Day 1,130: Coronavirus fears tank markets but Trump says everything's under control


With the president in India the Dow has its biggest drop in two years. And it's because of the corona virus which the President says is under control here while saying he sees opportunity in the stock market. He's also saying don't believe what the intelligence community is warning about. Russians attacking our elections unless it's dependent on Bernie Sanders plus the White House. National Security Adviser goes into campaign attack mode and a startling interview and Bernie gets a bounce out of Vegas. Do his rivals make him? The target and tomorrow night's debate which will be the first with two billionaires on the stage as the eleventh hour gets underway on this Monday night. Well good evening once again from our NBC News Headquarters here in New York Day. Eleven hundred thirty one of the trump administration two hundred fifty three days to go until our twenty two thousand presidential election and today while overseas the was confronted with a new political risk to others. It's a financial risk to still others. It's a health risk as US and global markets are taking a hit with selloffs continuing an Asian markets as they open their Tuesday morning earlier today. The Dow closed down more than a thousand points largest drop in two years on fears over the impact of the corona virus. The number of reported infections continues to grow tens of thousands of cases now in China that we know of and new signs of rapidly spreading outbreaks and other countries about half hour after. Us markets closed today. The traveling president posted this quote. The Corona virus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone. And all relevant countries CD and World Health have been working very hard very smart stock market. Starting to look very good to me. Robert Costa of The Washington Post will join us in just a moment tonight. He reports this quote. The trump administration's disjointed handling of the outbreak has faced mounting criticism. As the president's allies of scrambled to take preventative steps while seeking to reassure the public times struggling to explain their decisions and offer a consistent message tomorrow morning the full Senate is scheduled to get a classified briefing on the virus from Homeland Security Public Health Officials State Department the intelligence community and the like so it was concerning today to see Ken. Kuch Anneli the acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. Ask his twitter followers if he was doing something wrong if it was just him why he couldn't see the maps of the spread of the virus on the Johns Hopkins website. Mr Coochie Anneli. A fervent and vocal trump supporter is on the White House. Corona Virus Taskforce Politico reporting. That very same. White House is going to ask for nearly two billion in emergency funding for the corona virus president. Meanwhile is on day two of his thirty six hour trip to India. His Monday started with a campaign style. Rally at the world's largest cricket stadium visit follows reports that intelligence officials had indeed brief lawmakers about Russian attempts to interfere in our next election and that their efforts are aimed at helping both trump and Bernie sanders as he left the White House. Yesterday trump tried to cast doubt wall assigning blame. Nobody said it. I read where Russia's helping Bernie Sanders. Nobody said it to be at all. Nobody freaks me about that at all. They leaked it Adam. Schiff and his group they leaked to the papers as as usual investigate Adam Schiff for leaking that information they don't want Bernie Sanders representative it. Sounds like his sixteen all over again but verdy says trump's national security advisor was also asked about Russian interference. And as you listen to his response again please remember this. Is the National Security Advisor? The White House was briefed on February fourteenth. Where you not in that briefing when the president was informed. Well there's no briefing that I received that the presence received that says that President Putin is doing anything to try and influence the elections in favor of president trump. We just haven't seen that intelligence. Are you denying that that is happening? No no what. Look what I've heard from the FBI. What I've heard is that That Russia would like Bernie Sanders to to win the Democrat nomination. They'd probably like him to be president understandably because he wants to spend money on social programs and probably would have to take it out of the military so that would make sense. New York Times puts it this way in the fourth year of his presidency and in his fourth national security adviser. Mr Trump has finally gotten what he wants a loyalist who enables his ideas. Axios reporting the effort to read. The government of those considered disloyal to trump has been going on now for some eighteen months quietly and that quote a well-connected network of conservative activists with close ties to trump and top administration. Officials is quietly helping develop these never trump slash pro-trump less members of this network include. Ginny Thomas the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on the twenty twenty front. We are entering a critical