Talking Legal with Clifton Molatore


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Hits you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Extra money in your pocket. It just might be the most rewarding thing you do today. He's defeated every champion from every organization the sport of mixed martial arts has ever seen and retired. From the octagon is the biggest draw and the industry's highest paid athlete of all time. And now now jail Sunan on odd cast one dot com. And for that. You're welcome. What's happening guys happy Wednesday? And thank you for joining another special episode of you're welcome. I will tell you. I am joined in studio today by Clifton Molitor attorney we're going to we're going to go over some legal stuff that is making the news. But I must tell you guys I've been wanting to tell you this for about a week. Now, I went out. I saw the rocks new movie I liked it back up though. I did not like the theater I saw it it. It's a regal theatre. I've always enjoyed regal particularly out here in Oregon. They're like the ones that I brought us stadium seating. And why we're all spoiled now, and you would never think of even having a movie theater that did it have stadium seating in Oregon. I still remember when they came out and his stadium say it was so great. I love the theater I love going to love the pop. I love the pucker. Guess what they did there working this new system now? And I feel like regal has totally sold. I will not be going back. I will tell you that. I don't say that within each. I will not be going back. I know of another theater Clackamas town center that is where I will take taking my business, but will regal is doing out here in Oregon is you now have to reserve your seat. So like when I walk up to go see the movie and community for the movie, she then directs me to a screen of which I'm supposed to pick my seat and my seat number now gets printed on you guys understand. They're trying to treat it like it's Yankee Stadium where I'm actually buying a seat everybody in the world understands the movie customer retailer relationship in his first come first serve. That's how it works. You don't get a really great seat and show fifteen minutes early and then go and tuck into your cozy seat. It doesn't work that way there early. And you've got to watch all the commercials, and you gotta get all your popcorn and your pop, and you gotta get in there. And sometimes it's gonna work out. And sometimes it's not and if you go on opening night, maybe it's not, but that's still the exchange. They're trying to treat it like it's Anki stadium. But there's a significant difference, which is the movie theater is dark, and they don't have Shire's. So. He was supposed to find the seat supposed to bring like a little mini flashlight, which surprisingly some people did so people actually had little mini. Flashlights? As snooping around looking for the seats. It's like, hey, guys, not for nothing. But the theaters about ten percents just sit down just sit down and regal for selling out for added a level of complication to one of the most simplistic things that I get to do by choice in my life, which is buy a ticket and go into a movie theater. Shame on you with that said, I wish I could make that a legal case. I don't know how to other than I'm very irritated by all right guy. So as you know, I start my day the same every single day I wake up earlier than I want to get a Cup of coffee, and I start I start surfing the news. I got it on the television. And I'm scanning the interwebs to see what's interesting to dissect and come to bring it to you guys. So I have joined in studio today. Clifton molotov attorney in front of the show is back because Clifton what the hell is going on with this. This college scandal slash Hollywood VIP list that we're all hearing about where where where should I start this story? There are so many different ways to go with this. But there is an enterprise that some gentlemen form to where they would help children of wealthy or ams people get into colleges that they would otherwise not get into. And you know, there are some of the best universities in the world that are on there. There's Yale Stanford. Yeah. Some of the some of the big big big players. And of course, the university of San Diego. So the the big universities. Okay. So I'm trying to dissect this the watching it all debit reading about it all day. But I it's it's like this octopus with all these different arms. So ultimately, some guy there's one guy, and he he's been to court already. He actually walked right in and play guilty to a litany of charges. I mean, money laundering was one of them one of the bigger problems that he see I'm trying to set this up for the audience. It's been living under a rock and Clinton. I just don't know. Oh, how to begin? So I'm just diving into the sink full force. But there's a guy the guy put some scam together that involved, rigging the SAT's. I'm told the students would go in and take the SAT and somebody would kind of correct. The answers before they submit it to go through the machine he went out to the famous celebrities. These a listers if you will and and hear from a legal standpoint, I think this might be as big as problem, and there's and there's he set up a charity and goes, okay, donate big money to this charity, and I'll get your kids into college is owned, by the way, since it's a charity feel free to write this off. Now, that's where the handcuffs come in. As I'm seeing it. He then as you said had had administration officials at some of the top colleges in the world and our country also on the take how exactly he was facilitating and getting the funds to them. I'm not yet aware. But ultimately, he was getting kids into schools where they didn't belong and the downside to that before anybody goes. Well. Yeah. That's just kind of the way it works. The downside is no there was kids at worked hard, but didn't have whether it's the appetite for the injustice for the criminal activity or the funds to do it or the parents to make the phone call. So there is victims in this, even if you don't see them right up front Clift. Also, also, and I'm hoping you can speak on gum jumping around. Did you see where he was even putting them on sports teams like crew, by example, when the kids had never even done crew before yet? No an octopus. I think is a good way to describe this. It's really rather ingenious. I think how he did it. So yeah, he set up a charity. There was also a for profit entity. And so as best that I could understand it the people would pay money in up to six and a half million dollars to do this. And then he would he had a various people on the take. So like, you said some people would he would work on getting them better SAT scores. And he. Would say okay, tell the parents will claim that your child has a learning disability. And so if you have a learning disability, you can often get significantly more time to take the SAT's. And then he would have some of the proctors giving the exams. He would either. Correct. The test for them give them extra time or they're alleging in certain instances. They would have a ringer come in and take the test for them. I saw somewhere that one kid improved over the PSAT to the SAT four hundred points, which is mean announced I mean, just a Croat Lee. Yeah. Quite a leap. And so that's how they did it on the testing front and then. They also had people at the various universities in the ethnic departments would list. Some of these kids as recruits to the school when they either had never played the sport didn't play the sport. Competitively, and they also even went as far as to Photoshop their kids as head onto the body of an actual competitive athletes. Okay. See? Now that now that we've told the story again for anybody that just hasn't been exposed to this and we dove right into it. But cliff one of the biggest reasons in the history of the world anybody ever gets caught in a crime is because somebody talks and the the most obvious crimes are the ones where you bring in a lot of people. I just could only imagine how quickly this would unravel when your photo shopping your kids face on the face of another athlete that happens to belong to a team, by the way, who's going to see that photo at something called social media. I would assume and go they're not on our team. As a matter of fact, not only that that's my body. I mean, right you when you bring in so many different people. How long was he getting away with this? By the way. I