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Sheriff's investigators have upgraded the death of Tim Watkins to a homicide and they've just told news five he was shot to death as body found Sunday in the very place where he loved to ride. Lana questions unanswered tonight. So we turn to new signs. Lena, Holland live in Palmer lake would have you learn Lena and the heart of Palmer lake this news has everyone on edge here tonight with a strong warning from the sheriff's office to remain vigilant. And it's small town. It's you know, you feel safe in a town like this. That's why people move here that feeling of safety in the Ford distance for neighbors like David tanese who has lived here in the Palmer lake area for four years. Now, a little bit scary inches to think about if somebody would ambush you or. You know, who knows what could happen and the kids, you know, just playing in the neighborhood in general. That's that's scary to the body of his friendly. And well, no neighbor six year old Tim Watkins was found by a civilian in the Mount Hermon area on Sunday morning. Search and rescue crews had found his shoe and bike nearby the day before but the search was called off when the sun went down today, though, this death investigation upgraded to a homicide. It was very surprising especially from area like this where everybody walks around and kids bike around all the time. And we've never really had to worry about something like this before. Now twelve year old Amelia to nays has taken a break from her bike and a break from being outside. Now me and my friends are too afraid to go on bike rides anymore because since nobody was found yet. It's really scary. I just think it's really sad and heartbreak into here that because that doesn't happen often at all. Watkins body was found in a popular recreation area used by a lot of people are family goes up there with our dog, and we take hikes, and it's a beautiful area. And our our school does cross country runs up there. So the kids are up there. It's a it's a great trail. But said to know that that could be passability of what happened up there with no suspects right now. The sheriff's office is asking the community to remain on higher alert. If they see anything out of the ordinary to police give the sheriff's office, a call not is too small, even if you think it is irrelevant. Please let us decide that again. The sheriff's office says vigilance is key here. If you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary in your neighborhood, you are asked to contact them right away. Again. There is no suspect information at this time for now watching out for you. In Palmer, lake Lena. How land news five? Friends of his turn down at the red rocks. Open space tonight for a final ride for Tim as they called it a mechanic by trade, but described by his friends, a great guy, vibrant personality, someone who would do anything for you and one of his closest friends recalled for us the last conversation he had with him. We were planning to do a ride one of his favorite rides these called airplane ride and actually rides up Limbaugh canyon towards old wrecked airplane. Unfortunately, it'd be never made that happen. Just kind of reminded me when. Make plans with someone. That's important. Do you can't? Our thoughts with Tim's family and friends tonight during this difficult time, we will continue to track the investigation. Bring you updates on air and online at KOA dot com. This week. We are discussing an unsolved case, and we will be talking about a man named Tim Watkins now each week, we take on a new case and in doing so essentially, we are taking a glimpse and someone's life their family's lives as well. As friends in the community this week when looking into Tim Watkins life and learning about him. I learned had I lived in that area in Palmer lake Colorado. I feel like Tim would have been a guy that I would have liked and found quite interesting. I'm always intrigued by people that are pretty hard core into their hobbies, and Tim was sixty. But he did not look sixty at all he looked easily and his forties. Yes. And extremely physically fit. Now the day in question. It was a warm Thursday morning in September. When Tim Watkins as you said age sixty he sets out on his regular ride in Palmer, lake Colorado. Palmer. Lake in its nearby town of monument are about twenty miles outside of Colorado Springs. It's a conservative military oriented city that is home to a US air force academy to say that Tim was experienced mountain biker is like say Tom Brady played a little football. Yeah. Yeah. Tim's life was mountain biking at one time. Tim owned and operated a well-known bike shop in the area, and he actually helped to create and maintain the bike trail network that carved through the rugged hilly terrain of Mount Hermon, connecting monument Palmer lake in the surrounding woodlands and canyons Tim and his buddies even fell trees to create makeshift bike bridges over monument creek. Tim was the person responsible for drawing, the most popular map of the bike trail network and some trails bore his name, Tim and his wife lived just a few blocks from the trail network that criss cross pike and. San Isabel national force on this day. Tim set out up the steady ascending Mount Hermon road, which is not a paved highway but in unpaved to lane track. Now, we know which way he went because at some point on Mount Hermon road in the hills above monument. Tim's phone, but dial two friend and Tim had to stop his ride and say Hello. This is the last known conversation anyone had which Tim Watkins. So who is Tim Watkins will Tim was born on November seventeenth nineteen fifty six and Fort Collins, Colorado