eight day period now tomorrow night Biden Bloomberg Buddha Judge Sanders. Warren Klobuchar Steinmeier will all debate in South Carolina Saturday. The South Carolina primary seventy two hours later comes super Tuesday. Another way of putting it this the last debate before Super Tuesday sanders coming off a big win at the Nevada caucuses right now leading with the most delegates front runner. Status of course brings a whole new world of scrutiny. That includes his sit down interview with sixty minutes where he seemed to try to distance himself from his own rhetoric. A lot of voters are voting for candidates who aren't calling for Medicare for all who aren't calling for revolution. Is everybody really wanting a revolution like you know? Let's go easy on the word raw political revolution. You know. We're we're trying to follow in the fear. Is You know I don't want to overstate. Sanders is also hearing criticism about what he had to say about Fidel Castro with very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba. But you know it's unfair to simply say everything is bad. You know when Fidel Castro came into office. You know what he did. He had a massive literacy program. Is that a bad thing. Even though Fidel Castro did it as you can imagine the reaction of Congressional Democrats in South Florida was instant and Sharp. I represent thousands of Cuban American families that have fled the brutal dictatorship under the sewerage. Those comments are extremely hurtful to so many people here in my area and very offensive. There's a saying here in south Florida by many Cubans that they say you know. Castro may have given US healthcare and education. But he didn't give us breakfast lunch or dinner here for our leadoff discussion on a Monday night. As we begin a new week Ashley Parker Pulitzer Prize winning White House. Reporter for The Washington Post Robert Costa National Political reporter for the Post and moderator of Washington. Week on PBS and Shannon Petty piece veteran journalist and senior White House reporter for us at NBC News Digital. Good evening. And welcome to you all Ashley I'd like to go back up and start with the coup Cinelli story because that gets us to something wider. He is a vocal loyalist of the president on his platform when he was affiliated with CNN. But whatever side. The president was on an argument. Cancun in La would take but how can hiring loyalists and just loyalists cost you when a rigorous response to a real crisis is what's called for it can cost you a lot in. That's one of the things. The administration is grappling with now. Which is that. The president has hollowed out a number of these agencies especially the scientific community so there's not necessarily all the people you would want in place to begin with and not just only hiring loyalists but I also wanna add the president's rhetoric. This is a president who often states the truth as he wishes it to be. Not as it actually is and that is gradations of problematic in. It's one thing to say something from a rally stage that he's done the biggest tax cut in history or to inflate the size of his crowds. It's quite another to make statements There's nothing to worry about with the corona virus when in fact not everyone agrees with that assessment Robert Costa on the Corona Violence Virus. What do you think is the level of the president's real concern and what's been the target of most of his concern thus far there is significant concern not only in terms of the management and a response within this administration privately at the moment but also about the political consequences of the stock market? Drop on the phone tonight just a few hours ago with Larry. Cudlow the White House economic adviser. Peter Navarro the White House Trade Advisor and other White House officials and top. Gop donors paying close attention to this because they see the stock market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average being around twenty eight thousand going all the way up to twenty nine thousand is central to the argument. They're making a suburban voters. This fall but more important right now for them is making sure they're getting information from China. But this is not been a coordinated response at every level and there are many challenges within the administration and with Global Partners Shannon Petty Peas Veer us into hard knuckle politics if you would the White House reaction what they make of the current state of the Democratic race so it seems that there's an increasing acknowledgement that Bernie Sanders could likely be the nominee. I mean I think all of us are sort of seeing that path and certainly within trump world there's assessment where a lot of people are starting to game plan and talk about a scenario where you are facing a sanders dominy and while there has been a lot of salivating among Republicans and the president's allies. About what that could mean because they see sanders policies as so far to the left that they could alienate those moderate suburban voters female voters. There were so crucial in the last election. There is definitely a be careful. What you wish for tone and vibe that you get when you talk to people about Sanders. Because they've for all of his policy flaws they see a lot of personal