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BEST OF: Could the Rockets trade Westbrook?


This is the scale tales. Jest everybody. It's Gal Pal. You're on a Friday radio. JIO DOT COM RADIO DOT COM HAB SCALP thought the Knicks hit rock-bottom. It somehow gets worse like I don't understand game after game. We keep thinking it can't get any worse than it somehow does another disaster last night for them so holidays expand their just. It's entertaining as hell to kind of watch this dumpster. Fire go down every single night. We'll play some south from their coach. David Dale who just you know. He's saying the right things but you imagine he's going to be the scapegoat and I can't imagine they're gonNa let him go on this much longer at the results being thirty thirty five point blowout losses losses at home. So we'll get to that in a little bit. James Harden only shot six free throws last night in Iraq. It's win whoa already. I I know they were passing the ball. It was believable. But there's another major problem on that team that I need to get to that. We haven't actually talked a ton about this year. And that's Russell Westbrook. I get that in a little bit. Admiral Scofield's GonNa join US wizards rookie. He had a busy Tuesday night playing in in the game in the afternoon and then he got called up to the magic game against his Washington played other seven minutes so he did some double duty dipping this week in the G. League and the you know the NBA is we'll ask him about that. And a bunch of other stuff coming up in about fifteen or so admits Ryan mcdonagh a resident. GM GM is GONNA join us. I gotta ask them about Russell Westbrook because I think Let's start here scowl because you know we could talk about hard. When we talk about hardening nauseam and you know last night the rap the raptors basically doubled him and James Harden to sort of do his thing and he he he was a willing facilitator later other guys? Were knocking down shot. They were great from three pretty much. Everybody on the team was shooting except for one Russell Westbrook who has over six from three and other abysmal abysmal. More shooting night and I keep thinking scalp. Tell me if this is crazy but I keep thinking. I was pretty optimistic about how this thing was going to go. I thought they'd be a really good regular or season team. I thought they were just blitz team with their athleticism and their speed. But it's just not working right now Scott's not working and Russell Westbrook is kind of their. He's really the one guy that's not shooting Darrelle. More is a really progressive guy. I I don't think they do it now. But you get Daryl Morey in a candid moment do you think he's thinking about shopping. Westbrook or seeing in what the markets liked. Because it hasn't this has been kind of a disaster so far. I don't know if the disaster that's helped me with this Cerruti. You're saying it's a disaster because he doesn't make shots but what about the rockets. The rockets aren't a disaster. They are not. The Knicks are disaster. You're the rockets are not a disaster. It's in spite of Westbrook. Though scally inspite like if he's he's taking thirty other stuff he does. What about like okay? I'm not trying to defend Westbrook here because I don't WanNa be that guy I'm not I'm not really am just the irony here even like you're looking at one area area of the game and you're putting it in a box. You can't do that Cerruti. You have to look at what he's doing defensively he's rebounding. All we knew is going to be. He'd knock good. He's not he's not good defensively he just he just he hasn't I mean he's super athletic. But I mean that whole rockets general is a disaster. Four seven Hardin. I'm you said that's not impressive. You tell me. Heart is not impressive. It doesn't affect winning now. WESTBROOK is not impressive. He's not the winning on this team. Not Winning they're not fourteen in seven because Russell Westbrook. I'll tell you that right now. I mean I think again. I think they're sort sort of doing this in spite of him. And I I like Westbrook. I think I've always sort of been or Westbrook apologist and again. I was optimistic about how the thing was going to be this year. especially the regular season. I still have my questions about in the playoffs but the way it's going scalp we gotta we gotta what what was he last night. I think he was twenty seven coming off a seven for thirty. I mean he's Oprah six from three after a one for six from three the night before. Yeah I know the rebounding numbers of their. I know that the assist assist numbers are there but the way I look at that last night. The Raptors were daring. They're playing a box in one. Essentially against James Harden Daring Westbrook Westbrook to shoot the three like anytime western shoots. The ball still winning Toronto and beat Toronto Interferon. Oh there's a whole I don't understand but like if they would have got their doors blown off the last two games fine but come on man I mean like why are we going to like today. We're going to go out and and I get it. He's missed shots. I understand. He's not taking good one. It doesn't seem like it fits all that stuff but it is about winning games right. It's not your fantasy numbers that's right. You're not upset because you drafted him. Spanish rating was going to be a lot higher. It's about winning and losing and they're winning games so in spite of yeah you're right. They could shop him. They look away to get better. But we're not we can't sit here and just destroy the guy when they go into Toronto and Toronto in Toronto very difficult place to play it it is and I want to get to this a little bit later because I saw this death this morning and actually kind of surprised me. Toronto's not good. I mean we talk about the Lakers record before this sort of road trip here. The record against teams above five hundred actually Toronto's only three and six against teams five hundred or better they're mopping they're cleaning up against teams against bad team which is what what. What good teams do I get that? So I'm not trying to discredit this rockets. Win But Toronto has actually been beating. Good teams maybe Ed. In the way that we thought and again not taking away from the wind last night with rockets eight is a good win in tries winning Toronto. It's a great win but I dare Amora. He's a he's a progressive guy. He's not he's not afraid to tinker with things. He's not afraid to shake things up and I only look at this westbrook thing. I don't think it's GonNa get better scale like I don't see he's been a bad shooter for like three years now like he has he he has especially from three and he's not gonna hit open shots. What's that's what the that's what the rockets are need him to do right? So I think if you get more in a candid moment I'm not saying that he's actively looking right now but I'm just wondering once once they get to the playoffs. I think these these problems for the rockets which kind of is Westbrook long ways away and going. It's only going to get exacerbated. Can you agree with that. We don't know how this the season's going to unfold. We don't know what it's going to be like with Westbrook over the course of the season. If he thinks that he's still GonNa take twenty seven shots. We don't know if eventually he's going to find his rhythm. And had it'd be like the second best player to play alongside James Harden those things take time like he had a hard time playing alongside Kevin Durant so it was like really tough for him and made a lot of boneheaded play while he was doing that. So it's GonNa take some time now once again. I am not sitting here saying like it's really it's it's it's working out so well no I understand that he's missing shots but what but if they're winning games right now. It's not the dumpster fire that I thought it was going to be. And you're saying in spite of I mean plus minus is last night. He was a plus seven he. He was seven twenty seven and a plus seven. What if what if he he figure this thing out? What if he does? Then you gotta think of how good they could be. It's the whole Philadelphia which we should get into Philadelphia as well. But the Ben Simmons saying saying like a lot of people won't move on Ben Simmons because what if he figures it out. What if Westbrook big long long winning games along the way? You're fine at this point. You gotTa make adjustments. You gotTa tell Westbrook either Chassis Tate. But you're winning right now. If