Hour 2: NBA Officiating


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What was going through your mind so he touches on the ball on the ball and then okay Joe? You're a hundred percent right. I can respect the hell out of that. He goes and talks to the guy after it happened. He was a punter for those of you. Brad takes that very very serious by the way Eh. I felt like I was missing. Something now. Just realize it's Greenie that doesn't have it doesn't need it's a Jacuzzi Locker here so thank you so much for allowing me to steal your time. Oh my goodness everything about that sentence. Funny as always get up coming to live from the seaport district seventeen brought to you by chase and this is the menu for our number two. What's up with that and Dallas with the clock? Ticking towards decision Asian time everyone has something to say including all fame former cowboys. Who say this guy could be the answer in Dallas and say they're hearing it could what happened? What in the heck pulls all over it? He joins US and then did you watch the XFL this weekend they had at least one idea the NFL should steal immediately. And I'm not not talking about the kickoffs that and more in this hour again which starts right now with that man that Prescott he threw for a career high. Four hundred four thousand nine hundred yards this year. Secondly behind Jamie's came up one yard shy of matching Tony Romo for the most in a single season in team history. He also threw a career high thirty morning. touchdowns fourth of the League joining Romo as the only quarterbacks with thirty passing touchdowns in a season in cowboys history on the total. Qbr over seventy seventy point. One one was fourth in the NFL. Second time he's had a quarterback rating of at least seventy in his career had a Qbr of seventy seven point six his rookie year. which begs the question? Why why doesn't he have a contract? A cowboys President Steven Jones was asked about the franchise tag possibilities over the weekend and said quote. Our goal is to avoid it. We want to get a deal done. WE'RE GONNA roller price leaves. And when these things get they get done but both sides have got to be in place we think we're within shouting distance of getting something. Done the obvious assumption. One makes from that sentence is that at least even Jones doesn't think they're within shouting distance. Let's shouted keyshawn Johnson. Our Buddy is with us live from Bristol. It'd be down here in our studio later this week. Good to see it was always key and one of the things that has come up is if they can't get a deal done here. I've had a lot of people at my desk. Tell me that Prescott do Zeke did and hold out. What do you well? I think that eventually deal will get done it may not get done until summertime but it franchising him will allow you to negotiate long-term i. I don't think that as a quarterback that you hold out like a running back like a wide receiver defensive player because you're you're the key guy that is particular football team now. Let me take into consideration. The offense will not change because killing more will be calling the plays. There'll be some things that are in there that McCarthy brings to the table. I would say this offense is probably going to stay about ninety percent of what it was the last couple of years holding out for him really doesn't do anything negotiations as we all know whether it's been in television or those guys on the panel with you right they're negotiating contracts and football. It takes time in pressure points. Come March is a pressure point deadline headline Jones. A pressure point did lie so you got all their time in between to make a decision on what your long term goals are going to be key and let me. Just throw this at you. Because I mean the cowboys. Cowboys have the leverage. If they decide a franchise him they don't have to face any other pressure point. If they don't want to the only leverage left deck would have at that point would be to do what Zeke did go to Kabul and say. Okay you WANNA start this whole new era without your quarterback. Good luck to you why you are right but at the same time I think not only does his sign understand. Stan what's going on in Dallas cowboys. Understand what's going on quarterbacks. Don't hold out I mean what was the last time. We quarterback a starting quarterback of a team that has an opportunity to maybe make a run into the playoffs. Hold out they don't they just don't do it. Plus on top of that. He doesn't WanNA face the scrutiny. That that will be there it's GonNa be if he holds out people are going to start to say he's selfish. You Know Oh my God look what he's doing to the team. He's a quarterback. He should know better. Tom Brady will never do this as Peyton. Manning would never do this Russell Wilson. Whenever do this this is the thing that you have to understand when you DAK Prescott so I don't believe at all and I understand it's fascinating for us to have these conversations but I don't think for one bit? There's going to be a lengthy hold out in this situation. Greenie more from keyshawn in a second but cliff win teaches. said the whole thing about quarterbacks hold out you said that's part of the problem. Yes why explain that for this part of the problem because they expect you to be there for one. He brought up some some some players. You Know Oh Bob Russell Wilson and all those other guys those guys have never been in a situation like this as well right. They extend those guys years in advance. So of course they're never in those situations but in this particular situation Getting Franchise I think that has all the levers because you want your quarterback and if you apply that pressure of saying hey. I'm not going to be there. You know these next few months. Well Ah does your season off for a while. I've been franchise and they put mine. They held mine off the Franchise Tag. They held my day off until June. You can't do that with a quarterback back. You gotTa have a quarterback there for the off season