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The fourth nineteen seventy when Janis Joplin felt show up at sunset sound studios by six pm hooves child, her producer gave into his uneasy feeling all day about something was terribly wrong. He sends John Kirk a road manager for full tilt boogie band of to the landmark motor hotel. See oy, Janis wasn't answering her phone Rothschild. Would tell Rolling Stone magazine. He had never worried about her being late before. But in his heart. He need. This was different. Cook rice to the CD landmark Koto. Janice was stay he banged on room number one hundred five on yelp Vert open the door, but he was met with dead. Silence. He spoke to the manager Jack khaki her group, they should go into the room inside they found, Janice. Stead lying wedged between the bed and nightstand wearing nothing but a short nightgown lip so bloody when they turned her over at a nose was broken. She had four dollars fifty clutch in one hand. Join us in the supernatural journey as we explored musical history of Janis Joplin hunter rise to rockstar fame. We investigate the Miskel facts and mysterious Steph, let her backstage exit to the infamous twenty-seven club. This is death, by misadventure. Porta Texas in nineteen forty three was little oil refinery. Town talked to win the southeast corner of Texas a bastion of middle America. The end of the second World War. Close to the Louisiana border. It was a conservative time in town. That's what it self religious while it was still easy to find brothels gambling and booze. It had no idea that it was about to spoil more of the greatest blues. Rock singers of the sixties Janis Lynn was born to Dorothy and Seth Joplin on January nineteenth nineteen forty three. She had two younger siblings, Laura, and Michael who she adored her father, an engineer Texaco oil on the mum a housewife. The straight laced. Christine family would forge Janis youth. The postwar economy allowed her family and peers a strong middle class allowance a nice house car a decent education. Meanwhile, the other half in port author who lived on the other side of the tracks felt isolated. The stratification wasn't defined by -cation race. Growing up her family loved to listen to show tunes, and they attended church every Sunday Johnny sang require join the club and loved paint. She had the true soul of an artist who when she hit her teams. She found herself thoughts with a small town mindset of Poltava the love and security provided by her family couldn't protect from the dichotomies of local culture. Sooner flex by the cruelties of a high school dynamics things began to shift for Johnson. Who teams she gained weight a skin became scarred by acne and self image suffered from the scorn and insults of her peers, she insisted dressing and acting differently. And they hated her for it. Put Artha was indeed a town without pity. Snot by her schoolmates. No one high school town meant being snubbed by the whole town. Early on. She realized she was an outsider and search for other offbeat cactus, not only from port-arthur, but also from popular culture, she tried desperately to please family and peers, but her dismay was targeted and ridiculed for plane looks anti versus tastes. She did all bright minds did at the time rebels. The beat Knicks coach out costs reading Kara can Ginsburg listening to death run the weavers Johnny her techs and family ethics starkly out. Sean by the primal, emotions of the great, please standards. She loved Bessie Smith, let belly under data sang of the pain Janis felt she would learn to play and sing with fire and deep acre for heroes in high school. She buried herself in art, and especially music, she taught herself guitar and while she was get us hurt. She let it trope when she realized that she was much better at music shoot trek across the Louisiana border to hear rocking blues in Rocha's wrote houses blues rock and Cajun rung loud and proud in these boss. Louisiana's drinking age was eighteen on the party was on Janice. Graduated high school in nineteen sixty under the well rounded musical vocabulary. She then enrolls to Lamar TEK in Beaumont. This is the city of port author. She lasted for us six months before she took off at first trying to make a go playing country western bars in the area before taking off Venice, California. There. She met Chet Helms and in nineteen sixty three he talked her into going to San Francisco, she honed her craft in the SF coffeehouses growing. Love of our co uninfected means begun to wear on her. She wasn't surviving the hippie life and weighing around ninety pounds. She bounced back to port author that co she cleaned up and got a self together. But the dark porter the divisiveness eight into our again, and she moved away enrolling in the university of Texas and Austin nineteen sixty five. Boston may have been positive Janis mus- cleverly Shen, but