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Our season. One is coming to an end. And as we get to work on season two. We'd love your input. We created a super duper short three minute survey to find out how you listen to the show. Just go to ten things that scare me dot org and click take survey. Thanks. One of the defining aspects of ten things that scare me. Is how the show sounds, we know you've noticed because a lot of people ask us, what was that music played? Right. They're usually the answer is we made it ourselves. We can do that, because where public media podcast supported by listeners like you, while here's something else. We just made a digital album of original music and themes from this show. It's a musical interpretation of all your fears handcrafted by our composer and sound designer Isaac Jones, produced just for you. You can download the album. If you donate sixty dollars to ten things that scare me just go to ten things that scare me dot org slash donate. Or text ten things two seven oh one oh, one to make your gift. And thanks. Listener supported w in Wiessee studios. Number one, my dog dying. Actually started thinking about that. Like a year after I got my dog just like twelve years ago. But I. I live by myself. And so I just have this nonverbal relationship with my dog, and I'm not going to be able to articulate my grief. So when she does die. I think I'm going to be stuck in a really really difficult place. Number two. Running out of things to read. Number three. Sucking candy cutting my mouth. Number four, getting a parking ticket. Number five my therapist, I am allowed freedom. Therapists. How much I love my therapist. That she sucks. Frei the Eissa and that's why I love her. 'cause I shut out enough anyone a bit afraid of her often sitting in there, not talking at all number six being too hot. Especially my feet number seven parties. Number eight. Touching bottom. Hate touching by the really hate it when it happens. I'm very frayed of, like when I jumped into a pond like especially a fresh water thing like a lake and just wing along. It's, it's, it's shallower and something touches your foot, and you like I wonder if this guys feel like when they've jumping in their fall, supposedly go up into their body. I don't even know if that's true. Number nine monsters. Yes, I'm still afraid of monsters. I sometimes laying in bed at night trying to fall asleep. I'll have to stop my brain from going to the place where like there's something lurking in that dark shadow. And I can hear me breathe, and like it's getting closer next thing, you know, Oprah is, is going to be one into way for me and jumping rib up my throat, but actually mostly monsters afraid of are more like getting raped and. I should have put that as getting raped number nine getting raped. Number ten spiders. I mean, I mean clarify because if I find a spider in my house, I leave it, I don't do I think, or a scoop it up and put aside gently, because I do feel like spiders, extremely beneficial, and I don't want to kill something and put a black Mark on my soul. But I am afraid like when I go onto the kayak in the spring, and I put my feet in and then, like a spider comes running out on your out in the middle of the lake is freezing water because it's early in the year like you can't get the kayak and there's literally trapped in there. The spider, it is a panic. Adducing for me. My name is Amy Pearl. And those are things that scare me. How allow allow? The Jewish choir. That's it. Just give me a hint of what I should say, since this is our last episode of our season. This is our last episode. Yeah. Of this season. Okay. I'm Amy Pearl. And I produced ten things that scare me. I'm right here right now with the rest of the team. And we're gonna talk about how we make the show. Let's go round in a circle and say who we are. And why okay Dana giamet our producer WNYC is Jones. I do the sounds Zayn in scoring for the show. I'm Paula Shuman executive producer and editor. And then delegation introduce yourself. Yeah. Daily Ruben, I'm also pretty soon the show should I say the story of the show was pitched. And then we'll yeah. Okay. So. I love kids. I never had any but Paula happens to have a couple and so-. Paula sent me some audio that her kids had recorded on vacation gum, too. I know as vast podcast. It was both of her kids talking about all the things that freak them out at the place. They were taken vacation in Maine biting fish is scary, literally everyone knows fighting fish is scary. I was obsessed with audio and listen to like a billion million times scared the laundry room because of the pipes as you listened to, you just kind of went back in time to where your environment was unknown. You're vulnerable scary. When you look at them, they look really scary like miss suck you into the tube and I wrote up a quick pitch and record myself on my phone on my desk. And I sent it off, and then I was going to leave on vacation, but I. I called Isaac over, and we had worked on a few things together, and I was like is I just pitch something, and I put you down on a sheet has as sound designer, but it's only gonna be like an hour every other week or something. I remember it being like it's a really low overhead project, you know, just like half a theme song. But otherwise, it'd be like a day a week cleaning up people hundred fully sound design and scored episodes later. Here we are. The thing that you're court at your desk, got became episode we just heard right? Yeah. That became the pilot. And that's what I had, like I remember when the pilot got played to me, there was no context I've ever just listening to AB toddler fears that I was like, okay, it's going to be a show. And then so to me, just what I'd heard Amy had so much in the just minute and a half that she had that I figured, okay? You can just talk to anyone, it's going to be pretty simple yet Daniela's. Like let's just go. Let's get started to very Daniel, like as fast as possible. He's like. Daniel, daniel. You gotta spend time you gotta let people talk, you gotta let them say. And he was like, it's fine. That's fine man. And flew like the first thing we recorded, which is like I'm gonna go right now. I'm gonna go down to