Hour 1: NBA Suspends Season


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Get up spell Bambi B. A. M. B. E. dot com slash. Get up. Good Morning. We get up together on this day in a different place last night an NBA player tested positive for the corona virus and the League shuts down no games for now. Where does it all go from here for this sport? And for all the others. There were a lot of questions this morning and we will provide as many answers as we can as we get up with you on this day and we thank you for getting up with us on. Espn and you see the group that we have here. And there'll be many more. And I'm very cognizant of the fact that for one years now one way or another you have been getting up with me and I will promise you that we will bring you the very latest on the information going around. The World of sports says this is a very different day. It started at nine thirty eastern last night. Actually it started before that. Let me take you to the events where the season was suspended between the jazz and the thunder. This game being played in Oklahoma City or scheduled to be played. That's Chris Paul. And the thunder they were scheduled to start tip was scheduled for just after eight o'clock eastern time at eight ten seconds before the ball was to be thrown in the air. You saw Chris. Paul asking the jazz bench where Rudy Go. Bear was an if he was sick over at the arena. After feeling ill and then just four minutes later this announcement was made has been postponed leaving the arena tonight and do so in an orderly fashion. Thank you for coming out tonight. We ARE ALL SAFE. Despite the understandable frustration that you heard in the initial reaction from the fans. The fans did leave in an orderly fashion. They're not seem to be any issues there and as they did with the word that Rudy Gobert had tested positive for the corona virus. The court was roped off workers spraying down seats. The thunder players were allowed to leave the arena about two hours later. It was five hours after to ten in the morning when the Utah players finally left the arena at nine thirty eastern last night the NBA released a statement quote the NBA announced that a player on the Utah. Jazz has preliminarily tested positive for Cova. Nineteen the test result was reported shortly prior to the tip off. Tonight's game between the Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena. At that time tonight's game was cancelled the affected player was not in the arena the NBA is suspending game. Play following the conclusion of tonight's schedule of games until further notice the NBA will use this hiatus to determine next steps for moving forward in regard to the corona virus pandemic and we'll begin our coverage with Adrian origin. Asking and Brian. Win On tour here are NBA. Insiders will start with you. How did the League arrive at this decision? Last night well once Rudy. Gobert had tested positive. And you knew at the very least you had a team in the Utah Jazz now. That was going to have to be in self containment that you can't play schedule. And they knew that they were going to be players in other teams who had competed against him who had to be tested and just hours before Greenie. Adam had been on a conference call with the Board of Governors essentially his owners and they had largely come to a consensus that the way they would proceed would be to continue playing games. Beduso without fans. And that's what I was told that him silver was likely going to announce today but that all changed with Rudy. Go bears positive test almost immediately. Adam silver made the decision to suspend play. And that's where the League is as of this morning on hiatus and windy. You had told us yesterday here that this was the reason for removing the fans from the arena. This was the reason for keeping the media out of the locker room because they knew that once any player did test positive that this would be the result. Yeah I think the League was a little bit of denial here. We saw statements out of Cleveland. They said No. We have great air exchangers and we can purify the air. Yesterday we saw the mayor call for. No major gatherings and the wizards put out a statement. Saying no we're going to still do it but I will say the was a head on something. They advise their teams within the last week to set up procedures to get corona virus testing. We saw Steph Curry. Get the flu last week. He got a corona virus. Testing was cleared on Saturday and because those provisions were in place when Gobert tested negative influence a they were able to get him a corona virus test and they were able to get the the result back fast enough to stop the game and now one of the thing. That's going to happen in the League today. You mentioned the teams of the jazz played but the teams that the jazz played the playbook for teams the officials the entire league last night was shaken but because they were able to have those procedures in place. We now have done what we needed to do. Which is to stop playing and that is a good thing. I know it feels bad and it feels scary but it is the correct thing to do. And it's a positive thing going forward and we try and spin it forward as best. We can because we all understand that we're in an area of great unknown. But what is the League's plan from here? Well that was the question teams. Were really slamming the League office with last night and they were told. Just sit tight. Let's get