WOW Anthony Joshua Really SERIOUS Fight With Wilder vs Fury Winner Must Happen in 2020


S.'s intended for mature audiences views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way those are the podcast partners. Sponsors or affiliates enjoy George J you could spill we give you a couple of words. Maybe who was on my trumpet. I in my loss. I had to watch my way way too much. Manama heavyweight one-sided never made pasta and hard to walk in and be a great pace in the play stay not a key fifth call. I guess not we're aw Slow the DOT COM in this context for this here now in that you could take power dot com Morning tea BB and welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another morning edition. Oh man hey hey as dominant toy is. It's time to start taking this man serious. Look I'm not going to tell you that I'm a hundred percent sold on what it is that we're going to discuss today but I'm I'm definitely well. Pass the fifty percent mark I think that I'm fully on board with AJ and belief of him truly wanting to unify and be undisputed. We spoke about this matter yesterday because he took to social media the and many people fell like it was cloud chasing because he did it on social media. His own verified social media. I might add. Many people had had a lot to say. They said he didn't say wilders name you know and I understood why didn't say while his name. I mean at the end of the day while the the needs to face fury and the winner is who he wants to unify with an undisputed with I mean at the end of the day he seeking the belt not the name but he must have heard all the panicking over cries everyone one believing or not believing that he was serious everyone claiming he was cloud chasing so looks like he sat down with the BBC Eh podcast and had a lot to say and spoke directly about how wilder fury winner and wanting to do the fighting. Twenty twenty so you know that right. There is the biggest piece the news in my opinion. I mean you know yesterday coming out and saying let's get this trending. Many people took it differently. You know they like you know he just wants to talk about. He wants us to be talking about it. He wants to get it buzzing But we misinterpreted that for for sure. he wants to get it buzzing housing so that it can happen next year. Not Twenty Twenty one twenty twenty one and I'm still holding firm on step aside money now. Obviously he's saying while fury winner which means both parties and bipartisan. Meanwhile in fury and AJ AJ being one party while fury being another together because they're facing each other so that party has one fi aj can still have his one fight he's the IB FDI be oh the WB the WB. Oh heavyweight world champion. He's got to do some sort of a mandatory with the WTO. And the I B F. So he could pay one person step aside money and face one person and then end the twenty twenty face wild wild fury winner and let's be clear. He saying wilder fury winner. See A lot of people in the chat. Saying wilder won't want Well thanks you're in the right place. At least you're here letting us know that you believe wilder is going to beat fury so bad so clearly. Clearly you're not even putting fury in this conversation which. Aj has already put them in. Aj is only seeking a fight with the winner sure of wilder fury now for those that wanted him to be specific that were seeking a little bit more from A.. J. Well he says and I quote it has to happen in two thousand twenty twenty. We're in the same division same error if these guys want to make history especially wilder if these guys want to make history especially wilder. Well you're right. There is only one beyond a while so there is no confusion as to who he's speaking to specifically especially when using the word a specially. Okay but he says because he has the last bill we created history by becoming time champion of the world and I feel like weaken add to that legacy in twenty twenty twenty twenty nine twenty twenty one not the end of twenty twenty one in twenty only twenty in twenty twenty. These quotes a comment from Joshua himself as told true to BBC radio too so again back to back post back to back information information with the same energy lot of people you know deflecting yesterday believing this was cloud chasing now we have more information more quotes to go off of instead of just his social media posts now. I know that there's a big debate day about whether or not this unification for undisputed could even happen because like I mentioned earlier the IB evident Wbo have already ordered food to make mandatory defenses but step aside. Money is a thing it is real. It is very real and it could be given to many fighters it's up to the fighter to take it. Obviously when wilder was offered word the thought of accepting step aside money when he was in line to face remains Vernon Wladimir Klitschko wanted to face burr main while the said it would take ten million because he knew it was a number. They wouldn't give him because like he says in his quote. That's what it's GonNa take me not to stay in line and face remain for the WBZ Bello Pool F sick. They may not want to but also being in house thinking about it. This way. Being in house can't pay step aside money didn't he already want to face Zora. So wouldn't he be more willing to wait for Joshua regardless of Joshua wins or loses. If he accepted step aside money he would still be the mandatory so they can easily give step aside money Johny to Alexander Lustig and a fight with Derek Carr's or own pay per view all the incentives needed to step aside allow Anthony Joshua Face Cobra who left for his IBF defended versus the thirty eight thirty nine year old stiff Bulgarian and then twenty twenty cricket mother fucking happen and I believe that he can i. I believe that the energy is there. It's different now. He's seemed serious. This isn't just social media. I mean he could have easily said twenty twenty twenty one. We got a lot going on. I got to mandatory. No He's still saying twenty twenty. He's still feels he can handle whatever situation is thrown out of him and by the F. and by the WBO. So I am really liking it. Man I'm really liking would it is that I'm I'm hearing from him. I don't know I think that I were energy with with Joshua needs to change. Now listen you're entitled to say that he's Kyle chasing you're entitled to believe that is cloud chasing but all that stops in twelve months if December comes back around and we still have no fight then we knew he was bullshitting but does only one guy saying. Let's let's do it in two thousand twenty. There's only one guy pushing to do it in two thousand twenty so we gotta gotTa stop believing this energy is all I'm saying I it seems pretty real to me. Looks that way. It looks that way you know I. I don't see what's the angle here. I can't see what would be motive to keep claiming he wants to unify unify or to be undisputed in claiming that he wants to do that in twenty twenty again. I mean it's not like we haven't been here before with Joshua casual wear. He's given us his timeframe so he's not shy about that so again if he wanted more time if he felt like it wasn't isn't realistic or he didn't WanNa face wilder fury winner in two thousand twenty. He wouldn't put a date on it. He wouldn't put a timeframe he would say twenty twenty one what the world is already assuming what is easy to gain from faking like he wants to get it done this year. You know. I think that he wants to get it done. I think that it's easy to give Alexander's six step aside money give them a UK pay per review versus Derek. Zora wham Bam thank you my man allowing Aj to be free to face poulet now. The pool effort is a little trickier stickier because Barbaro is involved in. It may go to purse bid but I I think that Eddie. Who's done business with Bob already? and has seek out the services of Bob Arum fighters already and has paid them well to come over to design already will just do that not to get into a bidding war. I think the last thing he wants to do is allow Joshua go to. ESPN now with that. Same sentence in mind. Think about it. Could that not be the smartest thing Nadu once again pay exam to step aside. Money purposely. Lose the purse bid. Champion still gets the lion's share and well you don't want to lose the person actually because then you won't get to promote. Maybe maybe we can do a co-promotion maybe a CO promotion but still still allowing. Aj Go to ESPN to get that exposure exposure. You know now I I can see where we'll John Skipper would not want this to happen being as though he was a former. ESPN employees and it may be competition to him and he doesn't WanNa see his biggest biggest fish on a rival network but again if we're thinking long term leading AJ possibly go to ESPN to the face pool. could build his exposure and popularity in the United States. He'll get all the treatment that Crawford has. I've been getting this week and be on all the platinum premium. ESPN shows like I take and and Whatever else they got over there Max on boxing? I mean they've paraded Crawford through all of them so I'm sure and fury they've done don fury that way so I'm sure they would do. Aj that way just to build up the fight right because Bob Will be looking at it as a way to not only get views possibly subscribers to the at but I see you catch. She says design and match won't let that happen but again. We're thinking from a expose standpoint. Do you really want to get into a bidding war with Bob. Do you really WANNA overpay to. We'll make sure that that fight lanes on zone or do you want to come to an agreement where Joshua can get a one off fight on. ESPN which is a very a huge network. That is in hundreds of millions of houses. So you know he'll get that exposure necessary to continue you to build his brand here in America now again. You know I'm optimistic. I like the dream. That's just one of those dreams but it is a possible option. In my opinion I think it is something to consider at the very lease but yeah man. Let's I want to go out to the callers If anybody wants to to give their opinion on this subject you know the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one. Now so someone says Click Bait we all know. Aj's not serious about the fight with the answer. Well well you guys acts yesterday ready for him to say his name specifically he did he said wilder especially he said. Wilder has the belt so again. I think our energy needs to change now. There's only one guy saying that he wants this fight to happen in two thousand twenty and now this is the second time in a row. I don't no no. What do you mean like everybody's like stop it with this? Stop reporting on this shit. This is BBC Radio so you don't believe him is what you're saying. You don't think that Alexander who seek will take step aside money and that he could be a thirty nine year old. I'm not understanding what what's the I mean. I don't know what is the the joke joke here or the big mystery why. Why is a unification for undisputed? Not Possible I think that we need to hold Oldham to his words whilst we'd be continuing saying let's let's keep in mind that when asked in the past about undisputed he would say he didn't. I WANNA be rushed. I think as energy is different. Now you know you got saying waste of time but his energy is different. There's just different and if you can't see that I don't know maybe he experienced something in that loss and and and gained some sort of new vigor for the sport and he's ready to challenge himself. Maybe once he losses he was not lying about you know that burden being lifted from his shoulders and maybe now he's ready to take on all comers I. I don't understand why people don't believe him. I mean at this point. We asked them to say wild his name now. He said especially wild because he has that bill. He's also saying while the fury winner he's also saying it must happen in twenty twenty he's not saying and maybe we could get it done in two thousand twenty less negotiate. Let's see what happens. Those are all talking points that he used to say I mean all these new quotes quotes sound very d'arret in very believable. Even the final quote of and I call. If I don't fight those guys I'll have to give up my bill and I'd rather fight to defend them and obviously he's talking about his mandatory. But like I you know. Alexandra being match from in house the zone as well. I'm so everybody in now on. That side of the road can persuade to go fight to Zorro. We all know he wants to you know. Keep building himself in the heavyweight division. Feeling out you heavyweights before getting in there with the top dog or one of them in Joshua and then face the old pool and then and I quote we. He created history by the two time world champion and I feel like we can add to that legacy in twenty twenty and quote and by adding to that legacy in twenty twenty would be eh collecting the last bell the last bill. Why because and I quote I feel like it's the Lord of the rings the last ring? Let's let's get it on. Let's make history. Joshua told the BBC radio too so again. This seems very real now as boxing fans. We're fickle and