strengths in him and you know that comes with authenticity ability to build a base having clear brand and a clear message where you know where he stands and he got so much criticism for that sixty minutes interview but in a way it has him continuing to stand by what he believes in what he has stood for. And if you look at trump as a model that is something that voters have shown they. They appreciate and value in a candidate is you might not always agree with them. But at least you know what they stand for and at least they have a core set of ideals that they follow so The there is some nervousness and a bit of a wild card here. Definitely it's not gonNA look like your two thousand sixteen race if you have a Bernie Sanders as a Democratic nominee backup to you Robert Costa forgetting about the Republicans for one moment among the Democrats. You have on speed dial in your phone. How are they reacting to this dramatic rise of Bernie Sanders? There's a growing realization within the Democratic Party. We wrote about it with Phil Rucker. On today's front page that Senator. Sanders represents an ascendant left wing movement. That could move in the coming weeks and months toward a takeover of the Democratic Party. A REVOLT AGAINST THE CENTRISTS. That donors in the party who have long controlled power and had a big influence over the nominees sanders in the political wilderness for decades. Going back to his days in Burlington now finds himself at this late stage in his career as a possible standard bearer for a party that has been rapidly changing moving more toward issues like climate change healthcare access and being okay with phrases like Democratic Socialism. Instead of being averse Ashley Parker backup to the what. We frame narrowly as the Cancun a question earlier in the interview. But more broadly what we keep hearing and reading about. It's been called to use the most dramatic term this purge in the trump administration. Aren't there instances where forget about the so-called Deep State. Forget about buried potential never-trumpers deepen the Department of Commerce or interior? It's the people with the biggest titles closest to the president who have subverted his will and deflected at times correct absolutely and that was especially true early on in the administration. And I've been making calls about this to use your word purge all day and one thing that people said In defending the president. Was that some of these changes. They will argue should have been done very early on in the administration in a transition. If the trump transition team you know first one hundred days had been like any of his predecessors Democratic or Republican it would have been an organized non chaotic effort in which they generally hired highly competent people who yes supported the president and supported his policies. That is not an unreasonable thing to ask for. He did not have that especially early on. Especially as you said in some of those top positions so this is a correction for that but the problem for them is both in the timing coming after impeachment coming with a president who feels embolden. It has taken on much more of a being run by the president's former Twenty nine year old body man has taken but towards the tone of a vindictive purge rather than a natural staffing of an administration and they've seen that backlash in bad PR and some frustration internally Shannon. Pity piece actually reminds us that there's a new sheriff in town at the White House Office of personnel another To be tossed on the list of I for this Administration Shannon. The four of us have been around a while. Can you remember a White House sounding a little bit? Like a brokerage house from the president to Larry cudlow both of them saying in effect by on the lows right. Yeah we've talked on Friday. Larry cudlow giving a briefing on the White House Briefing Room when I asked him about corona virus and talking about just in general how this was such a great time to invest in the stock market and You know of course. Maybe that's one thing you can say when you have unemployment or hire some bad economic indicators but we're actually talking about thousands of people dying that's why the stock market is low so essentially looking to make a profit off of the deaths of thousands of people on the potential of thousands of people more but I think the president as we saw with his tweet today saying everything is fine in the US and of course it is at the moment but that is not the problem. The problem is where we're going from here. Is this administration struggling to get their hands around a crisis? That in one of the rare times in the past three years is not a crisis of their own making is not one of the daily crises that the president creates by his actions. This is something completely out of. The hands of this administration is in the hands of the global public health community. It is the hands of the doctors and scientists and biologists out there working on this in the field and so they're going to have to realize and grapple with the fact that they're not going to be able to control this and there's only so much spin they're going to be able to put on this messaging three bylines for our audience to look for Ashley. Parker Robert Costa Shannon