workouts. You need them there because part of what that salary encompasses. It's not just the fact that you're the most important player on the field. It's the fact that you're the leader of so that's why we're going to give you the extra couple of million dollars that everybody says you're overpaid for and he shouldn't get that leadership. It's when you hold out. There's two things that can happen either. The Teen Commissioner more and they'll want to get it done and get you back or can anger them in infuriate. I'm curious to see how that goes with Jerry with the fact that he doesn't show up. If that's GonNa put your forcing we need him or if that's going to then flip it the other way and say hey we negotiate in good faith we want you there because as I read that quote again for the second time today I read it more closely. And he's saying both sides have to be within shouting distance of each other. He's saying right now. They're not yeah. I think they've negotiated to a point. Point in having really moved off of it since about September October. I think that's probably talking about. Depends if he if he doesn't show up for their April program again that would not be a holdout holdout franchise do wouldn't be under contracts. We didn't sign it even if he was April and May are voluntary. So we can't say hold out we can but we shouldn't say hold up one point audience. These guys are talking about absolutely keyshawn says quarterbacks. Don't hold up is the first time for everything. If he did it it would be seismic. It would tell Patrick. Mahomes John Watson and you can do this and you can get away with it because you have more power than people will realize and then people in your position have been willing to exert in years past. I mean look. The precedent was set last year. With Zeke I get. He's not a quarterback but I mean he's in Kabul they controlled him in a way it's contractually in a way they absolutely don't with Jack and they made a deal with him while he was down there. Well Nice guys get glass and also you can throw running doc ID right. Before the end of the season you cannot do that. Water starting quarterback another name into this makes. It might not Tom Brady. Okay one of the biggest questions heading into into this obscene is where Tom Brady will end up. Signing Michael Irvin was on w. e.. I in Boston recently and discussed very interesting possibility of the cowboys trading trading deck in signing. Brady here's what he said voted Miami severe significant people and I had some conversations Y- Meaning in that same pressure and it was shocking. I mean I had had a boxer cranberry my head and they said it to me. I put the drink down. Let's talk a little. It's very important. That the vodka cranberry was part of this Earned went on twitter Sunday to clarify his comments. He said I never said Jerry or anyone in the organizations Shen said this to me. It was not anyone with the Dallas cowboys. So let's bring keyshawn back in here at keyshawn. Can you see Brady going to the cowboys. What's your reaction to all? Yeah I don't drink vodka. cranberry just just so that you know no. I can't see him going to any team other than the team that he's been with his entire career rear which are the New England patriots. I know fascinating. I know we want to talk about it. Because he's taking it to the point where it's going to get two free agency. He teased everybody with the with the super. WHOA commercial we? Everybody kind of gravitated to that ran with that at the end of the day. A guy like Tom Brady. Who's been with an organization's entire career doesn't leave unless team doesn't want him and that's not the filling in New England the New England patriots? Tom Brady back. They're gonNA give him a contract. He's going to sign fine. You'll be there for some sort of OTA's minicamps and he'll start the season trying to get back to the Super Bowl. The New England patriots. That's a very important point to make that. We always always will point out. Well look at all these guys who finished their careers and other places Joe Montana Peyton manning etc those were different circumstances yes correct. We're ready to move move on and in this case. It's not obvious that the team has made me bill. Belichick is ready to move on and we don't know we don't have any indication of that right then right. Our understanding is that the Patriots will make an effort right to bring him back. Yes and so. He's saying almost the same thing you said. which is you've been in twenty years in one place? The chance of wanting to leave that circumstance seems unlikely to you. Yeah I think a slip. I I mean we talk about all the different things at Tom Brady has been able to do. We all know here that it's extremely hard to play one organization right for for a a long period of time. Tom Has been doing it for twenty years. He set up so much stuff there. We're talking about. TB twelve one of his workout facilities is right next to the dog on practice facility. Nobody the NFL has that gone. So why would you get up and leave and I don't think those guys want to. They want to they want this thing to be legendary. It messes up the legendary story. If Tom Decides ties he wants to go play somewhere else. And let's not forget this. I mean they were a week. Seventeen victory over the Miami dolphins away from being the number two seed really one playmaker. You're on offense away from being legit again. It'll be able guard double teams down the field and they have a very very very experienced roster. We don't call it old experienced. Asa astle with that. They could probably run this thing back for another year or two and that would give them the best chance to win spoiler alert. They're the oldest team in the NFL. Let's bring playmaker back into this heat. Is there any and you played for ballot check. Is there any question in your mind. He wants Brady back he absolutely wants Brady back. We'll never we'll never hear bill belichick say that because it's just it's not his style he never pats anybody