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The following program is brought to you by your friends at podcast one. Don't forget to download our new podcast one out. Hey, gang, Mark Ellis here. Your favorite host from your favorite show here. Collider movie talk. If you're a DC fan you need to check out the latest live action series titans. It's available right now on DC universe. Get a new episode streaming every Friday titans is the first original series the launch on DC universe. The show follows a young group of superheroes. Got Robin star fire raven beast, boy and more. It's a gritty take on the teen titans. Franchise right now joined the ultimate DC membership and get more info at DC universe dot com. On today's show. What's the best animated movie of this year? So far will avengers four have post credit scene? And is Michael Douglas really gonna play Bosc. I don't know just made that up movie talk starts right now. I could see Michael Douglas pulling up maybe boss, dad. Sure, we could see that. Why are we talking about Bosnia intimated movies or or anything else? Well, because it's a very special all Twitter episode of collider movie talk. Welcome to this show. Happy Veterans Day, especially to all of our veterans out there currently watching us here wherever you may be Mark Riley is joining me, and we have the privilege of being joined by a veteran of the armed forces. None other than the law himself, Mr John Rocca? Thank you for your service. I don't say it enough. Can we appreciate it? Then you do about it. Shirt. I appreciate everything you, do, you know when you're out there, and you need deepen the like those entertainers that come and make you laugh, and you know, migra Markelle lss as great ones does make you laugh. So thanks for being a veteran of those tours there, Mark. Yeah. They gave me a nice fifty shirt and a hat for the USO love going over there hope to go back soon. I'm happy to be the Bob Hope of this generation. Yeah. You know, that's not as. That's not as. I've never carrying a golf club on stage before right right there. Dr walked out with a better get sick Marilyn Monroe like those are those with a dime. Those days it is an all Twitter. The let me start with this because this is coming from my brain. And I I'll get your take on this to Riley Rocca just don't want to limit it to just toy war movies. But is there one movie that stands out that that really encapsulates the whole experience of being in the military more accurately than anything else you've ever seen? What's the film? It stands out the most where you could watch it and somebody who's been through basic training who's been overseas who's been through everything that the military could throw at somebody. What is the movie that you're like that? That's what it feels like I don't know if a movie is the right thing band of brothers is offense nasty real breakdown of what it's like. Yes. It's the nineteen forty. Yes. World War Two. But that come rodri- the ball busting care for the guys all of that. Is there? The hurt locker ask them really incredible scenes about being over in a theater of war. And I would say full metal jacket is a real nice presentation uncomfortably true about what basic training is locked them. At a what area the military? Your in. A lot of pressure is a lot of like punishing other people for your mistakes. But it's also about coming together as a unit and achieving something collectively and individual conic performance, by the way, great are we that movie full metal jacket, Mark Riley? You're more of a Holly shore in the army now guy. Ever has a statement been so accurate. Is there one that stands out to you that you're like, I bet that's what it's like, I always saw full metal jacket. Yeah. When you're watching the first I mean, what does that the first hour of the film? It's just it's grinding. It's I'm watching that thing going. I don't know if I'd last, and I mean that is some crazy stuff going on there. And I might hide don't it in my locker is well because my those guys. Yeah. So I was wondering if you would say that because that's that's a crazy crazy thing to think about. Yeah. I saw it before I went into basic. No. And I was a tubby guy at the time still somewhat. But like back Vinas, it was the fear. I had that I would be private pile that I would get so party all that stuff. So I was constantly vigilant that I wouldn't end up being that guy. I didn't. But it was still something scary when you going into and it was very reflective of the experience. I think jar heads and other one that we should throw in the mix. Two jarreds. Nice fantastic. Analysis of what it's like there during theater of war. And that's John Rocca. He did not end up being the Dewey ox burger of his unit strives pretty funny it maybe not accurate pretty funny movie about joining the army. Well, we have been soliciting your live Twitter questions for about the last week or so we know we wanted to do this on Veterans Day for everybody out there watching on this beautiful Monday afternoon. So now we kick off with our first Twitter question. It comes from Paul Gaston. No one tweets. Like he's on a long day. What's been your favorite animated movie? So far. So far. Yeah. What's your favorite animated movie of this year, so far, and what are you looking forward to the most next year Mark Riley, kicking off with you your favorite animated flick of this year. And what do you think it's going to be next year this year incredible to absolutely love the movie so much you you wonder how Pixar keeps doing it with their sequels? But incredible was the one movie everybody wanted to see because it's a superhero movie. So perfect, right. Brad bird waits a long time. But then it has that idea. And I love the expansion of the mythology of the supers in that world. But I I love how the family dynamic continued to be interesting. So that movie is is great one of my favorites of the year animated or otherwise next year. I know there's Toy Story four coming out. I know there's Pixar, but I'm a how to train your dragon kind of guy you love that movie. I love that movie. I loved the soundtrack. I love the score by John Powell. The hidden. What is the hidden world? How to train new dragging that the trailers look great toothless is going to get a girlfriend that looks like it'd be a lot of drag drag drag in sex, and that's I can't wait to see it. I was talking about hiccup hooking up with the drugs. I thought that dragon's name was hiccups would have lost that two points in the showdown. Somebody very familiar to competing under the white hot spotlight at the movie, trivia schmo down John Rocca. Yeah. Best animated movie of the year. I have to be with Riley incredible. To was my favorite so far of the, but I've got a feeling that into the spider verse may supersedes. Yeah. From what I'm hearing from Doreen another people who've seen early screenings of it that with unfinished animation on it that spoke about how what their experience was like watching it what we saw hall h was incredible. But incredible to as a film. I've seen is fantastic. Joe much going on here. So much exploration of the. Of a family. But also, the gender dynamics involved that are going on now currently in our society in our society are exporting that Bill, and then we get so much more with Jack Jack, Jack Jack