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Jayson Tatum & The Celtics, NBA Treatment & Recovery, Houstons Small-Ball Experiment


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He has all the tools you need and hope for in a basketball player. When I say treatment I'm talking about everything. Hot Tub Colt The plunges the steam room to stretching to functional movement by movement stuff I lift essentially every day Diet sleep and maintenance and that's what I mean by treatment. They're rolling the dice with a smaller unit that allows Michou more. Threes allows them to be more sweaty and they bring in three Indian guys who fit the role of what a Houston Rockets Wing. Looks like welcome to the Julian Peterson episode of Best Right Episode Number Ninety Eight. I am currently in Indy and getting ready to play the Indiana Pacers today as we record the day before the game in the folk combine is looming lot of MBA. Games are being played right now. We're currently trying to make push for the eighth seed and as it stands. We are a few games but luckily we have about twenty. Two Games left thirteen or fourteen. Of which will come teams under five hundred thirteen of which will come at home so I like our chances. We just have to get as healthy as possible and be able to rally around each other. Hold down the Fort While. Dame's gone and put ourselves the best position possible to make the playoffs Jordan. We got a lot of teams competing for this playoff spot. Putting you on the spot here who do you think has the best chance of getting in New Orleans or Memphis? You don't have to be biased while well here's the thing about you guys over the last four years you're seventy one and thirty three. That's a sixty nine percent. Winning percentage after the break. But you know not having dame even for three four or five games obviously is is crucial. And that's my main concern because if you look at Memphis you look at New Orleans. How well they played San Antonio's obviously there. I I really do like the way. The PELICANS Have Played Sense Zion They're eight and five since January. Twenty second And He's been unbelievable. He's averaging about twenty three and seventy shooting fifty nine percent and CJ. I don't think it's been talked about enough but years. The number one play in basketball. It's the post up on. It gets about one point. Four points per possession so it's an automatic bucket All Things considered I. I think the whirlwinds is because of their depth. You Talk About Brandon Ingram Obviously Zion holiday. Rex had an outstanding year Heart you know Meli. I like that. They don't really play biggs and they're very versatile on both ends of the floor so from a health standpoint. I think New Orleans is the most intriguing team Because of the fact that we just haven't really seen a player like this. I like to use the word intrigue intriguing. I like what you did there. I think Zion has played extremely well. He's been impressive to say the least based on what I've seen From his explosiveness to his motor to his ability to rebound the basketball to how he's finishing around the basket How he's generating free throw attempts to think he shot. Nineteen free throws against the Lakers Who have size with. Anthony Davis with Jim Devel- McGee Lebron James among many other players They have a good team. They've been they've been injured throughout the season from jrue holiday to Brandon Ingram design. And I think that's kind of affected them similar to us but as they get healthy I think they're going to be good for a long time for years to come. Especially after they're able to secure Brandon Ingram to a long term deal Respect him to get to get the MAXA which will probably be this summer. Was I on shooting eighty percent in the restricted area. And that was the big thing we had talked about in the off season You know specifically in the preseason. I should say because I think I said this last week or couple of Eight. I think it was last week. But just to reiterate thirty. Four of thirty five Made field goals in the preseason. We're in the paint. And he's been able to sustain that success Op- oppose a similar question. You putting yourselves out of the equation. Who Do you think is more intriguing and Perhaps more dangerous as an eighth seed New Orleans or Memphis and keep in mind Jaren Jackson's out the next couple weeks with a knee sprain. He's really had a nice year. He's averaging about seventeen but obviously they still have job mirant And a really good coach until Jenkins and some Nice young pieces that we've discussed so out of New Orleans Memphis as an eight seed. Who Do you think would would cause the most damage I think New Orleans because of their experience Memphis is obviously a very talented team. But they're extremely young. Did Not play off tested They haven't been in those situations before you look at New Orleans. They have holiday is played in the playoffs before they had JJ rettig. He's played in the playoffs every year of his career. Favors got playoff experience. So they have a lot of different guys Molly who maybe hasn't played in the playoffs but has been in those hostile environments. Playing Europe has a great understanding of playoff basketball. The importance of half court believed to kind of stretch the court and shoot and then you look at athletes and skill positions brandon. Ingram is extremely talented. He's got a lot of skill he's able to score and pick and rolls the abyss corn isolation mid post and. Then you have his eye on. Who's young inexperienced? But so young that he he may not realize the moment which is sometimes great for players. Because then you just go out there and play. You don't think you don't worry you just kind of get caught up in the game so I think having that combination of veteran leadership veteran experience with talent. I think that makes an interesting match up for anybody not just in the playoffs but for years to come because you have all the right positions you have a good point guard you have a good wing. You have a great post interior presence. You have shooters. You have a lot of role players who understand how they can contribute. So I think they they're set up for success For the long run obviously got Lonzo Ball. You have a lot of different players who can impact games in more than one way going. They can make their teammates better. They got