it was equally corrosive a students auditor for a rough looks and rowdy ways. She was saved nine hundred sixty six when she got a call from old friend Chet Helms ask had comeback San Francisco. Chet. Helms was a member of the family doc commun- on the owner proprietor of the avalanche ballroom. One of the first venues feature the new bands coming out of SF, the Jefferson airplane, the charlatans and the Grateful Dead to McHugh. It was nine hundred sixty seven the summer of love Chet. Helms would become the manager of Janus his new band big brother and the holding company. In nineteen sixty seven Joplin moved into a second floor apartment at six thirty five. Ashbury street was her lover Peggy Caserta with whom she had a recurring relationship. The weekend of June sixteenth through eighteenth, nineteen sixty seven would be a turning point for Janice in her musical career. She was invited to play with big brother and the holding company at the Monterey. Pop festival. Also known as the summer of love, and it was also where the Jimi Hendrix experience had its American debut, the festival launched the careers of many who played they're making some of them into stars virtually overnight, including Janice. Joplin Jimi Hendrix can't eat Otis Redding and Steve Miller after Joplin's electric performance. She was swiftly signed by Clive Davis. Among the twelve hundred journalists covering the festival was music critic, Robert crisco who was then writing for Esquire magazine would later till NPR about Janice. I very much remembered her. Plane in the sunshine, and everyone was really not just exalted, but kind of flabbergasted at how intense it was like a lot of musicians at the time chaplain was trying to sing like a black blues musician Chris cows says most were not convincing Janice on the other hand blue audiences away with her raw emotional voice, Janice once said plane is just about feeling Joplin said it isn't necessarily about misery. It isn't about happiness. It's just about letting yourself feel all those things already have inside of you. But are trying to push his side because they don't make for polite conversation or something. But if you just get up there, that's the only reason I can sing because I can get up there. And I just let all those things come out. By April nineteen sixty eight Janice in the big brother and the holding company were in New York to record cheap. Thrills for Columbia. Big brother had some trouble in the recording studio. Janice, didn't like the vibe and felt New York had made everyone aggressive San Francisco's difference. She told writer net and tough in the New York Times. I don't mean it's perfect, but the rock bands. There didn't start because they wanted to make it they dug getting stoned and playing for people dancing, but we have to do learn to control success cheap. Thrills free Trine all of Joplin's top hits ball and chain piece of my heart. Excetera came out in September of nineteen sixty eight and hit number one on the charts and stayed eight nonconsecutive weeks. Janice was now the hottest ticket in rock and roll record mirror called her mixture of lead belly steam engine calamity, Jane Bessie Smith, an oil Derrick and rotgut bourbon funneled into the twentieth century somewhere between El Paso, and San Francisco. Janice herself was quoted as saying there's no patent on Seoul. You know, how that whole myth of black soul came up because white people don't allow themselves to feel things housewives in the Brassica have pain, and joy, they've got soul. If they give into it. It's hard as her fame grew. So did her insecurities and addictions. Janice was rarely seen without her bottle of southern comfort on or off stage. She indulged in alcohol and heroin to get through her performances to wind down into self medicate to get through daily life. She had periods of sobriety. Where work or romance dictated her to maintain a motion stability. However, she continued to gravitate back to drugs and alcohol again, and again by nineteen sixty nine it was estimated she was using around two hundred dollars of Irwin daily or about thirteen hundred in two thousand sixteen dollars. By November the band had lost its grew for Janice and the rumors of the holding company breaking up couldn't be ignored Janice. Played her last gig with the band, December first at the family dog for Chet Helms, she'd already begun rehearsing her new band to Janice review and main squeeze and there were the usual ugly stories making around Sam Andrew who played with Janice and her second band said she had fought the split with a holding company for a long time, but fate stepped in and the soulful singer could no longer ignore the signs or was her unhappiness fueled by addiction. One night at Winterland a couple of the guys were sick. And afterwards. She felt the guys were no longer really trying. The singer was led by her emotions and