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Rest Easy "Mean" Gene


Yes, sir. We promised to. Cidade? I'm certain my guess that this time will not forget, I've talked about the former intercontinental champion of the world macho vantage nothing nothing means nothing. Nothing means what do you mean? By that talking about all the way to the top year who just in a position that I'd rather not being put Queen to the tap will year. My madness years got more glue for improvement, Jack. Tony I got. Yeah. We tell you something right now. Wait a minute already. I've got ask you very seriously. Do you blame Mr. Jack Doney that distinguished president the world? Wrestling federation for Ricky steamboat being the intercontinental champion today. Do hear Phyllis here. Gloria, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the number one sports and recreation podcast in the world. This is cheap. Eat in two thousand nineteen. I m Peter the major one Rosenberg aka, Greg, and I am joined by S G g the physically large stat guy. Greg esquire. And before we do anything. I'm going to read you something I wrote that I don't know if I'm actually going to publish it anywhere. So I feel I might as well read it to you. It took just thirty six hours of two thousand nineteen for the WWE universe to be absolutely rocked with a huge loss mean Jean Oakland has passed away at seventy six years old. It's hard to quantify. Just how meaningful mean Jean was to the glory days of eighties wrestling that took the pastime we all love from sideshow to legit mainstream business, but he was Shirley integral when you step back and really look at the eighties. It's reasonable to argue that mean jeans name ranks fourth in wrestling's mainstream consciousness after hulk HOGAN, Andre the giant and Randy savage. Every American who grew up with television in the mid eighties is quick to drop. A we'll let me tell you. Something mean Jean hulk HOGAN impression whenever pro wrestling mentioned. Now ranking wrestlers greatness can be challenging when you don't know who is really responsible for the character's creation. Did hulk HOGAN make Vince McMahon or did McMahon actually create HOGAN, Gino Kurland was always gene Oakland before coming to the WWE from the Awa with hulk HOGAN back in nineteen eighty three Oakland had mastered his role as the straight man, he took his legitimate broadcast skills from local radio and use them to create the character that he played in professional wrestling and one has to remember what Jean Oakland's job actually was in order to truly appreciate his brilliance. Gene. Oakland was not an interviewer, gene. Oakland was playing an interviewer named mean. Jean Oakland in the same way. Hulk HOGAN was playing a world champion. In in a competitive sport. Oakland struck an absolutely perfect balance of seriousness humor energy sarcasm and dry wit. He never tried to steal the spotlight. And as a result. The spotlight always seemed to find him. He knew how to handle an irate Bobby Heenan differently than an insane. Randy savage. He knew in the line of realism had been crossed and a very slight wink to the audience was needed in his last real run with WCW. He knew how to play along with what had become the regular absurdity of a show that while entertaining was completely ridiculous. Meaning Oakland knew how to do it. All. An S U G. That's really how I feel about mean, gene in a nutshell. And a Q who can disagree with that. Right. I made. You hit every nail on the head. And I think you perfectly eulogize just how important he was. Ya'll even though there's nothing to add to that. Besides p I'll tell you. I've met mean Jean a few times. The last time I saw him. Was. At raw twenty five. Which was the night of his last interview. That he ever did on a like live WWE show. He interviewed the then champion AJ styles. Matter of fact, maybe we'll end the show with it. And I posted a picture on Instagram, Greg. You might remember when I was still active on social media of myself in mean, Jean. At raw twenty five. And I I love this picture. I saw him standing there. And all I got I'm wearing a tuxedo. I gotta go take a picture with me, gene. And when I went up and chatted him up. I'm not sure whether he was aware of that. I really worked there. I I really don't know. But these sarcasm with which he talked to me and was totally mocking me as being Jubran was amazing. And like I relatively palpable. Like, he was he wasn't hiding it. He was just kind of mocking me and like in a way that was so funny. And if you look at the picture, and as she send it to you if you wanna throw it up, maybe on your I g. Highly seven posted. But I will deputy did Senator hot posted a two, but I'll send it to you. If you look he's pointing at me and making a face like who is this jobber. His humor is just, you know, not only was he funny on the show. But now