Full Cast And Crew Episode 28: Heathers


Hey, jerks. This is full gassing through a piece of derivative content, which grows from a piece of cultural expression like so many maggots on a corpse at the university of Tennessee's body farm where kinda open those maggots might metamorphose into beautiful butterflies truth by let's not kid ourselves about our chances or about our understanding of demolish. But you might as well listen because there's a whole rabbit hole worth of stuff in here. And there's no mouse years golden, arches smile shaped EROs or whatever brand new badge of subservience to the cultural overlords in this distraction industrial complex might have been computer-drawn by some algorithm. While I read this in your shot. Wow. What was it branded badge of subservience? Yeah. That captures much of the attitude of the film that we're here to discuss today, which has Heather's before we get to that. If one quick piece of viewer mail. I wanna read to you. And when I say quick quick consist of two word Email that we received at the pods. Mail account, which is full cast and crew pod at g mail dot com. Please reach out. Let us know who you are where you are. And what you are watching MIR Motta writes, the podcast and says simply please close. That's it makes you think. Yeah. I don't know if he means like figure out a better way to wrap up the podcast. I think he means stopped doing what you're doing all together. I think that's what they're saying. Well, MIR we won't be stopped by you or any of the haters out there, we do this for the for the lovers. Liz as only when the people who love us, tell us to stop that. Maybe we'll consider even then although some of them have. Anyway, we are here to talk about Heather's. So Chris, greetings and salutations. This episode is going to be so very because we're talking about the acid tongue. D- brilliantly written razor-sharp, nineteen Eighty-eight classic. Heather's Heather's in case, you had a brain tumor for breakfast. These past thirty years is the story Veronica played by then sixteen year old when ONA rider navigating the hallways cafeterias of that most dangerous and precarious place in American society high school, Matt hit me with some of Russia's conic suburban anti conformity classic subdivisions. And doesn't that say at all in with a cool crowd comprised of three girls all named Heather? Veronica actually has hilariously dimwitted. Parents a backyard croquet set up and an essential decency that still allows room for murdering impulses when egged on by the effortlessly cool new kid. In town Jason dean played by an arch. Eyebrow Christian Slater in a star making performance through a series of staged suicides. Veronica and j d hit bottom when their plans backfire in the dearly departed. So hated in the every day become lionised in the sweet hereafter JD loses his cool, Veronica rediscovers herself. And Martha dump truck does donuts of delight in her jazzy instead of eating the donuts of despair alone in the cafeteria first time screenwriter first time director first time production designer Heather's, and yes, Chris you will be tested on this for. Although what was that again? Now, one of the comments from Denise Di Novi who's. One of the producers. She said there's two kinds of people in the world. There are people who loved high school and the people who hated high school, Chris which side are you on? Probably hated I guess tried not to have such strong emotions that keeps my head down and mud on my way through. So you were not in with the cool kids. Jason it probably does come as a bit of a surprise. But no, I would think you would be popular. I mean, I think you went to high school a different error than I did. So I would think that by the time you got to high school some of the subdivisions were perhaps eased. But maybe it's still the same. I don't know theatre where your high school theater. Yeah. I was in theater. I had friends who read comic books too. I had friends that I had gone to elementary school. And there wasn't that much overlap sort of between them. So you know, that was all fine, and while the football team and cheerleaders did exist. They did feel like an oppressive force. But not like an important thing. It's not like we were in Friday nights lights town, where people actually thought that this was of of import though, I guess some people did like in once did go to a. Part of a basketball game. Just one part. I definitely didn't feel like it was the best time of my life. But on the other hand because things just are always getting better. Well, just asked as a precursor to the conversation, at least for me, my reaction to this movie is almost entirely informed by own high school experiences. I did not have a good high school experience. I was in a school where through a combination of my own personality and circumstance, I just was like a stranger in a strange land without any benefit of any of the eldest Huxley psychedelics, except it was great stranger stranger Landers at Heinemann, though. Yeah. I'm in Highland. Sorry without any well, highlands, not really known for psychedelic. So my analogy falls apart as I can say, I didn't get a good education. That's one of the things I was brou- f-. That's why I love love love capitals. This movie. I think it is the greatest American high school movie ever made avid listener, my friend, James posted on the Instagram account because I'd said this was the greatest high movie ever made. He said fast times is the greatest high school movie ever made to me. It's not even close. I think that the way this movie has substance style and humor it has half. It has weighed. It's about something. I love fast times. Don't get me wrong. It's a great comedy. But this has more than just comedy gone. It caught a kind of wave in the sense of this was at the peak, you know, came out of nine hundred eighty eight. So it was around the peak of John Hughes's high school movies fast times had already been made. There were so many great entries into Jonah that the genre. Was if I can use a high school metaphor. Was like a pimple ready to pop and by catching the top of it. It was able to both take advantage of the tropes as a kind of shorthand and also skewer them and skewered society as a whole let's start just watching a brief little clip here. This is the start of the movie which begins with the Heather's playing croquet and they're all color coordinated with the croquet balls. So that Heather number one is always in read as her croquet ball is it cetera et cetera. The opening shot of the movie is croquet game. And then that scene concludes with what you have on the screen behind you, which is wynona Ryder buried up to her neck and being bogged on the head with a croquet ball. And it's such a great opening shot and scene because it intimates the hyper reality that we're about to enter into. It's one of the many aspects of the movie that is so brilliantly constructed and effective at setting the world that were about to. Visit here is a little introductory diary. By Veronica, dear diary, Heather told me she teaches people real life. She said real life sucks. Losers dry. If you wanna fuck with eagles, you have to learn to fly I said, so you teach people how to spread their wings and fly. She said, yes, I said your beautiful God come on Ronca. What is your Deanna other? Don't play me blame. Heather she told me to haul your ass into the CAF Fronta had. Yeah. She really wants to talk to you again. Warning. Ronda, finally, got to not Kirk Kelly's need you to Ford hot and horny but realistically, low key note Kurt's handwriting onto Martha dump trucks lunch, tray shit other. I don't have anything against Martha stock. You don't have anything for her either come on. It'll be very the noble giver, shower, nozzle, masturbation material for weeks. That's our introduction to the four main protagonists, you know, there's the phrase kids can be so cruel and kids on the verge of adulthood can be even cruel. I think that's what Daniel waters was going for as much as he was a fan of the John Hughes movies. They missed an essential truth about high school that I think Heather's captures which is the ruthless blood-curdling cruelty. Right. There is a Lord of the flies kill or be killed ethos. Taking place in the hallways of American high schools. I always has been it's just part of us as human beings. We're not very advanced where essentially a bunch of mud-slick pigs scrabbling over each others backs trying to achieve a perch from which we can spit down broken teeth upon our fellow piglets. Yes, though that could be said about any office structure is well not ours. What are you trying to say? There is that you heard it here. First folks, I don't know I've been. People don't really know where we work together here. And apparently, my description seemed to hit the spot for what it's like out there, Alex, do you know, what she did to me anyway, but I would agree with you one hundred percent, and I think high school movies, I get all of which are lovely like I particularly love better off, dead savage. Steve, Holland savage. Steve Holland is a he's worthy of a deep deep dive. But a lot of those movies are about how difficult it is to be in high school in from the main characters point of view as tried as that sounds. But this one does blow it out a little bit further makes it about the cruelty in the in some ways, the reason why people become so cruel, which I think made it unique at the time. If it gets, you know, it's paved the way for a lot of things to do that since then I think you're right. I think that Heather's which really is about for the filmmakers, the triumph of inexperience and naievety over savvy and experience which. Is such a great an instructive lesson. And so I ran it given to the subject matter is high school where we're told at the time you got to achieve win win. Get good grades participate