and moved to palm lake when he was very young as a kid. He raised around his hometown on his dad's black relay three speed at college. He earned degree in education afterward he worked in the ski patrol Tim loved adventure. He loved everything outdoors. He spent a lot of time learning survival skills, hunting and fishing most of these skills, he learned from his father ver. Urgel Tim and his first wife had two kids together. And they they had their kids when they were quite young aerial Isaac were very close to their father, even though Tim and his first wife divorced back in nineteen Ninety-three. Tim started his bike shop balanced rock bike and ski in monument around the year two thousand with his second wife, and he ran it for several years, but he was a bike guy. Not a businessman so the shop eventually closed in Tim and his wife divorce. Tim's income from that point on was comprised of money. He made working and other bike shops in the area. And he worked for a time for the school district with special needs children. Tim new his third wife ginger who was ten years younger than him since they were kids growing up in Palmer lake, but Tim didn't pay any attention to her until much later when as an adult ginger walked into a bike shop. He was working in with a Colorado built performance by called a yeti yet. Tim and ginger going to get married in two thousand fifteen together they love to camp bike and ski Tim was a tall lanky curly haired redhead he was known for being a great, caring friendly guy. He had a Noddy sense of humor and he loved to have fun now. Tim was in a very bad accident in nineteen eighty seven that left his feet and ankles mangled this meant he no longer could run or hike. So biking became an outlet for his energy and turned into his passion. Tim was very involved in his church and had an affinity for native American traditions and rituals and he loved to work with leather and beads and make jewelry and other artwork for his friends. Tim lived outside as much as possible he would often sleep in tents. I mean, this guy really did as much as he could in the great outdoors. If you have any outdoorsy friend of yours, this is how they they operate. I had a buddy one time that he stayed in a teepee for a whole week because he thought it would be a little more fund in stain than the cabin in September of two thousand seventeen Tim in ginger were having some problems they loved each other. But Tim's lack of steady income caused tension in the marriage. So we have Tim who seems to always be chin deep in something that he loves mountain biking. But then you have his wife ginger who is working six days a week and putting in long hours each day as a medical imaging technician and recent weeks, she told him that she needed a break, and she actually asked him to move out for a while Tim took to sleeping in his car various trail heads and living in a tent, Tim at some point told his son Isaac that he was very depressed. And that if it weren't for his kids, he might contemplate. Suicide Tim was also suffering from memory loss that was getting worse and worse than this was very frustrating for him for those of you have watched season three of true detective what we're talking about here on the day before he disappeared. Tim as ginger if he could come home see the next day was her birthday. And he wanted to spend that day with her ginger said, yes. And he spent the night at the couple's house the two made plans to celebrate their upcoming anniversary, which I believe was just a few days after her birthday the next morning Thursday September fourteenth ginger left for work in Tim set out. We believe around ten thirty AM on a bike ride. He had the single phone conversation around eleven AM with the friend that he accidentally called. And after that, no one heard from him now ginger returned from work around eight thirty pm expecting a small birthday celebration with her. She noticed that Tim and his bike were gone, but his car was in the driveway. Now, knowing that Tim would not be he still wouldn't be writing at this time because he had notoriously bad night vision. Right. So she text him. But she gets no response assuming he was with his either his parents or his son ginger fell sleep, you know, mind, you she's just put in a very long day at work. Right. She woke up at six AM the next morning to find that Tim was still unheard from. After sending yet. Another unanswered texts. She left for work around ten AM. She called the old town bike shop in Colorado Springs to see if timid showed up for work. He had not ginger knew that this was extremely unlike Tim a few hours later Isaac Watkins called asking if she knew where his dad was now ginger began to be very worried at this. Point she called the Palmer lake police department, but was told by chief Jason Vander Pol that Tim's disappearance didn't rise to the criteria for a missing persons report until Saturday after forty eight hours had elapsed right grown man goes off on his own. And he's riding his bike. We don't know where he's gone. Maybe wanted to be missing. Yeah. And you know, what if the police chief is getting the full story when she calls in panicking, saying, hey, I haven't seen my husband quite some time. But if he knows that the marriage was having some issues and also if he knows that Tim is an outdoor guy who has been known especially in the past few weeks to sleep in his car or sleep in a tent. This is not really going to I have to agree with the chief here. This doesn't really rise to the criteria of we should panic in. This is a missing person. But the red flag for me would. Be the memory loss. Yes. And very Charon. But if that is not played