Man wearing fake bomb stabs two in London.


Coming up on five minute news man wearing fake bomb steps to in London. First Corona virus death reported outside China China and Milan carbon drivers ignore anti-pollution measure. It's Monday in February three. I'm Anthony Davis a man shot dead by police. After he stabbed two people in south London had been released from prison in January. Twenty year. Old Sudesh Chaman was released around a week ago. After serving half of his sentence of three years and four months for Tara offenses he was on the radar of British counterterrorism authorities authorities and had strapped on a fake bomb and stabbed two people on a London street before being shot dead by police on Sunday. In what they they said was an Islamic terror attack. One victim was hospitalized with life threatening wounds while the other suffered less serious injuries in the rampage which took place at around two PM. In the city's stratum area a combined residential and commercial neighborhood. Well removed from the world famous landmarks of central. London officers responded quickly to the stabbings. Because of a proactive counter terrorism operation that was underway as the attacker had been under surveillance silence for some time video from the scene appeared to show three undercover police officers in an unmarked car. Making a quick stop and merging with weapons opens the drama about five miles south of central London marked a departure from recent terror attacks in the British capital that took place near landmarks doc. Such as London Bridge and the houses of parliament Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in the aftermath that the government would introduce fundamental changes to the way people convicted of terrorism offenses treated. He cited Sunday's attack and another at fishmongers hall. In December. As reasons for the changes images shed Shannon's social media showed a man lying on the sidewalk outside a pharmacy. Police said the device strapped to the assailant's body was quickly determined to be a hoax. A third person suffered minor injuries. Apparently from flying glass London Mass Siddiq Khan edged community resolve in the face of another attack. Terrorists seek to divide US and destroy our way of life. He said here in London we will never let them succeed The first death from the corona virus outside of China was reported yesterday and the Beijing government government took steps to shore up an economy hits by travel curbs and business shutdowns because of the epidemic a forty four year old Chinese men. I'm from the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province. The epicenter of the epidemic traveled to the Philippines and died there on Saturday. The Philippines Department of Health said the vice governor of China's Hubei Province said the virus outbreak was still severe and complicated a total of three hundred and four people have died in China. The National Health Commission said yesterday infections in China jumped to fourteen thousand three hundred eighty as of Saturday at least another one hundred seventy-one in cases have been reported in more than two dozen other countries and regions including the United States. Japan Thailand Hong Kong and Britain and Beijing is facing mounting isolation countries introduced travel restrictions airlines suspended flights and governments evacuate their citizens risking asking worsening a slowdown in the world's second largest economy in Beijing. Some moles stayed open during the extended holiday but staff wearing surgical mosques stood outside shops offering to take customers. Temperatures many other stores and cafes in the capital and other cities chose to close authorities tale of effectively quarantined Wuhan Sealing off roads and shutting down public transport the city where the virus is thought to have emerged late last year. We're in a market illegally. Trading Wildlife was about to open two new hospitals for virus patients. One of the entire facilities was built in just eight days. Italian police have handed out one hundred sixty two fines in less than three hours to people. Ignoring a driving ban in Milan the temporary ban started at ten. AM local time and lasted until the early evening in an attempt to curb the city's smog. Problem but within just two and a half hours police were handing out fines of one hundred sixty four euros to those flouting. The ban. Milan was named Europe's most polluted city in two thousand eight and small remains a recurring problem by twelve. Thirty local time on Sunday Sunday. That had been six hundred twenty one checks on people not adhering to the Sunday worte. The ban does not apply to electric vehicles or disabled drivers is. It's not the first time cars have been banned from within city limits. And it's not prove popular with everyone last month. 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