that we're older, and you understand at least more about pro wrestling, you go back, and you realize how often he was trying to like pop the person that he was interviewing and really trying to get people to break character and kind of messing with them. Like in the famous in one of my favorite macho man, promo promos with means, gene where he talks about. Spinning around one hundred eighty degrees that a whole other hundred eighty degrees, and he's like spinning and circles. And like he does it like once or twice, and then mean jeans like a whole another hundred eighty degrees. Trying to get them to spin around again, and savage gives them this look like what like you could just tell that he liked to mess with people and those two to like they they were incredible together. I think that's the number one Megyn combo in my opinion, because savage. You know, HOGAN would get out there and cut promos and an aside. Let me tell you something mean, Jean or you know, what means, gene? Besides that. You know within really go off on his own. Savage. Sometimes we go off on his own. But sometimes would you know? Play with gene. You know that when I was just referring to that. I think it's called the beat goes on. And he's put the beat goes on and jeans like playing into it with him like he really, and he really didn't for me. Doing the job that I've gotten to do at WWE. It is similar in terms of what is asked of you as a performer in the sense that please don't think I'm calling me, gene. But in terms of the fact that I am a radio guy. Who's there, you know, trying to basically just play myself now, gene is different in that. He was a wrestling interviewer. But I've always trying to figure out like how do I be me? But I'm, you know, playing version of myself to it's not the exact same or in the world of pro wrestling. And so I can really speak first hand about how hard it is to do that. Well, I say that as someone who thinks I do okay at it. But like, I mean, I'm. Light-years from even being able to stand on the same map as me, gene. I've gotten to try to do it. It's frigging heart. And he came into Awa as a guy who didn't know what he was doing kind of figure this out how to do it in wrestling. And man, and then and then you also just he gotta just show some love for the pipes. His pure voice was just incredible. Yeah. Yeah. Goldenvoice gold. I mean, and the way he would. Get serious at a situation that that that felt like he could take a situation that if you played it the wrong way would seem ludicrous and make it seem realistic. And then like I pointed out in the in the little oh bit. In WCW knew how to ham up the ridiculous to play along in a show that was ridiculous by nature. The guy was really good in every single capacity. Even if you go watch the old prime times or old schools on the network, you catch the occasional show where he there was on commentary, and he was good. Yeah. You know? And I think you summed it up really well too. When you mentioned just like what you think about people in wrestling who transcended into general pop culture in the eighties in the nineties and so on. It is the four that you named its HOGAN, Andre the giant, Randy savage. Emmy, those are the names man like when it comes to mean stream more than RIC flair. You know, maybe replace in the south where flares name was bigger. But when you look throughout. Yeah. I mean, listen, I grew up in New York and mean, gene was up there with like with me Jean that mean by God, gene. So rest in peace to the icon mean Jean Geico presents unhelpful home improvement how to a slippery bathroom floor can result in expensive hospital bills. So today, I'll show you how to cook a serious fall by filling your bathroom with thousands of plastic balls. Just now a piece of plywood across the doorway and dump in two thousand multicolored plastic balls, you could try to protect yourself with a bathroom full of plastic balls or you could get liability coverage through the guy co insurance agency. Visit Geico dot com and see how a forcible renter's insurance can be as she g you are also an icon. So I'll leave it to you on where you want to start this week. Do you want to go back and look at twenty eight teen? Do you want to go back and look at this weird week of pre-taped WWE shows? Do you want to talk about? The young bucks. What do you want to talk about us? You gee, well, I did want to do like a twenty eighteen retrospective. But I feel like everybody's done that. So I mean, and we all know the highlights from the year right all in evolution, Ronda Rousey shows up. Women's role. Yeah. The women's while rumble Kenny omega finally wins the new Japan title Jericho wins the title in new Japan. Everybody's hit on all the hit something here. People are in the Becky Lynch too. Yeah. Yeah. That that's some murmurs going on about that people are people are sort of