heavily onto the the chief than was he supposed to do. Right. Well, ginger and Isaac. They were not going to stop looking for their, you know, gingers husband and Isaac's father and actually Isaac began searching the hills above Palmer lake. This is where he thought his father had likely gone by himself is worried that his father may have actually carried through on his thoughts of suicide. Remember, they had this conversation at some point on Saturday ginger made a public plea on Facebook to help find Tim pretty much everyone in the area. And certainly everyone even remotely connected to the biking community. They knew and they liked him. So sixty people gathered at the Palmer lake town hall and organiz grid searches. Among the network of trails from their eleven private search party set out fanning out over several square miles of force on around two pm, one of the searchers is gonna find shoe. Yeah. This is near the entrance to the popular Limbaugh trail, which leads into Limbaugh canyon, one of Tim's favorite places to ride a trail that he helped construct the shoe was found on the side of Mount Hermon road near a beer, can and it was Tim's size. The shoe found was a size forty two Pearl is Umi bike shoe, and I apologized to the bike enthusiast. If I miss pronounced that that brand name. It's the kind of shoe that clips into the bike pedals. Yeah. So for those who don't know these are special shoes designed to help the rider rotate the pedals more efficiently while the shoes fastened to the pedals they aren't designed for actual walking. Now would be very difficult to. Walk in. But what I could find definitively was that for Tim. It's believed for Tim who had disfigured feet because of the accident walking in the shoe would have been preferable to attempting to walk or run in his bare feet or so finding the shoe is is not a great sign. Later other volunteers spotted some items scattered up near Mount Hermon road about a half mile northwest from the shoe. These were some of the contents of Tim's wallet specifically his Safeway card, some of his other cards and his cell phone case. These were found past Limbaugh trail head heading away from Palmer lake then another team spotted Tim's bike off a trail. This titanium bike was specifically designed for Tim by his longtime friend, Jeff Tessier, right? But a lot of people that are really deep into this. Hobby will have accustomed by just for themselves. Yes in this one was unique as it was custom built for Tim Watkins. It was immediately recognizable to those who knew Tim. So I mean, the people that knew him immediately. They spot the bike in. They're like that's Tim's bike. There's no question and this would have raised. Alarms big time. If anyone else would have been spotted writing this bike or attempting to sell it at any point the bike was located. It was about a quarter mile north of where the Limbaugh canyon trail breaks off from Mount Hermon road fifty feet up hill from the forest service trail, this is not an area that is acceptable to cars. The bike didn't provide any answers though, it was laid down on its side next to a tree. Now, it could have been placed there or it could have fallen there. But the bike did have a flat tire. And the gearing suggested that Tim was going downhill when he stopped riding the bike after the bike was located law enforcement began searching for Tim the assumption was that Tim was injured somewhere possibly due to a bike accident or even an animal attack. In fact, Tim once had a very close run in with a mountain. Lion. And there are bears in this area. El Paso county. Search and rescue used bloodhounds to comb the area for Tim sent a local group of drone operators pitched in providing aerial footage through Saturday night searchers in volunteers found nothing else. So well over forty eight hours since anyone has last seen or spoke to him. Well, I mean, you're actually over the sixty hour Mark by this point. Right. And now we have found Tim's bike and a lot of his belongings, but still no Tim, not good. The next day on Sunday around eleven forty five AM Tim was found dead. They found the body not fifty feet from where his bike was found and forty yards west of the mouth of the Limbaugh. Canyon trail initially searchers missed finding him. They were in that area. Tim's body was found lying in shallow. Four foot by three foot old mineral process. Specter's hole and his body was kind of covered up with branches and leaves. Tim's body was deliberately obscured one of the searchers said quote haute on. So what you're saying is fifty yards from his bike where they're searching. They find Tim basically in a whole a nature made whole but covered up. Well, prospectors whole. Okay. So a mineral prospectors hold. This is a shallow hole that that somebody would have used to try to find something, you know, some type of mineral may be be gold or or any other type of minute, right? So he's he's in this whole. But it looks like somebody covered him up. He wasn't covered up to buy the elements. No. Because the way that this is stated is he's covered with branches and leaves and the people that were there at the scene. They state that he was deliberately obscured. That it wasn't like these branches and leaves just happened to fall on top of him. It looked like somebody had place them there. And one of the searchers said in regards to wear Tim was found he said, quote, literally we could have walked on top of Tim yesterday. That's how close we were to wear his body was so when they say deliberately obscured, these people, I mean, they're outside looking for some of them are friends with Tim there outside looking for their friend. He must have been covered