not forget that the packers just drafted Aj Dylan in the second round. A lot of people think that's ultimately more long-term but also wouldn't be surprised if it's something that we ended up seeing where he cuts into his workload even near the goal line he's He's a big back so wouldn't be too surprised if Aaron Jones loses a little bit of value this year. Yeah I met with Flora's Komo and a couple of times and said that he wants a three headed monster at running back home. Don't understand it when they do have Aaron Jones but I'm not an NFL coach right right. Yeah I I have a pretty good possibility of finishing outside rb ten. And that's a that's a risky pick taken at twelve. I can see it agreed and This the team with twelve also took another risky picket thirteen often. You guys surprised by that one. I actually like that pick. He's a stud and they lost. Melvin Gordon this year. So that's going to be huge for Austin value. Look at WHO. They're going to bring in quarterback to now that Philip rivers has gone. Either going to be your boy tyrod. Taylor or Justin Herbert. Either one's going to need an outlet so I actually see clear. Maybe it's a little early on. There's some good talent still on the board that we're going to get to shortly but I think Austin is a very justifiable pick. They're awesome in. The second round is not a horrible pick. I think early second round. It is yeah I agree. I just think it was a little bit early. I like him in the second but with the first pick in the second round I would have gone different route if it was my pick but it wasn't so it's not my decision for moving on from pick thirteen. We had Chris. Godwin Joe. Mix in Mike Evans and Holler back. You're on your pick. Yeah round to pick number five through my thought process here. I Have Travis Kelsey tight end. I don't like taking a second round. I don't really care how good they are a lot of times. I end up streaming tight end. Ken Take Nick. Chubbier or DJ. More still on the board. I actually end up picking my rb nine for this year. Probably going to surprise a lot of people in Kenyan drake. This guy one fantasy owners. They're championships last year. After week. Nine he finished rb. Four averaged eighty yards for the cardinals on the ground with twenty eight receptions. David Johnson's gone the cardinals. Offense is GONNA be really interesting this year with the addition of Hopkins. I really like Where most of that offense is actually on this year. Yeah actually a hundred percent agree. I have Kenyan drake as a top ten running back this year as well so I was actually very disappointed that you picked him. I was hoping he would fall to meet all right. Let's move on after drake when Travis Kelsey and then Nick Chubb next is mapped on the clock. Yes so I wanted Nick Chubb. He went off the board one. Pick before army. There's too much uncertainty with Leonard Fournette between his current status with the team. I don't know if you guys saw but he threw shade at Gardner Mentally. They didn't like it. He's got an injury history also. Consider George kittle cited that I can wait on a tight end and then I ultimately ended up passing Ken Golladay. He's great and Standard Leagues. But he takes a slight dip for me. Npr. So I went with Josh Jacobs. Running back is king in fantasy. I wanted the two best ones I get on. So I'm happy with Ezekiel Elliott and route one and Josh Jacobson Round two year. They have a great offense on. They ranked six offensive efficiency last year. They added my boy Henry. Rugs this year. So I'm confident. That Josh Shakeups is going to take a step in year two. Yeah I think that's a really solid. Pick their Dr Jacobs should have another great year after that. Josh Jacobs pick went Leonard. Fournette and George kittle and that leaves Jake on the clock yes so I was really hoping for running back here. Can YOU DRAKE NICK? Josh Jacobs Leonard for net was kind of in that bracket plan with some smart Yeah not really wanting for net but I would have accepted it at that point and then they all went it left me Kinda Kennedy. Dj More on board. I really didn't want to go receiver. I wanted to go running back and I ended up going Lamar Jackson. This was an interesting pick. I gotTa admit surprise when I saw this especially out of you. You normally normally wait on quarterback so what I'm curious about. Like does does the fact that he are are you chasing last year stats? Are you not worried about the madden curse like where are we at with this? I am fully anticipating him getting injured. But I'm hoping hoping hoping that it is more the mahomes wrote or he misses maybe a game or two and not. The Michael Vick wrote where he misses an entire season. Obviously it's a it's a risky pick. I like obviously. He's a stud. He was the leading score and fantasy last year. He has potential to do it again. But do there's something to be said about that man curse I avoid yeah. I'm not too worried about it. He's my qb one. You'll be fine. He's GonNa have a good year. He's obviously he's obviously the top quarterback. I think we all agree on that. Just comes down to. Is he worth a second round? Pick and sacrificing a running back for that star receivers all comes down to. Yeah Yup it. It came down to the best player on the board. I didn't