defenders So I think just right now looking at it on paper I think New Orleans is Is a very tough team to face just because of the pace obviously half court? You depend on Structure Depend on play calling. But they're able to get easy baskets in transition because of the athletes. Yeah you know it's interesting. You talked about the Pelicans and all that depth and the different pieces and personnel. I give Alvin Gentry. A lot of credit. He's done some really nice things this year specifically last few weeks was I on. Ingram finding ways to get them involved playing the two main game even if it's not a standard pick and roll but getting them involved together in different actions. It's really something to consider moving forward because it's just an entirely different dimension to their offense curious. Cj You talked about Ingram another guy that has been on fire lately from the wing has been Jason Tatum another Duke Player and in that same old six nine six ten who's obviously tremendously skilled You saw last night. Go for thirty plus. And he's averaging about thirty and seven in February by the way forty eight percent and forty seven percent from three. He's been outstanding How good is Jason Tatum? And was your take on him. Seeing him up close In terms of the improvements. He's made Jason. Tatum is elite He has all the tools You you need and hope for in a basketball player you look at his size. He's about six seven six as long. He's Athletic. He has moved. He's not just a north-south player he can go east and West. You can catch and shoot it. Can Run a pick and roll? He can isolate. He has amid post game to where he's comfortable shooting fairways and using his his elite footwork and he can shoot. Three's off the dribble and only his third year in the League. So you know. This guy's definitely limit for him. He's a guy who's GonNa get the Max whatever whatever that is for him going forward but you look at how he's been able to evolve in develop From year one to three the confidence I think playing in the playoffs early on his career helped him. Obviously Kyri being hurt allowed him to have more opportunities to shine in the playoffs as well as Jaylen Brown to where they were able to kind of figure out who they are being able to experiment. Have the ball in your hands. And then you can have a coach Brad Stevens who puts you in a position to succeed running. Certain plays for you giving you the ball with an advantage. I think that there's no reason why he can't be one of the great players play in this league is just more so about his mentality because the skill set is there. I think he can be more aggressive at times and and more of an Alpha which will continue develop into but I think from a skill set standpoint. We has like just about everything similar to Paul George offensively where he can do a little bit of everything. The Paul George comparison has been made. I love that comparison because of the size and skill and I don't know if defensively he's in that while he's not there yet but it is worth noting. Cj that offensively Boston's rating goes from one zero nine to one sixteen. When these on the floor is so significantly better defensively they're rating is five percents points Worse with him off the floor. So he's doing it on both ends. Boston was one of those seeds that we were all really curious to see what they would look like without Kyrie Irving and and I've talked a lot about Kemba Walker being you know a steadying force for them. Their best lineup is Cambe Jalen Brown tatum hayward entice from a from an efficiency standpoint there are about plus thirteen per one hundred possessions with that lineup about two hundred minutes. So there's a decent sample size When you think about tatum and and you say okay well we need him to be a little bit more alpha. How much of that is his just immaturity? Considering he's just about to turn twenty two. How much of that is his overall mentality? And then what's the pressure? What's the onus on Brad Stevens to say Jason? This is what we need from you tonight. I think it's a combination of all those things. Obviously the youth definitely plays a factor are early on in your career trying to figure out who you are you trying to figure out how you can be successful. And I think the leadership evolves as you get more comfortable with who you are as a player. And I think he's starting to figure out who he is becoming all star in his third year and they're empowering him from playcalling standpoint to a decision making standpoint Especially with Kim being out. I think that gives them a chance to kind of figure things out on his own without having that leadership from Kimbe. Who's the floor general and a Guy? Who is a multi time all star? I think secondly is gonNA come from Brad Stevens I think Brad's going to continue to slowly. nurture him understanding that he's still like a baby essentially third year in the League Having gone the duke for a year still super young so you have to be careful with you know how much how much you put on his shoulders. Obviously with all that talent. They have there in Boston. They can kinda slow roll it and allow him to play his role. Allow him to you. Know be the number one. We came as I'll be the one to win. Kimbe is playing and as he gets more comfortable and gains more playoff experience in big moments. Heal naturally kind of develop into that Alpha into that leader That will allow him to Kinda separate himself from great to e Lee consistently. How hard is that? Jump to make though because you know they have a lot of good players around him which can be. I would imagine sometimes a challenge because everybody has to. Everybody has to be fed. You know I mean Hayward's not me guy but he obviously needs his touches. Marcus smart's going to shoot a dozen shots They run pick and roll Thais. Obviously Jalen Brown is GonNa get you twenty Kimba. There's a lot of pieces there and At some point I just wonder like contained him. Say Just give me the ball. They we is that something that we would expect him or want him to do at this point I think. Because he's such unselfish player and and Nice Guy. He's not going to necessarily be the type of just kind of demand. Yeah things but I think with his skill set and the accolades he's GonNa rock up and and how well he's playing. It's naturally going to shift to him to where they're going to be leaning