entering. But yes, I think at least for us. You know since it's been done. The best thing to do. We gotta talk about Cody, Cody in the young bucks a little bit at least all elite wrestling, then just give the people what what they come to expect from us a little bit of the week that was a little bit of black power kids, and the just moving on like that r we'll tell us tell us real quick about all elite, and what this means what the event is. And you know, whether how soon there will be a show that I will complain about and people will then tweet to Kenya. Mega and call me a hack for. So all elite wrestling is actually that promotion that everybody speculated was happening. It is happening. They announced it on January first, it's Cody in the young bucks who were going to serve as executive vice president, supposedly young bucks gonna be booking thing in the Codey is gonna take on the executive role in the Tony Kahn from the of the Jacksonville Jaguars is gonna be the president the owner and the money, man. And then they have a press conference scheduled for next week. I believe where they're gonna go into more details about who signed than probably you know, what it's going to mean. Go forward. They haven't event double nothing, which basically the sequel to all in at scheduled to come up soon. But other than that not a lot is known about. About. What this promotion is going to be what it's gonna look like anything like that. You know? But of course, though, you know, internet. Is already like this is a promotion that's gonna rival WWE. Vincent, man. Should be scared. Nothing in that regard, people jumping the gun. As far as a new promotion being competition somewhere for restless to go ply the craft. I think that's a good thing. But the idea that all wrestling is right on the level with WWE just because they have a billionaire owner in a lot of money to spend at think is absurd it I'll tell you. I agree. It makes it inherently interesting. You know, it makes you have to pay more attention, you know, than than competition that frankly, you know, is run by some of the there's only there's never been any other big business post Ted Turner in competition. There have been money people before Sinn. That's the thing. There's money people right now to ring on his own by billionaire, Mark Cuban has some stake in Japan, and they just are not at the level with the music. Now, the question is con- more committed and really passionate, Greg. I believe you should go on a sinement on January eighth to the double or nothing rally in Jacksonville. If you're a real journalist. That's what you if you're actually if you're actually stat guy, we need you to go down there and get the stats. Maybe you can tell us, you know, that it's the biggest rally ever like like like Trump's inauguration. It probably will be though their fans do tired out. I'll give them that. But at the single you'll be bigger than when whole Kogen and Jimmy Hart jumped in the convertible and Universal Studios. Possibly possibly could it possibly could. It could rival that do you think what are the chances that somehow an oddly skinny and mustache hulk HOGAN shows up. It's gotta be up there. Right. 'cause I mean, I saw reports that they might be looking at Goldberg to get involved with this thing. So they if there's going to be scooping up legends that Hogan's probably I would I would pop big if if somehow Hogen popped up mustache, and he'd lost like forty pounds. He looked just he looked just like the weird thin baby-faced WCW hulk HOGAN, it is interesting though. And you know, I'm always a big believer in competition that it can make things interesting. So we'll see we shall see. With the actual event. The actual one of there's no dates were released yet. They just said that it's going to happen that they have this promotion, and that was it that was enough to. To set, you know, settle fans on fire make speculation while. What's the what's the potential impact on ring of honor about that? Or that's that's the question. Right. Because and that's why I think ultimately the competition not gonna be WWE it's gonna be ring of honor, new Japan, and these companies that they wanna have these continues to partnerships with vibe because if ring of honor science exclusive contracts with their talent than that's talent that might not necessarily be able to work their shows and same thing with new Japan of everybody signing, all these exclusive contracts that who who do they have left to to work for them will be guys who, you know, get released from WWE every every mayo whenever the does their spring cleaning. You know, who who can they signed right now? It's just those guys from being the elite, but. That's not enough that the roster doesn't have the debt to to be what people are saying is going to be especially think about every w having an exte- annex t u k right along