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Monday Night RAW Recap: Baszler Bites Becky


If you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just US one dollar go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series. Xm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. Sex Him Channel One fifty six welcome to the busted open podcast. This is Dave Greco. Today's episode wwe. Hall of Famer. Bully Ray and I talk about Monday night raw from last night and especially that segment that everyone is talking about the one in between Chenab as ler and becky lynch the Shayna really have to take a bite out of Becky Lynch and did it need all that blood. And what did it really mean for. Shane obeys are also get into Becky Lynch as well. And what does Becky Lynch now mean to the. WWE Universe after Wrestlemainia thirty five and more importantly what does the WWe universe mean to Becky Lynch and we also get into the most deadly weapon in all pro wrestling the pencil. We do all right now. On the busted open podcasts. We had our thoughts yesterday about what we saw Friday on smackdown on Fox and how there really isn't a lot coming out of a smackdown completely different good or bad when it comes to Monday night raw so let me ask you believe what did you think of the overall show last night. the overall show to me. I I didn't particularly think last night show had a flow or maybe it was just me. Maybe it was just the way I was taking in the show. There are aspects of the show that I liked and aspects that really left me scratching my head and as I said jokey leader started off the show Shayna baiser biting becky Lynch on the back of the neck drawing blood like I didn't get it as a fan like if I sat when I sat there and I really thought about it. I'm like okay. They probably think Shane is just too plain. As a you know former fighter who's just going to beat at the Shit Outta Becky. We need something more. So let's have her biter on the back of the neck satellite shocking. That'll keep people on the station Blah Blah Blah. I understand why they do it but as a fan I just don't think I was into it because much like Rhonda. Shana is a credible bad ass. And all I need to do first first of all seeing Shayna Nail Becky in the back of the head was good. She puts her down and then seeing. Shane amount becky and just start laying haymakers makers into her head man. That's all I really need. Because that's what Shane Baseler is known for. And then we get the bite. and and like I said Dave. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it. I know I didn't really like it. I don't think I hated it because it's a very sports. Entertainment Taint thing to do. She writes she kind of reminded. Me of Freddie Blassie. Remember Freddie used to bite everybody back in so Yeah I never thought thought I'd be comparing. Shane obeys to Freddie Blassie. Very happy but you know you. Freddie Blassie was like the biggest heel of that time and and that's one of those. He'll cheating tactics tactics that he used when it comes to. Shane obeys lawyer. I kind of looked at her a different way. First of all when you do something like what we saw in. And it's so funny funny before raw last night. I was watching Youtube. I was watching old. Kevin Sullivan Dusty Rhodes matches from Championship wrestling from Florida Larva. And you know Kevin Sullivan was the anti dusty roads and you know the golden spike and everything else. But they had a long drawn out. Blood lead feud between those two and as the feud went on between dusty and Kevin Sullivan. It got worse and worse. What Kevin Sullivan would do to St Roads and again you knew? The dusty Rhodes character the ultimate baby face. And you knew Kevin Sullivan's character is you know that satanic just Absolute dark he'll. He'll shane obeys our Shayna. Baseler again is somebody who's on an xt. I know we've seen her a little bit on the main roster especially around survivor series. But but you would agree bully. There is no feud right now between Shane obeys ler and Becky Lynch so the people watching that show they really don't know unless you're a die. Hard and exte- watcher. Let's put an X.. T. Aside for just a second. If you're somebody who just watches Roy. You really don't know who shane obeys. Lawyer is if you watch an xt on a weekly basis you do know who shane obeys. Shane Baiser as this. You know complete bad ask that is beaten everybody with that credible MMA background. I don't understand why they use. Shane obeys of the way they did last last night by having her bite. Becky in the neck that's also. WWe's Fort Jenner tape. It really is. They probably looked at her Chris to Vanilla or two plane with just beating somebody up probably too similar to Rhonda. They probably WanNa do something shocking and there there you go. That was shocking last night. Listen I guess it was shocking enough for us to start off the show about it. We didn't know we were going to start off the show. 'cause we never know could actually talk about until we start talking. Yeah A- and so it shocked us. I mean I don't know. I think a lot of people were shocked about. I mean I'm GonNa go right to the twitter machine really quick because this this tweet just popped me. This comes in from Tampa Bay Viper he goes. Don't forget Dave and bully becky also stolen ambulance. went to a medical facility. Ability was able to steal the ambulance again and was driving under the influence of drugs. Yeah I mean listen. There's there's a lot that we're GONNA get into today. And obviously you know Becky Lynch is usually over the last year a big topic here on busted open both good and bad and she deserves to be and we're going to get into some comments made recently about herself and how she should be perceive when it comes to the wwe but you know when you're you know one of the biggest stars ars in your arguably the most popular star in the wwe then. Obviously you're going to be a big topic on a show like ours so we're GONNA get a lot until becky aspect of things because again when it comes to becky. I don't know if it's good or bad or if it's too similar to like what we've seen from stone cold old. Steve Austin I mean. It's there's a lot and we'll get into becky in just a bit. Bullets concentrate on. Shane Obeys Ller. I think it would have been so much better. Header in my opinion bully if Shayna Baiser after that twenty minute match with Oscar which was a great match to just lay out. Becky Lynch H.. Hey becky Lynn. There's Becky Lynn. Says went through a grueling. Twenty minute match with Oscar. And she was probably you know and she was. She was blindsided by Becky. Lynn Chu who is A. I mean blindsided by Shane Baiser. Who's a credible athlete? I would've loved to just seen. Shane obeys lower. Lay Out Becky Lynch and of segment event. I wonder what's going to happen. I think that would have been a much better end to what we saw. Instead of what we got last night I agree with you. I would have liked Less is more. Keep it simple and play to. Shane is strength. And I almost would have liked to seen at the end of the segment. Shayna a standing over becky and