through the night and we'll have some more direction for you tomorrow. The least been working on a number of contingencies. Four weeks now in the event that this happened there were plenty of teams that I talked to in the last week to ten days. Who believe that. This was going to happen that there would be a stoppage in play. That Games would be missed that it was inevitable and while the league hope that could continue and do so without fans they were prepared for this possibility. So what you're seeing now and what you're going to see is going to have to be a lot of cooperation among teams. This is a league when you just look at this from a financial standpoint. Boehner's have lost a lot of money this year based on the fractured relationship in China. And they're going to lose significantly more money and the players are GONNA LOSE MONEY. Because they share they share in the revenue. And so there's going to be a hit on all sides and so what is going to happen now in? What has already started to happen. Is I trying to get a sense that they're not going to know when they don't know today when they can start playing again? But what are the playoffs? GonNa look like. Are they going to have to move the season into the summer? Are they going to have to delay the start of next season based on when this season could possibly end those are all the conversations that are going on and they're not going to have a clear answer until until they know it is safe again to be able to players organizations back to work? I think it is safe to suggest that we're closer to the beginning of this process. Then we are the end Roach. Thank you very much Wendy. Sit Tight I have a lot more for you as we continue. But we need to get to the medical piece of this Laurel Road reported yesterday Jazz Center Rudy. Gobert tested positive for corona virus on Monday. See it right there. After speaking with the media go bare purposely. Touch reporter microphones and recorders before leaving the podium table so just to show the impact of go. Bears Positive Cova nineteen tests. The jazz have played six games in March all in different cities Cleveland New York Boston. Detroit Salt Lake City and Oklahoma City. If you factor in the teams they played and then the subsequent teams. They played all thirty teams. Have come in contact with someone who played with or against Rudy Gobert. We are joined now by Dr Jennifer Ashton who serves as the chief medical correspondent for ABC News. And let's begin Dr Ashton with the Rudy Gobert. How concerned should the NBA be about other players getting corona virus? Now that Gobert has tested positive. Well listen obviously. I'm not the medical consultant for the NBA. But I think that it is pretty common sense that not just the basketball league but any league anyone who has responsibility for thousands and thousands of people. I think are taking it seriously. I think you know one player testing positive right now to be clear you know. We expect more to be honest with you. This is a sport and an environment where there's prolonged very close contact Obviously and and by the way contact not just between players but also fans and officials and coaching staff. So we expect to see more cases as we're able to test more but I think aggressive measures that enforce basic common sense. Social distancing are really important now not just for the individual community but for broader community in our population. In general. Yeah you mentioned the fans how concerned some of the fans be that may have just given high fives to some of their favorite players in the arenas I mean I think that at this point no more concerned than they would be you know in their grocery store or in their communities environments. I think that right now. It's just important to note that for every one case you hear about there could be ten or fifty or a hundred more that you don't hear about Because we do know that this is a respiratory pathogen that appears to be highly transmissible and there are some people who will be infected. That don't even have symptoms or have such mild symptoms that they never seek medical attention and testing. So I think you know this is just an example. A high profile example of how this is spreading in this country and for people who think that you know reports have been over hyped or actions. Have been over hyped. You know in medicine and science. We always have to err on the side of caution and since we don't know a lot of history on this virus because it is so new. I think that's why you're seeing such aggressive measures being taken out of an abundance of caution. Excellent perspective Dr Jennifer Ashton chief medical correspondent for ABC News. Thanks for joining us. Thanks news spread quickly around the NBA last night while other games were in progress. That at nine thirty three eastern time was the shocked reaction of Mark Cuban after he was shown an email from the league office announcing the suspension of the regular season. Here is what Cuban and others had to say about it. This is people's lives at stake. This isn't about basketball. This isn't about the mavericks this isn't about. When do we start or do we start? Or How do we start? This is this is a pandemic global pandemic. Where people's lives were at stake in a lot. More worried about my kids. And My mom who's eighty two years old and talking to her and telling her to stay in the House then. I am about when we plan our next game. You