on the back. Why you're playing for him is always feels? As though there's this tension between player and Bill Belichick when in fact fact that's never the case he's just that's just his personality he he's not going to say. Oh I got to have Tom Brady back. Got He's GonNa do it privately with the owner primarily really with whoever his guys are within the organization. And that's pretty much it. I think when you think about it though green fellows Joe Montana left to go to the Kansas City chiefs because Steve Young was right behind him but also hack. It was his quarterback coach with the San Francisco. Forty honest became the offense coordinator with the Kansas City chiefs. So there was nothing changed. Their the office was the same. If Tom Brady was go somewhere else he would have to learn an entirely new offense at forty nine years old or whatever you'll be forty three in August air. Josh mcdaniels might get a head. Coaching Ching job. And we were all putting maybe Brady and mcdaniels together going somewhere new. That is not the way this wind up going. We'll talk about another quarterback here. Let's talk about Baker Mayfield field coming off a stand-out rookie. Year Baker Mayfield experienced a sophomore slump. Twenty nine hundred to say. The least. He had the worst touchdown reception ratio in the sport. Six ten season is it. The browns and their new front office of came out in support of him. Stephen has some questions what hell is all of this stuff. The massaging charging up Baker. Mayfield what you've done you twenty two touchdowns twenty one in the bottom line is this. He can play. I'm not knocking and Baker Mayfield. I know he's not a scrub but my God to sit up the soak up all the adulation and to produce so little and for folks to have this insatiable appetite to continue to support him. What are you going to do next? Put a pacifier in his mouth. So hey you could listen to it all day. Be John Your thoughts. Well I mean you have to support your quarterback. We need a new general manager and a new head coach. He got to give him an opportunity to to prove you wrong. I mean you don't want to come in. There is start off like the tough guy and you better do this and you'd better do it this way or else we're going to get rid of you you you just kind of let it settle down a little bit see what he is as a player. I mean you obviously have watched him over the last couple of years. So you know what type of quarterback he could be on both sides. Good good and bad. And if you're worth anything as a coach you try to maximize his talent as much as you can and then you see what it is you know midway through the year if it's not working out and then you start having that conversation about well maybe I'll go look to do something which you certainly want to pat him on the back. You don't want him coming in there. If feeling like the world world is against him yet graziano he's eligible. Baker is for an extension after next season. I think what keyshawn saying is really important. Here we gotta give him some time but either way just the likelihood in your mind of the browns may be moving past him or what could they do here to maybe help Baker right now. Yeah I think it's too soon obviously to move past Baker Mayfield. I think when you talk about Higher Kevin's defence is the head coach. One of the things. The browns liked about him is his background in. Minnesota is not. He's not bringing in one system right. He's worked in a a number of different offensive systems with a number of different quarterbacks. So too key Shawn's point. This is a coach. They can take a player. What does he do? Well how can we build it around him. So I think that's probably three point one and then you know earlier in the show. I was a cliff. I think the suggested bringing in a veteran yes be with Baker and maybe push them a little bit. I think knowing what we you know about Baker and his competitiveness. That's probably not a bad idea. I mean he's known for having a chip on his shoulder right. That's been his whole thing. He has a tip on her shoulder. You wants to prove people wrong. Well guess what. If that's how he performs at his best bringing veteran quarterback that's GonNa push them a little bit that's GonNa make that's GonNa make him better himself in all aspects of the game but also just learned from that better than as well. It's nothing harder than to go into a system to attain and not really know how to lead these grown men. You know I know for myself. I had been a veteran that came came in and taught me how to be a pro is play. Football is another thing to be a couple of pro so having somebody like that pushing it would be a different thing into this constitution. Here Look I've been heavily critical of the browns end of Baker. Mayfield all through the season because it was a mess in the two seasons that he has been their starting quarterback. They've won thirteen games in the two seasons uh-huh prior to that. They one one one in thirty one. He became the quarterback of the worst franchise in American Professional Sports. And it wasn't close. You made this point earlier earlier. He is now on his fourth head. Coaches played two seasons. I get that we think they put a lot of great talent around him and they did at least in the in the in the names on the back of the Jersey but the offensive line was terrible. The head coach clearly didn't seem to have any idea what he was doing. So I'm not absolving Baker of all responsibility for what happened but the notion ocean. You would be even considering giving up on him at this point strikes me as ridiculous and I believe in his rookie year. He threw more touchdown. Passes Peyton. Manning did as a rookie rookie. He was very good so as a general manager as head coach. You just want to be able to see the upside. What is what is good is this player can be now? The second piece of that is how do we get into into that to play there for sixteen games each and every year a lot of that goes in to the players you put around this stability