Ep. 32: Dr. Jeff & the Apocalypse


This pockets contains explicit content language and sexual situations. It is intended for adults. Eighteen years of age and older these thoughts and opinions expressed are not those of any specific employer group or individuals that up with the rat race. We decided to sell everything and move to Cancun Mexico. Now we do it. We'd Love Work Party and play at desire resorts after sixteen years in the lifestyle. We thought we saw all. You are so wrong so wrong. Oh my God so wrong. Now we WANNA share the fund that we get to have every day so come to room seventy seven. Let's play aright. Lauren. You're both here present missing a lot of people. We are missing a lot of people. How are you? How are you and then good? How're you doing fantastic? You look amazing. Why because I'm outlets. Yes I'm skin. Looks Amazing you have a nice little glow going to you. You're radiating positively. That's how I get through my day. Is You smiling? And laughing. And making life worth living You're so sweet. I also want a divorce. Life is strange it is it is a little bit strange right now but we do want to thank the outpouring of love that we received from all of the people who went over to Patriot and bought our dollar episode and more just saved our lives in a way. I don't think people really understand what it's like you know. We came out here not out here but we came down here well depending on where you live. Maybe we came up here. I don't know I don't know where you live but Yeah we came to Mexico on a whim and a prayer. We've been started doing this thing. And the support of everybody's made it possible. WanNa thank every person or that one person who listens? It's been remarkable. We know that a lot of people are suffering up there and we wanted to say by your support. You've helped us to not suffer through this. It really means a lot to aside. Just the emails of people saying like can we mail used to. What do you guys need rethinking of you and that really means a lot to us? It really does. I think we would have been in severe panic mode. If we didn't have the support over there patriotic for me. Absolutely my favorite part of the day is hearing the answer to this question. What Day is it has become the favorite part of my day. God Yes the quarantine is starting to get to me in sort of a psychological level. I guess it's starting to change my mood a little bit. I am the barometer of the world. I know this up. Something's bugging me. It's it's probably bugging somebody else out. There I represent the every man mostly the every woman but yeah. I'm starting to feel a little blah. I feel like I'm bringing you die tired of me. No I'm not tired of you. I you tired of going to the store for me. No look at it as like a little adventure. I don't know what I'm doing there. I just hold onto my list like it's my last line of defense treasure map. I mean you could use a little bit. Better penmanship. Such chicken scratch like some beautiful mind. Shit I know to you. It makes the outsider. It's like one step above a note to call nine one one. I've Been Kidnapped and stuck it up against the car window while it was driving. That's what it looks like but I enjoy it. I don't mind going to the store I mean I like getting out more when there isn't people around you jam it's Gm So it's it's a little bit better for me but yesterday had a very long conversation with the lady about breadcrumbs in Spanish. So we've talked a long time. How to say breadcrumbs in Spanish? And what is the answer? I forget Mega Migas Day pan but Migas Day pan is not really correct. It's not what they they use. That's out says it in a translator but I had to text be an ask be. I'm like hey how do you say that? Because they don't know what the fuck I'm talking about the one they go by is panned. Modibo Yeah Ground Brad Modibo. Before I even looked on the translator is walked up and I said do you have Povo Day pan which is what does that mean. Dust dust of bread. That's bread that's not far off was the loosest translation. I could come up with my head because I don't know crumbs. Yeah and I don't know ground so I I asked for bread dust and she looks at me like someone would look at you when you ask them for breakfast. Did you wipe your nose? Like he had a coke problem because I had a mask on arts so then she finally got what I was talking about. And then we took a trip together over to the Deli section as. You asked me how much I wanted and then I didn't have the energy to explain your. I don't really understand the metric system. I don't know how much breadcrumbs way nor do I know how to make that equivalent. And how about Kilo Kilo Housing Graham? Yeah give me a kilo. I don't know how much that is but I know it looks like in a cocaine photo. That's what I need. He knew rapid chess. But while I was in the store going through my chaotic