we're a bit spoiled or want to be so maybe we want to go the extra step. MAYBE WE WANNA show up at wild. The fury maybe but does he have to. If he's sending over in email term sheet or an offer. Does he have to go there. You know. Now that's what we need Nex. It's all finding auden. Dandy doing these Social media posts in these radio interviews but we need an offer next. We need an offer. We're we're not gonNA rush him. We know he has some business to take care of and again. I'm hoping you know this gets to his ears. And and he understands the easiest route would be to deal with in house. You know deal with again house and allow Eddie to give him a little H- UK pay per view versus Missouri. Little bit of step aside money. Everyone's happy face the older pool EV and then set up undisputed big dog style. Twenty twenty two twenty twenty. Just like he's saying I. I definitely could say. Listen if you're watching watching this on youtube don't forget to hit that thumbs up as this is a seven day week show and I am live here nine. Am Eastern Adm Central Six am west coast and the number to call in and don't forget two o'clock pm UK. Tom Right now pulling in around two thirty. UK Time Nine thirty eastern eight thirty central six thirty Pacific Standard Time. Don't forget to call in. Give your opinion one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one remember you got to press one one time to voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline Let us know what you think about these new Anthony Joshua coach the fight with wilder versus fury. Winter must happen in twenty twenty. I see a lot of people in the chat. Saying wilder won't fight him. There is no sort of belief or confidence in Tyson fury from what I'm seeing. I mean everyone is saying that wilder doesn't want to fight. What about fury can he not beat wilder may not be the winner of wild versus fury? Could he not be in that. UH position to possibly face Anthony Joshua for undisputed. Maybe maybe you know I don't understand why people are taking them out the question. Maybe it's just better or easier to have someone to. Hey you know people might like fury story and don't necessarily want down. Don't WanNa make him out to be what they believe. He was in the past because he has a history of pulling out. He has a history of not necessarily eh being trustworthy when it comes to rematches He has a history of not necessarily fighting when the fights that we want. I mean I think we put a lot of into a fury and watched him pull out. Doc of a few significant fights fights that we want it fights that would have been good for the heavyweight division Asian. Let's not forget fury's never defended a title. You know he might have won a bell but he's never defended a bell. You know that's-that's that's that's like a common theme with with champions you know how much of a champion or you. If you haven't defended the title in people questioned champions who won the title vacant the we call them paper champs so you know fear against the ultimate credit forbidding the man the the that was the man but he never defended those titles in You know he went into a two three year hiatus but he has a chance right he definitely has a chance. Most people felt that he was beating wilder. And that's why I'm just not understanding. Why all throughout the Chad is just like Oh no while do we never fight him as well? So you guys. It is a not giving fury. Any sort of shot to beat while February twenty-second but once again the number to call in one. Four two five six nine fifty to to forty one press one one time voice your opinion on the voice of the people hotline. We just got the audio in which we're speaking of and one credit robin in UK. I'M GONNA go ahead and play this. WanNa see five fury wilder. Is that going to happen. In Two thousand twenty that has happened in twenty twenty and the same division same era if these guys would make history especially while because he has lost bill now I mean he said it I mean I. It's different me. I'm reading it became Santa especially Waldo so like what more do you want it's different. It's not social media anymore. You know. He's I saying let's get it trending. This is what the fans want. Let's do it no no no. He's saying twenty twenty man. I like it. It's the Lord of the rings the last ring uh-huh let's get it on. Let's make history so we create history. Become a two time trevor to the wall and awful lot we can add to that legacy and twenty girl. Why can't we attribute Torelli? Aj's full of Shit. What is going on here? You ask them to say well does name just yesterday just yesterday. You said he has to say while his name name. This isn't even being direct like what's going on now. He says well does name now now. That isn't enough you in how I was mad that we were talking twenty twenty one. I thought he was GonNa do to to to Mandatory in twenty twenty and be tied up the entire Twenty Twenty for undisputed. And now you guys are like now. Now he's lying. Talk is cheap this this guy's a liar. I don't understand that. What is it that you want him to say because just yesterday you want him to say wow does name just just yesterday you want him to be more direct? I Dunno oh now I'm gullible. Oh Wow all right oh right I guess I'm wrong man. I guess I'm long. I guess it's all smoke and mirrors for AJ. And I guess he has the best resume and heavyweight boxing of any current heavyweight. For no reason I mean you know what you guys don't get is that we have audio like I don't no no if I can dust it up because it's been so long it's been about three years right but I mean. Aj has told us that we weren't going to be rushed or he wasn't going to Russian. We weren't gonNA rush him rather and that he would fight while the when he was ready in. How do you know that that time is it now? I mean I mean when he put a time line on back in the past he said twenty twenty you know. He said twenty twenty back in the day even his handlers hearn and Barry they wanted twenty twenty we were upset but now we're here guys were fifteen sixteen days days out from twenty twenty. The wait is over. He got what he wanted. This is what he said. I wonder with this. Is that audio No this is not. This is Joshua while the leads go. That's after the fight but there's so much of it man I mean Joshua has has said he won't be rushed and I think this is his time now They wanted two years. It's been my three and it'll be four. I believe in January sometime. I got the time line wrong because you know people like to count. You're the maybe the month that he got his out. No I'm going on for years. I'm going off of two thousand sixteen at Belts. They both talked about each the other. It never happened. We're going to twenty twenty. That's four years now. You know whether it's three years and some months blah blah blah. It doesn't matter to me. I'm going off the year. And and Barry hearn Anthony. Joshua two years ago they were on par with twenty twenty so for him to have that energy now. I don't see why it's not believable. Oh you know maybe he put a lot of stuff into perspective with the loss. Maybe he's stinking. Like all right. I need to do this now rather within later. Maybe the loss like I said reinvigorated them the way that he mentioned already and he's really back in love with the sport getting ready to compete. I don't get it I don't get. Why look I mean yesterday? We asked them and say well does name. He's saying it you know yesterday. We thought it was twenty twenty one and he's saying we could get it done twenty twenty. He's saying it must happen it moss. And he's the ace. Let's be real of wild. was saying it must agent. Excuse me fury was saying it must happen. It wouldn't matter it wouldn't matter they were saying it must happen in twenty twenty it only matters of. Aj Santa Because Age as is the ACC age as the one that can sweeten up. The dill age is the one that could send the right around amount of money to make it happen as just that simple. Well he's got all the belts he's in control. He can now truly make happen if he is ready for two thousand twenty. Well then you gotta get on Pau because there's no no different than any other willy. Wonka ticket in sport when Floyd calls you you answer Cannella calls you you answer. Aj calls you answer you answer especially if you're going to put all the titles on the line especially so I don't know I don't know I don't understand or get at the disbelief. I don't know I think it's time to stop doubting him right. Like I was one of the main guys sitting here saying yo he shouldn't take the immediate rematch if he if he loses he might retire. He won't find again. My man spark ruis lease. It wasn't the performance I want. But it's the same performance fury gave that got him the belt. It got him the treasure. Do you know we may not like it. Aj may not like it. Nah Bookstore rounds and rent the respect that but he lives to fight another day and he's talking undisputed we talk him out. No one else talking on this beauty queens. No one else would offer belt so you you know we might not have loved that performance but He lives to fight another day. And that's what's important because the big fight the I want is wilder versus Anthony Joshua and if they could give it to me in twenty twenty I will be one happy boxing fan. We got pound for pound supporter Andrea. Dworkin who says until I get a press release. I don't want to hear nothing about this dream event. Aj too much spiked eggnog. Right now Hashtag. Happy Holidays I don't know man. I think you guys looking differently. He's The a side he's The a side these he's words will come back to bite them if they go into negotiations or don't go into negotiations like you can't just say you WanNa fight in twenty twenty and not sending offer so come on guys. Let's get behind it. He wants it twenty twenty. That means an office common. He's got a handle some business like I said I'm GonNa keep reiterating you know. Give all sick pay per view which is over in the UK and some step aside money. Get Him out the way. Go Face Ace. Old Man Cobra Pool F get him out. The way physically age gets the knockout own. Him Builds his name back up now. He's back in the knockout streak. Then negotiate negotiate with wilder. Easy peasy Trenton Jones. I can't wait for a while to come on his show. Yeah man I mean. He's in. He's in Nevada right now. Man I tried to get him right before but it was on the way to the airport If I would have been that. TMZ Guy would have got him. But you know who's GonNa Alabama endpoint agree to disagree. TV He also said give me fifty million. He lied about that about it. I mean again so all right we could bring up a laundry list. The things that he said in the past and that wilder set in the past and that fury said in the past Eddie said in the past and Bob said in the pass the Charleena passing passing. Pass let's try dealing with his new. Aj Energy where he saying. Let's get it done in two thousand twenty. That's what he's saying. There is no more. He already has had his conversation with his handlers where he can't ask for a specific amount videos. We know that it was a mistake. It was a mistake and you and I believe we've all it was it was it was tongue in cheek. Okay they were never they being the matchroom. Eddie you know Barry. They were never going to give up the power of a side you know. Regardless of how much money was brought to them they need to control. The event is there event and that's cool and that's why they didn't take it but now they're back in they can make an and often now they can definitely make an offer. They're the ones in the media saying twenty twenty the one thing. It must happen so we need to see an email from Eddie hearn. A term sheet from Eddie hearn not see it physically but at least here that it was sent sent no now. I got shelly finkel scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday next week. So we're going to. We're going to ask him. Is he going to check the temperature on this is he. Does he feel it's possible. You know he might say his own no and gives reasons as to why it could be because of the Wilder older fury. You know maybe they want to just focus on that before they start looking ahead and and and and maybe their excuses well. Hey we don't want to do with. Aj Today Jay. I was thinking of wilder and the first fight we release and ended up slipping up. We just want to think a fury then we'll think of AJ maybe he'll give us a Koi answer like that. You know not really let us you know too much because you know. That's Shelly is at times but this is the energy we want for Major. I think it's time to believe him. You you know we doubted he would take the rematch. We doubted he would win the rematch. We doubted yesterday that he was talking about. Wow the now he comes out and says he he wants undisputed for twenty twenty he comes out and says especially wilder and we're still believing them I I don't know and look I'm not saying it's the Gospel. I'm not saying that I'm not saying put your bets on. Aj Wilder few AJ. Jay Wilder fury winner are happening this year. I'm not saying put all your money take out a second on