you could have got one line out of her where you know. She could've told Becky you were expecting Rhonda. You got much worse You Got Shayna and then you know your off to the races. The biting things it takes me out of it was I shocked yet was shocked in a good way. I'm really not sure. Because in order to get that much blood out of a human being by biting them you got to really sink your teeth down into that neck. So if that's the way they want to go I need to see the back of Becky's next week or during the week. I need to see stitches in her neck. I need to see bite marks folks. I need to see blood and poss- all back disgusting stuff that comes with a one human being biting another human being well and again again like now. It's making me wonder what kind of character they're gonNA present with Chenab as ler because I would. This is something that we've never seen from. Shane obeys there and again. If you're you're gonNa go this route. This is something that you probably should have done while the two are feuding that there's that much in person where she's going to bite somebody in the neck like that you know whether it's out of frustration or just anger but there's not enough of a story between those two where you get the outcome like he did last night and on top top of it. You would think that getting a big Gash on the back of your neck like the one that Shayna baiser delivered Tabacchi especially by biting her. You would have gotten a lot more out of than what we got. This kind of reminded me a little bit of the conversations that we had about the green missed from Oscar. You know like where Charlotte and page were almost more annoyed by the green missed and actually selling the fact that there's this acid poison. It just went into there is. It's the same thing with Jana Basil last night. Becky seem more annoyed. That like I think she actually mouthed said it got beeped out. It's like did that pitch this bite me like it was almost like what the hell was that and then they're trying to look at it and she's like I'm fine. I'm finding. She beats up the ambulance corps which one by the way wanted to people that are was just wanted. The ambulance was extremely high. I don't know what it was. But she was. Anyway I digress. Then she she beats up. Everybody jumps into the ambulance. Ambulance drives herself. Hospital gets herself. You know I guess. Because she's Becky. Lynn says they have to wait in the Er like most people do drives get herself. Stitched up comes back and then like less than an hour later. She's in the ring you know calling out. Shane obeys lower. Like let's go like it's almost like that had absolutely no impact to Becky Lynch. What the hell you got a problem with Dave? I did that twenty years ago and it worked like a charm. I gotta ask what went to the hospital beat up the ambulance the Er the doctor the medic. The Guy who swabs the deck took the ambulance drove back to Ron whooped. Everybody's ass this is you know. This is We had stone cold. Steve Austin in studio and stone cold said Becky does is it needs to be me. She just needs to be her but man some of the things they're presenting on Monday night raw are very reminiscent of what we saw from stone. Cold Steve Austin twenty years ago and I can if I was a fly on the wall. I wish I was a fly on the wall but I can probably tell you when they were discussing this whole Shane thing mm-hmm they probably said we need something. We need something different. We need something shocking. We need to do something that is going to have people talking. She can't just beat up becky. That's that's passe. That's old actually. It works perfectly for for Shea Nut. Because that's what Shayna is known for to me. The last person that needed anything with Shayna because she's such a credible bad ass. She just looked she is not that I mean she looks at she accident she walks. She talks it uh-huh but in the world to the wwe if you're just a wrestler or if you're just a fighter they're probably gonNA look to tinker with you and and give you something thing we are talking about it whether people liked it or not. I'm not sure and that's why I sat down that tweet this morning. Did you like it to you love to hate it. You like get the hell out of here I you know. I don't WanNa see this any more and I'm genuinely interested in hearing what the nation has to say this morning and you know what. I'm not even saying that it's bad it wasn't for me. I rather I've seen seen an ASP meaning because we know who you know. Shane obeys lawyer is but if you're going to go the route of her biting her in the back of the neck if you're going to go back that route that something like you said is shocking. Oh my God wow then have at least becky off TV. I Dunno for the rest of this show. Michelle returned the same show ready for a fight like so. The shock factor is gone before Roy even signed off last night. Bully if if you get bit by another human being. Don't you need to get a significant amount of shots. You can't I mean I would think you gotta get checked by a doctor you you you know. You're probably a WHO knows what Kinda shot you're gonna get but for for a cut that deep that Shane obey slurs face was full of blood. I would think that it'd be more than just a couple the stitches in your right back to Monday night raw before the show signs off. Maybe when Becky got to er she was like it's just a flesh wound. I'll be fine. I don't know like with that much blood to me. It's going to be about the follow up. I'll tell you what I'll even put my own personal feelings on the side. I'm going to say I love the last night. It was awesome. They did the right thing with Shayna. It was perfect. I I absolutely am so into this story all right now now show me this week. Show me the bite marks. Show me the stitches. Show me the follow up. Show me the rabies. Be Shots show me what. Show Me Becky on the mend. 'cause I WANNA I wanna see I wanna see the repercussions of this bite. I need to see Shayna. Uh Teeth marks in the back of Becky's net and again even if you do after the way she came back last night. I don't know if it's going to have that much significance against the one thing that I was wondering when that show signed off and again overall I thought it was a good Monday night. Raw last night is that was that segment more about about Shayna or more about becky was that more about getting Shayna over with a different type of crowd and saying that this is a legit bad as you. You want to see in the ring with Becky Lynch. Is this more about becky lynch and saying hey you know what this is just another victim just another obstacle in her way because to me. They should have presented. Shane obeys. Learn away where she came out looking like gold. Because you need to have a credible opponent for becky lynch and with the biting now that you've went there it feels like you have to go there again right well. I don't know how you top it. I don't know you know where you can go now if you just shut off your big shot right off the bat last night. What I'm saying is the next time we see Shayna baiser? We're going to expect her to bite someone or