think it's it's not gonNa Affect us where the NBA. It one of our players virus and you know who knows what that means for their team and the other teams have been with them. So you really get concerned for. Just what's going on not just here in the NBA? But the in the entire world. It's these are things that you watch movies. You know you watch a movie about this stuff and now we're living and trying to take a day by day and figure out how to how to move forward and get some clarity shows you how fragile it is here. It is a a player that is in our lead to a lot of players have come in contact with So that's a concern and that that's the prudent as wise prudent for Adam to suspend the season to get hold of and get a grasp of it. Here's some other reaction on social media. Evan Forty of the magic was just on the phone with Rudy Meaning. Gobert he is doing good man. Let's not panic everyone love you all. Lebron James tweeted man. We're cancelling sporting events. School office work. What we really need to cancel is twenty twenty dam. It's been a rough three months. God bless and stay safe Steph. Curry tweeted twenty twenty eight. I don't know what to compare the situation to. There's got to buckle up and take care of yourself from those around you basketball. We'll be back at some point but right now protect yourself and stay safe out there. Let's bring this to our table here to discuss. And we have a couple of former players here Matt Barnes and J J. I'll start with you when you saw this last night and obviously this is something that we have been talking about in the lead up to it. What was your reaction first? Off is sad for us as a society that this happened to Tom. Hanks Rita Wilson Rudy Gobert. Nba Player for us to take this whole thing very seriously. It's been happened to a lot of people have big names and it's been going on for a while secondly it. This is unprecedented for the League. And I agree with you. Two things can both be true at once. They have made provision. Nba Did make provisions and they were allowed to have that kind of care for guys extension courier to care for her to go bear to get tested but in the same breath they also drag their feet a little bit on this guys and I. I think we have to be realistic about this. The fact that they didn't have one uniform decision so you're not allowing fans to be in the building but still the players you don't know who they've been in contact with you don't know who their family members who being contact with or friends but you allow them to play at the fact that they had split decisions from different entities from the Washington Wizards from the Cleveland cavs as opposed to Golden State Golden. Say He's not playing well. The mayor of the city of San Francisco deemed them eligible to play so I kind of think that's somewhat of a reflection on the league civil a lot of room to go adam silver just to make a uniform decision from the beginning about this should have been nipped in the bud from the beginning guys. I think the fact that the only positives to pick off Jay said about Rudy Gobert or Rita Wilson and. Tom Hanks having it is now that we're going to have people of some sort of stature. It'll be monitored so we're going to be able to see how serious their their symptoms are in the prostate. Recover or how okay. Well if we handle it. Abc You should be okay so like. I said the fact that they're celebrities that have it. I think it'll be closely monitored or we're going to be able to get a real scale of how serious diseases you had told us yesterday. Matt that we're right up to you. As a player he would prefer to suspend games and then play them an empty arena. I just thought we needed to take a step back and really find out more information about this. This is unprecedented territory. You know. We're in uncharted waters right now and this is something that's never been done so as we've been reporting essay. China took certain route. You know we needed to just take a step back. Sports is not the end all be all we need to take a step back and really figure out what we're dealing with you guys just as a player at least you were incentivize. You can make millions of dollars when I look at the. Ncaa tournament all right. You're still working out name image and likeness state-by-state. Let me just say. Let me get a piece of advice to the NC Double A. Thank you Brian and the players championship but everybody else don't be late be early yes shut it down. That is what absolutely has to happen. There is not negotiation. I don't even know what they're waiting for. Shut it down the game was I hear. And they're fortunate and some something else the league's Deta gratitude to mark Cuban because that was a billionaire. Who'S A team owner? Who was willing to come out in front of the cameras and be a voice of the league last night and not only did he say that you need to take care of the players and the family he's going to take care of the arena workers. That was a billionaire. Say you take care of the arena. Workers Mark Cuban. So while you're right I do think the NBA was a little bit sluggish in Cuban. I assume was on that call yesterday where they were the decisions and the fact that he was still shocked says where the where the where their head space was but he is now moving forward. I agree we need to move forward with the rest of the sports too. Yeah so we're GONNA get to the NCAA momentarily but China does have a blueprint for this and they did suspend their best basketball operations what can the US in the NBA take from and realize it's not apples to apples. China the very different but all I can say this China Shut Down Their Basketball Association. The CBA in middle January. They've been down for ten weeks. They are now calling their players back after ten weeks and hoping to play in early April. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. That is our example. We'll have basketball again and the NBA has asked their teams to give their availability of their arenas through August first. We're going to have basketball. We can't focus on that right now but we're going to have it okay. You mentioned the NCWA treatment which is obviously right around the corner where in the conference championship week as we speak and the men's and women's NCWA tournaments are both scheduled to begin next week and at this Point Conference Championship Games will continue but many of them will be played without fans yesterday afternoon the NC double a. announced that both the men's and women's tournament will also be played without fans in the arena. And W president. Marc Emmers released this statement quote while I understand how disappointing this is for all fans of our sports. My decision is based on the current understanding of how covert one thousand nine is progressing in the United States and the decision is in the best interest of public health including that of coaches administrators fans and most importantly our student athletes. Here's some more reaction from some of the coaches beginning with Roy Williams. This is a scary time period. But I don't want to try to get in and evaluate. What should be done with the with the College Basketball Hall again? We have very intelligent people. That'll make the right decision. This is unbelievable. Interesting Times as we move forward but again I go back kids. Just they love to play and they love to compete and I think they'll really play their backsides off. Even though it'll be echo and in their tomorrow you played again when you're young because you love the game coach game because you love the game you don't get into the game to play it because other people are going to be watching you so so that's not why you get into a play. Of course the older you get in the more the more the more prevalent that is to you that becomes part of we need to get back to our our child routes and play with the same enthusiasm that we would if we're playing shirts and skins in the park like we used to. You should see this moment by the way. It was a scary one last night at the big ten tournament. Nebraska's coach Fred. Hoiberg visibly ill on the bench. During his team's game against Indiana. He would leave the bench with four minutes left and was taken to a local hospital where he was diagnosed with influenza. That is the flu or bird has been released from the hospital and return to the team hotel. All of that is according to a statement released by the university. So that's where we stand again the men's and women's NCWA tournaments both begin next week. J You touched on it but the floor here. What are your thoughts? We have to have a big picture perspective here and not be narrow minded not think short term gains and when I think about the incidentally tournament I hear what Bill Self saying. And he's he's accurate. Look guys can play. You can build up my thing is. You're played a game of Basketball Guard. Bars. I'm sweating all over Barnes. He's breathing all over me and the NBA has set the precedent about what this is going to be the NCW needs to do the same. Like I said before my original point at least in the NBA. You're incentivize. You can make millions of dollars but now what you're saying is as we're still working on this name image and likeness scenario state by state. We're still trying to figure out whether that's going to happen or not. Now we're going to ask players to jeopardize their health. You're going to say well. Immediate family members or administration. I don't know where these immediate family members are ministrations or the players have been but not to jeopardize my health and play for something and I'm not getting paid for it anyway. I think it's crazy for once. We need to put the month to put the money decide. The money's always the motive in sports at the end of the day. It's about you know the bottom line and I think for once we need to put to the side and put the health the players and their families first and foremost whilst I agree with everything. Both of you have said there will be people including players. We heard from the kid at Harvard. Who will say the kids WANNA play? They want to play what you say to those people. I said that they are seventeen. Eighteen and nineteen year. Okays Kid twenty year old kids in our job. As adults people had those experiences to sit them and reason with them and help them understand the practicality of the matter and this is a rabbit virus growing very quickly and we need to think about this holistically and not just short term gain and look. Hoiberg ends up only having influenza aid but but either way that's not a great look to have an adult coach on the sideline coaching through stuff. Jay said it's tough for these kids a lot of these college because last time ever playing basketball. So you gotta understand where they're coming from the passion they WANNA play but at the same time we have to understand that this is bigger