like a lot of the picks that were GonNA follow. I didn't like a lot of the players and I said you know what I'm not going to have. Lamar probably any team this year. I want to draft them and see what a team looks like with him. Because you're not gonNA get after this point so I said Yeah. Let's roll the dice and see what happens. I like that it's fair. Coming off next on the board. Was Kenny Golladay. The last pick of the second round third around we start off with Dj. More and then Jake's back on so this kind of jump right back into the last point. I was making houses not in love with many of the players that were there. I wanted to go running back again so I saw the best running back head. Pbr floor which was mild sanders. So that was the pick here you know. I think that Boston Scott is not the same backup that Jordan Howard was. I don't see him eating into Mile Sanders workload too much this year so happy to take Mile Sanders in the situation Yeah Mile Sanders is a good pick right there Jordan hours out of town. He's going to be the guy this year at least GonNa have a good offense so I don't blame you for that one coming out next was Allen Robinson and then Adam feeling and then Matt's on the clock so similar to Jake in this situation I was not in love with any of the players that were there and I should clarify because I really really liked Clyde Edwards Lehrer as I spoke to last episode but I already have two good running back so I decided to go a different option looking at the wide. Receivers There wasn't really anything there that stood out. My options are Sutton Hilton. Juju Amari Cooper. I didn't want to cowboys and I really don't have any of them too. Far Ahead of players like a J Brown scary Terry Decay Metcalf. Now it's pretty confident that I'd be able to get two of them in later rounds so I went with my boy Tyler called me. Achieve SPAM boy last biggest. Chief's Fan boy. I need a fan boiler. Are you guys done? I went with Patrick Mahomes in the third round. I generally do not take a quarterback this early but that was my reasoning as to why I did. He's the best player on the board By far so I got my quarterback. I got two running backs and I'm still confident that I'm going to be able to get those receivers at I liked coming up do you or do you not have a patrick. Mahomes Jersey in your closet right now I have to. Did you not traveling into Kansas City just to see your boy Patrick Mahomes? I did and they played the Vikings and he was hurt. Got Hurt the week before so he ended up playing anyways. Nba All right. Let's move on so after mahomes when Kenyan ill and Cortlandt Sutton in tyler on the clock on the clock here Matt laid also got options are random my head. Amari Cooper great option here Zach. Ertz is here still a little bit early for me to play a tight end. I end up getting some redemption for myself here after last episode. I pick you layer. Wow Damian Williams. Yeah Hey I re looked at some statistics and research on what their offense has looking like and the share is definitely GonNa be c. e. h. favor really like him. It's almost like somebody tried to tell you that last week. I think people tried to that last week and hey I'm not disagreeing with that you know. I think he hasn't really opportunity to finish in the top twelve for sure like that would be a lot there. Yeah that's it's a great pick. In to be completely honest I forgot about him because the ADP has not updated for the rookie so he was a little bit further down on the list than I thought he would be. So I completely forgot about him as I would have picked him over Mile Sanders and probably over Lamar Jackson too and without a lot of information out there right now early in the season. I feel. This is about where he should be drafted as we get closer. Adp's going to change and he's going to shoot up there too early second round late first round. I would imagine. Yeah there's going to be. People ended up taking him around one. Absolutely all right so moving on from Clyde Edwards Layer t y Hilton Zach urged Juju and Gurley to finish out round three with David Johnson. Darren Waller with the second pick in the round four. I thought that was a bit of a reach to know your thoughts on that one. I think there's a lot of targets in Oakland while they're definitely gets his share. But what about your boy Henry rugs he might be the second most targeted whilst they have. I don't know we said it earlier. There the six most efficient football team when it comes to offense last year like they. There's a lot of fantasy value to be had in that offense and I think waller gets his. It might be a little early but I really don't think it's a bad pick. No I like his situation. I just thought it was a little bit early in the fourth after that Amari Cooper Mark Andrews and then Tyler you're up with your next pick round four pick five. Tauran here between two guys. Aj Brown right around wide receiver. Fifteen this early and then od be have him wide receiver rally around eleven right now and like. I honestly think this is criminal for back home to drop this far. A lot of people are losing faith way too quickly. Cleveland wasn't absolute dumpster fire last year last year. The last twenty years. Okay okay. Fair point but Beckham is one of the