015. Funeral in Berlin (1966)


Welcome to spy hearts podcast for the next hour. Your hosts will go deep undercover into the well of spy movies. Decipher witch films. Make the noc list but remember. This information is directly for your is only. I'm agent scott. And i'm cam the provocateur and swinging in the berlin wall in a bucket. This week we have joining us professional musician and author of the scott. Hunter spy series of books dunkin swindles. Thank you very much. Welcome to the show dunkin. We're so glad to have you on need a spy. Expert because you know we're still novices. We need an expert. Okay do now. Would you like to just talk a little bit about your scott. Hunter book series because for those unaware who may want to check them out on amazon or kindle. Yeah sure so. The first book came out a couple of years ago now. Birth of a spy It's very cambridge orientated. I guess ongoing for the sort of jonah. Keri approached spying and not so much. The james bond and they second booker absent friends. That came out in january this year and follow scott on his. He's being recruited. Says i conner mission and then i really should have finished the third book in lockdown but Haven't done anything. i'm afraid so. I'm finishing the third book now. So what inspired you to start writing these stories like was it just your big fan of spy literature or kind of what got the ball rolling so There's a man called leo marks He works for the sat just after wall. And then he went into hollywood He wrote the film script for peeping tom Which called killed antony powell's career off the aston movie. Yes and amazing colt now isn't it. I think oh yeah so you can actually find it for free. listeners if you go to to be the streaming that were to be they are actually running peeping tom right now. It's really worth checking out. Uh so fantastic. So leo marx wrote a book cool between silk and cyanide about his time working for the and i was given the book and a really wanted to make into a film. I thought make fantastic foam. I was trying to write film scripts at the time. I spend a bit of time with sid field and people like that so But i came to realize writing films is incredibly difficult. Writing screenplays is just is like the largest jigsaw puzzle that you can imagine And so a my parents of both authors and my mom just said why instead of china film what you just a novel and so. That's what i've done. And so leo marks is is kind of in the first book he's one of the characters Okay calm but i would really recommend. It's an incredibly his life story around about. The end of the war is absolutely incredible and so he claims to then have gone to hollywood. But i'm sure that he was still recruited somewhere. I just can't believe even just the patriots him on the on the dust jacket with a big cigar. The volk dj a looks like a spy go. Yeah so i'm between so consigliere that's my that was my sort of inspiration so wonderful book awesome okay and also. I'm just curious for those listening How would you describe the scott hunter character. Oh he's he's very awkward. He's a he's a maths prodigy and the first book really explores his background. I don't wanna give too much away. But he's he's very troubled character and that's really the whole point to the first book is you. You begin to understand. Quite why is quite so troubled. Any at the start of the book. He's just graduated from cambridge Any receives a mysterious code. He's down there. Are groups of people mostly online. Now think who decode enigma codes from second world war 'cause hundreds of the owner of a cracked and so every now and again like the daily telegraph who publish view these and send them out for people to have a go at see if they can cram and so. That's what he does. That is kind of a hobby is cracking coats. I'm want he receives a code. But it's it's an unusual is not one of the ones that's come from bletchley park or the empire wall museum and that takes off on on his first adventure if you like. I mean it's a an awkward guy with the initials s. h. i. Bit worried that your just telling my life story here although scott you're not cracking any evening book codes anytime soon. I barely crack anything eggs. I can't even crack wheel of fortune. So now duncan chang on twitter actually about the hip chris file originally. Yeah i have my opinions on that show categories of the and say and then you talked about your love the And that's why. I think i was passionate to have you on this episode with us as the follow at four. Nfc your professional musician by trade and had a fantastic school from the fest film and we'll talk about the second. Fill a nest. The school for that film going forward but apart from the Series and your inbox during the spy as you quite like. Oh well i love. John kerry stuff. He's genius alike unlike the social media. more kind of human spy thrillers. So the thing with john kerry a tink taylor for example. It's not really a story about spying. it's a story. About how how flawed these men are and some of the terrible decisions they make in their private lives and for george smile. It's really about. The whole story is really about an issue. Bow his wife and their relationship. The spying just sits on top of it is another level. I love that for the most of the grounded. Yeah and so. I'm len deighton books on just sort of getting into those. But they're very much of that kind of character or slightly more. You know. Harry palmer is working. Class hero is not is not owned yes definitely not A para sailing out running ahead of like frozen glaciers as we saw say die another day or something like that. Yeah he does carry inflatable bat suit to be fair. That's true that's true this little who let's be fair. Well there's a place for the bones. The poem stuff's great phone. It's just different. Yep that's what really bonded. Pardon the pun there Scott was talking about james bond but a big part of this journey of the podcast has been delving into these various corners. I'd obviously like just as a big film. Fan had touched on a lot of these films in the past. Things like spy came in from the cold for example. But it's been really fascinating reexamining these things and putting them in the context of you know when they were created and the real events at the time going on. Yeah i mean. I think spicer came in from the cold as a piece of literature is is way up. There is absolutely fun too. I mean the only person nothing that rivals licari like that is growing greene but the writing in in spy came in from the cold is superb. it's really fantastic. And i hope you're going to do that as a film. Because he's a wonderful film absolutely. It's definitely tackle down the road. But let's let's get on track with today's topic and cam. The question is what are we doing. well scott. We're gonna decide. I guess whether funeral in berlin puts the fun back in funeral with the second. Harry palmer entry. So this is the sequel to the file. I feel like you had that line in your pocket but okay. Let's let's kick off with a synopsis from litterbox dot com funeral imbera lynn. It was going to be a lovely funeral. Harry it chris. File pomme just hoped. It wouldn't be his colonel stock. A soviet intelligence officer responsible for the security of the berlin wool a pays to want defect but the evidence is contradictory stock once the british to handle his defection and asks for one of their agents. Harry prama to smuggle him out of east germany. Not bad. I think that gets the job done. that's it gets. I think in a minus for me to summarize. Well i'm curious as an author. Don't get how does that Letterbox right up Work for you. Well i mean it's a very complicated story. I think that's what i think too. I mean to summit not bad think he the writer did a decent job program like the vhs. Box the tagline atop of that so it was going to be lovey funeral blah blah blah and the actual flow is beneath it. But i have a better ones now. I hadn't obviously washes before tackling it for the film cam identity hadn't experienced before nope nothing. At duncan i know you watched it for the for the podcast but had you ever seen it before. No okay. Well then they never question camp. Do you have anything force in how this film was put together and created. Yeah i do have some stuff on the swamp. So harry saltzman the producer of this film. Who also co