breadcrumbs Scavenger Hunt. I'm out there even with a few people there. I am aggressively looking for hot. People have sex with. I mean it's just like hey it's getting desperate right like I'll just take them and throw them in a van. Take them away. You raping lead Bass I am. I Am Shush. I just need to take your temperature. I and fill out this form about where you've traveled in the last couple of weeks and I need some information about your family friends for you. Take off your clothes and then and then I'm going to rape you just. It's just getting desperate. I'm a little sexually frustrated in the in the lifestyle world because I don't have anybody to fuck around with play with look at touch. Rub Up against flirt with other than you again. I love you to death but you don't count when somebody does finally come to desire and we are there. I'm just take them first. Couple even hints at the fact that they would come home with us. I'm just GonNa be like let's go. What are your names? All I forget I'll ask you on the way home. I don't care I just need to have some sort of orgy right now. Yeah I was getting horned up by watching the final scene of sausage party. Oh my God. Having the end orgy scene in that particular Seth Rogan Film. I was like Oh God. I need a fucking orgy. I need to have dirty disgusting sex with my wife. That's what I need to do now. We don't usually go into terrible detail about our or even really sex with with others mainly because I don't want to gross people out mean that's the honest truth. Like what do they care like? I'll shut up just how it works but I'm not going to do that today today. I'm going to go into absolute detail for a reason at gay before we went upstairs. That's where we have the sex I see a time anywhere in this particular day. We did it on the upstairs And I had right before hurt my back so I had warned you I was like. Hey we're GONNA fuck you like. Yeah listen are my back really hurts okay so if you have any fantasy of having sex with a barely mobile eight year old man. That's going to help out my performance. Just set your by right there. I was sort of trying to get into a position that felt good for my back. Only being in one of two percent lion flat on my back yeah or or sort of on my knees right tells you could starfish night. Be Okay with I. Anyone do that. What I did was is. I just started treating you like an absolute pick. I took you down and it's just sort of turned into this right. Yeah I started feeding you my caucus shoved my cock in your mouth and I was taking your head. I was grabbing your hair and I was just fucking your face and then I started just dirty talk. It was like little fucking whore fucking whore I love and he did not so then salivate. I know and you're getting more and more turn on at the more and more turned on. You're getting elevating your dirty elevating dirty talked now just like pending you down. I'm shopping my copy your mouth that I'm making you salivate and your eyes are watering. And I'm telling you that you are a worthless piece of Shit and you need to learn. You need to learn how to suck cock and then you started making sounds. I told you to shut the fuck up. Shut up if I want to hear something out of you. I will tell you two fucking speak and then you started talking. I was like shut up at at one point. I slapped your face and then I paused and I was like. I can't remember if she doesn't like to be slashed. In and then I was waiting too long so I slapped in the face. I was like I'm going to stop slapping her in the face. I kind of remember this. She doesn't like that now. I do like it. Oh so there's I was like you or a pig. You're nothing you are fucking worthless. You are a whole that I am here. Fuck your just a halt me. I don't WanNa hear you speak out anything about you. I paid a man to come into this room to use. You like fucking hole you filthy dirty or I love you very much and you're getting turned off. I like I think he's finally face right like going to do. I'm going to walk outside of the room and I'm GonNa Comeback in here. I want you to sit on the edge of the bed yet. Like you are trapped here and you have to have sex with any stranger who walks through the door so you sat on the bed like a good little person and there were you sort of put your head down and you put your hands down and I walked out the door and I thought about making your way at a little bit but I gotta be honest. I was way to Hornets. I walk out the door and come back in and I grab your hair and I pulled back and I say are you Lauren. And you just nod yes and then. I throw you down and I lift your legs up and then I just start hammering away you I just start fucking the shit out of you. I'M A I'm getting so super turn on getting turned on talking about not just treating you like an animal and then I was like all GonNa come. You had already come