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Special Cyber Monday Announcement


All right. What is going on Greco Gallagher here from Keno body in the road trip podcast? I have an amazing amazing announcement for you today. Now, first of all, Chris very story. We've been taking a hiatus in the podcast. I'm really in order to get things going with the products we've been building with the pre working walked with kino vision glasses. We've had our we had essentially our hands really really full with giving the best possible experience to our customers through the programs supplements the glasses, and even clothing license so much that you've been working on. And we've let the podcast for the pockets on hold because we didn't want to just keep going and not put out the best content. We could so we will be doing podcasts. Very soon in the new year. There's going to be Keno body podcast amazing content. Christian to be on it all the time. And I believe Lee also doing his own podcast too. So amazing stuff is coming very soon. Now. On today on amazing announced four you perhaps even falling one my concert. You may have seen. We're actually doing a crazy cyber Monday deal. So I wanna just let you know that you can pick up. Join one of the programs were shed a Greek God for crazy crazy discount as well. You can actually get access to and pick up some of our pre workout Chris designed, and this stuff's been going crazy. We sold out four times. It's the Keno octane organic pre-workout. It's a game changer. I've been hitting my best lifts in the last year in part from taking this stuff. So that's been really really cool as well are Keno vision, blue blockers, they are also available at a discount. So you can actually go to Keno body dot com slash podcast, cyber Monday and get access to this stuff for crazy crazy deals. Let's Keno body dot com slash podcast cyber Monday. So the long euro, but you guys. Defines check that out right now after you know, this this sales only lasting for cider Monday. So after that on the sale will no longer be active, but just wanted to get let you guys know. And of course, I'll get excited is in January be launched Keno body podcast. With amazing interviews amazing guests in a mazing topics on in a minute fast. In building muscle related. Cheating goal physique will be looking at fitness nutrition mindset lifestyle and how to create the best body in the best lifestyle possible. So stay tuned for that. And that's all I want to say. So again the link is Keno body dot com slash podcast, cyber Monday bomb talk to you soon. Bye.

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