produced the bond franchise. He wasn't very happy with his experience. Shooting the chris. File with director. Sidney j fury city. Jay fury was a little too artistic and a little too demanding for what they were looking for as a director. I and so they instead chose with the sequel to hire guy hamilton. Who is just coming off of goldfinger. Because he was a little more of as they wanted a conventional director. They were going to get rid of things. Like the artie framing strange angles. Things like that that made the original. I think actually hold up really well in an interesting way. I think probably dunkin. You probably agree with that. Yeah i like that approach. The whole film is kind of kilted. Isn't it all off to an angle. That's the point. Yeah i know. But i guess in nineteen sixty nine hundred sixty five or they be prepping the one they were like no way. We don't want anymore of that and so this was also going to be a little more of an ambitious harry palmer films. The budget was increased They were using a script from writer. evan-jones who'd really was most notable for coming off of a movie. That's mostly been forgotten called modesty blaise or blase which was a spy. Spoof of the time He also would go on to write victory the soccer drama with michael cain and silvester stallone and for their source material. They actually shows funeral in berlin. Because it was more ambitious it was actually the third of the len deighton Harry palmer stories. And they are really harry palmer stories in the novels. He doesn't even have a name in the novels. But we'll just call them that to make it a little more concise into the point but the second novel scott you're gonna love. The title of on was actually called horse underwater. The return to force hearts. Everyone that's right. And so. I am curious dunkin. If you've read horse underwater yeah. I was just curious if that. I'm wondering if it was maybe a little too much like the chris file. Which really stuck to london locales and had that moore street level thing whereas they want to really mix it up and go more ambitious. Because at this point the james bond franchise has exploded with goldfinger and thunderball. And so i have to imagine they were maybe looking at expanding the world view of harry palmer's well that just makes a lot of sense to me if they've got a bigger budget as well. Yeah exactly like harry. Saltzman makes sense that he would want his back pocket. And other franchise that is hopefully going to not necessarily compete with the grandeur of the bond franchise but is sort of a A safety net franchisee can always jumped to if something went wrong with bond is interesting that they in the first home to stuck with u drab gray london and his follow up when they're trying to be more expensive with some more money they chose to go to drab. Gray germany is bad. About the harry palmer. World though scott icon disagree with that drubbing grave goods the moral ambiguity. It's also like louis and Yeah it's interesting because guy. Hamilton comes in and i don't know that when you watch the guy hamilton style He was again as i said a more conventional choice but he did have a background. He was a member of military intelligence during world war. Two and michael caine said that a lot of the ideas that happened onset came from guy. Hamilton's experiences working in military intelligence jet. That was actually fairly interesting. If you actually google online you can see some Interesting stories about guy. Hamilton's wartime experiences. Totally worth checking out also of note for the female lead. The actress andrzej comber was cast as cement the steel and did shoot some early sections of the movie but had to leave due to illness and so she was then replaced with ever rienzie. And if you actually go online you can find stills of michael caine shooting scenes with nj comber so what could have been guys what could have been. But what's notable is engineer. Comber that same year also released another movie where she co starred with marlon brando called the apple lusa and this movie was a bomb. It's not really well. Remember not well reviewed. But it was directed by sidney j fury so there you have it folks all connected. That's right that's right And so this movie. I don't have the budget on it. I have the budget on the chris. File which was seven hundred and fifty thousand. And so they're saying this. One has a higher budget. So i'm thinking probably in the one million one point two million sort of number A lot of the money obviously was put into the locations Which were low perilous. Because they had a lot of situations of east german guards interfering with the shooting by angling mirrors into the cameras to create light reflections. I feel like that's a movie unto itself but the movie had a higher budget and when it was released it grossed four point four million dollars which i mean. That's not a bad build upon a one point two million dollar investment but the hip crystal had made eight point one million so not great. Not great at all. I didn't remember what the original episode made for. I did recalled made money and it was successful. This feels like it was a step back. Yeah when you're investing more money and getting almost half the return it's not great and if you do the adjustment calculation on that three four point four million equals thirty six point two million now. So that's not. That's not a home run. That's for sure actually make surprise. There was a follow up to be fair. Do you think would bring put off simply on the title of the film. I don't know because the file was such a huge movie and it did make michael cain star. You'd think they would come back for a sequel. Maybe the title is a little too grim Maybe the setting just the whole east versus west berlin stuff was maybe a little too fresh in the minds in the audience. Just didn't want to go and have some. You know an escape to the cinema. That felt a little too real world. I don't know it's very strange. I wouldn't say that. This is escapism. Cinema no no. Maybe it was just a little too serious. 'cause the chris file is more down and dirty spy film. But you have a lot of interesting filmmaking going on. It feels more stylized. You have things like the the brainwashing which feels kind of surreal so it has some sort of popping on screen versus this one. Which as you know you said scott is more of that grace. Sort of downcast look But yeah if you look at the overall box office that year. The top three is very big movies. That a lot of them haven't really held up that well number one was the bible in the beginning. Which was a big sort of compilation of old testament. Bible stories I've seen it. It's it's a. It's a set the have a follow up the bible. The end it's shocking. It didn't really be. Because the bible grossed thirty seven point five million which equates three hundred ten million dollars nowadays so the fact that there was no the bible the next chapter or something like that is pretty shocking. Bible to electric bogu. The number two movie was a film with julie andrews and max von sydow called hawaii which i had never heard of and it was a massive smash. See about escapism. Doesn't want to go to hawaii or the bible a number three. Maybe shooting holes and scott's theory. Who's afraid of virginia woolf which is anything but escapism cinema. Okay i'll take it back. I'll take it back. At the only other notable movie there are some other spy movies. But when we're talking about movies of this era it's very tough to get solid numbers when you get lower down the you know down the rankings. So we'll talk about those touch on those movies later but some other ones that opened this year where like our man flint. The silencers torn curtain murderers row. Those movies performed better than funeral in berlin. And we'll touch on those in the future. I'm the one really notable movie dimension though is This year around kind of the number. Ten spot was alfie. The michael caine. Drama which grossed twenty one point two million dollars which equals about hundred and seventy six million dollars so michael cain may have had a bit of a underperformer and funeral in berlin but he was on top of the world with alfie and we will be discussing alfie probably in the future because the director of that movie would go on to become one of the major bond directors that was lewis