than sports right now and we knew really worried about our safety and our families. We're just getting started in our coverage of this this morning as we continue the situation in Oklahoma City seemed surreal on social media and on television as the game was postponed. What was it like inside the arena? We will ask someone who was there and then Major League baseball has some decisions to make in the days ahead as well. What steps is baseball considering to keep players and fans safe bus only will answer that question and more as we continue? You're watching get up on. Espn our coverage continues this morning on. Get up in five minutes. A game postponed just seconds before tip off. What was it like in the arena? We will go live to. Oklahoma City was Major. League baseball preparing. We will talk to buster only and then Charles Barkley will join us live in twenty minutes with his reaction to the NBA suspending. Its season all that and more as we continue. Get up on. Espn WE are back on. Get up and that's Phil Mickelson on driving range the players championship in Ponte Vedra beach. Florida is underway. The players are on the course or some of them are spectators are permitted at the event although there will not be autographs signed. We'll keep you posted on the events. Their covert nineteen of course is having a major impact on sports the NCW making headlines early yesterday announcing its decision to ban fans from its championships including the men's and women's basketball tournaments which are both set to start next week the NHL said they expect to provide an update today. While the blue jackets announced the remainder of their home games will be closed to the public baseball. The five California teams. We'll have to move home games through the end of March to meet California's recommendation. To postpone or cancel large gatherings the mariners. Meanwhile we'll move home games after Washington banned large group events in the NBA. Of course taking these significant step up suspending their season last night indefinitely after we reported that Rudy Gobert tested positive for the corona virus. It was a bizarre scene last night in Oklahoma City. The news breaking about Gobert literally seconds before tip off of game scheduled between the jazz and the thunder and the game was then postponed. Go there was not in the arena but players were sent back to the locker rooms fans were told to leave the arena at that point and again it was a very strange spectacle to say the very least. Let's bring our Royce young from Oklahoma City into the conversation. Here Roy were constantly tweeting updates about this. Throughout the night saying the jazz team buses finally left the arena around two fifteen a m eastern time. What is the latest? You can tell us about this morning. As of about at least within the Hour Greenie the the Utah. Jazz are still after hotel. It's the twenty one hotel not far from the arena here and they're basically waiting the results for the testing that they did on team and team personnel should be coming back soon or maybe they possibly even have it at this point. But they're making determinations on now how to get the team back to Salt Lake City and when they might leave Oklahoma City to do that and one of those options. I'm told from sources close to the situation is maybe taking two separate charter planes. One of them being a positive test plane for corona virus and the other being a negative test plane for Corona virus and once the team gets back to Salt Lake City that they would have hotels arranged that would be set up to quarantine the players in again a positive hotel and negative hotel but as it stands right now. The jazz are still in Oklahoma City. Trying to figure out their next steps based on what the results may indicate. We've done our best to show the video this morning in place. Some of the reaction. How would you describe what it was like in the arena last night? Well I WANNA say it was chaos panic because it really was handled quite well but if you just kind of rewind to the sequence of events greeny and and how it led to the point of the NBA season eventually getting suspended. I'm sitting there pre game watching players Warm up on the court Donovan. Mitchell warming up Danilo gallois's warming up ballboys or rebounding them. All touching the same ball passing it back and forth fans in the stands all touching this little soft. Mesh basketball shooting take turns with each other. And then you fast forward to Rudy. Gobert is questionable with an illness. Quin Snyder initially ruled him out then said that he was not. He claimed that he misheard the question and said that Gobert was still questionable. Before tip off there was confusion on that front and then thirty minutes after that. The game is postponed in shutdown. And we come to find out that Rudy. Gobert has the corona virus. So all of that kind of sequencing of events I think kind of goes to show how how many unknowns there were in the arena last night Leading up to the NBA season eventually being postponed and suspended. So you know as it stands right now. I think you're sitting there with the Utah Jazz six hours after the postponement of the game. Still in the arena. The thunder are sent home. And they're literally just a hallway away so it was. There were a lot of circumstances that were as one thunder official told me it felt like that there was. The League was caught a little bit flat footed with the