raccoon seen one top five scenes in any animated film, ever just for humor and inventiveness and fun and overall I think I like the vibe of it, and what it ends up talking to us. Also about our social media are to all our electronic what that says about us overall as well. And you you ask about what we're looking forward to next year, what's on animated movie docket. I Toy Story. Four is certainly the one for me. I love that franchise revisited one of the rare Pixar films that I buy are the Toy Story once because to go back and revisit them when it'd be feel I get it's just nice to go back into that world. Every once in a while. That's where you got your eye on for for best buy black Friday, you're going in and looking at the deals for Pixar. Yeah. They have those in four K. I'm going to get all of them. Oh, yeah. Would like to have them in four K and a Mace. They're fantastic. But I'm because I'm curious also, we'll they get it. Right because three was a perfect ending. Yeah. That franchise you anything more Andy going off to college handing into toys off. They survive all hands and survive broad that whole Antionette is some punk ass twenty five year back in with his parents come on and to get a job. He's probably starting zone YouTube website. It's gonna talk about movies. He's gonna talk. Probably don't open mic sense. What do you? How does that does a lot of boxing videos? So LAN boxing. What do we got here? Okay. Nineteen seventy when you hit the button, and he says to Infinity and beyond in the wings, come out. That's great. That works a lot of votes for incredible through this year and for Tory story for next year. I'm going to go against the grain a little bit. So I haven't seen incredible to stop what that was. That was incredible. The busy guy taking cast. I'm not saying bracket Ralph Ralph breaks out is my favorite animated film, thus far this year. Although you're right into the spider verse something keep your eye on we get closer to December and Christmas time for next year. I obviously Toy Story four it's something that I'm excited about because I think it's going to be good. I don't know if it's going to be great what he's going to get a girlfriend. That's going to be interesting. How to train your dragon certainly secret life a pets to patent Oswald stepping in for Louis C K? He's going to be voicing the lead dog. So I like what they did there. But you also have the LEGO movie is a new movie, I'm gonna put my I'm gonna pin. My hopes your pets. I thought it was a great concept, and the trailer was awesome. What are your pets? Do when you're not around. And it was okay. Yes. I'm not going to give it to see ROY pets too. I'm gonna give it to the LEGO movie as of right now, I want Martin to be awesome. Once again, so those are the animated movies Rogin Ford. So we love when you all play along. So let us know in the chat YouTube tweet us, let us know what your answers to all these questions at some of you pose to us in the last couple of weeks. In fact, our. Are we move on to our next question, and that is Jack fryer, and he says what would be better for the Star Wars character Bosc, the bounty hunter who was one of the job interview, ease when the you're looking for Hans solo and trying to bring him to the bounty hunter. And then automated job of the hut. What's the better fit for Bosc a film or TV series, Mark Riley? Would he got TV series? Yeah. I think the streaming service that the Disney plus that we have announced now we have a Kassian and door series going in maybe Boskin show up at that. I'm serious. We were before rogue one now. So we're in the building of the rebellion. And we have bounty hunters always in this in this world. He could even pop up in the man to Lorient he's gonna pop up. I bet he will. But I think that character. Because again, when you're talking about these bounty hunters, there's you know, you you don't want to put I dunno depending on your feelings about this. I don't know if they can work as like a main character, and especially boss, noose like gonna. Be either CGI if we're bringing back the character CG, our practical effects, and I always I did it at the beginning. He goes. You know, are you gonna subtitles or like, how are you doing identify with this character? So I think if you put them as supporting a big Batty villain, you know, something to make them really cool because he looks cool. I think a streaming service show would be great wasn't any of that documentary where it was about like backup singers. They're so close twenty feet to start think that's the box store. Yes. You're right there. But you're just backing up. The bounty hunters are actually following in the movie Roca split hairs here. And I'm going to say give Bosquet movie just give them a ninety minute to our role again adventure one hundred film, but put it on the Disney streaming service. Okay. Yeah. I think it will work with that. I mean, if they're going to explore the stuff he did with Mace Windu the relation the sausage venturous. There's so many characters that he dances around like you said so many different characters. He plays around and comes in contact with through his adventures. And do you make him a bungling bounding hundred? Do you make him a good bounty entity make him like learning the craft as it goes along? Maybe these he comes. Real close to dying and certain situations. You almost turn him into a kind of an anti hero. And then would be fun to see in a movie like that and explore the outer rim, all these different. It's a good excuse to go to different plans because obviously bounty hunters are going to go to more planets than say, Luke Skywalker. Anybody else because they got multiple jobs in different galaxies. Spend on pay their pay their own health insurance. It's some sort of like, they don't pay their taxes ever. I know that we got some gentlemen, steepen Star Wars lore here. I'm pretty good with it. But Star Wars canon is Bosca good bounty hunter, or is he just kind of a hack like, yeah. I'll take the easy job. He just I don't know if he's good or not. I think he's pretty good. There's a reference in solo when they're all sitting around the fire, and they mentioned something about running into Boskin how they think we're able to defeat them and whatever it was. So that to me seems to say that he's he's a good bounty hunter, he can he can hang in there based on the comics before they were cannon are legends. There was a great shadows of the empire run where it was all the bounty hunters trying to get haunt solo away from Boba fett. He couldn't he he didn't get haunted. Just was like, oh, that's easy. I'm going to deliver them to job. But now these bounty hunters coming to get them Bosc was dangerous dangerous. He actually wounded both. Fat and caused slave one to have to crash land somewhere because his ship took it out. All right. Well, that's the to boss could have been the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. If he just could have put down the bottle right next question comes from loose stools and Liu says, do you think the next the vendors movie? We'll have it end credit scene. Yeah. We do. Yeah. Very question and his follow is if so what do you think we'll be in it? So I think we're all on agreement that avengers is going to have some sort of post credits. This is a very hard question to ask is