gilbert. Who did you only live twice as well as moon raker and You know he did another one in there too. Maybe that's carried them through to the third film at the trilogy. Although it's not technically a trilogy just having the name value of michael. Cain the yeah probably i mean he was a star at this and i look forward to talking about his performance in this movie because i did notice some differences between the chris file. But that wraps me up for background on funeral in berlin. Well let's get into it then. I on record with my thoughts about the chris file. I'm just. I'm going to start itself usually would go guess i but i feel like the the elephant in the room is what the off to scott. Think about this film. I have to say. I actually enjoyed this film. Oh wow okay. This is a blows. My mind interesting. I wasn't expecting that. I found it to be funnier. I found it to be I find it to be easy to get behind as a film. Ashley captivated my interest more. And i think i'm thinking back to my hip chris. File problems alive. I think seems to be to do with the direction of the film. The interesting camera angles and stuff for me off. Maybe i just don't really like house films as much as i like more mainstream styles which i would say. This is in comparison. Yeah i'd agree with that. Although you did like hannah and that's a pretty bizarro movie. That's true maybe it's just the city jay fury style. You're not a fan of maybe we'll forever to your duncan what did you think of this film Well when you when we spoke about coming on to talk about this so i was very excited. Rushed off to watch the film immediately. And i sat down with a glass of wine as is my way and i laughed a lot beginning. I gonna third But as i went on like more and more confused and less able to work out what i was going on and so i'm an got film i. I had no idea what had happened. And i realized that we were going to talk about it so i went back then and watched it a second time but without the wine which is really my main recommendation. So if you're gonna sit down and watch this you need your wits about you. I think it's it's the the plot is very clever. And if you miss one single turn in the plot you it you'll never work out. What north is going on. I'm but i completely agree. I mean this gripe gags in the first kind of twenty five minutes. I just think about the line. That palmer says to ross when he just asked him if he's ever thought about defecting and just 'cause i have a i mean every line is either a gag or a contradiction says I like weeds pharmacy. Won't yeah because they're easy to grow. I've so i liked it but i did find quite confusing. Yeah for me. I really enjoyed the up. Chris file a lot like that one to really just came to life watching it and it was definitely a movie that i'm watching them. All i could think was. Why did i not discovered this. You know many years ago. Funeral in berlin. I enjoyed as well to me. It was a significant step down it. Just i agree that the plot gets very confusing. I was definitely taking notes throughout. It's funny because most of the time. When i'm taking notes on a movie where covering a lot of one i'm writing are more conversation points like. Oh this is something. We should really touch on in this episode. Maybe like a theme or a concept or something that's weird whereas in this case a lot of my notes were just trying to keep track of what was going on with the broom documents and all that sort of thing but my main takeaway was enjoyed sort of the i. Guess i guess you could say even more mainstream approach with the Harry palmer character giving him those types equips but when it came to an overall story that actually cared about when it was over. I felt this one didn't quite deliver as strongly even if like things like the locations in the supporting cast quite strong. It's totally entertaining movie. That i recommend but it's one that i can't I guess cheer for the way i could have crystal. You wouldn't recommend over the van wilder definitely not no well away philistines like me. Maybe but then you're right. This film does reward active. Viewing it definitely a passive film. You have to pay attention to understand what's going on. I i i went twice on this film and and the second thing really helped solidify. Why thought happened. I did miss things on the first fearing. Yeah i mean. The whole broom documents tracing those that i was the biggest challenge for me was the introduction of them and then tracking exactly. What's going on with them. Scene to scene. I found a lot of the stuff to do with the character of like Johnny vulcan kind of does feel. It comes out of nowhere but it's explained well enough that i never felt confused by to me. It was really all fell on those documents. It i could see why people might say. The film falls apart around about the time where the body is transferred autograph. It now i have. I've i've read that opinion. And i definitely understand it because that's the part where you need to stop paying attention or i rephrase that that's the partway your attention. A begins to pay off Because you know really invested in the film you kind of understand why this is happening. Well it's also a lot of the plot set up for this. Is harry palmer going over to help this colonel stock character defect and the entire time. I'm tracking this. I'm making like just notes to myself like this. Movie is so straightforward. This can't be what this movie's about. Because if the whole movie is just harry palmer going over doing a daring escape for Colonel stock. it's like okay fine. That can be entertaining enough. But when you look at the chris file you know there's a twist in that that's kinda bizarre there's really really unexpected You know pay off with that movie and if if this will be had just been defecting this guy that's not exactly what you would expect from a sequel to the up crystal The i watched it and the coffin cone open. And i thought well who the hell is this now so. I don't think that that had been properly enough setup yeah. I don't like things to be spoon fed to me. But i think won't two things just needed to be set up a little better. You know that also because the character of reinhard who's kind of sketchy guy they're dealing with is the one who's in the coffin. But you know that if this movie were made probably now after that bodies discovered you would get a flashback showing how this all came to be and this movie doesn't give you that no it doesn't really explain will it. You get stocks motivation for having him killed but he really after work at. I mean it's fairly logical. He wants to get rid of someone who is challenging the security of the that he runs. It makes perfect sense. But the way they get there is very convoluted y- it definitely feels like something That in terms of you know the book source material probably makes a lot of sense and i wonder if a lot of it was the filmmakers' saying we don't need to over explain this. Let's just you know. Keep the picture going whereas if you had that source material in front of you a lot of this would make complete logical sense. Moment to moment well continue. The book reads very differently to the film. I mean that is the way of things isn't it. yeah. I'm just curious. How does the the book deal with the sort of convoluted plot mechanics. Well the first thing is of course you've got three hundred pages to explain it But the story is significantly different right so same beats as film then no no a meat. Very much in adept asian. Brian open source material. More of a bone identity. Type thing. Those were they. They basically take the name of jason bourne. And that's about it. Maybe some sort of incident in the book that uses their inspiration for the story but yeah they're largely inventions. Would you say this one is more invention or just kind of maybe of like some of the bonds where they take some setup they take some characters but they kind of changed the direction throughout. Us sums it up. Yeah okay that makes sense when you have Harry saltzman producing. He has his template for how he makes bond movies. That makes sense that he would carry that over to this world as well right well i want to get into the individual performances but one thing i did want to talk about quickly before we move onto that is i know. Obviously duncan you are pressuring musician by trade and we we