in all your extracurriculars all the things. I didn't do. Yeah. But look or you ended up you're the top of the purchase a longtime hurling all those teeth down in the rest of us. It's not really pitched to the reality of high school the way that a John Hughes movies, which I think was sort of something that like we wanted to recognize ourselves in the John Hughes world, and he told that are romantic and friendship related parent related teenage stuff was worthy of being on the big screen. But the conclusion of John Hughes movie is always wrapped up at bow as pink and bright as any that ever appeared on Amalia ringwald hairstyle well because it is about growing up. I think there's something that has to be optimistic about you as an individual you have to become a little bit more self actualized get through these difficult emotional trying times. And then you grow up so many of those movies, again, unlike this are just about getting over that hump. Whether it's I love or. Or what you wanna be? When you grow up, a very, discreet, one difficult problem that once you get over it. You're like now, I'm ready to be on adult among the many things that are great. I think that it gets parents right in such a funny way through veronica's parents who are hilariously portrayed. Jennifer Rhodes plays veronica's mom, and she really steals. Most of the scenes she's in. I mean, she looks so familiar to me. And then of course, I look, and it's like she's got one of those careers that starts in nineteen seventy one and continues to the present day she's in grace and Franky right now. And the guy who plays her dad, I want to figure out who that is William court as Bill court. He changed his name William Phelps Greer, the third guess, it's kinda hard as an actor. If you're gonna go in with William Phelps Greer the third. I don't know if you wanna play a lot of a feat English gentlemen when you add the third at the end of it. You know, you're you're practically there he's an actor known for Heather's ghost and Elvira mister dark not a bad career. If you ask me Chris died young. Well. He was born in nineteen thirty six a lot of a lot of people in this movie. Anyway, I wanna play a little clip of veronica's parents. And it's essentially what's brilliant about it is it's the same scene. That's repeated two or three times just subtle differences. Take a break, Veronica sit down. So what was the first day after Heather suicide lack? Okay. I guess. Terrible thing. So we get to meet this dark horse, prom continue. Maybe. God damn will somebody tell me. Why damp? Because you're Nydia. Oh, yeah. That's it you to. Great to motor. I want to be ready for that funeral every scene that the parents appear is just a variation on that as a parent. Do you feel this is an anti parent film? No, I don't think any of it is anti anything. I think the brilliant thing about the screenplay is it doesn't try to place blame did just has a jaundiced view towards everything. There isn't an institution in the movie that doesn't possess some blame. One human kindness towards each other really, which is the only unfettered moments that they're allowed to exist through. Veronica, we see the only real person to person kindness, and because when ONA riders such a freak phenomenal actor and capable of a great many things, and I think those scenes where she's with her former friends, she imbues those with a real sense of like niceness, and togetherness, so yeah. The parents are incompetent the administration in the school. Teachers are all incompetent I'll tell you with parents, specifically she. Veronica calls than out. And he's like, what are you doing? How are you allowing this? Yes. But then the mother actually has a pretty quick and pretty reasonable. I wish I could remember what the exact words were. But she's like only one is to be treated like human beings, not to be experimented on Guinea, pigs patronize like bunny rabbits, I don't patronize bunny rabbits, treated like human being is that what you said. Little miss voice of generation, just how do you think adults act with other adults using it's all just game? Doubles tennis when teenagers complain that they want to be treated like human beings. It's usually because they are being treated like human beings. Pick the wrong time to be a human being. You will live what separates this movie in the writing of it because you're right. Every institution is for a certain amount of blame. But on the other hand, the parents are alternately humanized and even as silly as the scenes are the repetitive scenes. Are you do get a sense that like Veronica has a good relationship with her parents that they love her and she loves them. I don't think it's anything tried as as parents just understand these parents don't want to understand they want to exist in their blissfully, ignorant cloud. Tear in the modern parenting sense. These parents would be trying to understand Veronica, right? They would be trying to dialogue with Veronica these parents. The mother is just blissfully in pursuit of a perfect Patasse, and the father is just a dunderheads sweater sporting nincompoop. But with a pretty good relationship with his daughter. Yes show. I mean, if you call the mindless. Recitation of the exact same dialogue over and over again, a relationship. No. It's an inside joke that they seem to share and they smile each other. I don't think that's played for warmth. That's played for look how ridiculous this is. Maybe I didn't actually communicate. Why there is a little bit of communication turns to television often veronica's like are you crazy? Like, look what's going on here. I dunno. It's interesting that you viewed it that way, you know, it is also relative saw Charlie and the chocolate factory forgot about that. And I know Roald doll is your one of your favorites. Yes. It was not about bad children. It was about parents. That's every role doll. Yeah. And I saw a little bit of that here. But I did think that it went deeper than that. Because that can be simple. Another brilliant piece of casting in this movie is Glenn Shaddix who plays the priest who presides over all of the funerals here. And he also is in Beetlejuice, which known a rider had completed but had not yet been released at the time that this was shoe. Shooting. He's great in Beetlejuice as oath. Oh, I think his name is he's the designer who dabbles in the paranormal with Catherine O'Hara Raffarin O'Hara. I mean that is a great movie. I'd love Beetlejuice. There's a great piece of screen writing that will watch right here where most of the main characters are kneeling in front of Heather number one's coffin after her, quote, unquote, suicide, and these are all internal monologues. I blame not. But rather a society that toes g you at the answers can be found in the Mt. The video games. We must pray at the other teenagers of Sherwood Ohio Nova name of that. Right. Just do solve from. It's Jesus Christ. And he's in the boat. God, this is a tragic thing. And sometimes I'm hard time dealing with and stuff. Please have an and all that. Dear God, please. Make sure this never happens to me because I don't think I can handle suicide fester leaks into an Ivy league school, and please let it be Harvard. Amen jesus. God in heaven. Why did you have to kill hot snatch? Jope? Jeez. People so serious hail. Mary warrenton. Evan pretty for all the centers. So we don't get caught another job. Prayed for the death Heather Chandler many times. I felt that every time I did it. But I kept doing anyway. Now, I know you understood everything praised deases island Lilia. Hi, I'm sorry. Technically, I did not kill other Chandler. But hey who trying to kit, right? I just want my high school to be a nice place. Amen. That sound bitchy among the many excellent excellent actors that are just in that one scene. Glenn Schadeck says the father father ripper, by the way, his name, Patrick or as ram one of the two main jocks who will later be found in a influ grant invalid grunted, well, no post full of. Gay suicide Lizanne Faulk plays Heather McNamara. She's the one who has the lines. Sometimes I have a hard time with things like this. I think she's fantastic in this Kim Walker is Heather Chandler, who's dead in the coffin shannen Doherty. And I think one of her first film roles as Heather Duke when owner rider and Jeremy Applegate now bit of a Downer. Ironically, Jeremy Applegate, please Peter Dawson says it he isn't thinking ever hails suicide and tragically. The actor did commit suicide Kim Walker plays Heather Chandler also died tragically young at thirty two of a brain tumor in another weird bit of connective irony. And that she is the line. Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast, really unfortunate because both of them were such personable and likeable actors in this movie? Yes. And Jeremy Applegate, particularly it's such a unique. And specific look that he probably could have continued to work for many many years and Kim Walker is great issues dating Christian Slater at the time that they made this movie what it goes to for me is just how fucking good the screenplay. Is. And it's just Reeser sharp and tight Glenn Shattuck's is opening a short paragraph. But there is so mild on packing there in terms of insincerity, not knowing what he's talking about into cool. Yeah. All of that attempt to try and connect, but so misguided I think that's going back to the parents and all of the authority figures. And of course, this exists today. Didn't we just see a couple weeks ago? There was a viral video of a newscast in the midwest that tried to use millennial speak to speak to a younger generation of news viewers. And of course, it went disastrous. Basically it was right there. To me all the authority, and the movie is coming from that sort of place their bumbling their inept, they're attempting to connect. But we can't really climb above the muck of societal life. And the institutions we've created surround ourselves with. He's got this beating heart underneath it. That cares and wants it to work out. That's the saving grace of all the great Neil Listrik satirists. They care everybody. Even the people who seem best and kindness, like she's the drama teacher English teacher by the end, the grief things you see that it has more to do with her own displaying of openness comes off just as insincere. She's the one that says the decision whether or not to kill oneself as most important teenager can make so fucking good years. Just a quick clip. After the first suicide and the other principal take the same position. Keep things businesses usual have the channel is not your everyday suicide. She was very popular come on pole. If I let these kids out before lunch. The switchboard at. Light up like a Christmas tree. I'm the say, I was impressed to see that she made proper use of the word myriad in her suicide note, I find it profoundly disturbing that we're told that the tragic destruction of Hugh, and holy can think to talk about his adequate warning times. Misused vocabulary words. Is revealing moment. Look, I suggest that we get everybody together both students and teachers in the cafeteria and just talk and feel together. Thank you. Ms fleming. You call me when the shuttle lands now is this Heather the cure leader. That would be the McNamara. I'd be willing to go half today for a cheerleader. That's John angle as the principal. Interesting full cast and crew note on John Ingle, he was the acting teacher at both Hollywood high school and Beverly Hills high school from nineteen fifty five to nineteen Eighty-four. So during that time between those two schools in Los Angeles. He had people like Richard Dreyfuss Albert Brooks. Julie cabinet Lorraine Newman. David Schwimmer, nNcholas cage. Anybody who's anybody in Hollywood? And those like forty years was came through his students. So he decided to become an actor only after retiring, and the casting director of the film says that they all just tried to hire him as much as possible. Great. And he is so good in these few scenes as the principal who's the woman who plays the hippie hair. Teachers Fleming is MS Fleming. Colleen Fleming played by Penelope Milford. Where's she? I don't see her. She was heading this other. She has she was in night of the lawyer who night of the lawyers that sounds like. The log line of zoom. That's comedy. I'm sure that's that's just as biting satire as Heather's is. And you read me the description, they are armed. They are dangerous. They are lawyers a hard working emergency room. Doctor is being harassed by a firm of nasty lawyers. Actually, it says a firm on nasty moons. But I'm going to assume that of affirmative nasty Lurs an encounter with a friendly alien gives the doctor the power vaporize people and to take on this firm of unscrupulous lawyers. I'm sure that this was like financed by the Republican party. Be like, yeah. Doctors are great niff- to deal with all of this like malpractice because Louise just wanna seconded it's a little lazy. I think you're saying very lazy four point three on. She didn't do much after ninety seven but remains alive to speak about the screenplay. Daniel waters was a twenty five year old first time screenwriter literally working in a video store as he. He says in one of the feature on the available only in the UK thirtieth anniversary Blu Ray, which will get into why that is in a few moments. And he wrote at first a two hundred page magnum opus three hour plus screenplay for the Stanley Kubrick of highschool movies. So he thought well Kubrick has done politics, and he's done this. And he's done that. But he hasn't done highschool his aspiration, even though he's a little bit bashful about it. Now, it was really to get the screenplay to Stanley Kubrick and have Kubrick agree to direct it and for him. And for the director, Michael Lehmann, this all occurred in such a moment of incredible opportunity where these guys literally went from Michael even the director, literally went from directing a student film that you see to directing a feature film, and this guy sold his very first screenplay ever, most of the people involved in the big creative. They've all worked on a lot of movies and a lot of TV shows since then they all to a person say, this is the best thing I ever worked on Michael Leeman says I certainly never got another script that was better than heathers. Which just goes to show you this is a guy who's probably been working for thirty thirty five years in the business. This was their first movie, which is so insane that it was so good. And so tight and focused. Michael Leeman was saying in one of the special features that not only was it the best scripted everybody had such a great feeling. And was so jazzed by the script and the story in wanting to do this project that they all put their best work into it, which I thought was such an interesting, quote because it implies that most often people don't do that look it's a job like anything else. And sometimes you do it better. That's a certain amount of self awareness. And I'm sure that would probably cop two one of the things we try to always want to try to find version of the movie that has a lot of making of features and other things of quality. So you can hear the filmmakers and the cast or whoever talk about how the movie came to be. And there isn't a DVD copy available in the states of Heather's that contains all of the things that are contained on this UK only thirtieth anniversary. In which they did it brand new restoration of the film. And it's got a ton of amazing extra. I learned so much watching the feature on this movie. And I've watched tons of feature it's tons of movies. But this one was so instructive, I think because it was all of their first experience. They all talk about it in a very specific way that I found almost moving in a way and also really useful for people to think about his quote about his first time screenwriting effort. He said, quote to me, I was just completely naive to everything I thought. Okay, right. His script. Then it gets made into a movie and do whatever you want. And I think that's something that a lot of people don't teach you that one of the most powerful forces in the world, especially when you're a writer. That's just starting out is naievety because he says he would then go on if you look at his subsequent credits. He then had this thing happen to him. He tells a lot of writers who ask him for advice don't sell out until you have to his screenplay circulated around the studios, and it was dentistry, ably, brilliant and identifiable different identities. Had a original voice. But he tells the story. Most of the time ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of the time. What happens is the studio. Executive takes your script reads it and puts it into and says, okay, great. We'll never make that movie. However, I do have this Bruce Willis vehicle Hudson hawk here. Can you do a polish on that? They wanna co op your talent and use it on something they perceived to be really good. And that's indeed what happened to him after Heather's as he says, he was lucky enough that the way it came together was such that a studio which was new world pictures was looking for material. And that Denise Di Novi was tasked with like, go out and find some new original voices that are gonna push the envelope here. And she shared an agent with both the screenwriter and Michael Leeman, the eventual director, and it did have that that proposal was made to him as they shopped this around by the way, they they did say to him several times we're never going to make this, but we wanna hire you to do this. Instead the movie he made after this key is next project was the adventures afford Fairlane, enter dice clay vehicle drinking by Rennie Harlan, which lets Castro. Back to nineteen thousand nine nine hundred ninety I can understand why that would at the time be perceived as something that had the chance to be very successful. Not only for like where Rennie Harlan wasn't his career. But dice was a pretty big deal around. Then of course, the movie is a pretty legendary bomb. He wrote Heather's his first movie then the adventures afford Fairlane, then he wrote Hudson hawk which is the Bruce Willis vehicle also directed by Michael Leeman. Now, this this same thing happened to Michael Leeman? So you have this success? Now again, Heather's wasn't a box office success, but it was a critical success, and it was perceived as a commodity the people involved were perceived as a commodity that Hollywood could then bring into vehicles like the adventures of Ford Fairlane Hudson hawk demolition, man, Batman returns. Right. And try to make these things good Batman returns. I haven't seen that in a long long time. That's the cat woman was the cat woman. Paints? A good Batman I. Tim Burton depending on your opinions of Tim Burton. Well, he's credited with a screenplay and the story by Daniel waters, and Sam Hamm I'd have to see that one. Again. He's just a fascinating case of someone who just completely knocked it out of the park the very first time and then had a fairly long career. But never again wrote anything like this. He's pretty funny and some of the pieces about giving advice to writers now in his unsparing about using his own experience to illustrate the pitfalls. Bo cast and crew was brought to you by two different guys on a bench a new comedy series from American band star. Ryan Flanagan two different guys on a bench where Ryan talks to Ryan on a bench. We keep the comedy simple folks to different guys on a bench videos can be found now on Facebook at chocolate comedy like and follow chocolate for the latest and greatest short-form comedy videos. Chuck chuckle original comedy delivered daily. He has such an incredible ear for Simon ear because he made it up. And