these one to speculate on but a tough one to answer, but any level of accuracy because we have no idea what's going to happen in adventures for thus necessitating with the post credits scene would be however, if I was to give educated guess, I might say it would involve Spiderman because his movie is coming up next after avengers four John Rocca my crazy here. Yeah. X men you see, oh, I thought you were doing. Konda? Yeah. That makes sense after that. We're like this. This is X. Yeah. Adam, you know, I would say you're X men or fantastic four something like that. Because what do they do in four that causes the raise to occur while while the ship is out in space positive fantastic for the gamma rays to kit them and cause them to become the fantastic four. Or if you go X men, you really really simple where these newer vendors because it's New York the school for mutants. If they go in Westchester right is situated. So you could have the new vendors, which is what I think will have by the end the new avengers adventures four in a post credits scene going. Visit professor whoever is there. They can just have him walking in to the West Chester school. And then you're like, oh, yeah stuff. So that's what I think Mark Riley. I now I'm excited about possibly an X men. Fantastic forum. Just like it was never my thing. I don't need them. I understand maybe wanting to inject some fresh. Snus and getting that property in there. But do you think that we could have an X men tease as early as may fourth two thousand nineteen when the avengers movie, I love it. But I don't think so I don't think I think the deal is still being worked out. I don't think they have their ducks in a row yet for the X men, but maybe never say never they could be, you know, the deal for all intents purchases has gone through it seems. So maybe that has traveled over tomorrow. And they okay, let's let's figure that out. I'm gonna speculate and make my educated guess, and if we look at Steve Rogers, and we look at Chris Evans tweet, and I know a lot of people are wondering who's going to sacrifice maybe die a lot of eyes are on captain America because cap has died in the comics before and during that civil war run. Maybe so I'm kind of looking at that the stakes of vendors for if there's that time travel element or the soul stone they're trapped in there. Whatever does some of the dust that we saw. Somebody's got to go to really have it hit home for those steaks on looking at cap and the post credits scene is either Bucky or falcon picking up the shield, and we get our next Kaplan America. That's good, right? Where we have three good options. Luckily, marvel never needs to stick to just one post credits. Now. Get a post credits as we talked. We talked about last week the running time right now is sitting right at three hours. And I'm telling the Russo brothers stop editor. Got it all in there. I want it. I would love three hour venture out to everybody. It's just a matter of if we can get enough screening. So we can break all the box office records that were sure the movie wants to do our next question is from Maggie Ledbetter. And it's one of my favorites here today, if you're transported into the world at any horror movie only return home if you survived the events slash characters depicted in the plot. What movie would you pick and what's your plan for survival? It's a great question Maggie, and I'm going to turn it over to our resident horror movie enthusiast. Mark Jody riling, how are you surviving? What har- movie and again, I'm looking for the easiest road. I'm not looking for a challenge here. I want to be put into a horror movie and know that I can escape quickly simply easily. What do you got? I think I'm going scream. I think I'm going scream Gary clause, I can use my knowledge of horror movies to combat goes faith in the I scream really. Yeah. I would have gotten that. Right. They said who's the killer and fight at thirteen. She goes Jason is Jason note. That was a trick question says mother, a he would you're still going to get. Nope. Nope. Chain would move on to answer all the questions. This is not the guy you're relying on your moving trivia. No absolutely gets you. Absolutely. Because then I would figure it out. I would I would I would do some research. I would I would I would get the usual suspects in order. But knowing that it is, you know, meta and its horror movie, I would be able to figure it out. Plus, I mean, come on those guys that we we realize we're at the end, I can take those guys I can take the Stu and Billy see I who did you think the first time you're watching screen who did you think was the killer away halfway through Billy? Oh, really? Yeah. And it wasn't. They played it really beautifully though. Because you were like, yeah. That's him. He was like brooding. He was dark. He had at one point the cell phone falls out of his pocket when he's with Sydney, and and you're like, oh, that's him. And then they did that great reveal that it was to them. But I think that was that was absolutely done on purpose. But I kept going. Maybe it's maybe it's maybe it's him. But then when it was revealed to be both of them. I said, oh, there's a twist that I like I was like half there that was the filmmakers' point. That was Wes Craven's point. He wanted you to always be looking at Billy. Right. So that when that reveal comes at they're working together. And there was two of them and the connection to the family history of Sydney, I think that that was by design phone movie to go back and rewatch knowing what we know. Now, I had my money on Tatum for a while. When I was first watching it. I was I was in high school, and it was was on the beach with my buddies family because the family didn't go to the beach. So my buddies family had a beach house. So we went down just hung out with them for a week wanted to go see screen. It was great time. John. Rocca? Now, who did you think was the killer in screen, and what harm movie are you escaping? I gotta be honest with. They've only seen it once. What's ruin it came out in theaters? So I don't remember anything other than drew Barrymore. And the pop the popcorn on the oven. So you'll have to film five minutes. I thought our cat was the killer. I think I thought I thought we had been playing this whole thing the whole time. And then the end would be like like verbal Kint mastermind. Yeah. The mastermind labor cannon in usual suspects. But that's the question. I would say a Halloween going back to the basics. You know? Why guy enough to me he's after Laurie so vase those also hang around Laurie? I'm all right in this situation will know that until it's too late here. A babysitter that's gainfully employed hadn't field, Illinois. That's true. But and please don't get upset of this. At least I get a little bit of action with some in the pretty ladies in the town. What you see in the movies? So maybe that would be all right to you. Is this wrong? We know how horrible this is what you know about Halloween. Yeah. Do not take a job babysitting that night, not Dover to your girlfriend's house if she's babysitting. Well, she looks gonna be Bob Dole. Bob that gets stabbed and put on the wall. That's true. I don't wanna get put all those apparently don't hang out with John Rocca because he's taken virginity is left and right is hard no sin in a horror