because I had already. You've already had an orgasm before this right so I have to last forever. Which FOR ME IS THIRTY. Seven seconds so. I can kind of come faster because you're at a cave so I'm like I'm GonNa go there and I fucking stick my mouth my cock in your mouth. I am going to make you swallow every drop of compact crawler and I start coming and chicken out and I just come on your chest. Yeah because I was like I can't do it and then like Jim. Jeffries said one of his his routines I am. I'm so sorry are you okay are you? Okay yeah okay. That's out. Okay okay. I'm so sorry love you fit you just violated like well you Kevin. You cut masturbating. You're so turned on. You just sat there and you're like hey can you help me with your fingers. I WANNA come one more time and I'm like let back curt killing me. I'll try okay now. I have a a lot of fantasies that go a little bit deeper than this. And we're going to get even more graphic but we're gonNA put it on the Patriot side of it is a fantasy that I feel weird about a little bit but it also turns me on. But we're GONNA put that over there the dive into it a little bit worse. You'll hear more of that head on over the Patriot dot com forward slash room. Seventy seven year breath dollar. I on this long. I'm listeners for some call. Time listener caller. Thank you all right. Where are you calling? Hey we're coming from sunny southern California first time caller time listener first time. Doing any of its in your family. Who Does the show breadcrumbs there and Sydney? What we'll do you find the good question. I'M GONNA ask this question. Who Does the food shopping in your family? Which I'll do you find breadcrumbs. It seems like it would make sense. Who in your little family? There does the food shopping. Oh Good God. That's me are what I'll do you find breadcrumbs the bread. I'll do you like to call your lady in bed. You like to call her. Names like crazy redhead so fine crutches something like that quickly. I'm like which is fine. Do you like to slap her around a little bit. And then she strong when you were having sex to be called the pig or a lot. I know you like to. Do you ever like to be treated like trust and called a slut? Good God yes. All of these cotton slap during sex in the face out bare minimum years. When you were having sex you ever like to be called a four. Pick come slot. I'll never have you ever been slapped in the face. I'm getting slapped. This is a question that usually goes for the couples. But she's not here but I'm GONNA ask Anyway. Do you swallow plus all right. So we're going to start off with Dr Jeff. A lot of people were like. Hey there's anybody who want to hear from during this time it's Dr Jeff and Dr Karen. Where are they so we were? We were trying to bring them up like guys. We need you guys. We have a fucking family year. We can't just pull everything out of the closet and start talking about sex and balls and tits and our kids are gonNA walk in and this is going to end horribly but I do want to preface this. We did. We did talk to them with and that's coming up next. This is really important. This is true after we talk to them. They donated five hundred dollars to our Patriot on and they are the sweetest people. We WanNa thank them so much. It just doesn't go unfilled cry. Don't it means so much. Dorks they are. I loved them and so much. So and the other thing is a lot of people always ask is Dr Jeff's votes disguise. The answer is yes. It is disguised because he has to keep his privacy which we respect at acknowledge and is especially important. Now that we don't give away his identity being that he is on the White House Kuroda by risk task force. I'm not saying Dr. Foul Daca is Dr Jack. I'm not saying that right now. Of course you're not saying no. I'm not saying that Dr Jeff and Dr Foul are the same person or that you have written. Dr Felt like a wild stallion before. I'm not saying no absolutely privacy is super important at this time there is Dr Jeff. That is what people have been asking. Where are they emails and messages and social media? It's all here and you know what I tell them. Doctors is. This is an easy time for you and I you know what I mean. We have a lot of questions that are coming in all the time. He got conference calls. Richard I have a fever Richard. What are the symptoms? Richard sent me nudes. There are so many things just coming in all at once and everybody wants answered. Everyone wants a piece Richard Doctors. Are you feeling that over there as well so I just kind of catch up with each other a little bit? We do need to connect but we also need context prioritizing. We just WanNa talk to you about some things. And then Dr Jeff Dr Karen. Which by the way not their real names so then after that will turn the recording off and then we will catch up and talk about your family what it's like in Russia. This