in the front office and then also having one head coach for warriors two or three years maybe even more than eight games. He's been he's been there two seasons he's now on his fourth head coach and none of that is him right. Sometimes you say well. These guys are coach killers. None of that is most of that. The seeds of that were sown long before he got so anyway again. I'm not suggesting he's going to be the greatest quarterback quarterback that ever lived. Forgive them you've got to give him a chance at this point. We'll have more football as we go but let's keep keyshawn here for the Basketball Congress. Sneaky big news actually Greenie from the NBA. Despite light watching the Lakers game courtside with Jeanie Buss last week veteran guard Darren Collison has reportedly decided to remain retired will not return to the NBA this season. Here's here's what Ramona. Shelburne and Brian winward had to say last week after the Lakers decided to stand pat at the trade deadline. They were very focused on not Disrupting their culture. Okay not disrupting this this brotherhood that they built not just over the course of the season but especially so in this last week. Where are the best in the NBA? I don't know what you you know you can tell it. The RAMONA's describing is important. And I don't know what I would have done if I was rob Pelinka because I still feel like like the Lakers are a player short. Sean Vernon did this. Darren Collison things get maybe a little more attention than it even warranted. Considering where the Lakers. Actually Dr Yeah and the Lakers are a really good team there. In first place in the West and Darren Collison is GonNa make a huge difference what he provides his death and your concern is the wear Tara this long NBA season. We're sixty four percent through the regular season right now. What they're asking Lebron the number of minutes that they're logging and then the oldest team in the NBA Keyshawn back into this conversation for an answer to this as well? He also radio show there in Los Angeles. You obviously having these conversations every single day. He'll ask you the same question I asked. Ask Sean earlier this morning. If you want to check something that matter to you on the outcome of this. Do you like the Lakers to win the championship as constituted. I do I think that if we can and get our play from the second unit and weakened somehow get Rondo to SORTA Kinda be playoff Rondo as he's been nicknamed and if we can get called coups La to start knocking down shots on a consistent basis in planning a little better defense with the second unit. Our frontline guys. I'm not too worried about is the second unit. That scares me a little bit. As as we get toward playoff push is saying Yun is the reason why I look at the clippers. The Clippers second unit is far more productive than the Lakers second. They affected the most productive active second unit and all the NBA Liederman scoring they need rebounding admits. And let's not forget they've played twice. You know who's won both times the clippers have and one of those games without Paul. George Look I think these are the two best teams in the Western Conference by far Utah and Denver obviously are playing better But I think the Lakers and the clippers. It is to team race in the western conference right now to see who's going to potentially play the box at the NBA finals time. Do you worry at all about the low though on Lebron Brian Right now for sure. Do He's thirty five years old. How can you not I mean? He look he superhuman. And we heard Conor McGregor say he. I learned how to invest in my body because Lebron James this is done over the course of his career. There's nobody in the league that has done a better job. Maintaining their level of fitness Other than Bobby Carpenter on. Get up what you look at it. I mean Lebron Lebron puts in more work than anybody can withstand all of this. Yeah he can ages undefeated and eventually it gets you and I hope it doesn't. We have to talk about the bobby photos. But that's a separate conversation quickly. keyshawn there in LA LAKERS CLIPPERS. Seven Games in late. May who wins. I'm probably going to go with the Lakers. and Nissim Greenie. I'm a homer so I'm just a home but I think cook them. Getting Marcus. Morris obviously adds something to them. In terms of a little more edgy and toughness outside of Rondo on our team lebrons not that tough guy like that people know his style of basketball good ball. He's rough guide. That'll go to the company. Give you an elbow. That's the markets more. We gotta find that guy on the Lakers. We gotta find a guy somewhere and I don't know if he's we are right now. He's great to see we'll see down here a little later this week. Thank you for jumping in with us. This morning I liked the way. He calls the Lakers Fan. I like it best it still as we continue here coming up. One of Mitchell trubisky. His teammates strongly added back this weekend. You'll hear why the bears must investigate other quarterbacks in and should that start with Cam Newton plus if you missed it late Friday. There was a play that enraged deigned Lillard. We'll tell you why the NBA has a problem because he was absolutely right. All right get up on. 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E seventy eight is only going to write in five minutes. Is it time for the bears to make some tough decisions at quarterback. We'll talk about it. Plus the fallout from terrible miscall in the NBA the other night and his Washington in plays at the number two spot in the NFL draft will answer those questions more as we continue next get up on ESPN AT IBM problems. Inspire us to push the world forward. That's why so many people work with us on everything from city. Traffic to ocean. Plastic smart loves problems IBM. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT com slash. SMART to learn more a lot of this morning talking about young quarterbacks a succulent Mitchell trubisky bisky he and the bears won the NFC north in two thousand eighteen and then in his second full season as a starter key and they took a step backwards last year. The only qualified quarterback in the league to average fewer than ten yards per completion. At least one teammate. However very much has is back to see what Prince Amukamara said quote? You heard it here. In trubisky we trust plus coming from the guy who sees him work hard. I know what he has in store. I still feel like he played great I last year and I think he's our guy he said that the TMZ Eh Graziano is he their God. They want him to be but I don't think they're one hundred percent. Sure that people in that building we'll tell you we've seen the great things he can do. It's a matter of him. Getting consistent with his mechanics is decision making et Cetera et CETERA. So so what what princess articulating. There is a feeling that they do have on that team. Like Hey we we've you've seen it. We know what he can do. We can get behind this but we're heading into year four and there are still consistency questions. So I think you're looking at a interesting. We've been talking about flex points there at one with quarterback. I think they've probably bring a veteran. And this leads to read the same situation as Ryan Tannehill or Marcus. Mariota was in down in Tennessee. See where you'll love the guy. He works his up. Everybody really wants him to be the man but the inconsistency just kills you and so you see the ups you see the downs and to me. I could see the bringing in a guy like Andy Dalton to me. The perfect control quarterback everybody's looking at the last couple of years where he struggled his first five years. They made the playoffs. The Cincinnati Defense all teams under twenty points a game. He was forty five and eight green. You know what the bears defense holds. Yeah Tina Gay rights put him in there. It probably went in twelve games. I get A lot of quarterbacks are GONNA win a lot of games when defense doesn't give up a lot of points but your point is well taken turn it over here. Here's what I'll say here's what I'll say. I was very critical last year of Matt. Nagy the head coach of the Beers because if you watch Mitchell trubisky play. He should be playing Josh Allen plays he should be playing. The offense should not. That's not what the offense Matt Nagy want. Matt Nagy as an Andy Reid disciple he wants. Patrick mahomes well guess what. You could have drafted Patrick wrong. They didn't they took Mitch trubisky cliff. That's not what he does. So my question into you is if you design an offense and. I don't know that the coach wants to do this. But if you design an event that takes advantage of the thing. The guy does well which is primarily running with the ball the way they are you in buffalo to a lesser extent. Way To get in Baltimore. Do you think he can succeed for certain succeed. Because that's why that's why people love them so much right. I think a lot of times coaches get in their own way when they draft certain players. They want to try to fit this player into their system. No get your quarterback that actually plays system but if he does not play in that type of system then you have to gravitate and change up the way you do things and put him in a system that he'll flourish because it's your livelihood on Line Two and part of the reason is they're judging him being based the second overall pick in the draft if they traded up to go get this guy so those are the expectations they have. If you've taken them in the second round mid I I think it's okay but you've seen the ceiling now that he has and it's not a ceiling of Watson. It's not a ceiling homes and I think that's what's frustrating. 'cause there's probably more than Josh Allen Motto Or. Can you win with Josh Allen. I mean I think the answer is probably well. If you can't can't what are you doing. Well the question is how high is the ceiling and I think with trubisky you talk about. Titans Plan of bringing in a veteran people need to remember. They weren't necessarily giving up on Mario when they made that move. There would have been perfectly happy if Mario had taken off this year. And they never had to put Tannen. Bears are in the same situation they bring in someone like Dolphin. I also think I think bringing the veteran also just teaching him to be a pro game. You know you hear all this stuff about them. Last year they're cutting. TV's off 'cause they don't WanNa hear what the media say like that's some childish type so that's college like that that comes with this job that comes with being a top three pick. Whatever it is you know so having a veteran player in teaching them how to become a professional quarterback in the NFL is huge? So bring somebody. Nobody is to do that. I think would help them minutes now to me when you take it. And it's so talented. There's no more interesting quarterback situation in the League right now than there is in Chicago based upon the decisions they have all right. Let's talk about basketball. Let's do it Andrea Dala friend of get up making his debut for the heat against the Blazer. Sean foreign the heat's new additions contributing leading early I gue- dolla hitting Jay crowder and he hits the three one three two points in the game. Yeah he did six rebounds three assists anyway to the fourth quarter under the minute to go in the game. Blazers up by five Damian Lillard driving and crowder called for a foul if would-be reviewed. What's going on here? Oh you know the the review process works in Dame you know. He's a big fan of the review. Yeah little more on that coming momentarily you take another look there. Miami challenge the offensive Kathy. He's not happy he's mad at the review. Okay closing seconds blazers up one eleven to one away Lillard driving there he hits layup any looks for the foul doesn't get. It doesn't matter matter. Though he had thirty three points in the Blazers win one. Fifteen to one zero nine. Since the start of the new. Your Damian Lillard has been playing basketball on a completely different planet. He's averaging forty