Caught Offside: Coronavirus update, UCL recap and more


Caught offside with every gumming finch. Jj Davani yes offside upper west side of Manhattan and Jay J. Defend what's up brother. What's all I mean? We're on the precipice of the collapse of world sport or the suspension. At least yeah these are I would say that. The last twenty four hours Like as a sports fan as a global citizen but like as a sports fan it's been the most surreal Twenty four hour period that I've ever seen in the history of sports from I. Guess if you took it from the start of Manchester City and Arsenal choosing to postpone their game because arsenal players were in quarantine And you took that all the way through the message last night from the NBA that their season was being suspended In between you have reports that the answer AA will be banning fans from attending March madness. Which is a thing that I can't even wrap my mind around because fans and March madness just so inextricably linked with one another that. I can't even separate the two like picture. The final four without people what this is and then you wake up this morning. We're now in a new cycle where it's all domino's are now falling And I every minute every hour every second at things I it seems that things are just updating at a speed. That is it's making your head Spin Yeah. I I lived through the foot and mouth incident in in Europe in two thousand and one and I remember sporting being cancel. Large gatherings cancelled all those things but it was never on a scale like this. Nothing close to this no panic. Because of its effect on the economy to an on also was it was to do livestock. And in a rural country garden that matter but this is this affects across the board. In a way I've never experienced. It feels like we're living on a movie like this watching television last night and being on the Internet just none of the seem real. It's very surreal. Yeah and you want to take this podcast. Two Years Zero. No everything's over. We don't talk about football now. We only talk about the Corona Virus. Low we can. We can take people behind the scenes. You and I we talk before every show we talk about what we WanNa do and you know to me. This is now like the news is just coming at such a speed and the stories that are coming out. We haven't even gotten to the most The most recent news developments pretending to soccer in that. Mls has been suspended Jeff Carlyle where we're recording this at like twelve ten right now eastern time twenty seconds ago. Jeff Carlisle just tweeted. That CONCACAF champions has been suspended all upcoming. Us Men's national team and US Women's national team friendly's have been suspended Still waiting word on what's going to happen with the Premier League Lollygag is taking a temporary hiatus. Real Madrid are in quarantine after a member of the Real Madrid basketball team tested positive for corona virus. At the team's facility sky reporting that Lester players show symptoms. Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers. A few of his squad have shown symptoms of the corona virus. There scheduled face Wofford at vicarage road on Saturday in the Premier League reports of. I'm almost hesitant to do this. But Guillaume ballet is a journalist. I think that is generally trusted. He has a tweet from an hour ago. Citing lucky in France The tweet reads in the UEFA meeting on Tuesday. It will be confirmed that the Champions League and Europa League will be suspended he writes in parentheses which is a sentiment that I would echo. Why wait till Tuesday? Then he adds saying plus the Euros will be moved to twenty twenty one. These are these are just like unbelievable events unfolding at light speed right. Let's can I just read to you? If his statement today are of course in the light of the ongoing developments in the spread of covert nineteen across Europe and the changing analysis of the World Health Organization you F S Today invited representatives of it's fifty five member associations together with the Boards of the European Club Association on the European Leagues Anna Representative of fief pro to attend meetings by videoconference thankfully on Tuesday seventy the march to discuss European football's response to the outbreak discussions with include all domestic and European competitions including away. Your twenty twenty further communication will be made fun does meetings so that kind suggests that everything's on the table. Yeah and you know what I've been. I've it's funny since this whole thing has started. I feel like I've I've kind of like see-sawed there have been days when I was like you know what I'm not sure. How big a deal this is and then there were other days where you turn on the news and you think. Oh my God this is truly terrifying and you kind of go back and forth because we were not educated in this matter but I think now I think we all need to kind of move ourselves into the corner of. We don't know anything and we have to trust the people and the experts that do know like I was thinking about this. Jj because I've heard you've I bet you've come in contact with a lot of similar kind of people and I'm not. I'm not trying to blame them. But I've come in contact with a lot of people who are freaking out at the freak out people who are kind of the mindset of. This is nothing wires all this happening. The economy is in the tank. We are losing billions of dollars for a thing. That's not that this is a non story and we're in freak out mode and I think now I I've been trying to like because I know we're going to do a soccer podcast so I've been trying to liken that to like what's a soccer analogy for what happened right now and I was thinking. Let's say you're walking down the street yesterday after Liverpool lose that game and you're wearing Liverpool Jersey and a guy comes up to you and says you're collapse gotta be fired and say that guy. Oh okay are you like a Liverpool Fan. No well are you a former front office executive who knows how these things no well. Are you like somebody who have you played? Soccer do have any soccer background. No not really but I heard were playing well so I started paying attention a couple of weeks ago and since I started paying attention they really have not been doing well. He should be fired. Well you don't know what you're talking about. Your opinion means nothing to me. So like all these guys that you work with and friends that you come in contact with the you're just having casual conversations with that suddenly want to act like they're experts on the corona virus. You don't know anything. Let's all just shut up and allow the experts to do their job and just do what they tell us to do on that note get onto CDC dot org for all corona virus information. How to protect yourself what it is on. What's happening daily updates? You can log on at any time. You can also see it on twitter. Don't be heating Jim in levittown right. Who's been re tweeted by your friend? Book and don't allow your opinion to be swayed by that guy because he doesn't know he doesn't know by the way there are some pundits in the media. Who are talking about this thing. A certain branches in the media who don't know what they're talking about either the World Health Organization this CDC. That's those are the people you need to be listening to Right. Now onto your GP. Who knows your case ending underlying conditions? You may or may not have and ultimately like Oh. I think we need to start using some common sense in how we're perceiving the seriousness of this in that like we can all say in a moment of a public health crisis. You know. Money doesn't matter. We need to put the the well being of the people I and that is true but let's also remember in a capitalistic society. Money does matter the NBA is not suspending their season for nothing the NC Double A. They have two huge events here. The College Football playoff and March madness. They are not banning fans from attending their event over nothing. They are taking advice from people who know what they're talking about like I feel like we've kind of crossed the threshold where people need to just like understand. Like if you're somebody who's still upset that you can't go to watch one of your teams playing person right now. Like tough were where in a moment? Where like yeah? Your life is going to be inconvenienced by this until we get a handle on. What's going on so like you know. Hopefully you know I don't WanNa see tweets from people. Who are you know season ticket HOLDERS FOR NASHVILLE OR ATLANTA? Or whatever saying that. They're upset that their season has been put on hold and they can't go watch their team play Because they don't think this is a big deal. I think it's that people wake up and understand. This is unlike anything we've really dealt with in our lives but it's not just sports fans though there's people out there who have embraced and this is a conversation for another day but they've embraced this going to post truth society. We're in right now where you can argue facts right. Don't do that not what days this will not discriminate. I think the World Health Organization in the CDC. And I'm not trying to be like flippant or making a joke. I honestly view those as apolitical organizations. Like they're to me. Those are not organizations. That really have a political affiliation. So if they're telling me if they're telling US something like it's it's what I am going to trust and I think that that's a safe way to handle this. These just do it. Yeah I mean this is just like we haven't even mentioned some of the other Danielle origine of Uganda's tested for the corner virus yesterday. So event is has been in quarantine. I mean if you if you get a chance to read some of the reporting coming out of Italy right now. Where the places in lockdown some you know large parts of it are in quarantine like for example. The town of of Parma is. Just you know you're not supposed to your the order are the direction is not to go outside the city walls disdain. Your home to to work from home to all those things and you hear about elderly people who are dying and they are loved. Ones can't go near them. Because of the danger of contracting and spreading this thing imagine the horror. This isn't a joke. It's just not a joke and you've got to listen to the experts. 