bite right becky lynch again. Yeah probably and I don't want that I don't want that from. Shane Abuser. Because bully you and I talk about we love realism and pro wrestling. Obviously something like this to me is not realistic. Maybe somebody could present it in a way that it is but one thing we do know is that Shane obeys. Lawyer is a credible athlete. I think the wwe w. e. needs more credible athletes in that ilk Allah obrock listener Allah Iran rousing. I think Shane Obeys Ler. Is Probably Bley presented at least presented on annex better than Brock Enron. In the way that you know she's not the mainstream star like Ronda. Rousey where people are going to have to perception option at everything's handed to her and she's not brock listener where you don't see him each and every week you know we know there's more to. Shane obeys or than what those is to could present on a weekly basis. I'm not saying that Sheena bazars onboard credible athlete or a bigger star. But you know what I'm saying as far as like a lot bitching and moaning that you get from a lot of the WWe universe you're not gonna get with Gina Baiser. I think that's Kinda thrown out the window after what you saw last night in my opinion one of the things that I'm extremely willing to do is give them. The benefit of the doubt just gave them the benefit of the doubt the first night after the firefly funhouse house. We weren't quite sure what to think. And it's all about the follow up. So let's see what they do with Shayna and becky moving forward and let's see if this biting thing makes any more sense and if it actually has legs if not it was just a shocking moment to get us to talk about it and we've just spent eighteen minutes talking talking about it so I guess in a way mission accomplished by the wwe. You're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern eastern on Sirius Xm Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with series. XM APP. We were just talking in the break. And you're in you were saying and about how they're presenting Becky as a superwoman correct. Yes well last week. Didn't Becky tell us that she she had like superpowers. She did like she can see she has is in the back of her head and she can see her. I guess that's superpower superpower had an expiration date of one week because she didn't have is in the back of her head last night no Shayna bazars able to get into that ring and attacker though. I think I think most people after getting that by would be dazed for quite some time. You heard her scream but by the time she got to the ring apron she was telling all the you know all the ambulance personnel. And all the mets back off she was fine. I'm okay there's you know get off me and then you know poor people that are actually trying to help her endure do their the job getting her into the ambulance and getting her to safety. She beat the shit out of And then stole the ambulance. which is you know I guess would be a crime and then you know driving out to the ambulance by yourself? Getting a little as she said getting a little Novacaine and getting stitches and driving under influence lintz of whatever they gave her at the hospital. She came back to Monday night raw but either way she's fine which is good. It's good to see that Becky is fine. Becky took a handful. Oh perks a shot. At Jackson made it back in time for for the show. You know they can use this they can use. This is in the back of my head thing for Shane of Promo. I mean Shayna could look becky dead in the eye and I guess your superpowers don't mean Shit in the eyes in the back of your head must be blind because I blast right in the back of the head and I bet you right in the back of the neck and there wasn't a damn nothing you can do about it so they could bring that forward. Also what do you know what I what I pop for. You mentioned the one. EMT last night you said the hot emt. Tom Right how about one. Becky jumped in the ambulance the EMT actually hit the back of the ambulance like they do in real life. Let them know. It's okay to drive away. I'm like why are you letting her know it's okay to steal the ambulance silence. I mean I know. I know I'm having some fun with them. But that just popped me. It's like okay. You're going to steal the ambulance Dicko Girls. It don't don't stop at Any red light on the way to the hospital. They did do that. It's like the back door shut it. Go ahead you're clear to go. It's little things like that. You know if you were to shove down one. EMT The other emt jump in and speed off like you're actually stealing vehicle. Okay I'll buy into it to campaign can't be anybody around. They're hitting the back of the ambulance. Doan okay you're good to go girl. Good luck best. Luck in your future endeavors. We'll see by the end of the show. Yeah it didn't take Jake long because I guess it was. How long was she gone for about forty five minutes to an hour less than an hour that the whole thing took place so again? If you're getting Shayna Basil and you want the Baseler to make an impact. And maybe that was their way of having Shayna baiser make an impact by biting Becky Lynn's and drawing blood and seeing that visual of the blood around Shane obeys was mouth. Because we do know when it comes to. Shane obeys ler bully she always has that mouthpiece. It's in her mouth at all times. Whenever she's fighting you know she's always got that mouthpiece in there to see her spit that out and take a bite that so unchain obeys law Reich and maybe maybe this is what we talk about and maybe I'm jumping ahead so please stop me if you think I'm jumping ahead but stop? These are some of the concerns that we get when it comes to certain people that are on an xt and then going to the main roster that they have have those changes in character now. I'm not saying this is a change in character but this is obviously something that the old chain obeys that we knew and have seen for a long sometime. Annex t would never ever do Annex T. Shane obeys ler would always just kick. Somebody's ass no apologies. Had that credible Emma background and she was a champion for a long long time. I again I don't know if this is a character change but these are some of the things is that we talk about bully when it comes to when you're on annex stay and they need to do a little something whether it's a little dressing or just a little like a little change change in personality to make you more sports entertainment on raw than the pro wrestling show of annex t if it was a one shot what deal one time deal where they were going for shock factor where change is trying to get back attention all right. I can deal with it but if she comes on. TV next week and goes that that if she goes that eighties route of Shane base or an I need to taste blood taste. Then I'm not. I'm sorry I can't buy why in you know because you're not going to run around biting people. Y What happened between the last time we saw. Shane obeys and now that all of a sudden she's got a blood fetish. And why Becky does she have a taste for Irish blood so so the only thing that would be acceptable for you. who was that? She just did this