you know, I haven't seen. But I think it's been a long. Okay. So he pulled it off for a while. And I think made a lot of money. I mean, there were think forty four people who were indicted. I mean, there were there were a lot of people that were involved in this and indicted one, of course. There were forty four people that were indicted. There's many many more who were involved and just how either haven't been charged yet or somehow aren't going to be charged. So the kids knew about this the kids had knowledge. No one thing that I read said that most of if not all of the kids did not know this was going on. And that their parents were doing really it was that right? Okay. What I was going to say is I would imagine they had they had knowledge of it. But to this point none of been charged in honor even expected to be charged. Whether I'm accurate on that or not. It's still leads to my next question who all is it fault from a legal standpoint? Now, I see where the parents are in a jam if they donate it to a fake charity. And then wrote that off their in a big problem now now you've got conspiracy and fraud and all sorts of different things take that legal element out of it. If a parent had an opportunity to have an end with some kind of a fixer right because there's people out there that go. Hey, I help you with your SAT's. I had one of them. Now, what that consisted of she came over to my mother's house. We sat in the kitchen, and we read the hell out of the books. I'm just saying there are people out there that are. Most of them are called tutors. But if you meet a guy, I I have another way, and here's the way from a legal standpoint. Where is your fault is apparent that goes? Yeah, I'm willing to pay ten thousand in tutoring fees, or I'm willing to pay you ten thousand dollars, and it looks like we're doing a little something off grid here. But is that on them? Or is that on the guy with the power that takes the money goes facilitates things? Well, it's on both. Because the the parents have committed fraud on one of the definite fraud has many definitions, and there's many ways to commit fraud. But it's generally a wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. And of course, the deception was either or and the wrongful part of it was either cheating on the SAT's or photo shopping your kids head onto some other kids body or claiming that your kid was a star athlete when they weren't. I mean, all of this is deception because it's all either untrue or you're cheating. And the end the personal gain aspect of it is while your kids get into a better school than they should be getting in and so that's fraud on the parent's part. And and then a lot of it has was mail fraud and so- fraud or mail fraud is generally fraud that's committed using the US postal service. So you, you know, you take your college transcript that says your with your falsified or cheating SAT scores or with picture of your body Photoshop on a somewhere else, and they stick it in the mail all sudden that's mail fraud. Or if you're sending and there's also I think I'll Gatien's of wire fraud wire fraud is then you're using the e send a wire to the charity, you know, to you know, to perpetrate these frauds? And so then that's wire fraud. And so I think one of the interesting things is if you heard of Rico course, which was passed in the seventies too. To fight monsters. You know, the mafia and was used to bring down a lot of the crime families and crime syndicates, but it's still a law on the books. And now it's used for things like this, and what, you know, a Rico, vitamin Enrico is very complicated. But what it is you have an enterprise, which is a, you know, kind of a group or an organization it could be a partnership a corporation could be a mafia family and the enterprise is essentially in the business of committing crimes. And there are thinker thirty five awed crimes that qualify as predicate acts for Rico violation. And then you have to have two or more of those in a ten year period. And so the p the the got the mastermind who was organizing and perpetrating all these frauds, and he was charged and I believe pled guilty to Rico violations, and that's a big big deal. And so then what it does is it just gives the federal government the ability to. Charge. More people I believe with greater sentences, and it just it allows the federal government to really hammer. These pizzas in is that what they're looking to Enrico something to do with interstate as well. Correct. Don't you have to cross state lines to qualify for Rico do? Yeah. And a lot of states have similar Rico statutes, but yeah. Generally, the the federal government in order to I mean, they're special statutes and a lot of federal statutes you have to cross state lines in order to violate a federal statue like their state their state law fraud claim. So if I you know. Fraudulently got you to sell me your car for less than what was what it was worth. I committed some sort of fraud on you. Well, we're both in the state of Oregon, that's probably a state law fraud case. But if I that if I get you to tell me your car fraudulently, but I do it through sending something through the US postal service. You know, the US postal service is regulated by the federal government. So all the sudden that's a federal crime. So it and federal crimes are often. We'll have similar sentences to state law crimes, but the differences the F B I investigates and other federal agencies investigate federal crimes, and they just have a much bigger hammer than most of the state agencies. So my guess is the gentleman who organized this and set up the charity and took the money and made the context was the ringleader. I imagine he's going to do some real time. I don't think that the DA or the prosecutor is going to be nice to him. And I based on the fact that I watched a spoke. 'person and possibly it was the DA the prosecutor himself, but whoever spoke on behalf he was pretty upset about this. He was pretty upset that this was going on that it was attempted that it worked and to go back to what I was saying earlier that kids who earned the opportunity and should have been giving admittance to some of these universities did not get it all while the rich and powerful, we're gaming the system. He seemed pretty upset. Am I right though, in you're getting you'd have to guess, but I guess when I first saw flippity husband Huffman comes to mind because I watched episode housewives. I just watched three billboards outside of ebbing, Missouri. Right. I'm a fan of hers and my wrong to believe that nothing is going to happen to them. They saw an opportunity, and they took it or or is that wrong. If somebody looking to cuff her up, why minor standing she's already been arrested, and she was as of this morning when I think I last looked she was in custody, and then I saw so that the. The woman from full house aunt yucky. I think they'll be was they were arranging to have her arrested in the afternoon. I mean, are they going to do time? Probably not I wouldn't think. So I mean, it's a white collar offense. They'll you know, they'll probably get put on probation. And I doubt that they'll do anytime, but they'll probably have to pay some fines and things like that felony. They're being charged with a felony. Yeah. When you say, and I also saw that fil am. I saying this, right. Felicia Huffman, Felicity. Thank you, very, Felicity. I also saw that she was arrested. But did that involve like a search warrant at handcuffs, and they took her into custody or was that they call your attorney come down here. We're going to book yet. I think it's you I guessing it's the ladder. Okay. I mean, she's not gonna have to post bail. Correct. Well, I saw that she knows I think they called it a signature bail. So basically, it's a promise that you will show up in court. So she didn't have to post ten thousand dollars bail or anything like that really tough spot to the prosecutor or at lea-. The spokesman for the prosecution here, I don't have his name or title. But he did say something he made this kind of clear before anybody could go aren't these aren't these waters? Always muddied aren't they always muddied in this country about how you do it. He stepped right in front of that before anybody asked. And he said there are many ways that the wrong people get admitted to these colleges. One of them is some donor puts their name on a building and donates a billion says, by the way, my grandson just applied because that's a bribe. But it does work that we see