'cause you don't know anything so from a sporting perspective. I just am wondering because like we said. The news is just happening so quickly. Like where is this heading like now? These leagues the premier. Li like we said up at this point. We haven't heard much I saw only Gomersall Shire. Yesterday says the Manchester United would support the suspension of the primarily to combat the spread of the virus. Like let's all be honest with one another. That's that's where we're headed. Yeah I mean Britain's response. Sporting response has been strange. I would say the Cheltenham Horse Horse Racing Festival which brings in hundreds of thousands of people across. I don't know how many days ten days probably more than that. Considering all the ancillary events and things that go on surrounding it that went ahead that you got the feeling with Shetland they just snuck it in before people said. Okay we gotTa Start Shutting things down I and it was strange to me. Three and a half thousand Athletico Madrid fans travelling to Liverpool last night dot is dot is dangerous. I'm sorry right now. Large mass congregations of people an even a twenty two men field. It was funny at the weekend there was no handshakes in the premier league. Yet people jumping all over each other for celebrations in close contact and tackling crashing into each other. I mean your clock is and we're going to. We will talk about some of the Champions League deliver. We are because I will make sure that we do. I know but like can KLOPP. Jj in the last week. Like I feel like. He's becoming a man on hinged his press conferences where he's been asked about his generally his thoughts on this virus and he's now snapping at journalists and. I understand his point. I think I kind of agree with him. But he's snapping journalists saying who am I to be answering that question I don't know why do you come to me is in over his last point to the pre the pre Madrid one not the weekend the Madrid one was. Why do you think you are outside of this? We're doing we're doing sport. I you've traveled to do that like he's trying to just say we're all part of this right. There is no a Liverpool issue. It's not like should we? Should we ban soccer to stop this thing? Don't go to the pub. You know stopped going to the theater but movies might be a bad idea for you. Jill like this isn't panic. This is what we're being told by. The people who know almost and the spread of this is really scary. I saw the video yesterday of walking through the tunnel To come out onto the field before the game and a couple of fans put their hands out to him. A high five any snaps. Thank you can read his lips. I can't say what he said on this show but like you. He's he's he's had it with all of that. He is quite. He is quite compelling when he's had enough of people you know because he is the jovial German the laughing white T. He is a charisma until he isn't and his face can quickly go from Jovial. German to the eyes bulge is a very intense. Look Yeah I remember. Last season was it. Someone asked him about him. I think was the draw with Leicester. The draw with West Ham. They asked him about his team and he was clearly frustrated in the moment. And he said you think this is playstation. You think we can just create chances score goals just like that. You know that we weren't trying. Yeah Yeah don't cross him So that is up to this moment. That is kind of where we're at. I think you know. Even though announcements haven't been made pertaining to all leagues I think we're kind of of the mindset right now that this game and sports in general really are just sort of being placed on hold. There is like a collective pause button. That's being hit until we can kind of get a grasp on an ability to contain the spread of this virus and it is worth noting to that. There have been like. I'm not an expert but I listened to people that are listening to the daily today. They're talking about how China and South Korea have made incredible strides and they were pointed out by the World Health Organization yesterday for the Strides. They made in containing the so. Hopefully other countries will begin to follow suit And no that's why. Large gatherings are being stopped. The you know that's why these prominent sporting events are being halted. Because that's like step one is to stop the spread of this in large groups So that's that's pretty much where where we're at right now with this. Do you WanNa talk about other things? Yeah I WANNA talk about the football because this might be the last football we get to talk about actual games. We get to talk about for a while. So let's make a good one friend. I know it's very weird to talk about. Games that are taking place in competitions. May Not not be not right. Not to be flippant but I want to give everyone a window into Andrew's mind right now right right now. Andrew is Kilian Murphy Waking Up in the hospital in twenty eight days later wandering across London Bridge Outta desolate empty landscape. That's where he is. I've never seen that movie. You need to click into podcasts. Mold now boyle we're talking football. I I wish you had the the Pale haunting eyes of Kilian Murphy. At least give me something something nice to stare at all right well. Let's talk about the champions. They were going to do our best. All right. We're GONNA put on. We're GONNA put on a brave face. We're GONNA do this. We'll talk soccer. I do wonder how many people really care right now. Believe me the everybody was looking forward to this podcast last night. Things have gone then. Everything happened yet. Things have gotten worse. But what what do you want us to do? I don't know I don't I don't know what I WANNA do. I WANNA talk football. I WanNa Talk Ball. Let's start with what was really the standout match from the last several days. Really and that is Liverpool What an incredible game against Athletico Madrid the second leg liver. Pour out of the Champions League in the round of sixteen. Their defense of their European crown will go no further There's a lot of angles to get from their game specifically. I guess we'll start trying to which I want to start with. I guess we'll start with the one that is kind of like really was making waves. And that is the the goalkeeper issue for Liverpool because it seemed like immediately the game ended and the blame game began and a hundred percent of the blame was being pointed at one man and that was Adrian. Well it's not all about Adrian put. His mistake was a fundamental shift in the game. I'm was a mistake on a night like that that you can't make no. There was other key moments for me nor failing to make contact with good chance loss in the first half the second half. I think Robertson hitting the crossbar. No chance was the first half Robinson hitting the crowd I don't know how Robertson didn't score That was a big chance. I will say the defender went. When I watched the second angle there's defender Khanna puts off a little bit so actress and can't get quite as clean ahead on it. As as obviously would have panned quite amulet downwards which but he's from such close range yet you expected in that too bullish and believe it yeah But look it was. It was a key moment in a game that was finely poised Liverpool. Didn't have the away goal. Of course it matters and there was an instant momentum. Shift at that moment. Pat Nevin was on the BBC last night. Talking life from Anfield about what that moment. Adrian's flobbed clearance meant for the game little control of that but at Dame just didn't we've all been in before when everyone jogging. Look in vain day you load and unexpected goal and suddenly looks to Yaas Lore looks exhausted suddenly the game plan Joe Trillo as well get how many senior center half backup to Santa. Nfo and then you know. It's a complete pining. Why was surprised that in that situation as big ten didn't have eight NATO non. Stop that they didn't have any bow. Oem to go. They made a couple of changes. Bomb just never harmed the new yourself. When you've got to perfecting minute Champions League you expected to have at least a bank drive. There was nothing that was new energy. I'm not blaming anyone except the probably just a Bagel scored true the minute that that goal went in that was it Liverpool. Just couldn't pick it up again and I think Andrew that's as good a performance over the ninety at least as Liverpool have poured in since Lester on Stevens Day on boxing day that that's their best most complete performance. There were absolutely added bought for all the chances they had. I mean thirty four shots. Eleven on target two goals wasn't enough and has pointed out the for me. No gold needed to happen. Within the ninety minutes the second goal have to happen within the ninety minutes yeah because Liverpool out on their feet. I tweeted last night. I enjoyed that game immensely absolutely immensely and I can't be you know totally upset. I am disappointed where the champ is but I thought that was a brilliant performance from Liverpool and they just they just thought moment from Adrienne he kicks it out he can't it's terrible terrible Malta. Terrible moment he can't readjust his footing. Quick enough on the next thing the balls in the back