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From Atlanta somewhere near William Street. This is the adult swim podcast. Today is April second twenty twenty. I'm Matt Harrigan with me today. Maxine semi welcome Max opening up the Podcast mailbag on the PODCAST. Today's slink Johnson Star. Black Jesus before we get to Him. Got a couple of very important emails. Hello my name is Daniel Blank. I'm a cartoon drawer. I know that is not the perfect time to discuss about this subject. But I'm really serious and I will be thankful if you just go. Look at my draws very appreciate Daniel Blank. We will linked to your dinosaur drawings on our website. How's your April Fools Max? I was here in my home at my desk. Live with you. We are watching Yeah we were taking calls about post Malone's game. How do you think it went? I think it went pretty well and I hope people had fun. I think I underestimated how much people seeing new episodes of shows especially shows that didn't have their premiere. Dates announced would be exciting to them like judging social media meeting. Oh we're being shown there's new primal excited like oh so back this up so some people might not know what happened the night before April fools. When it turned midnight the network showed nine episodes of shows. People have never seen before Book ended with Post Malone Videos of some some stuff we shot with him in Houston in early March. What a great time before. All this happened before everything went to Shit right but right before we got special approval to go to Houston and film. Buzz Malone Yeah. We shot him at a little studio. And I think it's called the Arts district to the warehouse district and we got an right under the gun. I think it was march eighth. And so that showed up on the network at the stroke of April Fools. It interrupted a clip. And this is an idea I had to show a little bit of the now announced second season again. Who set too much of you but then post malone goes. I don't WanNa see this right now or something like that. Yeah which is fun a little twist but I was up to it. Matt I was feeling like Man Is this crazy enough to just like interstitial and new shows especially since last year we did like a whole. I did that thing. That was six hours and the other years. Mustaches were on everybody. You know things that felt like more intrusive I was feel the reaction online was mostly. Oh this is fun. All these crazy new episodes. Yeah so now. That's in the rear view right. Yeah what are we working on now? What's next coming down the There's beef housing three busy. Denver's just started last Sunday at midnight. Those will continue though seem to be getting really good response from people The network is still quarantined. Nobody's getting into the adult swim offices here or in Burbank. So fortunately for animation. A lot of production can continue. I will say I've had a long tense personal conversation not tense but you know just trying to figure out a record voice over because first of all. I don't want to yell so much bother my neighbors and I you sound qualities are different in different rooms. That differ microphones. So I'm in a point where I'm testing things with the man who will be mastering the audio to make sure the mic just sounds okay like you know especially when you when you work with our shows especially the lower budget ones. There's so many little things you WANNA make not be an issue. Does that make sense to explore the whole premise? Like I don't want the sound sounding weird or different to be something that's distracting to the whole project but it is a weird time the I'm not allowed to go in the office and use our voice over both. Yeah so you have to be consistent with what you've already done but with new rules and protocols and stuff hopefully it all works out in his fine but figuring it out so you're working on The game set which premiered last night. And when do people expect to see that think like September twenty fifth or something if all goes well something like that? How about tender touches? That's I believe June fifteenth which is exciting. I think the third season's better than ever I was saying this blood. Feast the other night. Which is the Crawford? Show our streams something I like about tender touches as I feel like it could have gone in many directions. I don't feel like tender. Touches is a puzzle of narrative. It's not like you're putting pieces together and it makes this one absolute thing you know. It's a show that's just. It just feels so organic and so funny and full of especially if you bring other people because it's it was described by one review brought this up during fish center as like a podcast show. That's animated and it does kind of remind me of like those times when people animate podcasts. And there's more conversational dialogue overlap and all this stuff a and I think that nature means that. The collaboration with other voices really allows it to go to other places. I think this season's early fun June fifteenth and I think it shows for a week every night. How many are there five this season? There's five and how long game said is one long piece no. I don't know how much they're announcing. But my like wall said it's fourteen quarter hour episodes over fourteen weeks well citing everyone's going to be like they're doing this instead of venture brothers. You need to remember. It's not mutually exclusive obey. Make some more rick and Maurice Buddy all right so I had the pleasure of hanging out with slink. Johnson starved black. Jesus had a couple of times before extraordinarily Nice Guy. He came after black. Jesus of course he came to Atlanta. There was an adult swim poker tournament. Professionally shot the world series of poker guys made it. That was really good. It was fun and he participated in that really nice guy met him at the ace hotel in a room there in downtown Los Angeles. And that's a hotel that just looks like people are doing cocaine. Yeah it's a hipster hotel Miami Vice Interiors Right. I think you can borrow guitars