most talented wide receivers in the league. Last year had a brand new quarterback brand new team brand new home almond battled injury. He's a really strong candidate for a comeback year this year but he is battled injury almost every year of his career. He has a new offensive coordinator yen and still has baker threatened him the ball. Yeah you still place to the browns for sure. My biggest thing is that I'm hoping for is the League doesn't slap them with some silly conduct. Detrimental suspension for throwing those wads of cash at those college players. I forgot about the league. Didn't did you guys ever think you'd be at the point where you'd say. Odell Beckham was going in the fifth round of a full point. Ppo draft fourth round. This forthright fourth-round no like he is one of the most talented wide receivers. If I could get him every league in the fourth I would eat that up all day. Long Yeah Fourth-round. You have to take them. That's actually why I wanted to coming up. We'll get to that. And then after Odell went tyler. Lockett Robert Woods and then Matt's so like I said I really wanted Odell I made fun of him because he is in Cleveland. But I wanted Odell. He'd got picked before me to tyler so I was stoked to land. Aj Brown Tyler said that that was who he was also looking at. I think he also criminal that he is still here. Aj Brown over the last six games. The season ended up with six hundred seventy yards and six touchdowns absolutely insane stats. He's a player that got better. As the year went on built a good chemistry with Ryan Tannehill. They have him locked up again. So I see that chemistry continuing. I think big things are in store for. Aj Brown do you think is efficiency can hold up because he was having those huge games on like three catches on like four targets again. It was just unbelievable efficiency. Yeah I don't know if there's efficiency is going to keep up or not but I think his targets are going to so. I think that the increase in target share will possibly offset the efficiency. Yeah I think that's a really fair point. He's GonNa be ten hell's Goto. Yeah we'll we'll see then after. Aj Brown next off. The Board was Cooper Cup and Lynn. Bell I was on the clock next. I took Kelvin. Ridley hoping to have Cooper Cup fall. He ended up not so I took my next best wide receiver on the Board Kevin Ridley great situation in Atlanta they are always trailing they're always going to throw the ball so there's a high floor and a high ceiling for Calvin really. Yeah I think with Hooper being out of there that opens up some targets forum right and move on the end of the fourth was Terry maclaurin beginning around five Chris Carson and then I was on the clock again also decided to go wide receiver. Here I only had one at this point so I ended up taking. Dj Shark out of Jacksonville with Garner. Michio becoming the guy there you know. They didn't draft any quarterbacks. I think that That was a big boost for shark as well because him admits she really had a connection. It seemed like at time so expecting big things outta charge this year as well. Yeah I'm pretty indifferent on shark. I don't know if Menchu is the guy we will have to find out and see. You have to believe in men shoe mania. How can you starts shorts the mustache all of it? I like. I like the pick especially where we're at needing a wide receiver but I would not be surprised if he busts either so I guess time will tell on that one? I think he's a super low floor with a higher ceiling. He's GonNa get you to or twenty guys. Who else is gonNA throw the ball to? It's not gonNA viscous he's GonNa get his too but everything is going to be going. The opposite teams. James has proved that you can throw the ball and still be fantasy relevant after charge. It went to Melvin Gordon. Devon Single Terry and Matt was next on the clock so I went with decay metcalf and this is going back to what I was saying earlier and Y Took Patrick. Mahomes in the third. I was very confident that I was still going to get two of the wide receivers that I valued Similar to wear the others were earlier in the draft. Decay McAfee at nine hundred yards seven touchdowns in his rookie season. Obviously a nice bonus when you can draft a wide receiver. That's an good offense and has a good quarterback in Seattle and Wilson fit both those also to what I was saying about. Aj Brown finishing the season. Hot IN SEATTLE TO PLAYOFF Games. He posted two hundred twenty yards and a touchdown so I like getting players that were peaking at the end of the season that seemed to be in sync with that offense. I was torn between Stefan digs and metcalf but I went with the better quarterback Obviously I am not a huge fan of Josh Allen so I went with decay metcalf and I'm actually. I really really like that pick. Yeah I was. I was surprised that you took him over. Digs as well. I was going to ask you about that Also in that range. Jarvis Landry so I was going to ask if you was ever a consideration. I'm not bitter at all about Stefan digs getting traded from origins. None of us also say Jarvis Landry. Yeah Jarvis Landry. See my notes about Odell. Brown's dumpster fire. I mean he's a monster he was last year too. He had better numbers than Odell. Does that do anything for you or are you just