the courthouse. Just like talk to a bunch of people. Right. Right. Right. I think a lot of people who listen to the show think that it is just somebody saying they're ten fears. But that's not really how goes it Daniel an hour and a half. Right. The interviews and especially like early on. When I was using a lot of pop psychology of like this comes from your childhood, right? For your child thirty minutes as must be the place where this fear comes from and stuff. So he's just like you're just like asking people eventually, but you don't even you're messing around in the dark where you have no idea where this is going to come out from for me. I remember hearing Amy's pilot for the show and loving how ro it sounded like the content of what she was saying. But also the audio was just like a voice memo you recorded on your phone. I just remember thinking this feels like you're kind of getting these snapshots of someone sharing their thoughts as they just go through their day experience because I came into the show after you guys were already making it and I remember being like, oh, we're moving through spaces in time with the episodes, and I started to think of the sound of the show as a series of rooms that the speaker is moving through. And sometimes it's like a literal room. Like we're sitting in a dog Parker we're in a musty basement other times it's more abstract like a mental state. I feel like rob Lewis might be a good episode to kinda show how this concept works number six. I'm scared that the evolution of music and music industry is going the wrong way. That's actually the default metronome sound and protocols, which is a sound that any studio musician or producer has heard to a grading extent, so that to me is kind of getting inside Robb's head. And then from there, you move into a room where you're sitting next to him as he's like singing along to this backing track on a boombox. Dun, Dun, Dun. And then there's another hard cut and you end up in the larger Rena at the Kentucky Derby. I'm Jeanne Lee scared that in this lifetime. I won't VH muff four potential. It's derived from something, he said later in the interview about how he was just coming from gig at the Kentucky Derby, when he first heard that his sister hip passed away, but I chose to use that sound here because I liked how the horse racing sounds kind of align. And like a stream of consciousness way with him talking about the grind and achieving all of your goals. And potential is been real cool. Run is been great. It's been really good. But I got so much more. I wanna do. I wanna play a clip by Jeff Vandermeer the novelist. Number three, the new house. In buying a new house. We're essentially saying, we believe in the future of Florida in a climate change scenario. I just was at the new place and using the broom that I found there and the cap on the end of the stick of the broom, which happened to be, hollow was off and inside was a whole family of tree frogs. He's his, there's something about the way he inadvertently or maybe advert lead turned it into this whole on, that it's like an earworm the cap on the end of the stick of the brew. And also that was an early example of where fear kinda didn't feel so obvious to me when he said, he scared of the old house, and he scared of them. You house. I thought, what is it haunted? How could a house be scary, the MU houses, the sort of tangible representation of fear of the future climate change and extinction, and all the things represented around that, and it was haunting? I mean, they're definitely times, I was interviewing someone and I got so into their story. I didn't sit in the same room as people when I was interviewing them in, they couldn't really see me from where. I was sitting and did anybody ever tell you? They felt like they were at their therapist like every other. You also taking money on the side. Like I was after every session wanna slip me fifty bucks, I wouldn't say, nothing and also honestly, even though it happened all the time. I was surprised that from, like, almost my first interview, which was again, this guy Bill, I will probably using my first name, but I want use my second thing you know, he's like I don't really have any is. I'm retired cop. And then the ferry first thing he said was, you know, oh, but maybe my son who's struggling with opioid abuse. Well, then he one of his fears is the sound of a beer can popping much was a little bit down, okay? Grew up in a tough family. You know, cohoes. Prevalent in that an abuse came alkyl listen, I had sick feelings in my stomach sometimes at night when the her via can't pop and, and then sometimes things go wrong. I mean, I don't know if he came into that interview planning on sharing that or even having remembered that sound I don't know. I just felt like oh, this is this is he really wants to talk about this and I, I was really listening. He was that was another. That was like a hundred twenty minute conversation, and I don't know if it's cathartic or if it's just an unusual experience to be questioned pointedly, but hopefully softly and kindly about things here afraid of, and it always gave me the feeling like, oh, maybe this interview will turn out sucking, but this person really seems to be getting something out of it. Often would feel like you know it's podcasts aren't real, but people are least that person had a good time. And it was a good day for them. That should be plenty. I think this will fit. Now let's lay who's wearing Ron who's not everybody say their first thing, Amy. Do we have do? We have a well, I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today. This is like the funnest experiences, I've ever had it WNYC. The ten things team includes Amy Pearl Daniel gay. Matt Odell Ruben Sarah samba, Emily Bo teen and polish lumen. Us look inside designed by Isaac Jones. Scares me. Putting out a Spanish language album. What are you scared of tell us at ten things podcasts dot org? Since you're listening. We wanna find out a little bit more about how everyone listens to the show so we made a survey. It's very fast. It's three minutes to take it. So go to ten things that scare me dot org and click on take survey.

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