that's I think one of the great things about the movie and white sands test of time unlike fast times, which used actual lingo from the time he made up all this stuff. He made up. Well, he didn't make up. What's your damage? She got that famous. He was a camp counselor one of his charges. He had like a six year old who used to say what's your damage, and he remembered that his whole life and put it in the movie, fuck me, gently with a chainsaw a lot of these other who Larry sort of things it's so very he he came up with those and that gives it this timelessness one of the wonderful things about this movie is a satire and everything is pushed as as was limited, but just a little bit. And so having its own language that you'd have to learn to understand makes perfect sense. I think that's also why it's such an excellent high school movie, it is theatrical it is overly stylized in places. That's what I think high school is like when you're there, and you're experiencing it every day you go. It was withdrew. Read that I approached each day, and as the doors opened it was just like a thing to be survived for the day. It is like a drama happening every day heightened drama because you're a teenager. He also said that he likes it. When characters even the stupid characters speak is though they were given an extra ten minutes to come up with a good line. I like the dialogue to be elevated. You can say it's Shakespeare or it's Turner classic movies. But I'm the last of the anti naturalistic bent when it comes to screenwriting and that too helped him accomplish this the lines are so good up and down. The throwaway lines are amazing. I wanna play one line that makes me laugh every single time this scene begins with Veronica, and Heather number one going to convenience store and listen to the little introductory bit of dialogue that Heather yells from the car as known a- is about to go in. Peak your plane BQ? You gonna pull the super Chang? No. But if you're nice to let you buy me a slushy. See, you know, your convenience speak pretty well. Well, I've been moved around. All my life downs Baton Rouge. They is Sherwood Hieaux is always been a snappy snack shack any town anytime of a ham and cheese in the microwave and feast on turbo dog. Okay. So. To write on a page Heather Chandler car cord nuts to have Ronca say BBQ playing. And then have Heather Chandler say BBQ with such disgust and malice. Just sleighs me every time. There's so much contained in that. And it's just three simple lines of dialogue. Why is that? So brilliant. It's the specificity and the idea like she will not have anything plane there. They're also, of course, you know, this. But of course, you don't know something as mundane as your preference for barbecue or plane corn nuts, but her withered just doesn't like the two flavors. That are going to be on the corn nuts in the super snack. Shop. Sorry. The snappy snack shack. The same as as they're the same all over the country. Look at the sign on the snappy snack shack, which I is created for the movie the snapping fingers. The immediacy of what it is. And then the cornets line pays off brilliantly about fifteen to twenty minutes after this scene when they do hand, Heather the poisoned, drink, and drinks it and her very last word while choking, our coordinates, and then she falls through glass coffee table. The darkness of the script is so brilliant. And all of them say there's no way in hell. This movie would ever get made now. And it's part of why I think some of the subsequent interational have not worked out because in the world view of the movie, the attempt to commodified, something that's genuine, that's a ridge. As of course, ironically happened with the movie itself. So we have Heather's the musical or had an additive show recently that was scrapped because we're living in a time. When unfortunately, we're living in a satirical nightmare every day, and so school shootings and other things of that sort really killed the opportunity for the scripted series to ever see the light of day on television. Although it did in Europe because they had already pre sold it. And I was reading some reviews that were saying that it was that it was very bad. Who knows as the time changes people are going to look at it differently. And nothing can be as security dangerous got when it is nothing's ever anything. But let but usually taking a piece of IP or rebooting. Redoing something especially when you're trying to go for that edge. Of course, you're never going to be able to recreate what's ridiculous is this DVD is not available in the United States actually wrote to the company I wrote to arrow British company that put this out. And special shout out to our colleague, Patrick who. I was able to hand this to and say, hey, I can't play this on my blue Ray player because it's some kind of region thing can you figure that out. Anyway, I wrote two gentlemen, named Clint who is in the public relations department, and I said, please tell me that this DVD this thirtieth anniversary reprint of the movie and all these great features is coming out of United States and the answer. No, another studio has the rights of the film in the US. And there are no plans to release this in the US. I don't wanna sound like old man shakes fist at clouds, and yet, and yet this is part of the problem of the time that we're living in and I hope that something like the criterion channel that debuted. I think next week now criteria all the criterion. Editions of the blue raise the DVD's feature all of these different extra. I hope that on the channel they make that stuff available because I understand that viewing habits change, and we're all much prefer to stream. But it seems ridiculous to me that no one struck a deal to stream a beautiful transfer. That's on this disc. The currently available version of the movie that's streaming on Amazon it doesn't anywhere near as good as the stuff on this DVD looks. But also all of these great interviews, which to me. Maybe I'm just maybe this is where I've aged out of the demo. I want to watch all this stuff about a movie, I love, I get all up. I wanna hear all about how it was made. And I feel like we're gonna lose that in this streaming world because no one really makes room for that. I'm actually sorta surprised that this had never that. This is not on criterion. I don't know what the criteria for criterion. But I I would think that that. This what my God show many little throw anything. No, this the radio show that the other Heather calls into which is called hot probs. Just so good. God. That's good. He has a great anecdote about some scenes that were cut out, but an indication of Daniel waters, brilliantly skewed mind was one scene in his two hundred page version of the screenplay. You know, there's the scene after I think the funeral Veronica goes in and is talking to the other remaining Heather's, and then she walks fully clothed into the showers, and she sort of just goes under. And they're like, what are you doing? Veronica, he also had seen originally where the other girls all follow her into the shower and also step under the shower heads, fully clothed, and that the nerds and the geeks are spying on the girls. I'll porkies. Yeah. Except this is finally the moment where they get to spy on the girls in the shower and the girls are fluid loved, that's brilliant. Little twist the tropes that he was talking about with high school movies. We didn't play but the beginning of ever seen that you're referring to because it comes right after the principal and everybody talking about how much time they're going to get off the first line. Heather McNamara says. I can't believe we only get off one lousy hour. That the citizens of it's coming from down to up. It is it has already infected all day care about their best friend the complicated relationship being what it is that they only get one hour off and isn't Shannon, Doherty macking down on a chicken leg. Now that Heather's dead. She can finally eat. Yes. Let's talk about casting Chris. Yes. I cannot say enough about one owner rider to me watching this again last night or the night before it's just a revelation choosing movie star. She's an actor. I think she could have been a successful Hollywood actor in any era. Nineteen twenties silent movies the sixties seventies. She was a fully formed fascinating Lee complicated layered person at fifteen sixteen years old. I don't about you a fifteen or sixteen years old, but I was a mess. No. This is pretty much what you were. That's just what you were like this. Obviously I've had bought a different hoodie since then. But. Good. Yeah. No, she's fantastic. Did you ever see age of innocence? Sure Scorsese I love that movie. It's such a lot of people. I guess I don't really know what most people think about it. But people don't remember it so well partially because I think because it Scorsese and it said in New York, and yet both Daniela Lewis whose obvious great and everything, but she known rider plays the part of his sort of. Let's say long-suffering life who at the climax of the film spoiler for whenever. For a novel by Henry, James. Her performance. And then there's a performance there's a scene towards the end where he or she appeals to him in a way that you kind of realized she had knew more about what was going on the yes. And you see all of it in her just as much as you do with Daniela Lewis eight is heartbreaking, and yet you can tell that. She knows what she's doing. She's not just the Nayef. It's it's fantastic. And I think it made me that made me look at her very differently this because it is a high school type, and it is she becomes I think the character. She plays is like the nineties writ large. I think more so than Janine Garoppolo in reality bites while the eighties. But I meant like is this is the beginning of the end of the eighties. Getting ready for the nineties. And