time of year did normal stuff that we talk about. Is that okay with you finally decide? How Answer Questions Busienss too busy right now because I had a doctor Dr. Listen I'm going to ask you a question and I want to specific answer. How many lives have you saved today? Dr Karen I don't really want to talk about the pandemic and everything because who knows what's going to happen. This is the question I had in my head I was like are. We actually prepared for a real apocalypse. I got scared because I personally. I'd be dead inside of an hour. If there was a real apocalypse I told Lauren. This this is a true story. We would die alone first of all you would die because I would run away from the danger right. So then you'd be by yourself that you would alone just that yeah so. I said I was like really if something really does happen. We're not gun people and we don't live in the United States. We die we die. We've been shootout. It'd be the wild wild west especially in the United States in fact if there is an apocalypse. I don't think I want to be in the United States because I think people would just walk out the doors and start shooting each other. You'd be dead in crossfire from your neighbors before the Zombie Apocalypse. Even got to you. It's always been off. It starts with a fever every movie. It's just got different rules but it did start. Be Thinking about who I would want on my team if we were in a clan and I thought I want Dr Jeff and Dr Karen on Martine Absolutely. Do you feel like we would add something to your team. Because I have a few questions that I need to ask before I make it official. Oh yes you guys would be the best team ever. What bring in the table you guys can. We know you could can tell jokes. That's perfect. I'm really Oregon night. Lauren is organized. And I like to clean so we have a clean tent. I can be the gatherer. That's good doctor. Do you hunt okay. But if you had to like H we if we had to kill someone and eat them as a doctor. Would you know what parts are good part as a human? You could slow rose. Yes your choice needs. I suppose you could write obviously be in charge of butcher. What you're right because he's candy. That's your job so I think we all have actually. I'm the only one offer anything telling jokes but seriously let's say if it did start off on the day that sort of started here. All we had in. Our cupboard was Cheetos in Gatorade. How long could a human live on Cheetos and water? Well influence supply of cheater. No no no no. Let's say a bag of cheetos. Are we talking eight ounce or sixteen ounce COSCO? Let's do costco-sized? How long can humans live off that bag of cheetos but us when sharing our Cheetah? We didn't meet up yet. You're jumping way ahead in the movie. We haven't met up together yet. We haven't gotten desperate enough to go outside yet. She does it. Water spot all right back cheat. Us RELAXED WATER. The cheetos to go a time really like cheeto per day. Rationally cheaters out per day. I don't know if I could do that because they're so good he can't he won. You know what I mean and then you get that dust on your fingers you can we. Can we bump that up to two or three a day and these offi puffy not crunchy kind although I do prefer those but I find three stages of cheeto eating which is oh my God. These are so good. Wow this tasting weird and then Oh my God I need to throw out. You always get to part three just too late all right so we got cheetos before we make it out. Does gatorade help us if I have? Some water are going to worry about dollars and my bringing the Gatorade or am I bringing the water or whichever you can have. The most of. It doesn't really matter. It doesn't even have the gatorade going to bring gatorade. Okay do you have a flavor preference? Richards is great. Gorge is the best one the red ones. I don't like the red ones either then. No Red and we're not bringing the reds like a bad movie. If that's all we had I would pour it out on the floor. Yeah reporting them our in them out. Have you been working on your your body? I sell a camera for a little bit before this and Damn Actually Karen AC- working out. He always works out saying you have exercise equipment in your home. Yeah we do. We have a full gym so jealous low. We can bring it to the camp bring way if you would help us. Carry the fifty pounders. This is why we're going to survive. We're smart like this. We will bring weights and carry them everywhere so that we will be yup so that we have time to work out. I just think that as a clan walking through the apocalypse we WANNA be shredded. You know what I mean. We should look out right. Yes poses a good question for ladies. What kind of shoe are you packing like a wedge kind of thing or is this? Is this an easy pump? Did I get that right? I'm just I'm thinking of primary sneaker but then I like to air the shoe let the feet