up. Pretty well is what I'm guessing. So we talked about Tim's items and belongings that were found by searchers. Now, let's talk about what items of Tim's that were not found. And this was Tim's hydration pack his jacket his helmet his phone and his socks in one of his shoes. Remember, only one shoe was found we don't know. About the cycling gloves and through this in here because based off of photos that I could find it seems like Tim, usually wore gloves, and that seems to be a pretty common thing. Right. But none of the articles ever mentioned whether the gloves were found or not found right? Tim's backpack was still on him containing a single banana. It's actually believed that that would lead to some kind of indication of leading you to to a better timeframe of whatever happened when it happened because he would he would have stopped for a snack at some point on this trip. But he did not as it was found still in his backpack. Now the area where his body lay was wooded hard to get to and had no cell service. So how'd it Tim die at first police did not publicly reveal the cause of death leaving the townspeople to speculate and leading to rumors and gossip spreading? Stories circulated about animal attacks, and Carver says by collisions in fact, Tim's autopsy results have never been released despite a lawsuit brought by the Colorado Springs gazette seeking their unsealing. So we don't know any details as to specific injuries Tim might have sustained, but we do know something very important. Tim Watkins was shot police on the scene discovered. The Tim's beloved mountain bike had a flat tire. It had been shot through by a bullet. Now CBS is Denver station reported on September nineteenth that Tim had been shot. Quote, several times other news sources stated it was quote, multiple times outside online magazine reported the following in November of two thousand eighteen according to sources familiar with the investigation walk ins had been shot in. Three places and buried beneath logs and branches in shallow depression, forty yards. West of the Limbaugh cannon trail. Bullets had grace his ear inn injured his hand the likely fatal shot from a twenty two caliber entered near his ribs and never exit closer examination of his front tire. Later revealed that it had also been shot. Walk ins is the first mountain biker known to have been murdered during a ride, and again, that's from outside online magazine, which raises even more questions. Additionally, there was a long story in the gazette about the case where they interviewed a friend of Tim's who observed his body and describes it as quote pockmarked with bullet holes, but the El Paso county sheriff has never confirmed the number of bullet holes or that a twenty two was used right? The bullet that went into Tim's torso was removed and examined for potential ballistics matches. But it was the term that the bullet was to mangled to be usable for these type of test. And of course. Since the shooting occurred in the great outdoors. It's it was difficult. If not impossible for investigators to find any showcasing now, if they did find any casings they aren't telling us, but what investigators saw the shot bike tire. The bullet ridden body hidden in a depression and covered with foliage was enough for Tim Watkins death to be declared a homicide the hiking biking camping and generally outdoorsy community around Mount Hermon was shocked and terrified by the news that one of their own had been mowed down while doing what they loved riding his bike. Here's something. Interesting. Studies show that security systems deter burglars. It's a fact, but they're still a burglary every eight seconds in America how well burglars. Don't just give up because some houses have security systems. They find a house that isn't protected which is why securing your home is truly an assess ity. 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As a result bullets were whizzing around in the air and public recreation spaces locals voiced concern that accidental shootings were inevitable in this kind of situation. Tim and his son like many in the area had firsthand experiences with this, for example, about ten years before Tim was killed Tim and Isaac were backpacking and suddenly bullets whistled by is head and ricocheted off of a boulder near miss. His like this were fairly common. Other mountain bikers told stories of bullets hitting the trail in front of them as they navigated a narrow mountain bike trail. Right. So then you start wandering and this case the accidentally hit by a bullet. And then do they try to cover it up or or is he hit where he's injured badly? And then they. Come up upon him and his life. And then try to move him out of the way. So he's not found as pretty interested. Well, this is all going to lead to them trying to put an end to some of this just people shooting their guns off out in these these recreation spaces, and there's another story that I came across this one's from two thousand fourteen when a couple reported that while they were out picnicking their Jeep was hit with gunfire. So sore is like this about close calls with unregulated gunfire. They did 'cause the four service to finally ban recreational shooting in the Mount Hermon area. This took place later in two thousand fourteen the ban sided weekly complaints of bullets barely missing people and nine one one reports of trail users being pinned down by gunfire. According to outside online MAG. Zine within days of the band's implementation signs announcing it was announcing the ban were peppered by gunfire likely from protesting shooters bright within weeks. Four service personnel issued about eighty warnings to