that that this is totally different than misrepresenting cheated on the SAT coming in with sports scholarships. And he touched on that one to to say something that you know, that you could even donate to a sports team in an athlete. The wasn't all that good is likely to get placed on the team. That's true. I could I could give you examples that I've seen in my own life of that. But he's saying this is further this this was absolutely meant as a deception, and he was pissed quite frankly Clifton, if you if you watch he was upset almost like maybe there was a personal tight. That in his youth in him climbing up in him, working hard and people stepping in front of him. But I could see an anger in his face. Did you happen to watch that press conference when he was talking about who is coming after? And why no I didn't. But I guess it's not surprising. And I think you know, I didn't get into the college that I wanted to when I was coming out of high school. And I it it still bothers me to this day. So I think you might be onto something that. Yeah. Maybe he wanted to get into Harvard, and he didn't and he's had that chip on his shoulder. And he's fought and fought and fought the whole way that certainly could be the case or I mean, this is you know, there were a lot of crimes committed here. There was a lot of money involved. He could just be, you know, a, very zealous advocate. And I mean, these are serious crimes. So and that's what we supposed to do. We supposed to get upset about this this Saturday night. March sixteenth do not miss the biggest pay per view fight of the year as two of the best pound for pound fighters in the world put their perfect. Records on the line. 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Patriots owner. Help me with his name wanna see Jerry Jones. Yeah. Robert, Robert Kraft. He's in a jam you follow that. Yup. Went into the massage parlor from a legal standpoint without being a defense attorney. But just take your best guess here. I'm looking at that. And I'm saying this simply isn't going to stick to have a solicitation, and they say, well, we've got the whole thing on video solicitation would have to be where he makes the proposition that has to be unwanted, by the way and works out some kind of terms, which they simply don't have. Now, I'm aware of why they don't have it. I'm not being crazy on this. They don't have it because he's a return customer and those conversations were had before the cops ever put the cameras, and I get all of that. But isn't this amiss? Isn't that something that probably never should what are you possibly going to do with two consenting adults and no video of a proposition and the onus being on the business owner not on the customer, aren't they just sent out to embarrass the guy. Well, I think anytime that there is a sexual act, and then money is exchanged. I think you have that on video. I think the chances are pretty good there. They've got him on this. And I don't know. And I think they also had my understanding is they've got recordings to of of this. And so it wouldn't surprise me if they do have and maybe not with you know, the owner of the patriots. But maybe with other people where they come in and say, well, also it's one hundred dollars for this or it's two hundred dollars for that. Or whatever it is. And then it's much much clear. It's like, okay. Well, we're we're bargaining for a sexual act here. But I think anytime that there's a sect sexual act and money is exchanged again. I don't do this type of work. But I I. I think he's his goose's. Probably I'll tell you where I get annoyed with this. And probably the only reason I'm even bringing it up is one at sure does seem like a lot of work for a misdemeanor for a ticket from that standpoint. Now Florida's Jusin to pay for it. I guess that's on their tax payers to to speak out with a agree or they don't. But Secondly, the story is never been told the way the story should be told. Which is you're talking about people who are being enslaved and put into a trafficking a sex trafficking. Ring. That's the story. You know, the cop himself that went in there for a massage, and he was just a regular customer looks around. And goes it looked like these women were living there. I want to go in and free them and find out what's going on that seems like a tremendous store and even a noble act on his behalf where he should get a medal put on him. But for some reason some of the media's going they just went out to try to embarrass a guy on charges of which may or may not stick. But ultimately result in the misdemeanor. Anyway, I just wish the store would get told. If these women are being forced. And now they're being freed, it seems like we've got the villain in the hero of the story. Why is that not the story? I completely agree with you. And I think mostly because that doesn't sell, but you know, the owner of the patriots can hand job in a massage parlor in Florida sell. Now. I mean, that's the only difference. And like you said, I I don't have personal experience of this. But I would bet you know, within ten square blocks of where we're sitting there's probably at least half a dozen massage parlours where you, and I could go and get, you know, a happy ending that aren't ever going to get, you know, busted, because it's probably women in there and manner whoever's in there who were there voluntarily or just trying to make a little bit of extra money. I think. Yeah. The real reason that Florida's spending the money to do this is because you literally have, you know, the allegations are people coming in from other countries who are being enslaved. I mean, it's it's human trafficking and. Let's sex trafficking. And I think you're right. I think that really should be the focus of the story. All right. Let's get back to some fight talk you but following any fights lately. But you had any time a little bit not a lot. But I haven't fallen him. Yeah. I will tell you a Conor McGregor. Here's to being a little bit more legal trouble. I don't have a ton on this. But here's what happened Clifton. He was out in believe it was Miami somewhere in Florida once again in his whole family out there. I know that because he was like going through the swamps in the Everglades, and there's alligators involved, and he put some pictures out on social media, but he ends up in a jam. He took somebody cell phone. I don't know. Why yet I guess I bet you get ninety percent there. But take somebody's cell phone and not only they take the cell phone. He smashed the cell phone, and I believe even stopped on the cell phone. Other words, he destroyed somebody's property exceeding five hundred dollars value, and they come in. They they cut them up. I mean is this as simple as yet? Yeah. Annoyed. Me you put something on that cell phone. You recorded me at a time. I didn't watch it whatever it was that. They did. I destroyed your property. I knew cellphone isn't that how this gets handled? Yeah. And I think that at least what I read as he he, you know, broke it on the ground stomped on it. But then he took the cell phone with him to always stole the cell phone. But which I from a legal standpoint, I'm not sure it makes a whole lot of difference. Whether you take the broken cell phone or not I just found that kind of odd. And again, I haven't looked at these statutes, and maybe it does make a big difference. Maybe if he just stops on the cell phone breaks, and it's a misdemeanor, but he took the darn thing. And now, it's a felony. But you know, the interesting thing about that clip. Can I can I stop you right there? Because that's a very interesting point you make. But let me give you a different analogy. I run into your car. I then take your car. The I was an accident or it even could mean, I got I gotta bake it right with your car. I gotta pay for that. I can't do that. But if I take the car, it is certainly does change things. Well, I I think even better analogy here is if you run into my car, and it's your fault, and you get out and we exchange information, we talk and get your driver's license in your insurance. That's an accident your rerun into my car. You drive off all the sudden that's hit rush or does a crime. So in this instance, taking his cell phone and destroying it as a crime by just don't know if then pink broken pieces of the cell phone makes it a a worse crime. And if we were to get into Cotter's mind, I'm guessing here. But I bet you I'm right. The guy videoed something or snapped. If the guy must have done something with the phone