with raw and smackdown. What if they managed what if they manage to sign? Both Chris masters and Emma. They got a solid. They got solid. The got a solid women division with in Chris masters. You know, he could make some waves. It could be a heavyweight champion contender master locks glor- Chatham. Laker. What's real name again to nail Dashiell? Dash would. Yes. Yes. Yes. Strong name. No doubt about it. It's a bummer that never had that she could not catch a break. In w I liked I like 'em. And she had I like, the the aloof dancing gimmick that she had me too. But I don't know what happened to think she got injured, right? When she had a moment. Who is she tagging with? Was it ain't broke? Oh, yeah. I believe. So they'd be of s. Yeah. Think so. You wouldn't have picked that. It would have been. Maybe you would've picked that. It would have been. Dana Brooke with being the bodybuilder type out. All right. Well, we'll see what happens with all. What do you think of the name all eat wrestling eighty w and the logo the logo is garbage while I'm offended because I actually did it on my iphone, so. I'm sorry. Logos. Not great. And. Yeah, I don't know. And maybe that's me being harsh. But I really don't like the logo. The name is fine names grow on you. Right. But I do not like the logo. I wasn't super impressed by myself. It looks good on shirt. I guess, but like when you think about. WWF and WCW and even now the WWE logo and how like clean and streamline that looked all that like it just doesn't look good. What else do you wanna hit? Here was that. That was the only thing outside the ring that we we really had to hit. I think so this one this last one is sorta outside the ring sort of inside the ring. But Vince McMahon announced that a women's tack titled coming up. So those are official. He announced that on Christmas. Or Vinson clause. Yeah. The worst kept secret in professional wrestling is out. But hey, I it's still very very cool. Did you love love Mickey James going on Twitter and schooling people for not recognizing that there have been. Women's champions before Tijam. I didn't see that. But I do love that. Because they were they had them in the eighties. And then depending on who you believe the fabulous moolah sabotaged the tag team champs, and then call WWE to just decide it wasn't worth it and dropped they haven't been around since. But. Yes. Long past time to bring back. I know there's goes out surprising. Do you know who actually blame for the demise of the women's division? Who is going to be very surprising. Louis CK. Yeah. I believe it. I just everything that guide does he ruins. And it started not a lot of people know this started with the women's tag titles. Yeah. He he used to send me like unsolicited pitches for angles and things like that. And I I read somewhere that he sent them something about getting rid of the women's tag, title, something other one thing I role for the Babbel kuker. I apologize. I apologize to anyone who listens to show. This is the podcast and his hearing me make the same joke that I already made on the air there. Although didn't go over. So whatever I if you are boarding a flight and UC Louis CK or Lena Dunham getting on the plane just get off the plane. Like, I've never I've never seen two people who were like more the Darlan of a certain crowd completely fall out of favor. Worse in Louis CK's case with really good reason in Lena Dunham case, like pretty good reason. But then it I felt like it started getting kind of abusive like we're now it's just like no matter what she does. She just gets crushed. Yeah. Like likely so well, except there some like, she's a gnawing. But if you really go back the thing that people crushed her for about Odell Beckham junior. She was joking. Like, she was actually if you go read the quote or listen to it. She was mocking herself. She was really mocking herself. And just calling herself not that attractive, and they were like they made it sound as if she thought like she really thought del Beckham junior was a bad person in judging her when the joke was really not that he's a bad person in judging me, but in just that like, I'm not that attractive. That's what the joke really was. But then Lando then then land that's not enough that you should be hated for the rest of your life. I'm sorry. That's not that Louis C K. Okay. I mean is giving you some pretty solid real evidence. Lena Dunham is base. And by the way, I was never a girls fan. So this has nothing to do with that. Yeah. I was either. But but like, I don't think she does come off as like self centered and of noxious, but that and just. Agreed. Agreed. But you see what I'm saying the difference like coming off as like annoying and self righteous like that's annoying. And like if I was and if I wasn't a fan of someone it would certainly make me not want to be a fan of that person. She