last night. To like shock everybody and grab everyone's attention yes and now I would not go back to the bite at all if it was me and then I would only bring the bite back around when it meant something so almost like forget about the bite is is if it shocked everybody now. We're going to shock people by forgetting about it and then when the time is right we go back to it and honestly if you think about it you could make the exclusive not going back to it because becky's already recovered from it. It's not like we're waiting next week to To find out if Becky is okay after that bite from Becky Lynn's we know she's okay. She came back she called out. Shane obeys later on the same show. When it occurred? So you could do that bully. You could easily move off of it and go forward in another direction. I said I just WanNa see a visual. Follow follow up if she was bitten that bad in the back of the neck someplace this week on dot com or or on on twitter someplace on social media. Show show me the bite marks. Show me the bloody black and blue because if you bite somebody that hard. There's going to be significant bruising significant black and blue there's obviously a puncture wound there because she was bleeding. See when you take something like this and you go so far with it. I don't don't have a problem with it as long as you follow it up and make it credible so if you follow it up and you make a credible I'm totally on board and I'm saying to myself. Wow that that's shameless bat. Shit crazy she. She bit a hole into Becky. Lynch's net and see this is where and this is where I get upset because you're right no matter what I mean Shayna bazars bat shit crazy for what she did last night. I mean there's no animosity there's no longtime there's frustration and anger like even even if she did this just to shock people and get people talking. She's bat shit crazy. 'cause she just be another human being in the back of the net to draw enough blood that her face was covered with it. So she's batch crazy I don't want bat shit crazy. Jane Obeys Ller. I want the credible bad ass from annexed T. That's what I want. That's the person I WANNA see. Go up against Becky Lynch. That's what I want to see at Wrestlemainia. Not A bat. Shit crazy person. That's biting people so in the neck I listen I understand your point of view To me like I said it's about the follow up. Remember when the inner circle broke dustin arm. Yeah how long did dusted wear a cast for for sold it for weeks and weeks. That was the follow up. Remember when in Jericho stuck the spike in Moxley Gee. I wonder where that idea came from but remember morning did it. Yup He Hawksley. He's still he's selling it a new Japan over the week and he's still selling that I and that's because that's the story that's leading to a pay per view where getting a follow up on on injuries so you don't just think something happened one week and then they forget about the next week if memory serves me correct did an angel. Garza is DDT Burrow on the concrete last week yesterday and actually showed the replay. Where you know? thea pulled up up all of the the the the protective outside the ring pulled it away. said he was able to do that on the concrete. Yes and did we see Umberto last last night. Yes we did. I'm sorry but if you D on the concrete I should not see you the next week. At least that's the world pro wrestling. I come from but again we we saw becky on the same show so there she is whether it's medics around there to try to get into an ambulance weather. She wanted to or not. She's fighting people. She came back on the same show. So you're not selling anything and here's why I know they're not going to sell a bully because of where the bike took place to buy took place on the back of the neck. So becky's hair is going to be covering that wound. So it's not like she's GonNa come out and she's got a big black and blue on the side or anything like that. It was the back of the neck declares going to cover it. You're never gonna see those wounds that you're talking about. I understand what you're saying but do you understand what I'm saying. I believe people we need to see it if you see it afterwards if then gives the bite credibility now the bite means something and Dave. If if that if you were to really sink your teeth into the back of somebody's neck draw blood puncture their skin and make them bleed. Do you know how long it would take for that wound to properly. He'll go away. I don't how long a long time that would cause major ager scarring the black and blue. That would go on with last for a while so I understand what you're saying about the hair being down thus we never need to see what I'm saying is if you want me to believe it and make it really credible I wanna see it. Flip your hair up in two weeks and show me the black and blue in the scarring at at the very least at the very least Dave next week. She should have the gauze over the back of their neck and the back of her neck entirely highly taped up. If there's no ause there and if there's no tape there you're telling me you're leaving expounded exposed puncture wound open to get infected. Make a corona virus boiling over from China and dive into one of those holes Sirius. XM fight nation celebrates history month every day two PM Eastern on the Aachen Barack show oh the show reflects on the life and legacy of different influential African American athletes such icons as Mohammed Ali. Toby Bryant always be my heart. I love you guys. Jackie Robinson Robinson Dash the plate and more will be recognized for the impact. They made both in and out of sports. The Baruch show weekdays weekdays noon eastern on Siriusxm fire nation. Becky Lynn. You would say bully over the last eighteen months. There's been nobody more polarizing rising than becky lynch especially in the world of the wwe even outside the world of the wwe and what she's done you know for women's wrestling what she's done for pro wrestling. We talk a lot about Ronda. Rousey and she was the reason why we had the main event at Wrestlemania thirty five but Becky speculates a huge part of that and the winter coming out of Wrestlemainia thirty five. And we're seeing a different type of Becky Lynch as we get closer to Wrestlemainia mania thirty six and let me explain why I think it's judged by that last caller I think that main event match and especially what we've seen from from Becky Lynn. The last couple of months. She's really kind of generated a lot of what we saw pulley in the attitude era and I know that that stone cold said she needs to be becky lynch and not like stone cold and I know a lot of people compared becky Lynn Stone. Cold Steve Austin. And whether you saw her like that or not. I think you can really compare a lot of what we're seeing from. Becky Lynn's now to Stone Cold Steve Austin Eighteen nineteen twenty years ago. I've been saying it from day. One I mean she's the she's the female version of Austin and then everybody wanted to chime. Go No you're wrong. She's really Conor McGregor. Now we got the night night last phone call caller saying oh no it's more of the Rock. I actually see a