if when you check in and stuff like that guy doors on the shower doors. No floors on in the room. No floors in the rooms which is very cool. I talked him for a while. Here's a here's where we landed. Slink Johnson slink. That come from man. Tall snaky jotted high school. I was much slimmer and I used to hang out with slinky guys. Atari tall six seven six seven met. Yes indeed yes and the intimidating. Don't let it be. I'm the nicest Guy Anybody knows Matt. I'm so chill. You know he came in second in Adult Swim Poker Tournament. Second Okay move. I according to the cloak that I have at home. That cloak is hitting the way at home secret in one of my hidden compartments. And my house cloak was the the winner's trophy for the man in the truck. Locusts MIND I mean. The privileges hit off my Melania. So beautifully it's like it's meant for me. I just recently took a pitcher and I didn't really take a picture and I was just recently looking at a picture that I had taken it and you know just kind of marveling at his beauty. How'd you end up with that Good luck and good luck and good looks and insisting that you know that goes on with me. I'm just keeping it you know. Make sure it's safe because I know adult swim got so much stuff props swag and fucking merge all. I don't want to get mixed up with stuff so I kinda held onto a form favor. Your favorite definitely. There's a big black Jesus. I don't even know what you call it. Just like a big setup. You can stand in front of me. Get Your picture taken. I walk by every day so I see your smiling face everyday William Street. Yeah the big the big picture window will. What does your second stained Glass Church Window? Yeah exactly Yeah I love that man. I want that in my house. Give it to me a dose please. Well it's not mine to give but an adult swim because I know they're listening. Adult swims like big brother. Yeah they hear at all. They're here right now. South adult swim. Matt what's up man this room right here. You got man. It's kind of. It's a pretty funky little rule right here. Feels like something out of fucking I think maybe Eddie Murphy to stay here in forty eight hours. Maybe I don't know it's like some real saying it's a shit off. No it's like a classy shit hole. It's like very classy Shit Hole. It's I think it used to be a SRO single resident occupancy. Back in the fifties or something. I could see that Agassi that and they can just put some. Put some showers in here as a retrofitted put showers and each one okay. This one of them spots like like New York and more focused all live like ten people in on the floor and they share bathrooms. Charlie come on man I gotta take a shit maybe ready for it. Yeah private bathroom here. I will say I don't WanNa Brag or anything but I do have a private. I see it. That's all standing. You know what I'm saying that you better be here with a bad bitch or you know saying by yourself because when you take a shower is like it's an exhibition as vaping. How do you feel about the vape? Syst- Tobacco Vapor. We'd vape tobacco. I don't know how are you extra time on tobacco you know what because I think I got a I? Don't I hate to admit to about I think I got all fixation or something? I gotta I gotta I gotTa always be eating or drinking someone. I'm driving otherwise I said I gotTa have something to do with my hands. I feel like because if I'm not and I'm sitting still go to sleep anywhere row. Airplanes air also will fall asleep anywhere so you have so much body that you have to keep fueled up because you're tall. Perhaps perhaps you'll be like Kojak lollypop. It's all going to kill you. Lollipops only ratchet teeth on sugar diabetes. True your right vagueness smoking on Fuck You. Lungs up stories awesome. You're worried about the vaping in the news lately. I'm not worried about this. He doesn't take twenty five years to find out what it really does. It's like smoking. You know we got so many years research all smoking that you can tell you know you can pretty much tell the things that go on involved with smoking but vaping new thing so it's GonNa take a while villain vapors capone vanilla way motherfuckers endorsement deal because my tonight. I say none of these mother fuckers names Matt. How hashtag smoke yours. Can we say that? Yeah you could say ask smoke yours and make sure you get your smoke smoke yours. Crew Merchandise from www dot smoke yours crude dot com. What does that smoke? Yours is? Smoke IOS cruel small organization Man Assists Organization about friendship based on cannabis. You know what I'm saying. I don't have any smoke. Yours just like extended. Yohannan friendship with this here. I appreciate you for that matter. I look out for appreciate that shit man as smoke. Yours has a broader meaning. And it's not just about cannabis. Smoke Yours is the do you whatever you is too often man people always got they got they has and is and somebody else's mixed man you look at it meets drive my car man. You run off the road who are worrying about my shit man. Worry about your smoke. Yours Bro do you. Don't let these more focused shot. Tell you about your shit. Do you do who worried about the next man should smoke yours. Where're you from? I was born in Arkansas. I was born in the town called. Do Miss Arkansas. But last time I was there was probably a year ago. The population was like just right at about five thousand people. You know very small town got out got out. When I was ten my mother remarried. You look at like like he got out like you escaped Sometimes sometimes because you know boundaries and walls are only in the mind but I know how much environment plays into that as well so you know again you know. I come from the woods man. I was born small ass town in the country. Man would like I really. My family have a farm or no animals and shit but I knew people with animals feeding halls in fucking dogs and horses and Shit. Maso you know real country shit barefoot poor poverty very poor very very poor mother remarried got us hit the Los Angeles. I was ten years old so I grew up