think that was kind of a fluke? Look I went with decay metcalf. I'm very confident that pick all right just asking if it was any consideration. No not really I can tell after Catherine James Connor Rahim Oester in Tyler on all right so in the fifth round pick number eight. I was trying to decide between two different players. Jonathan Taylor but I already have a rookie running back so I decided to take devante Parker. He's on my borderline of wide receiver. Twenty last season for twenty nine thousand nine. He had his first thousand yard season after a bunch of disappointing years. He finished wide receiver. Eleven with over twelve hundred yards and I was just first year playing all sixteen games and I expect the same this year. Are you concerned at all about fits magic running out? It's magic strong feeling about Fits magic probably only play in the first four to six games? Yeah that's exactly what I was going to say. It's going to be the to a show. They drafted him for a reason. I think it's a good pick. You also have Preston Williams who you have to worry about but overall I think just a better offense in general is going to help so if he can stay healthy. I I think it's a good pick. Think Parker safe for nine targets. A game in that offense. They don't have any other weapons. Yeah the Press Williams but he's also coming off. Acl surgery in the good news about having a wide receiver on the dolphins is. The dolphins are generally losing so they have to throw the ball. And it's you know it's my wider my second wide receiver Odell Wide Receiver. One so see dumpster fires he. Finishing around five was mark. Ingram Keyshawn von Deshaun Watson and then Ronald Jones. So it's pretty interesting to see the to Tampa Bay running backs go so close to their close together there in the draft starting in round six year. We're not going to go through every player. We're just GONNA go through. We picked here. Tyler. You're next. You took a Jake Reed. Yeah Tuck AJ Green here. I was debating between AJ grain. And then my quarterback three and four enact Prescott and Cuyler Murray in the end decided. It's too early to draft a quarterback not named Patrick Mahomes or Jack Jackson. Just forget the league. Mvp that you're going to that. And I think it's because of the madden cours and I just figured I should be able to find plenty of value at quarterback later rounds. You know he's had trouble with staying healthy. He's healthy right now. All signs point to a strong season. It's kind of a gamble here but really think it's a steal in round six to draft. Aj Plus you got a big upgrade over. Andy Dalton with Joe Borough. Is He healthy? Have you seen a report that he's actually healthy compromise confirmation as healthy from actual medical doctor? I think he's still questionable for week. When you order you'll carry that questionable tag for the rest of a makes sense to Shay next Matt. You took Deebo Samuel. Yeah so I'm not super high on this pick but my strategy at this point was I already have Patrick Mahomes. I got Ezekiel Elliott and Josh Shakeup. So I got a very strong core I got. Aj Brown indicate that gap. Even though I really liked both of those receivers my wide receiving core is definitely the weak spot on this mock lineup that I currently have so for me. The more the merrier. I WANNA get as many receivers as I can to try to even it out few of them pan out and live up to the expectations that I'm expecting so I went with Deebo Samuel. They got rid of Emmanuel Sanders. So I think that's going to help. They also drafted Brandon Euch. So that might be a wash Like I said I'm not super excited about this. Pick but in my opinion with with where my team is right now. He's the best player left for me to take. Yeah I'm pretty high deebo. Actually this year too. I think that with them getting rid of Emmanuel Sanders opens up a lot of targets that are inevitably going to go to bill. I think it's a really safe pick. I don't see you know top ten wide receiver potential. But I do think he's a relatively safe vic next. I was on the clock. I actually took Tyler Boyd. And I like the upgrade of Joe Borough over Eighty Dalton and I like Tyler Boyd. Not being injured all the time like eight degree in Silos. Actually super happy to have her here. I think tyler probably should've picked void over green but happy that he let him fall to me. Yeah I can I can. I can see both points of it. I wanted to take more of a gamble with AJ Green. Yeah I'll pay for sixteen games. It's GONNA eat into tyler but you could also argue Greens going to get hurt and boy till pickup dislike. I'm kind of curious why we're ripping on the red rifle AK Andy Dalton so much. Did you guys know that? In the first three seasons of his career he was the third highest. Won't be word at this way only two quarterbacks in NFL history. If don't for more touchdowns in the first three seasons guys want to take a guess who goes Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Dan Marino or a bomb and then it's Andy Dalton. Saw Pay Some respect. I have a question for you. Yeah this is you know in Arbor Court recording studio here. It's like a no cellphone. Did you just Google that quick? Google did a couple days ago before the NFL draft. Oh okay I see you also. What does Andy Dalton