of the next steps up off the turf you can make one mistake. But you can't compound that mistake with another but Andrew. It was in the wires. It was in the mail it was in the Post. The only had a bad game against Burma. There's no was. He looked on shore of himself against Borth and in the in the NFL Cup. In the second half yeah the ethical too in the second half he makes a brilliant save from the feet of one of the political Madrid players. After because he's he's made a mess of an easy shot from Zhao Felix. So he was always liable to do this right the only he is to blame like if we are going to talk about why this happened. He his name is certainly on. That list might even be top of the list. The only reason that I struggle to like shiny entirety of the spotlight on him for why this went wrong. I mean through ninety minutes. He held he. Did you can say he had a mistake. You're there but like he did hold Athletico Madrid to a clean sheet over the day day. Get in make. He didn't make a truly crippling. I mistake until the ninety seven I know but it led to go hardly troubled Liverpool goal for most of the ninety. Let's be perfectly honest. They had A. They had a couple of chances. But chances you would expect team of their quality to have but like when team takes thirty four shots Like Liverpool did I mean. How many shots did they have in the ninety minutes without with only getting I go I'm not. I'm not even sure. What ninety probably like thirty shots or so and you can make the argument like The expected goals was two point. Nine to one point one Thoughts from Mike. Kelly's graph in favor of liver favor of Liverpool Lau. Yeah that's a but as he said sometimes football keep her as a great game. One team takes a few grit shots. The better team doesn't win and you know that. Is this game you constantly say to me. There is no deserve in football and soccer none. Now there's only the score there's only the score And I think you're going to probably did with what Mr Clapper to say. So let's talk about that your clock by his own. Admittance has turned into a very. How did he put it in a very subpar loser? He's a sore loser and he said he said in every interview. Yeah he's now. He's not running from that reputation he is owning it. I am the sore loser and I'm GonNa Complain. After my team loses games and that was certainly on full display After Liverpool lost yesterday. This is what he said about Diego Symbionese Athletico Madrid side. And the way they chose to play he said I don't understand what the quality they have. The football they play they play proper football but they stand deep and have counterattacks. We accepted of course. But it doesn't feel right tonight. I realize I am a really bad loser. Especially when the boys put such an effort and against world class players on the other side who defend with two rows of four again I don't think it needs to be said it's heat of the moment. He certainly feeding things after the game but it was kind of the same point he made after the first leg. I would ask. What were you expecting? Diego Simoni is living rent-free in your head right now because after the first leg. He Pulls Saudi-omani at Halftime. Because he's afraid that some some player for Madrid's going to force him into like a fake yellow after this game he's complaining about like on. My only thing is like dig. Diego Simione is not some guy who's just trying to scrape by by the skin of his teeth and win here like this is a man who has one Lolita in an era dominated by Rao Madrid and Barcelona. He's gotten to within like centimeters of two Champions League victories You know this is a pretty accomplished manager. Who I don't. It just is weird to me to hear him spoken to like. He's some kind of like like newby who doesn't understand the way the game supposed to be played. Yeah he is a CV. Anna resume based on this type of football. That is you see. I mean maybe this is about I was gonNA save better than your can collapse. Although cloud having the champion the Champions League last year probably puts him ahead of Simeoni but it shouldn't be a better or it's it's it's somewhere along the line in football By the way what did used to be almost like a apart from conceding two goals used to be almost a classic Italian way of playing away from home. And that's a league. That Simoni cut his teeth and plan for plan for those teams that he did in Italy for Inter Milan Etcetera. So he's honed. He's turned defending good defending into an art. And I'm going to give him some praise here. Look I don't love the way he plays. I wouldn't across to play like that but you know it's it's winning football. And it was winning football. Last night look at the substitutions. He made he wasn't afraid to pull Diego Kosta. He puts in urinate. Who scores two goals he puts in Joe Felix who has a hand in the setting of the of the crucial goal for urine tests. I he brings a Murata who scored one of his own and set up another one on when legs were tired when mines were failing to stay focused. Simoni had the changes made that punished Liverpool. And that's where I give him credit I simione his response was interesting. We played to win with our weapons to win respecting our identity respecting two characteristics of the players exploiting the defects of the opponents. That's how we play if someone wants to ask me is. Savage who failed English primarily savage better defender Than Virgil Van Dyke. No but look at the mazing job that money people pointed out last night. That's only has done with those players to make them better too that's organization. There is merit to this kind of play. I think some Yanni's response to To Club and the rest of your pin football. Who Don't like the way he plays goes something like this. You don't want me anymore with that breaks my heart but it's too bad because you don't love me but you will respect me. It's Tony and Christopher. It's true though it really is true and I think he is respected. I think he's viewed by. Everyone is one of the best managers in football tonight. Yeah and again This used to be the pattern for European football. A lot of these games were tense. Edgy Defensive Affairs where mistakes and the the tiniest margin for error were exploited by the really good sites. You vent this. I can think of the past in particular doing that on here. We are again. He is like a in a ways. Like a footballing hipster. He's what old what was old new. Yeah I just find it annoying from klopp because this isn't the first time he's done this But really because like this idea of all. I'm sorry you're in that your opponent didn't play the way he wanted them to play like. Who is your clout to to judge? How other teams should be playing Athletico Madrid and Diego Simione? He did what needed to be done to beat your clubs Liverpool Team Liverpool. Like the play opened they like to attack and I think it's almost smart to set up no more defending. I think Rory Smith made another valid point that he said it wasn't it was as much about Liverpool failing to convert their chances as it was about Athletico Madrid working out bringing game plan like day were by D. They were to kneel down at one point and that moment to let them back in was crucial but when the moment happened they weren't found wanting they had the man on the field who is going to score twice. They had also another man who's GonNa set up a score one. And that's I suppose where you have to give credit even though I am as Liverpool Fan. You're devastated disappointed very dishonestly. It's why before I knew. Remember after the group stage was complete. Jj and we kind of did our recap of the group stage prediction for team to most likely to go on a run. I set up Madrid and that was before I knew. They're playing Liverpool. I got a little nervous when I thought they were playing Liverpool. What you just said is exactly it the fact that they are so strong defensively but when the moment arrives when they need to score a goal able to do that and I mean they've made a whole identity as Simoni said out of this young Last bit on this game. There's a lot more Ogden yesterday at ESPN AFC. And I think. He's kind of representing the viewpoint of a lot of soccer fans out there Who have been watching Liverpool the season going back to last season and even the year before when they get to a Champions League final win it the next year. See what they're doing the premier league this year and Mark Ogden basically wrote a piece saying it just feels like them going out at this. Stage is going to leave a bit of an empty feeling in an otherwise triumphant season for Liverpool and. I'm just wondering like the shift in viewpoint over the last couple of weeks on what Liverpool's achieving right now if that's a little bit harsh You you know. I've been consistent throughout this. I didn't think at the start of the season that Liverpool would even be titled Champions-elect. I didn't even think I thought it would be so hard to go against the mighty for another season As things move along and as the season goes along other people not klopp not Liverpool started talking maybe even some Liverpool fans started talking about what could be and that's just the way things are in sport right now. as Liverpool rolled along as the defeats didn't calm people started talking about what might be an Roy. Smith wrote a piece on this last week which was pretty good when klopp insisted he was talking. He was taking the season game by game. He was not downplaying his ambitions. It wasn't it was not one of his ambitions if it happened great but it was too distant a prospect to be considered in his plans. You don't plan to go unbeaten. You don't plan to be in the latter stages of the Champions League on top of the primarily by twenty two points it