here in California and Behaved since man. Why don't you come to Los Angeles? Because her husband lived here and I guess he promised her a better life aside from the fact. That wasn't just that. Oh my mother's family was all here my mom. My grandmother was living in Arkansas. And she didn't want to move to California so when she died my mom at all it was time. My mom brought us out here because all her sisters and her brothers were here and all her whole family was here. We had nobody else in Arkansas. After my grandma died my daddy my dad there his side of the family. But you know a mom's fed up with pop. She like I'm out of here. Fuck that your data live. Yeah yea where's he? He's an Arkansas. You went back a year ago. Yep like going back there from L. A. Or is everybody think you're bad ass coming back to town? I think everybody's proud of me. I want to buy things I want. Anybody think I'm a bad ass or or they can think I'm a bad ass as long as they don't think that. I think I'm a bad as you know. I'm I'm cool. Everybody's proud you know real small place Nice Humble Beginnings as nice to go back to get real love and the you know to see people that you know from the beginning of your life you know. How many people do you see to this day from from the first time you open Your Eyes Matt? Yeah not many. You know aside from your parents. Perhaps I'll oh well. How many people you still see today? It's always nice to see those people. Yeah what do you tell them that? Your job is your an actor. I'm an actor I'm an actor. I'm a comedian. I won't producer. I'm a rapper master. The West African Monkey spank technique. Five-time wild cheetahs submission host specialist prime minister a pound down president of smoke yours crew. I wear many hats literally and figuratively. How did you first hear about black? Jesus Aaron mcgruder my good friend my mentor. My boss Air mcgruder. He gave me he he. He gave me the rundown he blessed me. Where did he had idea for the show and he said you know? How would you like to play? Jesus I got society for this guy and you know he's black. Jesus I'm like Hell. Yeah in what I gotTa do. An errand was like shit. What would you do if you will? Jesus do that. Because at the time it was unscripted it was just. It was sketch. It was the Improv sketch. Out of a hat was a wig. Robe wait some here. Cnn Pizza Real. Shit Man. I says started as a sketch. Yes yes for what for the Super Rumble mic show? That was a sketch comedy. Show to air and put together and black. Jesus is one of the sketches on the sketch. Comedy show several sketches on air. Several gray sketches to stay Negro News Network asked John with a small sketches on a roll and black. Jesus was one that kind of caught. Fire thankful to say thanks. It would be a part of that. Why do you think he'd pick you? I Dunno Bra and I'm just thankful that he did. I'm just so thankful Aaron mcgruder that he did and you know again that guy's veteran business and he knows ninety eight percent of Hollywood all of them stars because especially the COMEDIANS. And I just like to think that he saw something in me. You know in my personality that he felt like embodied through the steady probably. I hope that he saw something in me. And my personality that embodied this character. I'll say that. Did you have to audition for no I guess? Mile district came in the form of just air. Cme Do some sketches prior to that. You know I did some sketches for him you know. He had all the rage that he was Promoting a did some sketches. You know promoting the book and I was invited down by my friends as and Van. Veen to participate in the sketches. I guess my my my shirt. My sheer ignorance and My share ignorance in my keen knack for obnoxiousness Kind of attracted him. Were you worried it was going to? Piss anybody off. No no never no. I didn't give a fuck. I feel like my shit was ordained by God. He gave it to me. You know what I mean and in a way it came down to where it happened. You know I just trust God and trust Aaron and people that adult swim. They know what they're doing. You know I'm not the Hollywood mega producer or EXAC. They know what they're doing. They know what they can do and they did it. And I appreciate them for that and millions and it'll be half of them as the people that enjoy the show as well. I appreciate that. Did you get any backlash? Not personally man. I read about it online. But the fuck is that you didn't experience any protests or push. Tattle do come to my house your family you are you religious. I'm spiritual what's the difference? I think religious blam religious going to denote certain Certain religious affiliation certain affiliation with a certain group and I feel like BS fear to man. It's our power as I'm not the most articulate. I'm not the one that can explain it. The best man but it's a pious a higher power out there man this way smarter than the fuck us you can call them what you want different parts of the world and Spain. They call shoes a shoe as a bottle. If fucking America we call it a shoot man but it's the same shit you know. Sometimes customs and different things changed as you cross geographic Barrett boundaries will mail to me man solid same. And it's funny we talking about that. I've been dealing with a Lotta Shit involving A lot of death around me. I see it on instagram. We'll see it on facebook. I see it in my personal life. You know different people I know extended you know people from me. I know that you know but there was some hard house with death. It and I'm thinking how tragic that is. Man How fucked up I feel and how fucked up debt is and how often it occurs what you know and when we say that's fucked up especially when somebody dies of natural cause but especially with somebody dies will natural 'cause like you know guys eighty five years old. He dies old age and we saw. That's fucked up wise fucked up because God did it. I if if God or days everything he did that wiser fucked up and other thing to make me think about how sad and Shit we get guy he's we're nothing we're