Petty Piece. Along with our. Thanks for coming on the broadcast with us as we start a new week and coming up for us. Our next guest says we're entering into a political season of extremes that we've never seen before our country and later the countdown to South Carolina. The next critical test remember. It's only the second primary but still for the still wide field of Democrats hoping to defeat. Donald trump the eleventh hour just getting underway on a Monday night. Do you think that Bernie Sanders is the biggest threat to your president trump? Right now I do think so I would say that the biggest threat to president trump is president trump. What do you mean by that? Well if he's on his game as he was at the state of the Union there's a candidate in the country that can beat them if there is a second choice of than himself it would be Bernie Sanders Bernie. Sanders brings out outside game in a similar fashion. That president trump did in two thousand sixteen interesting moment there with Tim. Scott of South Carolina Senator Bernie Sanders coming off a big win in Nevada. And on Saturday we will come to what is only. Let's remember the second primary of the political season. Let's talk about the state of our politics with us. Now Steve Schmidt a veteran former Republican strategist us since left the Republican Party. But he's here with US tonight. That's all we care about. Let's take them one at a time. Let's start with the Republicans. Start WITH SENATOR. Scott's point the biggest risk to donald trump is donald trump because we just had shannon petty peace with with a straight face as a reporter. Say It's another one of these crises corona virus. That trump didn't start himself. Well Look Tim. Scott is correct. I mean the person that is always created the most powerful for Donald trump politically is is donald trump but since his acquittal by the Senate as he's purging the government of anybody he thinks is disloyal as he is taking his revenge is he is a visceral rating the rule of law in unprecedented fashion. Interfering in criminal cases the Department of Justice his poll numbers are going up and so he is consolidating power at an alarming rate in doing so liberally. Let's talk about the Democrats and as we do. I WanNa play the Clip Bernie. Sanders campaign manager. Came on with Chris Hayes earlier on this network tonight. We'll look at that one of the reasons that I love and fight for Bernie Sanders. There's integrity and honesty. You get with him and what that means is when you ask them a direct question he gives you a direct response comes from his heart from his soul. Tells you exactly what he's thinking right and that means that sometimes you may disagree with his perspective but you know he's he's shooting straight with. He's not playing a political game. So when you ask them about. Hey how about Cuba and the Castro? Oh well he's an authoritarian. He's engaged in human rights abuses however there were some good things that happened in Cuba. We should acknowledge those two. And that's an honest answer and then other people will play political games. And that's why for instance Chris. I think over the course of this campaign. We've benefited from the fact that his stray shooting his integrity. His honesty rises above other people's efforts to try to offer political barbs and try to throw cheap shots in the kitchen sink at him that were tonight and at a CNN town hall and the last hour people to judge just said in effect here. We are as a party. We're talking about Fidel Castro. Indeed and they are and you look at travesty of a debate if you're in the business of wanting to remove Donald Trump from office. The one thing that wasn't talked at all about in that debate was trump or trumpism and so the campaign managers talking about Bernie Sanders Integrity. Is he showing integrity by not releasing his medical records? Is he showing transparency and integrity by not talking about the Price Tag associated with student? Loan Forgiveness Free Pre pre K. daycare for everybody. And there's no price tags on any of this. It's a dishonest progressivism. That's NO DIFFERENT THAN DONALD. Trump's dishonesty talking about the Mexican paid for wall it's all fantasy and so when Bernie Sanders goes out there. He starts talking about well. Here's the good sides of Fidel Castro. I think it's important to understand that there might be a constituency for that in this country but it's a really small one and it's certainly not enough to get you into an electoral college majority to win the White House. And it certainly dooms your chances in Florida. How do you process the fact that tomorrow night? We're going to have seven people on stage. Two of them are billionaires. Two of them look at real double digit poll numbers knowing that money bought those poll numbers not some inner need to have them as our next president. How do we process that well? I think they're two different cases right so first off. Mike Bloomberg was the mayor of New York City for twelve years and by any objective standard. He was one of the most competent successful leaders of large government anywhere in the world over the last quarter century. He was a profoundly successful mayor. I think it's a mistake for Democrats to attack. Somebody like Mike. Bloomberg