on him and looking towards him For Late Game Situations League game shots. They're going to be looking towards him. for consistency in terms of leadership. He's going to have to be the next voice outside of Kimba outside of Brad Stevens because he is the best. If not the second best the first best player on that team so I think it naturally just kind of happens and once he becomes highest paid player on the team right it'll easily kinda create that that pecking order to where you know you you. You know who? The big dogs are based on salary based on performance based on statistics. And when Bradshaw plays is going to be Kimbe is going to be for Jason Tatum. It's going to be for Jaylen Brown. And it's GonNa be for Gordon Hayward and then the rest of the guys were Kinda. Get there as you know getting where you fit in so to speak but I think I think right now. They're in a good spot. They're in a really good spot. They have a lot of talent. A lot of depth great wings. Big Men to understand their roles in elite point guard and they'll be able to Kinda nurture each other and figure out in how they can make the push for a championship. I like Boston a lot for what it's worth their plus six hundred to win the east. So you know walkies minus two twenty but that's right around where the sixers are in the rafters as well. I think Boston long-term view talking about buying stock in a in a team a young team with a ton of talent that would be my pick in the east alongside Milwaukee Use we talked about Brad Stevens. Cj this is a quote from him following the Celtics win last night in Portland. I'm not sure I'd have known how good he was at the point. His passing has been incredible. He's made the right read over and over. Get Off. Get off him for just a second. He's so shifty he makes the right play last couple of games. He's just been great so cj Brad Stevens some pretty if use of phrase for your point guard skills with dame out obviously it's created More facilitating for you. How View Change? Your mentality specifically. I wonder for you early on. Are you saying let me involved everyone else? Yeah I think he's just reading the game flow but early on I try to get everyone involved the trying to push the pace push the tempo get into the lane and create and see what happens but as a guy who can scoring in can shoot off the dribble. You have to always be weary and aware of your opportunities to attack. So it's just about taking the shots that they're creating for everybody else and just having that mentality and understanding that I'm going to have the ball in my hands for the majority of the game so I can kind of attack when I went through. So it's important. I'm taking advantage of making sure that Other guys are utilizing their skills and talents. Well it's a small sample size but without dame your average in a over thirty points a game about eleven assists and you're shooting in the high forty s so clearly. You have responded to the challenge. another guy. That's been impressive of late Carmelo. Anthony goes for thirty two. Is I thirty point outing in about two years? What say you about Mr Anthony? I'm excited for him he. He's getting his legs underneath them. It's been a long season Having that year off is bodies had to adjust to the travel and the rigors of playing and his minutes have been extremely high because of the injuries in the fact that he's been so efficient ineffective. We've really needed to have him out there but I'm excited for him. This is a nice challenge for all of us To try to make this push for the playoffs. Yeah it's a fun challenge because of what's at stake and because the fact that we're playing a game we love with our backs against the wall. You know with a lot of injuries in. I think that really helps build character. So we're we're going through a nice character building session as a team as an organization as a franchise as a fan base because we had expectations of you know trying to get to the finals Trying to get a back to the Western Conference finals and we've had some injuries kind of derail some of our our progress. But it's not over and I think. Mel has been a big part of our success as of late and I'm happy to see him play an extremely well and there's a buzzword. I WANNA throw out there right now. It's called treatment. He's done a great job of taking care of himself. Getting the proper treatment he needs to be able to play back to back into be able to flourish As he plays thirty thirty five and sometimes forty minutes In in some of these games can you elaborate on that the treatment because I would imagine. Cj that as your career progresses treatment and all the little things that go into being available and staying ready it becomes extremely hard to stay locked in on so when you see someone like Carmelo who's obviously the tail end of his career a hall of fame career. That's at all the success he's had. What are some of the things that he's doing that you are? You have been What are some of the things that he's doing that you've been really impressed with in terms of the treatment and just like okay? I gotTa do this. GotTa do that. I gotTa make sure I'm ready for this. I've been impressed with his. His mentality is leadership and his consistency. not just on the court but with how he approaches each day in. He knows what he needs to his body. Ready obviously sixteen. Seventeen years in the league. It's clockwork he comes in gets his body work. He's getting his table work and by that. I mean tightening things up. Or whatever may be bothering him. Whether it's hamstrings whether it's your soul as your quads your. It bands your shins Cavs aquiles Hammami's whatever is bothering him or or whatever he thinks needs needs to be touched. He's working going. He's doing his movement In the weight room. And were that's banned work but that s getting lifting whether that's just meditating. Whatever he needs to do for his body he does it consistently and he does it every day and then the massages being able to get soft tissue work Being able to table work Is Extremely important especially in this game and when when I say treatment I'm talking about everything from hydro which is hot hot TUB COLTA plunges steam room to to stretching to functional movement by movement. Stuff I lift essentially every day and I'm on the table Essentially every day getting touched up. You know making sure that