nothing on a big scope universe role. We're nothing which is fucking specs all fucking petri dish as your family. Feel the same way you your parents. Your mom mom mom parents are came up baptist their religious their their religious. God fearing people from the Bible Belt. You know what I'm saying. They're not overbearing. No Shit like that. So that's cool today. React to you playing black. Jesus yes they did yes yes oh my God they fucking loved it. They loved it. They loved it. My Dad fucking proud. He talks about me now forty some years and they can say my why cable. Tv He talks about. What does he say now? He's talking. He's proud he's always been probably likes it? He's granted this shit you know. He got a chance to visit the set during the season two. He enjoyed it. You know. Get a chance to Charlie Murphy. Angela Gibbs Corey Holcomb John with a small. We had a great time. And that's why it's had her. Dammit County Hall King Backs Andre Fuller. What a cast. Well the cast man get along with all your co Star. I loved him motherfucker. Yeah I love him. I love him. I love my level. They're friends of mine. Andrei did you know them before the show. No I did not in not in however you know we developed quite a rapport my people Andrea hands-on. Corey God bless Charlie Murphy. So Charlie was my friend. Charlie would call me Bro and talk to me for hours on fought about nothing just talking. Shit that's how I look. Charlie was my friend he incurs me he lifted me and you know he may show House on of my game and I. I really respect him. I appreciate him and my heart goes out to his family. Where these guys men and women were funny. Yes I mean outside of the show. Obviously fucking hilarious. They're more funny outside. So you get to see them as true. You know to personality cutters you know. They're real funny man. Everybody's great man. I have a great Bible blast from CAST. Go out with them. Sometimes me Andrey Out I catch corey out sometimes Ads Wine we've been out bats and I work together a couple of times. Were you anxious getting started getting to know these guys. Big names all fucking. Yeah they nice to you though. Yeah to meet my realize man people I love and I was nothing but successful all them. If y'all listened to Mana on all you mother fuckers to get that money you hear me. Aaron mcgruder Genius Genius Janus. Why do you say that? Look my air mcgruder Take on the world and pop. Culture in general is is is unmatched man. You know what I'm saying. Air Magruder's is on the level of macaroni with other the simpsons and the way they predict shit. You know it's just like. How much did their mcgruder predict about pop culture like ten fifteen years ago you know through the Boondocks you know again? His HIS HIS COMEDIC STYLING. His style of writing is mess. Man I mean this dude is is one of the best. He's GonNa go down in history as definitely a pop culture icon of pop culture curator. He moves the Kosher Gray Guy. How about a clever? What can I say about cloudy? Fucking love cloudy Man. That's my clam bark. Ma mammy and my Klatten. Berg was just chilling at my crib while made him a nice bowl of homemade Putin. Yes yes I made homemade Putin. Yes why do you make that? I love WHO team introduced. I mean Mike introduced me to Putin which is for those who don't know. I can't assume that everybody knows. I know when I when I before I found out. Putin is a Canadian comfort food dish consisting of French fries. Cheese Kurds covered in gravy. Very simple but very good. Very filling meal Mike and I we. We sat out and broke. Bread OVER BOWLER PULL. Putin was outstanding. Mike is a great friend of mine. I love his vibe. I Love I love his his outlook. I love his style. Great Doom and love my Kleinberg. Did you now adult swim before you got involved with black? Jesus I mean I heard Bene- fan of Boondocks you know and I know that they'll swim. Always has some wild content but prior to now wasn't as versed with adult swim. And then so you can't the upfront. Yes what was that like? It was outstanding. I didn't actually go to the upfront. I went to the parties and I kind of regret that I was out to the Goto. The actual up fronts however sort of corporate meeting. Y'All WanNa go I WANNA be. Why be a fly on the wall? Get some game. Why not expand my knowledge that only help me get? It only helped me expanded his business. You know see things from a different perspective will be able to be included in the compensation that could possibly that I could possibly lend a whole lot of Insight to and definitely indeed get some insight from. What was the party that I it was out to hook? It was all I think Nikki Moniz was there the first year and drake was there. The second year I been I been again though. Swim US GETTING WAR GUYS? Come on those fronts. Coming up may come on guys step above guy big party space in New York. Yeah man off. I think it was hanger. Something Hangar Twenty four some shit like that I forget but it was a big spot. What do you remember about big multilevel spot man and L.'s? Il Just Oh you know saying how they open bar for me. Stay what do you have to do with these kinds of things as a Starve their show. Enjoy the event and interact with the FANS PEOPLE. Come up to you and shake your hand and so yeah yeah fucking love it. Great people buy it and that's that it means a whole lot to me because again this fast paced world. We live in there. You know nobody cares about nobody so you know for somebody to stop out of. Take Day to say. Hey Man I like the shit you do as a whole lot to me. It means the world to me. People recognize you. Sometimes I think the hard core fans do maybe yeah Vita Wig. On more people would love. You live in Gardena now and the show set in Compton. How far they are they. Were they like each other to mean culturally close to each culture? We close here. Culturally close in geographically. Close what's it like? These days you know for me is is pretty chill. You know what I mean. I say that to say is different. Descriptions of the city different descriptions