who grew up in a middle-class circumstance and is a self made man is one of the country's greatest philanthropists and I disagree with him on a number of different issues but if you are invested in progressive causes. It's hard for me to think of anybody who has done more to advance progressivism whether it's on gun issues whether it's on climate then has Mike Bloomberg so the notion that Mike Bloomberg is on that stage somehow illegitimately is not something that I really understand. Tom Steyer has been an activist in American politics. Now for some period of years he has communicated a message. He's gotten the requisite poll numbers to be on the stage. The question will be after the South Carolina primaries. If you have eight moderate Democrats all of whom might have a greater chance of beating Donald Trump and does Bernie Sanders? Will some of those candidates get out of the race to help coalesce support around the strongest? Moderate candidate? Poor the issue right now in the Democratic primaries you cannot make an objective judgement and say Bernie Sanders is going to go down to Donald Trump in the swing states on the basis of poll numbers because the poll numbers. Don't support that in those states. But when you look at Bernie Sanders positions that we should criminalize illegal immigration. That we're going to take health insurance away from one hundred fifty million people who have private health insurance a of other issues the type of rhetoric that you saw him use on sixty minutes talking about Castro. All of these issues come together. In a way that I think objectively with James Carville said is disqualifying for somebody running for president in somebody. Who'S LIKELY TO LOSE TO DONALD TRUMP and I think that's what you're saying. A lot of panic in the democratic electorate in the democratic officeholder class in these days really focused on Steve Schmidt always a pleasure. Thank you for coming up. Trump calls the stock market very good after plunged a thousand points. One of his economic advisors recommending investors. Buy on the dips. We'll take a closer look at the potential national security threat that corona virus presents. When we come back it's been described to me like like a cold except this one will kill you. Yeah that about how you see. The problem is with this new virus. It comes with a mortality of around two to three percent which is extremely high if you concede it as a flu virus if it can impact a fifth of the population test-driven yes as corona virus fears rise around the world the spread of the virus in nations. That are not named China is causing financial markets to plunge the Dow as we reported down over one thousand today three point five percent drop in total volume. Worst in two years. Italy has become the hardest hit country in Europe. Now health officials there have said two hundred twenty nine individuals have been infected. They are reporting seven s South Korea. Health officials there reporting eighty new cases bringing the total there to eight hundred ninety three but China still by far the hardest hit country on the planet over seventy seven thousand cases under management over twenty five hundred deaths again that we know of back with us again tonight. Clint Watts former. Fbi Special Agent author importantly of Messing with the enemy surviving in a social media. World of hackers terrorists Russians and fake news and a distinguished research fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. So Clint explain to your audience. You're not with the. Cbc You're formerly with the FBI. How does the threat of a pandemic intersect with your world and your life's work? Yeah so what's fascinating about how this is played out in recent days is you've had this spread very very quickly. You've seen the reactions that have come out there and I think Italy is a interesting case comparing China. You're seeing grocery stores cleaned out. You're seeing water cleaned out. Think about what our response is. And what a coordinated effort is anytime you're in government and the US government what we're known for is having it coordinated effort with competent leaders who know the task at hand and provide a response plan or a coordinated plan. Would that happen today? I think in this current era where we've seen the White House really go after large budget cuts and large In parts of this terms of our response in terms of our pandemic response when we look at some of the officials that are in charge that are there may be because they are more loyal than competent. Do we trust the information. That's really where I think I I see this in my work is. Do you believe the information is being put out by your government officials? We've had some inaccuracy problems here in recent months and then look across the world. The response Today the way we handled it was through a presidential tweet telling everybody that things are fine and maybe should buy the stock market. I would like some reassurance I think about what's the plan who are the officials that are in charge. And what are we going to do? Imagine Brian if this were to spread to a US city the way it has outside of Milan. What would the response be inside? The United States China for all of its faults in terms of censorship and