movie. Sleep with anyone these were people in relationships I thought, but maybe going into a harm and your whole plan is the hook up with some. That's not really a recipe for disaster. You're calling Jason voorhees out on that. If if I'm going to get killed at least I'll have I'll have sex with my girls or you're gonna goes out. Go out. Go out swing swing and so to speak, but other than that, I would try to avoid Jason as much as I'll look I mean, not Jason Mike Myers as much as possible. Plus, it's got a shadow mask good Star Trek fan. So that kind of stuff is interesting to watch for me. That's I run around run around all that kind of stuff that would be great. We'll be out there in a minute. Let me handle hold on because gonna go answer the door. And we're gonna keep me. Okay. Here's my answer is because Roca kind of Tacoma wean. Yeah. And I think how leans very easy movie to survive because again Michael Myers top speed with three and a half miles per hour. He's he's not moving fast. So what we get in the mail Roca number off, always Perry wonderful paraphrase and the guy to vote a hoop in the mail yelling at us. Oh, that's not your mail. Do not open. It that's for gotten stabbed. That would have been an awesome movie situation there apropos my answer is because you took how in taking it follows. Ooh. Yes. That's the me of us sleeping around in film. But like that's all about sleeping around if you know anything about my personal life, not doing a whole lot seeping around. And so I'm going to be good for a while. And then even after you do consummate a relationship the person that is walking behind you. That's going to kill you. Once it's one person that locks in on you Gordon me from wrong. I haven't seen the movie in medicines. I heard Joshua Hercules Mukuka screaming about well walking in the person. Again, they're not walking that fast. I'm confident of my athletic ability to outrun somebody who's just walking behind me. Okay. And it is going to take a lot of travel. Okay. So if I do it out here in California right through the nasty with somebody. And then somebody starts family, and I'm like gonna they're gonna kill me. I get in my Ford, fusion, great gas mileage an e road trip and have to worry about it. Right. Because that person is just going to keep walking on some weird highway. Here's my question. If I drive or a flight of Virginia, I'm hanging out with my mom does that person show up what? Now ninety days. Later. The different person you can escape and go to Virginia. And that person that that ghost will just give up and go somewhere else another ghost. We'll find you. All right. Well, it's gonna keep me in shape. We're gonna keep that pulse. Up keep that heart rate going. So I think the hardest harm ODA survive nightmare on elm street. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. You can't touch nobody with how much I nap. Yeah. No, easy way out of nightmare on elm street. I can't even remember how they kill, Freddie. And most of those movies other than the nightmare six three D one. They have to draw him out into the real it. Just sounds hard time to actually kill the demon notice, Freddie. It's tough to kill FREDDY. Yeah. You gotta pull them out of the dream world into reality. Like Nancy did in the first one or you throw some holy water on the bones barium in hallowed ground, and like they did in part three that should get low. Well, then there was four. The dream Moore's master comes you can't you can't really get rid of Freddie, man. No, no. Can't get rid of, Freddie. Jason's hard wanted to get rid of. So I go Michael Myers. It follows probably Mike Myers the better to escape so, hey, guys Riley here. And while we take a little break from movie talk. I'm here to talk about titans. If you're a fan, you'll definitely want to check out the latest live action series titans. Available now in DC universe. The series premiered on October twelfth with new episodes available to stream every Friday. It's the first original series to launch on DC universe. If I was a group of young soon to be superheroes. Degration, robin. Rachel Roth raven Corey Anders star fire and guard Logan as beast boy. The group gets caught up in a conspiracy to bring about hell on earth. They become a surrogate family and team of heroes. It's a gritty take on the teen. Titans. Franchise from executive producers, Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns. Greg Berlanti great Walker. Sarah Scheckter and John Fawcett titans. Explores one of the most. Comic. Book teams ever. It's available only on DC universe on all your favorite devices. It's only seven ninety nine a month or twenty percent off a yearly membership joined the ultimate DC membership at DC universe dot com. All right. Isn't he Laurino is up next? And is he asks in honor of election day last week? What is a great political movie? So we need a great political move up saying can I also play words with friends with you? You can find me you can point. I'm kind of incognito right now because I gave out my previous handle on episode of movie talk back in the day. And I just got flooded with games. And I just I kept losing because I was timing out. 'cause I couldn't play everybody. It's a lot to play. So I've a small circle that I currently compete with my mom usually kick the crap out of me placements Harry Snyder occasionally when he wants to lose. And so if you can find me, you can point me. All right, cool movie. What's a great one a little while? I'm going the American president. I love that movie so much rob Reiner. Michael douglas. He's gonna be playing boss. Yeah. He's going to be playing Bosc. You know, what I love about that movie? And I think it could really were like the the politics of that. I think would be very. Interesting in today's society, a widow or president starts dating somebody and she's in like in her own politics. Trying to push some bills forward are trying to push some movements forward through the president. And she goes under the microscope. He goes under the microscope and because he's a widower. He's elected, right. Everybody took a little bit of pity on him. Maybe there's a little bit of that talk. Richard Dreyfuss plays a great, you know, like Michael J, FOX is in Michael J, FOX. But like Dreyfuss is like the the who was the vice president if I'm forgetting as well as president vice president, but those politics very interesting to think about putting nowadays that'd be any kind of there'd be a just a a mass like Mackie's ations. Maybe a like what is he doing? Why is he with this lobbyist? Then her life would be under the microscope, which it was I thought it was a very accurate portrayal of what could happen, and it's also great romantic movie. It's a fantastic movie. I love it. It's one of my favorite. All right. So we get one vote for the American president. I'm gonna take Dave because gray David's funny. It's it's well-directed. It's well acted. I don't know how Dave would work in the current political landscape because if somebody else looks exactly like Trump, I'm not sure just because of the way Trump's face is. Yeah, I'm not sure that people because they've wins. Everybody over. I'm not sure that if you look exactly Trump you're going to be able to win people who don't like you over. And because Trump is has that look so, but at least he won't be dragging