done for me lately? Yeah a very fair point so moving on here. I'm moving on to the next pick was actually me and I ended up taking Jonathan Taylor. Yeah absolutely this guy has top ten running back potential day one in the NFL. One hundred percent. I'm not worried about Marley MAC. He's going to take a couple of carries here and there. Yes but they are going to realize that. Jonathan Taylor is a stud and they need to feed him. Rock going back to what you said earlier about. When you messed that Clyde Edwards Allaire was still there the ADP. This is the same thing with me for Jonathan Taylor. I knew he was still on the board. I would have absolutely taken him over. Deebo Samuel. That's a really really good pick. That's one of the big tip to all you listeners. Out there drafting is he has to have a spreadsheet with your rankings so you can mark off each person so you automatically know who your best available is rather than relying on. Adp of whether it be espn on Yahoo sleeper tip. Very very fair point and it should get better as the summer goes on but even for these moxie want to be prepared so very good Kalo. There's no way he will be here in round seven. Yeah no next was Matt. You're next picky. Was Actually Michael Gallo so going back to what I was saying earlier I think. Wide Receiver is my weakest spot so. I wanted to get a couple of them. I went with Michael Gallup. He's shown a lot of potential he's shown flashes he's boomer blast not much consistency with Michael Gallup but I really liked Dallas offense. I think they're going to score a lot of points. Amari Cooper is pretty injury prone he normally plays through it but he is injury prone if you missed some games. Michael Gallup could step up and I'm more than satisfied having him as my wide receiver. Four are you worried? All about CDROM eating into his work load. Asa Twitter disagrees with you dialer. Your next pick was actually Marquees Brown. Yeah seventh-round here. I was inbetween. David Montgomery Christian Kerr in Hollywood Brown. What really made my decision here is unsure of the split of cone and Montgomery the NPR. Montgomery doesn't catch a lot of balls. And then what impact is Hopkins? GonNa have on. Kerr decided to go with Marquees. Brown is coming off an injury in the off season. He had a screw removed from his foot. Now it's crazy to think link that these players will go to be the fastest person on the field is put screws innerfade. I'm surprised you knew who marquees Hollywood Brown was when you couldn't even name his quarterback earlier good point very fair but you know he's the wide receiver one for the Ravens Lamar's getting better going to see a more. I really expect Hollywood to reach close to one hundred target scissor. That was actually doing next question for you was over under one hundred targets for Murky Brown. That is a good line. One hundred one hundred you push. You're going to push push. If you said ninety I would say over. If you said one ten I would say under what we're saying. Ninety nine point five one zero one. I'll take the under under on one hundred and one targets over on ninety between ninety and one hundred added facts. Here no fake news. All right. We'll be on actually tyler. You're on the clock again with another wide receiver. Pick Christian Kurt in round seven Christian. Kirk wasn't option here for me. You know what is he gonNA look like as wide receiver to behind? Andre Hopkins Hopkins is GonNa Demand the majority of the defense attention and kirks going to just be that deep threat. Definitely take a shot on here. Forgetting about the hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald. He's going to run like a five six forty. It's late in the draft. So it's here. I don't see him doing too much. There's a lot of lot of people to get the ball to that kernels offense. It's GonNa be pretty solid. I'm brutally big on cuyler this year. Cuyler I think keiler has potential to actually be the. Mvp this year. He's my darkhorse for it. They have a bad defense. So they're going to be they they're gonNA have to score a lot of points and they have the offense to do it. They're going to be throwing all game. I will say this though once. Kenyan drake came into the picture. Mary's numbers did go down back to a more reasonable. Nfl quarterback not so great for fantasy. Are you concerned about draping? They're all year in cutting into his numbers not really designed to drink as my second rounder. So if they're going to him go into Kirk that's the one thing that I wasn't really paying attention to on the strap it can get to it later but I have to cardinals and browns sometimes can can be a little. Tricky aches move onto the next picked was met. And you took running back James White James White so I only have two running backs on my roster until this pick so this was a must for me actually really liked James White Tom. Brady's obviously gone. If it's going to be Jarret Stidham he's going to need an outlet and that outlet is going to be James White. I still think New England is likely going to bring in a quarterback. Probably Cam Newton. Either see theory. Yeah what you're talking about that right but either way I think James White is going to be a good outlet forum in with with where we're at the draft. I'm surprised