you figure it out. They're going to be a tough out. Scalp tell me what. Obviously it's not shooting. What is what what should westbrook be doing like? How can he help team because going seven for thirty is not helping this team yeah? I'm not a big. I'm not so I'm not a proponent of older guys like this is why in Lebron cheerleader. But I'm a fan of Lebron's because Lebron sprinkles in his jump shot what makes the Bron- grade as his ability to get downhill and then what really makes them. Mike exceptional is his ability to find. Guys is Westbrook to me falls in love. With amid rains he falls in love with a jumper is easy way out. I think these guys can always take it and they work in their game in the summertime our time and they work on their jump shot but what really makes westbrook. Great is his ability to get to the rim attack the basket and get free throw line and I feel like I. I feel like it's a little bit of stubbornness. Well I spend the time in the offseason working on my game still GonNa do this where I I believe that you should attack downhill so as much as you possibly can. Unless you're jumper is so wet if your staff if you're Kevin Durant if you're those type of players even Kemba Walker like I'm I'm a big proponent of those guys they're jumpers automatic with Westbrook. I think he settles. You should be able to attack to and find an open player. If James Harden gets double teamed and you get the ball and you attack downhill now. Thanks to their. Now you're getting the ball you're attacking if we're talking one on one. You should be able to finish so if you draw to more more like that should be a wide open play. It's the it's it's hard making the play before the play and it's West recapitalizing on that so like if I'm a coach I'm trying to drive that point home now. We might not be able to if I'm a coach of the rockets and I'm telling Westbrook I want you to play. He might be so stubborn and he can't do that he doesn't WanNa do that. But my personal opinion he has the ability to do that. And what makes them. Great is his ability to get downhill make decisions. So that's the goal. That's where I'm striving towards but along the way if I could be fourteen to seven during this time and he hasn't figured it out. I gotta be optimistic about what I can do all right. Let's put in this for for a second. We'll get back to it in about fifteen or so minutes but we are pumped to be joined by one of our regulars that is Washington Wizards Rookie and a guy. That's I've been all over the place this week. That's Admiral Scofield. Who joins us now on Scallon Pals Admiral busy week for you my man? Thanks for hopping on spend some time with us. What's going on very busy week I woke up in Miami this morning. So it's a great. It's a great more now sitting here looking at the the water the building. So pretty cool you gotta get outside and hang out by the pool. It's one of the best. You're at two four. We won't say if you're at the pool. I think you are one of the best pools in on the trip so make. I'm sure you can get some time in the sun. Okay I definitely admiral you you had on Tuesday one of I think you're a rare club I guess of of guys that have played in a G. League game basically in the early afternoon and then got called up and played for the wizards that night against the magic. You end up playing seven minutes in that game Tuesday stay night. What was that like because I mean I imagined? You haven't played two games in one day since like what maybe like a U. or something. What's it like to basically play a game in the afternoon and then get caught up to the wages and play a game that night was wasn't a complete whirlwind? What was your daylight were? I mean like you say it was probably to the day You you know usually For for me Justin Robinson. We get called up when the wizards are in town and we usually do that similar routine but we normally don't get in the game so You know plant thirty eight minutes with a go go and then literally having to get in the TUB right after the gang gets stretched and literally trying to grab some food and garlic to the next arena knows it was It was so much excitement for me because not opportunities only need to get on the court and so can do but also make an anti go go and just getting as many. Can you know. It's very helpful helpful helpful. Take me personally. I think that I've gone so much Just being down at the goal And as far as part of the season and You know learning a lot about the game. Same thing it where I fit in with the team. You know where I can help out at knows really humble need. But it's also know a lot of confidence There's a lot lot of competence enemies of throughout this whole process. But you know the other day. It was amazing I honestly I could've played like twenty five more minutes. I was ready to go. I four days off. You guys got a big win against the sixers last night What what's what's the game plan like when you're playing against him as an MBA? What is coach? Scotty Brooks looks telling you guys like how do we strengthen weaknesses. What what to let them not do talk us through the game plan to slowing down the sixers and how able to get that win big Because they're gonNA have a lot less. They usually play with that side of the flurry guys. Don't WANNA run for forty eight days and Joe L. gets the ball. You know he's really thinking how foul so I'll be staying with China frustrating. It's frustrating them a little bit. Didn't you know throw cover to that. Get Him to really slow down and try to read the coverages and try to make plays and you guys did a great job last night. We're playing with energy and and eh no making it tough ones but you still a talented player. I mean by like thirty three points last night. You know the biggest thing was is really targeting in on Joel. EMBIID Tom and being able to take their places. No with five hundred thirty one of usually usually you don't want guy that thirty points but you know we had to give up something to get something so that was our game plan. Give up something to get something. I may still be You know smelling slowing down transition really building the wall and limiting and changing directions coming down so just trying to get him out of the floor. YOU'RE A couple months into your pro career here and I want to. I want to know what are you what you expected. What do you like the most about being a pro and other things that you miss about college yeah I think the the biggest thing about the NFL is you know everything is on you? You know you don't have kids boxer kate the plane my player mode and literally. I'm living my players during you know literally literally my own my player you know I can be as good as I wanna be. I can I can do Parwana do them. It's my career in college. You know you kind of have to follow a motto. You have to follow a standard but now you have to set your own standard in your own you know core beliefs. They what you want to stand on care to. Why but also have the best player? I mean the biggest decimated the travel you know. Find time to really take care of your body finding anytime the risk monitoring to digest everything and just play video games or go to the museum in DC or. Do something other than you know sitting on the couch. How to you know lounging around but you know also get you get rest but I think the biggest adjustment for me is just the travel Learning how to sleep right Boston just taking care of my body assistance possible and really listen to my body knowing when the when it really even do anything or if I need to. Oh spend more time than I or get more stretching just really learning listen body and learn my body. I've been the biggest adjustment Brooklyn College you know I would say you know these guys have families Um and but surprisingly we hang out a lot especially on the road and Even in DC can we hang out a lot especially in the vicinity but in college. We we say in the same dawn together pretty much and besides I mean all throughout the day every day so the relationship relationship with a different But at the same time I would just say that the experience is a lot better because I get it paid. Hey you got at Miami tonight so yesterday when you went to the game did they tell you. Okay you're GONNA be on this trip to Miami and from there we might send you somewhere else or how. How do you know if you're going to be playing with? The goals are playing with the wizards. And and how much do you pack for this trip. Well this is just a day trip. We blew out right after the game last night. Vision and we're GONNA fly. DC together Sunday by back after the game tonight. So I just packed one outfit for the game traveled. And what have you know tacking tonight close and then that's it but You know I'm sure I'll be playing with the dog on Saturday. 