toilet paper on his shoe on Air Force One John Rocca. Yeah. I like your choices. They're very nice sweet hold hand choices. Go. I would love to throw Syria on in this mix because it is a political film, but it is like international political film, but I will go Mr Smith goes to wash the home. That is a great fantastic film for the nineteen thirties late nineteen thirties. Frank Capra direct and that one Jimmy Stewart incredible credible in that film Claude rains as well. This idea of what politics is actually like what we were told when we're kids growing up in school, and in high school, the idealism of politics, you get that in the Jimmy Stewart character, and you fall because he's protagonists you follow him into the actual real world of politics and the pork barrel legislation and the stuff they add on and the deals you have to make in the pieces of your soul. You have to sell for the greater good of what you're trying to do that gets exposed in his relationship with Claude rains, and I think that applies nowadays even more Eben more. There's still so much politics gets involved when you get into the Senate and all those in the backhanded stuff back into deals or backdoor deals rather. They do and those kinds of. Kind of scary. So you can explore all of that. Mrs Smith goes to Washington. But if you want to have a little more fun. I think Dr Strangelove is a fantastically fun of political film that makes fun of the Cold War. But also makes fun of how people act in war, and how crazy both sides can be in different ways. When war is on the horizon. Peter Sellars incredible, George C, Scott incredible all through that film. And so those are the two that I would that lead to mind initially. Yeah, they'll fighting here in the war. Surrogate you can't fight in the war room, nineteen thirty nine going back to ministers Smith goes to Washington, how you get a year for movies, Mr Smith gone with the wind, and of course, the wizard of Oz. Oh, yeah. Also, very political movie kind of the which was in the wizard who's the wizard behind the curtain. Right, right. Is next question comes to us from Jonathan pack, and he says what cancelled are abandoned project when you like to have seen? So for Jonathan he says he wanted to see Martin Scorsese we'll pick that he was working on with Tom Hanks and Christopher Nolan was going to do a Howard Hughes biopic. Starring Jim Carey. Wow. Two pretty good. Yeah. Nominees there. Everybody always throws in the Edgar right ant, man. Yeah. Yeah. You could even throw your just what would George Lucas have done if he came back and just did emphasis seven. Yeah. So so I'm not saying these moves be better or worse than what we actually got her. If we got anything, but John Rocca? Yeah. Any canceled or abandoned movie project that you desperately need to see it used to be the Vega brothers the Quintin. Oh was going to do with Vic and. Glenn Vega is going to be Travolta and Michael Madsen. How would have loved that? He had written a whole script that thing was going to happen. And they just couldn't get it to go. But and of course, we will talk about George. Miller's Justice league now in light of them x Ray road. But for me, the one that I re- most recently that I read about the just when we got me crazy is Darren Darren aaronow ski samurai wolverine. Yes. Warri as the screenwriter for that. I in my mind, the places that I go in my mind thinking about a Logan wolverine samurai story, which is one of the greatest elements of the Logan story in the mix to see that played out. We see the western obviously in the Logan that was released from James Mangold, seeing the samurai Burs, which we got a little bit of in the second wolverine movie, but it would have been great to explore more with Meco and out there in the in the fields in Japan that kind of thing that time travel all of that would have been very interesting, especially enough cities. And with McCoy's words. All right Roget's. They're going to the world of Logan slash wolverine. Mark riley. How do you counter that? Well, we we've heard it a lot because of our dear friend, John schnatter that I got to see Tim burdensome for man lives. Nncholas cage as nNcholas cage was cast as Clark Kent superman. I went what the hell kind of drugs. Are you on right now? I couldn't I can't imagine. And then with snap and Holly producing this and getting all that footage in getting him in the suit. And this suit was a light bright kitten. That would like, you know, what are what are we what is this? What what compulsively be this movie and superman lives? So we were going to get the death of superman storyline. What does doomsday look like what what what is this movie? I mean, it is fascinating to think that you have Tim Burton who did Batman? And then he's coming to do superman, and he casts nNcholas cage, which everybody said the same thing with Michael Keaton. It's like why are you catching this guy is Batman that is the worst casting I've ever seen and then everybody now looks at him going. He's one of the best Batman, maybe maybe after superman lives everybody. Oh, he's one of the best. Clark Kent, superman I've ever seen. That's what I gotta see. Shout out to everybody involved with the death of superman lives, what happened and not the least of which is our departed, buddy. John snap the sweatiest of this wedding that king of them. All I would probably stick in a comic book world for the Senator six is a movie that I wanted to Batman unchained, which was going to be the secret was going to follow Batman and Robin like clue who's going to still be Batman. And I just want to say because like how can you make a movie possibly worse than Batman and Robin? Maybe Batman unchain would've taught us how and if for no other saving grace if it's called Batman unchain. You know, they're using the classic van Halen song unchain to kick that movie off. So I want to see Batman unchained, Indiana Jones and the saucer men from Mars. Yeah. That's that's what George Lucas was originally kicking around. I think before they settled on kingdom of the crystal skull which had alien tendencies, delicious, glitches get India to Mars and just see what happens. Holy crap. That's that's nonsense. I don't think I think it's don's is that I'll say this because Indiana Jones was spied by then those nineteen forty series with flash. And those guys were the Quartermaine all that from that time. So it would make sense. Yeah. The fifties SCI fi explosion of like, the war of the worlds, and all these movies that came out that were really inspired by those cereals. But then they put the science file a moment. And it's always martians coming down. So yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing that and thought of kingdom of the crystal skull and why try not to them. I don't wanna do it my mistake. And if I'm if I'm not that I do like this tying in the war of raiders of the lost ark. With kingdom of the crystal skull is that so we find out and kingdom of the crystal skull that the top man that are looking at the arc, and we're the Arcus stored is actually turns out to be fifty one. Is that right? Yeah. Okay. I think that's cool. Yeah. The Arkansas you saw the art because they crashed one of the things as pulling away. There's that great pan up as he's driving away. And you see the ark of the covenant Williams plays that