it. Not but I'm saying we get a man to benefit of the doubt. Could we give him. The benefit of the doubt. Aren't things starting to line up isn't twenty twenty the U.. The Barry and Eddie have always said isn't twenty twenty the audio that's been out there of Anthony Joshua and what's this kid named Nelson Johnny Nelson that's audio audio. We know that as well defense. We've heard all this talk. And the fact that he's not pushing a goal post back to twenty twenty one. Why are we doubting him? He could easily be saying twenty twenty one. If he didn't really want the Fi- he could be changing. I think he found something in him in that loss and and win to two days I think that he found his hunger for the game with the loss. And then yeah I think he found his confidence with the wind and I believe he's ready now. Look is not set in stone. He's got till December of twenty twenty to make it happen but we doubted clashing the dunes. We doubted Saudi Arabia. Like I don't know man. I think it's getting Kinda Corny to keep down at this point. You know. I'm with it yesterday. His message was let's get a trend in that means keep talking about it. Keep it in our face so that it's not something that everyone can avoid and then that wasn't enough for you so he was specific about who he wanted to be undisputed with and he didn't single anyone out as set wilder but still fury in the conversation saying while winter so it's not just a personal vendetta wilder. No it's all the smoke it's all the smoke and regardless of how I may feel that. He went about certain certain wins in his resume. He still has those winds on his resume. He still is. You know. Twenty eight fights in. How many times did the man have at this point? I don't know Bro. I think it's really time. We stopped down and now look we can put a deadline on it can be December and then he could burn his bridges with the box fans if that's the case if December comes and there's not even failed negotiations and then we can cut him off then we can start not to believe him again. But I think that he's earned the right to be trusted and given the benefit of the doubt simply because we thought he wouldn't take the rematch there. Were people call an insane that he was gonna pull route last minute. That there was gonna be a freak accident fake injury so many things the rain. The stadium wouldn't be bill they were going to buy. I'm more time. I mean how many conspiracy theories did we come up with. He got knocked out bogue before the fighting was hurt before the fight. He got right before the fight them can we. Can we give them the benefit of the doubt. Now look man one four two five a six nine fifty to forty one press one time voice your opinion right here. Don't forget if you're watching this live on youtube. Hit that thumbs up to help with visibility to the show helps us grow. Oh let's me know that these topics like these morning shows even on a Saturday morning and It will help me to continue to do it. I'M GONNA go out to. I will call us first. Equipped were from our sponsors and once again. Just thank you to everyone who tunes in subscribes to Youtube Channel. Right here at Youtube Dot com forward slash. The box invoice voice remember to write his five stars on Itunes. It is hard to continue developing new content and covering the sport as thorough as we do without although contributions from loyal listeners. Like you if you enjoyed listening to the boxing voice radio and find it informative and entertaining. Please consider making a donation. Remember Rytas Five Stars on Itunes. These calls are brought to you by El Camino services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com. Alright alright alright alright right. We got a super chat from trend. Jones still not direct as tagging. But I'll take it damn son so you you want to at wilder. This was a radio interview like he said his name. He said especially wilder like Whoa try and Joan's John's back on well first and foremost John John. Thank you for the love. Thank you for being so in engaging on the show he says. Aj needs to use the media outlet that while the uses and call Oh him out use TV for call out. He only uses comfortable outlets scared of real questions. I mean I think that it didn't matter like I mean. Obviously our our interview would have been better because it would have been a bit. You know more gritty a little more down to Earth but they got the answers we wanted wanted. Oh my God now it matters. WHO's interviewing my get it? I get it look. It's not like I don't WanNa be the guy to interview him not like I don't want to get him on the couch and chop it up with him but you know you choose who you choose is like you said you wanna be comfortable. We're going out to New Jersey a a day talk to me. Brother was going on so come on the morning. Okay all they are right here this person but if I'm sick I'm not taking no money mark so you could make fighting in Georgia. You think. What do you really think? UCLA is ready. He's the one talking about. He wants to fight your Zora. That's it ain't you ain't hear those rooms. Do you really think he's ready but I'm ready. I'm ready ten dollars. Why not about ten million? Because I didn't hear none of the other age opponents getting ten million so why would use to get a million and you got the New York. Andy Ain't getting no ten million to fight a New York. The rumor is he got a million to fight in Saudi Arabia. So we'll Utah now. Yeah not the first fight in New York. At least several million. That's the most listen to me. The most is three to six million. I must say six because that's what big baby was getting but I seem rumors of him getting three. I know who should go get like six or seven trust you. Why would you do that? Just go again. Knocked the fuck about water. Then the fight is there's no five with it still gets his fight but still gets his fight. He stood a mandatory. If you take step aside stood mandatory. Yeah maybe tougher fight. It isn't that water is not GonNa Make No loud br while now listen to me if wild other AJ happens. There's going to be the big fight in the heavyweight division in forever. You know since fucking Ali Frazier. Probably you telling me that if while the beats AJ he can't pay off. I come on but I'll make sense. It could pay Colorado the only come up with a big fight Josh. No you just look after that. If nobody's watching shit mark some books from that's exactly that's exactly why Zik wants to Zora fi first because he needs to get his name known. Amy Needs Another fight in the heavyweight division. You can't fight Teaspoon Chaz teaspoon then jumping there with my fucking. Aj let me say just put your quick. We don't end up fighting twenty towards the one. That's easy to see like Komo twenty twenty twenty twenty one. He said next year he wanted next year. He's a man he's always talking shit like you. I think his ouster digital be talking. Why you believe Why you don't believe he just four and we thought he wasn't going rematch and he just be any like we been here in two thousand twenty? You want somebody. You Ain't here Eddie. And buried twenty twenty percent twenty only twenty. Why are we acting like this? Knew exactly what they wanted. This is all part of the plan. This is all part of a plan. They've always said twenty Z.. Twenty I don't see what people mad at or or why people are not believe in now I mean I wish I had that already. I know I do because I got a whole page of wilder Joshua Shit. I don't remember which one it was. But it's so much while Josh were Soundbites is that I got like we know they always wanted. Oh here we go. Joshua won't be rushed warm. I show to the fight and Menzies Wimbley boom and then this devil on my shoulder then manager has what's best to guide my career so playing devil's advocate for them to give see he's a this this little little devil on my shoulder says wilder. Aj and Wembley. Then I got this showed you know this devil talking about business. I mean I mean he's been prolong in a fight. Now he wants to fight. I believe thirty one. Oh Shit down another one plan somewhere. Orion gotTA stop they write policies politics. Because this is what I'm saying recommending it depends if it's pushed that way it has to happen and I think if it's pushed that way and it has to happen. This is old. Aj Audio so. This is what I'm say. His energy is different. Your not even giving them the benefit of the Dow doesn't sound like this old audio. I'M GONNA defend my win if waterworks. WE'RE GONNA make Africa autism the opponent for for for next year. Then we'll put it back on into two thousand seventeen but he said we'll put into two thousand nineteen so at least twenty eight happened this year. So look man audio. Is there man. Yeah I don't want to believe in my get man. Look I've been burnt before and I and I get. It may fool me once. Shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you or not allowing you to fool me twice so I get it man but his energies different his energies different different people just rush my career. That's one thing I've learned is up. More career mapping out. I'M GONNA take flights at the right time for me. Me and Yeah it's next year or the year after year after when fighting are being there you go if his next year or the year after all all the year after so is eighteen if not as nineteen nineteen after twenty which is now someone who says no nests No Energy Nece. He's using wild his name coming off that loss. I hear you. I mean it ain't like we haven't said someone else's using someone Nelson name be funny when you say in your well. Even though you will champion people rushed. I don't want people to the rest of my career lot. You still learning. I'm thinking. Hey man we we all learned men. Every fight is a learning experience. WE'RE GONNA go out to Boomerang in Detroit. Talk to me the wrong in show bird glassworks at a stainless told you judy squeezed at that age. Talking money interest speaking my language the Fook folks conversation. Yellow to be was good the morning. So so I gotta ask you slipped him over an interview with BBC Talk Radio and this is new audio. You know this is. This is an interview with BBC. Well I'll do what I keep asking from a UK side. And I won't believe him and pushed my champion to fight him after he'd beat the shit out fury so I'm GonNa take the you know me. I'll say the half glass empty at half last war. I Say I'm happy. I got a glass so you know what I'm saying I'm just happy. Yeah gotTA glassman so if Israel I'm with it you know what I'm saying if it's not saying that we're going to be dealing in white after that we already got our own plants so uh you'll say either way as good news. It's good to wake up to on Saturday. You know saying especially with twenty twenty right around the corner. I just hope he ain't trying to play mind games wilder wilder. You're saying like Like you play with themselves before for Andrew Always Golfing please they show you push that thumbs up. Sure this every the episode of the box of Hoist podcast this. TV Flight Eight. You're out there. I mean that's I do walk question you know man. I heard rumors man we might be doing. TV appreciation in our. I am down with that. So that's another vote you got right there from an Alabama boomerang all right Yemen I would love to do. Dr For may twenty twenty. We're going out the boomerang troy morning and bless up man morning you know I Well the early show even got up early to me they. Thanks thanks for the early show. I'm actually sick of hearing about this because in our reality I'm listening to talk. Awesome listening to the complete ignorance in the chat. Why it I don't know what else does young man has to do to prove that he is the best heavyweight out? He doesn't need to prove anything to wilder a fury. These accomplish more than they ever did it in after halftime. So so how is he a problem. Hello if he says he wants to be undisputed. There's only one left I mean he's only he's only the problem in one way because he's the so when he said he wants to be undisputed. He's the only one that happened. He's the only one nickerson and offer you know. The fight's promoter wants to fight is going to his promoter the wants on the network actually go use my boomerang. Nestor no problem using good nested. Nope no I'm just letting as the a side the B. Side doesn't didn't get to pick he's got to sit and wait. You Know Floyd always picked Robert Guerrero. Got The pig who he fought. Okay messed up. But Okay Ed hearn. We've we've had this harness coming down. We wanted people speaks contract. There's been an issue with every damn contract always been legitimate. Sean was a baseball contract. They've they've always they've always had legitimate issues. I mean Troy. What legitimate issues of troy calm down? There's there's there's millions and millions of people who would agree and every single person that I've interviewed in acts has agreed. There is no super fight. There is no fight on record where one person doesn't know what the parties Gary Russell didn't fight basile and not know of a seal made wild in fight Ortiz Ortiz. Not No wild to me. That's not how AH fights