can be given by different people. That just depends on how you're living your life and at this time of my life. I'm a data five. Get five kids. Yeah wow data five and I just liked to chill smoke some weed out the way so live is pretty chill for me but you know twenty five thirty years ago. There's a little fast pace put myself in different awkward and precarious position and it was a little bit different. But you know now. The chilling out bras. I went to the store today and bought a new toilet bowl seat. So you know Guy. Worked WITH PUTS HIS Toilet seat in the dishwasher turned at guys. I wouldn't eat shit at his. I wouldn't either. I would eat a jake. Nothing that his mother fucking house and I hope you listen you nasty motherfucker you nasty fecal matter civil where he'd motherfucker the. Fuck Outta here. I thought that was grotesque. It is so the comedy of by Jesus. I think at the time I think the reviews called it gentle and hopeful you agree with that Shit. Everybody got their own opinions. Whoever whoever wrote that feel like General? Jilin hopeful agree that he had agreed. He has his writer's opinion. I'm not mad at their review. Either I guess school. He didn't say it was bad. So great I think it was a positive review and it was striking to me that they said it was gentle and hopeful because it seems like that was would have been out of place at the time and actually now maybe it seems like even still sort of out of place but not in a bad way just unusual. Well come on man you know again. you know. Thanks to Jean. Say Aaron mcgruder. In his first the first trailer says something to me. Matty said he put all the bad shit in the first writer. Like what like all the gunshots runner. You know crazy you know calamity and shit and danger. He put it in a trailer so people come looking for more. You know death destruction and the battery and only find good messages in good vibes. Is that what happened? I think so you know again at the beginning. You put all the racy crazy shit to attract person to attract the audience. But you get there. They get there for the message. What get their crazy racy shit and find and find a good heart warming message behind every episode and I love that. Heartwarming doesn't seem like appropriate show for adult swim. Why wouldn't because it does swim embodies all that though? Swimming is another driver of pop culture. So why wouldn't it? You know again. Heart warming is a heart. Warming is a is is is trade on a spectrum of life so adult swim just you know they show a whole lot of different spectrums life and that's just one the La Times described it as good natured. Stunner humor. I'm with that. It is it is. Everything's good nature. Everything's good fun. If you notice you know Jesus always wants to spread love and kindness. And he was good for his fellow. Man You know. There's never any malicious intent or or What's the word I'm looking for Manipulation or anything of that nature you know Jesus just you know. He won't good for everybody. He wants smokes from good. We so I guess. A good natured. Comedy would be accurate. What is What a stunner humor to you. Stouter humor sometimes donning humorous dead Pan Stone humor in always fucking crazy bar barracks stupid shit you do and you get high. It's like looking at Stony Hugh. Humor is a lot of subtle nuances. You know crazy shit that make you double take like. Oh did he do shit this? Of course why you enjoy of course it that you enjoy why you stone not shit that you do that you get stoned and do especially stupid Shit Jackass. But you know don't do stupid shit Shit jumping-off shit stunts. Don't do stupid shit. What have you done stupid when you're when you're stoned? I'll tell you something I did. Tell me something. You did something ideas. Who Will I get stoned I do a lot of stupid stupid shit sober so stupid. Shit I do and I just don make forget to make important phone calls and forget to write shit down on my schedule. Which is why I'm late here today. I'm sorry Matt I'm an idiot. Thank you for taxing me at one. Something one ten or whatever because I was I was like how I was like one and a half months in already and that other blunt and a half out of been over with Roseau. Thank you we'd have to reschedule. What's funny to you? What do you watch? drought race from TV. I don't watch a Lotta TV. I Muslims kind like all over the Internet but Dave Chapelle. This definitely funny to me. Do you watch investigator? He's though that it's controversial. He's dope man. What's fuck this fucking pussy? Generation man carries everything so fucking controversial. And it's not fucking controversial all ships controversial all this Shit Shit. Well you know. It's it's controversial by today's standards. Would you know all the things that are being said about? Different people in different groups. All these hateful and derogatory terms have been there forever just social media social networking in the world. Wide Web allows these words to spread faster. And you hear from this person that person but man Komo man set the fuck up and this is just laugh. You know fucking laugh man. You don't like to shit. Don't subscribe to this person. You don't like Shit. Don't watch this show. You don't like to shit. Don't follow them on instagram simplest. Welcome that but you know as funny to me castle. The Internet a funny to me. I like a all Internet comedians. My boy read Brown Teddy. Ray Funny as Fuck Big Job Craig. Smith Larry Goodwill watching watching more comedy right now. Where do you go when you go on the Internet? What do you do I look at my? I don't want to call these people because nobody's fucking for Mullah. Nobody's fucking Pan Bro. I go to my favorite hip hop website. Man It's be x dot com. I like that shot at the VX. I go on my facebook and those two tabs are main two thousand hoping them up. You know. That's that's your first destination it's VX DOT COM and facebook. But what's the range of age for your kids twenty four thirteen twelve three and two months? Wow got one of everybody yes I do. Do