feels. I think as if there is a truth for all fans of all teams in there somewhere a less than that. Maybe everyone might learn no matter what you achieve no matter how well you do there was always someone telling you. There is something more you could have done. Liverpool should should still make Fan's dream come true this year it will just have to get used to being told that it's dream was not big enough. That's everybody else projecting onto the team. The main objective hopefully will be achieved. That's winning the premier league and everything else. I mean look at look at the three two and a half years. They've had in. It's amazing and it's it came to an end last night. It seems a little bit weird because I think we we are still going to view them as one of the greatest premier league teams of all time. I I still do think that so. Maybe it seems a little bit strange that they're not gonNA. They're not going to exit the season with the second trophy whether that was a League Cup. Fa Cup champion or even not even to win the Champions League but to go out in a relatively early stage. It's a little bit strange but I don't think that that will change the way. I the regard that I hold this team in on. Unfortunately in these zero-some game of fans on twitter and social media. This is a black mark that can never be removed because it's not about actually looking at Liverpool as a great team are evaluating the site. It's about scoring points from whatever teams perspective rival teams for perspective. Your from so. Let's put that aside for a second but like let's be proper football men here on said that this is being a brilliant season for Liverpool at the end of a brilliant run in Europe on Dot. Run like they haven't been beaten a home in. Anfield in European competition since the Real Madrid. Twenty fourteen Defeat that's incredible incredible and that traverses most of the KLOPP era That it's almost entirely the COP era. Yeah so And Look Look at the Magic Knights. We've had Dortmund came and scored two goals at Anfield. Liverpool still prevailed in that amazing semifinal. Oh Yeah I remember that night when you try to convince me that Liverpool winning that in the League was bigger than was at Barcelona Madrid Champions League semi final. Yeah I thought it was a bigger game probably are better game. Run or no bigger. It was clearly the word it was your worst. Take that you've had. I don't know if this has ever even recovered. I can't even remember that I'm sure I said something I it's just funny because you see the haters come out When a team is down like I saw this From Juan G Arango on twitter. He's I guess he's a I don't know actually who he is. But he's got Lou checkmark that means he said so much for the magic of Anfield so much for the Mystique of the COP. In my opinion they might be winning the league in a runaway manner but the season was left quite empty. In my honest opinion. This season is a failure for eighteen. That was the best in the world. God yes sure to haters. Yeah I again and again. I'm sure one is coming from some angle Roy. Never who's been on this podcast before? Who is defend or evolving? Argentinian came out and had a pop o'clock last night. Saying he's no sir. Alex Ferguson Sir. Works and it was in the twenty six years. You know what I mean like So everyone's got the role in Atlanta that culminate in football would probably tell you not altruism. I I just wish people could just like. It does seem to me now that football these days. There's a lot of people out there. They don't actually enjoy footballer. The Games are are anything about it. It's it's about the point score. I will say though and I'm not sure I don't WanNa make you feel I want you? I know we joke around but I want you to enjoy this Liverpool experience like this. You waited your whole life essentially to see this and I don't. I'm not trying to take away. I will say though the only the only way I can relate to it like as a phillies fan. They won the world series in two thousand eight and I really think that era. They had a five-year run where they were unbelievably. Good and I. But they're still part of me as great as that. Achievement was when in that world series? Like I still look back on that Erin. Feel like they were good enough to have gotten at least one more and and there is like part of me. That's Kinda like like we left one on the table Yeah now you also have Champions League. We HAVE THE ERA. So you know it. I feel like you. I'd hopefully depending on what happens. With the Corona virus the the Premier League so. That's yeah I don't I wouldn't even think about. So what are you even implying there will I season will be cancelled and no winner will be no no What's GonNa can you imagine what I think will happen? Is that There'll be some kind of shut down for a few weeks. You're twenty twenty will be cancelled and the European football season will join a little bit into the summer. The domestic season to get it finished. That's how I think well it all depends on what happens with this thing and again the rates. Well let's rates of contraction have to go down. We don't right there is no. I was talking to somebody yesterday in there. Like the strange thing about all this is that there's no end zone here like it's not like we're at the ten yard line and we know we lost four yards to go to get like we don't know where like how long this is also kind of carry on for him. So Yeah Yeah. I'll tell you what let's take a quick break when we come back. We'll take a look at the other. Three Champions League matches from the last couple of days. I have a what to watch for here. Half of that has now been essentially cleaned out Because of matches that have been suspended Boat we do have more to get to read cards man of the match and like I said the other Games So don't go anywhere. It's still allowed to do here on. Caught Offside back now on. Caught Offside All right. Jj. We persist we continue now. We we talk soccer in these strange times. Yeah I I don't know I I in me that I just feel like uncomfortable. Come Talk to you and your drifting off thinking about something else I yeah you read me perfectly either locked in come on People WanNa Talk. Want us here to heroes talk about the football as well because again like. I said when we're GONNA talk about it again. Yeah what are we going to do like? Let's say that I haven't thought about what happens to caught. Offside this podcast if there's no there's if everything's canceled. I think we I guess we get a chance to do some the things we never got to do before we get to talk about. Maybe books and documentaries podcast. People have been asking us to talk more about film. Have they really yeah? I've got a direct message of I supposed to read ages. Go about Oh I love when you guys talk. Film is anyway. I know you've got a busy schedule is not any way you can do. Another podcast about film. I don't know I think people are sprinting. For the next button on their Their feeds right now our PS G. They do it. They turn around on Borussia Dortmund in an empty stadium in Paris. And they advance to the quarterfinals. In what I think really I mean. I know it's only the round of sixteen but I think if you look at ps G. and where this has all been headed after the previous two campaigns for them in this competition since they acquired Neymar Imbaba so on and so forth. It's got to be one of the biggest wins in their history that they were able to come back and do this and I think you could see. That is very weird. Jj to to see an empty stadium. A goal scored and with no crowd reaction. Obviously because there's no one in the building to still see players like show such emotion like in some ways it's refreshing because it's like you think it only matters because it's a performance of accident of a crowd either that or the enthusiasm of a building. I think can like can care. There's a nurse to that. I think enthusiasm of sixty seventy thousand people has a rubbing off effect on the guys who's WHO's at the center of it but I don't know it felt very like high school sports to me. Like watching a guy score a huge goal with no one there but still like it means so much to him. I don't know felt very like as pure a moment as ps g can have. It almost felt like that. Yeah there was What's interesting is hearing their voices when the communication yeah I know. Also you hear when the ball is hit. You hear that noise that you haven't heard since you play you hear it every week and when you play yourself because there's no crowd there and then you hear the pros make the same sounds and also I was listening to a podcast said at the weekend. It was amazing to hear the back and forth between opposition players. The back and forth between teammates the cajoling the anger the jokes all the things that we miss out on because of the crowd noise and he was talking about Venison Intrum Lonzo. Yeah it was It was weird. I obviously because we're focusing on the game only highlights of this bought most of the match reports and from what I could see from the highlights. Like Dorman just didn't show off now on their funding site on you know when you talk to two people who watched them weaken we go talk to their fans. They were there for straightening You don't know what you're going to get from them. Necessarily I mean they can put on a performance in attacking performance. That absolutely wows you. And yet they are capable of being extremely flat They're capable of defensive lapses in a way that you feel. This team is teetering. It's just missing something that it doesn't have for it to be more consistent site. I don't know is that management coaching. But I'm this was a considering what happened in the first leg. This was a a big zero for them. Yeah and credit to