know you love the soundtrack. I think camps. You're a big fan of the soundtrack to the fuss films. Well i that remember it so much myself but straight straightaway in. This movie is outrageously weird. Yeah well i can throw some light on that. Because i actually that comes from the novel i think because Now i'm gonna forget which character it is but one of the characters has Very sophisticated musical tastes and he listens to avant garde or contemporary twentieth century. Classical music. so we're talking about vape. Burn burg start housing. That kind of stuff Is he sort of daily listening. And so i think that the the the music beginning which is post office t to show us how sophisticated everybody in the west is Is taken perhaps from that idea in the book i wrote down. What is this opening track. It feels like mixed between george formby and the imperial march while. That's a styles clash right there. I want to hear that. The ukulele version of imperial march sounds great. Cook and i know they made a conscious decision because john berry scored the first film and they switched to conrad efforts to give the movie. More of a german flavor Do that german flavor work for either of you know K god i hated the soundtrack so unsubtle authorities when compare it with john. Barry one which is so subtle and nuanced so when they went from the west to the east i'm then it was in music and he was so really on the knows it wasn't it was very basic stuff it was similar to. I was joking with scott. We didn't episode recently. Jumping jack flash. How every time they would cut to the british consulate. You'd get the dun dun dun dun you know it's like okay i get it. That's what this felt a little bit like as well. Well i mean if Probably shouldn't get too into this but and the the coffin moment. Oh that was awful with the screaming trumpet. We can see the dead body i. It's just it's not. It's not the way that i think of. Soundtrack should be approached. Personally either the choice. They made with the coughing opening. Is it just trombones blaring into a microphone. You pretty much you know so. It's kind of that almost that movie type of the sixers you would here. Yeah it's weird to me that they would make such a drastic musical change. Because when you look at the success that harry saltzman had with the with the bond franchise bond has very specific musical identity and man you would have thought that he would have felt tempted to continue that with harry palmer. Well the only thing i could think of was that just about this time jon. Barry's career was really starting to take off and so i wondered if he was too busy to do this film quite possible. Yeah 'cause he was being nominated for all sorts of things and quick look on. imdb in He was think he had about four or five films. That came out the same years they so he would have been very very busy. indeed and. I just wonder if he looked thought of kind of donald. I can do with it. chris. sort of like passing it off to the next composer that hopefully they keep some of the same themes maybe instead we get per music. Well the other thing is that. I i think there were moments where they would have been. You say they'll be sort of music adviser so a music avars will come up with a temp track for the film and so that might be bits of classical music but sfjazz that they've found on recordings and agreed with the director to they like that bit here namely that bit there and then goes you composer and say this is the temp track and occasionally Two thousand and one was example of this ends up. The dark just prefers the temp track and the compose against fired. So yeah you know. That's how we famously. I ended up with the blue danube in two thousand one. And then there's anything better than that. I've definitely heard examples this over the years especially even just with pop songs or rock songs and movies where it was a temp track song that they just realized they couldn't live without. That is quite common for sure. Yeah so i think with funeral. Berlin unconvinced base where they've gone to the composer and said this is where we could do. The best of john barry because you can hear. It's like a sort of pale imitation of the crest music So does that mean. At some point the music advisor center the scene of the coughing opening and then just grabbed the recorder and trump trombone Bled into it and said that's what we need and then they just kept it by sixty printers go. Yeah maybe they grabbed a track from like a hammer horror movie or something who knows what was your co owner doing it. This time. see. I think with music. School should be like another level. So it's not commenting on the action which that really was commenting on action saying you should be horrified. It's integral to the story. It doesn't say top of the plot. It's actually integral hopes. The story progress. Well if it's done right it's it's volative. It's supposed to enhance your enjoyment average. You're taking. I mean i. I hate to reference. The phantom menace stall was offensive. I should say but when the of the fights plays in the fight between dolph molin be one and quiet on going. Jim jim reference on spy hearts. What is a horrible mostly horrible film. It really brings it up level. I mean that that soundtrack is extraordinary. I think is probably the last great star wars score controversial. There are other issues of fights off air on on star. Wars schools. But let's let's move on to some of the actors in the film. Now we have michael. Cain back reprising the role of harry palmer row. He will reprise again in the future. Dunkin what did you think about my lynch film Well i think he's great. I the only thing i thought was. I could have done with a bit more of them. Actually he does seem to disappear for sections at a time. I can totally see that. Yeah for like for me. This was an interesting one for me to watch because it felt like when i watched the chris file i m seeing a young actor. Who's figuring out who he is. I mean michael. Cain of duns zulu at that point but he was not a big star that movie made him a star. This movie watching it. I felt like i was seeing movie. Star michael caine like it felt like that sort of rough around the edges actor. We saw in the chris file was kind of gone. You know he was almost a little too confident with the quips. It really felt like he was more of a leading man you know really dominating the frame versus the i. It was a bit more of a wink at the camera. So of delivery sometimes with quips. E yeah it really did and it felt like they were writing more to what michael caine strengths whereas i don't know if that was the case when they did the original it was probably. I can't remember the details but it was probably written without him in mind. Did he got the job instead he because he's supposed to be. This duncan said earlier working class hero. Anti hero gets thrown around the thinking. Man's boned but in this film. It feels like he's more detached from what's going on as if he's above it all mork into the napoleon of the universe But it but he's a man of integrity. Those knee i mean definitely is yeah. I mean he goes. He goes to get a hundred pounds for a car off. I through the film. And then the end of the film when he's about to be rewarded He knocks back the eight hundred pounds right because he wants nothing to do them. And also if you think about the way that is with with the female lead you know. I mean it couldn't be any less james bond. So he's he clearly thinks there's no way on earth or a woman like this could possibly be interested in me so she must be a spy. I admitted laughed. When he he wrote that in his report that he was so aware of his existence that to. He couldn't pull someone like her. And i i do love Ross guy doleman the actor. But ross's take that of like your vaguely like pornographic report do belong tundra in the films. I mean he's a lingerie salesman. Yes yes. She's a laundry model when he meets her supposedly supposedly. Yeah a man. I don't know if you clocked. Perhaps the says more about me than anything but whenever he spends a night in her apartment they're awesome rather phallic shaped objects that bullets he walks. Pastas he goes on his business. Makes faith quit. I was not looking for that. Don't care but i will be now. I'm going back for veering. go to to be. I did make a third scenes. It's a really