work. We've acts experts. We've asked boxers. We've acts trainers and they all agree. Now that sticking point doesn't matter for you then we all can see clearly really that a atro- or you are something worse that's an those same people will tell you that hearn is not known for giving anybody garbage contracts. Go ask Jacobs go ex It's public record brother. We don't we don't we don't we don't WanNa hear that it's public record it's public record the AJ's you know you don't want to have that we don't want to we want I want you to send us a link since you WanNa make up stories sent us a link because there's links of the AJ purse not being verified wilder came on this show and said that they wouldn't tell them how much sh was the AJ fight so they want him to fight Aj but they won't tell them how much it is but Ruiz's new dillion white new so I don't understand you know you gotta get a life by the nobody got time for that Brandon Maurice Talk to me what's going on Good Morning I agree with you man you know like all assembly span above guys but as a case the win a better way to say people don't criticizing if he stayed almost defy your bitch if you say the Fi be cloud Jason I mean I don't understand understand people could say he's cloud chasing look beyond say well let's just be honest a lot of fuck with a man we just attack the house in Saudi Arabia so fifteen thousand thousand tickets made all that money go home to Wembley have fucking homecoming flight Ninety thousand make another forty probably forty million dollars a lot of luxury at the cloud. Chase a man who just did two hundred twenty thousand three hundred thousand pay per view bass seven thousand tickets by the flutter. Aj had the cloud. Chase I mean we've done everything brothers say and we always get wider past. We gave him a pass. We decided to get past the he announced his next two fights before Joshua fighting happened. Nobody called that Dunkin. He said even if offer fifty million he probably wouldn't take the of AJ fight in the near future. We we didn't call that Duggan so we just gotTa stop being so biased. coys guys we like man. I the only motherfucker that keep him on at all times on the show. Both guys did shit that I can Olga still there. I'm in shock. I have an agreement go she it. Should I don't agree with negotiation solicitous move on and stop dwelling on the past as both guys shouldn't have passed. The postponed despite quite an age has been once said in a dent manager promoter than both people who does not call man. The Guy can't win for losing. If you save the flag on Twenty Twenty Tater fucking step aside money and let's get the fucking flights it happens. It happens a lot of people send his fucking topic is getting. Oh but wait the wait. Wait no no no. No no 'cause everybody's giving you credit for being such a logical Carla and it's obviously because you're on on par for AJ so my question the second. You sound pro edgy. But that's okay. I was pro. Aj Too. Because I believe I believe a hundred keeping one hundred but okay go ahead you I believe it again. I believe this is real and I'm just saying. Do you feel that wilder wilder or fury or any fighter. Should they not know the total sum of the fight air. I just WanNa make sure how saying everyone is but Brandon thank you for calling in your sane and we have other callers. Who called ended? Aren't saying I mean we have to go down the line and make sure that we know so now. That's a talking point now. That's a talking COMPA. I need to know if it matters you know doesn't matter should wilder not care what. Aj's getty and if you feel that the way. I need you to tell me what fight that took place in. Because I I've never heard of that. Never heard of the B. Side not getting to know what the POT is. It's like I never heard of that. I just I need your help. Please educate me production Commercial spots for your Yo. Yo Yo yo good morning good morning. Good morning a I actually agree freeman. I I believe that. Aj a hundred percent day. He really wants to fight right now. I feel though that the Andy fight woke him up. He realizes that he can get Chen by basically anybody can get you in by anybody. Why not get the bag? Kitchen by wilder Totally also agreed that you cannot make a fight without knowing exactly how much is the whole bring. It doesn't make sense 'cause if you don't the whole bringing how you know you're getting the correct split so that's impossible if you don't know what it is. Nobody makes the kate without knowing all the ingredients. So bottom line I feel they should fight. I think they should fight real soon. I would love to see step aside if anybody. There was smart not enough to take this step aside I think would be fury but It will have to be a good bag for him to do so The fight with Jostle could be a tough fight. They both good boxes. You know what I mean. I mean h got the Powell but I I don't think that could be the Josh whatsoever. So it is still a say fight but it'd be just a chess match That's pretty much like got the day man. I would love to see this fight. I hope it truly happens. It can't happen in the UK 'cause they don't have the money to pay for it. So it's going to have to the United States or Saudi or some place like that but I like for it to happen That's pretty much. It is J. Hardcore. Don't forget to smash the like button. Whatever you do stop shoplifted support to show move forward? I saw like that a mighty Jamie. Thanks for calling in. Then we're going out to lance in Ohio. Are you doing this gamonal brother the first time. Here's your first question even asking last couple of callers. I'm about to Split He after like broader should know What the split is and how much is making but on the same side router is the one and they? Aj His whole magazine for years even talking about Aj a and this is the fire or smoke amount. I think it's a sport I before anything else. So if you take that approach that is all comers no matter what sometimes you gotta do something. That's never been doing some that you've never got so. I feel like he does it himself in. La Equip pocket. Watch it I'm a big time thing. I think waters smokes three so I I don't care like whatever like fifteen million to fifteen million I go not Yongqing make a million. 'cause you have to come back to me no matter what And then I as far as going forward I think that If Aj does happen to go through and then who sick and then routed or theory. He's above approach. I point there's nothing nobody can ever say or at least for me when I got questions about all these victories. But if he run that gauntlet twenty twenty and thirty something fights and you know ten thirty years old. I mean at that point I mean he got argument top to him all the time. All Right Man Lance Ohio stand-up. CK Cincinnati Ohio ck. Cincinnati Addi Ohio. Get off the speakerphone. Bluetooth closed the window. Sunroof our no but you guys had a noise or you're on a motorcycle deserve sir. I love a man was going on by the morning. I I'm liking. I'm I'm liking this. There's new Anthony Docile. I think I think he could fall a little less conservative. And I think he could have got Andy Ruiz out of their his defense did worry me for the eventual wilder Match I think that Did sharpen up his defense and skills and I think this will help them moving forward. I think we would have Karl Anthony Joshua a little bit colder if we would've followed him before the laws so I think he's GonNa be a tough guy to be now that he took Laos wizard thoughts on that. I mean I still still seen them looking very fragile when he was taken them shot so I got to take a punch to be honest. That's what I'm interested in there. You what do you think he could have. He could have got the knockout if he wasn't so worried. Absolutely previous law. Do you think he could've been. I got the night once once. I've seen them land that right hand and Split And design so easily with just one shot. I mean all he had to do is just keep that same energy but I believe he was cautious. God bless him a great man. Thank you brother. God bless you to seek out the. Gt Kit in Atlanta. Talk to me what's going on this That'd be Saturday to you. Man Mike being knighted fights but in re in regards. Aj Man of course he wants to fight You know if he says you're not worried about water right now you know it's grief. He said he wants to fight a lot of people giving grief too but he's always wanted to fight he's been chasing undisputed for a while but You know I guess the big thing is that you know wildest boxed in and he's going to have to fight these guys get richland so loud. Good run the gambit right and beat why theory and aging. And then there'd be there'd be no disputing shooting you know who's top tier but You know we'll we'll have to see what happens but you know I don't. I don't notify chewed on wilder. Beats two out of three of those dudes easy is insane to me. You seem white total dog shit to tell me when while does have have a look this bad when while look as bad as as white like. That's easy win the fact that is crazy to me. Listen No no no. I actually pick like excuse me. I picked wilder in that. Because why likes to catch your shoe and he's GonNa sit there in front of while he's GonNa get clipped that. I pick wilder louder to win that fight but things have happened. He hasn't fought him yet. And you you know you had the beat fury. And he hasn't fought eva yet and I'm just saying those sparked haven't happened but I actually picked while to win went by. I think wilder has a hard time with fury and Aj because both of them combat theory well out of does not do well with boxers. Gt Man. Thanks for calling in Tim. Florida talk to was remiss in the morning man. He's All these people talking about well if we go back to the seventies when you had Joe Frazier Yeah for me. I lied those guys fault each other multiple times. The thing I know is while the inferior going in that for the second time. Aj is only why when fault one of the top three. You know what I'm saying. Those guys walkable time on and The far like H J just a half world champion easing shit over here. Yes come over here. You have to be while the BRO. He's the best of the best and Yeah you know what I'm saying so I see it as like you know anybody could be anybody you know. Oh well Aj little article in The wheaties rematch. Because you know you was afraid of getting clip. I don't know what he could change the behave that way. I hope he want. What were you know when we get that fight? You know what I'm saying. I picking wild and right now you know that's not gonNA stay. I think we lawsuits him. We got PAT and beantown town. Talk to me Pat beantown going going once working. No problem lids low ringer decatur Georgia talked to. And there's I feel in my great brother can't complain I. I didn't get a chance to listen to everything so I did read a title breath. What question you have for the fans I also play? Well I mean you know fucking troy is the resident Tros. Oh He made it seem like why are we acting like. Aj saying on BBC five that he wants undisputed in twenty twenty wilder fury fury winner. He came out and said especially. Wow the like everything we asked him to do yesterday. He did. Yeah Yeah Bench. He mentioned while his name. We didn't want to wait 'til no twenty twenty one. He said. Let's make it happen in twenty twenty. Okay a so can't can you. Can we somehow hold him so he said there's we his mouth right tweet. US Audio is already thing shutout rob in the UK. I got the audio. Yeah Okay Okay now you get so more respect from God Damn Lee is low brew over your deal. That's all I ask. Br and I ain't got bad. The CEO Abacha now. At least now I guess you try you see now. You'll audio your camera. Now that's shit we get row in now. Wow Okay okay berry you show your faith now. Let me come out of sight. So we're going to get on trying. What are we had to do to get their fight? I try and say you want to do again but breath youtube aside and they wanna treat you like beside. I'M GONNA say like I say when they tried off you twenty five. Megan just take a little money. Bra Go whoopee. I know that I'm not going to be some boost you wolf his rematch again and then a title all yours. I'll phobia you can walk around with them. Hoes and we gotta worry about going through the when nobody else could. We know how to low fight. Who will and whoever fan while whatever? Yeah I'm a fan boil boxing. You feel me Chas. Rangan swing this leads. Low amount. The account don't call it. Yeah so Joshua told BBC radio too I keep saying five my bad the BBC radio to So you can find that with a quick Google search. All I'm saying is everything we asked yesterday for him to do. He did you know we want him to mention while his name he did. He went a step further. And said you know wild wild fury winners but he made it he he heard you guys and he made it clear to say especially wilder because he has the bell so I don't get mad but the the question that I am accident is should a fighter know what the overall purse is meaning. I'm fighting. Aj should I know what Aj's make in the same way Aj knows what I am making because again