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Kennedy Space Center making preparations for Hurricane Dorian


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Have you heard about hurricane dorian. Let's say hurricane. It's going to be hitting florida peninsula as a category gory for hurricane sunday night if it hits landfall if it doesn't divert out in the ocean again it's going to hit land sunday sunday night at kennedy space center. They prepare for these kinds of extreme weather conditions. The national hurricane senator said the dorian could be a level for above and in the meantime <hes> kennedy space center supreme to close at six pm on saturday saturday with a team of one hundred to one hundred twenty people staying behind to monitor the storm's effects and conduct a safety inspection once this category for hurricane passes through those that are staying at the kennedy space center will stay at the launch control center which which is certified to handle kid a gory five hurricane in on wednesday k._f._c. head. It's crawler transporter to vehicle <hes> <hes> to launch pad thirty nine b in the event. The mobile launcher must be moved back to the vehicle assembly building. Oh so they're preparing for this. They're taking this seriously. If this hurricane four in category four hurricane passes through it could have winds over one hundred miles an hour those dangerous those are dangerous not only for people but for <hes> equipment that nasa uses and this trailer the crawler transport to it moves it about one mile per hour. You can easily walk faster. This thing takes about eight hours for the crawler to get into the pad from the <hes> vehicle assembly building the crawler project manager. John gyles said this was done for shuttle numerous times so this is nothing new. This is kind of part part of the game plan anyway and if the crawler needs to transport the mobile launcher back to the v. a. b. it would be the first time the crawler transporter vehicle in preparation of a hurricane since the space shuttle and if during does hit the space coast crawler will stall it will stay in the underneath the mobile launcher and as as soon as it's safe though bring it back out to the pad now according to kennedy space center the v._i._p. Is built to withstand winds of around one hundred and twenty five miles per hour and as of now teams are preparing to bring the mobile launcher back early friday morning and it had been at the pad undergoing hardware testing and checks for the nastas artists program in artists if you're not familiar is a plan for for nasa to send astronauts back to the moon and twenty twenty four the first woman in the next man to set foot on the surface of the moon and there's been rumors and murmurs going around that it could possibly be two women to set foot on the moon instead of a woman in the next man so that's pretty interesting as well. Jim breitenstein set as a possibility so the visitor complex dissipates a close on sunday and monday as they continue to monitor the storm and on saturday august thirty first kennedy space center visitor complex will be open during regular hours nine a._m. To six p._m. The m. but no kennedy space center bus tours or special interest tours will be available to the public and as of now the visitor complex complex preparing for the storm by storing away loose items such as umbrellas banners chairs etc in the rock is displayed at the rocky garden. Pardon don't need any extra safekeeping because they're made to withstand the high winds that will be coming through <hes> if this <hes> category four hurricane arcane passes by the kennedy space center now. This is an important detail but there's a lot of people bowl that will be there. You know in this is the most important thing about this is the people that are involved and there's one hundred to one hundred twenty people staying thing behind to monitor these effects of the storm and they're all going to be safe. There are going to be fine. The the facilities there are <unk> built to withstand these kinds of weather patterns so don't worry about them. They're going to be fine. This is part of their job. This is part of part of the life down down there in florida. I used to live in west palm beach. I used to live in orlando in apopka actually and <hes> it was just part of it happens down there. Big storms come through hurricanes come through and it's just part of life so <hes> the kennedy space center will be prepped for this big storm so <hes> if anything happens. I will let you know and i'll let you know either way if it's good or if it's bad i'll let you know right here in the space news pot so make sure to hit the subscribe button and also make sure to check out my youtube channel. I'm doing a youtube push. <hes> you can go to youtube dot com slash space news pod in sub over were there. We have new stuff coming out all the time so if you would rather listen and wash over there that's cool. I like you here on the podcast because it's easy. It's in your pocket youkilis dude anywhere anytime so my friends. I want to say thank you again to everybody who supported the show. 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There's a possibility that this is is going to be happening so it's just kind of thrown there on the idea so there you have it folks. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend it here with me on the space news pod. My name is will walden and i'll see you soon.

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