music. I might go watch that movie again, don't do it just watch that scene. Just watch that scene. I hate the monkey seen so much. Oh, I hate it. That was really only seeing that really totally bugged me. What I like the snakes? I was cute. I like when heat win win Shinobu looks up. And he finds out that he's not just this archaeology teacher professor that he's actually like a bad ass that was a cool scene. So Mike O back. You're an archaeologist part-time time. Let me encourage you. See incredible four. Yeah. See call. Smart. Okay. I love this question from Louis edu opinion, because we always talk about how in the old days kids before the YouTube, which are currently enjoying us on or you're listening to us on the podcast. We appreciate it. Either way before all this stuff existed when a movie studio wanted to release a new trailer, they would be attached to a movie, and that was the way you could go see the trailer. So for instance, when I wanted to go see the trailer for episode one the Phantom Menace Star Wars. It's coming back. I went to go see meet Joe black and I wanted to go see wing commander. That's how I had to pay money. See though. So I could see the trailer. So lease asks us could marvel release the avengers four trailer only in theaters to help push Mary Poppins returns. Oh, because I'm sure Mary profits returns are going to do fine my personal feelings on her towns as a baby sitter. I move is going to do very well it comes out around Christmastime perfect. Okay. But if you say that you can it's going to be on YouTube in like three weeks. But in the meantime, it's only going to be attached to Mary Poppins returns. You'd see a spike in the box office. Right. Absolutely. I think he would. I think you absolutely would. That's a great idea. Disney higher higher Lewis. Get hired should be irony. But I think that's a perfect time to start the marketing campaign to you get a little tease during Christmas because we're right up against the new year. And then you have five months to wait for the actual movie, and they can do the normal rollout. But how would love it? If the teaser was like, no, no title, right? Because a lot of people are wondering the title and you see maybe like flashes. You notice like you? Hear the snap in one flash. It's another just quick like another good finger, and then, you know, very. But bond, it's just a a the logo. It all ends. I got the trailer. You should actually hire me. I can do this. I can do this training hiring. Louise, I all right. You can came up with the idea released even higher Nathan always maybe can consult with you enlist John Rocca has a better strategy. This is an interesting question because it doesn't need it. No. It doesn't Mary Poppins is going to explode, regardless of what Mark Riley says it's going says. Says it says it's going to it's tough doing a show two marks. Gotcha zealous in so many ways so many ways to marks. But. They say a lot of people spoke some people who were in Disney, internal and Disney, and they said Mary Poppins is is incredible. That this film is going to just make so much money. So you don't need the trailer attached to it. But that being said, it would be a brilliant marketing strategy Louise to attach that glow goal little old school and attach it and make it a vent type of situation people come flock to the theaters, and it would be interesting to see how many people would leave the theater was done because they didn't. They don't wanna watch the Mary Poppins movie. But hey, Disney still get your money, and they walk on out the theater and other people are left to watch the movie and enjoy that movie. But certainly something that would be possible, and it would make an excuse for all of us who have to cover this trailer to be tickets bought for us and go right into theater and watch it perfect. Don't think I worry about pirating because it's so easy to pirates. Yes. So it would leak online, and I don't think that they want. The the bulk of people who are experiencing this trailer for the very first time to see cell phone footage that gets uploaded to YouTube, and it would just I think it'd be a headache for Disney. I don't think that Mary Poppins needs it if it was something like the nutcracker on the four rounds we started to worry about box office. Maybe that's the way to sweeten the pot. But I think Mary Poppins is going to be fine anyway, and you also have the captain marvel issue where you want to lean into captain marvel before you lean into adventures, but as we talked about last week, they managed to have avengers Infinity war is teasing us with it at the same time. They were having trailers for Black Panther. So we can be done. Just it's again, it's a marketing strategy. I'm sure they're talking about. But I loved the ideal. I don't think it's going to happen. But if it does then I'm probably going to pay money to go. See Mary Poppins returns there. It is. Don't you think we're getting close for a trailer? Yeah. I mean, look in November for God's when we talked about it last week on the show. I know you guys watched. Speculating because the Russo broS Joe Russo who said that you know, you may or may not see some sort of material before two thousand nineteen then the entire fandom reminded me after the show that Kevin Feige. You already said, you're probably gonna say true. Okay. But again, people go back and forth in the word all the time. They're just starting to digital effects right now. So that's really the key. Right. But I know for a fact that MC and Star Wars in DC, and all these they always have it's not just they're trying to hit the release date of may fourth. They're trying to hit a trailer day. They have hey, we want to get this trailer in by Mary Poppins, or whatever so work on this scene or this series of sequences. I get those visual effects tightened up. So we can start selling this moving. Mary interesting Christmas and also Bumblebee comes out. Can't wait for right? Actually, it's few more. And then we will call it a day. I like this question from L Palmer, they asked. Do you think that studios like Disney as they get into the streaming business with Disney having their own streaming service in two thousand nineteen that they'll skip putting their films at places like HBO and Showtime in favor of the streaming service after the theatrical release, it's a great question, and it blew my mind that I hadn't considered this before HBO Showtime in skin Amax, and all of these places are going to start to get nervous because what's going to land on their channels? If you're not gonna have the you're not going to have Star Wars. Or maybe the DC streaming service is going to take all the DC you lose when we was going to be left. Yeah. So it's smart of somebody like HBO and even Showtime and Cinemax they're getting into original programming because that might be the bulk of what we see going forward. Yeah. I think that's the smart move at this point. And we already see them doing it. I mean, we see Netflix. We'll see either Disney pulling their stuff off Netflix. So people want to own their content, right? Over the last few years, if you know anybody in the industry who works in sitcoms or TV shows there. The network CBS and ABC and NBC. They don't want to form out there shows anymore to other production companies because it splits the prophets. They don't