yet like you said she does so much with it is not a simpler, easy performance. Even though it it can seem like that. Because everything around there's so much going on. And she is such a rock-solid center to it. You know, like many actors she comes from a crazy background. She grew up in a commune in northern California with no electricity. Timothy Leary was her. Godfather, her parents were friends with Allen Ginsberg, all these kinds of crazy things the reason she selected I think her real last name is Horowitz names, Winona, Laura Horowitz, the reason she's called minority leader apparently is that when an agent or someone called her after her first movie, which was Lucas in nineteen Eighty-six. They call them and say, how do you want your named appear in the credits? And she suggested Ryder are DR as her father's Mitch Ryder album was playing in the background metro Detroit rock and roll star of the seventies eighties. So don't over think it no Winona Ryder man, one of the things it's so funny with movies in anything really any any act that involves actor. That involves acting. I don't want to dip fully into alternative casting yet. But like Winona Ryder was not the first choice for anybody to be in this movie, yet, it's one of those things and in new it's tried to say, but I can't imagine anyone else playing Veronica and delivering the depth which Winona Ryder does the others as we've talked about, Shannon, Doherty is great and has always been great at this kind of thing. There's a well trod anecdote that Shannon Doherty was a ruthless perfectionist even at age fifteen sixteen seventeen years old and would be on set and just doing the work showing up like kind of a little too too in the way that I think we've now known Shannon Doherty to become over the years. There's a very famous anecdote that after the movie was screened for the cast and crew she walked out and said, you guys never told me this was a comedy. There's an oral history that I think Entertainment Weekly, and I was reading, and it's funny because of the way that it's set up, you know, you have little quotes from. Nobody and you share minorities in there. I think this many years after the she is changed into a lot and everybody is still kinda taking digs at our and making fun of that specific. She didn't quite get. It goes to show. You don't really have to get it. Early. You play it, truthfully. For the satire Winona has to like actors in that those roles Slater has to get it Lizanne Falk has to get it. You know, her Heather is so imbued with good intentions, you know, and she really does convey that both in her that little bit of the internal monologue. We heard and then later in her kind of heartbreaking phone, call radio station, where she can't think of her name and goes through Madonna because there's a Madonna poster on the wall. She's a literal list if it's right there in front of her. She says her name is Madonna, then she says her name is Heather realizes she gave a real name and casting about desperately sees, of course, which he hasn't a room, which is a caged bird. And she says her name is tweedy. Yeah. Good when she is trying to kill herself later spoiler for nineteen ninety others. Actually, there's something like sweet Wli awkwardly. I don't know the fact that the three had there's really are differentiated, and that she is the only one that kind of you know, one dies one becomes another version of the same the the new evil king. The fact that she ends up kind of getting out by having some self realization, I thought was very very sweet, especially the way Veronica handled it. I like that seen a lot Lizanne Faulk. Another funny story is of course, everyone is a teenager in the movie except Lizanne fall. Right. Who lied about her age at the time? She was twenty three and living with her boyfriend across the street from one of the locations that they were using. And she remembers the issue which will be familiar to any actor or any female actress early of the need to constantly lie about your age and be younger than you. Really? Are she told him she was? Nineteen and she was really Twenty-three and she'd lived a life. She was a model. She was a child model. She had a book published about her. And it wasn't until they kind of went out for dinner prior to shooting kind of getting to know, you thing that they said, oh, we're going to be shooting at such and such. That's that's so weird. I live right across the street with my boyfriend, and they're like, you what about your parent when your parents think about that? And she actually does give it a certain thing. I think because of her age difference. Yes. Kim Walker as we talked about rest in peace. Jeremy Applegate rest in peace. Glenn Shaddix rest in peace. He also died. If you read the description, you he had mobility issues felt injured his head and dies entire house burned down some years before that sounded like a difficult final couple of years for a really funny capable actor who was a larger than life presence in any movie that he was ever in alternative casting, which is kind of interesting. Back. The studio's first choice was just in Bateman screenwriter director weren't feeling that the screenwriter also wanted Jennifer Connelly, right? Turned it down into down. I love Jennifer Connelly. But I think it would have been very with alternative casting fit had been somebody different. It would have been a different movie. Yeah. And nobody would have been able to bring what we know. Like, the cookie diary narratives the Vikings center head. That's just not kooky a different. They would have been somebody that would fit more easily to have those and it would be more about the differentiation. Whereas with known a writer, you almost wonder how she got in with them exactly was going to say when I think about Heather's abstractly think of it as a story of the four most popular girls in the school. But I forgot that Rana's this kind of like how did she end up with them? And she has the great line. Kind of explain that Chris later character JD says I don't like your friends either. And she says, well, it's kind of like we work together. And our job is being the most popular girls in school. You can see how she fits in with them. But she also still has these tendrils of these other friendships, which are played real Heather Graham turned down Heather Chandler role. And Michael even the director as a very funny story, Heather Graham's father was an FBI agent extremely strict law and order type, and he told Michael Leeman that their daughter would never appear any script that was as satanic as this one. I didn't realize that Heather Graham had come from such a conservative around because she turned it down. Then I guess she was offered or actually cast Heather McNamara a wash I didn't know that. But then her mom, wouldn't let her interest edited sounded to me this hoping seemed so satanic so wrong on what you even playing the relatively. Part. So just to go down the win known a- f c a c rabbit hole for a minute Beetlejuice and Heather's came out in the same year while that's pretty weird. And then great balls of. She's great in that Edward Scissorhands. I'm skipping over some of the lesser titles here mermaids. I haven't seen isn't it like. Chick. Yeah. I mean, it's about share as a mom single mom with two kids, we own the rider, and Christina H E. There's no mermaids involved there. No actual miles involve. Okay. I didn't know it was like a we know it's weepy share good in it. I loved it age of innocence. Actually, I'm surprised that so early ninety three. So that's not so far after Heather's here. Did you read the anecdote about house of the spirits know, what's house Howson spirits, nineteen Ninety-three Isabel Allende novel? Yes, great poster. Is that is that what's his name? So she works with Meryl Streep in this. And apparently at nineteen she was pitching, Meryl Streep undoing the sequel to Heather's which was going to take place in Washington DC. And I guess Meryl Streep would be the first lady, I think it was going to be one. She going to be like the surviving. Heather I had the impression just another another woman named how another. Yeah. Was that it was Veronica was always goes to Washington working with yet? Another heather. The kill someone don't they spoil it for a movie that was never made. I think she ends up killing her the screenwriter Daniel waters says he made a movie called sex and death one. Oh, once and Winona Ryder's in the movie, and she goes up to talk to Maryland, she's on board. He's like what she's like for for the sequel, and he's like, well, no there is no sequel. What are you talking about? She's like, oh, no. Was funny about Winona. I sort of had the sense. I wonder if you did this when stranger things hit right? And she was such a re revelation is Joyce buyers. It was kind of this moment where I felt like we collectively like rediscovered Winona Ryder. And we're reminded of how great she was. But then when you look at her IMDB credits, she's not gone anywhere. She certainly worked in has multiple movies in every year. Fewer of them are lead roles. Again think I don't know if that's because of the shoplifting thing one way or the other. She was not doing a lot of lead roles up until then Slater is hard to envision what revelation. This was at the time. This person came out seemingly fully formed as many people involved, the movie say, you know, he got a lot of flak at the time for sounding like Jack. And they're like that's what he sounds like he'd been working for quite a long time prior to that as a child the name of the rose being. I think the biggest who directed. The name of the rose Jones. Yuck on all I should say that again, I remember liking that very much. What am I favored things to read movie? Log lines which just seems so ridiculous of the log line for name of the rose and intellectually nonconformist fryer investigates