Writing for Performance (Live from Boston)


You're good at art because you work hard at your art start with this podcast featuring Knightdale creators Joseph Inc and me. Jeffrey Craner each episode. We discuss a topic and then give you two assignments something to consume and something to create. Start with this writing for performance. Uh hard starting is if you want to start somewhere with this you can start heard this way back in two thousand five. I went to Chicago to see my friend Jen. She said she wanted to take me to see a show. She wouldn't tell me anything else about it. Just come see the show with me. She said and we have deep dish pizza seats Which is technically not pizza but congealed tomato soup in a bread bowl and then we went up to Andersonville to see the neo? futurists performance show called the infinite wrench. Although back then it was called too much. Light makes the baby go blind. I was thirty at the time and I had been writing most of my life and writing plays for at least he's ten years and I'll be honest. I have never seen anything like this show. There was no fourth wall. But it wasn't improv either. It was wadey serious sometimes sometimes It was also funny and weird sometimes and it all moved so fast thirty short plays performed in a random order competing leaving against a countdown clock set. For exactly one hour the performers were not actors or at least not acting parts that weren't really themselves and they played lead with the basics of storytelling audience involvement like a kid and sandbox building than destroying building than destroy. And I had never seen anything like it and these sixteen minutes changed how I thought about theater. Not just as an audience member but as a writer. I didn't want to write things just because they were good stories. Sir Because the language was compelling I wanted to write words created immediate action. I wanted to write scenes that acknowledge the presence of an audience. One of the first place perform that night in two thousand five at the NEO future area and Andersonville Chicago was what really shook me as a writer. It was so simple title so ingenious and it was called for no apparent reason and despite the late hour the neo futurist and the audience members sat down to an awkward continental gentle breakfast. I'm Jeffrey Craner. And I'm here by myself in my closet that doubles as a recording studio. What follows me is a recording of a live? Show that we did in Boston. The weekend of the pod Tales Conference joining me and Joseph on stage that night was neo futurist writer for the podcast unwell and the creator of that brilliant play i. I just mentioned boulevard Di all right. Let's get started. The Vogel is you try to get you excited working on your writing or your Political political work is that you were doing civil assignment at a time. The topic of discussion for the night rating for performance of we did not and the audience for our. It's hard is if you was somewhere in this union. saw this Hunger Jen she's. He's a ship. Giving averaging hottest show should remind me also office show. She wanted me on the show and we went up to Harvey. We have not guilty or suit a bill to see the interest show holding ranch. Although a climate too much eighty foot long thirty take time neither rainbows. My life and writing plays for ten years. I'll be honest. I've never seen anything to show that there was no fourth all of it. It wasn't coming off either. It was waiting in serious. So much was funny Also faster theory. Short blade performed random order Exactly one empower. Voters were not actors written snapping. It didn't hurt. That weren't really themselves with the basics of storytelling audience. Involved in late at kid in Santa Destroy the building destroyed Never seen anything like any of sixteen minutes changed how I off. You're not just as an audience of writer. I didn't want a right ex- just because they were stories plus the lane which was compelling. I'M GONNA write. Words created idiot action. I sees the acknowledge the presence of an audience. One place before the nightmare because environment youth She was really they should be as a writer. homer leave the show in so simple so ingenious in the play was called for no apparent reason and his family our the neely the trust and the Audience Awkward Continental Breaths Creator. Youth Justice at you with cathedrals also writer as well and the creator of that Play bowl the leading up to this region has been waiting with having back. Yeah so this late Team of in a chair and a EH onstage settlers of the team in front of the US confront rogue table would be laid Last two overs and I would sit town their own on the every. So often I wake down on these You're not in this way the last two minutes three minutes Okay symbol Sates a little tense. Let's let you be asking the question you have something. You regrets rex that you want to tell you about up in No okay it also kind of laid awhile starting off with not having enemy whatever it is one from them on what's be Wa is usually and what about the grave was in half on because I realized that writing for the students in a place that was one was Iraq audience more than just trying to audience initiate audience of Iraq. Comfortable it's not a Not using our later to make the offer. Uranium Women's lines. It is as a reading hurry attention through office. Fear as sort of being also just the year of more than story organs of our didn't stream strained relationships without showing on without really having a I walk all