close a move and it does feel kind of in the vein of harry palmer to the betraying the message that he has stayed the night and something has happened between them. But they don't give you anything or is him leaving the next day because you can see that. The sun's out on the ball aunts and costa bollards sexy sexy bailouts. I thought it was really interesting to and that a lot of this movie dealing with the moral code. Harry palmer is him kind of saying he doesn't have one he doesn't care he doesn't you know he just wants to retire. He wants to defect whatever but everyone else seems to believe a lot more. But ultimately harry palmer cares a lot and it feels like this is really underscoring that a lot of the harry palmer. Act is to give off this sort of Illusion of a guy who's not happy to be there and isn't that invested and that's kind of the strength of why he works as an agent. Y- kills an idiot twice in his film. I i think of all the people in this film. He is the furthest removed from an idiot I mean in. He's in stocks office and he. They talk about stocks past and promises to him. You know what you ought don't you. You're an expendable hero. And that's clearly what palmer is really right and palmer knows it though. I think that's maybe. The differences stock does but palmer knows that he could be replaced in a heartbeat. And then of course he doesn't shoot. You know the guy. He's been told to shoot. He won't do it and not to mention Y- guide elements character. Ross later on says department where palm was saying. Oh i feel like. I might get a bullet in the head and he times and says well. That's what you paid for. It's really interesting to contrast the relationship between james bond and m versus the ross harry palmer and that it's not that dissimilar in the sense of sort of this kind of gruff and a little bit grumpy boss but the way that the harry palmer scenes are dealt with. There's a little more of a sadness and a melancholy to your takeaway to those of harry palmer's place within this world and as you said how expendable is whereas like james bond is played more for a joke here. There's actual real subtext of kind of the tragic life in some ways of harry palmer ultimately he doesn't choose this life. Unlike james bond being aid as a reluctance by Still perot yup see cosc- Dumb with it. Because he's beta because he is not his choice And i do wonder how. Much of the rebelliousness of harry palmer. They were trying to play up in this film just to appeal to the youth demographic especially you know this was a big time the mid till you know we're gained the later sixties where the counter-culture is starting to come up. And i wonder if they were hoping that sort of the harry palmer. Experience would really connect with young people as in somewhat stuck in this world and having to deal with it and not enjoying it in and kind of he's constantly making quips about it and rolling his eyes about like he feels. I remember you know george. Lazenby left the bond franchise because he said look bond is establishment. This is on. Its way out whereas i wonder if they were trying to position harry palmer's at alternative someone who was questioning the system who was a rebel within the system. Can i just ask. Have you seen this bio came in from the cold. I have yes because i think there's a lot of lima's about him about is that i'm disaffected. Character is certainly feels like that's more of the real life of what spy is like. I imagine many tool spies enjoy their work. I would guess not. It seems like a very lonely life. And i think with harry palmer. A lot of that is dealt with through his defense mechanism which is humor. Absolutely you just think i. I like the comparison. You made earlier about Michael cain come into this film in a different frame of mind. Because i feel like he's delivery is a bit different now. Probably not as nice would like to have seen him to the for more jokes in the first film. But that's just my personal taste just to make it a little bit lighter but Yeah over. I still think mccain's got it. I think he's still great in the row now. Scott you're i think quite enchanted by harry palmer's proposed alter alternate. You know spy name weren't you. Oh i am a massive massive fan of rock hunter. Who on earth isn't or does not want to be rock hunter. Now scott dunkin. I don't know if you're aware of this. That is a pop culture. Reference wasn't worth that it is. There is a nineteen fifty seven comedy called. Will success spoil rock. Hunter starring tony randall. And jayne mansfield weirdly enough. I have seen this movie It was because on one other podcasts armageddon. Which is an arnold schwarzenegger podcast. We covered the jayne mansfield story. Which was a tv. Movie starring arnold schwarzenegger. And so i did a little bit of research on jayne mansfield films and this was her biggest hit. So will success spoil rock hunter. I guess was still in the air Just a little under a decade after its release in so they were referencing that in this scene in funeral in berlin boom. He's very good research. That's another day that is accidental. Research kind. Can you imagine how i felt when you know because they clearly picked it because it is a terrible name and mike protagonist. My books is called scott hunter much. Just though i think it's the rock part that makes audio scott sakes. I love that moment though. Because i did. That was a total bite. Years picked up and i said what did he just it. Just nine to come up with. At least i know. There's a background to the name now. near mary. Habit but edmund off. I mean come on to me wonderful because the fact is we've seen bond get alternate names like james stock or james sinjin smith or something like that but giving him this. One is so awkward edmund. Dorf there's nothing cool about it. And i kind of liked that. They're presenting him. As i mean it's almost like they're trolling him at his headquarters there like let's just give this guy the dumbest name possible in. Send him out there. Like they're trying to strip him of his dignity with this alter-ego name. I yeah i still think i would rather have rock hunter myself. I rather stand out the be a total square like it. Indoor even though he does carry around the a suitcase for ladies underwear. We were speaking about him before. But let's have a quick chat about guy doleman return as rosiere and the other returning characters the play by the same actor. 'cause we do have a returning tip as well but i cam you said before when we cover the episode that you hoped he returns and he has returned in true ross full. I am curious though dunkin. What was your take on the character of. Ross chris file into this one. Oh i think he's wonderful the so Oh the boy. I mean he he. He's no time for anybody. I can imagine that he went to a horrible school. Probably a all boys school was aboard. It'd be a boarding school and had a really miserable time and his intent on taking that's out on everybody that works for him. I think he's He's a fantastic. And it's brilliantly acted isn't it. Oh yeah and do you think there's a little bit of jealousy going on between him. And harry palmer 'cause we see harry palmer. Is this kind of man about town. You know the movie opens. He's playing mozart cooking with some. You know love interest. Who's over and then we go to ross's house and he's like pulling weeds in his garden. Like i get a sense. A lot of the anger towards harry palmer from ross comes for many reasons. Obviously you know. Harry being on parole. And what have you. But also just this harry palmer is kind of living the life in some ways and ross. I don't think it's the happiest people you're taking the bentley to go to the bush. Oh no i think you're just to go back to the opening scene with the girl in his flat. And i made a note because it is a wonderful line and they've had this pianist escape. I thought this was great within the bucket Yeah that was great then. And he's a pianist and they're listening to him. Then play the piano on the on the radio and he says who's dot playing the piano with his elbows. That's wonderful now. I quite like the fallout library. Just tells the go that she's useless in the kitchen and get back to bed bonded line to come out with l. connery. I don't think roger moore would have dropped that one visit making a quiche. But yeah. I was great. See ross. back. He