a series of mysterious deaths in an isolated Abby. That's all you need to do to write a movie, Chris one fucking sentence. I give it six weeks before this becomes an Amazon prime series. Everybody loves murder mysteries, really frigging monk nonconformist fryer. You got me Heather's, which he followed with gleaming the cube, which I cite often, which is one of those terrible Hollywood attempts to capitalize on youth culture. Although it was written by Michael token, who I have celebrated before but gleaming, the cube is a particularly awful skateboarding movie that you should check out pump up the volume is another on of. I remember loving that movie. I don't know if I would love it again. Now, I was reading about it. This is premises can sound a little silly in the modern age, although it does prefigure the internet hod cast hod cast. He would be a podcast or now for people who don't know. It's. The story of guy who starts a pirate radio station and begins accruing fame and notoriety by his anti establishmentarian ISM and ends up literally pursued by the FCC in offroad vehicles. Trying to track down his pirate radio station, and the movie ends with an audio collage of his fellow students who have now started their own pirate radio stations. Chris I love that movie. When it came out. I'm gonna watch it again. I don't know if it holds up, but I remember loving it. Well, tell you what I wonder if it holds up, but I certainly left at the time was true romance. All I would think that would hold up. Great screen. Tony Scott directed. Tony Scott often says no one thinks he directed that movie. When Tarantino is such such a thing. And he was he was such a thing then that movie came out, and I think famously was a screenplay that Tarantino had written before he wrote and directed his first movie as one of those things where it's like what else you got in the drawer. I remember loving that. I specifically its conception of romance there cool and they're shooting everybody in there. Fucking. Time. Like, that's that's what that must be what having a girlfriend is like is that was my shin from procedure Slater's and other guy that hasn't gone anywhere. But just feels like he hasn't really been in the the moment until mister robot a had a role finally that caught up to his age to have a head of Brown hair. Well, I know how. Why why why can't? I mean, my here's going gray. And I spent a lot of I'm not a person who suffers from any kinda like midlife crises of any kind. Okay. I'm not going to get a sports car. I'm not trading in my family. You know, I'm very content. However, I would like my hair not to be going gray. And it seems like actors like look at Christian Slater here and his photo. He gets the die is hair. And no one gives him a hard time about it. But if I did my heard be kind of ridiculous, and pathetic. And so, you know, you don't know his life is telling him double looking good doesn't. But people giving them all the time. I'm sure people were watching him, but dying hair who's giving him a hard time. Whoever would give you are time. No because the people will give me a hard time or people like actually no me like if I showed up here in the office one day with a robust head of Brown area. You guys would all be like Jason Sayer. What the hell now first of all that? But. His over another whole life share Rami Malik when he first showed up saying as an actor. You can die your hair all the time. And no one gives you a hard time. It's like, I'm not doing it. I'm doing I'm doing this. Saying so I'm saying this is how demented I am. I've actually thought that like maybe late in life. I'll take some acting classes and find that I have a particular town for it. And then as such you'll be able to die my hair just do dude for the purposes. What do you think about? Careers who? Yes. Shark in the tank just what we need. That's what we need guests who is starting out. But I'll tell you actually, I don't know if you've seen another Christian Slater role that I think was recently that I thought was you'd really love was in the wife. Did you don't baby? Oh my God. Cheese. So anyway, that's my casting notes. I wanna talk a little bit about the music. I really really enjoyed the score which is by David Newman. And it's almost comical when I looked him up. You've heard of Randy Newman who is his cousin. Oh, but the family tree of composers is almost comical get a load of this David Newman is the son of Hollywood composer Alfred Newman. He is the brother of composer Thomas Newman composer, Maria Newman and the cousin of composer Randy Newman. He is also the nephew of composers, Lionel Newman and Email Newman and first cousin once removed of musician. Joey new does that prove nature or nurture? I don't know the Wiki page thinking like there's no way he's related to Randy Newman. Because I would just be weird. And not only do find that. There's like fifteen other family members. How the Newman's do not have a stranglehold on all composing work. It's synth score. Yes. Right. So what they mean is there was no money, and since there was no money, you know, one guy in a room with three or four keyboards. Can approximate score yet. It's one of those things that works show. So well with that highly stylized design sense, the the stylized dialogue and giving him in talks about the first thing that he came up with was the theme that's used in the croquet seen it has that sort of eighties, reverse breath Innis, but it also has like emotional underpinning to it. It's not just silly. And it's not just kitschy that has some emotion to the heart. That beats inside cynics because it is so much about an empty society around these poor kids, there's something that seems right about the artificiality of using a but just listening to it now. And watching it last night, there's always been something kind of other worldly sort of tech futuristic about about synthesizer sounds which feels almost like a cold future. That is ruining the human connection. Another thing giving new and says, he's like I don't know what we would have done if we had a budget like he probably would have got an orchestra together. Because that's what you do. And it would have been a very different thing in the same way that we have alternative casting. David new. Talks about the first thing that he came up with once he knew he was going to be doing the movie was the theme that's used in the croquet scene. I'm just gonna play a little bit of it here. Agreed Q. I mean, it has that sort of eighties reverse breath, Innis that fairlight synthesizer feeling vibe. But it also has like emotional underpinning to it. It's not just silly. And it's not just kitschy. It's not just overly stylized. It has some emotion to it. And I think that the music actually in the movie does have a lot of emotion throughout a lot of these scenes, and it's one of the places where that is always that underpinning like we were talking about the heart that beats inside most cynics the music here really provided a lot of that heart. And I think because it is so much about society and an empty society around these these poor kids. Yeah, there's something about that seems right about the artificiality of using a just listening to it now. And watching it last night. It does seem like there's something there's always been something kind of other worldly sort of tech futuristic about. About synthesizer sounds which to me feels almost like a like a cold future. That is ruining the human connection between these kids. Another thing. You have a new and says he's like, I don't know what we would have done if we had a budget like he probably would have got an orchestra together. Because that's what you do. And it would have been a very different thing in the same way that we have alternative casting very different movie without this brilliant score. And actually bought the score. And I was listening to it walking through the streets of Newark on the way to work this morning, and it really is a fit to walk around in an urban environment and kind of hear this music and these cues play another little one, which I thought was great. This is called you're beautiful. I think this is from the scene in the in the dining Commons or the cafeteria where we're known as says that to one of the quiz, one of the people taking the quiz that Heather is taking if you if you you win five million dollars, but aliens are going to blow up the earth in two days. What do you do with the money something, and it was another good? The idea. I think a great score. I really enjoyed it. The other two musical features. That are great movie opens and closes with two different versions of case or Ausra. And the first opening version is by sid straw. Two. It contains that hyper realistic. He like things are slightly off kilter. It's like a Dutch angle lens or something the way version the way that it's recorded, and yeah, just the breath of it is sort of like we're seeing the world through a slightly skewed version of this saccharin classic. It's of substance, but it's also slightly off. Whatever will be will be case the giving up of control seating, your individuality that to me start to just change. What that what that phrase means really enjoyed the music. I was surprised it wasn't something that I think of when I think of the movie, right? But I went down the rabbit hole of the music and was rewarded Volk? Casting crews brought to you by out of Jackson a new comedy short video series from jackpot Nick co writer and director of the Sony. Pictures feature film space station, seventy six and current recurring guest on Grayson, Frankie and see nation out of Jack's mind. Likened follow. Oh at chucker comedy on Facebook or chocolate dot com. Chocolate original comedy delivered daily. Let's talk about the production design as we talked about with the script everything in one of making feature at somebody does say everything is