air open toe. Yeah definitely a Wedge Heel I think yeah the wilderness the wedges redoing apocalyptic the night look like Oh my God. That's the nights would be so like you guys got to look hot because that's part of our thing. Your hair can be a little bit. Messed up but in sort of a stylish way yeah like that. Beach Wilderness. Look like must abun with dreadlocks. Exactly the doctor and I are going to put dirt on our face strategically and spots that make us more handsome but take a shower every night and brush your teeth weird bamboo. And then we put the dirt right back. Hawk hookup little like running water using like a milk container. I don't think we have to rough it. That much I have a feeling waffle houses will still be open because they don't close in our world some waffle houses and and Walmart or to well. We have an RV we take the RV okay. This is getting because I think we're GonNa Mad Max the fuck out of that campy all right. It's getting too campy art. That's pull back out burns. Still have the treadmill chess or wait at. We're still carrying weights. Let me ask you this. Let's just say that we're in in the thick of it and one of us. I'm not going to say which one we're doctors. One of us wants a little plastic surgery. Now you brought your doctor tools with you. I brought my down until doc. Is there a way to give me a lift in? The field are eight and again if you want to hear more about our plan during the apocalypse go to either rooms heavy dot com and hippopotamus on link or Google patron dot com forward slash group seventy seven. You can hear how we are planning to take over the world and how we will and pillage other plans for. World dominance and homoerotic surgeries. All of. It will be waiting for you over them. Cheetos over there are too many cheetos Jake's typically when I'm eating Cheetos I'm pretty high so that limits me from throwing up so You can probably finish backhaus like Walmart hoax of cheese. Focus on the word booze. A five gallon bucket of Jesus could stop. Bsing finished a half of one of those barrels of cheese. Goofs Evening Nassar. During an apocalypse the proper shoe at tire would be optimistic. Oh the Sparkley Solta ones yeah and also if the yields are really really long and sharp so can just kick something still good choice Gucci loafers D-. I want everyone to know spot can. Maybe it's science LETO. Six inches glitter Black Ryan. Sounds who the fuck cares at that point. What's your favorite flavor gathering? I don't know it's blue. Yes that is the correct answer. What is your flavor of Gatorade and like the glue out? There's a purple one. That's pretty good too. Yes Reverend Prefer. Pedialyte in the middle of our debauchery. Gatorade in pitch aren't in a pinch. What is your favorite flavor of the gatorade? Great Grape grape. Yes I like the frost. No coloring agrees that the red SOx. Yes what is your favorite flavors. Frost Frost Ones Arctic Frost. That's the white flavored one. I like yellow. And we're trying to get gatorade just making reds now to get everybody on board with. That would need to strongly worded letter next conversation. You're going to hear an extra extra boys being ex playmaker from our M. Yeah so that was living here but if you want to hear the rest of that conversation go on over to patriarchy. She gives you an update of her life after desire. Now it's not secret anymore. She was living here with us in little by the way. If you WANNA look at be. She is over on instagram. At 'em underscore the R. N. A. L. D. or on twitter at Marissa underscore E. R. N. A. L. Check her out. Make sure she knows that we sent you and she will give you news videos videos. Yeah probably I don't know if that last part is true. I haven't talked to her about it all right so the other thing that I wanted to bring up is. Lauren is in some sort of crisis so she started this only ask. Are you aware what only fans is? Yes art so only fast for anybody. He doesn't know is like you tune in you tune in. I don't know you subscribe right. Yeah it doesn't matter. It's a way that we're making ends meet. And she's decided I'll get to get on Kamerun diddle myself so last night she was like I wanna make video of us doing stuff I was like are asking for it. I'm like what's on your shot list. So she says Waga. I'd need a shot of you. Fuck me in this position this position in this position. I'm Sharon I'm supposed to be working tonight. But our August shower. We'll get these positions done. And then she throws this at me she says I want to do it in front of the giant window while the neighbors are what ladies like word dollars so I'm like sorry. Walk downstairs completely naked and I talked about in another episode. You can see into our window. Lauren's like lighting. It's like we're setting up a window in Amsterdam to like the light district to bring clients and she setting the lights up. I'm