where then caught or one of the phone destroyed and subsequently the video could be wrong could be wrong. But that would also then lead to at least explain why. Okay, I broke it. I smashed I stopped the I'm not sure maybe can repair. I'm gonna go ahead and take this thing with me. I think that's probably right. Okay. I'm guessing. And you know, he's not the first person that's gotten in trouble doing. All I mean, I I think can think of at least half a dozen other instances where this exact same situation has happened. And I think in all of them, I think usually. Yeah. The the person who stopped the phone buys the person, a new phone pays a fine and pleads to some, you know, not maybe not even a misdemeanor. Just a, you know, a fine or they really want attention. Right. And then all of a sudden they've got PTSD from the incident and the distress and the animists in the exile of being withheld that cell phone for three hours. I know how silly that sounds? But I mean, that's a real thing juicy Simone when they asked him to give the cell phones. So they could triangulate where he was to get the footage video said that the anxiety. It would cost me to be without my phone for those two hours. I simply can't relinquish to you. That was kinda worse. The Chicago PD they got that's one of the first clues. When when a light went on, wait a minute. What what's happening now we can't borrow your cell phone for two hours. What? Nineteen year old daughter, and and some of her friends, I think it would cause them a lot of anxiety to be without their cell phone for two hours, but an adult human being should be able to go, but from a legal stamp. I'm just saying can that hold up? I don't know what they're going to try to Connor on this. But they did go in arrest and like he was at this house, and they showed like establishing shots of the mansion where Connor was arrested. That's how well Connors named draws right now, you can just take a shot of the mansion that he's allegedly vacationing in and get clicked. But so be it. The point is isn't that overkill lets you pick up a phone go. Hey, you destroy this guy cellphone. Well, I think that running about nine hundred dollars. Yeah. I think probably the had I guess had Conor McGregor. Have you seen the? The godfather. Yeah, you remember, the I think the very first scene of the of the movie where there's photographers outside taking pictures and think Sonny walks out there smashes the camera, and then just peels off, you know, four or five five hundred dollar bills and drops them and walks off had CONNER done that you just smashed a cell phone, and then given the guy two thousand bucks or whatever. Yeah. Maybe he doesn't get arrested. I don't know. But I do think that to some extent the police do have to you can't just let people go running around taking cell phones out of people's hands stopping them and not have reprecussions searcher. And I think I think the real issue here is this is not Connor's first brush with the law and anytime that it's your second or third brush with the law. I it just gets taken a lot more seriously than I mean, it if this was the first time that his he had done something like this. It's probably not it might not be treated the same. In the court of public opinion was is where this will also be tried. Yeah. This is the first time because hey, look, I was with my family, and I was trying to get some alone time in your snap. You know? And I crack here's your new cell phone. He'd probably get away with that the little bit of the irony of this. He just completed as in last week as that I think this is why he was in America in the first place. He just completed his community service. Yes. From the Brooklyn it's debt, which was a cool thing. So all right Conard it blow that off he jumped right on top of it. He filled his obligations on Connor stands back out there. He took some guy self. I didn't know he picked up the phone and walked home. I think he did really must have been something on that phone where he's like the private time. And I'm taking this thing with me. And I don't know how Connor is. And I don't think he's like this just because I've seen pictures of his kid, but you know, some people get really protective of their children and don't want them ever to be photographed. And so I think, you know, sometimes if you're walking out with your family, and people are snapping pictures of you with your kids, you know, people get really upset. Set about that. So, but I don't I don't know. Because I but I've seen Connors kid on social media. So I don't think that that's the issue. But if we were to work this story at again, let's say Conor takes a phone for whatever reason he smashes said phony picks up the phone he walks off. And then he makes a phone call and calls the police departments as this just happened. I felt violated I'm in possession of the phone that I feel violated me. What would you like me to do with it, by the way of already broken it? What are they what do they look at that a little bit better? One of that take the hit and run that you alluded to that takes the hit and run away from it. If you if you're the one that makes the call, correct? Yeah. I think that's right. And and to go even further I think if he just grabs the phone out of the guy's hand. And then immediately picks up his cell phone calls nine one one and says, hey, cops get down here. I've been violated. I've talked to guys phone we're going to delete this video. And then he can have it back then. Yeah. I think it's probably a much different at that point. I think the cop. I mean, could you know, did he technically break the law? Well, yeah. Probably by gra-, you know, either grabbing the guy or grabbing the phone from him when he's you know, shouldn't be doing that. Yeah. He probably he probably broke the law. But I think that's one of those instances where the cops are just gonna go. You know, I'm not going to arrest this guy because he grabbed it he didn't break it. He didn't otherwise assault the victim. And he he called us. And it's all okay, I'm not going to arrest any right now. No, it does seem to be you handle this. I just try to think of it. And I'm and I'm going to wait to deep on this. This is also likely a misdemeanor in any rights check for roughly nine hundred dollars to replace a cell phone. However, if you wanna live in the world of crazy and speculate on this Clifton for Carter to come out and say, I thought it was a weapon as silly as that may sound to you there are documented cases, there was one as recently as last week where two officers shot an unarmed because they saw his cell phone and believed to be a weapon they walked on those charges. So of Connor wanted to come out even in the spirit of let's see who can be sillier than the next one and say. The guy pulled a cell phone. I thought it was a and I went for the weapon, and I've smashing them in possession of it. Now somebody come arrest. This guy cups me looking. No, we just a second. We don't arrest him. You broke the cellphone and he throws his hands up. Goes he had to be kidding me. I thought it was the victim here. He had this thing. I thought it was weapon those things work. It's ridiculous. It maybe a lot of that presentation works. The fact that he went back to the mansion have the cell phone call. Nobody problem, I agree and. And look, I'm not a famous person. And I'm you know, and I and you are famous person, but not as famous as Conor McGregor is no one's going to hotels, you stay out and taking pictures of them because you stayed this year. But man, that's gotta be annoying to have people always wanted to take your picture when you don't want to people always coming up to you for autographs and with him. He is so so much larger than life and puts out this interesting persona. I get I would imagine he gets a lot of people that wanna fight him a lot of people hurling insults at him. I mean, that's gotta get old Jordan. He's also got a short fuse. So I guess it's not that does that condone all this. No. But I'm walking out of a club at three in the morning, and people are taking my picture. It's not gonna make me very happy. And you're never get anybody to shed a tear for a guy who made it to to riches and fame. You're just not going to shed a tear. There is something to what you're saying though, about time and place. I mean, the Cardin. Machines use a name that everybody will recognize they speak on this. They go look we're in California when wearing LA and we're in the thirty mile zone. It's pictures