relieved scene because of the medal of Uses our wealth. It is going to be here audience members because Wilkerson has stage I I tyler have somebody arguing. The bill Through story but you oh you can go through through Reward visual or a relationship without any worse I I've seen seniors Before is offering the number two articles created types out at that Islam Bird watching out are infinite her race to bring an audience into work at various I never With era that can always take new way out to the front of into the owes one of the things we try to just regards silicone into You did Difference between writing as for the performers begging her writing for yourself rain for actor or hire in house a Simple courses speedy on a on ener so many nuances to back back right for me is going to be on the stage reading this as Acura or of our you uh-huh of so to talk a little bit about super you'd For your might says you will write it in for Writing for a show on versus uranium short-story WILL TV anything. Anything I will. I thought the performance of the wealth of two sets of their gazes. There things took it really will and will try to write for that offense rating of lay of For anybody late late to figure that sort of using I say that with a copy of really are not in town visit the trick that of a how words are free of however they're together in it sounds like cycle. Alice wave to preserve meter to anything. Like when you Ram Interest Lori this this just as just to review Aspirin slows ones on the former through direction in through loaded. Gun is going to control her house. Two days I think that's a really interesting thing as take out because he will read different speeds out so much of age it's Language can make some fuel slow To a slogan because just the week rights sets the tone sets talk performance. You're working in the same world that everyone's living in from work. The proposal visits after. Have working out. Steven King Book on writing. I disagree with a lot of uh-huh An actually directly released this He earns this philosophy. Because it's just transmitted in. He has his Brent Yours. And I think that is true of we're GONNA pages level it's just moving armaments silence of For sound stage doing that. A changes as we have to Kim rated same. And when you're just trying to transfer travel through the Being up to listen to his podcast on it just changes to rules insert. How about the notion of a a score of with the audience energies on select versus rewarded knowing that's how that communication aw ribbon language? And there's negotiation of how correct Performer negotiate that energy. So they can play without. Its just for show really haven't even so much to reform Is Right now. I have been concerned a choices of talk utter immune going to be more intense. I should really really stop. Lagers living Yield Brady Rian. Speed up more for her skirts. Correct reliable editor on the entity comfort Several seconds of silence here to the that I think though not listening to the music at a Too you're also thinking of Foreign analyst intimacy Office I think of live Of all these of finding cheesy did Wendy Our of course it has Tried to make a lot tator. You'll understand is that even when you're doing late your conventional we talk to each other on state of have don't Fall River Ralph For lack of effort here on this route. So you do it in you know as a senior that's hurt or whether it's life or audio audio audience with a ver- than it is more evil energy changes but even with audio. I think they're just it's fundamentally ATSU areas versus numbers. It's a UH View if you leave Burger it will feel that it will feel the same way you if you work on twitter for his opposition like At sensible as if anybody living is really particularly something. I know extensively There are two years adage cheese incidence of inherent as its On wor in some Away like against the word of figuring angry Netherlands located. Just say this other vodkas arrogance that just no narrow how her raptor average ridings Freezing all art. I'm the Talker of his schools as the Boston hospitals instead of forever trying to Loss nostrils impossibility doc of at-work on to uh or Whilst rate for the former Taft said out loud I do it allowed himself at least three times explore pregnancy announcement the thing that Nothing's out Just possible savers were scattered Nostra. It really is hard to perform because that all changes as the same trying to Australian exactly the right tone not said whilst race oil trade reform inches to make sure that also flows. When you're trying to act out you you have to make sure that Listen number of forms say outright the the trips were not committed. I mean some people from podcast to the also thing out performing the score Overby with so you reading texted you road of Lake About juice away words out of yonkers. Now it's bigger careful airfoil Harsher also how much you personally led to get opportunity ended off and imminent custody of or relating to do this. Do Good I. We're damage just picking your battles gets Usually it's it's going to be let out sounds that you I thin- in Mozambique over with look I had a lot of good out of were undiminished and a TIMES FAIL-SAFE Founded on a thing when I give the new advance is only because US leading has blind might not see leader. CONT late late lead if you didn't mind from our you in the middle of otherwise the To save that is a threat on that stage For situations like that Intensively Golfie yeah Work with Hutch. We have this relationship with and so there