decided it was time to make a change from the very beginning. The squeeze lacked musical chemistry. The setup was Sam Andrew on guitar Bill king, organ, Marcus Doubleday. Trumpet, Terry Clements. Tenor. Sax Brad Campbell bass and Ron Markowitz drums. Janice was scheduled to debut in Tennessee at the Memphis. Mid south Coliseum to scheduled axe included the bar ks Otis Redding old band, Albert king. The mad lads to clay Eddie Floyd and Janice. However, her band squeeze seemed out of place tuning their instruments and setting up interminably half the crowd had no idea who she was. And the teens had only heard her songs ball and chain and piece of my art. She opened the set with raise your hand and followed with the BG's to love somebody. The crowd was not digging. In fact, there was almost no applause backstage. The band was in shock. Janice had sung well. But the gig had felt flat. After the show during an interview Janice interrupted the journalists was her own questions entered appeared for desperate reassurance. She asked. Hey, I've never sung. So great. Don't you think I'm singing better? We'll Jesus fucking Christ. I'm really better believe me reporter, Paul Nelson. Observed one gets the alarming feeling that Joplin's whole world is precariously balanced on what happens to her musically that the necessary degree of honest, cynicism needed to survive, an all media salt maybe buried too far under the immensely likable, but tremendously under confident naievety. On June, twelve Janice center new band full tilt. Boogie debuted at freedom hall in Louisville Kentucky. There were only four thousand fans and attendance. But the show was a knockout on August. Sixth nineteen seventy Janice would be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine a few days later, she played her last show with full tilt boogie at Harvard stadium on August twelfth before forty thousand people afterward. The band was scheduled to record a new album in LA for a November or December release. Before she hit the studio. Janice would make one last public appearance was karmic undertones in Port Arthur Texas to visit her family and attend her ten year high school reunion. She was a rockstar now and wanted to make a bold statement about her success specifically to say a big FU to those who had treated her badly as a teenager and true Janna style. She wore flowing, blue and pink feathers in her hair, purple and white satin, golden Royd sandals and painted toenails. Jettison are entre later swept into the Goodhew tells drab petroleum room and commandeered the bar one last time when she asked for vodka, the bartender said he had nothing but bourbon and scotch she was quoted as saying God, somebody go out and get a bottle of AGA little did she know in less than two months. She would be dead. John carpenter the music editor of the LA free press and the former business partner of Chet Helms at the family dog last saw Janice on September twenty eighth at the troubadour on sunset strip. He remembers. She talked about her old man and appeared happy she had a steady lover. However, he felt something was off with her that evening. Janice had come to the club alone wearing a red dress looking for company toward the end of the night. Janice announced she was leaving. Nobody said anything or even offered to take her home carpenter called her a cab, and she returned to her lonely hotel room and called it a night. A few days later the last person to see Janice alive was the landmark hotels manager. He told police he spoke to her briefly at one AM Sunday morning, and she appeared cheerful. She had finished her recording session at about eleven pm Saturday night and went with her bandmates to Barney's beanery, John Cook, her road manager said Janice had a few drinks, and then drove her organ player back to the motel said good night and went to bed. The next day. Paroling stone magazine Janice failed to show up at sunset sound studios by six PM, Paul Rothschild, her producer had a strange premonition that something was wrong. And sent John Cook the road manager over to the landmark hotel to see why she wasn't answering her phone. I'd never worried about her before Rothschild was quoted as saying, although she'd been late lots of times, it was usually that she stopped by pair of pants or some chick thing. Like that October fourth was Sunday. However, and there were few places to go even Hollywood even for Janice. When John Cook arrived. It was almost seven PM, and he noticed her car in the parking lot and that the drapes in her first floor room were drawn. She didn't answer her door when he knocked or even when he banged in yelled. He spoke to the manager. John who? Agreed. They should go. Check her room when they opened the door. They found Janice lying which between the bed and the nightstand. Wearing a short nightgown her lips were bloody nose was broken. She had four