everywhere. And we know we get no privacy. But when we go off somewhere for a family retreat, we do expect people to leave us alone. I think that there is a little elm that for Connor to if he was somewhere in Miami. In a rented house that he brought us whole family to to go through the Everglades for goodness sakes. I mean, the relevance there is he's gonna have seclusion. There's not a lot of people out there with the Gators on a swamp boat. Yeah, I think he did at least in my eyes have a reasonable expectation of privacy and somebody perhaps overstep that maybe and I don't know about this. I think this is a famous nightclub that he was coming out of. And I would imagine that there's generally operatic waiting outside that nightclub or there could be. So I think that adds some color to it to something weird must have happened here. I mean, he just I mean how many hundreds of times a day? Do you think Conor McGregor gets photographed? I either this guy said something did something he wasn't supposed to Connor was doing something. He wasn't supposed to. I mean, something weird happens. You're at least I'm again while wild speculation. But I mean, this can't be the first time Connors had someone take a picture of with with their cell phone. Yeah. That's right. There are a lot of those public guys. I've seen a number of politicians. Some of even good ones go down because something comes out in the politician goes I was in private I was having a private conversation. That was what my friends that wasn't meant for people while I do understand that claim. I also understand history. Well enough to tell you Clifton it never works. Nobody ever sympathizes with them because well, you know, he thought he was alone people use that against you go. So this is what he does when he's alone he puts on a fake persona when he's in front of camera and just trying to tell you regular guy, and I do have a speak that I would use for the public, and I would have a different speak that I may use. When I think, I'm alone with my friends, maybe something like that happened con probably is, and I don't know, and and to some extent, and this is a tough one because you know, I think everybody should have some privacy. But you know, when you when you are as big as Connor is, and you've gotten there, I think the best, you know, the way that he's gotten there through social media through being the, you know, the best talker. The craziest person on the block. I think that this comes with that unfortunate. Sure, you're listening to your welcome with jail Sunan. Don't you hate when you're slow network connection? Turns your streaming quality to just okay, or when you're techs get sent in the wrong order. How 'bout when a drop? Call ruins your conversation, guys. It's the worst. It's time to stop suffering from the fear of glitch in out ditch your glitch for boosts super reliable super fast nationwide network. Get four lines each with unlimited gigs for just a hundred dollars a month, plus get four free phones. That's right. Four free phones all on a network that you can count on visit your nearest boost mobile store and switch today boost makes it easy to switch. Switching makes it easy to save. 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Atlas of course, you know, the great teddy atlas, but teddy was speaking about boxing and some of the problems that boxing is having right now. And he was saying if you wanna do boxing, right? You have to do it, and he compared to specifically to the UFC, I think at a larger stroke, he could have just said the way that mixed martial arts is doing it. But he specifically said it to the UFC aren't Clifton. Here's the quote, I'll tell you how to make changes for boxing make it like the UFC get Dana white. It's not happening. But he's a dictator. You know, what dictators usually are not good? But sometimes in some place. Bases. They can be useful. He went on to say, the UFC and the building of that product development, the building and the growing of the UFC, and boy did they grow that was because they have a dictator because the dictator can make all the rules. So there are no separate powers. There's no one sane. We're fighting on a network or our network or the network. This is what we want to do. They have one place one guy laying out the rules. You fight him or you're out. And you know, what he means? Dana white grew the sport. And he grew the product because he can demand competitive fights. That's what you're asking for you want competitive fights that all the fans are asking for he Dana white can do it because he's a dictator. Now. The reason I bring this up. I love everything the teddy saying except that we're dictator only because of the negative connotations that we've seen throughout history of dictators, which always eat is something evil. Let me replace the word dictator and just put in leader. But it is so impose. Portent and is a compliment that teddy is given this big boxing guys. But it's a compliment that he's giving to mixed martial arts. And he's also watching his own sport of boxing, his true love his only light and love the mixed martial arts, but he is truly a box. And he's watching it lose if you will and die on the vine, and he's having problems Clifton with watching different promoters signed different talents. And then not be able to get them together and keeping everybody apart. And he's saying no this isn't right. I'm adding words now I've given the quote, and quote, but I'm going to add to what he's saying. He's talking about these guys that are amassing records of thirty and oh with twenty nine knockouts and not taking on other guys, and he's not competed and not wanting to go out and compete when you're supposed to that's also a big part of it. They want the I need six months here. And I need five months there. I won't do it. And they throw their hands up and it stops everything. And it stops the businesses stops the business of boxing. So just want to get your take on what teddy said. But I would also like to replace one word that teddy us 'cause I know he meant it as a compliment. But I think it comes off wrong. We're going to replace dictator with leader. What he thought I think you could even replace dictator with organization because I think part of the UFC success is. They had at least up until recently, all if not most of the high end talent in MA, and what someone like pride or strikeforce would come and start to get bigger and get some of the better talent. They just buy it. And so the UFC had all of the talent underneath its umbrella and teddy atlas is right. If if you know John Jones should fight jail Sunan than. You know, Dana white just goes to both of you. Hey, you guys need to fight. And you guys say, well, okay. Dana's the boss, and this is the only game in town. So if I want to make money being a mixed martial arts fighter. I better fight. John Jones, you know. So I think that. You know, I do think that data has some unique talents. And I don't think that the UFC would have been as popular without Dana white. But I think the main reason that it was successful is because the UFC for a long time was really the only game in town. I had a very interesting conversation with somebody. I have to leave his name out of it. I know that that can be annoying, but a very powerful guy in the world of television. And we were just having dinner. We're just two guys having dinner looking for thanks to talk about. But he had brought something that was also a couple of to Dana in. He said, you know, what you have to have that any said, so many people don't realize this. And you give me a few examples. He said if you look at tennis right now tennis does not have that we cannot get. Serena to show up and play unless it's called Wimbledon. And he offered me a couple of other names Felder is that a popular name right now Federer he a current player in a popular in. Okay. And he was just using them. By example, and say, it's also a star driven sport. It's not just about getting the ball over the net. He said we really need are stars. And because tennis doesn't have any organization that can say your going to work this many times a year, including this date, whether you like it or not so that we can then promote it and Bill and advertise and he's at tennis's dying. And that their numbers are down. They give me another example. He actually said he went as far as to say tennis wishes that they had somebody like that in charge that this is a tremendous message in a different way of looking at things. But