the hips are moving properly making sure that My ankles are are are functioning properly so that I can get into and out of my. My dribble moves in and out of my shooting Making sure that my shoulders and everything is is the way it should be. And that's just work you do before after practice and then you kind of expand upon that and you're doing stuff at home. I have masseuse us. I have felt tissue practice practitioners that I use. I have bodyworks specialist lion and are just kind of tightening me up. Maybe that's two hours on the table. Two and a half hours on the table to make sure that everything is the way it should be because the body isn't necessarily built to know to withstand the type of trauma we put on. You know eight nine months all those flights all those minutes. I played forty three minutes. Two Games ago which means basically sat for five minutes in the game and had a heavy load high usage rate. Which means that. I'm more susceptible to injury so I have to be more cautious about. Diet sleep in and that's what I mean by treatment. Wow I'm like right now. I'm thinking to myself being in. The League isn't as glamorous as it all sounds and this is the point. I try to make toward young players. That are so excited. Cj to to go one and done and get in the league and before you make that decision make sure you're damn ready because there's nothing like an eighty two game season. Preseason camp playoffs travel back to backs it is relentless and for you. I'm curious specifically you talked about having minutes and the heavy usage last night you play thirty eight at home. So what's Your post-game routine knowing that you've got to fly across the country basically the next day post game. I usually get a fruit SMOOTHIE and from staff That's usually dairy free with some nutrients Fruits Almond milk or Oat milk This kind of get my recovery started right away. I go cold Tub Hot Tub. I usually get a contrast. Independent Body feels last night. I did about ten minutes in the ICE TUB to Kinda shocked my system so to speak in allow some of the inflammation to leave my body and then usually I go home and have a meal where I go out to even have a meal and try to get as much water as possible to hydrate and start to start the healing process and before I go to sleep I usually drink a cherish which is basically a cherry tart. Drink this all natural It has antioxidant in it. It has Basically stuff in there that allows you to decrease inflammation and there's also natural Melatonin sleep so it helps me sleep so that's also crucial for me. No sugar no sugar added but there's some some sugar in their naturally but I think the biggest thing for is is sleep Try to give as much sleep as possible. Occasionally I'll have some wine about to get that million post game to get data hydration in and then try to get you know seven to nine hours sleep sometimes eight to ten tonight. I'll probably get on ten hours of sleep to get myself ready for a heavy load after that travel and dehydration that does calls in the body. See Your buzzword was treatment my buzzwords water. 'cause I I you know I am all about sleep but waters another thing like. I don't think I can overstate to why anybody if especially if you're playing in the League. What water does How important it is and that you can. I mean at some point you can obviously have too much but like if you get to the point where you're thirsty you're are it's already too late. Correct me if I'm wrong but you WANNA be drinking water enough water throughout the day so that you're never really that thirsty. Yeah I think you hit the nail right on the head there. They're all on air. I was waiting if I could just bring. Cj to that point then we could get a nail on the head and thankfully We did I had to. But you're right. You have to drink a lot of water throughout the day constantly so with breakfast in between meals with lines in between meals with dinner and depending on in a your bladder and your tolerance you should probably cut off. You know our ninety minutes before bed so if you're trying to cram in crush waters late at night it means you're behind the eight ball you should already be hydrated in position To truly sleep without having to wake up or having to have more water but like you said before if you fill out your thirsty is probably too late but that gives you a chance to really knock out abolish to and get as close as possible to getting that gallon a day. That is highly recommended depending on your weight. It's not exactly the most fun thing to do. But it's so important so replace Your Soda with your water. Everyone replace your gatorade with your water and then you can feel good about having a glass of Pinot or to you know afterward exactly. Don't go anywhere because after the break. 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Pull up that's light stream dot com slash. Pull up an additional discount. Light STREAM DOT COM SLASH. Pull up subject to credit approval. Rates include zero point five zero percent auto pay discount terms and conditions apply and offers subject to change without notice. Visit livestream dot com slash. Pull for more information so small ball and Houston has been pretty good so far and you know we. We've been very curious around the league as to how it would play out. It's obviously a pretty small sample size but so far so good and you know they're playing basically. The rockets are everyone under six six. You Have Covington and Jeff Green But for the most part that entire roster including. Pj Tucker who's guarding fours and fives is under six six. It's the smallest roster we've seen by the way in fifty seven years so that gives you an idea of how the rockets if a real though but you know what I I give I wanNA say. Give them credit but I do appreciate that they recognized. Houston did something drastic needed to be done. And because of the situation with their cap they didn't really have the ability to do a whole lot personnel wise. Other than try. Something this this drastic. I commend them because they traded away. Elite rebounder shot blocker in Capella Roll the dice. They're rolling the dice with a smaller unit that allows him to shoot more. Threes allows them to be more squeaky in terms of switching one through five and they bring in Three D. guys and Covington they bring in Jeff Green they bring in Demari Carol guys who fit the role