dollars and fifty cents clutched in one hand. A doctor arrived on the scene around nine pm, but found no drugs after releasing only three albums at the tender age of twenty seven Janice. Joplin the Texas blue singer was pronounced dead by eleven pm that night wild. Rumors respecting across the media had Janice been killed by some jealous guy by notorious drug dealer, even by the CIA or had she killed herself over someone because she had always been so self destructive each new theory had its informed proponents and each one was equally. Groundless fueling the curse of the deadly twenty seven club many years later, the book going down with Janice written by her former lover Peggy Caserta, she recounted the twenty four hours leading up to the singer's death. She claimed both Genesis fiancee Seth Morgan and her had stood the singer up that night for a plan. Threesome. However, later Caserta would admit in an interview with culture magazine that Joplin had been clean in the time leading up to her death. That is until she ran into a drug dealer, delivering dope to Caserta in the hotel lobby where she later died. Caserta claims. Janice had walked out of her hotel room to get cigarettes and ran into George in the landmark lobby this chance encounter, but proved to be fatal one when she came back to room to get high less than twenty four hours later, the singer would be dead. Although the coroner's report stated otherwise Caserta still believes Janice did not die of drug overdose. But a fatal trip she told the magazine. She tripped and fell Honey, I'm positive of it, which makes one wonder was Peggy Caserta there. It's fair to say the music industry has experienced a lot of loss. The pressures of fame can be too much from any Rockstars and many decide to check out early while it's not uncommon for musicians to die at a young age. One significant age seems to stick out this magical number has inspired many conspiracy theories and even coined the popular phrase, the twenty seven club. It's twenty seven symbolic number or a harboring of doom in numerology. It equals to the number nine and represents the end of a life cycle. If you study the history of Rockstars who have met in early demise mysterious patterns of life and death are intense and are compounded by the dreaded Saturn return per astrological lore with over sixty musicians passing away at the coincidental age of twenty seven over the years. This iconic group have achieved mystical rockstar status in October nineteen seventy Janice was the third rockstar to die in less than four months in July. Jim Morrison of the doors had sadly, drowned in a bathtub in Paris and Jimi Hendrix mysteriously died of drug overdoses timber all three musicians died at the deadly age of twenty seven leaving fans spooked asking who's next? Just before her death. Janice was in LA to record her new album and the band had a November two or scheduled friends and bandmates stated that she was in good spirits and happy to be in the studio. However, I believe Janet's his life was not as rosy as family and friends described people who suffer from depression can be laughing on the outside and crying on the inside by your own admission. She was very lonely girl despite all the people surrounding her. She had many lovers but remained a loner even after fame jenness once said in an interview on stage, I make love to twenty five thousand people then I go home alone. I find it. Interesting that hard partying singer had the wisdom to write and sign her will at the young age of twenty seven even more intriguing three days before her death. Janice added an additional clause asking her lawyer to set aside twenty five hundred dollars for her future. Wake she wanted to make sure her friends would celebrate her life in rockstar style. Did she have a premonition that death was near? And what inspired the sudden neat to get her affairs in order? Genesis attorney remarked to surprise after getting her estate in order, Janice, like a true Capricorn had every checkbook and every check reconciled, including all our Bank statements in a file everything was imperfect order, she may have been carefree and her love life, but she was dammed frugal with her money, and she saved more than she spent. What I find even more compelling is when Janet says lifeless body was found in room one oh five at the landmark hotel. She had four dollars and fifty cents clutched in one hand equal to the number nine. Had fate left. His calling card that the blues east Texas singer had completed her soul contract, and she was ready to join the twenty seven club. Or was it just leftover change from deadly dime bag either way? I believe karma played a significant role in Janice Joplin final hours, which he climbed aboard the last train to the afterlife. Born under the sign of capital corn. Janice had two distinct sides to personality there was her public persona