pushed just a bit. It's so difficult to do satire. Well, seems like it would be an easy thing. You what your satirizing you think about the components and exaggerate him? And yet, I think with film, specifically just doesn't seem to always work link sometimes because the arch nece can take away from the actual story. You know? Well, they're trying too hard the tried to art. And this is just such a case where everybody loved the project. They're all bringing their a game. It is not just a clinical exercise of of making fun of something. It also has an emotional center to it that goes very much into the design when watch the mcnutt patriots. And they would just show a moment, and it would be beautiful to look at almost like every scene was its own potential Rehm has visual gems to your point about the satire someone in the feature at says that with satire when you create the world really effectively in. Terms of the way, the rooms are set up and all that information to impart to the viewer. And when the actors have such a clear sense of who the character is then you're playing it for real. Yeah. And when you do that, that's how you chief the satire you're talking about Shannon, Doherty by not knowing what the hell's going on. She delivers totally to the point whatever movie she thought, she was in didn't really matter. She gave a pitch perfect satirical performance without knowing what she was doing. It's so easy to screw that up. Leeman says at one point that he's there were times they would there was a little too far. And that's of course, the job of the director to modulate that will the production designer was a guy named John Hudson. And this was his first film as a production designer he had previously worked on a movie that I love to live and die in LA. Billy freakin moving the costumes the banners the logo designed for the high school, everything is so meticulous. One of the great things that I learned from these feature etes is his art director at the time. Caroline Strom for both. Of them. These were their first films in these key positions and between the two of them. They actually did a great job of explaining the difference between set decorator art director production designer if you're like me, and you have no idea what that is at the Academy Awards. Well, here's a handy. Little primer in the art department, the production designer is like in charge of the whole thing. There's an art director and set decorator and the art director is responsible for. Drawings and construction and the set decorator is responsible for furnishings, basically, and the prop master takes charge of hemp rumps things that the actors actually use. So I'm at the head of the pyramid and the art director sort of draws and build and the set decorator fills the space, I was the are tractor. But I was also the set decorator and typically the set decorator is in charge of his or her own department and the set check writers sort of working with and parallel with and four alternate parallel with often the production designer the art director is working for the production designer. So just remember this that the when the kademi awards are given out for art direction. It's to the production designer and set decorator, the art director, I think of kind of the vice president of art, it's a very there's a lot of a lot that goes into his or her world. Basically what I tell people. How is everything you see in a frame that's not an actor or piece of clothing is the department that's a pretty good sink description differences, which I think is going to stay with me after watching this DVD, which again, you can't watch listening here unless you're listening in the UK in which have at it, actually, this is my own Luddite nece because I'm probably the only gig that still has a Blu Ray player. But apparently if I bought a new one it's region free internet by a DVD player that would that would have played this the costumes are fantastic. The art direction is fantastic the production design is incredible the outfits they're wearing she has a funny anecdote careless from about she did a slogan for the high school things about the high school. Did you see what the school's mascot is the rottweilers which what Ron were joke in nineteen eighty eight one more unpleasant atmosphere could you be in? But Secondly, yes, it was bus your trays. Yeah. Translated it into Latin and that would be like those sort of slogan for the. But when I put that into translate. It was just bus. They didn't have buses what is it inland. So bus your trays ary busts que- Emma, CTA sunt Vobis that it changed it to move your trace it move. Maybe I land now trying various wording very tomb que- among docent that's a bit wordy for a badge like circular logo. Yeah. She's like we spent time doing that. And coming up with the logo and putting that on something that's not even visible at any point in the movie. She uses us an example of how in all the designers were that they had such an incredible script that to your earlier point. They all brought their a game to do this. Right. And I think just the reality of any endeavor in Hollywood. And you're talking about people who worked in the in the crafts the various departments. You're going from one show to the next, and it probably most of the time you're not really engaged and invested in the show that you're working on because let's not engage in quite the same way. And there's an anecdote, I think in this one, we're Hutton. Says specifically with the great screenplay a lot of the work is done because they viewed details which makes it easier. But it also makes you as the designer more excited because the more excited screenplay writer is were excited. It makes you and there's sort of a self perpetuating site -ment around the project, the final note on this brilliant movie that will stand the test of time be the brilliant version of case Ausra that closes the film over the credits in a kind of mournful tone that I thought really fit. S. Slow fade. Okay. Chris now, we're gonna belonged to a new segment this day in TV guide history. Matt gives a snappy little musical sting intro. What's on TV have here in front of me is the actual TV guide. Did you have TV guide in your house? When I grew up this came every week, and it was the week aheads TV listings inconvenient magazine form. With a lot of hilarious ads like thirteen records or tapes for only one cent and only money to Columbia records tapes for the rest of your life, which I still do Larrea cigarette ads and other cultural ephemera, but this was the only way you knew what was going to be on TV you consulted this guide and figured out what you were going to watch and win. Now what I thought I would do is go back to this actual day in nineteen eighty Thursday at the time that it is right now four twenty five pm. Now for me, Chris I was a latchkey child. I would come home from school at myself in make myself a snack and watch television until my mother came home at six thirty. And these are some of the shows that would be on. And I thought some of the lines were worth repeating. There was a show called love American style an anthology, right? An anthology and. It has the hilariously nineteen eighty storyline of Ray Walston as an executive evading alimony payments today. They would just ruin it. Because they'd probably focus. Let's say on the wife for bills starving snowflake. How am I going to hide this money from my family also at three pm, Dinah and friends Dina and guest. Alex trebek's present videotape coverage of the nineteen eighty United States ski team celebrity invitational from Sun Valley celebrity skiers include Clint Eastwood and cliff Robertson, Gilligan's island has some of the best worst storylines. I guess Gilligan's on is one of those shows where all of the log lines jumped the shark before they even produced the series. For example, a loose tooth filling turns Gillian's head into a radio receiver actually do remember that one Partridge family also on at the same time misery is played for laughs. As Danny goes on a diet. Let's remember Danny was nine. So he was deemed too chubby by Reuben Kincaid at four thirty electric company was a big part of my life. Did you watch that show? But I was always disappointed. If it didn't have the spider-man's, I always loved those live. I've action Spiderman for me, it was always via Allegra which was a Spanish tinged kids program would lead into electric company that was like a block of programming via lead gray, Matt please find via Allegra theme song. Now, here's one of my favorite. Log lines of all time five thirty. It's time for good times. Michael Thelma and JJ each have their own version of how they're sofa caught fire. That's the rush Amman episode now who've done to seven o'clock news seven o'clock in the eighties used to be primetime. Like, you had real primetime evening shows were on it seven o'clock for we had. The whale oil primed up. So you can watch the Waltons at seven. Here's a good Walton storyline Olivia's aunt rose and her grandchildren arrived from Baltimore. And its soon apparent that the youngsters unruliness is the manifestation of deep seated emotional problems heavier than that. I like what are they coming themselves and like burning cats what the hell's going on at the Waltons? Now, here's one of my favorites. Buck Rogers, book Rogers, I loved Aaron gray. I think last time Erin gray came up. I don't know if you remember when we were talking about, you know, her second career as a sort of talent Booker for conventions. She ran a stable still does she's interesting good for her. But when reading about that, I also read a little bit about Gil Gerard. He struggled with his weight giddy like a lot then on like get skinny reality show some like getting so well after buck Rogers during the commercial break you could have flipped over to America. You're too young to die a religion. This