of what a Houston Rockets Wing. Looks like a guy who can shoot guy who can defend the guy who has long arms? That understands how to play basketball. The right way and can be comfortable in content with not handling the ball because the balls and James Harden's hands as well as Russell Westbrook for majority of the game. So you have to be able to play off the ball alongside those star players. You like it though. I mean you see. You Commend Him. Do you like it. Is it entertaining to watch? Is it just interesting? Because it's so different. It's these the rockets in it's it's their analytical wet dream of being able to have all those guys who can shoot and allow them to have as much space as possible for their elite guards to play in space. I think it's important for them to see what happens. They basically are rolling the dice because of the fact that the Golden State Warriors have been their nemesis so to speak in. Have you know held them back from making it to the finals? In in multiple years in in consecutive years Basically and now that the the warriors are out of contention for this season. I think they feel like they're best opportunities to be small to be able to switch in and not have to worry about having polls interior present so I guess I guess what I'm saying is I guess we'll see what happens. This playoffs and and that will determine if it was the right move or not a base on the success. Cj here's the Tillman for Tita In an interview with Austin Texas Stateman Statesman newspaper quote. None of us. Fear L. A. Or the clippers or Denver like we feared Golden State. It's not like now. Sorry it's now like how we were scared of them. We can easily win the West this year or get knocked out in the first round. And then he bay and then he goes on to say you see Rudy Gobert trying to keep up with Russell. Russell was running around like crazy. It's working and we know that Houston has had their way with Utah in the playoffs. The last of years I listen. I don't think Houston's a contender I think they are a team that nobody wants to play. But you mentioned trading away all that size and shot blocking and I know that. The rockets weren't using Capella in the same capacity from a lob standpoint as your years pass but still someone that is extremely effective Obviously an elite shot blocker which is enormous in the playoffs. So I I hear you're saying and I do appreciate that they're not just sitting back and waiting One ELEMENT TO CONSIDER WITH. Houston is the bench because their bench has been really really bad. The last few years basically At the bottom of the rankings. The last three seasons minutes per game a lot points per game very low And this season they're playing you know A lot of guys and Bay macklemore is one of them. Austin rivers You know I just don't know though. Cj IF HOUSTON when it comes down to it because of the lack of size of they're going to be able to beat a team that has even one really big. That's a great point. You bring up because the playoffs turns into a half core game so as as they may be successful and the regular season with the running gun with shooting all the threes as we've seen before when the going is tough to gain comes down the pick and roll who can guard the pick and roll complaining picking role in who can execute in the half court with it as play calling elite athletes being able to maneuver against the opponent and score. They have the elite athletes. They had the elite players but in terms of rebounding in terms of second chance opportunities if they play the a team like the Denver Nuggets a team. That has a good post to your presence. Like like the Lakers. For Instance Anthony Davis WHO POST UP. A lot they may have some problems in terms of rebounding those second chance points and then being able to defend stop guys in the half court. It may become more difficult. Obviously they've had success in the regular season. It's a small sample size. So it's hard to tell but you know playing a six. Six seven center can work against certain teams. But I think there's there's some teams in the league that it may not work against but I guess we're GonNa find out here shortly. Twenty two games remaining until the playoff starts. We're going to see exactly how successful these LINEUPS can be. Based on certain matchups that will becoming coming to a TV near us. Eight and to Houston is since the since the trade with Covington. They've been out rebounded in every single game and usually by a wide margin. So they don't they're not they don't it had exactly embracing that second chance side of analytics But they are averaging nearly a hundred twenty points a game with the small ball so offense offense offense but the difference is and this is the last point. I'll make cj before yellow me on the rockets New Orleans. I talked about. I like how they can how they play small. They don't really have traditional bigs. But the difference with the Pelicans is because they have so many shot makers and creators And they have so much length As well as quickness in power was I on You can get away with a lot of that. You Know Ingram covers up a lot of ground offensively at six nine. Zion does the same drew holiday. You you've told me as good a defender as there is on the perimeter Lonzo ball has the number one guard shooting percentage against in basketball so they have a tremendous amount of link and they're able to cover up a lot. I don't think Houston Canoe. The same necessarily the personnel is completely different. Style of play completely. Different and New Orleans has the option of going into the post. They have the option of having a roller like their favors. A guy who can play around the basket having a stretch for stretch five male who can shoot threes but also rebound Having Zion who shoots eighty percent at the rim in the paint? That's the difference. These rockets are predicated around shooting. Threes playing on James Harden playing one with Russel Westbrook and switching all screens and making the team. They're playing against have to play one on one but the the success rate is there because they're one on one players are better than most teams. Don't want players right. That's why they're successful but the playoffs to your point is is a different game half court yes half court game defense. They're going to be loaded up. They're going to be trapping. They're gonna be forcing