sweating nervous. Right started my eyes are locked on the street. Because I'm like oh. Please don't walk by. Please don't walk by police. Don't anybody walked by. I was trying to make dim so people couldn't see in and she's trying to make it bright so people can see what she's actually shooting. It didn't end well. I think I got so nervous that I just came on your leg and then I ran out of the way he did. Try to fill out a back and you came on my leg. I didn't even know that I just ran away. I just ran because I was like. I can't do this man if you ever wanted to know what. It looked like. When a person with mental disabilities has sex for the first time. That's what I look like. This is my life now along with Lauren. Selling Panties I sell today. Laura is selling her patties right now. How do you feel about that? Be Up here. How much would you pay for Lawrence Panties? I would say eighty eighty dollars depending on what she did in them. Yeah I just sold them for bargain and if it has some lobue come return more expensive now that that can make a baby that can be scraped off yeah then their DNA for life. Yeah no what have they been asking for that. You've been running in. You know I put up a couple of examples on the loss EPA like what. What are the examples? It was working out Sweating ones that. I slept in which are kind of like you know it just takes it takes that when you wake up in the morning you have a different smell right vaginas bed breath and then masturbated and then you came up with the ones but everyone wants masturbated one nobody wants no one wants sweaty one for ones that you crap them not graphing and any of a and then came up with once. The EP didn't which I think is actually a better one than Crapton were both. Why can now no one wants? Thatt's number one number two Combo. What did you do you masturbated masturbated in a and? Then 'cause I was making like a video last night so they're the ones like. I pulled aside when I finished. I put him back on. Just sorta wiped it and then I just made a clip at the end. Maybe someone would want to buy these so I just made a little video clip that the ends like four second and then he was messaging me as like. I sent him the little four four second video clip like I want those and that's what I staying a little package deal like. You're going to get a little clip. And if you want the masturbation video then you can also that's like an additional item. You can add to cart and then I'll ship you the pennies done. It's like a cool deal right and then you can smell the panties. Watch the video jack off. Whatever I don't know I thought it'd be cool package. You put them in a little plastic baggie. Like you're in the right off. You gotTa take them off is all that is like that's good that's good. It's it's intense and I put them in a bag in Egypt. It up a put it on the bed for the morning. I was like I don't know what to do with it. I haven't sold these. But what else can we sell on you? What if you start lactating? Wait if I do like wax strips this whole conversation make surfaced Chris. Do I do know that the panties are deal because there's all this vending machines and stuff that's high got the idea. There has to be a pan for sale on site somewhere. Well there's a few of them are they are. Yeah what do they look like? How many people are on their selling pennies? Aol Dot a couple of them. And you know for me to pay someone to twenty percent commission. I'd rather just direct deal with my people cut out the middleman dealing with panties. Ernie Pan is anyway. You don't need an agent well and that's what I was thinking like. I'M GONNA make it more special and I'm GONNA make a tiny little video that goes with it. I'm GonNa make like a something that shows at the end row. It's that you know exactly what you're getting you know. It was on my body and embrace whatever kinks people have. I WANNA make it as not dirty as possible if that is your fucking embrace it. I'M GONNA make a little video so you can have fun with it and just be study as you want I. There's nothing wrong with that. They tell you what they're gonNa do with your panties now. I haven't gotten that far but someone was like. Tell me what you did to make those panels and I'm like oh I can't get into this on tax but I could show you can show you the video. That's a good tool. I mean ninety dollars keeps going up because she didn't know about the video inflation. Can we sell your panties? Yeah sure that could be the Combo Patty to fry like it. You can't all right so let's start selling stuff or doing it. Got A room seventy talk and there's going to be some sort of back link portal to the dirty stuff so patties and maybe we get into. I don't know if there's a thing with bras or anything like that and also some old electrical equipment that they need to get rid of steel. Does this stuff you can't you