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I'm Erica Sergeant. Hear the stories making news at this hour. Warnings from the Governor and Chicago's mayor about cove. Nineteen both held news conferences today, urging people to ease up wearing masks and social distancing the governor also announced the state is splitting into eleven different regions that way they will be able to monitor those regions more closely, and it allows them to close smaller parts of the state. Sentencing starts tomorrow for the mother from Crystal Lake, who pleaded guilty to killing her five-year-old son Aj last year Joanne. Cunningham faces twenty to sixty years in prison. Aj's father was also charged. Two boys are fortunate to be alive after they were nearly swept into Lake Michigan, they were standing on a pier in Michigan city when the waves picked up and covered them in water. They manage to hang. Hang onto posts until they could safely get to shore and turning to the weather, we are in for a stormy night ahead. Some counties to the south of US are under a Tornado Watch. The biggest threats are heavy rain and strong winds mostly sunny tomorrow, a high of eighty five join us on CBS. stew or CBS CHICAGO DOT COM for news updates around the clock. I'm Erica Sergeant.

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