two to points per game over his last ten games in thirty four since January. I in addition he has the most thirty point games forty point games and fifty point games in in the NBA in that span. But let's do a little flashback. So Lillard was involved in a controversial. No call on Friday night. That Sean alluded to as the officials mistake clear Bolton when Rudy Gobert blocked lillard potential tying layup in the final seconds. Lillard not happy after the loss. Here's what he said about it. We did to the last. Just play the game and they miss it easy call and then they tell us is an easy no call like that was obviously not a golden causes of all right so you heard him there saying the officials admitted that the golden should have been called the plane not reviewable. Why is this not right? Like why can't they get it right. Sean here's the problem. If you review that play okay. Let's say the situation is exactly what it was. You Review that play and you stop the game healing okay. Well let's review it. And they determined it was not a gold ten and nobody had possession of all then it would go to a jump ball situation so you go. You have to go and say okay. We're GONNA jump all here. I don't care you can breakdown move. The rural ways written. That was the easiest play to see. There's nothing did he. Did he get some of the arm or was it all. No no no no. That was a gold ten. It hit the backboard before it was contacted that the accountability in the lack thereof by fficials has to be rectified. This this is what we wanted to get the football guys in this conversation as well. 'cause it's a larger issue and to your point about how easy it was to see and credit to our guy. Brian Ruko who was on the call of the game and was screaming in six feet away from at minimum forty seven feet okay. Three officials lawyer. It was so yes it was a badly blown call badly. Blown calls are going to happen. That's why we have instant replay my contention and I have been arguing and behalf of instant. Replay on the air for twenty years has is that instant replay has gone places. It was never designed and to go instant. Replay was not designed to make a decision as to whether it was fifty one percent certain that he made the catch or didn't make the catch the instant replay was was designed to overturn the brutally missed. Call the one HBA. One look rule there should look at the replay once and if I need to see it again the call stains if I if I can tell you from one look at it that it was missed you do it and so nine Pinon this whole notion of challenges and certain things being reviewable and others not it. It doesn't make any sense. There should be one person like they had in the XFL sitting there on a boat. Somewhere saying I see it. It's clear change it and let's get on with our lives. I think we have taken something something. That shouldn't be that complicated and made it very difficult and putters can handle losing. When it's a fifty fifty call like you talk about is it arm ball was was it not but either are you in or out of balance the ball at the backward did it not and I don't know why you can't just have somebody Greenie like you said we don't need to stop the game and have the officials go over and look under a little hood or watch some screens? Somebody should be up there. Ball clearly. Hit The backboard. Put it down go. We'll continue to play here. Let's show you the most famous one of these. Obviously they came a year ago. I would lead to a rule change in the NFL. The candle everybody eight right. We spent all year which we hated this rule. Change all year long. Because you don't have to make a change to in order to be able to correct something like this head club. I agree. I mean some so- plate like that you should be able to see that but it goes back to what you were just saying is is accountability like everybody else is accountable. Go for their actions on that football field or on that quarter whatever sport it is but then it seemed like the rest. Don't have that accountability and it's easy to see more times than not for players as well worked hard to let the REF dictate something so easy to make you lose a game. These guys are playoff run right now and they could easily be out of it just because at one gay. Who Do you think can fix this though Sean well? Human error is part of this. And we've got to be careful here because we're talking about Major League baseball on a strike zone and let's have a robot basically call strikes. Okay it'll be consisted. I guess but I like the element of human error. The problem is you have three officials out on the on the court so that you can avoid the obvious and this goes back to green point. The obvious should be obvious. And if you are a professional official bill and you blow a call like that I think again I think a suspension should be put into place for one game that whole crew one game suspension. You blew a call that changed potentially change the entire the outcome of a game. Or you've got to sit out just like a player would sit out if violence is there a way for it to be fixed quickly. Can you shoot look at it. Boom it happened because it made one hundred percent. Of course they raise Laura. I will answer your question. You can fix this I can. You always solve. I've said it a million times and it is the one look rule. We have gotten bogged down into all this nonsense about coaches strategically using their challenges. Like their timeouts because they're tied to time. That's that's that's not what this is supposed to be so that Col look in basketball. They go back and decide. Something was a two or a three after the fact all the let the play go. And if there's someone someone's sitting there saying you know what that was obviously golden. It's two points for Portland. You give them the two pointing you start the game word. Otherwise should have been. We have taken stuff. That's not that complicated and made it much much too hard in the meantime. Did you see this. WHO DOESN'T WANNA see? COSMO the Cougar. Flying