that he's still hearing. Pr Format. He has a very very safe floor so I was. I was actually pretty happy that he said to me here. Yeah I think most of the people in the draft actually took the approach of just hands off from the New England patriots. Which was the route that I was going. But I I do think James Lloyd has a good floor for PR format and waste but like you said with only two running backs. I think he was a very safe option number three or four you but can somebody else get him. The ball decides Brady. I mean he runs five yards. I can tell that be able to. That's about all he can do. Yeah like probably GonNa stay away for most patriots players this year. That's fair. Yep Pretty Hands off team this year all right the next one o'clock I took. Tj Hawkins in mice took a look forward at the tight. End Position I got nervous about what was left so I wanted to grab a tight end here. At this point Amazon. Was the best player on my board at that position. I'm so onto grab it with the addition of Andrea Swift. I think that's going to open up a lot with addition of de Andrea Swift. I think that's going to open up more of the field for Hopkinson so I think he is going to have a better season also expecting a big step forward for a year too tight end all the fantasy owners last year. Get in him after week. One can look at what year two tight ends can do. I mean we have an example of mark. Andrews burst onto the scene last year. So I like the pick and moving onto the next one was me again here with a CD lamb. We all know how I feel about. Cd Lamb from our first episode. Thank you twitter by the way for that convincing win unacceptable. Cd-rom great talent. They're gonNA throw the ball a ton and that's all we really need to say. I think that's a great pick here in round nine. I wouldn't really call it a convincing win. It was like fifty six to forty four percent. A win is a win. Doesn't matter if it's by an inch or mile you descend convincing. It is convincing won. You lost our the SALTINES. Actually kind of a struggle. Hoping that guys can't notice now I can't notice that all moving to the next. It was actually Matt Jared Cook. Yeah Jared Cook. So we've talked about tight ends. We needed. There's not much left. But Jared Cook is a good tight. Andy plays in a good offense. He's got drew brees thrown them. The football on there really wasn't much to pick from here so I just I needed to get a tight end before it dropped off. The players aren't going to be relevant so he was kind of a no-brainer at this point. I'm not super excited about it. But with my team is he's he's a solid addition to it. Yeah think he's like you save not excited but I get safe Titan. He's safe bought as best you can do at this point in the draft. Tyler. You had the next pick here with awe- awesome hooper and other tight end. Yeah feeling the exact same pressure. I think tight ends came off really early here. I don't know if it's going to be a trend for twenty twenty but I went with Austin. Hooper still has potential to be top. Ten tight end Volumes going to be really difficult in Cleveland. They run a lot of two tight end sets and then also with Beckham Landry. He's average I think again about the best you can do at the tight end spot at this point on Taylor on with your next pickier de Andrea swift swift stirred. The swift my yeah. I'm actually surprised you is still here at this bank. Yeah absolutely I think because of the whole ADP thing. I don't think he's going to end up being here. I tried to stay away from them for a while but yeah I just picked him up. You know nothing crazy. Carry on a solid. When he's healthy. This is probably going to be the more timeshare of the three major ones. Carry on get hurt and could be the swift show. Yeah I mean Gary Permanent. Can't be healthy. So I mean it's it's not a bad pick especially at this point again real drafts as they move forward he's not going to be here at the spot. But if you're drafting this early you might get lucky moving on here. We go to team wind You are in the clock with the next pick was Michael. Hartmann me Cole. Hardiman this is my boy fan boy. That noise for that. The Sun Hardman is a beast. I like hard men. He just needs the opportunity. Kansas City's offense has a lot of different players involved but tyreek hill is injury prone even with last year like Nicole. Hardman was still getting opportunities at the deep ball. He's extremely boomer bust. He's not going to be a guy that you can rely on unless there are some injuries but if by weeks or certain injuries do occur he's absolutely serviceable and he is fast. You got mahomes throwing the ball downfield. He just needs paternity. I will pick opportunity like this in the tenth round all day. Yeah absolutely one hundred percent right. The only thing that would shy me away. He only had forty targets last year in a full sixteen games. So he's seeing the ball to win a half times per game so you hit it right on his boombox. He's GonNa win you weeks or Luzia weeks. Yup I think with you having mahomes. It's a it's a great pairing. You know if you don't have mahomes. He's not valuable to you as he can be. But again for your team is a perfect fit. I was on the clock next Mike Williams items out of the Los Angeles chargers still