literally can't even breathe anymore. Although then she actually had a real huge mistake where the writer of girls was accused of sexual and she defended him and said she had inside information that it was definitively. Not true. And it turns out that inside information was that he told her it wasn't true. But these see how her being self centered and noxious in like seeps into everything because if she had not made this encounter that she really doesn't know anything about about her. She. She wouldn't be catching backlash. Yes. That's that is a very good point. I sort of felt like up until that point. I just sort of felt like even I wasn't a fan like damn. She just I I just it's so I guess what I point out about it is that like it shows. Why you never why there's always such a risk to like burning incredibly brightly? Yeah. Like, chris. She was on fire fire. You know what I mean? And it just wolf man she she'll be fine. I hope she has the money saved away. But either way she'll be fine. Well, she she's young. And I don't think I actually even with how dumb that last mistake was I don't know that I think morally she's in the wrong play like, the, you know, I don't know that she's morally a bad person. She just doesn't carry herself. Louis C K though, his downfall. I I would not have predicted like I was never the world's biggest Louis fan. I was more someone who just like appreciated him. And whenever I saw was like. Yeah. That super funny. But like, I wasn't like, you know. I wasn't like a super Louis C K, Mark. But people I know who know funny all thought he was so funny. You know? And so when I'd see him I thought he was pretty good. And I knew he was edgy. And I knew things said the N word, and, you know, had humor that was definitely really edgy. But at the time, I really believed he was one of those comics who is so smart that I I didn't really think much of it except for like, yeah, he's super smart edgy comic. And then everything happened. And now he just like if that audio clip, I know we are really off the rails. But that clip what when I read that the heading that was like Louis CK talks about park land. My first thought was actually damn people really don't want Louis C K back. And now, they're recording them in the comedy club. And they're probably taken out of context. And it's you know, it probably wasn't that bad. Then was one hundred percent in context that I listened to it. And I was like, oh, this is bad. This is Tara one thing. You cannot be one thing. You cannot be. Is over the top offensive and not remotely funny. It that. They're you know, like that is it was so funny. It was so it didn't sound like him. I was like oh did he like he lost it like this isn't even him? This is terrible. Anyways. By the way, he should go to W right now. He'd be a heat magnet. Louis CK through that current mug states may roster if you shows up. Oh, yeah, if Louis C K right now was to all of a sudden become the he'll general manager. That'd be popping anyways. So yes, the point is a lot of people out here washed in twenty nineteen. And by the way, how how do we how do we start the year losing mean? Jean and Bob Einstein on the same. And I'll super Dave. That was a rough. Our for me, my Lord, man Funkhouser. That's one of the funniest Funkhouser is one of the funniest characters in recent comedy history on. Yeah. I remember like catches super Dave randomly on FOX. Like, he will do these specials these evil knievel specials, and then like it wasn't until I got older I realize, oh, that's the joke that he's never gonna completely stunts. What he's not really that. Brave. When he that like, it was hilarious even like super day on the roller coaster. Never seen it bliss thing. The, oh, it's it's hilarious. He said he's at the front of the roller coaster, and he's. Just started freaking out of his him having a meltdown on roller coaster, which doesn't sound exciting. And all not the best of every note that was actually terrible. That was really, but no. But you have to see it though. You can't words don't do his comedy Justice. Those words hear those words most certainly did not. Anyway. So yeah. Recipes to him as well. And I didn't know that his brother was our Brooks, which makes Halcion Albert Einstein yet didn't know that. Yeah. By the way. Greg. I think you may need to. Put a temporary ban on Leo rush. From the black power rankings. You know? That's my dude, you know, from the from the DMV, my guy his vest. His outfits are. I don't. I mean, I can't pull them off. But slew to him for pulling them off. I guess what? I'd say, no. I wouldn't I wouldn't say I don't know that he's believable. Anyways, we're getting ahead of ourselves. So yeah, we have women's tag titles. That's what led me to time at Louis CK naturally. And what what what expectations? Do you have for these titles? I hope they hope that either each