people found shooting in defiance of the ban. Yeah. This is this is strange to me because anybody that I know that owns a gun. They're very responsible with their guns. And there would not be shooting and areas that somebody could accidentally hit well while some in the area say that the band did cut down on random shooting. Others say largely went unheeded in unenforced. One state Senator who was a friend of Tim's describes a biking with his sons and seeing dad in his kids shooting right at a no shooting sign and menacing him and his sons when he reminded them of the ban and in two. Two thousand fifteen sixty year old grandfather named Glenn Martin was killed by an errant bullet while camping with his family roughly twenty miles from where Watkins was shot. Martin's killer has never been found. Tim's friends and family say that while he was not confrontational and was always friendly. He often stopped and asked people firing their guns to be more cautious warning them that they you know, they're biking and they're hiking trails in their bullets range. One writing partner friend of Tim said, quote, I witnessed him with a shooter multiple times. He was very friendly. He wrote up and said, hey, guys, I'm not against shooting or anything. But I just want to let you know that there's a trail right down below where your bullets are going. Usually, according to this person, they'd say, okay? I didn't realize there's a trail down there and will make sure that we're shooting into a backstop, right? One of Tim's favorite spots who bike to on. His mountain biking. Excursions is called shooters alley which is a popular popular shooting site dotted with shot up tattered, stuffed animals shredded trees, and what's left of paper targets from shooters alley. A mountain bike trail leads downhill and to a four way trail intersection with trail seven fifteen this is near where Tim's body was found. So while Tim had no known enemies, his family believed. It is possible that Tim had approached the wrong person with his simple request to stop shooting and then had been shot. The fact that Tim was shot at least three times, according to media reports anyway and his bike tire also shot this ruled out. And accidents shooting in the minds of most people like you said it could have been accident in the beginning. But that's not how it ended. Right. There were other dangers in the woods of Mount Hermon other than haphazard shooting Colorado, legalize marijuana in two thousand twelve and I mean, whether it's a direct result or coincidentally, the number of homeless transient and drifters who descended on the unsettled. Areas of the state skyrocketed news articles started crop up about the homeless and transient drifter problem. Doubling to quadrupling as outside online magazine described the setting Mount Hermon had long been known for its back country conflicts bullets whizz over makeshift shooting ranges reports of drinking and drug use were common creating a sense of menace as drivers whipped around blind curves. Even if the sound of gunshots of quieted the site of homeless camps have created their own ten. Shen mountain bikers complain of abandoned camps, resembling landfills, and of a roading sense of safety as the area's homeless population grows, some say enforcement of the four services ban on living and national force land is lacking as ticketing for campers who remain in one place longer than two weeks. So Tim was all too aware of the destruction caused by these legal activities. He was one of the people who took it upon themselves to clean up the broken TV's old couches and other trash left behind by the homeless who lived in the campsites illegally and human waste was a problem as well. As these camps were not often near sanitary facilities and often these homeless encampments would be littered with used needles. Tim's family said that Tim was not one to take violations of the law dangerous behavior and destroying of he's. His beloved natural environment lightly. Yeah. If he saw cars driving recklessly close to cyclists on Mount Hermon road hid be likely to flip them the bird or shout. Something he probably would have said something to campers or homeless who were littering. Right. So now, we have the idea that possibly accidental shooting that then becomes not accident or the idea that that somebody shooting onto trail and Tim stops and says, hey, guys, don't shoot on the trail. And then it turns bad, we have this other layer of somebody's squatting in that area doing something strange, and he stops to tell tell them not to do that. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and there's this very strange twist to the Tim Watkins case several searchers volunteering in the hunt for Tim Watkins noticed a beat up red car with Indiana plates, slowly repeatedly driving pass various search. Areas along Mount Hermon road as if the driver was there to take a closer look to see what's going on. Right. One of the searchers snapped a photo of the red sedan driving past the turnout at Limbaugh canyon near where Tim's body was ultimately found the searcher said he became suspicious when the car drove by more than once on also a little more suspicious because you said as Indiana license plates and they're in Colorado. Well, they quickly forgot about the incident this being in the wake of finding and discovering Tim's body, but within days reports circulated that a man was threatening people with the hatchet on the trails near where Tim was found on September twenty fifth police in woodland park, which is twenty miles down Mount Hermon road for monument announced an arrest of transient police spotted a vehicle the vehicle that we just discuss. Bust