'cause they're actually down the wizards Mimi as well so whenever they go goes into. How in the wizards now I'll usually be with both But because we haven't had the injuries that we have now and you know the guys that are vicious right now You know we've been with the go go to get the rest because we were with the way that we wanna be playing that much now with the Volvo men. Just we've already played almost four hundred minutes for two minutes and the witches. We probably would have only played maybe thirty up at this this point so you know just to get that experience. I think it's been good I know I probably had. It will be with the Gogo Right now just not anybody's extra help and I didn't understand that. So you gotta be ready whenever my number's called but no one ever etc Tony. I'm going to be ready. You know do you guys talk in in the locker room. I mean we the media and fans make a ton about James Harden and sort of the streak. He's on scoring numbers season. And he's pretty polarizing. Do you guys in the locker room talk about. The James Harden is doing or other guys around the League in kind of. What's what's the what's the perception that you have of him? And some of the other guys in the locker room yeah I mean you know as has NBA basketball players. You know we have in the past and I think is really use it. We watch a lot of games. Oh no just to see you know other guys in the League or doing it because because nowhere in the league if I if I was like a brother that's one of the things I did say there's really cool you know after the game at the competition over this to see how you know how much different you guys are. Just being you know more friendly in the because you know there's some major competitors Mike Russell Westbrook. I saw lyle and it's just like super intense. An apple two games like a really nice guy. So this is that aspect is pretty cool but a Lotta guys on different on different teams so they support him and God got to play with But you know James Harden everyone knows he scored a ball can't touch them can't file them no good at selling it also join us out. No He's a very talented player. I don't think yeah any plans on land whatsoever way does very tough and you know I. I enjoy watching them play Honestly you know I just think he does and at the same time. I like to watch the clippers as well. You know the way they played decent and the way they play team basketball There's this amazing. It is amazing No so many teams you can watch you know Denver La Of course Portland I mean you keep going it going there. There's so much talent in this league And I think a lot of guys like to see how it plays ball so to get ahead on who we got you got you. Are they rookie. hazing going on like hastings probably a bad word but certain things you have to do. Because you're a rook when over the wizards. Oh Yeah Oh yeah I am I tell you the speaker on every trip. I haven't been with these guys long time but I I definitely love to speak with me. I don't want any problems I yeah I carry the speaker on every trip. I get wingstop for every Playing right And then anything. The guy needs from water bottles to to turn their back to anything. I mean it's really just on call with the best But you know they're pretty lenient. They're not they're not too particular on that. I did but you know John. Isn't that much air nearing Miami. Do Something Brad. Isn't that much at all so it just depends on who the vet is but also whenever they. Yeah it's gotta be ready. Well Admiral we know you got a game later tonight in Miami do some game relaxing get some sun and Scowl said enjoy sitting the pool before the game tonight. We always love having you and best of luck and we'll talk to you. You know in in the coming weeks Jimmy Butler you gotTA. Oh you got would've tasted. Lock them up. He tried to be physical. You have none of that. No Sir. I'll be ready for thanks. We'll talk to you. Thank bucs bells the podcast. All right back here GAL PAL. Radio DOT COM the radio DOT COM APP Rights Gal Bernie and I'm Steve Cerruti here on a Friday show taking into the weekend and we're pump to be joined by resin. GM here on Scallon Pals in the former sons GM Ryan mcdonagh from Sunny Phoenix Ryan. What's going on man? How you doing Steve Scalise Good Morning? Good Morning I'm just impressed. Scouts don't Cerruti. How impressed I was with Admiral? Scofield and his maturity the thing that stood out listening to that interview with me is most of the rookies I've been around in the NBA between the Celtics and sons front office. Don't talk about how they can fit into the team or how they can help the team and roll acceptance updates so just listening to that as a former executive I said wow this guy gets it you know for a young guy. He really gets the League. He understands the league. As you know scale you've been around a lot of young guys and not all of them of my experience more than Nodar about my points. My minutes might touch. What about me? Admiral seems the opposite of and and that's why he really impressed me in the process and why I think a lot along its successful. NBA Career. Yeah you a lot of it has to do with the agents and I I love agents. I think they're great but they don't understand how there's twelve other guys are in this situation now sixteen other guys on the roster. The coach assistant coaches are trying to be successful presidential. GM's all that stuff. They really agents make the player. Think that the whole organization organization is there for them and that's his strictly not the case. It's not even the case for a handful of guys it's like maybe five or ten guys in the NBA. Outside of that like you you gotta fit in and people are there to win. They're not they're just to participate. It's not like how it was with my twelve year old digital basketball. It's this big business so I think he understands. I wish more people understood that you're listening to the first half an hour and I sort of made the point about. I think the rockets are winning. They're they're fourteen and seven. Obviously they're winning games and we complain about harden all the time but I do think the kind of the underrated story here is how bad Russell Westbrook shooting numbers. Advan- I mean they're hysteria like like historically bad for him. He shouldn't twenty one percent from threes. Taking you know he last couple of games. He's taken closed thirty shots and shooting around twenty percent. It's it's been bad and I said that they were kind of winning being in spite of him and I know the assists number there I know the rebounding numbers are there but the point I made was that Darryl Moore is a guy who I believe traded basically traded Chris Paul Russell Worship Lesser. Because he believes and I think rightfully so the Russell Westbrook is a better asset through the next three years of his contract. I think he's right and he's also probably a better player right now but the way I looked at it he's going to continue to shoot this poorly from the from the field. That's not really what the what the rockets need and Har more. He's kind of a guy that isn't afraid to tinker with his rosters. I'm not saying he's GONNA trade him this year or anything like that but I do think it is sort of trending away go. This thing might not be working out. Is that crazy notion like do like are they always sort of in calling around the league trying to figure out what players are worth or do you think pretty much Russ's safely there for the entire year. At least I think this this season in Houston Houston won because he's new and there's an acclamation period. Keep in mind that we're only about a quarter of the way through his first season with the rockets and scowl mentioned. They are fourteen and seven so the the team is winning and they're one of the best four five teams in a loaded western conference guys. I also don't know what the market would be around the league. Four Russell Westbrook given his the agency's thirty one years old. He makes just under forty million dollars this year. And then I think it goes up to forty one point two and over forty four million three