guys who aren't used to. Having the roles are making tough shots. Make place that's what that's going to be the difference. How good are your role players because the players are going to be leap but what type of role player is GONNA show up? When the game matters from the game zone ally will they still make shots with their rotations? B Beyond on on time in sharp will they be able to rebound being out rebounded in the is huge because the possessions matter that much more because there's less possessions exactly yeah I'm sure you saw. I had a very small but I don't know maybe somewhat significant piece of breaking news yesterday which F Green they did extend him He's been shooting well over seventy percent from three in three games with them They basically are gonNA roll him out to guard fives along with. Pj Tucker Covington. They're very happy with that group and they believe in it so we'll see I don't believe it's going to work long term. I think they can win. A series but I am interested to watch them. I will say that. Stay tuned Paul Fans. Because after the break all bother. Cj About embiid and Simmons and their injuries the Utah Jazz and of course the rest of the West. Don't go anywhere. You got big plans for twenty twenty but when will you find time to do it? 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That's five dollars off your first order when you download the door DASH APP in the APP store in. Enter the code pull up. Don't forget the coldest pull up for five dollars off your first order dish. So the other team in the east. Cj that we we. We've talked a lot about Milwaukee all year. We haven't talked a lot about the sixers and you know. Obviously Ben Simmons is hurt. Joel embiid for those who Well I guess tomorrow. We'll find out more as we're recording. This he left the game against Cleveland. Philadelphia lost the game and embiid reportedly reportedly will have an MRI tomorrow but Why don't we just for the for the sake of this argument? Assume that embiid doesn't have a serious injury but we know we do know that. Ben Simmons is out for an extended period of time. First impression when you hear that is what terrible luck terrible. Fortune incidences already hurt Now in B. Goes Down Twenty Games before the playoffs star. This is not good regardless of what comes back on the right. You don't want your best players going into the playoffs injured or potentially not being able to play after a hard fought season on securing playoff positioning. So that's that's a terrible blow is a terrible blow. But specifically with Simmons though because they don't really have like Philadelphia doesn't have a ton of secondary playmakers though rely on on Josh Richardson. The rely on Raul Net so to a degree. But but Simmons is the guy because they don't like their whole offense is built around him and beat And obviously till by degree but Simmons's The table center and him there offensive rating or points per possession. Cj drops significantly About six points per one hundred possessions. So that gives you an idea of the difference in styles. Because they're not able to get into their offense in fact They have one of the biggest they have one of the biggest Decreases in getting into an offense in terms of time it takes. This is a really interesting stat to me. At least because without Simmons they're not able to generate that that you know they're not able to generate possessions as fluidly and so without him on the floor for an extended of time. Now you're asking players to your point earlier about Houston. That aren't used to initiating offense now they're going to have to do it and if MB's out for any amount of time. I ain't Philadelphia is born dead in the water because there's no way they can. They can succeed without those two. They're in trouble. You know who else is in trouble? The Utah Jazz You know we're not talking sixers. We're moving onto the talking sixers eighty war. We're going to the Utah Jazz. Because I'm in the Western Conference and I liked how woke up to. This is very interesting. News all right. I'M GONNA backtrack for a second. I completely agree. The sixers are lost at times without Ben Simmons because he initiates the offense. He's the rebounder who can start the break. He keeps everybody involved and allows Joel. Embiid to thrive because of the tempo when the temple is going like that defensively they're getting easy baskets NBC switches. He's getting more possessions to score offensively so the game is a lot slower when they have a lot to figure out. They don't have a lot of playmakers. Chaucer Richardson good to guard. But he's not much of a playmaker to buy says great creative for himself but doesn't create for others so they're they're in trouble but the Utah Jazz. They allegedly spoke to the team. They tell Mike Conley Junior. You're going to come off the bench. Joe Ingles is going to start. Iii told Rice O'Neil he was GONNA start. They have an off day the next day. They changed their minds or someone changed their minds and they announce Mike Conley. You'RE GONNA start. Ingles you're going come off the bench. They've lost what eight out of their last twelve. They've been struggling since the break to try to find their identity. Connolly's been hurt most this season so he hasn't been able to get into rhythm they found a kind of a rhythm while he was hurt and then he had to come back into the lineup and it kind of threw things off a little bit joy. Angles plays extremely well as a primary by facilitator. He was shooting the boss really was a starter as kind of cooled off since because of the changes in rotation among other things. If you're Utah Jazz Fan. How worried argue that the lineup changes are happening with Twenty Games remaining before the playoff starts? I'm more worried about the lack of effort and attention to detail than I am about. This specific personnel Although that is a worry as well but when you allow Phoenix to come into your building and go shoot fifty six percent sixty percent from three basically score it will and then Quin Snyder. Says it's a collective commitment at the defensive end. They've lost three in a row We know last year they had the second rate defense in the NBA. You know this year. They've been able to score and at times outscore people but recently because of these issues is lack of effort. Attention to detail again. You know when you