they influence you. Turn you on things. Turn you off things. Yeah especially much of your son. He's he's always showing me some shit on the net you know. He's always you know. So we shed but we Kinda Kinda both beyond together so you know it was weird. I show him shit he showed me Shit. You have a connection with the twelve year old. Mind Yes yes. I was twelve year old before I was once. I'm well as well. Yeah so let's talk about your relationship with wheat. It's a big part black. Jesus yes big part of my life and what way I love it. I love it. I think more people should enjoy cannabis. I think more people should smoke cannabis. You know freedom of choice. I wouldn't make people smoking but no again. I think a lot of uptown square people stick in the mud. Sticking the bud type of people need to hear some dope one time when I say Dope. I mean marijuana cannabis only cannabis only yes one hundred when I say dope. Don't take me in the literal sense. I mean cannabis. Yeah but I love cannabis Massimo Cannabis every day multiple times a day. is great. I'm GONNA founder and president of smoke yours crew. You know what I mean. Is that a brand of wheat. Yes that's a brand new lifestyle brand to smoke yours. Crew myself my vice president at Deloitte James. Some of my guys default low deasy. Babich say chain of J. Goddamn Com key want Teddy Ray Boma to live Mike Klatten Berg. You know big doty smokers crew. Kinda take right now man. You kinda take right now. What's your preferred method of intake blunts? I don't like the tobacco big blunts frontally man. What's up a leave of I? Guess is a big tobacco leads to tobacco big fucking leading shape to your sock samples. I like big blunts smoke blunts. Maybe you're about to seize your Keel. O.`Neil like you've never seen him before. This is my life just because I have more than the average guy doesn't mean I'm better than the average got jack like all new Thursdays at nine on TNT. Just don't know if I'm ready to face the world own Tracy. Morgan is back. You are. Low wraparound Agean. Tiffany haddish's back. We support one another. Everything's GonNa be okay the last. Oh Gee only Tuesdays at ten thirty nine thirty central on. Tbs GRAND THEFT AUTO FIVE BIG VIDEO GAME in the world biggest video history Dj. Who gave me the job? What was your job in? That tells my job in grand theft auto five play. The character of Lamar Davis motion capture actor and Play Lamar the resident idiot of Los Angeles. Did a whole lot of crime and debauchery on the camera. That was fun doing man when my good friends Solo Fonteneau. Whose great. What's that job like? What does that entail? I slide on a motion capture. Suit is kind of like a fucking a superhero uniform with a bunch of metallic reflective spears. All over him and I acted out his party. Tomorrow we went. We went over the script and we actually acted the story all the movements. Lamar jumping climate over shit and flailing his arms around. I was me and you know other job was translating the script because it was written by some British people. So what's an example of translating from the British? Well you know put in your own words. Put them all words. They use the king's English Essay. They will say some shit like hurry. The police are arriving. We have to get back to the car. And I'll say Shit Lie Hood my Nigga one time coming so you know it just appeared. They couldn't write that on a good right there right there. But they can't write yours right exactly. It was fun. Gpa file was had a great. Does that take to do as a day a week? A month my evolvement went over about three three and a half years not straight but just going back and forth to New York you fly to New York. You put on the suit. Yeah three and a half years for that one game for the one guy. Wow how does that come to you? These who offered me OP- opportunity to audition for the role of Lamar and our race down. There did audition and got the part. They call you up until you got it. Yeah was I call? It was exciting. I was happy so fuck adult. Did people not know that you're in it? Then they heard you narrow surprise people to this day people that I know that I might not talk to be too close to to this day. I still people say that I did not know. I've been playing a game for years. I did not know that was you live on for a long time You're part of the adults. Poker tournament tells about the adults. Swim Tournament was outstanding. I'm not much of a poker player. I don't play a lot of cards but I went down there and participated in the poker tournament. Played a few rounds. A came home with the clock. Let's just say you know I'm wearing this just like I want to. I went home. Went out there played a few rows and I came home with Depri- regardless of how you ended up with regards I ended up with it. I came I said I came on with the prize right. Yeah I came home with the mother Fucking Prize. Bad on your twitter feed you. Say Your great great grandfather was white true. Yeah you're not fucking around. How'd you find that? Do the twenty one and may whatever my mom. My Mom told me. I just made an assumption because let me see. She told me that her her mother's grandfather was a man with blonde hair and blue eyes. So that told me that. Yo- somebody hit one of his parents had to be white one of history as well. We're white so I I don't know if it's a great great great great at which great is one of the motherfuckers. You know what I'm I know. Slave master stuck his Dick in my family. Somewhere sleigh stuck his Dick in my family. And I'm just you know trying to appeal that side of the family like Brazil bygones. Be Bygones you know. Clean my credit up and let's be friends all were you when you learn. That was recently reading your kid recently. Recently I'll try to. You know I try to exercise my white privilege windebank but you know the lady got the pressing the button underneath here. Some told me I had to go. You know she started president button under the counter real fast. Let me get the Fuck Outta here. Your mom tells you that. Yeah does