situation in terms of their prep preparation very quickly. What are the reaction? Did you hear from people involved last night? Yeah I think that you know one of the things that Most people felt the situation was handled as well as it could be on the ground within the arena but again when it comes to the League's preparation you know. The the Board of Governors have their meeting at that point. Green there was just talk about Playing games with no fans. You know I'm asking Stephen Adams questions at a podium. And he's talking about how bizarre it might be to play a game with no fans and then you fast forward thirty minutes after that and now there's no NBA season to be played so a lot of people were just caught off guard and again. That's that's kind of the messaging that I was given is that people just didn't expect what was to come and again they were caught flat-footed. Sean thank you so much for this and obviously you'll continue to cover for us and we will come back to you as needed. I'll come to the table here and windy as he was talking. I saw you multiple times sort of nodding your head along. We actually did you. Bear was listed as questionable because if he had tested negative for Corona virus intended to play now whether they would have let them play a different thing. But this is why you gotTa shut down. Because here's a guy I mean Rudy feeling okay. He he's he's he's healthy. He feels healthy. That's why you can't have these guys. Continue to play a game because you have people who don't know they have it who are still playing. That's why there's got to be leadership. Shown here the I need to ask you because I'm GonNa put you into the area now of guessing and none of us know exactly where any of this is headed. But what is your best? Guess as to how this plays out in the immediate future and the days to come said the the NBA right now is dealing with an outcry from their players. Their players were very shaken last night. They gotTA deal with their staff and players. I was in contact the staff members. Who AT Games? Last night you had to go home and explain to their wives and their families what to do. They've got to deal with just the insolent right here. What's right in front of them and comfort that layer and get those people protected then they can go out and that needs to be being done at the college level in other all other places that say something. That really bothered me last night. I saw such hate that was being spewed for Rudy Gay. I mean for thirty bear on social media and needs to stop right like we all been ignorant. Everybody's May Games everybody's play games about this to a certain degree. People make jokes about it all the time like we should have been taken this a lot more seriously and this is where leadership comes into play guy so I get worried about Zach Lowe who we work with who is in close confines Rudy. Gobert worry about all the staffers. All the players like this is way bigger than just the players. It's about everybody's how if you're trump put yourself in. The position of some of the players were now what? What do you think you would be concerned with right now family? You know I'm a father. Three Little Boys. You know what I mean. So my first and foremost Concern is anything. I'm around my teammates with. I can possibly give to my kids so I think what we're taking the right steps as we mentioned yesterday that I didn't think it was important enough to take the fans away to me. We have to really just take a step back and find out exactly what we're dealing with and I think we're headed in the right direction with that game so that's the latest from the NBA. We'll continue to cover that as we go. Meanwhile other sports have to deal with this as well. Laura let's go there greeding. Switzer attention to Major League Baseball. You mentioned five minutes ago a few minutes ago. The five California teams will have to move home games to the end of March to meet California's recommendation to postpone or cancel. Large gatherings the mariners will move home games after Washington banned large group events. There are still one hundred. Eighty eight spring training games left on the schedule for more on this we bring in buster only investor. What is Major League Baseball? Considering to combat the spread of the corona virus as we approach the sort of the season. I think Major League Baseball feels like it has a little bit more time to make an informed decision for the circumstances to gain some clarity. They have a conference call scheduled with teams on Friday. We expect an update later today. All of that of course could be accelerated at the team level. There's an anticipation that Major League. Baseball soon will address these large crowd gatherings and their two options they could potentially play regular season games and empty stadiums or they could just postponed the start of the season. Thirteen Spring Training Games on the schedule today. What are some of the underlying teen concerns as they do? Consider this decision buster. Yeah and they're asking a lot of practical questions or questions of practicality they got guidelines for Major League Baseball yesterday trying to define for example non essential personnel but Major League baseball official team officials are asking questions like wait a second. We can try to keep the players safe when they're in the clubhouse but then they go out into the communities at the end of every day they talk to