years from now. So That's one hundred twenty four million dollars coming over the next three years. He does have a lengthy injury history. He's still incredibly remained phenomenally athletic despite all the injury Theresa as you guys know a Lotta guys get injured and they get less athletic every time. WESTBROOK's in anomaly. He seems to get injured. Have another surgery somehow comes back more athletic. I don't know how that happens. But but it seems to be the case with Russ even when he's in his thirty so I think it'll be there this year but CERRUTI I. I'm kind of more on your side of this one. I have concerns about Russell Westbrook doc not not in terms of winning regular season Basketball Games. He's always been able to do that. He plays harder than any player in the League a night in a night out. I think he plays with more energy and competitiveness through the course of eighty two games in the regular season than any player. I've seen Kevin Garnett but I think in terms of winning in the playoffs when when teams are game planning for you when the game slows down and becomes possession by possession possession. What you saw last night in Toronto with the Raptors Doubling James Harden and face guarding him off the ball? I think teams will do that even to it to a more Significant level in the playoffs and I think Russell Westbrook and a half to make some jump shots. I hear what you're saying. Scale and the first first half an hour trying to get downhill and get to the basket but in their system they like surrounding hardened with three shooters roller rim runner and Cappella. If another guy in the perimeter can't shoot. The whole system really breaks down and that's puts a ton of pressure on James Art. Wait a minute here. You're telling me mcdonagh let me ask you straight up. He's in your team. You have hard in you. Have Westbrook gets the ball. You're not going to drill home. Get Downhill draw to make the right play Mike. I'm confused confused on how difficult it is to drill home to Russell Westbrook now is he stubborn and doesn't want to do it or do you. Don't think you could teach that. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around how difficult it would be for the elite athleticism Russell Westbrook the handle the passing being ability of former. MVP He can't attack rotation and get downhill and make a play at the basket. My point is about the spacing or lack of spacing scall- Houston look at how the best opponent defenses guard Russell Westbrook and where they are relatively westbrook Westbrook's behind the three point line. They're on the block or in the paint so as you know. We went through this in Boston with Rondo. You have to be a passable shooter to win at the highest levels. And the rockets don't have the depth and talent ellen that the Celtics teams you had with Garnet Pearson Allen Alongside Rondo. They just don't have. That is more predicated on harden his greatness so he has to be a passable shooter otherwise yeah Westbrook and put his head down and try to get downhill. But if the guy's already waiting on the blocker at the restricted area trying to line up charge then that doesn't do a whole lot of good and then clink Capellas. How was it screws up your spacing? So he at least needs to be a decent three point shooter. I'm saying like in the low thirty S. I believe shooting twenty one percent from three right. Now that's not good enough. That's my point. I understand what you're saying. Scown if defenses played him normally that would be a viable strategy. But I think they're going to continue to correct over adjusted. Does it look this guy shooting twenty percent from three. Let's let them stand out there all day. Let them have the whole side of the floor. We'll just meet him at the rim charges block shots so we know he's not a threat outside the pain. Yeah you're he is shooting twenty one percent three and that's the lowest of his entire career. I it's it's it's we like. He's he's he's regress basically he. You know a couple years ago he was an all right. three-point eight point. Judy wasn't great. But it's sort of regretted it is odd to see and I'm with you scale like I know Enron you mentioned this too I understand acclimation period and it's a different system that he's playing and he's being asked to do different different things but I just wonder like this one of those things. You just can't teach an old dog new tricks. Like he sort of just is what he is and you know I. I don't know what the solution is but I do know that it's only going to get worse in the playoffs. Agreed looking out and you won't even participate L. to compensate man that difficult as a coach to take a dynamic player. Teach him how to drive the basketball. Make a good play. I don't but shoot overload her her. It's like even if you drive in. You know you come to jump stop you elevate. I don't I don't find this stuff being that difficult. It's like say now. Why is nobody? He's he's gone through several coaches two different teams. And no one's really been able to get Pete and you'll get that out of Russell Westbrook why an MVP and he no he did. He's Dr and I I am. I traditionally Ami Russell Westbrook like Defenders so I guess this is a weird position for me to be in and yeah he won an MVP. But I'm not. I know you have to look at this team and go. I just don't see how this is is going to get better like how. How is it going to get better? I don't look like that's I don't look at things like that. I look at what is possible. Like he said anything is possible or something I just don't I look at it like okay. I'm a coach. Here's what I have. I gotTA figure out a way to make this work irk. I got a dynamic player. A dynamic athlete who can get downhill and make a basketball play drive you can kick. Why don't I just come up up with things? Where if you're going to trap hard and rest so hard right Westbrook in the middle of the floor have them get downhill? You draw to you. Find a guy I make the extra pass it really that difficult to do it to me. It's not. It's not hard to drive that home unless I have a stubborn player or I have like you know Daryl Morey back for the stuff that I WANNA do. It just feels like you should be able to fix this if I have a player that draws too I should be to get a good shot I might not make every shot but I should be able to get a good shot. You're you're theoretically scowl. You are right. I just feel like evidence is shown. Join us at that is not what is Westbrook is going to do the last few years he is just not being. He was good last year. Do you guys agree that his season last year when he was deferring to Paul George with one of the better seasons it will. Yeah basically until Paul George shoulder injury right. They were both having good years. Thank Paul George was more in the MVP conversation in. I don't want to say the number one on that team. But he was the better player. Begun scale the main difference for me. Is I think Westbrook's always been the primary ball handler on his NBA teams as maybe not in the USA basketball teams but with Oklahoma City even when they had Kevin Durant James Harden came off the bench when he was there. The ball was in Westbrook's hands. I have to go back and look the numbers but my instincts tell me. He's a better three point shooter off the dribble than most share and a much much worse. Three point shooter off the catch than just about any other player in the league and that's the opposition Houston's put them in that's their system. I understand what you're saying scale and I think Mike Dantonio should take a look at that of teams are going to continue to play hard and the way they have which is double him when he has the ball in his hands and deny them off the ball. I think the Antonio is going to have to get creative and you made a good point. Maybe you take westbrook out of the corner off the wing and tried to get him the ball in the middle of the court in play four on three behind the defense. I think thrive in that environment. My point is that that's not Houston system and the other point that I think is interesting and this is kind of I think in a different way with Cerruti was saying earlier. Is that Houston's Ron over the last ten years especially the last five years. When they've been one of the best teams in the League has been predicated on slight advantages and playing the numbers and getting any kind of statistical mystical advantage? Whether that's three point shooting whether