it knock you down or is it just so cool interesting cool? That's cool. That's great man. I love it. Now you're on cameo. Yes satellite website in which fans can reach out to their favorite personalities and for a small fee. Get US get cameo personal shot. I can reach out to fucking Bobbin duckings Ville Utah this League Johnson saying. Hey good job on that Internet Promotion Buddy. You're the man your house and your wife respects you. A what do they ask you. What do they say differently like day? You know birthdays even birthday shots and you know encouraging people in different nation fun yes. It's great fun. This can't be that hard right. No not at all is great. Man feels good Brian. Somebody's Day man for somebody to to be that much care about you that much to to pay for a shot out and then they get it in the feeling you know again. What's even better is when it comes after when a when I hit me later. They sent me a message to say how happy that person was when they got that. Got Those words. You're saying before some of the funny people that you admire turned us onto some some funny people that that we should now again. I will say that Teddy Ray Teddy raise funny. Larry goodwill my friend Vincent Perez New York. These comics comics York no different places. Teddy raise here in. La Larry Goodwill's out of Houston Visit Peres is new. York Oscar p out of Memphis Kevin Tate out of Detroit. How he bail out of Detroit. Detroit brings some monsters My Man Gucci Robinson. How Louisiana Man Jeff Joe Out of Houston Texas? Very Funny Young Man Lot of people Amana Robert Powell. He's funny as fuck to me Reto Braun funniest. Fuck Guy Daven Craig Smith fucking riot funny as Mother Fucker Man Stevie J my pilot Comedian Stevie J. Very Funny Clint Coli. Lotta medicines our whole whole list. A whole slew of of of talent that has yet to be heard about a master's that I'm sure the people are going to be very pleased when they get a good Bharti's people. How do you get turned onto these guys a meeting them? Now that I'm in the circuit you know I've been doing stand up and in my journey. I've been a lot of people and I saw me personally. Being these comedy clubs. Cnn now are there creators. I mean our mcgruder. Obviously are there other creators of shows or movies that you'd want to work with audit? I WANNA work with. I definitely want to work with the churn and brothers. WanNa work with Malcolm Lee Spike Lee. Goddamn Judd appetite. How my judge Sit Monster People wins. I would love to work with the winds brothers. Anyone in any pick one. I wouldn't give a fuck any of the whereas brothers Dave Chapelle definitely mad our love to work with with the King God. Himself days pill So many people man. I wouldn't even our whole Quentin Tarantino. I want to move Clinton because he got such ill style and I wouldn't want to do a movie with that Guy Edition for movies. Yes you go on additions around town you live in. La Additional Lot has at work. This is not a lot I was. You know some people audition every day they you know they live consists of this. I'll get a couple of them a month. Do you like acting hard. No not me especially when you know I I can't say I can't say if it's hard not because that's been hard a lot of stuff has been easy for me because a lot of stuff is tailored for a person like myself but I'm looking forward to more challenging jobs playing serious roles and I wanna be a doctor on. I want to be an accident hero. You know. Saying a doting father. Perhaps you know surely from time to it was hard on black. Jesus never no Never Har. Har Doing what it was more hard. It was hard winds long day. And everybody you know. It's a long test day but as far as just doing the work for me for me. I didn't find it too difficult again. Sometimes it can be stressful when other factors variables are involved with just what I had to let him find. Har- again for a shout out to the camera department and production all those people for accommodating. You know these different shots and making things happen to make it for my job to be easy. I really appreciate all them for doing that. 'cause I'm sure they they dealt with some some real conundrums so you've had a lot of success. What is your extravagance? Do you have an extravagance as also as a father of five? You probably need some downtime. Yeah I do my extravagances. We'd and gadgets gadgets. I love gadgets where he got. I love cats. I been getting a little AV equipment lately. This little small shit knocked quite this whole shit you got but just lie to begin at level of everything you got here. You know little. Mike's I got a podcast that you wasted home podcast. Yeah actually I gotTA show Dash Radio every Wednesday night. Seven to nine. Pm Smoke Yours. Will slink Johnson homeboy shady. Chris Marketing presents on DASS comedy radio. Y'All makes y'all get that marks came possess on dash comedy. Radio talk show is smoke. Yours was sling Johnston Hallway Shady. Chris Download the APP and I do shit at home. I have quite organized my home. Should I kind of do it when I feel like it but you know do it at home? I like cameras. I got a couple of little small DSL ours. I'm happy with but I want to like one of Sony ASEM. Some that he said masked some real nice some maybe now boss up to a real red camera nice motion picture camera and I want to draw. I want to have maverick that maverick. Pro To that new joy to fly like into the stratosphere. I won't that motherfucker. I like that so I'm waiting for adult swim to green light this new season so I get that shit is that is that where it is now and where is it. Where does it stand? I don't know I don't know where it stands man. I don't know I mean I. I wasn't made aware that it was gonNA come out when it did. You know one of my friends actually called me and say wait intimidate. Show coming out next month. I'm like what fuck you see that it. I saw it on the Internet man. I looked on the Internet and there were so I don't know where to well I don't know what else is like one day they were. You know I couldn't