brand gets their own set of women's tag titles that we don't have to deal with the confusion about like where these women go or anything like that. And it's not a hope that this is the catalyst for some unification's men. One world champion one set attack titles, some some cohesion that could be this could be the thing that sets off unification. Because I mean, I know they make a good chunk of change of those replicas, but on Nov another set attack titles would just like it would be Bacchus, especially if they end up doing like a. Annex t women's tactile, then that's just a lot. Well, I think the goal the idea that you can have three more. Yeah. It's a lot. It's a lot. And then I demand a women's TV tag titles. Yeah. And the and the women's international tag titles. Oh my gosh. I just thought of something genius. I tell I need. Yeah. I need to create. There was always the TV title. I need the radio title. Oh, why haven't you? There's never been a radio championship. I only defended rating up. It has not and even Zachariah had the internet championship. So they they have championships in other are the media degree point. And the thing is on on radio. I could be an amazing wrestler. Is true. You know, the match that'd be by the way, this is just need to play by play to get everything over on our if you know this. But I know some people do play by play I could probably get I could probably get Tom Phillips and Corey graves to call me winning the radio championship. That'll be hilarious. What what will we get exclusively here on PICO? All you have to wait and thing if there's a radio, title and radio at a radio, tag, title and radio women's title. But anyways, all things to think about an an in. What will be very long and hopefully much improved two thousand nineteen. So yeah, we'll see. And you know, are are the women's tag titles more than just something fun for ni- Jackson to me to have. Yeah. Because they have to they have to be like the first hips. Yeah. It's I mean, it's it would be them or Rhonda natty. Right. Right. And Rhonda doesn't need more like championships. Wanda's ducts top dog on row right now. She doesn't need another title who's gonna stop to me that Niagara the iconic by the way, speaking of which yet I like, do you? Did you see that China's mom on China's birthday put out a statement saying WW needs to put her in the hall of fame? I did I did and any chance it could happen. This year. I don't know. I really don't. I wanna say, yes. But then at the same time to like, I feel like China's mom coming out and saying that they need to do. It is probably not gonna make it happen. That makes sense. Yeah. It might not be you never know. Maybe it's burqas different when fans lobby for somebody to go in then when like. Their agent or like their manager or the mother in this case dislike doodle thing is like. You know, I could see them just like. Put her in the bid for next year just because mother campaign 'cause then the optics. You know, what I mean like, okay, her mother what successfully campaign, even if China was supposed to go in as a headline right now. Just looks like. That's what up. I was thinking about China after that happened. And it's just she may be she may be the most deserving person who's currently not in the hall of him. Yeah. She's up there in terms of impact. I mean. Yeah. Especially because like she. She liked changed the game, especially we think about what they're doing with the, you know, this women's revolution. And all that they're like she. She's probably the most meaningful. She is she was made. And for the record one day if in fact. Rhonda's really about that life. Rhonda's gotta follow in her footsteps and like win the icy title or something. Which I could see them. It was made that was them doing it. Yeah. And actually, I'll say this Toronto's credit. Rhonda is someone who looks like she could be credible beating certain men on the roster for shore. Anyways, s she, gee what else going? That was it outside the ring. So we had role in smackdown. Those were both pre-take this past week. Russell kingdom is coming up. Actually, wrestling thirteen new Japan's wrestlemainia. His like this weekend hours this weekend. It's coming up like two AM eastern time pro so the by the time people hear this. They may maybe they'll be watching right now possibly possibly. Kenny omega versus townhouse she for the either GP title, Chris Jericho versus Naito for the intercontinental championship Cody versus juice Robinson for the US title. I know people have their I on that DP championship match because. With this elite wrestling being thing. Speculating about what's going to happen with. Kenny omega in the title. Or woefully. We shall see. By the way. Did you happen to flip on the Floyd Mayweather debatable? I did not I wasn't even following it. But I did see you could see the whole fight on