little bit of everything thrown in but what I've seen the most of is stone cold. Okay so yes she won the rock bottom okay. She's calling people dopes as opposed to rocky Cole and everybody brownies stealing the ambulance and coming back doc. Very Steve Ask. The way she talks about people reminds me of Connor. These are all mega stars. So you can borrow a little from this one a little from this one and a little from this one you know. That's a good thing when it comes to Becky. There are times where I absolutely love Becky. And what she's saying. And then sometimes it's not necessarily cringe-worthy because I think that's wrong it just I'm just like oh no. The only only person that should be producing becky lynch in the WWE is Paul. Heyman and of story. Paul understands becky better than anybody else in that company and how to make and bring out the best in a character like becky if they would just leave her alone to him. I can tell when his fingerprints are on and when his fingerprints are off of Becky Lynch and I think when you talk about Paul Heyman your days. I can't think of anybody else I would want near. Becky Lynch creatively then Paul Heyman. Do you really think that Paul Heyman told Becky Lynch to say I have superpowers. And I have is in the back of my head. No now and if he did Paul call me so I can chew your ass out. Yeah and this is where and I love Becky Lynch. Everybody thinks I'm not becky Lynch fan based on some of the things is that we talk about here but I always liked by baby faces to be relatable stone. Cold was relatable because everybody hated their boss and he was given giving the middle finger to the boss. Everybody wanted to do that. Becky Lynch right now for me is not relatable now. I know with a lot of female. Well a lot of women. This is somebody that they look up to. Because she's ultra-confident she doesn't take shit she's dominating she's she's taken what she wants. She's taking what she deserves. But as a character and a personality to me when there's no sympathetic figure in her and also you couple that with the fact that that she doesn't really give a shit about anybody but herself it's hard for me to relate to somebody like that. Am I off base here. Am I wrong. Because I'm I'm willing to listen if I am. How could you be wrong? When you're using the number one word that I always use when it comes to successful pro wrestling characters relate relatable relate ability if you can relate to something you're going to be able to sink your teeth into it? Take any storyline that you ever were able to invest into it. It becomes relatable a love triangle. We listen why are we enjoying Otis and Mandy so much everybody has had a woman Um and they they loved and they didn't think that they measured up and they doubted themselves and didn't have confidence enough. Everybody's been in that position and if you haven't having been in that position you at least know somebody that's been in that possess yes so when we got stories like that that relatable it's easy to get into so right now you find yourself in a situation where you were on the Becky bandwagon back in the day but now not so much. Because she's not relatable anymore right. Yeah and people are GonNa kill me on this which is fine fine but I'm just I'm just they kill me about my power rankings. To the point that people want to be fired yesterday. Because I had cody at number one. But I digress that we have people so stirred third up yesterday. They they weren't deleting their twitter accounts. Yes amazing amazing. I guess so. I guess we're doing something right but a wrong. However you want to relate to but this reminds me a little bit of Hogan back in the day one one of the things I didn't like about Hogan his reign as WWF? Champion is that he beat everybody and nobody could come close to to him. He was the champion for a long time and it became unrelatable. He didn't become that guy that was like. Hey your vitamin say your prayers. Let's be this guy. Am I even talking about the goody Eddie goody two shoes that a lot of people said that he was it. Was that the point. That Hogan to me wasn't relatable anymore because at first it was like all right. He's doing doing it for the fans he's doing it for these ohka maniacs. That's what he would always say right. You know he wanted to beat the iron sheik because he was doing his Oga maniacs. You know he wanted to be you know King Kong Bundy and destroy that whole Heenan family because they were evil and he was doing his for his OCA- maniacs. I mean Becky Lynch isn't doing it for anybody ourself like I don't really talk about you know I. I don't really hear her talking about her fans and that she's doing it for her fans she's doing it just just for herself. Which is fine? I'm not begrudging that at all but that's where you kind of lose that emotional element if hey if I'm not not included in this because hey we are in this together you know we were the ones that were cheering for you. When you weren't getting those opportunities? We were the ones that you you know turned our backs on Charlotte flair. Because you said hey she was the chosen one and she was you know ric flair's daughter so she was getting the opportunities that she we didn't deserve that. I deserve we were with you during that period. You know we were with you. And we were the ones that were killing bullying La- Greco whenever saying that. Hey you tapped out to Oscar and you you force your way into the rumbold and maybe it wasn't a three count against Ron drowsy. In that main event we were behind you. We stood next to you and we said No. She's the one she's the one that we love. But who does becky love because judging from the character and personality I see on DVD each and every week. She's in love anyone but herself. She's not relating to the people as she wants did it. Now it's more about her than about us. I wouldn't you say day. I would say and again if anyone has an opposing opinion. That's fine. I WanNa hear about it because I'm struggling bullied because I want to cheer for Becky Lynch. But she's not giving me a reason to cheer for Beckett as a matter of fact that I was having this conversation with Gabby before the show and Gabby agreed with. Ah We've found ourselves cheering for Oscar last night. Then we were Becky Lynch 'cause we all love Oscar and if they're trying to present becky Becky as cool and cocky at times like a couple of weeks ago we were. We were comparing her to the rock because she called everybody hopes and rocky called Everybody Jubran. There's nothing inclusive about Becky's entire act. No matter how big rocky became all all he had to do is sit in the middle of the Ringo the millions and the crowd chant and millions right then and there bang in that second second in time the Rock and his fan base where one because I say something and you say something back and we're in this together Steve. Steve could say something. What and the people say what what what what was interaction? They felt like they were a part of it with Steve. If you're a becky fan what do you feel like. You're a part of right now with becky. I don't know I don't