which matched the description of the one driven by the hatchet. Man. They saw this vehicle an arby's parking lot. They waited to see who got into the car and then pulled the car over for expired Indiana plates and a broken tail light driving the red Chevy prism was a thirty one year old man named Daniel nations. They arrested him for quote, unrelated weapons charges. But Mount Hermon residents took notice when the sheriff's office also charged nations with felony menacing. According to the arrest affidavit nations costed and threatened a passing dirt biker with a hatchet his campsite on Mount Hermon road after placing logs in the road that forced the writer to stop nations blocked off the road with logs seized a hatchet and brandished it at the dirt. Bike rider, saying his bike was too loud. The rider turned around and sped away and reported the. Evident officers searched nations car and found a hatchet and a twenty two caliber rifle possibly the same caliber bullet that killed him Watkins. Although this has never been confirmed by law enforcement, right? In addition to these formal charges, it seems that there were several other reports of threatened violence menacing against Daniel nations. For example, detective Jason Darbyshire of El Paso county. Sheriff's office told outside online magazine the nation's acted aggressively during a road rage incident and monument around the same time nations got out of his vehicle confronted another driver and ended up kicking and breaking their windshield. They added that the incident escalated very quickly. And addition the media reported that several complaints had been filed about a man menacing mountain bikers with a hatchet one friend of Tim's posted on a mountain biking forum that his son. And some of his mountain biking buddies encountered a beat up red four door sedan in the road that drove off the road into the bushes. And when they stop to see if the driver was okay, he came out at them with a hatchet. They reported the incident to the sheriff now nations wife and two young children were with him at the time of his arrest and background check on nations reveal that he had a criminal background including felony convictions for domestic battery and front of child and a sexual offense. Both in Morgan county. Indiana nations also has convictions for indecent exposure and had habitual drunk driving in South Carolina. The report also knows that nation's was charged multiple ties with domestic violence because of his felony history nations cannot legally own firearm, but he seems to be in possession one. This the Somme red flags here not to mention that he's waving hatchet around two bikers on on a bike path. So police also charged him with felony possession of a firearm and since the threats against hikers and bikers took place in El Paso county. Police they're charged him with felony menacing, reckless endangerment, assault and trespassing finally on October tenth final charges on suspicion of failing to register as a sex offender were filed against Daniel nations, while he's checking a lot of boxes so one we have this guide that obviously something's wrong with him. Mentally, we have something happening with him as far as being a sex offender. He's from Indiana. He is attacking people on these hiking trails in the nature or threatening to attack people. Right. But I mean, look if you set up log so somebody has to stop. So you. You can't confront them. That's we're getting dangerous here. He has a gun on him. This guy has a history, and we have a case that's happening back in Indiana with two dead girls. And he kind of looks like the composite drawing. Yeah. That's what's weird about this portion of the walk ins case because initially when nations has picked up he he's actually picked up on possible suspicion of some kind of involvement in the Tim Watkins murder case. And then that quickly leads to the suspicion that he could be could have been involved in another much more prominent case as the you know, his mugshot is circulated from being picked up in Colorado. And then in the minds of many who see his mugshot say that he resembled a wanted suspect and resembled the composite sketch from the unsolved double homicide case known as the Delphi. Murders case and Indiana now nations recently lived in Indian. And of course, we covered the February twenty seventeen Delphi murders. Case back in may of two thousand seventeen episodes one hundred ten in one hundred eleven seem so Fargo does seem very long time ago. So what do we know that could possibly tie down you'll nations to that of the Delphi murders? Right. The murders of two young girls. Libby, abby. So for one thing. It's his last known address in Indiana. It is not far from where the girls were found about sixty miles. The girls were taken on a trail used for hiking and biking similar to the case with Tim Watkins and the people nations threatened with his hatchet. Libby, an abbey and Tim were all found in relatively inaccessible areas. Located off trails the creek ravine for the girl. Sales and the canyon for Tim. Now, the cause of death in liberty Germain's and Abigail Williams cases never been officially released. We don't know if they were shot or whether a hatchet might have been involved, but whatever it is or whatever it was in combination with the mugshot composite similarities of Daniel nations. Former residents in Indiana and a criminal history. It was enough to make investigators in the Delphi murders. Fly to Colorado to interview Daniel nations in emerged in the media. The Indiana state police had actually been looking for nations in connection possibly in connection with the Delphi case starting around July