social media. Just because I showed it was talk about work. I I don't understand how there can be so many jer sports journalists in the world, and no one can do the definitive story on. Why Floyd Mayweather needs money? This bad. Like if just likes it just like do anything for money. There have been so many rumors for so long that he needs it. I would like a definitive story out there. I someone someone has to like the word is his gambling debt. Could be that. That's exactly what I was thinking. If if he means it, that's the only thing that could explain it. I mean, unless he's like trying to go really crazy on wrestling for sale. You know what I'm saying? Which also could explain. Ted Ted's got some heat. Was there anything that happened in the rain? Oh, the return of John CENA and his hair to smackdown. Yeah. Unfortunately, not his Barbara to make the return with them. But. The hairs we'd. The hair so weird. The hair so weird. I don't I don't understand it at all. And I was glad that when they paired him with Becky it ended with Becky at least retaining some of her edge because I just get a little freaked out about her just being all out baby face already. Yeah. And we spoke about this before too like John CENA will stand next to an act. Whether it's tag-team faction. Wherever and take all of their heat and keep it moving. So the, you know, it's. You know, it's it's nice that that didn't happen to the man this time around because it could it could she easily been the latest victim. We haven't even spent any time really talking about her being the man. Now, it's confusing. I mixed on it, by the way. I just flipped on the rocks. New show. Mount games Olympics is out. It's called tight games medal emphas-. Yeah. Titan games. I'm glad the rocks. Finally, getting a chance. He said finally getting chance it's about time. He gets a chance to shine. You know what I'm saying? He's been overlooked for so long man never gets an opportunity, and now at least he has a big network show to go with it. You know, I hope gets a shot next. I'd really like to see him get just an opportunity to maybe some. Greg a well. No, that's what I that's how I really feel. But no, Kevin Hart. Someone when someone throw Kevin Hart movie, you know, what I'm saying they tried. They tried to something. But a good point he miscalculated that one. Exactly. That just goes to show. How is he walked away from the Oscars, and he'll be fun? Yeah, he will refine. But still that wasn't couldn't handle a better. Will that was just a classic example of an I relate to it. It's something I've been learning about like just picking your battles of win your I don't blame him for all Zaveri human thing. But like you get caught up in yourself. Like, I've apologize for this before. Therefore, I don't know anyone anything, and it's like not everyone's paying attention. When you talked about this on a radio station six years ago. Yeah. You're you're different now. And which is exactly what he said to like, I said this before. But I have no issue saying again Haber that that that that is exactly only had to say. Was bear bear. We haven't even on the black power rankings, bro. I think that's the bears and bears bears. You're saying you want black power rankings already. Okay. Well that case. Okay. Bear. There's as he wants Greg in the black power gangs. Think we can. Bear. Can you come here? Please. Come here are s g what are you got? So this is going to be a special edition of the black power is going to be a twenty eighteen of black power rankings. And the I gotta throw. Honorable mention to to Keith Lee ricochet stock. We have the way Jay lethal really enjoyed those guys works. They could've easily easily made it in the twenty teen top five, but this big the five who did make it. They really just did great work. This year was highly detained in number five go with Cedric Alexander. He will not Kruse way champion for most of the year. One time that mania was on the often overlooked to five live, but always always always delivered. Whether it was with staff alley Tony niece. But he Murphy always delivered of mashed candidate in a number four. I'm gonna go with at a tie 'cause I couldn't decide between these two ladies Bianca bell. And they only they both Bianca bell is like improving every day still undefeated. Are the women's championship match shot at a takeover MAME's? Former champion also improving every day also always living in the ring. So these two ladies of share number force by three is the new day is really a mainstay on the black power rankings. Nothing. More needs to be said you gonna pop up in the top five their first talent their first ballot. Black power ranking hall of famers. Yes, of course. So why would they be twenty eight teen retrospect black power in two? I know I know he's gonna put Paul on him. But for the past year, Leo rush and alongside