through the air with the greatest. VI's come on. What are we got here? Bobby carpenters right there. In the lower left hand screen. It's unbelievable regular on the lower left flexing he's pumped up unbelievable. COSMO is the best its mascot. In sports he carried dance. I don't know if you've ever seen him break it down but that was amazing that that is phenomenal. Hey the crossover is back for seventh year. This week Wednesday and Thursday on ESPN and the ESPN APP once again repairing college analyst with an NBA analyst for twice the basketball breakdowns. You Got Doors Birkin. The funds Ellison Bucks Pacers. You've got Japan. Gandhi and Jay Bilas on Lakers nuggets. He's there you got hers back. The next night for Memphis Cincinnati Mark Jackson teams up with Bill Walton for Colorado Colorado Oregon. They're excited the check is going to be probably Break Brady story during that game a whole lot more coming up. Meanwhile jaw John. Joe Borough is the top pick in the draft chase. Young's expected to go next. I Washington trade that pick lose out on young and still be getting it exactly right next get up on. ESPN when you're looking for the perfect way to surprise the most important people in your life the only place to go is one one eight hundred flowers dot com. Just think how special you'll make them feel with a fresh and vibrant bouquet of roses. One eight hundred flowers is perfect for any occasion. Anniversaries birthdays or Valentine's right now. 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This is bigger than this. You know this is the best versus S. gladiator status to defeated heavyweight champions going toe to toe together. Also painted champions the biggest in the world right father other than our error bump into crimes both owes to lose so my main job is to knock you out do that very well. I got guys. Don't blink because in a blink of is that can be the last time. Did you made even step inside of a repeal and here we are now on prediction around two knockout. I'm not be reality. His Business I. I'm predicting around to knock out and I'm going to finish what I started. This is judgment and it's less than two weeks away. We go the most anticipated title fight in recent history undefeated heavyweight champion take wilder an unbeaten Tyson Jason Theory and the rematch. We've all been waiting for live on. Pay Per view February twenty-second Nine Eastern. Get it on. ESPN plus both are talking about the NFL NFL draft. And let's look at a pressure point which could be at number two because chase young especially after the extraordinary success impact. That Nick Bosa made this year is overwhelmingly expected to be the second player taken in this draft and adding to that in Washington. The new defensive coordinator is Jack Del. Rio and he has a great history of developing pass rushers including Khalil Mack and Oakland and von Miller in Denver. But I feel like for a while there we were trying to sell shefty on maybe Cincinnati will move out of number one. It seems they're gonNa Take Joe Borough and the whole world has Washington taking chase young next but we talked this morning about how they may not be completely set at quarterback. Is there any chance you see them. Mu Either taking a quarterback at number two two or trading down where someone else needs to come up and take at number two. I think taking a quarterback at two is extremely mainly unlike Washington having spent a first round pick on the position last year in terms of trading. Down Look you have yet to pick up the phone right. I mean even if you're locked in on chase chase young and you think Oh. We're going to be loaded with first round picks and our defensive front it's going to be just like the forty niners and we're gonNA tear and then that may be the case but you have to. I answer the phone and if someone calls an offer some crazy package of future first round picks you have to at least think about it because Washington is not in a position where they're probably probably one player away from the Super Bowl. Look at that you mentioned not one player way. Like they need some help receivers. They could probably help. Bolster that offensive line and outside of a quarterback. I don't know if there's has anyone that is really worth maybe. Two three first round picks and so the Washington redskins they kind of have their guy for so long we heard about how to was going to be the man to is going to be the man he gets injured. His medical bill comes back clean. And he's looking good. And you're the Miami Dolphins and you think you have to jump up to get him. That's not a big drop it for the Redskins and you can pick up more draft capital along the way we'll know more about two. It's helped this week there's an important post op evaluation. It's happening this week over the next few days. We should know exactly exactly where he is if he can start to do more. Sports Related Rehab. But I think the dolphins are or the team that everybody's really looking at here in the interesting thing would be Look I think the redskins should take chase chase young because I think he's actually the best player in the strap but if they looked at the dolphins and if they said hey you're giving me an offer I can't refuse then. There is a guy like Isaiah. Simmons Simmons who is a super versatile linebacker out of Clemson who they do so many different things with and you could say maybe maybe you get him at that fifth pick or somewhere in that range. There's Jeffrey Okuda. There's also of those receivers. It's the best receiver class we've seen in some time so they could pick up other big time pieces around that area. The best thing to be in the draft is a team with a very high pick. That doesn't need a quarter right. So if they feel like they have their Guy Dwayne Haskins and again last year they took him in the first round. Then they're in a great spot they can take the pass rusher and you WanNa have pass rushers and never recipes are very important. We try to get as many as possible on the show. Correct