people they live their lives. They come back into the clubhouse are they more at risk because they gather every day. We've heard every spring about a flu going through clubhouse players essentially taking on a an illness and it affecting the whole traveling party so at the team level. They're asking. Is this a good thing to have? These players gathered together every day. Is they go through their work and have the latest from Buster Olney. How BASEBALL IS COMBATING CORONA VIRUS? We'll have more on baseball's approach and our next hour. Thanks so much for joining us. Maverick's owner Mark Cuban found out about the suspension of the NBA season seated near his bench. His thoughts on this situation coming up next as you see his reaction stunned by the news. This is get up on. Espn crispy and then there's crispy fish try our new and improved Tyson crispy chicken strips crispy just got crispy her if you are just getting up with us this morning. News spread quickly last night around the NBA about the announcement that the League is suspending. Its Games at nine thirty three eastern. You saw the reaction there of Mark Cuban after he was shown an email from the league office announcing the suspension. Tom Rinaldi caught up with Cuban. Courtside this is crazy. I mean we're GonNa Realm of possibilities just to see more like out of a movie than Reality Trust that I mean it's really not about basketball money. I mean literally if if this thing is just exploding into the point where you know all of a sudden players and others have had it you think about your family you know you want to really make sure you're doing the right way bigger than just NBA. Hopefully we'll get to see. Don't where we talked about getting the season back on track. Dummies all got worked out rights at that. Maybe we understand more about it. And it'll be less of an issue for the entire world The Basketball Hall of Famer and TNT analysts. Charles Barkley is good enough to spend a few minutes with us on the phone this morning. Charles. We very much appreciate that. And I would just like to give you the floor. First and foremost Reuters your reaction to what we saw last night. Well number one. You guys are doing tactic job especially on the flock. 'cause this is unprecedented territory is scary. I just hope everybody's safe it's whole rudy. Gobert pain get scared because you gotta do the fantastic job with show where he's been like the last ten days. I mean they were in in five or six different states in the last week and I thank goodness. They didn't let him play that game last night. Because you know. Brian said something grief Rudy Gobert was gonNA. He was questionable. He was gonNA play last night. You had the guy who appreciated the jazz game last week. He was GonNa work the pelicans kings games last night and these guys have been around their families. They've been around their kids have been around all the workers in the locker room I I give Adamson of a lot of credit mandate. Let's shut them down and try to figure it out and I must say that. I'm probably going to get in trouble because I work for Turner and March Madness and CBS. I think the NBA the Turner Sports and CBS. Got To close down March. That McMahon. Because you can't have these players even if there's no fans diem you can't have these players breathing on each other but two weeks you are. They walking even if they had a hotel. They're GONNA be in different cities around the country and I hate to say it like I said I probably shouldn't say because I work with CBS. I think we're GONNA shut down March madness until we know more Charles. I think all of us on our set agree with that sentiment. I would like to voice. What I know would be the opposition to it. However for the sake of playing devil's advocate which would be to say you know these kids want to play in these games than it is for many of them once in a lifetime experience. What do you say to someone who would pose that to you well? I don't think that's the problem. I think that my company gotTa Bite the Bullet Greedy I. I know the kids WANNA play. But we can't have these kids like think about it Greenie. These kids are sweating breathing leaning on each other. That's gonna I mean that's crazy and even if the if you lose you go back home. You don't have you got the virus for a week or two but the problem is going to be. I think we pay a billion dollars for March madness. I think the right thing to do is for us to honor contract with. They play these games. It's really just about they don't they. WoN'T THAT BILLION DOLLAR CHECK? Let's be realistic. I think that we gotta say you know what everybody's made a lot of money. We don't have to bite the bullet because you know that billion dollars paid full a lot of sports. I think we're going have to bite the but as you know what these kids been great to us by other let's pay the NCW billions of dollars a billion dollars. But that's what we pay for March madness but that paper all the programs at the other school at these schools. But we can't we can't have these kids out there running and breathing on each other put three weeks and like I say 'cause the problem is you can't test for it right away and if you let's say you play. These things are still planned today. They can affect somebody when they go back home next week. They don't make March madness. They really have to commend. You for person in your position that you would take that stand without indomitable