have an answer for you. I don't see how a Steve or Iraq to people that were kind of comparing her to because the wwe is forcing us to compare her to them via her her actions. You see how there's a big difference between those two megastars and her being collusive nece is missing. Well let's let's rewind to when this all started where you know. Don't forget that in that feud with back in Charlotte at the start bully and we were on the bandwagon that we didn't want it this way a is they wanted Charlotte to be the one that everyone loved and Becky to one the be hated. And we're like man. They're missing the boat on this. And you know everyone's everyone one loves becky. They don't love Charlotte because Charlotte's the one that's already one been on top and his getting opportunities that she'd deserve because at the time. Becky was entre present right so so she reminded me a lot of Daniel Bryan because Daniel Bryan was somebody that we wanted to see in the main event picture and wasn't getting the opportunities and they were giving it to you. You know triple H or they were giving it to a returning Batista. You know. And he wasn't getting it and you talk about getting something that was inclusive. I mean my God those yes chance that you heard everywhere from those crowds Dan. O'Brien and then Daniel Bryan won that championship. Unfortunate we'd never really got to see where that was going to go. Because then he got injured and altogether the other at one point he was out of pro wrestling. But with becky right now. It's almost like you know and again. Maybe maybe it is like to. I'm dominant. I don't need to take shit from anybody. I don't need anybody else. I'm an independent person and I don't need anyone and that's fine. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong along with that if that's who you are that's great but when you do that and you're saying I don't need anybody else it's just me it's I what there's no I in team now. We're no longer a team. It's it's not all of us against the world now it's just you and God bless you good luck but I don't feel like I'm a part of it anymore. You're and wrestling fans WANNA feel like they are a part of somebody's success. There are superstar correct. Yes and Becky is the one on who basically told everybody years ago. That if it wasn't for all you guys I wouldn't have got to the top stress. No it's no. It's true so so I don't mind somebody going out there on their own and saying I as long as they've been saying I from the beginning thing becky has been saying we and us from the beginning and now it sounds like it's too much I and that's why I think she's losing a couple of people and this is where I go back to. WHO's producing her? Whoever is with with her knee needs to realize? I think everybody knows that that Becky is a diamond in the rough over there she truly is. I wonder if there's is too many cooks in the kitchen with her. I would've signed her to one person. And One person only and that is probably and that's the one person who in my opinion understands characters and personalities and how to bring the best out of somebody's natural personality and natural actual character and that's Hayman I mean it's like not even a to me. It's not even like I don't even have to give it a second thought or like you said it's it's similar to. She's becoming very similar. You know we. We make the comparisons to stone cold. And I'm just making comparisons because there's nobody like Becky Lynch but we're trying to just compare it in our world. She's more potent than anybody. Nobody else like I see more a loner. Yeah like a loner. Like I'm doing this on my own. I don't need anybody. I don't need your help. Don't I know you're trying to help me but I don't like like your help. I don't need your help. Leave me leave me alone. I see more for being that independent punk character than any other character that we've been talking about during today's show and that's fine and Dandy but the more she becomes that out on the island by myself. I'm GonNa do this all alone. I think. That's the more she. She distances herself from her fan base. Yes people will still love her and still be inter but not the way they were and if you watch the reactions does she got good reactions. Of course she does she getting the same reactions. No she's not hot. And there's a reason why you and the girl were talking before the show and you wanted to see Oscar win. What's the reason you liked? Oscar maybe maybe it maybe Oscar is the new up and coming in. Your is just the way Becky was back in the day. Maybe now almost seems like Oscar is the underdog and for a straight up. Shoot in reality. She's become the underdog and the wwe because she's so freaking good meanwhile they don't give her what we think she deserved and and we talk. Talk about like becky being that baby face in two thousand and twenty because this is in nineteen ninety eight and this is not nineteen eighty-four but when you look at pro wrestling sling bully obviously pro wrestling fans. Don't just watch raw for three hours on Monday. They listen to our show and they read on the Internet. So if you're doing all those things like a hardcore pro wrestling fan does then you're a hundred percent right Oscars the one. That's a bit of the underdog here because as we know Oscar super talented. And ever since she was in that match at Wrestlemainia New Orleans she is kind of gone down that slope downward onward as opposed to what we've seen with Becky Lynch where now she's on top of the mountain and it's easier to root for the person that's on the bottom working can their way up then the person that's on top of the mountain because the person that's working their way up is relatable Oscar to me is somebody that deserves a lot more than what she's has gotten and I know that you could throw out the tag team championships. That in the eyes of the WWE. That really doesn't mean a lot. I think everybody would say say that. Oscar deserves to be in the main event at Wrestlemania. Because she's dad damn good and right now. She's nowhere near that especially really bully. After the loss she took on raw and the first hour of the show. So you're probably right. The reasons that Gabby and I are rooting for Oscar last night because she somewhere more near the position that Becky Lynch was eighteen months ago. Then we're becky Lynch's now to dusty Rhodes ever go out on his own. No he needed the help of the people and and that's it and that's it all of the people that just brought up all of the megastars Iraq and Austin a dusty Rhodes they were always inclusive. I'M NOT GONNA compare my myself devante any of those three guys but we made sure that our act was always conclusive. I don't know what's inclusive about becky anymore. I'm not talking about like a signature move or a signature spot or a signature. Saying I'm just saying that from the beginning Becky said it was about her and the fans all held back together together. And we're going to get to the top okay. Cool you're at the top. Have you forgotten about those people in deer yourself again or if you really really want to get deep into