was as i said in true. Ross form he was his stuffy old self He seems completely disinterested with anyone's feelings. It it's just about getting the job done at the end of the day. I did miss dhabi. Though the character of major dhabi from the first film he injected and energy into that film. That i kind of missed with the supporting cast of this movie and that i will you know talk about them and i liked a lot of them. None of them had the energy of major dhabi he was. He was a standout. Ba- the file. That i i enjoyed looking back some gretchen. Well let's tackle the litany of bad guys in this film. As sort of a group they will. At times i regret is in bad guys. I think. Mostly there's no one single person is the doesn't flip in this film Which i think the confusing status of this film. I feel like it works. Well here though and that the movie doesn't feel it's cheating. Because i do think you can have double crosses that you just pile up so high. That movie becomes kind of just frustrating and unwatchable. I think the third pirates of the caribbean movie at world's end where it's like two and a half hours of double crosses see don't care whereas this i feel like it plays fair and if you track them it does make sense logically at the. Think about a parts of the caribbean film. I tried scott. God that i try to ask what you thought about stock and the and the actor who played him. O oskar homolka as stock. Yeah this this kernel. that's going to possibly defect. I liked him in that. I felt like homolka had a larger than life presence about him. Ease i kind. Of sensed he was a red herring all along and so i had trouble investing a lot in what i was seeing the character because i didn't really buy that. That was the reality. A i wanted to eat. Been sort of put into a comedy turn to to just raise the spirits of the audience. So i found absolutely unbelievable. He is very cartoonish. Yeah ask clark says you have to a mustache twirling villain in this film. Because he is a a bad night communist and he does feel like a distraction because he is such a mustache. Twirler that you're kind of looking at him the whole time. Which in a way works to what the movie wants to do which is kind of pull the rug out from under you. Because if you're focused on stock this very larger than life character throat you kind of let elements like johnny vulcan and stuff like that slip by you so i think he fulfills its purpose but he was not the like. I'm not going to remember him. The way i remember major dhabi. Nah no no no but The person i think he probably comes closest to another villain. That is memorable would be john vulcan easy memorable I suppose he's he's he's got a memorable twist when you first meet him. You wouldn't think that guy's a nazi right. But no i couldn't draw the guy i can pick him in a lineup and i've watched the film twice. I can barely remember what he looks like. Now i mean he's played by paul hubschmid. Who's an actor. I'm not super familiar with. He's feels like a character. That's a plot mechanic not really a character. Because the way he's introduced is sort of this guy that harry knows but it's all vaguely sketched out. And then you get this. He'll turn and even then. I didn't really have any sort of attachment to the character. I mean to me his best scene. Probably the one where harry is going to take him into the woods and possibly execute him seen. We've seen so many times that something that you know. The coen brothers have played with in miller's crossing for example the whole we're woods there's going to be an execution kind of like you've been on inglorious bastards. Did this as well. I thought it was well set up and staged but my investment in any of this was entirely on harry palmer character. The johnny vulcan character was just more of a twist character mo. He story is integral to the whole films. It because it revolves around the questions of moral conundrum of what do you do if You've got the choice between being a guard in a concentration camp and being sent to the eastern front And probably don't so. I i mean he's another character that i didn't feel we knew enough about him so we got to that moment of realization. It didn't quite sit right. The it hadn't been foreshadowed quite enough. Don't think up to that point but his kind of makes sense because when you're talking about him being guarded cod station camp. That's heavy heavy material. That i felt like the movie didn't really want to engage that much with it was kind of like. Toss it off okay. We know he's a bad guy because of this but it's not like they really interrogate that for the rest of the movie with that character. The film is struggling. Themes you've got you know nazism the crimes you've got zionism and rayleigh interests. Same time of what's happening. The communists in berlin is a lot of geopolitical stakes. Going on around about same time. So stand. Why in one hour forty minute film. They didn't want to dig too deep into it. But you'll right duncan. I don't think that twist but i mean moving onto the other i would say straight up bad guy although he has a very strange dot in the film which i want talk about is hugh bud as hallam. Oh yeah now. what was that intro with. The things that was that was supposed to get with the you found my cat. Is that code. Think that's in the book it was story. But he's a very strange characters. And that's putting it lightly. I think to win. did you get back. Because he's co- conic kubota thing from says well when you get back from china is he is. You ought boom guy. I think he's another one. That's where i didn't understand his motivation. It's all you've got this guy as you say. He's walking around his house on a saturday in no completely bizarre. Doesn't have any change. So asks harry palm afr- shitting for the meter is an oddball character and you don't version right their money. Yeah absolutely because he's in it for the tune of hundred million pounds. It will dollars. I think it was pounds. I think i may be wrong about that. But i mean that does make a lot of sense because when you have all of these other characters who have moral stakes in this game. He is the opportunist of much more. Just there for the cash which Maybe makes him less interesting as a You know as a villain but it explains logically. Why he's there and why he's involved. I mean certainly by him a lot of komo news to get cac this quite scenery chewing with him. I mean unlike. It didn't think it was too much. But he's really hams it up that part. Oh yeah he's definitely having taught. Yeah he's definitely enjoying himself. I was wondering if they were playing with some sort of quick hurting or something like that. But that's not really something today that if the book makes any mentioned hallam turtle in that way. But that's what. I would have taken from the film I mean representation. In films in the sixties fifties is not that particularly except for slight comments. Here and there. And i i did bump on harry during a somewhat effeminate impression of him at the airport later on right. Yeah i mean i i. I'm not gonna lie. I got a little nervous when they went to that Shane new club where it was sort of like to drag acts. I was like in nineteen sixty six phil. What are we going to get here. That's if -i and it was actually thought better handled than i expected. Yeah actually. I was concerned and i always had some issues with representation in the first Fall film a couple of things but they do that quite well now. I just want to mention that that shea new seen have either of you watched monty python's flying circus. I've seen the movies not the show. Dunkin oria okay. Now there's a there's a skit in flying circus about the joke that the army makes to Bisi killer joke but it's german so they unleash it on the front to kill off the german army because the funniest thing ever i could hear it was an basically just read the joke in germany. The time you know what they find is joy in the world is and that's basically the skit but just reading out stuff in german and then everyone laughing hysterically reminded me of that completely way to connect but i guess it was around about the same time period but i felt like that whole scene really was quite memorable like it was the movie you know. As we've said is sort of a grey overcast. Kind of grungy look to it but then you get to see like