it's it's a split. How do you get a split? But don't know the overall pot very very difficult so I just want to act. Certain callers. Is that question. Because he obviously in the world that troll troy lives in Wilder doesn't need to know the overall. We're all pot It looks like we're going to sticks. Talk to me sticks. You gotta unmarried on skype sticks. Benjamin yeah morning. Greetings is my better. Yeah ride I just wanted to see where you know like the if you really watch. And then Jesuit right When you watch Jimmy St the mine? He's not look like easily beat skid row on you know like ease Miami's not debut zero you know like the champ long mood same a chance to speak and believe and receive you know and I in Uganda understand that. That's what we want to seek. You know we wanted to see somebody like really fight. Really come out and fight and finger is minor is is mentality. Israeli there to really take on wireless bill. But what makes you think that. Because we all thought well he wasn't gonNA take the rematch. He took it. We all thought he wasn't GonNa win. He Won. I mean we all thought he'd want undisputed now he's calling forward in twenty twenty money. So what makes you think that. Yeah what what ready. Meet me thing. That is because of you. See the the rematch. EAT like No He's level. You got free e got free different titles Nabretta and that just this green bay a loon. UC UC who the champ the champ. What the champion giving you know and I to me? I ain't seen net from him for him to the term. That's you know you got free business. He's supposed to step up a little bit more than that man. But Oh you don't call unifying and getting three belts stepping up as that's how I tell you. He stayed a mind. Yeah I see I see. He's actually he's he's stepping up but ESPN gotTa Kinda step up to step up to wilder. That's all right. I I saw seen sticks. I'M GONNA get into some other calls but listen he's calling out loud like that's what we talk about him saying he wants to be undisputed disputed twenty twenty and I believe Eddie Hunky give Alexandra fight with Derek Zora pants and step aside money. That's easy that's in house I believe. Aj will easily be Alaska. Who Lab and then he could do undisputed and the twenty twenty? We're going out to Kim Kim in Florida talk to me. Break any loud and clear awesome man good good morning to you. Good morning to you So the question is while to deserve to know split right Yeah I definitely think he deserves the notice split. I mean everybody should know you know. Listen if I'm not mistaken. Isn't that part of it on a hill up the Mayweather Pacquiao negotiations. Maybe whether it was trying to pack yeah like Cook something instead of a percent is and I was holding it up for a while you know and I'm glad that you didn't take that 'cause he was trying to pee on like eight forty four Pity God yeah. He ended up making like eighty million. Didn't he So yeah man you know what I mean. That's hundred eighty million and floyd may like I to feed. The Shit is crazy. That's not that that's you know. That's deonte watering stupid. But that's not how business is done you know so I definitely think he deserves but I do think it's this is kind of funny. Now you see agent and learn how to run Clinton. He wants to start calling everybody out thinking and added a couple of tools in the toolbox not he he demand but he's going to be sadly mistaken mistake on that day calm but I like it though. I like. Talk Your Shit while they're out because that's the fight we want so you know let's get it man for sure came. Thanks for calling in. We're going how to talk to us. Good was what I said. My look I like this. You know what I'm saying is build up but until these guys get into the rain in the contracts assigning. It's I think it's just a bunch of bluish Louis Shit you know what I'm saying but also wild the does deserve to know wasn't a pilot though I mean it's only right now has been happening and since the beginning you know what I'm saying you know so they should probably They actually do get done when if not bugging the Knicks this column. Ri Brother thanks for calling in little feasibly going out to Jason and Missouri. Talk to us on this. What are the more to answer? Your question I do I do think why does desire to know. Just simple business like you said history. Every other fighter knows what the other fighters making so they know what they walking into With the topic in hand with with this I'm the I'll just start off by them. An awful on Missouri State always never wanted to people to say what Just Joshua needed to call out wowed or yesterday or needs to be more more specific than we all about that action around here so he already did all talking last year year and a half and we see where it got him. Everybody's looking at fucked up looking at the Ho- Situational Fuck Donald. You're shitting on more just on here and be about that. What action on here? No callouts none of that shit cause is the saying is if you if you leave your cousin house when they arrive when you go to the grocery every story and then you go out of town and you could ask you the house if I'm not about to let them on to watch my house. You know what I'm saying over Tom. You rehabilitated over firm May let you come over for dinner and I still don't have my own your last and so I know you ain't going to take from me. It's the same situation question here man. I'm I'm tired with the situation. I'm dealing with it until they got some stuff on the plate and we know it's GonNa go down. That's when I'll get excited until Tapia manages a bunch of bullshit. That's my Jason Matt. Thanks for calling in and I definitely understand you but I I think this is more like breaking news. You know what I'm saying. His energy is changed like He. Just was there Saturday night saying like. Oh those guys are busy. Whatever whatever but I think that you know the people around him are starting to talk you? Yeah no device stuff. Listen you got all these American spam partners that went over there and they all team. Aj Man you seem. Brian Jennings on his instagram is story you know he was rooting for AJ MOLTEN AJ to beatty rooting for AJ. And look maybe all small partners dude do that but the thing is they. They've spoken to him. They've letting them know that they think he's good. You know what I mean. They've given them that that that a pep talk there's sometimes people need man honestly But Yeah Man We got a few calls. We're going to go out to render in the UK real real quick. We got cayote. Talk to me in other words. Yeah Just wanted to have a quick civilized conversation about this whole part thing is I wanted to explain how I see in the sense that in if it was a pay per view and you would call the ports but with the whole zone thing. It's not a pin view. It's essentially accompanies spending what you can call their own money to fund try but it's not a pay per view basically invested so there visit a pulse to split and remember the context of the whole thing was and he tried to negotiate. We've odd shelley day work so they decided to bring someone else in who would mediate on behalf of them on the Both of their behalf. Does that make sense. So what would happen. Bringing the zone was act of middleman. Essentially negu shapes in this each separate contracts with each of the fighters. That's why I it's not about a pot split. If about basically determine how much they want each fighter so really. The other person doesn't that there's there's no requirements no what is because it's not a partly no people split about June negotiating your value zone and let they know how much you think you'll. That's how I see. How can I negotiate my value? Right if I'll use history because because I know that. Aj Fans don't like to be realistic. How could Gennady Galumph negotiate his value in a fight with Cannella with He? He hasn't had the fight but history shown us the his two fights with Cannella were his biggest pay per views in history. Also show us that his fights without canal were very are- awful less then wilder one hundred. Let me finish one hundred seventy okay but we knew ooh that the fight would let me finish your time. It's been admitted in thirty. The YOU WANNA debate dope you don't is is. That's the question I wanted to answer your question. Your question your question you actually. How do you do that but think about the? He already did that because when he signed the contract with zone on when Camello signings contract they negotiated the value. I think we've It was what that's five. And he has about twelve weeks and that has nothing to do with the open those were already predetermined that how resolve this brother brother. That's why you need to let me finish instead of trying to be smarter than me. Okay first of all you talking about the zone contract I am not. I'm talking about Ganapati. Lufkin doing to failed pay per views and then doing two genomes paper views with the right dance partner so he shot himself in the foot if he wouldn't have allowed himself to do the big fight with the other person. You need that that other person. You can't say that while the value is without Aj when the fight with AJ is only big because it's what wilder there is no bigger fight while the theory is in bigger. So what do you mean you have to use him in the equation. He is of us. Took what J.. Excuse me Sir Sir Sir why does Aj not have a contract with zone. What did Eddie tell you out of his mouth? Did he left him free. I'm not even gonNA debate with you. I that's why I don't like talking to Ya fucking read. Listen to the interview. He said he aleph. Aj Free for this specific reason so that they can negotiate the biggest fight. Why would they turn down options? How crazy just crazy dividian talk to me? Going on this I just got into it. I realized that you had to show going. But I don't know I I'm glad to hear that from Aj you know. I WanNa see in twenty twenty nine later. We need to do it now. Were they still fairly young and I think bounded should. We know what's going on by his home like money situation so I'll have no problem with this. It's like going in there blind like he should know what you know. The other party and stuff is getting so I'll have no problem with it but I just WanNa see the best fight the best and Yeah as soon as possible and not later on their old so their ratio is always. God bless I mean the fact that people are trying to make it out to seem like there was another call this a while. Does she take fifteen million. Someone had the nerve to say that today day on this show on this show a fucking thirty six seven year old Kovalyov Knocked out twice before the knock out to Cannella received fourteen million okay. Andy Ruis reportedly received ten million with a loss and no belt. Come on Bro. Like you guys are not united. You're not even playing fair. Yeah I don't even want this fighting the hilarious it's UK dude after UK. Do Dude continues to say. He doesn't need to know what's in the pot. My man try to find a reason why he was in the pot talking about because his on zone so what the Fox wants to bid on it. What if Fox wants to bid on it Woody Fox or showtime want to bid on it like come on burn ridiculous that's why? Aj has that contract he. He's a fight by fight with with his own until they come out and announced some something. New Eddie hearn told us he's fight by fight Malti talk to me always what screw. What's what's up brother? I'm not sure. Fight my fight. I think it's down to Joshua's discretion gestures discretion mercuryone unplugged. Show me until you show me audio or link. Otherwise Eddie hearn's said it's fight by fight likewise until you can and you can prove that definitively boys than works. You're saying well my monthly you watch I fell. He said it on L. Interview Oviously point as every is taken into consideration where it take with us from the numbers dispatcher from social media from pay per view from Arenas from all these Taki Stove Scott about the east side with just a huge loyalty your brother we can hear you. You're going to have to eat you. Their brother came you. Now hang up and call in but it's too choppy. Hang up and call back in. We're going out to Cyrus talk to me. Okay can hear me loud and clear. Okay all right so one thing. I wanted to touch on quickly as this is good the age as making moves to try. And make this fight Hubbard and agree with you. I think wow this team did win the next fight it should also come out and say hey We won this fight to happen now. I wanted to bring up a second point. Quick a single to be said about the previous contract that design offered wildest team not knowing what. Aj was GONNA to make now ace the spin. Okay that is the reason that is the reason. They said they walked away from the deal. That's remember that. Yeah he said they asked John Skipper. What J. They was getting and he said he wasn't at liberty to talk about? How are you today mediator for the other party but you're not at liberty to say that about national? He has the tricky part I would. I would advertise IT industry in the industry we call it spent you. Can you can go into negotiation