that's getting to the foul line whether it's forcing opponents to shoot mid-range shots they play the analytic game better than NBA any team in recent NBA. History and their pioneers in doing that and sororities point. I'm not trying to make it for him but I think part of Cerruti is point. Is that Westbrook is not that. He's very inefficient. He's the opposite of more ball and what they've tried to use the numbers to their advantage. You look at how many shots he took last night. Look how many times you turn the ball over last night. I think he was about point. Point six points per possession of last night's game which is awful. I mean a bad NBA offenses about point nine averages about one point and then the good ones are closer to one point one. You're not not gonNA be any decent team over time if you're at point six points to possession so I think that's where it's it's an adjustment for Houston and I agree with what you said Guy. I think Mike Dantonio is going to have to do something. Something different other than spot. Russ up on the corner of the wing and let James Harden go one on one up top if he thinks that's going to win the playoffs. That's like an excuse. That's the same like well. This this is the car that they gave me. This is what I gotta do. No no dynamic superstar players. You've got to figure out a way to maximize each guy not to like took my boy Brad Stevens but he he gets a guy like Shane. Larkin and Shane Larkin. Can't go let. But he can go right so he designed a bunch of plays for. Shane Larkin to get to his right hand so we can make plays like. He's designing an offense around third string point guard for six minutes a game and he would use them. How hard is it to design something around Westbrook with heart out there so you can get westbrook getting into the paint making? I don't think it's that difficult to do and say like that's a book is being stubborn. Westbrook is going to play. His Way. Dantonio is going to play his way. I think that's dumb. You can't play that way if you're expecting to win. Yeah I mean listen I again. I'm just throwing it out there i. I don't think anything is imminent. Like I don't think they're going to blow this thing up and just say are. The rust experiment didn't work. But I just think it's something awash in the future because we have seen. Barrymore is not afraid to to shake things up especially when he thinks that he can improve his team and You know I think they'll go through the playoffs. But we'll see how it goes in in coming years because he still has a couple years left on his deal Ryan. This is a good transition here. Speaking of trades this is the longest gap we've had between trades in the NBA since nineteen ninety-six. Now I know Oh you know next. Week is the December fifteen deadline where basically all the newly signed players can now then be traded and that probably has something to do with it is is that it and also like it. It doesn't seem like there are that many you know high profile names on the market. We're only talking about like Igwe. Dala maybe derozen Aldridge talk to us a little bit about that. Like what is that. The reason for is that so many people just moved. There isn't a ton of a ton of players out there. That teams won't right now. That's the main reason Cerruti over one hundred twenty players or free agents this summer. I think. That's what forty percent of the League or maybe more than hundred twenty or free agents. I think the number was about forty percent a league with free agents and watering that up. Well if you're a free agent this past summer and signed any. He loved contract all the way from Max down to a non-guaranteed deal you're not eligible to be traded until December fifteenth which is coming up in about a week and a half I'm so that eliminates a significant portion of the League as far as being trade eligible another factor guises. I think you know the League is more bunch than it has been in years past in terms of teams teams. Who have a chance or think they have a chance to make the playoffs? Even in the Western Conference The seventh and eighth seeds looks like they're up for grabs. It's wide open. I think if we looked at the standings today we can say all right golden state with their injuries. They're not a playoff team memphis with their youth. They're not a playoff team. But other than that to rule out a whole lot of teams on either conference as says Davis Dale points out all the time the next four games out of the playoffs. So I think that factors into it as well but talk to executives around the league. I've talked to a bunch of them this week. You know the calls have started heating up the G. League showcases in two weeks in Las Vegas and a lot of jams and presidents of teams go. I think they'll be pretty robust straight talks and I think it'll be a pretty frothy trademark it to be honest with you because it is a week free agent class next year. You can't wait if you need players you need help. You can't go to your owner and say hey look there's there's a silver bullet coming next year in two thousand twenty agency for the most part. The player doesn't exist so even the teams with cap space. I think will look to be aggressive. And then as I mentioned having the middle at the bottom of both conferences kind of look wide open that I think teams will be aggressive trying to add to the roster because more teams have a chance to make the playoffs especially in the western conference then have hadn't in years past in all the Kyri Talk Scalp brought this up but it was yesterday or the other day and we sort of laughed at him but it is an interesting kind of road to go down in a funny thing to talk about about and that's how the nets are better without Kyri like almost any statistic you look at whether it's like teammates or the record which is obviously the most important. They seem to be a better team without fire. Even carry was putting up really good numbers when he was there earlier in the season but the winds just weren't there scowl sort of floated out there. You know do you do you look to trade trade Kyrie irving even if it would piss off. Kevin Durant. I don't think they're going to do that. But how do you handle a situation. Where like you know? You have a talented player in your team. Everybody everybody knows how talented Kyrie is. But it just seems like he's not fitting into your system or it's not working out. Well what are you. What are you doing `Situation Ryan? Well I understand what scale saying. I understand why you would think about doing that. I also understand. The reality of it is politically. That would be very difficult to do. Not only with your current locker Kerlin especially Kevin Durant whose rehabbing from injury and just signed a Max contracts. They look I know you and Kyrie wanted to play together and we appreciate you guys coming to Brooklyn by the way Kyrie we just sent up to Detroit on the first play the Pistons you know. That's a that's a tough sell not only currently but in the future when you're recruiting elite free agents is as you can imagine. There's there's a demand. Hey Hey it's basketball it's really not that important. So what does it matter if you get shifted Detroit or whoever you go or or Cleveland. Life is so much bigger than this so hey it's not really that big of a deal. That's what John Marks and Keniakin should say scale. You just gave the playbook say. Hey look I I thought I signed a four-year deal. They said it was just an illusion. This is all just an illusion irate by the way there's a car outside to take you to JFK. Good luck in Memphis. It's it's no I I do. Think sorta understand what you guys are saying and I understand why they look at that especially given how well Spencer Dinwiddie he's played. He's he's been terrific I think. Part of it's fitting great but Dinwiddie with Kyrie out of the lineup has been ridiculous. That's also impressive that they've done most if not all the winning in Brooklyn on recently without carousel avert being injured too. So it's a tough one though. It's more than anything as an executive you look at the top of your roster and and top of the roster management you say how in the world would I manage Kevin Durant if we trade Kyrie Irving. I don't think you'd be able to do that very well. I think it would be extremely risky. And that's why. Oh I think for better or worse in Brooklyn for a while. Well let me let me. I don't know how you would never. You would never bring