that. We're really feels like alive because of the location on. I thought it was funny. When the the sort of waitress says to him Follow the man with green carnation right on the the guy gets up and he walks about six feet of club. And that's it. He's a newbie in the game. Who knows he's ending his paycheck just like everyone else. That's right but what did you guys think of. Eva rienzie who came in as cement. The steel she was a minute as i said casting choice and fairly new actress dunkin. What did you think of her. Well i think she fulfilled her role very well. I mean she's the sort of bond girl. I guess is up fantasy. Yeah she feels much like one of the really capable ones in that like you do get some agent characters like she doesn't feel like You know kind of one of the drag along once that they were put in some of the weaker bond films. Yeah i mean the only komen. I've made about who was there is an old seen towards the end Where he goes to her apartment and it appears as though he may have taken the documents from the safe but he hasn't actually and then she she sort of declared her love for him one minute and then tells him to get out the next. I just thought it was a bit all over the place. It was a bit kind of often down. But i thought she was good. Actually i enjoyed watching her. And i thought there was a lovely moment of the very end when she just looks at they look at each other and you wonder what would happen after the film to those two characters. Yeah i really enjoyed her performance. I initial you're kind of like which is introduced as a lingerie model in my head of mike. Oh boy you re go. Nineteen sixties love interest. But you know when we find out. She is with israeli intelligence. And there's so much more going on here. I felt like the actress worked really well in that role. Like you could buy the duality. And that she's obviously a very beautiful human being who puts most of humanity to shame but at the same time you completely by her as an israeli intelligence operative who is using her god-given assets. I guess to pull the wool over. These guys is and succeed in doing so but also has a moral coach. Very strongly believes in as well. In a way. That maybe harry palmer doesn't or at least won't admit to well. She is something much. More tangible to believer in palmas very true poems really only go roster believe in as much is it definitely not. I don't know that. I could ever believe in in general ross or whatever but she's really gold some you know the true conviction in what she's doing Yeah my my two cents. On ebay rienzie. As samantha steele is she came in an film was solving joining at that point and increased my enjoyment of the film. She was very funny to me and also a off. It was quite obvious. She was a spy. They telegraph that. But i just enjoyed senior on the screen. Every time she was there. It just the screen for me. Yeah she definitely has charisma. You know there's some qualities you just can't teach on screen you know wattage that's one of them and she has a film where is a step ahead of most people. She's probably one. The only ones actually managed to keep up. Yeah which is nice to say for a female character in the sixties film. Yeah and she was someone who in the movie was over. I was kind of surprised. I hadn't seen eva frenzy in more movies of this era. Have no idea why i haven't. She seems like someone who you know should have gotten work after this. I wonder if this movie's underperforming really didn't do her any favours. I have a question question if he can just in your research. She didn't mench narrowly. But maybe you've come across it which she dubbed tool because there was a lot of dubbing in this phil. I didn't find that. It's quite possible. But i don't know i can't commit to an answer on that one. I didn't detect it. If that's the case yeah there was just a lot of times where i like her mouth clearly not moving or she was saying something completely different which can just be like eighty are off to the film but a lot of actresses around this time with dubbed by other people. So it's it's always something. I look for every bondra was dubbed at this point You know what. It's not impossible. Because i don't know how good her english necessarily was. So it's it's possible. I've got a question. Actually yeah. is this one of the first one of the earliest of product placement. Oh right yeah What you're talking about. Because i've sat here and my lovely colorful mercedes-benz of course but what are you talking about. I thought was quite astonished to see quite that level of plucking of mercedes and olivetti is well. Well i mean this movie. Sixty six and scott and i recently covered dr no which is sixty two and scott. What vodka was he drinking throat. That movie like it was very prominent smirnoff or i wouldn't be surprised if it was smirnoff. I honestly couldn't give you a firm answer. Yeah like whatever it was. There's like three different cases of that bottle being prominently displayed so no. I mean it'd been done before this. And that was a huge element of the bond franchise. Because that's how they you know offset the cost of their productions. A lot of time was with these product. Placements and harry saltzman producer. From the bond franchise is carrying over here so it wouldn't surprise me if he was using some of those tricks here as well okay. Well let's Let's just do final thoughts in the film and it will get to where we think it sits. I wanna make a quick mention about the fact that it's an hour and twenty two minutes until you see a fight very true and i actually thought of you the entire time. I was watching that fight. Scott did you approve this fight versus the the one side. Royal albert hall in the Well i could see it for still nick or someone is very critical of films. But i like actually see what's happening you know dunkin. You have to come down. Is the one to settle this argument. Where do you stand on the royal albert hall fight in the chris. I just loved that film so other care advantage. Apparently duncan is all about guts angles through telephone boxes. I've i've got notes on that fight. That just says that The actor the fighting palmer sticks his chin out masks palmer to hit. It is pretty basic stuff isn't it. It is fairly. I mean nineteen sixties fight blocking is pretty a pretty clumsy often case and you know it is what it is. I did love the moment though later in the right way. That bad guys gonna get shot. When johnny volkan gets killed when harry palmer. Does that like ninja. Like back like out of the seat. I was like then must be credible. He's like you're asking like where is that. I want harry palmer i to be. His new thing is back rolling out of situations boy. He leans on the bar. And just like for the side of it. Just like disappears off screen classic. Show guys out here loop. That's all folks. i had another question. This is a really minute obsessed question but that elevator he gets in at the east east berlin police headquarters i guess. What was that their own. Your oleo elevators like that people would be killed daily if those real life elevators like what was that. We need more of those sorts of the fittest wade out the week who can jump in a wooden box. The quickest literally. that's your coffin. Hold on hold on scott. We may have a connection there between that elevator and the funeral in berlin symbolism. It reminded me. I when i went to paris a couple of years ago. And you go on the metro round there and the train doors are that you can open them yourselves and auto matic when it stops at the station. Basically you have to open the door to get out of the train and so when myself in hand with i dare Right in the metro around. Paris and people are just as the train is still pulling into the station. They're open the door and walking off and we were blurred away. These brave people stepping off a moving train. I would not get on that elevator. I have to say that is a scary face of machinery. No wonder they will have like and buttons now. Yeah no kidding. I imagine once the the wall fell down. Those elevators disappeared. I did notice though you know. We talked about the style of guy hamilton. And we haven't talked a lot about that through this episode. But i feel like guy. Hamilton is a director. Who's he's an he's one. I struggle with a little bit. And then when i look at his movies i