knowing full. Well all the details you need to know but when you come out publicly you pick story Brotherhood story. who other brother the fact that you're trying to say that he had a narrative is retarded when John's already saying he wished he could do differently? My point my my point is the. Here's the point. Wild up could have chosen to take deal if he truly wanted to by the way he did he really have excuse me did did it have. Aj's fucking contract attached to it and and did it have AJ's purse attached to it since since no so much all right so that is your time you have to get a boomer and that was a minute and fifty five seconds in all matters all that matters is that you said Aj wasn't attached to the contract just like Nello aim attached to the mother fucking triple g contract and I had begging Cannella Four Shah and Cannella hello is saying no okay and not only is he not attested contract but if you do find them we can't tell you how much he's making so everything you said was what you still agreed with me. Come on Bro. Common fucking business practices stopping mw one thousand and the fact the fact that this is where we've gone the fact that this show has twisted now too old contracts shows me that you you K- fans are frightened. American call is called in stood on topic happy that Aj is saying twenty twenty twenty. Some I won't lie. Do not believe him but at least the ones that called are happy that he saying twenty twenty and and they also feel that yes while the should know what's in the pot and fury for that matter because Aj's is wilder versus fury winner China. But you guys are so afraid of while did that. You automatically cancel fury out. Because you know he's going to kill him. And then you automatically medically resort to negotiations and money instead of saying what you're saying you're saying it must happen in twenty each money but you're still talking about a design contract. It must happen in twenty twenty the fact that you guys are this scared kid. You'RE GONNA give that energy to him. He is going to get back in that scared mode. He will start saying twenty any twenty one because his feigns the energy his fans have is sending into him and making him fearful. The man is ready for twenty twenty. Get on board or get the fuck off our sport. We don't need you only WanNa talk about pass contracts and ace so the main wants to fight while the fury winner. Talk About Dat talk about him saying he's ready you talking about Oh contracts contracts and how wilder should just take the deal easily canceling outfielder. You don't believe at all in fury you don't believe that. All infuriates infuriates hilarious. I love it. Fury doesn't stand a chance in saying mw one thousand man taught taught to me. Can you hear me ness. Listen to chill out man. You got no go ahead just like me and the way you're going on other noman we don't know what she has a fucking run up living it up the fact can you guys make excuse after excuse is always come from a UK accidents hilarious. I thought my time because I wanna I wanna I wanna Bas- basically on your side head so don't think that everyone in the UK's against what you're saying. I agree with everything you're saying number one basically of course while the should know what's in the pop or what's the other guy getting and also thinks a little bit of a dishes pet for wild because when the puck negotiations going on I was here witness everything. I'm basically podcast fucking squeezed until the last minute and they gave the guy every single penny he wanted to Aj. So I think there should be a lot more respect for while alda. He's getting a lot of disrespect. He's bringing a lot to the fucking table Yeah maybe not fifty fifty but he needs to get older respect because he's a champion and the is. It's the biggest fight in boxing saying that I don't think age is scheduled to monitor anyone skated wild offing. Aj Defy also think fury's a big five is a mega fi if not in the US in the UK. In Fury's got big name as well like I said I agree with you. Everything you said fucking. Let's see the five. Let's get wild with the respect to deserves. You can't fucking say to a champion while you know sign a contract but we're not gonNa tell you what ages gay. I'm the awhile the fan but I think the big disrespect and I don't know why while gets dishes and someone could get old that fucking respect. I duNno I don't know maybe it's just a racist think we're older. You know the white people in ages team. I don't know what it is. I'm not getting on the race thing by while the dust get disrespect back and that definitely should not be case and that's coming from the UK so let's chill out Bro. Hey man the fact of the matter is is not a lot of people like you but we do appreciate when we do have some people that are saying now some people will just say no. You're just ass kissing us. You know or you just so undercover wilder fan. Aw or they might even say you have no loyalty in it. I mean and that's the issue We need to just be fans like Bro. Look you gotTa know within the Pop. But whatever man we're going to bomb boxing on the boomerang talk to me Arizona. Stand up Bon working. No problem going out to Tim. Talk to me me my back and you hear me yes Sir Oh yeah No it was a little bit refreshing. I Dunno if the guy from the UK was telling the truth. But you know what I mean like to me. Wilder there has proven proven that he's willing to go after the best in my opinion. AJ HASN'T AJ's record isn't as good as wilders The wilder always like tries to fight the best. He went after fury. Everybody knows that like fury was probably the the the second faster maybe even the third best and since he beat Klesko before. Aj you know what I mean but you know I'm a you're asking should a fighter know what the overall purses will. We'll yeah. Obviously I want to know what the Hell I'm getting into so anyway. That's a brother. I love your show. Thank you thank appreciate it and I just think that's so obvious to know what you make and what you may know. How much is despite 'cause that that that speaks to worth you can't acce wilder to go raise his profile and then not tell him what he's worth like what the fuck? But anyway we got so many calls all supposed to be doing a boorda. Wash you guys. Keep pushing border wars. Show back I will be doing. Boorda was show and abetting show on Patriots Day Day. In the top of the morning I'm Morgan Straight through men Array we got. Who was here for Michael? Talk to me. What might a has has going? How's it going I hope despite happens in two thousand twenty the fury like I feel like a fury wins. They're going to rematch. That's because a rematch clause offering the wild winds Dan. I think that there's a good possibility that while Joshua Twenty twenty it can happen so for the sake of vacation. I hope that I hope. Ah Wild winds so that we can get this unification get out the way. Aj Beats while docked goldwater Hay auto auto bias people chat closed on their youtube channels. Donald and then we can live happily ever after bien aim. I should've should've fired. A No. Was Joseph Puck and David Higgins knew what was going on. I mean I mean it doesn't have to know what the point is is like John. Should I mean it's like sixty four and then you'll get four percent is like four million then obviously you know that is going to get sixty percent of that. Jami was a sixty million so you don't have to be a mathematician to know how much what part is you don't have to be a mathematician. Then why why why omitted why not be at liberty to let us know if we ask for that information what why do we have to get a degree. Your math is hoping no but if it's so basic if it's so basic when wilder and Heyman said all right so what is Anthony Joshua getting why he said we're not at liberty that's wild set on this show that they said they weren't at liberty to tell them so if it's so basic basic and simple math why can't we know no because already told you guys way back you said he thinks it's it's GonNa be what fifty million I mean. You know you you know you're done. No one can hear you. I faded you out. Dog Fade to black like fuck and Jay z right now fifty fifty million this dude. UK accent. You see what I'm saying. You K accent on the line long enough they showed they're a bit crazy. I'm just saying fifty million H.. H has got a forty million dollars site fee. He just fought for for sixty five to eighty five million and the wilder. Aj is fifty million. Jesus Christ Bro. God help us Kwami in Ghana talk to me. Quami Gomo once We moving guy though talked to me Yogi. Hear me all right manage guy to I am still music man you gotTA Chairman John McCain making a UK. Look bad you kate loot real. I would already excuses and all of Bush talking about you see when motherfucking American. 'CAUSE call in type ready to get them fighting eight even when they reinstated dealing away all the Americas county like she get out the way it's good to get cracking man these UK dues already thought which would cut like that man but your the business outlook soft hail right. Now though. Like saying Shit like water don't deserve to know what he would he get him and I just need to know why reserve fifty fifty. You know what I'm saying the out here knocking everybody only as if not knocking them. Cold Out NIGGA given a most entertaining fights got the bill undefeated. Aj just took a loss on understand why they deserve to eighty and is gonNA happen in America anyway if they really want to break the SME. I saved me. UK shape up. Don't gotTA and thanks for calling in. We got A. Oh Shit Jon Allen white boy is the ringer now. Now Talk to me John Policies. I'm just working the yeah I had to. I had to go ahead. And Chila Tesla Moist mixed love man. I can't just steel steel content that y'all give us like that had to go ahead and give you all know more But let's see here. Yeah I'm I'm excited that. Aj went out and verbally. Did this is what he needs to do. That's what everybody was screaming for yesterday and then it happened so yeah let's see here. Hey how you think pack down new after. He rejected objected. That forty million dollar flat fee for me whether you think he knew what he was getting in that big mayweather Pacquiao fight in the negotiations. That that's when I called in is because that's that's crazy if he was gonNA make forty million. Then how much did you say. He made one hundred and eighty and crazy and mayweather may to fifty at first right before that I was like. Hey I don't don't know what do makes like a CO worker. Like how come he should know. You know what I mean but at the same time is completely different these these minute putting that life on the line. I'm going to know what I'm making can especially if I'm going up against a heavy if I'm heavyweight I'm I'm known I'm making whatever for real nest. Debating skills are on point though He's out here. Putting the cable is in place but smash the like button go to Patriot. Sign up the show. Everybody listening to the boxing was right. Now he's all right. Thanks for calling in and We got so many people and Thank you personally. Only obviously John for upgrading. The Patriot appreciate it loyalty. Let's try you again. I know you had some audio issues. Hopefully we can hear you now. Can you mute that radio in the background please. Six yes you Tamie yes. Yeah so I say my mic music major still okay I aasiya yeah I agree. She should be withheld. I believe both parties shouldn't aw getting on when it comes to percentage split since Obviously these people the top level dealing the managerial side of the business side. They know how popular people they knew the algorithms. They know the numbers as they know who they need. They need a consistent number. So that's what Thou base that the splits and stuff on both do I agree. Walla should have not been told to split no cost. You should have been told I can't think of any other evidences businesses why the pussies are unite may may be nine. You know if I was fighting some doubt expect despite tonight will end of the game. It's it's it's boxing. Business chest who can get. The advantage is who can play the psychological ecological mind games at you can do whatever ultimate loyalty. That is a minute forty. There was generous interest because I wanted to do some googling jess to again Gift facts I don't see why peas better at this than me. I'd just like to. Aw go off of my memory and my memory serves me correct now. I said May to fifty impact on May one eighty and when I did two separate Google searches for the same term mayweather versus Pacquiao purse on two separate browsers just to have two separate sources sources. I know if I continue to Google the same term. I will find two hundred and fifty four pack as mayweather and one eighty four pack. Pack you but just to searches. I've already found two hundred for May weather and one twenty four pack and another source says and this is CNN. An and then bleacher report says one eighty for me whether in one twenty four pack. Yeah so when when Pack Yao turn down forty million flat for mayweather he was stupid he was stupid. You know he was just