not getting on this quick enough was able to quickly quarantaine a city. The size of New York was able to build a thousand bed hospital in a week can the US do something like that What would the US economy do? How would we respond? We be resilient in this. I think our model probably a lot more like Italy than it does China in some of these other countries. So I'm really worried about how this how this goes how we do everything from rationing mask and equipment and medical responses and how do we do that triage system because it really only takes one outbreak? We've seen how quickly it's gone both in South Korea Iran and Italy. And just this last week if it hits the United States in this kind of way just a little. Pin-prick toward spreads locally. You'll not just see the market crash. You'RE GONNA see a lot of panic. I think in the United States and Clint more broadly. When you see the national security advisor to the president of the United States say he hasn't been told about Russia and any briefing about this upcoming election and the guy they really want is Bernie in the White House. What does that do I just as a head scratcher I? It's remarkable for my team. A team that works with the Foreign Policy Research Institute and Bryan. You've had US on before. Russia doesn't hide who they won the election. There's lots of over evidence to show that. They do favored trump overall in the election. That they also will prop up or try and support sanders not that the sanders campaign is working with Russia. But they're trained inflate that as a divisive wedge and to set up a basically a populist sorta battle between trump and sanders. It's just frustrating. Because we feel at least I feel like we can't get trusted information oftentimes for the White House or if we do we always have to ask. Is this information only coming out because it's good for the White House sure rush always wants to instill long-term chaos but in any given election the whole point of active measures is to elevate candidates that are supportive of a Russian foreign policy position. Or don't even talk about foreign policy national security to positions of power inside the United States. And so if we're not even able to talk about it. We can't breathe for congressional leaders. We have a DNA who can actually go have a discussion. The White House that I don't know how we can prepare or defend for it. It's really our political leaders. It seems that are the weak point in this entire system. At the moment Clinton Watts always a pleasure often a scary however as it was tonight we appreciate you coming on the broadcast. As always coming up for us what Bernie Sanders unveiled tonight to tamp down his critics. We'll talk to our reporter covering his campaign when we continue your plan for Free College Tuition and Medicare for all seems like a way to excite the democratic base with no real plan to pay for what I wanted to I. I'm going to give this to you. I thought that question might come all right here. It is a this is a list which will be on our website tonight of how we'd pay for every program that we have so that was a moment during the CNN. Townhall event tonight. Let's check in on the traveling sanders campaign and who best to take our questions but one of our NBC News Roy Road Warriors Shaquille Brewster who follows the sanders campaign for us and shack. While we talk I just WANNA show our audience. Something happening pretty darn near on the other side of the world ceremony going on live right now. There's a motive India first lady. There is behind the president. But this is what people like to refer to as ballgame. This is all of it. This is what the argument is about. This is the job he now occupies the trappings that come with. This is the stakes when you run for the presidency. So with that in mind what was on that piece of paper tonight shack that the Sanders campaign was gonna put on their website. How complete was it? Well Brian. I'll tell you the list is out. It's on his website already in going through that list. The thing that struck me is that it's nothing new. These are numbers that we've seen before explaining the cost of ideas that we've heard before what it's a sign of a sign of vulnerability for Senator Sanders as he goes to these states where he frankly hadn't spent as much time as those first three initials states. Look He. Has these big ideas that we talk about. All the time Medicare for all college for all the green new deal. The student debt forgiveness medical debt forgiveness at the end of the day. And what you're starting to see from the other candidates they're questioning wait a second. How much is this GONNA cost? And what are your ideas to pay for it? So what he did was. He plucked all of the pay for is out of his plan. Put them all the paper and handed them to that anchor there and that's a sign that again. He knows this is going to come up on that debate stage tomorrow night and what it is is showing him. It's showing voters that he started about this. He's read it. He knows his plans. And it's presenting it to them in a way that says it's all there for you to see so he can say that essentially to the candidates when big bring it up to him on debate stage tomorrow night he was also asked. Tonight Shack. I noted about