Russell or or Chris Pauline right to kill to Brooklyn for like four Kyrie Man. That would be that pinterest that would be. I mean. He's he's a lot younger than those guys says. You know I wanna just clarify my points. You did say what I said. But let's just clarify the regular season without Kevin Durant. I do believe there are better without Kyri but I I think you you can like me with this to win it all like. I can't imagine Kevin durant winning it all without Kyrie but you know it's one of those things where they might might not have enough to win it all next year but it you have to kind of bet that they're going to figure it out like they might have this one thing thing. Where kind of what the Spurs do now? I know it's not working this year. But the spurs play with Demar Derozan and the work day play one style. Then their bench comes was in play a completely different style. I wonder if they'll if we'll see that moving forward with this Nazi we have the the KB with the other group soup and indicating Kyrie. They play sort of like a different sort of style but to win it all. I'm not sure you can win it off. You don't have Kyri and Katie but this year we know Katie's not playing so this year. I feel pretty confident that the Brooklyn Nets are better in the regular season without Kyrie. This season I think you you have to see you know. This isn't rocket science here. This isn't something amazing. You have to see what it looks like next year like this this year. Almost just doesn't matter right. Not that it doesn't matter completely. The whole reason that they brought this thing together was for next year and the next couple of years really so even if they who even if they missed the playoffs this year. I don't think there's really no reason to panic because you have to see what Kyri and Katie look like. They're apparently best friends and they WANNA play together and do their thing and who knows like K. D.. And he's healthy I they they could they could. They could be the best team in the Eastern Conference. I don't know if I'd bet on it but I think they could right so I think you unless unless there's some magical trade out there that I don't really see where you just just get a ton in return for Kyrie Irving they're all guys that Kevin Durant wants. It just seems like it's impossible but it's fun to talk about right. We'll scale brought up an interesting point that I hadn't really thought about before but think of it this way. In some ways I think Kyrie irving in Russell Westbrook or almost polar opposites. And what what I mean by that. Well you talk about regular season and winning and competitiveness in playing so hard and getting your team through eighty two games. That's Russell Westbrook he does. That's why teams are always good and always win. Upper forty to fifty or sixty games when he's great teams but in the playoffs that doesn't work carries kind of the opposite of that. The regular season is a slog sometimes. It's a grind. He's on his instagram. He's in his feelings. He's sending shaded messages at his teammates and pouting but then when the ball in the Games on the line and he has the ball in his hands in the playoffs offs. Especially down the stretch of playoff games. You want that player. Maybe not last year in Boston but what we saw prior to that in Cleveland was pretty dynamic player. Who can win playoff games with his offensive abilities? So I just thought of that. That'd be a fascinating fit. Theoretically I don't think it would ever happen. But what if Kyrie Irving got sent to Houston four Russell Westbrook to to to Brooklyn. I think people okay see would never be able to watch the Brooklyn Nets again. If they had Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant playing together in Brooklyn Houston in the with Kyrie more shooting alongside James Harden. I think that would be fascinating to watch and I think honestly that would alleviate a lot of the problems we talked about at the start of the show with Westbrook Brooke laying off the ball in his inability to the floor. I better get wet if Westbrook goes if you say you tried Westbrook to the nets and imagine if the nets win a tidal Heidel with K. D. and Westbrook like you'd have to. You'd have to basically send Oklahoma City Seattle Supersonics again like that's it. You have two franchises over like you can't our our that I mean I. I wonder what I mean. Hypothetically speaking like I wonder what their relationship would be like if they would ever be open to playing with each other and ah later in their careers that they would just pay for one more time for the old time sake. Let's get Katy back together and see how the work maybe even get James Harden back together if you know Rawson Hardin have the title yet. One thing that we don't know is what these players are thinking. Because the love fest at Jason. TATUM had with Kyrie Irving after through the game. It makes me think like wait a minute. Do you guys like each other or you don't like each other because I know when you guys were teammates. It didn't look like you like each other. And now when he's on the Brooklyn Nets it. Looks like you do like each other so I don't know if anybody actually likes anybody anymore. Fake it's all fake right like and nobody wants to be controversial and as I said to you Skowron. This is what I brought up to him. I was like they're probably they probably like Kyrie more that they don't have to deal with every day. They're like hey man. Now you're you're Brooklyn's problem an unlike with your work good. We're all good. You know. TAP it up every time I see you but it's because you're not freezing out not passing me. The Ball and Boston like every single night. So I'm sure although Celtics guys love the fact that carried I read is not there because now they could actually maybe even like them and we're friends with them but but but the on the core issues. Aren't there anymore. So that's somebody else's problem for them. No I agree. And I think taste of revelation that breakthrough here on Scallon Pals I think scall- thought of the NBA new logo. It I think it used to be. We love this game but scall- came up with. Nobody really likes anybody anymore anymore. They can put that on. ESPN they can put it on TNT. Try to sell tickets and t shirts so I got out of the folks at the League office would love lasts. I don't know if anybody likes anybody anymore. I don't know I don't know I got no read on this. The love affair after the game. I I don't know what that means. What does that mean? You guys never talked when you were on the same Tiv. What is this all up dude? It's all love. Uh All everybody thank the Broader Day of just love laugh and live. Yeah but you love laughing and live in the year before when you were trying to trade happier appier team. I don't know what does it mean. It's all about the brand scout. Come on you see because you don't understand the Bra you don't have a brand randy. Don't care about your brand like you don't fit in you don't fit into like you know the ninety nine percent of what. NBA Players are today like. They're pushing their social media accounts. They want everyone to be friendly. They're pushing the narrative this Rudy Cerruti. I'm going to call you out on this when people say when rookies come in. I don't even know your name. I never even even heard of your college. And they're like. I'm just trying to build my brand. What the hell does that mean Rudy? I don't mind basketball player. Like what is build my brand. You Ain't Michael Jordan. You're not Lebron. Everybody else is. They're trying to be the best bass player they can become. Those guys are building a brand and well took to bring this conversation. I'm not agreeing with this by the way don't into this. I'm just saying that's how the reality is but to bring this conversation full circle. That's what we talked about Admiral. Scofield at the start of interviewing with Ryan here is that he's one of the few guys that seems like he doesn't care about that he cares about his game on the core but there are plenty of Rookies Ryan. I'm sure you could tell us. I mean you have to name names named anything but guys that you brought in that thought that they were superstars. And you're like no man. We brought you to be like the eleventh or Twelfth Man on the bench dude like know your role I remember going through the pre-draft redraft process. We had a guy come into Phoenix. One time we thought it was for an individual workout. And