some dumb dude food from the Philippines who never is going to make that type of money. Those are all the statements. You've said about wilder for turning on an down for turning down the flat fee which wasn't forty by the way it wasn't forty so you know just just just just some little facts there man all right we got to get to bomb. We're GONNA try you again with the Boomerang while you just working this Saturday or join show. I don't know all right. He's ready talked to Kmart they came on. I was I was laying down lazy but Well Quick Jimmy's this. Aj is saying on audio. He wants this fight twenty twenty so you know everything else went sideways because because people like to bring up all negotiations so my question to the callers was should wilder. Nha know what each other are making in their pot. And that's why I brought up the pack persons because obviously those two big stars knew each other's pot. Why not I mean let's The let's let's put it all out there? I mean these are the two biggest stars they got all the bills. You know that you know what I'm making. You know you want me to fight you you you you want me to contract to come in and fight you what are you paying and what do you make it like. Is it fair. You know. That's why I agree. Why shouldn't they know I mean they're the two biggest biggest stars in the sport? This this fight is going to bring warm money. Man is going to be a lot so I say yes I say yes I want to hear all this other. Will this negotiation. They should sail here here. Here let's let's move forward. You know what I mean. Let's start now. He wants to fight twenty twenty. I Clap Bravo Bravo. If he's willing to face the winner after the twenty. When he's in February twenty-second `bout and he's all in speak about it? Be about it. Let's do it. That's what we all been waiting for so I'm on. I'm on the same page as as far as let's do it. Let's get it over with do it now where we're young. We're both in our prime. So that's how I feel about it. Yeah everything should be on the table for both parties involved. Doc All right I'm boxing man. Thanks for calling in. We got riding a seven old talk to us woods going on A. I just wanted to say to a day to keep talking talk man. That's commands advanced that what he can actually beat wilder. And let's let's get him in rain. Twenty twenty man hype 'em up if feeling good down to get them to Wadad contract to fifty make this happen man. I liked Eddie shift from. AJ THIS WE WON'T WANNA run. It will want any dodge dodge win. Wondering he's saying Shit about mandatory nothing getting fucking rain less convinced that man it could be wilder and there. Wow they're gonNA get that seventy eighty million dollar payday they would've Ko in the fifth round. That's my all right. Thanks for calling in Man I still see three people saying a hundred million for five fights. How isn't that a good deal? When the the Andy Ruis he's? Aj Fi was practically a hundred million dollar fight. One fight was privately a million dollars for a hundred million. If you're telling me. Aj got eighty five according to the AJ stands Aj made eighty five million billion and according to reports Andy made ten million within. That fight was over a hundred million and so how is it intelligence. You know I can't. This is why I can't let this show last this long. When we're talking about age it's got to be in and out just report on and Shit and get out because the are crazy out there really crazy intermediate talked to me in a medium skype? What we're yes year my colleague from the UK definite of course water needs to know what's going on in the Portman nominee car just walk into a bloody establishment? And don't know what you're getting. You feel me so I know sleep. He's fine agent needs to know what the Ova Pie is as well when you guys really need to start with that. UK Staten Deferred Man. This this is boxing as well about those two fires the police UK US America should be one champion. I don't care about your. US are don't care for for the bloody UK. Let's I get this champion. Less root for the best boxer stop getting mad at the UK callers and UK still mad at us. Schools is mad is praying eve Gaza. Making money away argued amongst you talk about you can. US's that's my time. Yeah piece I mean you you know you say that but then. Aj's in his interview saying you know Oh. This is a great moment for British boxing. Oh British boxing I it got the heavyweight division back so is GONNA get territorial. Do you know Damn I just seen a quote who was it Don Charles Don Charles interviewed reviewed Dave Joel and you know he said Oh you know on the AJ Ruiz to he said The the belts also ahead. The belts are back in Britain or something like that. I got to tell them you see the title but but Yeah man like you you can ask people not to act that way he said Yeah. This is Britain. The belts are here. So y'all listen people take pride and as no different than like the eagles you know l.. Being Ha I don't even watch those other but you know how those other sports are men that they got fans and fans debate inauguration. We're going out to Master not mass. Excuse me we went out to a boomerang and Seattle. The fights with the shot nine. I don't care what other brings the baby. The Mike was. Good here This is crazy I mean. I really think anything. Josh was kind of bluff in a little bit. He knows the The water gotTA fight Tyson fury in the. He's GonNa make his own fight. He's agreeing to disagree. You're not making it. Seem like he's agreeing really. He's not GonNa Fuck quitter the antibiotics but if it does happen that's beautiful we can get this. UK USA Out The way and really see if Anthony. Josh McCann hold up his Chin Mr. He's like a to me. He reminds me Amir. Khan now is getting worse and worse her for every fight. So this'll be beautiful man. Get the shit out the way I need to get past Tyson Chevy and then fuck with Anthony Joshua but I wanNA know how is he going to still be on the same tactics with the rematch clause. The lion's share you know is going to be a rematch. But maybe maybe if they do. Good negotiations is a two way rematch since wildest bringing one belt But you know that the a champion gotta get a rematch. He's got four Belsey. GotTa get a rematch clause accent Fano rematches ridiculous. But is he gonNA give the same on the money. He's getting getting the issue. That's the issue the negotiation. I do you know the the second fight is definitely only fifty fifty. What they agree on the I? I don't know but I I'm pretty sure it's not going to be hard to nail down fifty fifty on the second five dom that is your time though Fallacy we went to everybody. I think Talk to me. Circle S. was what I agree somewhat would walk. You'll said but let me finish. I think that pretty much John Skipper Tipper from a business point of view came up with the idea that if he throws a big hundred million dollar to the underworld. Maybe he'll grab city and I think. I don't even think that this was anything to do with Eddie hurt. I think John Skipper wanted his fight on his own and on. He put all the money trap beyond tear while they're in the fight. Okay this field businessman right. Besides all of that. We all knew jail is one is fight. He was never afraid of whether you came to the. US BENT ON ESPN balling while they're fury predominantly while there but here it is now lost his mouth and he lost his belt to tough a fighter that he really if you listen to his interviews he really didn't understand. Meaning I do. Reese is create in the pocket the fastest fastest budget in the pocket. Okay so it was difficult for him and he needed to hold boxed the beaten in needed to do that because fighting inside the pocket he would never have beaten This reality Smith. -I talk to me. Smith hello can you hear me Yes yes yeah I I'm quota. UK making his professional. I soon debut from London. I don't see how far is going to happen. Too often bluff by and they want US fired immediately right now so and once Igla twenty two thousand twenty. How's that possible I? I don't look all you gotta do. All you gotTa do is Eddie says down where Alexandru sick sick except step aside. Money doesn't pay per view on the UK which Zora which is something they already wanted to do because you know he not ready no fucking AJ after looking like shit versus chaz teaspoon. Okay okay use it goes on goes and does that while. Aj goes and fights in April. He takes him to live. Get that old man out the way thirty nine years although he ain't got nothing for agent. And then while the fights fury February twenty-second winner of that can face. Aj the end the twenty twenty one but one of the reasons. Why I'm saying I think is a bluff right because display against rees right last week? Whoever was so scared is he's a different guy right now because if he's running with with no power really can't really move if I any guy with power and mobility here but it's like the last caller said eh brother Ruiz's fast pocket that's a different style style makes Feis were listening? That means anyone. You've got power thoughts sandboxes Murphy. Is that what you're saying or none. It's not about the power is it wasn't about Reza's powers about Ruis surprised Surprised them with the with the quick combination punches on the inside then he built a game plan for listen. You gotta remember. That is your time. Thank you but you guys gotta remember. Aj and mccracken. They've been working on a plan for a while to all their career. They just never thought they was gonNA face and do you understand what I'm saying so there was no plan for Andy. You think they gotta go get into lab for weather. They been watching the fights. The guy that wasn't on the scene was Andy. There was only the Joseph Parker fire. And we all watch that. None of US fucking indy. No shot so to act uh-huh. Aj's there's no. It was with that. Do that do broader style like no other that do nobody else while the style is wildest out we've been watching wilder forever Ruis. We never seen do this shit. Never he never looked like that ever ever ever I. I wish I wish I wish I would have no man we would have made some fucking money stunner mantle to me. You know what I saw so I mean I was reading an article. Yesterday it was from Bob Arum based on with our road doesn't seem like you know he's going to be willing to take any type of step besides that you're listening. I just told the other do. Wbo will let take step aside. Sick will fight to Zora on pay per view in the UK. 'cause they all match room they already being. They've already been talking that right and also no he not ready after looking looking like shit with Chas Teaspoon and then. Aj fights live thirty nine years old man and he can look like shit all his life. He never looked good. I watched a watched the Huey fight. I watched the bagging. Do new fight. I watch everything man. He's a bum competitive the AJ. Let's say I agree with you right so that would mean that. What wilder would that? Meanwhile the Feis fury in February twenty-second like they said it's supposed to and the winner. 'CAUSE age aim discriminate. He said while the fury win the must happen. Twenty twenty so the winner gets to fight and in and the winner might have to pay step aside money to do it. Lost now fits wilder. He believes he knocked him out. So bad fury on what a rematch. So I could see it happened in two thousand twenty if AJ eight Lyon now remember Aj saying twenty two hundred twenty twenty so aj got to send it off these next fights then if all of this plays out the way that they could go the other way if they give pool step aside money but you gotta think you say Bob said no but you tell me if I'm going to say no to one or two million dollars was worth step. Aside Bruna got eats one point five or let me Donna go so AJ's big business. You tell me giving you a million not to fight what what was the. What was the room for five hundred thousand ducats to drop his? Wbo Not to fight Cobra and go take care of your family. Your newborn son is this is grandfather was uncle my head. Just don't forget dog. Money is money a million dollars not to fight one point. Five two million Lillian. What the fuck is two million two? Aj in a big fight. You feel me. That ain't nothing to them. That ain't nothing. Listen it can happen it can happen. And if he out here with this energy we need to get behind energy to make sure it happen and let's let's not forget. I just played the audio not too long ago to interview women Johnny Nelson like they always said twenty twenty. They always say this. This ornate saw this ain't daytime. Let me just add this. Last point. an article or a video. I've seen so apparently Daniel the boss call now dylan white and he wants to the whites. WBZ mandatory spot. So now now now we all want that we want dealing white wilder. Say you want to smoke high now now now. Don't Edberg it that we need that Scout. We want that Scout. We won't all three. We want one two three top heavy ways. Nah If we do no the bomb I get him out of it. You kidding me. That boy got zero Stamina Dubai young in a puncture no way. That's that's that's while the sculptor take league. No