allow Phoenix to come into your building. Put Sixty nine up in the second half That's very concerning so I guess I'm more concerned about a lack of effort at this time in the season. I know it's a post. All-star break a lull perhaps but Utah has to good cj and they have too many good scores to be in a position where they're not able or not able to get defensive stops and not able to just like. I know that Rudy. Gobert is a two-time defensive player of the year. And he's wanted the last two but he can't cover everything up and you cannot turn the ball over. Twenty Times at home against Phoenix. Phoenix hasn't turned anybody over. That's just not good enough and it's really become a problem when you're talking about playing against elite defensive teams in the half court for a prolonged series. I think it's a lot of things happening right now. Identity crisis they historically have hung their hats on ball movement flow great defense and kind of funneling things in Rudy Rudy to block those shots now with the way the NBA game has evolved. The pace has picked up more. Three point. Shots are being taken teams. Were taken rudy out of the game but shooting so many threes by staying outside to pay by pulling him away from the basket and having those stretch. Fives AND MOBILE. Bigs out there. I think that's GonNa Change things a little bit to where he's not able to impact The pay as much as he has in the past and I think the other part of it is figuring out spacing figuring out timing fearing Gal. Who's GonNa play down the stretch of gains because they have so much talent in depth? I think they've they've never been in this situation before the where they have a guy like my connelly to have Joe. Ingles to have key rotation guys who have play well but now trying to figure out their roles and where they fit in amongst each other a lot of guys before. We're just happy to be out there. Now Roy so no signs of three or four year extension. He's expecting to play my colleagues one hundred million dollar player. He's expecting to start. Joe Ingles is used to big shots and being out there all the time so his rhythm is being thrown off. So I think there's just a lot going on to where the uncertainty is flowing and then you start losing you start questioning the scheme. You start questioning whether or not. We should be doing certain things because of the fact that we're not winning. I was just going to say. At what point does that happen with? Someone like insider who is very well respected and I mean up until recently. I don't think you'd hear a bad word. Said about him in Salt Lake. So does he have enough sweat equity in that building to meet the answer's Yes but do you think he has enough sweat equity built up to withstand another bad week? Another bad couple of weeks where things aren't going quite as well. Oh He's absolutely fine. I'm not saying much CJ. I'm not saying to get fired. I'm talking about losing the team and that because I don't see any of that. Oh No no no. No no no no. They'll they'll rally around each other in figure things out. It's it's it's too premature for guys to start disliking each other in in kind of checking out especially with the playoffs. Twenty Games away. It's too close For people to kind of check you out. I think you may be upset. You may be confused at the situation but based on the type of players I think they have I think they'll be all right now. Depending on how things go in the play offs that could shift things a little bit. That could shift people's mentalities heading into the summer that could create some uncertainty and to wear moves could be made if things don't go as planned because of the fact that they've had so much Change in volatility with the Linas volatility with the success. You Know Ten twelve game winning streaks to losing eight out of twelve to losing ten to twelve at times. They've struggled while but to your point about Roy Sony on that extension He's a he's a very good perimeter defender the obviously value him Enough to give them a big deal and he he's GonNa be expected to play. But you know the same can be said about ingles about Conley obviously by Donovan. These guys all in the a Lotta minutes You want I don't I don't believe. Cj that Conley's been comfortable really all year. I don't think he's really found that that rhythm that niche and I think they've been able to overcome it because Donovan so good Because Donovan's been so good and obviously Carson as we've talked about has been excellent since coming over from Cleveland but you talked about the playoffs. That's when you need Conley and that's when you need if you like if you're marquee players don't come. Don't come to play in the postseason. You're you're not going to beat anybody so What would it take then and your mind like well. It'd be the first domino to fall for for this thing to go way. South. Is it Conley saying. I don't WanNA come off the bench. is it You know what how how? How do things go really badly? I think things go really badly. Thank you swept in the first round. Outside of that I think they have the type of players who will be able to go into a room to figure out what's best for the team Connolly's obviously a starter a guy who should be starting this league. But he hasn't gotten comfortable. He hasn't found his niche within the organization. So I think a full season or full summer together going into next season could create better clarity and chemistry especially if everyone's healthy but I think outside of them losing in the first round especially if it's like a sweeper gentleman sweep they'll be able to kind of rally in figure it out but in the end the sweep occurs or something of that magnitude change will be on the horizon. What has not been a great defensive team all year. They had not had the same ability to lockdown possessions to your point about Rudy As great as he is You can mitigate some of his impact By running and gunning and doing things that Houston does and that's why Houston's dominated them so much Including recently One note their lineups Rudy Gobert Mitchell by Donna. Vich when they're paired with INGLES O.