will that you just did. I think we have to save these kids from themselves but chuck how do you? How do you feel about this whole year? In general I mean we've had the China situation. We've had the passing of David Stern. We've had the passing of Kobe Bryant. Now we have the corona virus. It seems one hit after another for the League. Yeah you know Jay will. It's been a very difficult year with commissioned sermon. That was a good punch because I came into the lead with Commissioner Stern. He was amazing he when he was getting on my behind. He was amazing and the thing and the Kobe when that happened. Man I just cry like a baby I mean call the whatnot. Great friends but I if I felt like I lost a family member and then the losers young beautiful daughter and no seven other souls. It's been a very difficult year. And they're staying here. We're all like I WANNA take. You guys are doing amazing job. I could all I can do is watch you guys and nobody has to answer. We're we're trying to handle all these. What is on the fly but I think the best thing the best thing would like. Hey guys we have no idea what the hell is going to happen next less. Shut everything down. And let's take a deep breath because right now We can't have these players out. There affects them themselves. The referees I mean because like I say I don't I'm not like like I know anything about being a doctor but to have these big old news out there sweating known each other breathing on each other's for the next three weeks. That can't be safe in any shape or form. Charles. You'RE NOT GONNA get in trouble because you're showing leadership which is what we need from people of empower right now just because it posts gets postponed doesn't mean it's not going to be played. We're going to change the calendar here. But we're going to have to pause. We're going to be okay looking. I if you look. What'S IN CABINET KOREAN? Look what's happening in China. We're going to be okay. I would say people are going to be affected. But we're GONNA be okay. We're going to be able to get back to it but there needs to be leadership right now to mitigate the leadership that has shown in sports and in the government. But that's a different topic in sports in the next few hours can set the tone for the way this is going to go and so I commend Charles for showing leadership and I encourage others in power to show the same leadership via believe the. Go ahead go ahead. Sorry let me. Just say that Brian and you know Jay Ingredient Greenie one of the greatest things that I live is we all make a lot of it causes sports but negative thing about it is. Everybody wants to money. Air Bodies degreen. It's GonNa take tremendous courage because a lot of people make a lot of money on March madness and that the NCW has got this Alexei CBS. Do I work on? I think we should honor our deal And I'd say it's not my billion dollar check the right. I understand that but we got to look at the Big Picture. We gotTA show leadership. But like I say it's all GonNa come down to the Almighty dollar. I hate to say that. But that's just a fact and like I say I've never had a billion dollars so it's not mine to give away but listen I just think the right thing to do as a hey guys. Let's break this thing off. When you had a great point we might pick it up in a couple of weeks would march madness seasons but right now we need to take Paul let the doctors do their thing but the first thing we need to do see who all infected we. That's the thing that scared about this whole thing. Nobody really go barrel infected for twenty four hours ago. We and he's been in six seven stays the last two weeks we need to get everybody the TV now who traveled with these NBA teams and these college team. We need to take a step back guys before we do anything. We're going to test every single player in college and Pros. And then then we'll get back to you on what's next nick. Madness sounds just as good as march. I can't tell you how much we all appreciate your doing this this morning very much. Be well and we will see you soon guys. This is unprecedented territory. Good luck thank. You love your brother Charles. Barkley with US AGAIN. A remarkable and yes and he said it's not his check to write a check to write and all the rest of that. I do think that rather I think. Maybe the thing that I would agree the most with if I could give my quick thought here. Is that just stopping? Everything for a moment and taking breath is much easier to postponing postponed. Things than it is to cancel them. You can always cancel something later so I think if everyone just sort of steps back takes breath see where everything goes so much has changed in. The last forty eight hours knows where? We'll be forty eight hours. We're going to be okay. I agree I do. We need to recalibrate what our protocol is for reporters at travel with teams and things of that sort. We need to get more testing. I in place to do so I was just being told here. We will have mark Cuban live and a half hour. Okay so mark. Cuban live at nine thirty eastern time this morning. Eight thirty in Dallas so we will get the reaction of one of the NBA owners live as we continue it is an unprecedented day certainly in the NBA and in sports as we know it Rudy Gobert test positive for the corona virus the NBA has suspended its season and our coverage continues in just a moment. You're watching get up on ESPN.

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