PS. Gee It's not just about Dortmund capitulating We had said on Mondays. Podcast that these are the moments that you go out and you get Neymar. And if he's if he's worth it these are the moments where he has to show up. Well he did His first goal his movement to get to that header Maybe it was poor defending by. Ps G. but it's also Neymar just finding away to attack that ball it's perfect And it was huge for them to get that first goal And for him to be the one that did it. I think it just lifted the whole team Getting the second one on the stroke of half-time on kind of a a nifty sort of deflection Huge for them to take that into the locker room and then that was that was all they needed. I know there's been a lot of drama surrounding his birthday. And the usual controversies. That seemed to go with him injuries as well. But a FIEF tweeted it's twenty three combined goals and assists and fifteen appearances since the start of December. Well that's pretty good going considering he hasn't even been available for all the games boy we do. Forget we don't forget we do. It's never forget because it's because he's not on the field or or he's doing something off the field that's Kinda detracting from it but like when it's all said and done and he's out there playing and he's focused he still. I think he he still shows you. He's one of the best players in the world. I'm so curious where they go from here. we're designing implying that this competition does anything go from anywhere right now day one. It's weird I'm thinking about like. Hey if back come back come back. Come back to Andy Comeback. What does anything mean right now? I know don't do this. Chin-ups Sunshine Camman League's getting just read the ACC tournament have been suspended. It's this let's go. Let's go Let's see we continue now. Jj Let's just go. Let's go to Tottenham that'll that'll snapped me out of this funk Boy What a whimper. I mean you talk about zero from Dortmund and here's what I would say about it. I think we have to stop being surprised like I feel. Like every time Tottenham come out This season in big game surprised I feel like I get that that feeling like I feel like. I'm living groundhog day. After each one of these games. Oh my God it's another no show from spurs you know the manager literally three weeks ago. Said he's not surprised these he's telling everybody will be same result. Yeah And since we last spoke they even lost another attacking player to injury. Probably for the remainder of the season in Stephen Bergman I'm a little bit conflicted on Tottenham A because I actually like I said after the first like actually think rb Leipzig are really good I don't think it's a fluke. How well they're doing in this competition or how. Well they're doing in the Bundesliga. They're really good team And be I don't WANNA sound like whiny sore loser here but like injuries do matter. And I can't tell you the Tottenham win if bird vine and sun and Kane are healthy but I can also tell you that it matters that those players aren't there Davinson. Sanchez is hurt. That Moussa Sissoko is hurt That Ben Davies is hurt like that. You Sold Victor. One Yama and I don't even know what role he was going to continue playing so I almost don't include him but I know what you mean. We've barely spoken about his transfer. But you heard marina just deteriorated so much as a player partially because of injuries over the last twelve months So it's kind of a team that is like two things are happening at once. They're in a period of major transition And it's not going well as is often the case with teams in transition and they're also it is what it is like. They're ravaged by injuries right now and I think this is. This is the end product. You're seeing what that all looks like when it's all happening at once on throwing a lack of a computer coherent playing style to suit. The personnel has throwing The negativities the the CIG- The basically your star player your most expensive player being signalled for abuse in the media. Put that all together. That dripstone the weird thing about Tottenham Austat yesterday that like you think about Josie Marino coming into your squad as manager and what that typically means. It means okay. We're going to not be quite so attacking but we're going to load up defensively. And we're not going to concede goals. Jj in the Premier League. This is across all competitions so the status slightly but the point remains since Marino took over only one club has conceded more goals than spurs in that time. And that's Aston Villa. Like that is yeah so he's not even doing the things that he was good at before. Now here's my belief. Do I think this is the squad in transition that needs to be overhauled yes? Do I believe that this is the only way it could be? It has to be this. Bide everything about it from the optics of the football to the off can be no other way no. I don't believe that the only reason that I slightly disagree with you saying that is because this had started under Pocchettino I don't believe that this is just Josie Marino problem like this. The football being this bad is not just a Josie Marino problem. I can tell you I was watching him every single game. It was this. Maybe it was this not says maybe Andrew but you know in the press conference afterwards. He does the same thing he's been doing week after week. He's GonNa hang everyone else's players you think you think Bacelona can do X. Y. Without Messy Juarez utain Liverpool can do anthing without for menial manner except in the semi finals last year. Liverpool did do something without third key players. And Guess What the Club you're at right now did as well. They didn't throw the bloody towel and weeks beforehand and I really great point. I ain't wasn't on that field and he wasn't and I didn't get a chance to to to vent about this. As well but Tottenham fans who are defending Joseph Marino allowed Tottenham manager to three days before a derby against the team that their fans despise their. Load him to throw in the towel. You talking about Partido in no daylight Marino to throw in the towel three days before the Chelsea game right out your life sake. He could come on man. Come on making noises about playing Frank Lampard's Chelsea it's Andrew. Things can be bad. There is a way to deal with it. So you this. Paci no did the same against Arsenal Before the League Cup when he played a B Squadron and no not not not a beast. What did he say or did he not say in the week beforehand? Did Pacino ever said that? That's it. We're not GONNA win the remember his exact comment but he he talked about basically that competition is not what their goal is right. That's not the same thing. That's a priority thing. This is the literally saying we can't do anything in this game. I will accept injuries and on this transition period is a and that there are players who are going to have to be moved on and things need to change but this is this is not the guy to do it and this is not the way to do it yeah. I don't know if he when he took this job on 'cause he's not necessarily a guy that you point to is somebody who you would go to to oversee a rebuild. I think he's somebody that you go to to change things up on a squad that can win but like can't seem to get over the hump which has been Tottenham. They've been good for years now but they haven't gotten the hump they haven't gotten over the Hump and won a trophy. But like I. I don't know if he quite realized What Patino was realizing in that? Oh this is this is not a team that is ready to get over the hump. This is a team that got close to it. Miss Their chance and now they are on the other side and the weird thing is though we keep talking about how How it's over like this run is over but like I was going back and looking at the ages of the players on the team. They're not old. Like do you have a couple of El Dorados now over thirty but you know for tongue but like era dire is twenty eight Like I was going through the list. You know they're mostly guys who are like twenty six twenty seven and twenty eight. They're kind of in that spot right now where they should. They should be in their prime. I mean I just wonder if because Tottenham hadn't refreshed their squad over the past few years. The tread on those tires is comparable to that of a guy in their mid thirties. I Dunno some. I mean something's wrong whether it's injuries whether it's there's a danger. Jing whether it's the style it's probably look it's everything. I don't think you get to this point without it being a little bit of a lot of things right and there's also danger that we're on overkill Josie Marino. I mean he is just infecting every conversation about Spurs. I'm not. I'm not really talking about him right now I I. Can't you hate his guts? You have a personal thing against him. I'm hey don't do that. No don't do that come on. That'S THE PERSONNEL J. True the personal. What the Personal Grudge Josie Marino is based on what he does in his personal. So I'm reflecting here. Alone even among Tottenham fans there were the first day he was hired decided. This this is a horrible idea. And they were against him. Everything I said is being based on what we've seen so far utterances from his mouth and it's just I don't understand I like I said on Mondays podcast and this is why I feel as if we need to get off the subject. We can look in the mirror. You don't look at me if you talk about Marino. No it's me. Oh it is me. I don't I don't understand The targeting of players like this. I don't I don't get it last but not least here for the Champions League Atalanta Take Care of business against Valencia Eight four on aggregate unbelievable Joseph Illitch was incredible scored all four of Atalanta's goals in this game. And he's a he's