`Neil. Utah's plus sixteen. Okay that number. Goes Down Two points when you substitute ingles with Conley? Cj Mike Conley averaged just thirteen point four points and obviously scoring not the be all and end all especially for a lead guard but it is worth noting that its lowest scoring output in eight years. And it's really the lowest efficiency clip of his entire career particularly from to where he's always been a really good finish around the basket you know he's ambidextrous he can really create and he's a great snake triple he can really create off the pick in Raleigh screen at that snake triple. He's got that patent floater with either hand. Just doesn't seem like he's ever been able to find himself this year and I keep going back to that because if Utah's going to have the type of sustained playoff run that they hope colleagues going to have to be much better and they're going to have to play him considerable minutes so yes it is a cause for concern for the Utah Jazz before it and it's a the lottery responsibility and a lot of moving parts for Quin Snyder to manage. And that's what they have to figure out how they can be most successful especially in the playoffs and if that means limiting someone's minutes that's that's the route they may have to take and I think players Eagles will have to be left at the door. Otherwise they'll have to be done with properly see. I feel like we've covered pretty much. Everything I do wanna hit wine but I do also want ask you quickly. Your take on Steph curry returning to the lineup Sunday. I'm happy for him Return to the lineup. I think their fans are excited. That they'll be able to see him. Play this season. After an injury feel season Kinda left them in shambles so to speak Because of so many guys going down trades that happening now being able to get their. Mvp back For some games as he kinda tuned up for the Olympics I think that gives them hope for the game. The game itself. It misses stuff curry for sure. Never WanNa see anybody out due to injury. And the fact that he's such an elite basketball player makes it even better. Because now you get to watch another guy on TV Playing entertaining hitting shots making the game. Fun and I'm sure for his sake. The rehab process has been brutal. You know having to do a lot of things over again. Learning how to do certain things like shooting dribbling walking moving your hand around using your hand again getting the nerves to feelings back. It's a brutal process when you go to Rehab saw. I'm sure he's static to be able to return. Yeah and do you think there's value because I do and him playing this season? Not just for him. But establishing some type of rhythm with their new roster and remember it was already a new roster before the season but then obviously delegates. Del Wiggins is there they have changed things up considerably. And I know clay's not playing but don't you think there's value for Steph to be on the floor from a collective standpoint of here's how it's GonNa feel and look next season. There's huge by him returning because they're still twenty plus games left so he's able to kind of get back into game rhythm you don't want to have him go through the entire season summer without playing In Games you want to be able to play alongside the younger players so they understand what it's like to be out there with him. They understand the magnitude of him being on the court. How much spacey creates for? Everybody and allows draymond to to have some pressure taken off because he had a of responsibilities and wiggins will get to play alongside him as well so they can get tuneups for next season. I like it You'RE IN INDIANAPOLIS. Not exactly the the Blueprint of Great winemaking but You've been in Oregon. Have you enjoyed any will limit? Pinos or fringe burgundies of late. I haven't had any French burgundies as of late but I did have some Oregon Pinot last night With mellow we went to one of our our spas downtown the Domaine Serene y lounge downtown. We kept open for us so we cracked open some some vintage bottles and domains of ninety five point plus Two thousand seven Grace we had two thousand seven. Mark Bradford Among other wines started with some Chardonnay and began to dive into the red so it was a good time. We enjoyed ourselves We ordered some some steak from El Gaucho along with crabcakes Caesar Salad and spinach and cream corn so it was a nice night of dinner and Wine Dairy. I did I did it. I did it. I usually go dairy free everything but every every now and then you have to reintroduce it to your body to see how you respond to it and I've been responding well so I'm excited about it. You know. I had some great one in the bow. You haven't asked me about my trip and Oh man I forgot you. Were off for like a year. I'll how was your trip after you left the island. What is you drink? I was pretty much in the the whole time. And so if I thought this was going to be like a strictly Wine trip because we had some really good Pinos and bring these but then I started to go to the Negroni route. And have you ever had one of those? I don't think so. It's an Italian drink gin based it's got that Vermouth Vermouth what do I don't even know how to call it. It's a bitter orange bitter. It's very good. It's a classic Italian drink very refreshing so I hit that up and then all these Caribbean guys were like you. GotTa try all this rum and needless to say I didn't experiment with the rump. Because I think Rahm is very dangerous. Very dangerous drink Very sugary and I do not do well mixing sugar with alcohol so I stayed away from the room. However my brother-in-law did not and he paid a price so I'm happy I did but I mostly had one. It was a very good wine trip That's awesome. I'm glad you had that. I'M GONNA add that in my arsenal With with the rum rum is top. You're not around Guy Right. I can be a rum guy especially when I'm on the island so really. I'll let you know how that goes. A Buddy of mine started a company Around Company. Called ten to one shameless. Plug really good duties from Trinidad and It's very good. It's actually the only room I really drink because I don't get a hangover so next time you're in town and you don't have a game. I will give you a sample and I think you'll like it. It's your new new rom sounds good. I'm looking forward to a man in the meantime in between time. It's almost bedtime here on the east coast because I coming in old man. I can't stay up very late. Armagh man can catch us on apple podcast spotify radio DOT com slash. Pu Louis C. J. Or wherever you get your shows and don't forget the up.

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