no no till Dubai. He got away stunning. I gotTa go stop the Don Talk to me. Start off the darn annute I. We're going to touch potential. Talk to me what I can come up to me. Yeah maybe Stainless yeah yeah. Yeah touch potential. Talk to me. What's up Nestle said? Look I can't believe the same old argument because is proved It should be a fifty fifty. There's no doubt about that. Well done his Co. company Gopro respects on his name overstay. Aj for but I go the fact that Well does manager is just the worst manager I've ever seen in my life because you can go separate goes and Yankee said the is it's an skipper. I thought maybe you made some mistakes. But what they do when he said they regained but on re renegotiate that they come no fan. They think about this thing about this. Because I think you're not using all of your brain right. You listen to me Wilder Shelly. Finkel and the man that never is seen Al Hayman all goal to the offices zone. Keep in mind. Al Is never seen they go to the offices. They sit down with John. Skipper everything's good. Deontay told us on this show. I was so close to taking it and then when they axe. Aj was getting in the wild to fight. If it were to happen they could not know so you. Don't you're telling me. The Wilder Heyman is shelley are supposed to leave Steve and then call them back and say hey you wanna make us another offer. What's the fuck is wrong with you? The personal aide. Dangerous Business. I I gotta go I gotta go man. Go come on. You're bugging you bugging. Let's go back and forth touch. Listen to me listen to me. Listen to me knows. Not what's normal. Is this okay. You obviously never been to an auction. You never purchased anything you never been on a house. No you didn't because if I make an Offer or if I declined an offer if I may offer I gotTa make another one. If you don't like okay if I made you an offer Oh for to come work for TV. And you don't like it I gotTa make you another one okay. Any any state a made a mistake. Maybe I should have showed you the pope so motherfucking you know you made a mistake come show me to pop. Make me a new offer. Stop acting while the call him get out of there. Bah Bah fucking crazy. This is what I'm saying. How are Ya? The man already admitted he made a mistake. You want to pick up the phone and call him motherfucker. You fucked up you call me with the new deal. Jeez as little waves with these people I'm telling you. Don Donnie talk to me. Alan big up with TB done Mo.. M. Is a good question today. Still just been listening. I feel like people are just like this. This is the problem that let's just look the fights that worrying about money how can it be talking about fifty fifty million light. Let's be real if you really wanting wanting to fight you talking about fifty fifty. You know it's not even worth half realistically. Yeah wait a minute so wait a minute so so wild does not even worth twenty five percent. Because you said he's not worth fifty fifty and realistically he's not worth half of that so he's not worth twenty five percent where Eddie's already said in the media that he was giving them forty five yeah industrial because what realistically about twenty percent so you you know you are being real. You're a troll you said he's you said he's worth twenty two percent you stood. Are you stood on. Hold all that time. 'cause you gonNa make someone laugh. He's worth twenty two percent the only heavy way. The only heavyweight American pay per view is worth twenty two percent the only way the knocked out. Everybody he's four knockdown everybody if we're talking about mom your clown man clown I gotta go man. I gotta go not giving time. I'm not. I'm not clowning with the fuck twenty two percent you'll clown fucking clowns man Mr. PBC you want to boom era. Yes a We start to remember. How Yonsei Eagle is? You know he's been screwed it over twice that famous same. Fool me once from the second time you know and ain't GonNa Happen. Tyson fury said the same. I'm Shakin Ever GonNa find any Josh with his tactics. You already tried to you guys have to remember in the UK. Anthony Josh was game protect. Because because that's all ya gotTA. I mean literally literally. That's all you have so I mean he's getting protected you Tyson fury. Don't even WanNa fuck with him because he got these rematch causes. He got his money bag. That is only made for him. And you gotta be a contender prospect aspect of the other type of money and be cool with it. You know that type of shit ain't cool. I mean this is. This is America. We we split fifty fifty we get we get the bag out here. y'All trying to keep the bag and give a little bit of a bag. She don't work ain't gonNA happen. Tyson theory and the water going to go at it and then handed Elise Virginal Anthony Joshua in America. and Ain't GonNa Happen Bro. 'cause he wanted to in the UK and ain't GonNa happen either. He wants an onto zone. Let's get him. Let's be honest. I thought you smart man I thought she you read up on your Shea. Seemed like you. Don't yeah I don't know what you said because you in and Seattle is bad so you went out and then we just heard read up on shit but I'm out man as E. T. O.. INSTAGRAM post stainless boomerang. Yeah I guess you can. You gotTA T- plows. I mean what you mean you give them a boom now. You said skipping life Otani it was that on purpose ice. Get T plus. I talked to you today. We went the floor. May Berg back. Then Hey hey Absolutely not I had to either out of border so so I had a border war show scheduled for like ten thirty brought. So I never blacklist you I. I'm I keep rescheduling because there's so many colours but Gamay I just super chat after the call or you WanNa before I mean you could do. You could do it afterwards. I I mean I'm pretty much going to say when I was saying in there somewhere but basically I want to be serious. But it's hard to believe the boy cry wolf and when you say measuring got some sort of rotation where they go. Lucille called wilder than dealing away. Callout Wilder and as they call water in. And it's like it's his rotation that they they got going on where it's like you call out water for awhile and then stopped and then you call him out again in the next person doing metric heavyweight taste also As you see the bottom of every year like at the end of the year. We're always saying Anthony Jostle deontay wilder next year and it happens every year. That's why it's hard to believe. I want to believe a say you know what I'm saying. His is promote his team is the same thing that'd be like old news are made in the public. But they're doing exactly what they saying. Don't make deals so. It's hard to believe you as much as I want. You know what I'm saying. That's that's that's what it is. I mean look. I'm with you to to a certain extent like but we can't hold people to you know certain statements for ever like everybody realize social media is definitely an avenue. Like Andy Andy Release got his biggest shot on social media so to say the deals. Don't get made on social media and Youtube channels. That was just a mistake on age as part yes they do. Everybody knows Timothy Molten made it to be. AJ SPA partner. He got a fight now in January and match rooms bringing them back on another car all because of his social media and getting people to say that. That's not I mean. Look you can't we can't we can't hold them to the I know you wanna say that's the hypocrisy doc crecy but that's also the evolution he realizes now to the social media is powerful. He realized how that he can't just say in an interview. YEA GIMME fifty million. He realizes real he realizes his is his manager. I mean a train of mccracken said it on that interview on Scott Spoils before the fight like the social media. Got Him after the law so yeah he realized social media now Israel. Should Israel. Stainless talk to Yeoman. I'm a stay a firm believer that that's what Anthony Joshua work indoors but at the science. How almost they focused on a water? Fury fight Los Angeles coming up. You know what I'm saying to meet US was more important I'm not trying to take any shying away from this fight Or this hypothetical firearms. Were I still wanNA focus on fewer in. 'CAUSE I think he gon body fury and I think that's GonNa show if nothing else where this whole fifty fifty argument can stop We are no water is champion. We are saying we know his star power that star power. Our has grown in the last year year and a half. So you know what I'm saying. That's all I got to my. UK callers me. y'All supporters man of boxing. Who can talk all boxing and not just? Aj and water may big ups to you but so you see how may I make it hard heartless. That's all I got is always say. Please make sure you push the thumbs up shows this every episode of the box voice podcast because it's TB for life life interview. I know Patriae. 'cause you stupid out there. This behind closed in negotiations can go over social media and Youtube channels and stuff. Yes yes yes but I believe man is energy is different. That's what I'm trying to tell you. And it is different than in the past Bomb boxing you want you boomerang appreciate. He'd given that Kicking Dan Dante Wilder we asked to women. And even you guys have to admit he still undefeated fighters still got his so. Don't come at me with the unite even worth half of the fifty percent Shit Like like staying. Let's focus on him. Kyrie out of there. I believe he will and than if Anthony Joshua was serious about this instead of just you know trying to get back to being demand than Than it is what it is but like you said I appreciate everybody here thank you. TV thank you all the real fans. Stick around Chad after after the show and we'll get at you bomb bikes Aman. Thanks for calling in That is everyone. Thank everybody for calling in Let make sure Dharma. I went to you twice already right down and I mean obviously Mr BBC on my so you said my second call was bad yes What else saying say what I was saying my second because We already know that. deontay wilder been said. He doesn't want to do anything with and he's also same thing with Tyson fury. They've both ran into the same situation with the UK. Any her does Gebre. But we can't live in the past. We now know what I'm saying is Anthony Joshua now needs to step up up and get out that circle and do Tyson cheerleaders meet up with the onset wilder. Negotiate yourself promoter just promotes. He doesn't make AAC. He doesn't talk for you every day he needs to. He needs to talk for himself. Repsonse believe all they got to do now is sending off and no they need. They need a sit down. They need to sit down and talk down the numbers right. We go sit down. That's the point. If offers right Joshua the sat down and say something any her stepped in but you get what he wanted getting it all right then will listen to you. You always don't even know what you remember. Say I say Anthony Joshua that's my call. Listen man if they send the right offer while they're in them going come own on a on come sit down. You'll need to sit down without no fuck we send out for while while while WanNa talk to edie all AJ. The only thing that's going to make him talk. Is Shelly picking up the phone saying oh I just received the email said XYZ. Does that seem interesting to you and CASSIM interesting. They GONNA go over there. What you me? I don't know but anyway I'm out as GTO instruments would have don't forget you hit that thumbs up but in the future of the president to pass it doesn't doesn't matter Helps out with visibility show helps us grow You know we want to get the two hundred K.. We Wanna be able to cover every every every every FIGHT WE WANNA be able to Continue to do the show daily as you can see. Im seven days. A week I love talking boxing. I love when. Aj or wilder or Cannella Cannella was someone drops a quote and it gives us something to talk about so I appreciate eight every one of you guys call in and You know participate paid in a hit. The thumbs up button shed a show because Without you there is no me. Catch me on the next one. I'm going right back. Live for Boorda Wars Baltimore's is GonNa be in Texas. If you don't know what it was is please stick around. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel. And Yeah I'm going to be talking border wars and give you guys a quick update. We're going to be doing Boorda wars in Dallas Texas the week after the deontay wilder fi so to be on the February twenty nine is a leap year. We'll have our own border wars. Feis if you don't know what board awards is in the meantime you can search it right here on our youtube channel. Just put it in the search Bar Boorda wars and and check out all the free content that we have there and if you want more exclusive border wars content you can check out the most. Recent seasons is which are only on Patriot dot com forward slash the box invoice which where you can also catch our podcast of untitled and you catch me later on today with the bedding getting show. So I'll catch guys on. The next Boorda was right here at Youtube Dot com forward slash the box and boys piece.

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