1.26 Religion in New England


Hello and welcome to the political history of the United States England Confederation Forum and a few years time it will include Massachusetts Newhaven Plymouth and Connecticut settlers out in Rhode Island. Well they were four religion and politics are completely intertwined it is almost impossible to look at one without considering the other we have already spent a Lotta time considered too radical to be invited into that club and therefore found themselves on the outside looking in Rhode Island therefore becomes something of a refuge for those whose religion radical ideologies Williams brought in ideas like the separation of religion in government something that is going to become a big deal for the future United States we spend some time looking at the religious situation in New England and how it evolved throughout the Sixteenth Thirties and forties as we have discussed so many times I'm talking about religion and I don't plan to rehash all of it again other I want to lay out some of the more serious controversies of the period specifically the ones that will affect gates too far from the acceptable practices of one of the other colonies things become even more muddled when looking at the events down in Connecticut Connecticut was founded enlarged for what is going to be the next two episodes following this one in those episodes we are going to be delving into the evolving political landscape in New England before doing that however I think it is important that the church from within but was not looking to actually separate from that church the pilgrims over in Plymouth or separatists and wanted nothing to do with the old Church of England the New England world shared the guys over implement or a New England I but from that first moment that the bay colony existed they were the colony that was calling the shots you have the separatists who view the Anglican Church as being so corrupt that there is no saving it and full separation is the only path to salvation the other group wanted to story moving forward I plan to look at these specific role of the Church and society and then I'm going to talk about Anne Hutchinson as an example of the church's control in the bakery and as it is going to make a difference to the political systems we see moving forward now as a very quick refresher the puritans are separated into two primary groups meanwhile over in Massachusetts the belief was that reform from within was the best way to go now of course history is going to be so in New England nothing I say today is really going to change that but what I do want to establish is that there is different religious factions that appear throughout New England money

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