this whoever the hell is coming up with the stuff that's coming out of her mouth make sure for you right for her to be endearing to her fan base. Just always make sure it goes back to the fans hands be who you are but also remember where you came from Michael. You're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six four on demand with the series. XM APP when we're talking about Becky Lynch and what she feels she deserves and that doesn't matter race or gender. If you're the top person company you should be baking top person money. The and that's our goal right now and I think she's proving that point because you know outside of maybe a brock Lese. I don't think there's anybody more popular in the WWE Bwi than Becky Lynch Roman reigns included. And then you began to tell us something. You're appealing behind the curtain a little bit. Please continue if you're in the wrestling business business. You're obviously you're in the entertainment business. But what business are you really in the art of what you're not in the entertainment business you are in the entertainment business but you're also another business and this is what dusty us to push every time you always want to be doing something you you always want to be doing what you WanNa be pushing your brand selling selling selling so if you're an entertainer your salesman. Okay no different than like a car salesman salesman so if you're a car sales when you go in you ask for a raise your boss is going to say. Well why should I give you a raise. And what's the number one thing that you can point point to as a salesman to quantify your race look at my numbers. Look at the amount of cars I sell and look at the amount of money I gross on each excel. There's my heart numbers. Give me more money. What does a wrestler have to quantify and justify a raise what what numbers asses in seats merchandise sales? How do you know what is in what seat because of you by the t shirt that they're wearing designer holding up so it's not an ass seat? It's a t-shirt sell merchandise. Merchandise is the the number one thing that a wrestler in point too because they can turn around and go look at my merchandise. Check that you cut me this quarter it's for X. amount of dollars allers and that's for like and you get like five percent or ten percent whatever it is in the wwe five or ten percent of your merch whatever. Now let's say. Hey becky listen I know what merch sales look like in the wwe. I've been very blessed to be a part of that company and get those merch checks four times a year. Still do God. Bless Vincent man so if you're getting five or ten percent of that merch cut imagine what the company's getting right but you're still able to quantify and justify based on that number what other numbers is a wrestler truly privy to well you we've we already talked about the numbers for merchandise talked about attendance ratings on the show that they're on. How do you really know what rating you've done unless you can get your hands on the quarter hour rank thank readings or if you can get the minute by minute which used to be a thing back in the day so if you could get a hand get your hands on the corner our but then in a Boston turn around and go well? There were two segments in that quarter hour. How do we really know that the people stayed on the channel because of you and not the other person but if you can get get the minute by minute breakdown now you have something that a boss has to listen to but getting those numbers not easy so the one number is merchandise? And here's the moral of the story. It really doesn't matter what you think. You're worth breath and it really doesn't matter what they think you're worth all that matters is what you can negotiate make sense because they're going to start high when I say they I'm talking about any business okay. I'm not just talking about the recognizes. They're gonNa Start Ho. They're we're GONNA start low. You're GonNa Start High and hopefully you meet someplace in the middle this is why say hey the. WWe likes to control their stars a lot more than they ever have. If you're steve or if you're Iraqi or if you're John Those are the biggest three names of the past Twenty years yes. Yes you can. Basically Walk into Vinci's Oh and brock. I'm sorry my bad brock is actually brock is the best example brock. Trump's them all you can walk into the office you can go and slide vintage piece of paper with a number on it and go. That's the number and that's it and I guess what Becky is saying that she feels hey main event at wrestlemainia thirty five life. I walk out there and I see all the Becky Lynn signs and I see all the becky. Lynn's t shirts. Why is my check this where I see other people on this roster where? I don't see the shirts I don't see the signs. I don't see them in the main event and they're making more more than I do. How how does she know what other people are making? I would think that probably people talk and people not not when you get to those numbers. They don't one of the first things you rest perkins. Sorry the first things. You're talking one of the first things you're taught in the wrestling business. Never discuss money with your fellow wrestlers. Do you know why why it breeds jealousy. It's poisonous this one time. Roh Dog came up to me and said and it was the deadliest versus road. Dogg and Billy Gunn and against the new age outlaws. We had we had a paper TAG team paper match on pay per view. Whatever he goes bubble? What you get for that match and I actually I I sell into the trap and I don't know why I said I got this much road? Dogg said that him and billy got double. I mean even we're like what the hell we're in the match to. Why take it right? I started up an instant now. Maybe he was rigging me and it worked or maybe he was telling the truth because he's like. Hey man you guys deserve is just as much as we they do. Now it's up to you to go fight for your money. You're always fighting for your money too. I think Becky Lynch is right. Now is worth as much as just about anybody else on the roster. Yes now it's Becky's job or Becky's agents job to go in there and prove it and negotiate it. She can't go in there and go. Well I'm getting X. amount of dollars but you're paying so and show X. amount of dollars they're going to say how the hell do you know that. How do you know it's true? How do you know they're not working you? You can't go by. What other wrestlers are making? And if they're not talking then she's probably just looking at her own paycheck. She might be saying you know what before Wrestlemainia thirty five and before I saw the t shirts with my name on it and before I saw the signs with my name on it and before so the long lines at you know Wrestlemainia the access. I was making this much and now looking at my check and I'm still making this much. Why am I not making another number? That's much higher because of all the revenue on bringing in for you you then go negotiate that when your next contract comes up and up because a company has no reason to pay you more once. You've negotiated a deal well bully. Why don't we bring our