Bobby Lashley number two full by power rankings. Leo rush. Honestly, he went from almost being released after making that joke about ama- when she was released to be impaired up with a returning Bobby Lashley that. People were generally apathetic towards making both of them a highlight on a Monday night, raw which is no easy feat. Even though he makes it look made it look so easy. So he's coming in to inundated one. The velveteen dream. He just didn't did all year. Whether it was at a takeover, whether it was in a promo on TV match. He joined we or is tweet the hulk HOGAN his tweets to help HOGAN social media. He did not miss. He so good that you don't realize that, you know, most of the time a majority of the time I would say he will go to take over the take the L, and nobody cares because they just wanted that dream match that dream moment. He gave it to us. Consistently pause Zoya number one velveteen dri. Wow. I gotta tell you. The big day velveteen dream. And it's interesting that Apollo crews doesn't get to make the top five and with good reason. But big week for Apollo crews. Yeah, he finished strong. I mean, it's that'll championship match. No, I haven't no love for Titus world's lot is tough to now down the names. You know? I mean like is just five at what about what about what about Dan Brown? What about who? Tena? Brooke? Maybe next year. We'll see she doesn't like to me. She was worldwide. Are those very she's Doma gimmick though. It's such a stats. He had a quick Bosh had the glasses. I try to wear glasses. But we all wish is trying to do to great point. She really did. It was big time would reward her for the gimmick Frenchman. What you're absolutely right and listen maybe next year. Greg will find his way on to the black our kids, I think so I think so especially if Greg becomes the first the inaugural radio champion. I mean, this is never happened before is a lot. It's a lack of that. So we'll have to see what happens. I enjoyed this week's episode in spite of the fact that we talked about nothing. I did too. But those usually turn out our best episode. I think the fans they'll appreciate it. I should say. I know it's been schedule was a little rough all I did was the best of last week said we're gonna do new episode. Never did. Although you just sorta on brand for us. I feel office. I feel I feel. I feel I feel everybody's we oh, we always we always we consistently don't deliver. So we do we do. I don't love though, we do we neglect you out of absolutely in the best of intentions. But here's we're going to do I've gotten a lot of Email over the last few weeks that I have not gotten to yet. And next week. We're going to massive mailbag. We don't all mailbag episode. I'm not saying all mailbag. Although I'll be honest something better give because you know. Fortunately, it's been a couple of weeks. We didn't episode because if you had via done an episode the week after the big Vince McMahon announcement, and quote, unquote, shakeup, I don't think that would have me reviewing that week would not have won any favor. So it's probably for the best that I didn't. But I will next week. If you sent an Email Rosenberg pizza gmaiLcom, I'll go through the last few weeks, and we'll do a big mailbag episode next week do other stuff as well. Like that. We'll dig in for a nicer. Real official one. This episode was more about mean Jean rambling about Louis CK. And so many other things by the way already turned off the rock show. I I mean. I'm not saying, it's bad. I really didn't watch all, but if you just flipping it on its so American injure warrior that it's just like I just didn't. I didn't didn't grab me. It wasn't a volume off grabber. Next week. We will be back with a full show big mail bag and so much more. How about you turn? You wanna give us a volume on reviewed next week will week. Now, you're now you're really asking for a lot. As she favor and Philly this weekend. Go ahead and stay made and enjoy it. So, ladies and gentlemen, please. Welcome me. Gee. Story. Speaking of historical vistor styles. You've got your hands full this Sunday night to on one. Andy kept back. Who let me tell you something mangy. Always want to do absorbing. Yes. I'll be defending my championship against Kevin Owens in semi's also known as Tammy you see Cammie, they believe they're better than me. Cammie believes that the movement much bigger than the. Yes. Movement ever been. Cami believes they're going to walk into the Royal rumble and walkout, versed, labral, code, WW chant. But I'm not going to let that happen. They're not taking this championship. From me. You see this match. I got a small window. I gotta hit him hard. I gotta Hume fast. Do it. Right. The last thing that will be ringing in their ears will sound a lot like this and still Dobie W E champion. Phenomenal.

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