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Steps of Change


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Health Dot com into the it's very cool stuff y'all try New York do hey it's me Scott Smith I'll tell you a little bit in the moment here in your thing here I got sponsored today so what are you GonNa do that idea now what you're gonNA pre contemplated aren't you it just comes in your I was honey I was thinking about this it can be scary for some people but really it's an opportunity it's a life changing opportunity I mean you can take what's not good in your life and make an incredible get also take incredible and maybe maybe not so good so that'd be I am right now you'll pay attention to this number one pre contemplation pre contemplation Let me think about this well it's a state ever happened to you if you're if it doesn't if you say it doesn't you're Li- it happens all the time right so let's talk about some steps and change and how you can how you can process is a little bit gotta deal with it and it could be a challenge it really can be happy warrior and go after but still we have to be a warrior go fight as you're looking for your purpose looking at stay putting what do you what you like about it's a neat little gift I know it's not digital it's not a smart device school it's paper try it somebody's much pressure relation mode of this is the official part that we go into this is the idea has now opted your hip with first time night thinking about it what if I could eventually they're going to go to college they'll go away they'll get married yeah they're they're gonNA come home with grandkids right it never goes away contemplation mode the middle ground before we go to bed if I'm if I'm sore the day remix difference so listen paint is not good that needs to go away I have a twelve acre farm and three thousand plus feet offense here that I maintain is where most folks get stuck have you noticed I can go on a lifetime pre contemplation Cantu but I find that pre contemplate intends to fade people just they just forget about this little idea they had didn't you see that a long time ago honey yeah maybe I did I forgot about that contemplation though is in the Middle I've seen people contemplate things for years okay I'll go do it and change can happen automatically just because I go about it got to the point where I just so confident that I almost have to hold us back pay attention because suddenly it'll be down the road I don't WanNa go down has working fifty hours a week and you don't have much time or energy or money left to work on whatever you were determined to do been there before having you which made up your mind well maybe when the kids get out of college yeah that's what I'll do I'll leave the kids get out of college what happens when the kids go away to college they come back home they still do you don't get rid of eighteen that's the biggest lie ever depalma today people stay right there that never get out of that but you gotta catch it right you gotta catch it because right after that we're going to we're going into context determined to do it no matter what your mind is made if you're going to make this happen it doesn't matter what happened is going to happen take very long before you realize but if we get through pre contemplation we'll get to contemplation we get to determination you made up your mind connotes their US driving around listen the radio and somebody says something empowering you hear a song power you got an idea in your head suddenly you can't get that idea out ahead you don't even know where it came from now see this a lot in my world because I consult my coach a lot of people and they come to me and we're working through the process here at some point of a job right we them to to to determination mode they get determination mode doesn't really include any action yet you can make up your mind to do it and yet you just can't get yourself to do it but when you started when you get an action that's when things started ever created the planet earth kids just had to get woodhead girl boy has got keep the boy get rid of the girl I actually had at one time he said get rid of the girl I said why did maybe sometimes you lose your self confidence along the way maybe got a little bit more difficult maybe life got in the way just as you're heading down the road things are going so well I had a dream and then line airplane but if I could get a better job what would they think what would you think how would that work all I can't right now pay my bills off there's no possible way I could do that ballgame ever watch football game goes a double or triple overtime it's so boring but you can't leave yeah somebody's GonNa Win Awry you heard that before there's no turning back at this point there's no turning back stepping between this and the last probably would be that maybe sometimes it gets frustrating along the way trust me I didn't know that for a very long time I'm not gonNa tell you the end of the story but you still around all I'm saying is it doesn't matter if you wait to the high school that got to go to college or still coming home oh wait we see really what you're doing you should preparing for because if you really made it you kind of get on it right you kinda go after it I call that state at the start moving mode that stage four so really the not that common I'm sorry it's you're the first one that's ever happened to it's never happened anybody else ever it just happens okay you have to tap it along because now you're what we call maintenance you stay in the game long enough it's GonNa go your way can't walk away it's called losing the game you stay in the game you're GonNa win eventually just don't know how the game is was caught we need a timer on this right like you need to maintain it forever it could last an entire lifetime should and here's the beauty of that boneless Soviet walk away that case somebody wins as well so you go through this entire process you're in the journey transferring yourself through all this we wanna be Stage three the next stage is once you've contemplated at your free competent debate on that or but you know what I mean it's determination getting ready for what's to come in and out there in your action mode you start moving you've decided there is no turning back you're going to get at life is getting crazy right now you just don't know if you can make it and enter the Promo code boost I'm now arrived this is kind of boring now what with us we have another goal you go do something else right but but we have something else to do because what people oftentimes do so easy you just bill foundation the more you do that the more solid your foundation gets that means most your day just kind of easy just kind of paying attention it's everything's you got long days people starting to question a little bit and you wonder how long's IT GONNA take to get their burden journeyed it's not happening yet when it's GonNa Happen it's GonNa happen is only one place it can go ancic making it happen you're fighting the good fight you

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