affectionately known as Pearl and the softer side. Her family knew and loved she wants for Martin and interview people seem to have a high sense of drama about me, and she was right in an interview after her death. Genesis father Seth Joplin tried to dispel some the ugly. Rumors about his baby girl and give insight to the soulful singers, Texas upbringing he said his daughter was a lonely invulnerable girl growing up who used her hell raising ways as a defense mechanism. He agreed. She had a wild streak, but also she had a heart of gold. He highlighted or kindness by sharing a story about Janice meeting, a young runaway from LA, the young girl had come to Hollywood to find fame and fortune, but Janice convinced her to return home. She. Even took her to the bus station and bought her a ticket back to Louisiana after Genesis death. The young woman called her parents to say how much she appreciated the singers help. She said she was now married, a mom. She believed genocide saved her life. He also wanted to set the record straight about the stories of Janice running away from home. And he said, they weren't true his daughter loved her family, and they loved her to in fact, she came home more frequently than he would've expected, and they even traveled to California to see her shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco and the Monterey pop festival. The last song Janice recorded was Benz, which would go on to be included on her posthumous album Pearl in nineteen seventy one it became the biggest selling album of her career and featured her biggest hit single me and Bobby McGee. However, her death continued to hit the music community hard and the legendary music promoter Bill Graham weighed in on the conspiracy theories surrounding the tragic deaths of Hendrickson Joplin, he denied there were any connections between the two he sarcastically remarked. I'm sure that somebody has thrown the. I chain or somebody's turning over the pages of some book and reading the charts and looking through the stars in saying, I knew it. I knew it. He believes Janice like many budding Rockstars didn't know how to handle success. He thought it created problems, but it never spoiled her eerily Graham would die twenty years later in a helicopter plane crash after a Huey Lewis in the news concert in Vallejo, California on a bittersweet note in February nineteen seventy Janice had traveled to Brazil to dry out during her stay. She met a man named David who helped her kicker drug habit. And they fell in love. He was unable to return to the states with her at the time. And once back in the US Janice had started using again. And the relationship suffered David continued his travels, but he never fell out of love with Pearl on the morning after her death. A telegram was found at the landmark motor hotel. It. Red love you mama more than you know, leaving you to wonder whether things would have turned out differently for China's David if she had received the note one day earlier from her former lover there is one final odd twist to the story. Many fans wondered what happened to Genesis rumored fiance, Seth Morgan after her death. He went on to marry a sauce Alito waitress he forced his new wife into prostitution during their marriage while he acted as pimp. The marriage was short lived and Morgan leader claimed he had married her to prevent her from suing him after the two had been involved in a motorcycle accident that left her face partially. Paralyzed the story doesn't end there after his divorce Morgan returned to San Francisco to work as bouncer in strip clubs and would later be arrested for armed robbery. He was sentenced to prison from nineteen seventy seven to nineteen eighty in nineteen eighty. Eighty six he moved to New Orleans and wrote a novel called homeboy, it was about heroin addicts in criminals in San Francisco that included a flamboyantly dressed prostitute whose character was based on chanice Joplin. On October eighteenth nineteen ninety Morgan was arrested in New Orleans for a DUI and was released on bail. That was paid by his girlfriend Suzy LeVine the following night shortly before midnight, both Morgan Susie were killed instantly. When he crashed his motorcycle into a cement pile. It was exactly twenty years in two weeks later after genus Joplin's death. Just a year before her death. Janice left the streets of San Francisco and moved to a little bungalow in spur in Marin county Ren is known for its natural beauty larks. Burt was a quaint little town and she chose cute little cottage at the end of Baltimore street. She shared her new home with friend window. Herb a clothing designer and friends said it was a happy time for her however Joplin's transformation from the ugly duckling of Port Arthur to the rock and roll mistress of Haight Ashbury, which sadly short-lived in the fall of nineteen seventy the music world still really from