he also compared it this is about two months ago that this conversation happened, but he competitive basketball. And if you remember about two months ago, LeBron hurt his knee, and they showed a cross the board ratings dips of forty percent when the bron- was assured to not take the court. And there was even a theme going around all of sports it happened to be basketball season. But all of sports football was guilty of it as well. This last season we're going to rest guys, we're going to take top guys. And we're going to keep him on the bench for a bigger game. That is in the future. And it was to the point that the commissioners of both sports had to be called by the networks and go this can't happen. You have a team you have promised your team ahead of time via a schedule and via ticketing that already went out to bring your team. So whether it's going to be a good game or a bad game close game or an easy. You need to bring your team. And here's why and showed them the ratings dip of forty percent because one guy LeBron for shore was not gonna play forty percent. And every team in every owner. Both sports has done. No fight. We got it. And again, I think the difference. There is interested you find that interesting. It's very interesting store. And I think again, it's because. There is one league that controls everything in both the NFL and the NBA I think another example of and golf and tennis are similar, and I think the best example of what you're talking about is Tiger Woods when he was in his heyday, you know, he there were there's almost a golf tournament every year or excuse me every week. So there's probably forty PGA tour events, and you know, back when tiger was really playing. Well, I don't think he ever played more than about fifteen or twenty. And so in any event that tiger played in the ratings were off the charts compared to an event the tiger did not plan. And so the, you know, these events would bend over backwards to do anything they could to get Tiger Woods to show up at their event because it meant more ticket sales that are ratings better everything because without tiger only true golf die hard fans cared. When tiger was there. Everybody cared. And and part of the issue is, you know, the PGA tour is an organization association that governs golf, but it doesn't own all the tournaments. It doesn't run all those or individually run. I so it similar to boxing where you've got all these individual promoters. You've got HBO you've got Showtime. You've got all these different areas. And there isn't one person who can heard the cats and say, okay, here's what we're going to do to make the sport as a whole better. And that's what MMA had and still has with Dana white and the UFC in my opinion. It clicked it gets. So tricky so fast doesn't and we see it on a higher level take the sport out of it. And just look at it. It's it's entertainment. We see it on the highest levels. Where Brad Pitt great box office draw Will Smith tremendous box office draw. They don't make very many movies, and it's not because they're so picky in their such artists. And they just want the perfect scripts as they put a lot of money there. Just not motivated the same way. They're just not motivated the same way to come out. Go to work give the students give the fans it's just a reality. Let me say to you like this Scott Coker if he came out today, and he paid everybody on his roster every night, they fought five million dollars. Oh my gosh. Scott coke he'd be the most sought after promoter and everybody would love him in he'd be the nicest guy, ever, clearly all these different things. And guess what else you'd have to add to that list? He'd be out of business because nobody would come back to work. Nobody would he would lose incentive. And we incentivize in America. We give people bonuses. We give them encouragement. We give them overtime pay. This is a very real thing. So you start to run into that. Balance of when businesses so good by the promoter. How much are they giving back to everybody else? And you hear this talked about all the time. It's a very tough one verbally to discuss. Because the other side of that coin is the example that I just gave to you Scott Coker paint every single athlete every single night five million dollars. He will not have anybody that. Wants to compete within a year. And if you need a recent example, I was simply submit you Conor McGregor exactly ever since he had the payday with Floyd. He went into another big payday, even though he presented it as a personal personal beef. It was a tremendous payday. He hasn't been back to work sense. I don't fault him for. I just offer for you, natural human emotion. And there is a real balance. It has to be made there by the decision maker. And it will often be looked at as he's holding people down, and that's inaccurate. But it is tough to verbalize. It's tough for me to verbalize. But I think you get my point one it's interesting because in the Conor McGregor situation. Dana white came out and said that I mean, I remember watching an interview with Dana white where people were all over Dan at Dana. When is Connor gonna fight next? Dana win, what can you do to get Connor back and Dana said look Connor made so much money fighting Floyd Mayweather, he doesn't ever have to work again, even his spending habits. He's not gonna burn through all that money. So what am I going to do to get him to go through his, you know, two three month training camp cut, the weight get in the gym everyday, and then go walk out, and you know, and get in a fistfight. I mean, even guys who I think Conor McGregor probably really enjoys getting in fistfights at some point. That's gotta get a little old. Yeah. No. Apparently that seems to be the thing even if you were to take the combat element out of it and go back to the tennis example, I gave you there's apparently Serena and Felder Federer fetter. Apparently, they don't want to play. They're not hungry for that competition. I imagine they were in their youth. When is the next game wins the next term? Where's the next trophy wins? The next Pat on my back from from dad or coach or mom or whoever it is in their inner circle. But sometimes that does go away. There seems to be a really weird balancer. I bring this up to you. And I'm going I'm kind of paying this ball around. But I just wanted your take on it. But I'm looking at the NCWA, right? We got March madness coming up. I'm a wrestling fan. We got the NCW tournament coming up in a couple of weekends cliff. Those guys would in those gals. Those athletes would never miss a competition. Whether it was a hard day or an easy game. Whether it's going to sell out an arena, or it was just your local friends popping over to support you. They would never miss the competition. They urine for it. They crave it. They beg to be in those and there's no money involved and for most of them, there's no Famer attention involved. It's this purist. And is about the competition in somewhere over time that goes away, the NCWA who man, and there are very respected included by me sports body in this country. They're never dirty for the way, they spread the money around because they're very upfront to say, we aren't we aren't spreading it around or keeping it all, but we're going to give you an opportunity, and we will be here next for some reason professional sports, and you could talk about you can get in the same car and you can crash week after week. But for some reason a professional sports where they go. No, we are going to share the money. We are going to spread this around, you instantly. Then come to the naysayers go you. Didn't spread enough, and that's tough. Right. It's a tough balance. And it's interesting that you bring up the March madness. And you know, people doing this for free. Have you heard of Zion? Williamson yoke course. Well, did you see he got hurt a couple of weeks ago? And he literally blew out his shoe. He is so big and so strong. He went and stepped and he absolutely exploded a shoe when he hurt his knee, thirty three seconds. Barack Obama was there. Yes you discipline. How big of a game? He was there. And so he hasn't played. But it he's he's about ready to come back and start planning he's healed up. But he by all accounts, he will be the number one pick in the NCAA draft. No matter what. And there were a lot of people, including former professional athletes that came out and said he should never stepped on an NCAA basketball court again because if he blows out his knee. It could