is the actual description. The Reverend Jerry Falwell is joined by senators Jesse Helms, Harry Byrd and Robert Dornan in a tribute to America Oli Christ. I would love to see the vases, somebody looking at their watching the guess. Tune over like, what are we all America? You're too young to die said that I was like, oh, this is going to be a Heather's tired. Why our about how suicide death? Although at eight o'clock, you could have watched runaway a report on runaway teenagers. Remember when that was a big deal like kids are running away. Now. Nobody cares. Interestingly enough sneak previews from Roger Ebert, and gene siskel critics rodri-. But gene, Cisco show clips from movies. They're embarrassed to admit they enjoyed that. Sounds like what we do. We're not quite as revolution. We thought. Now, we're at eleven o'clock at night. It's late your parents have gone to bed. You're staying up. You're watching stuff you shouldn't be watching right perhaps at eleven PM. You would have turned over to the thriller on channel seven a writer. Peter Cushing tries to convince a sceptical publisher about the uncanny behavior of felines by relating three. Chilling tales of terror. It's a anthology about horrifying feline behavior called the uncanny stars Raimo land, Susan pen Hagen. And Joan Greenwood that sounds worth watching also add one thirty in the morning second primetime second primetime, the Barron era Zona offbeat story about an elaborate scheme to prove legal ownership of the state of AirAsia based on fact, excellent performance by Vincent Price. This is what we had in the eighties minutes pretty damn rate. The baron of Zona based on fact. Got factual don't get your hopes up Vincent Price playing a barren. That's out her obviously of Arizona. Yeah. Makes me question. We ready to move on to headline. Yes. My first one, I know you're gonna love this is a story that appeared last week the world finally knows why Garfield phones keep washing up on French beaches and the answer is this is one of the great mysteries. Garfield phones for thirty years. These have been washing up on French beaches without explanation, the writer here from New York magazine's vulture gets a little carried away quote, like cheerful plastic mechanisms of the end through Casin matinee Menton him. I'm gonna guess the mechanism is some sort of referential embodiment of a larger construct or concept. Sounds right. Mattamy a- term of rhetoric and cognitive linguistics is the use of a single characteristic authentified a more complex entity. I was right. It is also known as a denomination denomination. Wasn't that Christian Slater's name in the name of the rose? Anyway for thirty years. He's been washing beach. And no one knows what the hell's going on. Finally, someone went into a secluded CK's accessible only at low tide. This could make a great movie, I love it. And they found a shipping container that had been filled with these phones that had been lost the container had somehow gotten wedged inside this secluded see cave and over thirty years had disgorged Garfield phones wanted to time, and they sourced the location of the phones, and the mystery is now resolved, and as the French say, it Finney some other headlines here, but you know, what I had a snarky story here. I was gonna make fun of Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray as as said that he's going deaf. And it's terrible for him. Because if he can't hear. Here. He can't sing in the same Melih fluid way doing been doing ever since the hits of Sugar Ray like all-star. No all stars smashmouth, dude. Don't cut that out. Whatever you do which one of I going to be fed this mash fans, the sugary fans met play me a little sugar right for the hell of it. Okay. Chris. That's all the headlines. I have for you. I'm gonna keep it short today. Because I want to play something that I know you are excited about is. I am in our ranson raves section. And that is Chris the brand new trailer which won't be brand new by the time. This episode comes out two weeks time or one week time six months, but six months the movie were already come out for. Enjoy this moment of optimism. Keen Phoenix in Todd Phillips forthcoming joker origin tale with a nineteen. Seventies vibe color me all in their visit help have someone to talk to. Mother always tells me to smile and put on a happy face. She told me I had a purpose. Gebran laughter and joy to the world. Is it just the? Or is it getting crazier out there? The we all can. Even the break. When they're. Sallow? Maybe. And what's so funny? Bridge. Fief in my life was a tragedy. Now, I realize. It's a comedy. Just. Goosebumps. That is a fucking amazing trailer. My thoughts about this have gone back and forth up until seeing a good great trailer bad movie. But I don't know man that is so totally what I'm interested in eight joker origin story. I've seen on Twitter. People sort of saying like, I don't know if we need another disaffected white guy white guy than becoming a violent criminal. But I mean, we are talking about one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time. And as such gonna tell a story, adding depth to a story, always better than trivial. Yeah. And I also think walking feedings is one of those actors these sort of expect so much that by now, I'm like forget who cares. And yet actually watching it delivered really looks like he's doing something. That's different. I don't know looks worthwhile. The seventies of it the obvious shoutout to king of comedy. I just think it gets right. Certain approach that feels like it can add something to. A character whose after he's ledger never really needs to be revisited its definitive, and yet I would approach this type of trailer with a healthy dose of skepticism. The only little thing that I'd be concerned about is the director is Todd Phillip, which doesn't feel like a fit at first blush. However, we're talking the joker. We're talking dark comedy. We're talking a loser tail these are actually things Todd Phillips can do. I was not so much thinking of the dark comedy elements. You know, he first made his name with documentary frat house. I didn't know that. I remember reading about it. But it was a pretty unflinching look at the violence and ugliness within fraternity. If he's looking for that same kind of thing in what drives a person to become nihilistic violent. I just so all in on this trailer. D C must have high hopes with the release date slated for October that is Oscar season that is a time when you release a movie that you believe is going to be in awards contention. But they must know enough to think that. Walking Phoenix is going to garner that cast. Ryan Henry entire Bryan Callen are boy, Bryan, Bryan Callen is the guy we worked with here. Many many times one of the funniest frequent people ever and he's been in the hangover movies. He's Todd Phillips regular says Bryan Callen stripper. I've no idea. What what what that is? But as a they didn't put that in the trail in the trailer. Now, we're not going to get Batman apparently. Because the way this takes place young, Bruce Wayne is a cast member. So we're gonna see Bruce Wayne's father is apparently more involved in the story of how the joker became the joker. Then we've previously been told. Yes. So I'm not sure whether going with that doesn't sound like we're gonna there's no need to have a Batman appearance. And I read a little bit that this is part of a campaign that DC is doing with these standalone, no sequel, they're not trying to create franchises. They're just doing one off origin story movies with interesting takes like this. That's all I got Chris great. I have a rave I was going to mention this to you a couple of days ago. But I was like I'm going to save it for this specific Edwards put up his acting real recently. No, I hate these stories break, my heart won't break, your heart Edwards works as a background extra in Los Angeles. And he made a compilation of the stuff that he has bit in and says with it solid evidence that every TV show movie and commercial are all in the same cinematic universe. And it's got dramatic music in the background. And it's going to stop a little circle will show where his. And it's it's all shameless. Ballers American vandal all crowd Orval on crowd work. Something called schooled. Volkswagen commercial a spring commercial with two different guys on a bench guy, really all this stuff, including actually the TV series. And it's just so funny because he made it himself, and he job editing it, and you know, what he's going to probably get a film rolled out of it. I hope so because as of right now, the only credit is a short called, troubled waters. But I don't know if it's the same Edwato Zapata anyway. Zapata very funny all the way back into and you didn't even know you're doing it. That's how smart you're Chris always working in the background just when I'm getting ready to write you off. I mean, no, I don't mean that what am I saying? I'm already written you off. Okay. So what's your dramatic intro to our brilliant film ending? Well, it's well known truism that if you scratch a cynic, you'll find a wounded romantic, and that's certainly holds for Heather's movie with more than its share of satirical targets handled with incisive coldness, but which still has a pumping pained fleshy center that may have asked itself the question. Oh, yes. I believe in France. I believe we need them. But if one day find that you just can't trust them anymore. But what then? Thanks for listening to full cast and crew just wanted to remind everyone to subscribe, if you haven't already see you'll get a new episode every Thursday, and we'd love to hear from you. So Email us at full cast and crew pod at g mail dot com. Or you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram at at full cast and crew or find us on Facebook.

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