of two thousand seventeen when it was noted that nations had failed to check in as a sex offender and Carroll county for more than two months. So he left for Colorado in may and failed to notify anyone that he was leaving the state of. Indiana in response to all the tips that the Indiana state police received about Danial nations based on his mugshot, they released the following statement. We are aware of the arrest of the person in Colorado and are investigating to see if he could be a suspect in the Delphi double murder investigation. Please keep in mind. The Indiana state police has received more than a thousand photos of persons alleged to be similar in appearance to the composite sketch of the Delphi person of interest right each and every one of these tips are investigated for any potential connection to our case, we will give the same attention to the person arrested in Colorado. But right now, there is nothing that definitively connects this person to our investigation. All right. So just look out of the picture of Daniels like oposite drawing. Wh what's your initial thoughts on the, you know? I think the way that I said this before when we've discussed it on off the record is I feel like the close up mugshot of Daniel nations. Does look to me like the composite sketch. There are some similarities there. However, I don't know that he went in comparison to the the picture of the bridge guy, which is alternately what they're going to use to form their composite sketch of I think he resembles the sketch. But I don't think he resembles the picture of the bridge guy. Does that make sense? Okay. And I would agree. I mean, it seems like has build Daniel wasn't as big of a guy. But again, it's a picture from Snapchat that we don't really know like it's on a bridge. So it's really hard to tell. Is is this person tall are they short and it's really hard to determine. But I agree. I think the Bill doesn't match Daniels. Get and you know, what I did come across his physical description somewhere of Daniel nations. And I'll continue to look through my notes. I'm looking to see if I can find that. But right, but his his mugshot if I remember correctly his mugshot is a little deceiving. I actually think he might be. He he was a little heavier than I expected right in the weight department, but the the bridge guy now mind, you the bridge guy could be wearing multiple layers of clothing, jackets. Yeah. And that's one thing that's very difficult to discern about the bridge guy is his weight is his build. I think it's easier to pick out his height because you have the, you know, you have him walking on the bridge. You have those rails. And that he's walking on. The most difficult thing about this case as far as Delphi case. Coz is so much speculation on what they have that. They have a picture of him that they have more pictures of the the suspect that they have audio that they have maybe video that there's possible DNA, and we keep having these guys become suspects and then being rolled out. And you don't know what is happening with that. And we were just talking earlier they had a press conference where the basically were saying we don't have much new to share. But we want to keep this in the spotlight and people talking about this. And they've had I think over thirty five or thirty eight thousand tips. Yeah. That's a lot of tips. Yeah. I mean, the country really came together. I mean, not just Indiana super big time in Indiana. But you know, you, and I remember when this was going on as the news was breaking it seemed to go national very quickly after. Adelphi case. And it seemed like everywhere people were were flooding police with these tips while like you said there was a thousand side by side photos that were probably given to law enforcement where it's hey, my neighbor kind of looks like this guy. Hey, there's this registered sex offender that kind of looks like this guy. Hey, here's a guy that I found on Facebook that kind of looks like this guy and other than that. It was just this guy kind of looks like the drawing, but you have to have more than that what what's the criminal history. Right. And it's it's so much that. But also, this is spin here would be, you know, so many times when we talk about profiles being released of the suspected offender and a case be at a serial killer. Be it a one off murder be it something as horrible and polarizing as the Delphi murders. Case they often state that they would believe that. There would be. Huge change in behavior by this person. And they tell the public keep an eye out for that. Well, in this scenario, we have a guy that fled the whole state of Indiana. Yeah. I mean that wouldn't be outside of the box of what they're what they might be looking for, you know, they they referenced so many times you might want to question somebody who had recently sold a vehicle or recently changed certain habits or change their facial, you know, their appearance, but this guy he doesn't not look like the composite, and he it's known that he fled the state of Indiana, just within months after the murders bought, and he didn't flee the state and just went into hiding his now having these acts of violence onto other people the spokesperson Jackie Kirby with the El Paso county sheriff's office admitted quote. Many similarities in the Watkins case and the Delphi murders. And was not denying a possible connection. She said police in Indiana have requested. No further information be released to the public quote. They have asked us not to speak on their case. So I am not at liberty to elaborate on anything that's related to what happened in Indiana. 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