cost him tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. If it's a bad enough. Injury. And he's not getting paid by the NCAA. They don't he doesn't. Oh, them anything. He should just not play. But I think he is going to play mostly because of the reasons that you brought out as he's a really competitive guy. He came to Duke because he wants to win an NCAA championship. And he's just going to go out and do that all and it's I think it's a little bit different in in basketball because that was kind of a freak injury. And chances if you really getting hurt are probably not that high, but the NFL and things like that your chance of getting hurt is much much higher. When you go out and compete than it is probably playing basketball, if they're real thing, very real thing. Well, I come to with the argument of you need to step out there and you need to play because a promise was made. I come to you from you have fans, you presold tickets, and those coaches promised to bring their team they need to bring their team. I can remember back to being a little kid in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and what you're talking about the balls, but the bulls. They were the the bulls were talking about you're talking about Pippen. You're talking about Jordan. You're talking about Phil Knight run the team they come to Portland important wasn't that big of a deal, but Clinton ice swear to goodness if Jordan Pippen had not stepped on the rotten moon. Rodman was crazy. But he was still something to see that would have been a very unfair thing to do. We are people good hardworking oregonians took the time off and told their son. I'm going to take you to the game tonight. We're going to watch Jordan play and dad worked hard, and and got the money and bought the tickets that would have been a very unfair thing to do all the way back in one thousand nine hundred and nine I would still harbor grudge against it. And I hardly a grudge against it. When coaches do it to this day with us. The professionals are the NCWA's if you promise to bring your team God it bring your team. And I know what people are saying, I think designs of finding sample, and I do get the business side of that. But there are elements for that. Should he want to go into the draft and take himself out of the NCWA, which means he gives up the scholarship, which is a full ride at some other athlete can get it. Which means there's not a misrepresentation made to the fans or the networks. Or anybody else buying jerseys buying popcorn or coming out to see him play? I come to you from that standpoint. And it's much as I say it is though, I'm right? And I am right. If you choose to look at it that way, but if you chose to look at it of what is best for on. And the fact that he may not get signed and the commodity that he brings to the table that is going to become equitable is his body. And he's got the right to take care of his. But I hear you on that too. But I'm at what point do you want to wrap the kid and cotton, and at what point do you wanna say get on with it? It's interesting because you know, there were a lot of former players that said he should never play. Again, there were probably just as many former players that said the exact same thing you did. Well, of course, they should go play. If he's all of them said look if he's not healthy don't play. But if he's healthy get out there and play, of course, she would. Now, the difference that you bring up the, you know, the bulls and come into Portland to play. I think that's a much much different situation because those guys are being paid millions of dollars to play. And I think when you're getting paid millions of dollars to come. Come and play. You do have an obligation. I mean. Yeah. On getting a scholarship to do. I, you know, but he's getting a fifty thousand dollars scholarship and he's bringing in. I think the March madness makes you know over billion dollars each year. It some insane amount of money fifty thousand dollars is not an equitable amount to pay him for what he's bringing to the table. So that would be my only quibble with what you said. But I agree with you. If you've you at the way that you've you it then. Yeah, you're right. But not everybody views it that way in various interesting, though, based on what you just said the NC of lay yet somehow keeps their hands clean, and they do with me too. I got no, I'm not giving you a back into couple to the NC double. I also like the instability. I also value them. I also had great memories with them. And I also respect and entrust them as a governing body, but for some reason their hands stay clean on what they do with that a massive kitty. They're building up when the professional guys were sharing this. We're spreading this. We're doing contracts and the we're honoring contra. And then we're giving bonuses on top of all of that always end up being on the wrong side of it. I just think that part is a little bit fascinating piece of human psychology non idea, and I guess my my thought to you would be and I don't mean any disrespect to wrestling. But. You know, you guys weren't selling out arenas. You guys weren't on TV every weekend. You didn't have national audiences dyin to look and see what you were doing. Do you think that had you been Zion Williamson or Marcus mariota on the football team and the university of Oregon was making millions and millions and millions of dollars based upon your athletic events, and your achievements in what you were doing would that have changed your view on the fact that you were getting a ten thousand dollar scholarship to the university of Oregon, and you're you're not the only one to bring that up. I'll bring it up in a different. It's what you just said. But in a different way as you're seeing a lot of the women's team, by example that are now coming out and saying equal pay for equal job. Whether it's within coaching, but to your point the universities kind of looking around going, you got eight hundred people in the crowd and the men are sold out until two thousand and twenty. So it is it is a little bit interesting because no I never did look at it that way, but largely because I was. Ever in a position to your right? We brought in no money when I was wrestling to give you an exact number. We were a loss for the school of six hundred sixty thousand dollars a year. That's what they lost our football team. And our men's basketball team university of Oregon back when I was they had to cover the spread for all the rest of us. But that argument has been made. And you're right. I wasn't on that side of it. I did come from more of the the poor man's sport. Where you're just happy to be out there people to participate. But either way once those schedules were put out whether it was for eighty fans or football's eighty thousand fans if the coach says he's going to bring his team any agreed to a schedule in my opinion. He needs to bring that team. Well, I, and I I believe you when you say this mostly because you've taken that same stance as a professional fighter that, you know, when you sign your name to the card, you're going out there, and you're gonna fight and you haven't missed a I mean, have you ever had to can't? I mean, I shouldn't even say this, you know, knock on wood. You know? I mean when you when you go when you say, you're. Going to go you go out. I go fight. And that's another interesting. We were talking about Dana white how many becuse get your thoughts on this. How many interim championships are we gonna have in the UFC? If a guy can't fight for like, six minutes, who's the champion? Dana white is issuing an interim championship belt doesn't that kind of water down being a champion? I mean what I get it that he wants to have title fights. And sometimes guys are getting hurt left and right and don't fight for two years. But I mean isn't getting a little bit ridiculous. Now, why certainly would not argue with you. That is up for the fan at aside. You are a fan, you get your opinion. I'm not sure Dana would disagree with you. I mean, look, I think his idea of the interim, and I'm only going back to when this very first start one of the first guys to ever get an interim belt possibly the only gun is the right at the top of my head was Shane carwin rock Leser was out something that happened carwin had to go in fight. He was one of the first if not the very first, and then it's like, look, here's we're going to solve this problem. With Brock comes back. You're fighting Carwyn. And then it was kind of a