a cult hero for me right now his. I looked at his stats in his record. It's not like he's ever been a huge enormous club. You know what I mean like a on. He's in the wind down of his career and he's just landed at Atlanta and doing all these amazing things he's kind of being out of state level for a while but as also being super talented and a Turkey to. He's probably having his best season in across all competitions. He's twenty nine games played. Twenty one goals nine assists Five goals in the Champions League fifteen goals in Syria. Well he had five goals in this tie against Valencia. And there's an amazing stat that accompanies that Illegit now becomes the first player not named messy or Rinaldo to score five or more goals in a Champions League knockout tie that's the group Aldo messy illegitimate like. Where's like left off ski or or like Van? Nestle royalties is just not the guy that I would guess. They reminds me of what happened in like USA. Ninety four wasn't it Oleg Salenko that scored like a Tony Goals for Russia against remember who it was and he ended up like sharing the Golden Boot with Romario? Someone you know is like it was this list of Brigham players. Baio remarried will only accelerate auto. Yeah this is. Another one of those games played in an empty stadium I seen it before and soccer still jarring To see what meaner Zouqi tweeted them. How weird it was. Because she was following the game Being an Italian football expert and I tweeted out our if the Messiah is empty. Is it even the Messiah? I mean the Messiah got this Mystique in the early two thousands for being this cauldron the away like you had to win your home leg because you weren't GonNa win there and is it even that does it. Is it that Katina football when there's a Web parishoners now. I guess you could say that. About a Lotta buildings I mean. Without an atmosphere it's just becomes brick and mortar. You're right But good for Atalanta. They advance or something they they advance. We don't know what they advanced to. We are in a weird time which you keep. I mean if I'm bad Marino you on Corona viruses. Just think one warrants it. Okay what to watch for what to watch. I don't know paint drying. Tvd's don't know what to watch for. Everyone I'm as of now. Just read the fixtures Williams because we don't know as of now in the English Premier League Saturday eleven. Am Manchester City versus Burnley? Asterix Saturday one thirty PM Sorry matches city Bernie asked versus Chelsea Sunday twelve thirty. Pm Tottenham Versus Manchester United on Monday four PM Everton versus Liverpool couple. Quick things before move off of it. should city lose and Liverpool win. Liverpool would win the title. Yes it could happen on Monday I'd be surprised if Manchester City lost at home to Burnley I'm very curious about Everton and Liverpool regardless just because at Goodison I almost want Manchester City to lose that game. Because I WANNA see the way. Everton treat that match at home against Liverpool. I really think it's like we've talked about. This couple is there. I mean could. Could they have a bigger game in this era? Then that one. Could you sound more like Ross from friends? First of all I think it was probably Chandler that you're thinking On his channel to simulate truly into American culture and I blow at a friend's reference and you just showed the world how Irish really our only God Yup Are you sure about the Matt's they're Andrew? Yes and don't ever question me all right And I also wanted to say that Like we were just talking about Tottenham a moment ago like the funny thing is. Let's say the Manchester City Uefa Ban is upheld and that fifth spot is up for grabs for a Champions League place Very quietly like I know Tottenham morale among fan base. They may as well be in the relegation zone right now but very quietly. This match is enormous for Spurs. Because here's the thing Josie Marino is probably gonNA continue to be the manager for next season and he's GonNa want a significant transfer budget because I don't know if you've been paying attention He wants some new players. On the squad if Tottenham don't qualify for the Champions League who get who's WHO's coming to this team right now by the way who you keeping his Harry Kane has said for for all the. He's one of our own that he's treated as and he'll always be at Tottenham Ledge matter. What happens but he made his point pretty clear when he said he will remain with Spurs as long as he feels like. There's an upward trajectory. Does anyone anyone with eyes. And a brain look at this team right now and see upward trajectory and there'll be an emboldened Manchester United with money round the corner so like suddenly like they need to pick themselves up quickly And I know I said before we need to stop. Being surprised like my expectation is that they will not win this game But if there is any sort of hope left in salvaging some kind of like future for this club To be to continue to be what they've been the past four or five seasons they gotTa Start Winning. And it's gotTa start now because this is a huge differential if they lose this game as opposed to winning it. They've only got one game. Left against the top six side after this that's against Leicester so they've got on paper. Winnable Games coming up but this is one that they absolutely desperately need So yeah pick yourself up spurs nation. It's it's still It's still a big game. It's still a big game. Jj HAVE MLS Here on what to watch for. Obviously these Games are not happening. The League has been suspended But I do want to quickly say that A quick little discussion on what happened in the cockpit. Aft Champions League up to this point that has also been suspended like we said earlier. NYC AFC losing. Just a in the first leg a total gut punch right at the end. Vargas right at the end and they looked set. They looked competitive in that game. And there is hope for for the away-leg but it's That's going to be. It's going to be very tough. Anita and Ronnie data is just having the most horrendous Dr to who is To his time as manager will they did advance to the quarterfinals hip at San Carlos? Andrew Okay And then also Atlanta United F C with a terrible start to their Quarterfinal in the CONCACAF Champions League Yeah. It's it's not looking good for them at all Obviously a game. That won't happen but I've a jolt I. I'm going to SHOEHORN IT IN AN INTER MIAMI versus La Galaxy. David Beckham faces. His former club won't be the first time Galaxy Fancy Beckham in another clubs colors saying how much time at La Means to him. That's very clever. No but yeah that game's been suspended Also I should mention Montreal With a a a really fun to watch in their CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal Speaking of watches don't rate atty on the moon was the French. Twelve of whom did not go the way that they wanted. No we talked on Yama before. It's weird seeing him in a Montreal impact. Kid It's just a it's weird. How angry Canadians got up me for saying this was not the career trajectory when he left Celtic to end up in Montreal at twenty eight. What's wrong with Montreal America? Yes yeah so Tyrian rewatch a few thaw that my chasing at the hands of Athletico Madrid would have stopped my smugness. You are wrong friends. You are very wrong for frowned schadenfreude. What's the French for Schadenfreude who by the way So first of all They lost to Olympia who Went module and one bought at late in the second half impact had a penalty. Appeal turned away by referee. Underneath Escobedo. You brought the saw who originally pointed to the spot only to reverse his decision and give a corner kick after consultation with his assistant. Olympia has mailer. Nunez looked to commit a handball offence. On a headed effort by Montreal's Anthony Jackson Hamill and to see teary. Anri upset on the sideline about a handball. Not being called was just not you. Chefs cases are desperate at eleven. Every eight eleven years later. How do you like them? Apples teary or sorry. Excuse me I was going to sit in French palms. You're still bitter about it. No I'm actually not but I did think it was kind of I would be. It was kind of funny to see the parallels I and in fairness to onery to give him his credit he did not bring it up his post-match he said he said that was not the reason they lost to schoolboy defensive errors within reason. They lost that game. And I give on retort credit for that. I merely clutching at straws friends. Nah I'll hold the bitterness of the Panama. A non goal with me forever for the US. To not qualify. I I've given it up. It's over forever The the penalty decision. I don't know ultimately maybe I have to see it again. I feel like they arrived at the right call. I think My only thing is it just feels weird that the referee who standing right there and pointing to the spot would then defer to a guy who's like forty yards away in making in changing his mind on the decision at just feels strange to me. I mean we often talk about being Qaft by both teams and referee. So maybe this is an example of it Yeah I'm not. I'm not really sure about that. One to be honest with you. The moment of the game was known of what we've spoken about so far. It was Sapphire Tater school which was a volley from thirty five yards. And here's how it sounded badges. Tell you start a cutback billlion goals in America North American soccer last. Why you ask what you do to change it. Maybe do that all right. You can't go. You can't go around. Funny Tottenham Find God in touch with us and said Because I tweeted out the goal goal. By tater of a half volley from thirty five yards. Brilliant and he goes. You're not gonNA talk about one. Yam setting it up like it was a joke like we're now just literally nodded the ball