I'm having dinner with him the night before the workout and again this was a rookie played one year in college. Or a guy who's going going to be rookie and I said how about the workout tomorrow. Workout I didn't even bring my basketball sneakers. I said why. Why do you think we're here like what do you think we're doing he Saddam? I'm just so glad that I made it. I said what do you mean you made it. You haven't even gotten drafted yet. Like what is this you know. But that's the guys had Iraqi career and I'm not gonNA name names but I was just sitting there in shock saying that. This guy thinks he made because we gave them a plane ticket and the Nice Hotel in Phoenix. We just wanted to play mini golf with them or something like it wasn't there to do a pre draft workout so so that's some of the some of the challenges that I've seen is it and that's where again I I really respect. Not just because he's on the show but Admiral Scofield and his approach in the fact that as a young player he gets it. And I'm not saying that's GonNa make them all star anything like that but that will give them a chance to be successful in his career. Some guys have to learn it the hard way. It seems like our former number four pick and Phoenix. Josh Jackson. The lights finally come on and he's learning it the hard way and the G. League seems like a gallic Admiral. Scofield gets that from day one trying trying to figure out where he fits in what his role is a scalp pointed out he's been around a lot of NBA players have been a lot of locker rooms. That's not always the case with young players it all starts with the basketball sorority. The the rest of this stuff's all secondary via good basketball player. And then the rest of it comes. Don't worry about the rest of this shit because you can do all this other shit and if you're not gonNA get a basketball you're not going to be around very long impact building a brand. I got a funny story so I talked to agents all the time right and I you know when you start getting into these types of stories years. Everyone has one in their back pocket. So this year bowl was coming interview. Agents and Bobo played eleven games and Oregon. I guess somehow he's like sensation right like I guess second round pick. I don't know who invited him to the Green Room. But that's a whole nother story. So they come to find out. They needed eleven parking working passes to go and have the conversation about the agent like who's going to represent bowl ball and eleven people showed up. There was the Youtube Guy Instagram. Graham Guy Cousin the show guy. There's a guy that just rode a skateboard around the office. And all that stuff. But you know who didn't show up up all I I couldn't I couldn't believe it I could. It was like they. They interviewed every person in Halle and a lot of time. They were asking like how you GonNa help me. They weren't even asking about how they're going to help Bo Bo. How are you going to make me a star? Pick your are you playing wait. What school did you go to play? And so there is a world of delusional people out there and It is funny. I think various building a brand. I mean I don't have as many great stories you but I do remember in my time. ESPN there would be guys. There would be players or whatever that would come through and do car wash quote unquote. They do a bunch of different show is right and you know sometimes there would be guys that would come in with them in the region or their publicist or whatever. Then there'd be the guys that would come in with you know the entire entourage right and there was this one guy he was an NF. Yeah he was I believe it was an NFL player. He came in and he had a milkshake. God that was his job. He was just the milkshake guy. He made him always protein shakes and he like he wasn't even he wasn't a chef wasn't as cookie. I don't even think it was a nutritionist. He was the guy that prepared the protein shakes that's it and and he got to come to. US Bien that day and see if he was one of the dozen people. I think that that guy brought and it's just it's just amazing. How like how do I get? Maybe I should strive to be the milkshake guy. Could you know you get to travel the world driving popular private jets. And Making milkshakes day we should ask Ryan like do you. So how does how does that factor in entourage guy comes enrolling rolling twelve deep. You automatically say like he's talented but man I I don't think that's a that's a right way for us to go. It's definitely a red flag scowl and especially with young players. You try to cut it off early. we've been around players. I know you've been around players. Where a lot of people beyond the player whether Ritz is not usually not even his agent but family members friends hangers on who? There's a lot of we we're GONNA do this. We're going to do that and you know I was dumped. Whoa there is no we? There's him and then there's you guys and we're interested in him because they were the one he's on our team. We pay him so we would do in Boston in. Phoenix is in the summertime if we had to get guys in the gym to work out or work with our strength conditioning coaches we'd allow some of that stuff we'd allow them to bring buddies occasionally or family member wanted to come down and watch watch and then a week or two before training camp. We'd cut all that off and say look we appreciate all you've done for player acts and helping them get to this point but we got it. Now let's take it from here and then kind of tighten the reigns. Because if you don't do that scowl as you know every organization's different some allow more access than than most but it can turn into a Shit Yo if you don't have parameters Ramadorai on who's in your building around the players. What do they have access to? As far as practices on game nights. You really have to clamp down and make it clear especially with the young players early early on there is no way. And then there's there's you and then there's no there's no we were interested in one person and all these other guys can go do whatever the heck they do which doesn't seem like a whole a lot most of the time. Well the good thing right. We know that you're not about your own personal brand. You're only about the scallon pallets brand. That's why we love having you on the show so Thank you so much on grace. Yeah we he's not worried about the braves. I worried about the brand but you know we we appreciate have an on and we'll we'll talk to you next week. Thanks Ron thanks guys. I'M GONNA go my second job making milkshakes so maybe maybe that a little more and create a side business here for Dallas Belles. The guy might have made more money than I did. So I would honestly it might not be a bad career You probably did. Which is which is? I'm laughing but it's actually not that funny but anyway I appreciate it. Ron Take it easy. We'll talk to you soon. Scaling Dale and bells. The podcast minutes left here. Let's get to some Swisher stretches I've got I think five pretty good ones here. That are stuff that we haven't really talked about this week. So that's what I like to use is. It has things that we just haven't gotten to that we should probably talk about first one. We talked about all the parody before the season scout but swish or stretch there are only three three teams like a win the NBA title stretch. Okay so I was saying Milwaukee and then the to La teams who else can win the title track because we would have we would have you know like Philadelphia. You have to put in there because of their talent batters airplane you have to put them in there. Come on you gotTa hold on hold and then what about the rockets. You can't you can't eliminate them. You can't eliminate them yet. I'll get I'll give them a one percent chance I'll give them the sixers xers. I think. Yeah I'm always GONNA Kinda hold out hope for the sixers because of how talented they are the rockets. I I just unless something drastically changes I just. I don't see I just don't see it. I really don't after starting the year teams that we think to win a championship headaches. Five or six. I think the walking along the and who else Houston did we put. Denver and Utah in there are not championship. People were talking about. Utah may be making a finals run. That's what's made made their season. So disappointing is like people were a one hundred percent talking about them being a title contender I maybe not like the majority of NBA fans or media people but they