Ward they could find a hey make your best offer blow me away to come on up to number two and I'll amass first round picks and build my team. I also think the dolphins would try to move up because all you heard last year was tank for two of them. Are they taking too well. Now now they have opportunity to go out and get to if to comes back healthy and you get to move up into that That's like a spot now. It just all depends on obviously medical situation with to do it but I would not be surprised and the redskins go out and grab whatever they will. It's important to point out that the first pressure point in the draft feels number. Three assuming the lions are going to go forward with Matthew Stafford which we don't have any reason to think they're not going to then that's the first spot if the draft goes as we think it will burrow and then chase young. That's the first people might try to trade up to the two well. Everyone knows that so if you know that might happen you may feel it. Behooves you to trade up one spot ahead of that to try and beat someone else to the punch. Meanwhile yeah let's get to one of the big stories coming out of the weekend. The view of the XFO was a lot of fun heading into the season. A lot has been made of some unique rules that the league implemented including the kickoff got got a ton of attention on social media in the League kicked off on Saturday. You see how it looks right there. But here's what you need to know about the kickoff. It has to be kicked in play between the twenty yard line in the end zone in the XFL if not the ball is placed on the forty five yard line the kicking and returned. He will line up just five yards apart at the thirty the and thirty five yard line and will not be able to remove to move until the returner fields. The kicks so Bobby you said you heard from a lot of people that people were watching it and that they liked the kickoff do you see the NFL adopting it and if so how long would that take. It's a great test case for the NFL because they move at a glacial pace. Because 'cause when you're the market leader you don't really have to respond to anything. People are going to continue to consume and watch until something else so they can. Now look at this and say hey this looks pretty good. Injuries are down. We still have that opportunity for the explosive the exciting plate shift momentum. Back you get to see some of the most dynamic athlete so I think it will probably seriously look at this in this. This is what how you operate. Kickoff Lee season in practice anyway when guys tired when they're beat up when they can't run fifty yards each and every day so I wouldn't be surprised with two two years this is the NFL rule. I wouldn't be surprised either because everybody wants to see return. You know you look back at some of those Devin Hester days like those things are electrifying. They get a team going so I wouldn't be surprised if they implement that peace. Now I think the the XFL conscious of the older folks that love to watch football. There's been playing. It says they were alimentary school in changing the rules too much because people like what they like and making those changes. Sometimes there's some pushback let me let me offer you this. The the XFL is tried to incorporate a lot of things that the NFL is trying to eliminate the kickoff in the NFL was kind of on. Its way out. Didn't see nearly as many flags. Some of the things is that you watch on Sunday. And you're like Oh this is getting a little rough the XFL seem to remedy some of those things remedies interesting word if they're keeping flags into pockets on the kind of big hits it's the NFL's trying to eliminate that points to a larger problem down the road for me right especially we don't know what the situation is in that league with the health benefits and all that kind of stuff. So that's so that's something to watch out for in terms of the kickoff if that eliminates the high speed collisions that make the. NFL kickoff a very unsafe play with regard to concussions versus other plays than obviously. It's something something they'll take a look at. It would be foolish. Not I think the most notable thing to me I liked a lot of the innovations like the kickoff. I like the way they handle the extra point it might be a little gimmicky for the NFL. But but it's something you consider in the mix the transparency on the replay review. I thought was remarkable. And that's something unless there's something I'm not aware of the NFL could due immediately. Like if there's I believe the. NFL does the best they can with their replay reviews. Its criticizes they frequently on. I think if we actually heard the conversation between New York and river on and the official I think it would make a difference. I think you'll be a positive thing. This is something I have to leave here. But it's something I'd like to talk about a little bit more as the week goes on of all the things I saw. That's the one I think the. NFL should really look at meanwhile sportscenter tonight six eastern after PTI was sage in Kevin Breaking down. How the MOOKIE? Betts blockbuster got done on Dukes encore expectations going into tonight's game with Fsu and things NBA betting sports center on ESPN AND ESPN APP right after PT. Aw I take is coming up right after US just a few minutes Stephen and Max debating whether the Embiid Simmons duo is a problem in Philly plus would back for Tom Brady give the the cowboys are better. Chance in two thousand twenty. It's I. Hey It's five minutes away right here on. ESPN get up is brought to you by Edward Jones. It's time for investing feel individual and before we wrap for the day. Oh well that is a polar plunge this weekend I I am frustrated face over my body central Ohio raise the money pseudo jump into forty degrees or go. Oh No let's go. Yeah I think is next there's crispy and then there's crispy try our new and improved. Tyson crispy chicken strips APPs crispy just got crispy for.

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