make as much money when they own the show they can have faith in the show to last longer for more seasons. So they can recoup that syndication money. So it's all about now owning the content your content deciding where it gets distributed and recouping as much of the profit as possible. So that makes the most sense to me everything is changing everything is changing streaming. Netflix is absolutely a nuclear bomb into this industry. And you see all these studios from Amazon all the way up to the big ones. Scrambling to catch up and figure out what to do with their content. Now DC streaming service. Disney dream is all this stuff. That's all in retaliation on Netflix. So yeah, they're going to grab their stuff up and put it there and make you come to it, Mark. Riley was is if you're going to have to change their name because HBO stands for Home Box often. Yeah. If it's like, hey, it's your home. But it's like the movies that were at the box office. No. Are you going to be that? Right. Yeah. I think you're absolutely right. I think we're watching the biggest hit to our wallets is going to be these streaming services because everybody's going to start to to branch off. And you're going to have to get Disney to see Disney films. You're going to have to get like a Warner Brothers DC universe. And then you're going to get what what about the Warner Brothers released where is that gonna go. Maybe that's Time Warner maybe that's HBO. So the land on HBO than we have Amazon Netflix, which has original movies that they're doing and their original TV shows, but we're seeing American vandal gets canceled. That's a CBS on property that might go to the CBS streaming. There's going to be so many streaming services, but by cable, nobody's going to buy cable anymore. It's gonna be internet packages. So you can get all these streaming services. And then because I have PlayStation VUE now. So you can get live TV on that. And by by cable, I got rid of spectrum, good riddance. But what do we know about Disney? It just bought FOX. There are going to corner the market as much as they can. And all of their movies are only going to be on. Disney streaming. I don't know how long it'll take there's some deals that they have out there. But they are making this move right now that if you want to see Mary Poppins returns vendors, affinity war episode. A what have you you're going to have to go there? That's just the way this market is going to pretty much what you said broker HBO and skin Amax in the movie those used to be our essential streaming services. Right. Because they they also came up with original content TV shows whatever, and then they would pay to have these movies come on. So nebulous is not doing anything that hasn't been before. But they are just a wider expanse with multiple net multiple studios films being able to be in the streaming services. So now when they make these moves all these services make these moves, your you make a great point, Mark. What's going to happen HBO? What's going to happen? They're going to have to maybe either fold or drop their price or really hire people to create new original content, new original movies and HBO used to be known for their movies. Now four there a da. Commentaries Showtime is slowly kind of catching up with their documentaries not necessarily that movie. So there it's a motivation factor. And there's enough talented people in this town and in this country world to be able to do that. HBO the times they are changing. Yeah. Man once said, so we'll see if HBO stays on maggie's farm, or if it gets onto positively forced rundown of Bob Dylan songs here. Let's do a few quick ones. Then we will call it a day. I love this question because I don't know the answer to it run jump squat. Have you ever made or watched fan edit movies? And have you seen one that has altered the tone because Rome jump squad says he's seen fun and interesting edited of changed the field tone, and alter the film entirely one that I have not caught. But I heard totally changes the way you'll perceive. The movie is a fan of rocky five. Able to somehow maneuver around and rocky five and make rocky five really watchable great film. So that's what I've heard Toepfer grace. I think it was famous me my obligation was famous for for commissioning or doing himself a fan. Edit a Phantom Menace. I heard is really good. So there's they're out there. What do y'all go? Yeah. That's that's the one. I actually saw parts of the phantom edit. What's that toper grace? It might have been. Yeah. But I remember I mean, I'm sure a bunch of people on there. I've heard rumor I haven't seen a lot of them. Actually, none. I think I'd just bits and pieces. So I know they removed jar jar completely. And then there was one version where instead of like new gun Ray. Like speaking, this weird English, whatever that was they put alien voices on it. And subtitles which kind of felt more Star Wars to me. So I would say the phantom edit is the most I've seen fed amount of is great. I've seen it. I saw it. We had to talk about it. I think we'll come aboard show if I remember enjoying I was being surprised by this. Rocky five thing excites me I now hold on. A whole documentary about stuff. So as we get excited for creed too. Yeah. Well, I love see godfather part three film fan at it. Or you remove pretty much vehicle Bolus scenes and make it work without her necessarily do. How you do? Or maybe even have someone come in and dub her scenes over. Boy that would be interesting to see Solis has harshest Sylvia's, a fantastic director. There's no doubt about that. But she's the reason that movie sucks and the other scenes with Garcia and with Pacino are incredible. So for me, it's like, well, that's the adjustments. You can make a make a fan ended of that possibly rocky five. Same thing. Tommy Morrison is the reason that movie kind of sucks you wanna move it around. Well, sure, but you want to move it around and try and make it work in that way fans jar jar Binks. There's a reason why people hate that damn. I wonder if we'll get some fan at its four the last Jedi for a solo for even four force awakens. I wonder if we'll get those that kind of just the the tone of the movie, and what have you we see this already with Christian stuff Christian edits of films where they take out. All the cuss words and take out all the uncomfortable scene. So people do want to edit these films to make them work in a certain way. All right. Well, we're going. Do one quick one. I just want your answer. You don't need to defend it. This comes from Angus yen. He says what's a movie you would want your significant other to have seen at least once. Both you gentlemen. Treading the waters of relation. Yeah. It's it's a movie need your significant other to have seen at least one time. Star Wars while the original hope gotta see new hope gotta see new hope because you'll get you'll get into it. Twenty. What do you want me to say? I don't know shattner like relationship wise eternal sunshine of the spotless might be a relationship moving. You just said relationship. No, no. It's your significant other. What movie is it going to be very tough to live with this person for the rest of your life? If they've never seen this film took a new ho that's probably take back to the future. Okay. That's great one see back. That's a great