EPISODE #103 "Stop The Presses...And Dr. Steve!"


It's time once again for America's favorite show, the radio adventures of Dr Floyd brought to you by the fluid dot com. The air is nine hundred forty eighth place to Chicago. The building is that Chicago daily Tribune, the foul figure fleeing in the shadows of the Elliot's. Dr Steve, our heroes Archerd, emphasis, the suck shapes silhouettes thing along behind him as fidget is assistant, the stack of newly printed and pilfered papers, Dr Steve's ink stained hands are several copies of the historically famous Dewey defeats German edition of the Chicago daily Tribune. Dr Steve plans to sell the taken tablets on EBay wants to return to the year two thousand and four GU quickly. Fidget to the ship. We must make the jump through space and time I need to work out a little bit more my much to win from this short of a run, Dr Steven pigeon racing back to their ship which has recently been outfitted with time and space travel. The vice that was burgled from the world's most brilliant. Scientists Dr Floyd at this very moment. Dr Floyd in his protege Dr grant, and their fateful, robot companion chips, are raising through time and space to try and stop doctor Steve, are you shoot him go through? Steve is going to try to do something. Goes Dewey defeats Truman misprint that brute. What are we going to do? Does your grants? Do you still have your Mr. pickles practical joke kick? Yeah. But I don't understand why you would just get it out. We're coming out of the time and space jumped now, I know chips, I know crush me. I did it on purpose Dr Floyd under the time in space. Dr Brandt realizes that they have come out in the nineteen forty eight before Dr Steve and fidget have wait where here in one thousand nine forty eight before Dr Steven Fisher dish, now grab that practical joke it, and follow me, now, let's rocket back to the future, but in the past, well, the time, the doctor Steven is assistant fidget Arain. They are just running up the gangplank to their time ship with a stack of stolen Dewey, defeats Truman, papers home free fidget, we've got a whole stack of at least one hundred Dewey defeats Truman, betas will make a full on EBay. And this is just the beginning. We've got a whole history of history to pillage. Look at that headline fidget. Isn't that beautiful Dewey defeats? Doc, Stephen fidgets is the headline in the risk of the printing on the papers. Disappear leaving. Dr Steve holding a stack of blank newsprint. Whoa. What is I what is going on here that blank? They're all how dishes how Dr Steve, thanks to this. They are the bottom of the game links to Dr Floyd. Dr grant and chips and inductive Lloyd's, hand was a now empty bottle of the Mr. pickles super practical, joke. Disappearing ink which they had dumped into the printing press before, making a jump to the moment. Dr Steve was at which is where we are now Drake. Dr steve. Hello, just come. Reclaim my speech in time travel device notify can help Floyd at that moment. Dr Steve hurled the stack of now blank paper seductive Floyd and I cut him square the Jetsons. And he fell back Dr grant and chips. Then the evil villain press the button to raise the gangplank in our heroes were locked down Fitchburg fired up the engines of the evil black ship, and it began to hover, Dr Steve rolled down his window and leaned out shaking fist at Dr fully below this isn't Nova fluid. Thanks to your device. I have an entire history of the universe to play as. And that's what I'm going to do. We'll be right by you every step of the way there was a blinding with those on inductive. Steve ship was gone. Don't worry, we'll get him Dr Floyd as long as we have you and your brilliant mind. Oh a new Dr grant. It's just too bad that we had to make the newspapers print with disappearing ink. No Truman can never hold up a copy. And that famous photo and history is forever change. We have to be more careful that we don't let Dr Steve make any changes to history. But history hasn't changed. Dr Floyd look here, DARPA grant hell of a black newspaper in front of Dr Floyd was amazed to see the headline along with the rest of the print returning to the newspaper. But how look at the small print on the bottom of the label of the ink bottle, Mr. pickle super practical, joke. Disappearing ink which reappears after the joke is over, because we don't want anyone to lose anything important. Well, it'd be what will they think of Nick's? I don't know. But I'm sure it won't be as cool as what you think of next Dr Floyd. Oh, shucks, anyway, I think. We should get back to the ship and start tracking. We're Dr Steve is going next. I want that feeling this heroes jump back into the time and space stream detract. Dr Steve, where we will they wind up next be sure to tune in next week for the continuing radio. Venture seductive seductively.

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