onto that can't even count as an imagine. That probably does count as so. This is a thing now like you're you've now created a vendetta against this club against manager against their key signing like you know it was A. He was making a funny joke about when Yama. Because you've because it's a known thing that you have it in for no he's career no the guy who sent him. Just trying to squeeze as a tottenham trying to squeeze any joy out of any thing related taught it was more relating to you mocking where. Wanyama's career has taken him. No it had nothing to do with that. It was funny though because it was. That's going to go down as an assist as it should. He's literally just heading into the guy as we say not. All assists are created by the way Mailbag has gone into material. Mailbag will return next week. Yeah we're GONNA need that. I think yes we were not going to have a ton of content may not creative enough to. We're going to be leaning on mail back. Please keep the male short right. I feel like like when we say to people. Hey We have a our podcast tomorrow is going to be a mailbag special. So start sending them in. Now we're going to a full episode of Mailbag. Don't you feel like that's the podcasting equivalent of when you came into school as a kid and your teacher was like okay? We're GONNA WATCH A video today. Like that was their way of saying like. I just don't feel by being in the bar till eleven last night. Watch a video. I am hung over. You do whatever you need to have this history channel documentary about The War of eighteen twelve sure studied Gulf War. Watch it that you need to see it at four o'clock afraid Let's see let's. Let's do this red card. I hear I want to get this out of the way because I don't feel good about this and so I feel like if I go. I maybe I'm burying it and people will forget later on arts. The first thing they heard and they'll stop listening through out the door of the car and a the the rescue Ron. I'M GONNA I'm GONNA forge ahead. I don't feel good about this. Because the fan aspect of soccer is is maybe my favorite part of the game And the images that we saw like the love the celebration everything we saw from. Ps G and their supporters outside the park the prince's following Wednesday's win was no it was it was special. Honestly if you were somebody who was there that's that will hopefully be remembered by a special memory. I saw ESPN AFC's account tweet. A picture of the celebration with the caption. Psd celebrating with their fans is iconic and my my initial instinct was honestly to agree with that. The images their incredible. I mean look up the tweet. It's really really something. But then I saw a tweet from Leander Charlatans soccer columnist for Yahoo and Kinda smacked me back to reality when he responded to that tweet by saying no Actually it's stupid. The point of closing the stadium to fans was to avoid a large public gathering going out to celebrate with them will only encourage more of them to come out the next time so I saw that and I thought about it and I thought I don't want to agree with him because he's Kinda pouring cold water on coal soccer moment but I'm sorry anyway slice it. He's right There's currently a ban in France for gatherings For any gathering of over a thousand people as a way of trying to fend this off but for whatever reason the. Ps G alturas were granted a special exemption by the police. So they were not there. Legally that was granted for them to do that. I know we've been able to live our lives and we don't want to remain in a constant state of fear but the sentiment but like that sentiment is kind of for another day like we said like you're going to be inconvenienced right now and you're not gonna be able to do all the things that you WanNa do and it's all in the name of public health and as cool as the moment was that was not in the best interest of public health as people are trying to do everything in their power to curb the spread of this virus so like. I'm sorry I'm being that guy. This is such a Debbie. Downer moment that I'm kind of throwing at you on something. That looked cool. But leandra charlatans with his tweet. It was harsh the way he put it but he's not wrong. Those those images that we saw yesterday from outside of that stadium three thousand people gathering to celebrate that with the team. It was cool but it probably shouldn't have probably but those people are going to be there one way or the other whether the police granted them a permit or not they were going. That was it so all right bold it does have to. I don't have to agree with it though. No you don't definitely not OK. People legal talk incoming. I want everyone just to bear with me. How long is this? Here we go. Us Soccer Federation's filings emerged at the start of the week from the lawsuit over equal pay brought by the US women's national teams within the filings. Where some hugely controversial arguments that is Julie? Foudy described on the call of the US women's game against Japan broadcast as one of the tent poles of the USF argument against equal pay so within the filings are following as outlined by Meglena in in the Atlantic who is covering this as better than anyone in the most recent document. Us Soccer attorneys argued that the ability levels between the men's national team on the Women's national team are fundamentally different that the overall soccer playing ability for the men's national team is materially influenced by the level of certain physical attributes such as speed and strength required for the job. The point is that the job of men's national team players competing against senior. Men's national teams requires a higher level of skill based on speed and strength. Then does the job of women's national team players competing against senior women's national teams the federations attorneys also note that there is evidence that men's national team players face tougher competition even on a relative basis than the women's national team which makes sense on some level as the men are ranked twenty first in the world according to whereas the women are number one overall in the respective rankings while US soccer argues that this is an additional basis to deny the players motion it is also combination condemnation of their success an addition to federation pushes back against equal responsibilities as part of equal work between the two teams. They stay at that. The women only participate in one revenue generating tournament every four years. That's the fief a women's World Cup whereas the men's national team players have responsibility for competing in multiple soccer tournaments with the potential for generating a total of more than forty million dollars in prize money for US Soccer. Every four years television ratings were also tied to the concept of equal responsibilities though it is unclear how that will be listed in the job description of either. A men's national team are win women's national team player beyond similar tasks of media appearances and gain promotion. Finally the Federation Attorney Staff that working conditions also apply to the case and the main quote routinely play matches important World Cup qualifiers in particular throat Mexico Central America and the Caribbean opposing. Fan Hostility encountered in these men's national team road environments especially in Mexico and Central America is unmatched by anything. The women face while trying to qualify for an important tournament. This also extends to friendly's in the Fed in the federation's argument. Okay so let me go to. Mina kimes right now. Who breaks down the problems with all that was a good argument to make Us Soccer is trying to argue here. That the women do not deserve equal pay because they don't do equal work. They're contending that the men have more difficult jobs. This is problematic for a couple of reasons. One if you follow that logic to its natural conclusion you're basically saying women should never deserve equal pay for physical labored which I think we can. All agree is a problem to the other issue with the size and strength and speed thing. We know that's true. Everyone knows it. We don't have to deny it. Everybody knows if the US women play the US men they would be at a physical advantage but they do not play the US and they play they play other women and they dominate them. That's where the legal argument falls apart in the real world in this strikes me as incredibly short sta short sighted and catastrophically down for you a soccer because Wallace's argument that might win in court. It's one that's going to hot them in the future. Generations will not look kindly this sort of that last point she makes. They're very interesting because I don't know what it is that. Us Soccer Federation cares more about like she says this. May Win them. The argument in court. Well that may be it like. They may not care about the optics of their argument now. Carlos Cordeiro came out and apologized. Which Meghan REPEA- knows responded to an says that she doesn't buy it a budweiser Are One of the sponsors who chimed in saying they're disappointed in what was said In the filings by US soccer's attorneys also span made an excellent point. And this is the key point to me You don't pump as much Money Resources Energy time into women's soccer and yet on the revenue side. You want it to come. You say it has to. It can't compete with the men's will of course not you haven't given at the time the money or the care to do that. She she cited the example of Tennis. Where women's tennis was promoted was given equal. Tv standing as the men's game. That's the one thing I always struck me about tennis. Yeah it's always been held up as as as equal and they put. They promoted it. They put money into it. They as much as