one. I'm the fuddy duddy on the panel. I would say the godfather. Yeah. That's absolutely. The why are you looking at me like that need your signature? She's a gun. Oh, I I can stand by that. Because Julie hasn't seen godfather. I don't think and I keep trying to get her to watch it with me. And she goes I've seen it. And I have you bake my girl one we over when she said she's seen one and two and enjoy them. Larry are. All right. Well, so there there you go. Okay. So the godfather a new host angry three pretty good choice. We close out with this one from Dustin palooza, and there's a reason why I saved for last. Here you go Dustin. How would you feel about an R rated cat and a hat remake with Eric Andrei is the cat. I'm in no signed me. No, totally. I think Eric garner. A great are rated cat in the hat. And if we can't get Eric Andre I would probably put Zach alpha Choson there. Yeah. I'm in for that one keep the same costume design and the effect of cat and a hat that. Mike Myers was because that is a creepy for. I've never seen the movie. Oh, it's awful. It's weird. It's years. Years are rated version would be great. Maybe an already Bersin. Yeah. Because Gandara show is uncomfortably. It's it's uncomfortable shows so perfectly cat in the hat Aragon, raise buddies, fantastic comedian. So I think he's got the perfect sense of humor. But he's it's not just these weird and wacky. It's also he can be a leader. You can like the cat is almost like a cultish figure. We're just going to tell the kids what to do and the kids just do it. Yeah. You got a goldfish swimming around telling you not to but who listens to a goldfish whose thing one and thing too in that maybe Galvin Acas could be thing one. Right. And then think to John C Reilly. Doing Simon Pegg Nick frost. That's good. Yeah. That's on and thing to what about Tina Fey, Amy Poehler. All that'd be fantastic. I like that one thing to all right? What about a million west of Kiefer Sutherland? We're gonna call today here. Thank you guys for tuning in on this very special episode of collider moving talking once again, a shutout. Thank you to all of our veterans out there. If you're watching here if you're watching abroad, we appreciate all of your support. We support you in each and everything you do. Thank you for all that you do for this country, Mark Riley, working on the kids find you can find me at Riley around on, Twitter and Instagram and the Riley roundtable every Thursday at drops, check out the latest one, Roku and me we talk a vendor's four and a veteran himself. John rocca. Thank you for your service, where can everybody find you and give you your proper, do and applause? It's always been my honor to serve this country. So thank you so much for saying that, and I will say once again, thanks for going over there and entertain the troops. Smart. That's something that you can't even put a value on. So it's incredible. That you did that you can find me at the Roque says on Twitter and on Instagram and I want to throw shout out to Jason him and agile win. Please follow. Oh him. He's doing a comic. Book drive for veterans sending comic books to veterans overseas. It really helped him when he was there serving. And so it's good program there. So get involved all through November at John J W and send some comic books. I know you've got some right? And as we throw it to the wider Roca. Got gotta say this because you are a veteran get down and give me ten right now. Get down there. Give me ten pushups right there in the corner going to be able to see it get down there pushups. There you go. There you go. No break the set. Boy. All right. We'll just say goodbye did he's doing one two three. Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon prime? Yes, enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies TV shows using free shipping and much more all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines all on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by t mobile that's genius one offer per. Account offers subject to change twelve ninety nine per month. Value offer valid for new Amazon prime members after customers may notice reduce speeds versus some t mobile customers video at forty p capable device required. See store for details and terms and conditions. Hey, gang, taking a quick breather. For a movie talk to remind you that if you are a DC fan, you definitely want to check out the latest live action series titans available right now on DC universe series premiered on October twelfth to get new episodes. Available to stream every Friday. This is the first original series the launch on DC universe. It falls a group of young soon to be superheroes. Robin raven star fire beast boy, the group gets caught up in a conspiracy. Get this to bring about hell on earth. That's a really tough Saturday or Wednesday or twos. I'm not sure what day of the week it happens. But it's scary. So luckily, these young superheroes. Become a surrogate family and they joined forces. It's gritty take on the teen. Titans franchisee. You're probably already familiar with the executive producers. They're taking care of this project. I keep a Goldman Geoff Johns big names, Greg Berlanti. Greg walker? Sarah Scheckter, John Fawcett titans explores one of the most popular. Macbook teams ever. And right now, you can check it out. It's available only on DC universe to get on that DC universe. It's on all your favorite devices. And it's only seven ninety nine a month or even better to get the yearly membership. You get twenty percent off right now joined the ultimate DC membership. You can get more info DC universe dot com. Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon prime? Yes, enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies, TV shows music, free shipping and much more all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines all on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by t mobile that's genius one offer per account offer subject to change twelve ninety nine per month. Value offer valid for new Amazon prime members. That's your customers may notice reduce speeds versus some t mobile customers video at forty p capable device required. See store for details and terms and conditions. California. Fires I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute at the White House. President Trump more than those who have died from the wildfires in northern and southern California. We will do everything in our power. Support and protect our fellow citizens in harm's way. And we say I think is a group I can tell you as a group. Godless, everybody a very tough situation. Homeland security secretary karston Nielsen's days on the job may be numbered two people with knowledge of the issue say President Trump has soured on Nielsen blaming her for not doing more to address what he considers a crisis at the southern border. She's gotten into heated discussions with him and his aides over immigration and the president is hold allies. He never fully trusted Nielsen. That is the AP soccer megani? At the White House. Police near Cleveland say they're searching the hospital after receiving reports about a woman with a gun threatening people. They say no shots have been fired the hospital and medical office building are on lockdown. I'm Ed Donahue.

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