weird to say our AP Diego. I took William Syria with tyrod being the quarterback. I think that might still gets the downfield targets tyrod Kim by some time. He's GonNa Chuck The ball deep when he can and Mike Lives is going to be there deep threat. So I don't see his numbers being really that impacted compared to Philip rivers being there sobbing. Fauria by week's hot. Yeah definitely can nothing more than a bye week here. All right then picking up here in around eleven we had me picking Anthony Miller team win taking Michael Pittman junior out of Indianapolis and team Holler Taken Ryan. Tannehill definitely time to pick a quarterback here one of the talk a little bit about this because just to show you. You can get a serviceable quarterback in the eleventh round. Tannahill had a good year last year after Replace in Marietta laid twelve games. Tennessee does tend to be a run. First offense like Russell Wilson can get it done in a run. First offense offense. I think Tannahill Ken in again in a lot of leagues. He's GonNa be you know late round quarterback like this and you can definitely if you don't get mahomes or Lamar Jackson. You can get a guy like this and he'll be serviceable for. Yeah I think Tannahill. They have a good offense. They're going to score some points. And you're you're taking him this late at the trade off of the other star players. You're able to draft so he's got a safe floor so I think it definitely makes sense to go with the strategy like this and then comparing him to Russell. Wilson was a bit bold. But I get what you were trying to say and I do agree that you know. If you don't take one of the first quarterbacks take you on here and around eleven you cannot be disappointed with Ryan Tannehill move onto round twelve. We had team. Hi Sean Jeffrey team. Winning and Alexander Madison and I took John. Ross yeah I wanted to talk about Alexander. Madison here there is no reason why. Alexander Madison should be on the board and the twelfth around in that is solely for the fact that whoever draft Alvin Cook needs to prioritize getting Alexander Madison as a Hanke. I'm not big on handcuffs in general with the exception of a couple teams and a couple of players. If you're drafting running back in the first round who is injury prone you absolutely have to get the backup especially when there's a clear backup like Alexander Madison if there's a committee behind him not so much but Alexan- mass absolutely needs to be off the board to cook owners earlier all right so we're not going to go over the rest of our picks here We'll just pick a kickers defenses and just end of bench players who are taking random stabs at. How do you guys feel about your teams? I actually really really liked my team. Especially for this. Being the first mock. I normally don't take quarterback as early as I did but this draft actually panned out really really well and played into my favorite. I thought really impressed with my team. Taking three running backs first. Couple wide receivers. If I could have this team in all of my leagues I would be super happy. Can definitely take this kind of team to the championship. It's an average team ever dip Mr Fane boy chief. I never take a quarterback that early and I absolutely loved taking that Lamar that look at my team. I think my team is top notch. I absolutely think this is a championship team of championship. Team I do. What do you guys think about twitter aside? I think we've got another bet here due to all right. I got the perfect stakes for this. I don't want anymore saltine cracker so last night like a had this crazy dream here this out head this dream that like I posted a video of me. Dancing Bald Fat Guy Dance and no-shirt on bouncing all around sounds sounds terrible but it went viral. It got like five million views so here. Here's the terms of this bats. Twitter's GonNa vote. We're going to post each one of our teams on a pool and the losing to have to do a tick tock style video dancing. I absolutely hate that but but I am so confident my team. You're on good because none of have any rhythm no all twitter's GONNA regret. Were they picked on? It'd be really really funny to watch you guys do that is it. You're saying like a video together. Yeah the to the to the Joys Irs Joint Joint TIC TAC has to be something wild and crazy and actually hold on. This Bet. Just got a little bit more interesting. All what he got. The winner picks the video or song that they do so they picked the the dance. You're saying sure okay. All right. I'm into I like it. Yeah let's do it all right it's about we're gonNA need your help. This will be getting posted shortly. Opole screen shot of each of our teams simply vote on which team you think did the best in this mock draft twitter. I'm count on you go into for two. Let's do this. You're going to correct. You're on twitter all right. So that's going to wrap up our first mock draft of twenty twenty. Thank you so much for listening in today. And be on the lookout for our next episode What's that going to be Jake? So on an excerpts. I'll be going over the quarterback tight end rankings. Sounds like fun? I can't wait. Thanks again for listening. Thanks again guys. Have a good rest unite audio.

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