cool moment. We're both guys are walking out with a bell. Now. Both guys are arguing who's belt who really has you had this really fun. And organic dialog that over time if you want to use the term watered down, I certainly wouldn't push back. I like the belts because I think they're so limited opportunity to ever get to become champion like opportunity. I love that. They added weight classes, I love that. They added genders and I loved it. They had it in term because of opportunity, but to your questions specifically setting that aside saying does it water it down. It's a fair term by you. That's very fair. I'm waiting for the situation here where saw the champion fights gets his title and then blows out his ACL and his out for a year. And then, you know, two months later, they have an interim championship someone wins. The interim championship blows out his ACL freer. And all of a sudden, then there's a third interim championship Bill, and you've got three belts. I I'm guessing what Dana white would do. He'd either strip one of the title. So he didn't have three belts out there. But at some point, I mean championships gotta means something what a predictable. Why I hear you on that? It'd have to champions is kind of popping right junkie. It's kind of impossible. I hear you on that what I've always thought that they should do cliff. If you remember the the original day of UFC, they used to have a super fight. So it was not it wasn't a linear title. I win the super fight. That's not a title that. I now need to defend like if you and I think compete, my super fight title isn't on the line unless the promotion decides this is for the supervisor. But it wouldn't be a linear belt. It would just be a one offer that night. I think that serves the marketing purpose. I also think that there's something very prestigious. I'm in Abu Dhabi right now. It only goes once every two years, but they do that they have a super fight. In addition to seems to work people take a lot of prestige if they take a lot of credit works with the fans. There's no Tom foolery because it does feel like a little bit of we're getting the rug pulled out from under us with the interim. I do agree with you on that. I think you solve that problem. If you want to go back to the super fight if I was to even further, and that would be that would be my one and only picking suggestion if I was to. Submit how how I wanted to see this handle to go bit further for conversation, and maybe a little bit less practical. But if you refer back to the WWE model, you know, they used to have what was called the intercontinental champion now. Nobody knew what in the hell that met. They just knew that was the second best belt that you could have they knew that that was right under hall Cogan title and in other arrests. And I think it was NWF, but they would have what was called the US champion. And there is something to that. If you did have the now a company that does international business simply does not want to break it down into territories. But I think there is something special if you had the resilience champion or you have the American champion or you had the intercontinental champion, and we never defined what in the hell it even means. There's ways to get belts out there and titles if you want to do them linear, but there's also a way if you're just looking for a marketing tool and something very prestigious just cap off in evening known as the super fight the end, I think some of what an ego. Could talk to this more than I could. But I think some of the reason that Dana white probably went to these. Interim championships two is because up until a couple years ago. You could only have five round fights in championship contests. Correct grech. So if you had two guys that you really wanted to watch fight for twenty five minutes, and neither one of them were champions back then you had to create a championship. So then they could fight five rounds. And some of these guys you really wanna watch fight five rounds and not and not three. And so I think that was I'm guessing that was probably part of it too. Which now isn't an issue because aren't Allman events five rounds now or in the UFC they ever not mixed martial arts as full. I mean, that's not a commission issued by the now. Right. But the commission now allows you to have. Yeah. Round fights. Thinking back to win George Saint Pierre and BJ Penn fought and it was only three rounds. I mean, it would have been fun to have that be a five round four even though neither one of them were champion. So. It's just I don't know personally. I like the five around fights a lot better is very one one thing that I find is. We talk the MA business and industry Clifton to tell me if you're right. We can identify several things that appear to be a ha Gotcha flaw in the business, but it's very tough to then talk out the possible solution to that fly. I mean, if people would just agree, and I know people love mixed martial arts. But I find even our own fans. Happy to bad mouth at times. It's like guys, let's not let's not forget the overwhelming policy. Whatever go to conversations is this is a new sport. Nobody even at the highest levels of leadership is pretending. It's done. We're working on it. That's fair. We're working on it. But like anything it takes a little bit of time. Well, and I think that I think the other thing you've got to keep in mind is go back to teddy. Atlas comments as many flaws as you can point out in MMA compare it to boxing joy. I mean, it is still light years ahead of. Where boxing is it's thriving boxing's dying. They're both combat sports, and you know, boxing has head a much longer history in really should have been the one that that is doing better than MMA. But it's not and again, it's because you know, the UFC Dana white, Scott Coker, you know, people are doing it, right? Or at least as right as it can be done or we'll set you don't really well. Let's get out of here on that. Do you have any final thoughts? 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True cash offers not available in all areas. Guys that was fun. And guess what? We'll be back on Friday, so forklift Clifton molotov, I'm chill Senate, and you are welcome. Thanks for listening to your welcome with jail Sunan. Download new episodes every week at podcast one dot com. That's podcast PO any dot com. Order in the court. The Dan Abrahams podcast is here on podcast one. Well, what does it mean then joined the renowned lawyer and Sirius XM host as he analyzes the biggest news stories from a legal perspective. With a panel of experts. One on one interviews with top newsmakers and listener phone calls again, advanced knowledge in and of itself, probably wouldn't be enough. But if he was involved in the coordination of that. I would think that could be real download the Dan Abrahams podcast every week on podcast one. Don't you hate when you're slow network connection? Turns your streaming quality to just okay, or when you're techs get sent in the wrong order how about when a dropped. Call ruins your conversation, guys. It's the worst. It's time to stop suffering from the fear of glitch in out did your glitch for boosts super reliable super fast nationwide network. Get four lines each with unlimited gigs for just a hundred. Dollars a month plus get four free phones. That's right. Four free phones all on a network that you can count on visit your nearest boost mobile store and switch today boost makes it easy to switch. Switching makes it easy to save. I'm Rita Foley. With an AP newsmen at desperate housewives star, Felicity huffman's out on bond after being arrested in Los Angeles in the college admissions cheating scandal about fifty people now charged in a bribery scheme aimed at getting their kids into elite schools like Yale Stanford, Georgetown and UCLA Yale soccer player Mahia who moolah team was like. In shock. Basically Ethiopian Airlines now says the flight data recorders from Sunday's crashed airplane will be sent to Europe though. A spokesman isn't saying which country in Europe. US airlines are among the few still flying Boeing seven thirty seven max eights, though to pilots reported challenges with it in the past. By what's reported, the nose of their Boeing seven thirty seven max, eight jets tilted down sharply soon after engaging the autopilot in both cases, the pilots recovered control after disconnecting the autopilot AP. Correspondent Mike Rossier reporting there. I'm Rita Foley.

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