were definitely in the conversation. I don't think I had him there. I forget if we had by. I don't think I had Denver and the reason I just don't you know I like Denver but I don't believe that they're going to make it out of the Western Conference Jeff to to win it all to win it all you take an la or the field. I would probably take La. I would. Yeah I think whoever makes out of the West is probably GonNa those teams. Can I like Milwaukee. I don't think anybody else else other than Milwaukee in the east beatty those teams so yeah. I'll say that's a good question. All right here we go next one Carmelo so anthony who just His contract with the players now guaranteed for the season Swisher stretch mellow plays in the NBA beyond this year. Breath Swish. Yeah I could see it. I could see it like he's putting if if it keeps going this way. I mean who knows if it'll be in Portland but the waste playing. I mean he's exceeded my expectations and I think he's you know he could be a productive member uh of a team at age thirty five even if he's like you know the fifth man or something it less role than he is now I can hundred percent see it happening all right. It's six forty. If he keeps playing this way they'll scowl and he wants to play another season. I don't think it's too early to say. He repaired his image completely but if he if if he does an entire season of this I think they'll be teams interested. I who knows how much money it'll be. It'll be teams interested all right so switch on that one Let's do this one this this you might. You might crapper this. His numbers are great and even though he's missing John Collins. trae young should be leading the hawks to a better record than five and seventeen so far. Stretch for sure they're injured. They're already thin to begin with and they're injured injured. So I mean not collinses injured but collins is out but like when collins comes back if they become a five hundred team. It's not going to be good or now so five. Five hundred would get you in in the eastern conference but we'll see when college comes back in. It hurt her officially back yet. He only take three or something like that. Kevin hearner's good player and so he's important to them. We'll see. I started their playoff team. If they were healthy the whole year I think they would have been a playoff team but I just feel like I just feel like five and seven like seventeen issues me five and seven. That's terrible table. I mean that's one of the worst teams in the League and I know we love. We Love The trae young story and he's putting up great numbers. But it's not. It's not translating to win Scowl Gal at some point I feel like I'm not asking you to to be in the playoffs in the East but you've got to kind of be in the running for and they're completely out of the running so I know all these kids are GonNa. I love trae young. I think it is Kinda Fair though I think it is. I think if if you're as good as people are saying like People WanNa compare him so to Luca dodgers which I don't think is even close but Lucas. I don't know if this hawks team has that much worse than the than the Mavericks Team and the Maverick Games in the West attending the conference France three and six three and eight to nine. It's bad I like I'm listening. I think John Collins lashes ashes should have been an all star big band John Collins. But it's GonNa Win Without Him so we'll see we'll see when they when he comes back mark that date and we'll just see what Atlanta is. We'll look at all their numbers and we'll say this is who they are trae young's on a dominant score. He's like a pass. Ask I guy I think Steve Nash running without a bunch of good players around him. I train either. Straight young is trey young as what does he averaging hold on. Hold on hold on. What's up they're you gotta while he's up there with the leading leach shrines the fourth leading scorer in the League scouts? He's efforting it's Luca Jaanus and heart. He's he's the fourth leading scorer in the League. He's a good score is really good. You got no Kevin Herder you got no John Collins thank you take the shots. That's not what he's best at the best at making taking planes. He's a better passer than he is a score to me. When he has his full array of people will see the best of trae young his scoring? We'll go down but his play will go up. Well we'll see not a great score. I know people thinking the Great Score. I don't think he's a great score. You good score. Great Passer all right all right. Well he's probably GONNA pass for this year. We'll see which one John Collins comes back but they're so far the playoff next. It's hard to see them getting back. Even in a bad eastern conference are two more before we close. Close out the show here for the week. All right Lou Williams the last one. The last two of the Clippers Lou. Williams is leading the clippers in minutes. Right now scowl swisher stretch if that whole tea should not be able to win six men year total minutes total minutes minutes per game. I didn't know that I did not know that they're leading minutes per game. Got Yep yes. six-man expand should be now it that pop off the bench the Williams win six every year. Clark archibong coppers now are you. Are you really six man. If you're the leading minutes guy on your team no I feel like. That's that's that can't be a thing like that's your basically you start. You're playing the most minutes minutes if anyone on the team come off the bench you come off. The bench. Seems like a rigged system I I I'm not saying you're blaming I'm not blaming Lou Williams. I think there there was a reporter a couple weeks ago that asked him like. Hey you know you come off the bench so you could win this award. He's like I don't care about winning. The award coach. Just wants to do what he wants me to do. But I just have a hard time giving six expanded year award which he would be fully deserving of because the stats are great to a guy who is averaging the most minutes on this team but all right last one is way way. Break Breaking News as as we speak. Lebron is just came across the Atlantic the cavaliers out on beeline dies drowned out his voice cavalier players. There's unhappy with the coaching style. John Line Wow just came in on the APP. I WANNA go bargain. The let's look this up this funny because everything had been focused on Biz Dale. We haven't heard anything about lying the GIAMBI line and now we're getting the story coming. It's been it's been I can't i. I can't imagine I mean it's been one that must be wild. I mean I know but they're still a young team by the way your boy Darius garland these off to a rough start there in Cleveland. He's never turn around. It's been great You and I both thought he might be in the running rookie running for rookie of the year and Zion. We're like Oh my oh God he might even be able to be. The one of the guys could win it. He has been a major disappointment They said five fifteen but it's still too early to pass judgment on Beeline. I mean he does seem like an old school college guy. And I'm not sure how that works with older guys and leave with a roster so young anyway I I don't I don't know. I thought they were going to be more competitive anyways. Go ahead probably but all right last one here before we before we run out of time when we got under a minute left we got a great game night clippers bucks in Milwaukee Swisher stretch assuming both are healthy co is is a better player than Janas regular season no in the playoffs. Yes the one game who you taken both are healthy regular season walls and you have to win the game if you have to win one game game seven seven Yep game seven. I'm taking. I think you're right. I think you're as much as I love Janas. I'm I'm with you outside of that man I I told you best forty six minute player in the NBA. By far the last two minutes fan. That's it basically. He didn't even get much practice at being. Good down the stretch because they blow everybody out to practice. Yeah they have the best point in the league even more than they did last year when they led the League they are just on an absolute tear right now but All Right Gal. It's been a great week of shows. Enjoy the game tonight. Enjoy your weekend and I'll talk to you on Monday got it. Thanks for listening to this Gal Pals podcast watcher. Listen to scale impels weekdays from eleven to one. PM Eastern. I'll know radio DOT COM digital Edward.

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