can't go to. Canada. I'm sorry I feel like that. You should just make it official. I wish we weren't going through a time right now. And then we could just be on full-time. Yeah we money to pay her outbid excellence because my grand scheme is like to have be here then. B.'s life would just be about the. What's clean I don't WanNA TALK ABOUT RECORD? That is about all we have after this. I may take you upstairs and slap you around a little bit. Sure I was thinking. Maybe I'll up my fantasy a little put a little price tag on. You do a little haggling. We could do. Maybe change the Google lights to maybe a red and work on that Amsterdam feel. Maybe I also have another fantasy that we're GONNA get need cooperation from other people. It involves an auction for for that one and Inox near it. You want to hear the dollar version of all of this over to patriotic or go over to route seventy seven life dot com and hit the Patriots link over there. We're going to have to split. The shout outs to accommodate their so many of them that I don't think we will be able to read all of them on on one episode but we want to thank. Everybody will get to you. We promised that is a problem for us to have but so much so that before. This influx of patriots came in. I had been very worried about just the whole Kobe. Thing and flying now we can just like private so we thank you for that Patriots. It's going to be safe for us. And ultimately you the best fading Katri on Money Lauren. Who are these people that we are GonNa Thank? We have Mark Roscoe David and Casey Mark Booty Call Jason. Liz and Mark Jeff and Karen L. A. couple Keith Elisa Corbett Ra sexy J. Vanna R&B babies dusting Barrett SNP to win. Eleven are W. Oath three to five sell twenty twenty M and toby the couple. Pov Heather be indeed Lauren and been Blink Space Jeff de Matt and Lisa Tyson Susan Lawrence Shirt. Tom Rosebud Jack's Adam Bell mout Lobos Larry and Debbie Ashley D Brown Zoe Hillary Tanya Cannon Sasha P P Wallace Ted tied law adding Kate Katie A. Rod Ducks Lawrence John Von Clyde Tony Dad. My Golden Retriever Chris. Shell Elliott Sousa. Listen Jimmy Leo Costs Haas Ronnie Franchesca. Fransesco aren't as sixty nine. Corey Dr Jeff and Dr Karen and Mister Kenny. All right you didn't hear your name. You will hear it in the future when we get to it. Just don't want to spend ten minutes reading names. This was not even really including the people who just to listen so we want to thank you all so much. But in the meantime Lauren. What are you addicted to this month? I am addicted to the opera soundtrack and cannot get enough of it while I'm jogging. Random thing I know it really is and I hit your music by accidents one. Yeah and I know that. That's what you work out to clear CARLA COP like a I. I jog at night and like I reason it just takes me out of. I don't know I transport I'm weird. I don't try try and pretend I'm normal. That would make me crawl over to a Bush and at any workout done. I'd I have been addicted to the curse of Oak Island which is a show on the history channel. This is what it is. Basically a bunch of people. They've been digging a hole for seven years and have essentially found fucking nothing at all but I've watched almost every episode of that seven years digging a hole unbelievably at one time. They found metal one time. Like we've found would missing are so addicted to those honey. Honey found a piece of wood so what Cha speaking of addiction to what tell them about the media addiction so when you book five nights or more with us you get a Free Bikini from Bikini Addiction Dot Com and we will send that code to you and your welcome email or you can go to you. Bikini ADDICTION DOT COM CHECK OUT US. Room seventy seven and the Promo Code and you will get ten percent off your entire purchase. Really hot stuff. Go check it out go by bikinis. We can look at you in them when we see you next time and again really quick. If you're thinking about going to desire temptation we're taking crews mixture to go to our website. Rooms have had life dot Com and Click on Lawrence box. It helps us live. Pay Our rent and do everything we do. We appreciate if you go over there. And just you want to go around and look at her box. Searcher box could also go to only bands. Check out our box in there. We've got a lot of videos of guys that have set in of them just jerking off that. You've really appreciated not up on my website but you get them. You're like honey look at this guy jerking so high. I love hearing that for my out of fears. Okay Sir or Madam. Thank you so much for listening to Stay safe and hopefully we will soon is about dozen paroles for more information photos or contact does good room seventy seven. Podcast DOT COM. Thanks for stopping by room. Seventy seven we had a blast. Get your clothes and get out.

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