Larry Magid: Samsungs New Rotating Screen


Why would you wanna do that? It's a really good question. When I first started the story, I thought it was a nutty idea. I said even millennials don't wanna watch video of vertically movie. They're made to be watched horizontally other TV shows, however, what they're really promoting if not that you would watch movies and TV shows the vertically, but that you might use it to mirror your phone for their it software that could mirror your phone to the screen. So you might want to screen to kind of be set up similar to a phone also millennial or not if you run a restaurant that would be a great way to display menu. You probably been to the airport and feeding those long narrow screens. They're great ways to display textual information like flight schedules. So it has applications, but probably not for watching TV or movies. Yeah. That makes more sense to me and worth noting again here that this is rotational TV. So it's not like, you're stuck with this vertical orientation. Exactly. And the other thing that forty three inches is actually a relatively small screen. I know that's big in the old days of the theater t-the. But in terms of flat screen. TV's? It's kind of at the low end of what most people would get. So it's, you know, I think the useful concept, but frankly, I wouldn't buy it because I really think my phone works pretty well on my phone, and they don't want to replicate it on TV, and I don't run a airport or restaurant. So I can't think of any reason why I'd want one. But if you really love that phone interface, and you wanna bigger screen, you know, go go get it to we know the pricing on this. Good question. Well, it's funny. I went to the original Korean site and translated into English, and it came out to translated to fifteen thousand. But there's been several press reports that said no sixteen hundred thirty dollars, which seems much more reasonable. So I'm gonna go with those press reports it's at translation error and with sixteen hundred but it's not for sale in the US yet. So can't buy it at any price yet. And with you want to go to Korea all rights, and for the record I checked with one of our favorite millennials here in the newsroom, and she just shook her head and said that Ciller that makes me feel a lot. Better not being registered millennial. So none of us are convinced. This is going to be a big thing. I'm not. And if we have a millennial that backs me up, that's all the evidence. I need.

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