like a lot of them. But i don't know that i would say he's a director with a lot of flare. Goldfinger is the one that will always kind of point him and be like look heated goldfinger. He's obviously great. But when i look at like the visuals of living light die or the man with the golden gun he someone that i've always felt is a little bit flat and i kind of felt that was the case here visually. But i did appreciate. There was a couple scenes where he worked in some dutch angles. Or also low angle shots of harry palmer. There's only a couple of them but there are enough to at least give a little bit attribute tribute to the visual continuity of the crystal. Did any of you pick up on on. Those moments to is is not something. I technically noticed. I felt like this inventory and yet because file was so bizarre it stood out to me. And i'm somebody pays attention to a particularly but this just felt More these this would just safe. Yeah which is probably why they went with a trusted hand as director in this film but yeah. I didn't notice that isn't particularly i. I felt the film just flowed naturally as a normal. I don't wanna blockbuster. Because we didn't have blockbusters those days but as normal film would right. What about did you pick up on that dunkin. It all with the direction. I'm showing sir. Didn't okay fair enough. Yeah i mean honestly the way guy. Hamilton shoots his movies he is more of. I find to be a point and shoot director. you know. He doesn't have obviously he's not going for the radical ideas that city jay fury was but it did feel like he worked in a couple of low angle shots just to kind of capture that world a little bit that we saw in the first film. So i don't know stood out to me. You're the guy. I would trust to get that note. Sorry if you felt it was that it probably was there and say the music of this film is stop contrast to the At least the cinematography has some notes to the original. Yeah right well here we are. We've come to the time where we answer. The question does funeral lynn. Make the noc list now for those keeping track it because filed did make the noc list so will. The sequel continued the tradition dunkin as a Guest i'll throw to you first. Does it make the noc list Well first of all thank you very much for having me on and thank you for letting me say i think the film should be on the nautilus. I'm afraid from for me. I don't think ought to be. And i think the reason is very simple. And you summed up really nicely. Scott you said it was safe. And i think it is safe It's it's a good film. But i don't think is a great film and in the same year when you've gone. The spy who came in from the cold coming out and the chris farley. I just don't think up there so afraid for me. It's no okay can. Yeah it's also a no for me. This kind of falls in that camp of something like the bourne identity. Where i enjoyed the movie. But it just you know. We can't necessarily be giving out awards two movies that are good. You know i try to strive to give it to the ones that are great or at least are contributing. Something that feels maybe groundbreaking or add something to the conversation. This movie is just a really. I think solid engaging spice story Michael cain is really good in. It continues the world of the file but to me. The chris file feels like such a special movie. That feels like it's opening the doors to some really interesting spy stories. When you look at the bonds you have dr. no you follow that with from russia with love and there is a building of the elements. That may dr no so successful whereas with this one i feel like this one kind of shirks away from what made the files so special and is trying to now just kind of be more of a just kind of a safe mainstream entertainment saved the word that keeps coming up but it felt that way and so for me. It's a movie again. I would recommend it to fans of the chris file. I think it's worth watching. I think the performances are strong in. It's entertaining enough and as we've said it's You know it's a story to keep track of for sure like it will challenge spy film fans but it's not a great film in my mind so no for me so that's to know so basically whatever i say now is completely pointless yes but nonetheless we want to hear what you say. Well i'm glad you cam. So as i alluded to the beginning of this. I actually enjoyed this film. More than the chris file. But there's a caveat there. Let the chris fall into the list. I say let of grease to go in and say i enjoyed this film more. I think that's just me appreciating a film. I found funnier. But i i tend to compare this now to his. Probably no comparison anyone's ever made but to the in black franchise. Okay men in black two has things that happen in has jokes and it has the same taxes men in black one but it's not anyway name and in black one and we remote till now ourselves when we covered it recently but this one again has the same characters as it was file and probably more approachable for myself but ultimately is not a great film and it should not be held as one of the best spy films of all time. Even i can acknowledge that. Although i do feel. The film was severely lacking any scenes in a supermarket. I was really bummed about that. I think when the wolverton normal cam we're going to have to get me up in a supermarket somewhere and just Just exchange kids food and mushrooms and argue about american versus british shopping customs. Course and we'll just bang trolleys together until we're done that's right but the question. No i do not feel this film. Should make it on the noc list. It had some good bits to it rewards active viewing and i would say if you enjoy the chris file i think following up getting more time with michael cain is harry is a good thing i just don't feel like it reached the heights of it chris. File and certainly wasn't striving to reach those heights. My only hope now is a billion dollar. Brain improves on this. Well we'll find out. It's directed by ken russell. Who's a madman. So we'll see if that would gets really weird quote you on that one layer so that is a three way. No funeral in berlin is not making the noc list. We're gonna shove it in a casket and throw over. The bill will pass checkpoint charlie But with that the dossier on this film is complete amount as classified now before we tackle what we doing next week. Duncan where can people hear more about you Well i suppose to smartphones to a little plug for the books there on amazon and You can read on your kindle or you can buy paperback. it's the scott spy series and Thank you ever so much for having me on really enjoyed it. It's been a lot of fun. Knows great having you on would love to have you back at some point to talk about another franchise. Maybe five came in from the cold even not a franchise but stand your thoughts on cats and dogs. Oh no don't do that to hi take on the spy genre on The spy who came in from the cold. Oh well i was going to ask you. Actually i was thinking about music recorded for films. You don't have to put off. And i did do a did music for cambridge spies which is really good tv thing. About guy burgess. That's really worth checking out. It's called tom hollander in it. Oh i'm but of films. I can only imagine that you also building out to codey banks secret detective to which was no that dunkin. That's how we end the show. That's the big finale. That's the fireworks when we closed down spy. Hearts is wonderful planet. Okay the guy. That actually increases my estimation of cardi banks. I've never seen it. I don't look forward to watching it up from the books down. Can we find you anywhere else. You on twitter. I see. I know you're onto s. I oh yes. Wash your hands onto as people can find you and tokyo nearby books so if people find me on twitter it's d. a. f. freddie swindles awesome support for spa is brought to you by manscaping when it comes to below the waist grooming. Nobody does it better. Manscaping tech masterminds provide the most efficient tools and spiring spy could hope for when it comes to prepping the family jewels. So scott would you look after your double os while cam as you know. We work on her majesty's secret service and that means sometimes we need to improvise. I've had to rely on all kinds of unreliable methods including bay tremendous even razor blades. 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