this possibility of entering the Democratic convention with the most delegates though shy somewhere south of the the portal through which you get the nomination thousand nine hundred ninety one tattooed on the inside of all of our eyelids I know and this certainly seems like a front where the Bernie forces are willing ready and able to throw down. That's right and we've got a hint of this at the last debate there in Vegas where Chuck Todd Ask. The question of. He asked the question of all the candidates if a candidate gets into the convention with a clear paralysis of the delegates not a majority but the clear advantage. The most delegates out of any candidate should that person be the nominee and you saw all the other candidates on stage. Say Well we'll let the process go out senator. Sanders said No. The person the candidate who has a plurality should be the nominee or the fact that we're having this conversation. I is a sign of shrink for this campaign and it's a sign of concern from other from other candidates. They know that we're going to into this process. Especially once you get past South Carolina. We're going to be hitting California. We're GONNA hit Texas North Carolina. These bigger more delegate rich states where if you look at the current polling Senator Sanders leading in these areas especially after he's won or at least if you look at Iowa o you have to count the popular vote. We has done well in competed. Well in these first three states his campaign feels like they have momentum going into Super Tuesday. So they're looking at this calendar. They're seeing that. The are at the verge of possibly having a delegate lead that's insurmountable and they feel some confidence there that's leading to this conversation by the way how you doing you're holding up okay. I'm doing well doing getting sleep. Everyone we ask a lot of you guys. It's a lot of miles a lot of bad meals very little sleep. Shaquille brewster however is one of our road warriors. So named for a reason. Thank you shack. Appreciate it as always and just ahead for us what to expect tomorrow night with seven people on stage. There's a front runner. There's a couple of billionaires. There's some others under big pressure to do. Well you want to be president. I've watched many candidates run for their party's nomination but only a few knew how to get it or that's microphone. My podcast is about what it takes to get the nomination. Six episodes six timeless themes that separate the few winners many losers. The hope still lives and the Green Shell never die. So you want to be president with Chris Matthews and MSNBC podcast search. Now wherever you're listening and subscribe all six episodes available now she wants to be president. I've watched many candidates for their party's nomination but only a few knew how to get it. I feel your pain. My podcast is about what it takes to get the nomination. Six episodes six timeless themes that separates the few winners from any losers. This campaign was and will remain the great honor of my life. So you want be president with Chris Matthews and MSNBC podcast search now wherever you're listening and subscribe episode six available now. Let's look at some numbers. Nbc News Newspoll in South Carolina. Just out tonight shows Bernie closing in on Joe Biden and South Carolina ahead of Saturday's primary Biden leads by four percent. But please note that's within the polls margin of error. Tom Steyer is polling third at fifteen percent in South Carolina Buddha Judge Warren closure in single digits. Back with us. Aaron Hanes a ten year veteran of the Associated Press now editor at large for the nineteen. Th They nonprofit nonpartisan newsroom focused on gender politics and policy that launches this coming summer so Aaron what are South Carolinians saying about what's going to happen there. What should happen there on Saturday? What Good Evening Brian? What I'm seeing in hearing from voters in South Carolina. It's kind of a pattern. There's been recurring in Iowa New Hampshire and the early states that we've seen so far which is that. Voters are still largely undecided. Here going into Saturday. Early voting has already begun in South Carolina until some voters have cast their ballots but they are making a head versus heart decision. A lot of the older black voters. Obviously we know that black voters are the majority of the Democratic primary electorate. Here a lot of them are saying that they are going with Joe Biden. They feel like they know him. He is somebody who has not had to introduce himself to voters down here because of his relationship with the first black president and vice president and because he has longstanding relationships in South Carolina but there are other candidates especially the younger black voters seemed to be open to certainly Senator Sanders as somebody who has made inroads who has connections with the mini Hughes in South Carolina. Senator Warren is somebody that. I'm hearing some young black women saying that they are open to Raising questions of electability. But saying that she is somebody WHO's ideas. They very much like mayor. Budaj continues to make the case to voters here. But it's unclear whether or not he's going to be able to get traction with them in South Carolina