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You're listening to eureka monocle. Twenty four with daniel hosted the entrepreneurs sondra and osama is the founder of dip your vita an italian company that in twenty fifteen began selling a range of detox juices and smoothies packaged in a smart and sustainable design. They use fruits and vegetables source from their own farm and local suppliers. Something that has helped the istanbul native turn a healthy profit in two thousand twenty cm decided to look again to mother nature when she added a line of natural beauty supplements powders and elixirs in her quest to avoid the glove chemically enhanced products on the markets. The cement looks to organic ingredients to create a range of nutrition and skin care products including probiotic chocolates and a passion flower liquid to eight with getting a good night's rest. The brands products are now carried at dozens of retailers across europe asia and the middle east for this week showed innoshima sat down with monica. Milan correspondent ivan value. To tell the story of dip your vida. It's an evolution. Because when i started like how i start at the real stories. I read an article coming back from new york to milan saying that. The juicing business reached five billion dollar i was like what is the juice. Business at the timer was working for fainted. Gaza's a consultant for marketing. And i looked around and italy. I realized that nobody's doing this business. Oh this is how i started with the idea like meany start offers to do a lot of money right and then i realized that was not my mission really in my mission was to contribute to people's lives by Giving them a wider awareness on nutrition on longevity in how to have a better and healthier life we do a lot of feedback with your a lot of consultancy with clients. And when you ask the most common problem with the people table all tell the or they have crohn's disease which are diseases related to interest in or they have problems with the digestion or blotting percent of women with whom we are daily interacting suffer from blocking problems since ten years already. There are just a huge researchers on how micro bio is the new brain. So what are the effects of a healthy interest in got held for your mood for your intelligence for your sleep for your skin for your immunity. And i wanted to create products easily to include in your lifestyle. So this is how we started with the first juices made with probiotics and then little by little we expanded that collection. According people specific needs i m super detail oriented person so when i decided to do my products they need to be the best in order to do the best products other that thinking about the best design for packaging and everything in the function of functionality. The raw materials need to be the best. So if you want to do the best jews you need to farm your own ingredients because if you go buy them from somewhere you're going to lose some time but if you say hey this monday. I'm going to do the production. I'm going to go and cut in the far my own. Kale and i'm going to press. That kill immediately is going to give you totally different results. Yours actually are juices. Never taste the same because it depends a lot. The balked raw materials that we are receiving every week about the season because not each season we are able to find the same raw material so we change Very often the formula so we are living in a country where we can outsource the best of some products for instance. If you wanna get good citrus. Lemon oranges you have to to city so you cannot grow actually in the north your citrus. So we buy all our citrus from sicily. The apples where you get the best apples you get them from by st lena. They have to come from mountain area or alto adige so we are giving all the green apples because they only grow in alto adige and all the red apples invited so going to the provider. Ticks also it is important. What kind of sport you are using in your provider takes because not each probiotic. So they are many sports like lactobacillus bustillo. Skoog lands evil. They're not all the best. Why because they have to be very sturdy to resist in your stomach area. There's this belief that prebiotics of let's say cultures. Yogurt cultures people tend to use them only after they get sick because the doctors tell them okay. Did you have a influence of flu. Whatever it use anti-biotics then you have to replenish your interest in flora. But it's not about that like if you think we don't. We are living in a city extremely politics. We don't have the possibility to always eat healthy. and organic. and whatever people are people nutritionist. Not as clean. So you're interested. Needs that all the time. It's not something that you have to use it occasionally but you have to use provider takes depending on your problem. You can change the quantity intake but you have to use all the time. This is what we try to encourage when i decided to make a switch from the juices to the supplement business. I wanted to do something lighter. In between because supplement is a part of pharmaceutical. It's way more complicated and the juices food so the idea was like which product can be so cool and so like a luxurious but not in a way luxurious for itself like the sensation that it gives you that you never forget. Take your supplements. So this is how the idea of chocolates born because it's a food. It's a superfood because we are using roca cacao row chocolate not the normal chocolate loss. There are highly innovative ingredients inside the chocolate. That makes them even more unique. And you have this authority chocolates. You eat one per day for your skin or for your got. Of course we are still in the field of food not food supplement and that was a very lake an idea that made us business booming. Actually so our cacao coming from ecuador. it's not soon ariba. And it's one of the most top quality cacao being in the world when it's cacao is role it's means that it's processed minimally so it's not roasted artificially. It's roasted with the sun. Actually so 'coco is a superfood itself it's gives you serotonin in many minerals and vitamins if you don't kill the cacophony it's not cooked. It's real you will get all the benefits from the cacao itself. The idea is always to do something special. In innovative that people are actually looking for and not doing a copycat of product that already exist in the market and usually it starts from the question. Like what am i looking for for myself. What are my personal needs for my beauty or health concerns so four disc collection. I wanted to divide it in different segments that we help the chocolates. We have the pills we have liquids. And we have the powder's there are people the hate to take pills. There are people they cannot use the powders because they think it's too dirty they mix with their smoothie and then there are people who prefer to use liquids because then you can put in your drink and whatever. It depends very much on how you like to take your supplements in spring this year. We are lounging this New brand called beauty charger powered by the vita. Always our own breath and they will be in the form of sasha that you put in your water in the first one is going to be called helo wrinkles so the idea is not fight with your wrinkles and become a monster because you are doing so many weird things to yourself but just to embrace them in age gracefully by taking the right supplements in the right place and right moment inhaler. We put electrolytes q ten and sign which is very good for your energy and also for anti-aging and we also put collagen peptides. Since the very beginning. I am collaborating with professional people. So it's not me in person who is formulating the juices or two supplements. But i always pick the expert person in that field to help us to to do the formulation. For instance we have a nutritionist. She specialised in boss chinese medicine and medicine in with her we are formulating most of the products related for the detoxing. When i decided to make the first clean hair supplements. I collaborated with a static. Surgeon who specialized especially in hair implants. So this is what we do for myself. I read a lots scientific researches or nutro-ceuticals business all the new ingredients. And i do also participate to certain fairs where i'm meet young people young companies who are specialized in different raw materials because dot also very important like i said your own farm where you grow your raw materials. Recently i met with this girl. She's amazing she's just found the company estonia and they are cultivating alpha alpha in sebok door. On the indeed you to best sebok down and alpha alpha so it is important where you are outsourcing your raw material. We pay attention to this aspect as wall. Alfalfa is very good for immunity because it strengths. Allot your interesting. Flora interest in this directly connected with your immune system. Is the door putting system. If you have a healthy interest in you have a healthy immune system so all fell face very very important for the interest. Sandra innoshima founder of dip. Your via speaking to monaco's milan correspondent ivan value. My thanks to both you can learn more about the brand at pure vida dot com. Thanks as walter. Christie evans mixed edited. This show daniel h thank you so much for listening in goodbye ooh.

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