get any answers in regards to come out next day. Somebody tells me he'll you notice is coming out like what? How old were you when you got your first acting job And what my first acting job that I got paid for. Yeah probably was about who? Okay my first acting gig. I did I did. I did a commercial for some ice cream. We'll sell it and my cottage back in California Youth Authority. When I was doing time as a kid I was a clown in facility. You know what I mean. One of the staff asked me to do a commercial for some ice cream and as we sell out our cottage so I did a commercial. They played it around the facility. The jailhouse comedian and then When I was twenty my friend Jason Van Veen. Who introduced me Aaron mcgruder? He put me in his first student field. And I was like the first time like really how to script and like Yo you know. I've learned about lighting and blocking and all that shit so I'll say I count. Nineteen is my first twenty as my first like real so if you think about a twenty year old out there right now. Who's coming Hollywood? I'll say manages statue craft man. Don't make kids if you don't make that. Don't make a make no bills responsibilities or obligation for yourself. That might hinder you from being able to be mobile. 'cause you gotta be able to be mobile you gotta chase the Shit. Usa Lewis you know might be Gig Your Life as an opportunity might be in. La Your Life. Changing opportunity might be in Seattle. You know it might be new. York might be a Miami wherever the fuck you are so you gotta be able to be ready to move. You don't necessarily have to come to la but just stop doing what you're doing and no stop. Elevate when your city too small for you you gotta go in of course wash. You felt like you've done everything you can do. There is levels to this shit. You just gotTa keep going up those levels and just don't stop. Persistence is a key. Trust me when I tell you if you go home right now at twenty you can't nobody can can. A can't really pinpoint winner should happen for anybody. But I guarantee you go hard and you true and you passionate about what you do and you good it what you do. You'll be living pretty good at about forty if you just go heart. Don't stop slink. Johnson Big Matt Big Mat with the pack. I came up in this room and the business was walking out like magic. All you got to let the bitches leave now. You know what I'm saying is going to leave when I come. That's fucked up. He had the bitches the. We'd you know talking about our standard situation. Mount thank you that you know what I'm saying you'll pimping is at all time high. You pepper fifty five and a forty five. You gotTA slowdowns. These sucks can catch up Matt you away too much man. I'm checking you out. It's like Gargantuan Mega Don pampered. You got going on. Bro And I just want to commend you on. That was slow down because big brother's watching boxed red vines and a bottle of water. Thank you for coming on. Congratulations on your success. That you have me Matt thank you so much and thank all the fans out there listening you so much for making black. Jesus what it is for for supporting the show a lovely show for watching the show. Thank you so much for supporting me as an individual I thank you so much man I really appreciate it and thank you to the good people though swim. Who putting the show back out. This love man made a whole lot of people. Happy with that. Thank you so much stay creative. Stay strong stay on the move. Stay a driving force in the culture and don't forget smoke yours. Hit that website man. Www dot smokers crude dot com. Or you can go to. Www dot smoke yours dot com. Him your all your social networks at slink. Johnson S. L. I. N. K. Jail H. S. O. N. And if you've been a generous as a mother fucker you can hear me all my cash. Shop at dollar sign slink. Johnson Ven Mo- at slink Johnson. Or you can hit me on my pay pal at book. Slink Johnson at I love you mother fuckers. I Love Matt and they said his outstanding ace hotel go outside on the roof of smokes weed and look at some of these. That was slink. Johnson Max I thought it was great immediately said what I was thinking about the ace hotel. He's like saying it was. What would you call it? A A classy form of trashy or something. Yeah Eddie Murphy. It looks like hotel for Eddie Murphy. I really enjoyed that. I feel like I waited like twenty minutes for an elevator after that like I like. Had this nice long in depth conversation it was fun to hang out with them and then. I was like all right well. Great Sena Hug you know standard waiting for the elevator with them and the elevator just never came then it was like awkward and then he was checking his phone. I was checking his phone checking his. We're checking each other's phones. I thought it was great that when he brought up up fronts. You didn't tell them that they've stopped doing them for adults. He said like men want them to bring me back. You didn't have the target to tell him that. No one's going to wow. It probably would've made him feel better. That he wasn't probably would've wasn't any wasn't invited insane. Yeah yeah well slink. If you're listening they don't exist anymore. I'm sure you'd be there. Maybe we'll have another poker tournament. That sounds good. Visited ULSAN DOT COM or download. The adult swim apt to watch not only black Jesus but some of the things slink and our talking about it's free Roku Amazon Fire Apple. Tv android IOS. I just got roku myself. My House and surprised how easy it is and the Apple. Tv actually has Chad attached to it. Which is cool Watch our live streams also on the stream and the left truth point as seen on fish center blood feast music from today's podcast come from MD MOCTAR HIS SONG. Tara taste from his performance on fish center. Thanks today Bano Christina. Larger for putting this podcast together against all odds. Your requests comments concerns criticisms to adult swim podcast at G MAIL DOT COM. Thank you for listening. We'll be back next week.

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