despite all of his efforts. And then of course you have. Tom Star and former mayor Bloomberg who has spent a lot of money Here in the state. I'm seeing ads for Mayor Bloomberg and Tom Star quite a bit all over the place on television billboards radio. You name it and that does seem to be You know at least raising awareness with with voters that they are somebody who voters may be open to thinking that they may be able to go up against president trump in November which is the priority of most of the black voters that I've talked to in the state and let's be honest here about two more things. I don't think we're going to see any tearful news conferences after the vote on Saturday. People bailing out of the race. Because I think all efforts are going to be to crawl if they have two three more days into Super Tuesday. That's point one point two is. I know we're referring to this upcoming debate tomorrow night as the South Carolina Debate. It is the last time we will hear from or see these candidates as a group before. Super Tuesday which is a whole different kettle of fish. That's absolutely true. This is the last debate before Super Tuesday and to your point probably the last time that we that we will see them. Altogether Senator Warren. Obviously it's probably going to still try to make that make that display of her being a fight or something. She shows a lot on the campaign trail but something that I think. A lot of people like they were really seeing from her for the first time With some success on the on the last debate stage Senator Sanders with his front runner status. We'll have to see if he didn't draw a lot of fire last time. A lot of the focus was on mayor Bloomberg so we'll have to see if candidates going after him coming out of his decisive Nevada. Finish To see how that goes. I think that you will definitely see a former vice president biden really trying to make the case once again to black voters not only in South Carolina but to Blackbelt voters in states like Alabama Virginia. Tennessee who are all Super Tuesday ballot and beyond making that case to black voters that he is still the most electable candidate to defeat Donald Trump. And you know you've got those candidates that are pulling kind of lower still like people at Amy Klobuchar Dr Like Thomas Dyer. Who are who are trying to Trying to say that they still have a case to stay in this past. Super Tuesday and beyond. I will say that. Perhaps you will see several of these candidates this weekend on Sunday in Selma Alabama where the country will be marking the fifty fifth anniversary of bloody Sunday. I'm told that a number of candidates are planning to their way to Alabama even as they fan out to the numerous Super Tuesday states to try to to try to increase increase their delegate count in those places a week from today. You GotTa do what you gotTa do. Erin we're thrilled to know that you're down there watching it for us along with US Erin. Hanes always a pleasure. Thank you for coming on and coming up as the New York Times. Put it today. They astor for the moon. She gave it to them a remembrance. When we come back zero K and I feel fine capital turning around last thing before we go tonight. A few words about John Glenn's friendship seven mission and one of the special people took here to get him up there. Katherine Johnson made that remarkable journey possible. And now her own remarkable journey has come to an end. Nbc News correspondent Brahima. Allah has our report. Catherine Johnson's fascination with numbers started early on growing up in West. Virginia I count. Everything can play it when I washed dishes. Callen stem from home to church breaking race and gender barriers in the nineteen sixties. Jim Crow America Johnson helped chart the flight path for America's First Space Mission with Alan Shepherd and when John Glenn was chosen to orbit the earth he insisted Johnson confirmed the computer's calculations done it was right. Charles bolden former head of NASA said a few years ago Johnson was always given the hardest calculations. Surprised you think people were that it was a black woman who was shocked shocked. You gotta remember now. When she walked in the control center she only black in there so quite naturally they thought she was the made for years. She was hardly known outside of NASA. The movie hidden figures NASA Sir Mask did they heard. She was honored at the Academy Awards and given the Presidential Medal of freedom in an interview a few years ago. Johnson was forever humble. You did your job better than anybody. The Best I could when she died today at one hundred and one tributes from NASA and Taraji p Henson who played Johnson in the movie. Wrote because of your hard work little girls everywhere can dream as big as the moon. The woman enchanted by numbers now counted as a true American hero. Rahima Ellis NBC News and this final word from us here the moment tomorrow night. South Carolina debate comes to a close. We will come on the air with our live coverage with our entire team from this very studio so that is our broadcast for this Monday. Evening as we start a new week. Thank you so much for being here with us. Good night from our NBC News Headquarters here in New York

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