the recent death of Jimmy Hendrix in September Kurd the Janisch died of a drug overdose in a CD Hollywood motel just a few weeks later. What's even stranger just three days before her death? Janice paid a visit to her attorney Robert Gordon because she wanted to make an important change to her will did the singer have a sense that the end was near what I believe is most telling about, Janice, his state of mind is a conversation. She had with writer net hint off in April nineteen sixty eight the singer revealed her struggle with depression, and how she was unable to truly control her feelings. She described how she felt like an outsider drawing up before getting into music it had torn her life apart. She was quoted as saying when you feel that much you have super horrible downs. I was always victim to myself. Maybe I won't last like other singers. But I think you can destroy your now by worrying about tha. Morrogh man, if it hadn't been for the music, I probably would have done myself in Janice wrote in her will that she had set aside twenty five hundred dollars to pay for a posthumous all night party for two hundred guests at her favourite pub, the lion share in San on Selma. She noted so my friends can get blasted after I'm gone also sheet test, her roommate Lindell was giving away her clothes jewelry and furnishings to friends the remainder of her estate was left to her family. Even though Linda was supposed to distribute. Genesis belongings to friends the process quickly became chaotic a lot of friends came in and took stuff without asking. Her parents insisted on a private funeral and Janice was cremated in the Pierce brothers. Westwood village. Mortuary in Los Angeles, her ashes were scattered from a plane along Stinson beach in Marin the service was only attended by Joplin's parents and her aunt Genesis wake was held on October twenty six nineteen seventy the invitation read the drinks are on Pearl and true, Janice, Joplin style, the party was wild with the band, the Grateful Dead providing entertainment along with several other performers. Her sister boyfriend, enclosed friends all came to pay their final respects to the rock and roll legend. And celebrate her backstage exit to the afterlife. Janis jumped in brought up half blues voice from Texas to San Francisco slight Dedic seen was she went from a lonely drifta to an unforgettable seep stock going up. She had a close bond with family. I did nineteen sixty seven she brought them ounce to San Francisco to see the summer of love concerts, and it truly kicked off Korea as a powerful and emotional Sosa. Less time family. So John is was in nineteen seventy once you're poor Tofte to attend to ten year high school reunion when she died in the fall of nineteen seventy has this Laura was only twenty one brother, Michael seventeen vice devastated by the loss of that beloved big sister together, they have kept him alive and continue to jointly. What show her state fullness fifty years? Row critic Lillian Ruxton summed up her influence with these words Janis Joplin publicly expressed the feelings and evenings of the goals with the electric generation. To be women yet. He co two men to be free yet a slave to real love to reject every day to convention and yet get back to the basics of life. Yes. Hostelries fos the bright. But you took a piece of of our hearts, which he died on top of the fourth nineteen seventy and room number one hundred and five at the landmark hotel in Hollywood in the end memories of some superstars may fade away. But true bookstores like Janis Joplin never die. Death, by misadventure was produced by cosmic media and written by me JC Nova are supernatural team of co hosts includes the talented at Duardo Fahey in London. Tom dre, our master numerology just and paranormal investigator in LA, Paul Robinson. Madge, I and musician Marin and myself, I'm a psychic astrologer and paranormal investigator in Los Angeles. And San Francisco this episode was recorded at Robinson studios Marin, California and also at union recording studio in West Hollywood, California kudos to sound engineers. Paul Robinson and Noah Shanklin, a special. Thanks to audio producer Christopher laying in Tucson who brings each episode to life and Paulina from upper planet in London. She's responsible for the Super Bowl design of our official website. She's also. The designer for one of our favorite true crime podcast case file police like and follow us on Facebook at WWW dot Facebook dot com slash death, by misadventure podcast. Each episode is available for download direct VR our website at death, by misadventure dot CO dot UK and also at items Google play cast box Spotify pod being tune in radio public and Stitcher last. But not least our podcast is hosted by Lipson, I'm Tracy Nova and this has been death, by misadventure. Thanks for listening.

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