they could. Equally comparison equalised the pianist. And it flourished you know it's like me you having a plant and your plant is just amazing and you give it all the water and older nourishment needs in an at flowers open. It looks amazing. And you compare it with mine in a competition which has been given none of those things in his a weedy small liars plant. You know it's just an unfair basis for argument and by the way nobody looks at Megan routine or Carolina. Lloyd and says they can't sprint like Christian Pulisic. They're they're not as they're not as that they don't tackle as tough as As Michael Bradley so what who was comparing them. They don't play their two different realms and it is right about another thing to like. Okay you may win the court battle but this is extraordinarily bad. Pr Around a team right. Now that this country is in love with I will get turned. It's it's almost like okay. You've taken this step to prop your men's team up above your women's team but in the process because of how beloved the women's team is you have vilified your men's team like is there any financial downfall from from taking that route. I guess we'll see now. You're you're seeing men's players releasing statements essentially voicing their support like I saw DaMarcus Beasley just released a lengthy statement voicing his support for the women's fight for equal pay. A lot of players have done. It's an unfair and they almost have to. They have to know to To defend I suppose I mean they just come across really badly in this and There it's unfortunate they've been dragged into the mix of this. Yeah this comparison that US soccer's using as as Julie. Foudy said one of their tent Poles. I'll of the of the debate against are not the debate the lawsuit that has been taken by the women But I have more not. Oh you do okay. Well caught offsides man of the match. While we're on if you want to just go right. You talked about the backlash. Backlash has already begun. So my women of the match are the women's national team and it's because of what they did on the field. Let me let me deal with that part. I I guess. They put in a performance of huge amounts of skill. Two of the finest goals. I've seen look at some of the goals we've seen in the last ten days the brilliant free kick from Meghan Regino up over the wall into the top corner and the brilliant Shikha from your dialing your favorite Kristen price honest question. Has she ever scored ever scored a boring goal are every single? One of her goals. Incredible would you say the goals of a pretty high level of skill to chip the keeper from twenty yards? I looked pretty skillful. Not Not not to mention what she did against England that almost one torch out of her feet on smashes it home own believable performance day they put in and you can't take it away of the context that was worrying around in their minds before the game in protest at the comments emerge from the filings. They wore their training tops. Back to front so you could only see the four stars a not. The federation quiet crest which came. I think what an amazing move. You talked about the backlash. There's a t shirt that I'm sure selling like hotcakes. Right now off the inverted crest of the of the embroidered crests. That's inside out that they wore with just four stars on the outline of the shield. The backlash is already begun here. And I can't believe the tact that you the. Us Soccer Federation has taken against these amazing women. They are amazing because guess what they're fighting. A campaign for equal rights was scoring some of the best schools. You'll see and winning games. And that's what they do they win. You can hit their hairstyles. You can hit their demeanor. You can hit their politics if you want although. I'm not sure how you coat because but when it comes down to it. These women are winning. They're doing the job. They're just unbelievable. Yep Awesome let's see. Jj My medal match. I went with any fail harbor one of the more I think. One of the more underrated -Ly Great American soccer careers has come to an end. I think the word I used pre pod was criminally underused from two thousand seven to two thousand seventeen. He made forty four appearances for the US. Men's national team. He was a member of the two thousand ten World Cup squad and the two thousand eight Olympic squad only score two goals for the US but one of them was. I gotta say one of the more one of the most memorable. Us goals scored in the last twenty. Years is in the Gold Cup against Mexico with the score tied in the seventy third minute. Wednesday lower divisions of England. Seventy two. And your the cool thing about his career that it's not necessarily one. That was destined to happen. He so he was born in. Brazil moved to southern California and had to walk on to the US Ucla College team. Like he's not some guy who came from like just like. Oh let me just go off to Europe and like star plan to h sixteen like he he went to college had to walk on and then after two years at UCLA has talent was shining through any actually left And signed with Hamburg in the Bundesliga He also made ten primarily appearance. Darby County Great. Mls Player for New England L. AFC Colorado but most notably Sporting Kansas City. He actually joined us Last was it last year. Two years As he was awesome to talk to what a what a good dude he I think he's going to be very interested in voice in. Us Soccer Komo going forward. I hope he is You said that Your Klinsmann really. That was guy on his career international career. Yeah I don't know why I don't know what it was about his game He was a creative number. Ten style player tacking attacking midfielder forward player. That code linked to play could score. Goals could set other people up. After he posted his statement on twitter that he was retiring other players kind of came from out of the woodwork to share their praise Nat wrote congratulations on a great career. Benny love the way. You played the game best wishes on the next step. Bud Jimmy Conrad Road. Quite possibly the best passer of the ball. I have ever played with still. Don't think you get the credit you deserve. In this regard Josie altidore wrote. He came on for Spain and boss it when they were unreal class player and person some amazing memories together all the best in the future. Benny was not that famous. Confederations Cup game. So like how so Wayne reared that so it was two years later before cleansing up the job. Right because that can vary. That was oh nine. He was on the two thousand ten team. And Bob Rally was out shortly after that and Clinton came into two careers that I kind of look at almost side by side. are his and Sasha questions like two players that I really held in such high regard that you always Kinda of that for whatever reason. They're they're national team. Careers were sort of derailed. While they're club careers continued to thrive. And you never quite understood why class they both came back into the fold but it was sort of a little too late. Oh was and they never really got a proper run but yeah great player Like I said one of of all the MLS players we've had on. He was probably one of the most fun we spoke into so I wanted to make sure he got some love on this on this podcast today. What pod we did it. I'm glad it's it's this long this me he this involved because we don't know what's GonNa Happen. Yeah we're GONNA continue to do the show of course We'll do it every week Even if we have to play games ourselves one V one with Andrew. You know people. I've been playing with I I. It was so nice out over the weekend Jack and I went outside playing. He was. He's four years old. He was sensational yet. Where do you take from now from you? Sure it is. It's not I'd try to wonder. How do I harness Andrews Skill? Andrew's wife actually knows her way around a soccer ball and played in high school. And you can tell. Adra did not and you can tell. I mean when we played that one day I thought I owned her out on the wing. You couldn't get past me because if you're meaty thighs they're big flat. Pack your big flabby legs trip and are up. There was no skill in your game. Look if you want to show cards so cards. But I didn't see any that day. Me and her were the dominant players that day. You play for a living okay. You're better than all of us. Haven't touched a soccer ball and he never played for living a borderline pro. And you Wanna I against peons and yourself up like messy no. I'm a DP average player. That just made you look like a fool. That's that's it. I'm now going to train. I'm GonNa Start Training. Threatened isn't a floor with the time you've got the Roy Keane play one on one like is there any sort of game that we comply like in basketball would take one on one crossbar challenge. That could be done done. Don got on a train and I believe that I will get. You'RE GONNA train crossbar challenge. Yeah I'M GONNA go outside with a ball rain or shine snow. Whatever and I'm just I'm GonNa like you promise now and we'll do this. We'll record it. We put it up That could be fun. Okay okay. Let's do it. Oh God that is noncommittal. Let's do it all right but you see like what am I going to train? You know. I've got kids until you have a child until you have a child until you have a child you do not understand okay. Yeah that's you all over okay. Guy States if yeah keep keep Cdc DOT ORG and Look after each other yes. Yeah absolutely and keep in touch with us because I'll tell you what we got. A big MAILBAG special coming around the bend. This this glad that we did this honestly. This was important and I guess I'll see next week. All right man take care you to take your phone by listening to caught. Off-side soccer podcast.

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