myself into this? You know you and I have had conversations. We went we went from millions. Two Thousand House. No I get your point. No but you know where I'm coming from in the fact that this show started from nothing for years as I did this show for nothing extra. Just did it for the love of doing this show. I need you know. And that's not just something I'd say that something that's hundred percent true and then you know. I started making something which I was appreciative for. But then this show blew up with the help of you and mark and Tommy. Obviously I don't sleep on that at all and then you get get sponsors on the show and then we get moved to mornings and then we go five days a week and then we're on for three hours and then at our ten year anniversary party the day stop people from coming in and the guy who owns the bar is about to call the fire marshal because he's afraid and then you know I'm thinking all right I'm on the easy street. Think I'M GONNA get a big race happening. I had to put the ball in motion. I had to turn that wheel emotion for them. Appreciate you have to force. They're not gonNA just no one's and this is a life lesson for everyone. Unfortunately it should happen but unfortunately no one's ever going to say wow. You're doing an amazing job here. You go it's not gonNA happen. You have to force their hand for that to happen. And that's what Becky Lynch is doing. I mean right now at least outside of the ring. She's saying wait a second. Why am I getting this when I should be getting that well? That's because what you negotiated. Now maybe she's what she's is really talking about is like payoffs on shows so like I. It would take me too long to break down. How a contract is laid out within the WWE? This downside guarantees which every wrestler in the world should thank Eric Bischoff for because he was the first one to throw out downside guarantees but then can you make payoffs on the houses. So let's say Becky Lynch is working on a show. The same show. That Roman reigns is on right and Becky semi main in Romans main and let's say Maybe a Roman reigns made one hundred dollars for for the night and Becky made fifty dollars for the night. Maybe becky you're saying hey I deserve the same pay off on that show now. I understand. Stay in her argument because she can make a case for. Hey look out in the audience half the people here have my shirt on and if half the people here have my shirt on. There's a damn good chance that those people bought tickets to see main so my payoffs on the houses should be higher but if she's talking what about downside guarantee which means the amount of money you are guaranteed by the WWE for one year to make if she saying that number should be higher will then you should have have negotiated a higher number. Don't don't bitch about it now. You had every opportunity to sit across from Vince. McMahon or your agent had a chance to talk to their ancient Blah Blah Blah. Whatever and say this is how much money I wanna make now that this is the case with Becky Lynch but she's making it public? She's saying verbally that you know what I wanna make more and she should and you know what everybody should because I think there was a misconception for a long the time because especially in the wwe. How women's wrestling was perceive? It wasn't that long ago how was only just a few years ago. Bully where we're women's wrestling in the wwe. Was the bathroom break us. I'm sorry but it's true. That is not the case anymore. As a matter of in fact probably the women's matches are why people do go duty arena and buy a ticket and that's why you saw it in the main event at Wrestlemainia thirty five so if there there is a difference in the page structure when it comes to Ben and women that needs to change now because i the the men for the most this part are taking a back seat to what the women are doing no argument if you want more money go negotiate more money. I will we'll tell you this. I've had two instances with the wwe where I was unhappy with the payoff. I went in there and within five minutes. I got my money. Johny voice your opinion as a professional and you do it respectfully at twice for me. It has worked. Now when you get to contract negotiation time any company WANNA DO THEY WANNA THEY WANNA try to keep payroll down. Yes what do you want to especially as a performer as a wrestler. I mean look at what we put our bodies through. Look at what we put our families through and you can put family family before your own body if you're not on the road that many days a year and I did it for. I did it three hundred days a year. It was six years straight straight and then like two hundred and fifty days a year every other year and guys that came before me did it even more you always feel like flare saying seven days a week on twice twice on Sundays. You basically never saw your family so if you're GONNA put your body through all of that all of that struggle and that pain and forget about in the ring. The ring was the easy part. It's driving in the cars. It's sleeping in different beds in the hotels. It's flying on the planes that I don't care if you're flying first class you're still flying on a plane and dealing with the airport portrait dragging your bags and getting on a plane and Blah Blah. It takes a toll on you to travel takes more of a toll on you then anything. So if you're GONNA put yourself through this and you're an independent contractor with no 401k. Or this or that you have to rely on. You have to do it all yourself at set yourself up for retirement which oh by the way you never know when that day is coming because your last match can beat tomorrow and you'd never know about it true that's why you've got to negotiate the most money tomorrow can be your last match because you you might have an injury that doesn't allow you to wrestle anymore and tomorrow could be your last match because you become a victim of the most powerful tool and the entire wrestling business. Do you know what the most powerful tool in wrestling with the pencil. You how I talk about you know if if I had the pencil. That's that's what I that's what I talk about creative and creative that I write down. The Pencil is the most powerful tool in pro wrestling. Because one side of the Pencil can make you a millionaire and in an instant the other side of the Pencil can put you in the poor house. US proud strong truth so I write your name in as my world heavyweight champion David Greco world heavyweight champion. That's one side of the pencil. Does the next day the other side side of the pencil a racist the name Dave Legras. The power of the Pencil wrestlers were told you're taught younger hunger. Don't ever walk around the locker room with a pencil behind your ear. It's when you walk around with a pencil in your hand. We're a pencil behind your ear in wrestling. You might as well be carrying around and AK forty seven the power of the Pencil here today. Gone tomorrow. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM BY NASCENT Jason Channel. One fifty six the busted open podcast.

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