I mean you and I will make with Regression aw to thaddeus Accent is considered to be a white experience to urge between us. Welsh coach due out thousand I trust somebody I want. That's when the process is working Is Far does something with the line. The Agency and media changes the story Changes Jerk Rather accidents dead Our treaty forbids find trying to micromanage casualties moving with for working with Collected were of a regular set of people that you know personally that you see before when you've written for before the longer you have post memorial handful on like just a thing that to really well retreat cheap to match of For you know for me for this year with Or user it out of there you has a sheet of. She's rescued good of actor of the seasonable Anyone Janina working with her to just through reading take Sessions just to say in the session mention anything up as as a threat I want you to think about this. The for Asia to lovely the. Irs You love those phrases thinkable This part of your hammered hopefully tax replacing that is elites in audio under house versions From uh tape much hounding related no late this the tiger directing styles in short our rouce Brought to to dictate clearly standard away. The NIVER OF LAKELAND director of your takes makes him worse when after encourages as opposed to telling them shouldn't be late. Gene Reminder Sedentary director is on the opportunity to get sailing times and as CV minus up as the as the That spread I was just talking about the able also said something Her notes on this. It's a mental Those moments of AH uprate order moments no Dan Able to give own Advice to answers here tonight in. This place is by Steve Inches instructions. And I know that's a some Liceu to you. Too working off of eater as a strengths in terms of motivation for the actor Attending also sound effects suburban urban questions extractions as any of immigration is like you know what we h direction known you start Out of having no any need to win something in in audio fishing for when you need also asserted votes extractions a aw Exciting you've never been you know As fast as intentional. Because I do think that through need to say it doesn't Can't find your own style has Hasaan Linkages clear generally a sound effect. And again if you trust Orrin distinct Wanted Your timberlake if you if you have Surreal real puzzle with stay. Trish Out here's the sound of the house. Mother it doesn't work built around to sound of Underpass Beleaguer your deliberating of tell your delivery story you wear character is gone. Have you visited to talk of the side of the highway. Joe Always watching. You're you're already Site Iowa as the Ours is there but everyone always deals A the sound of the sound effect should not be a actually nodding in unison. With the text itself should be it should be complementary to some way to double up to save your son higher at sounds By highway the of the actor or Decided Highway To clarify the center is a texture ella to that radio talking about today Sunday. Found out that you WANNA create a texture. You WanNa you know we Underneath we've been wires with the sound of separate Now coloring only blue around the education of the it up because the will obey the love of environmental. Ask Your sound soundlink think that is important to you. Is that particles happenings to grievous. This the world in this way to avocado spirits. A little bit of web the Experience that's Over this comes down to performance when I think of something like we are outside also really weird stretched rates. That's just about duty only way student. Uh if you WANNA make versus really in which was kind of a little bit were dead. You're supposed to be a bit world Erica's race. There's always ways to do that just language which is not saying they. I do think that I'm just wondering to follow works for as long as someone. Who'll cuticle is this? Your awful title Kinda decide kind of writer at him. Try to earn at writer. Wants to deal that links sir both still having suitable because of the earlier amount in writing for performers Ram for having those loans three we stand up you just eat it out loud read it as a performance that you understand that the I think the thing that goes rolling audio texture. Sure of what you're doing by adding the sound effect of seagulls. You know each or something on your way that You know if you're creating the eighty some level of Street interviews sort of hanging. You Want Salad holiday Combat at sea with the task in October is on the Day I think the other thing speaks play performance of there's the how it is the texture of voices of view of interest. Is We don't microphones in response years. Mrs Twelve assistant that much power not much larger than the youth career. Hold India's that. McHugh we have microphones always Need to power. We allies down at night phones. And so aw there is a more direct passive listening to what not say as oppose to ally performance the infinite wrench we. We don't WanNA McCowan short or Innuendo We will you make the acknowledged That we have chosen in this moment suit voice or some specific purpose in regards to that. You do like Landon Absolutely and who are forcing the audience to the forward Whatever end and and hurtful it just it's EEO aware of the learn during the women to play if Back wealth but look how old how every week Every district choose going to tell a different story than Choosing moment once the thing all these different textures to thing about you're right before requirements versus each of Yes up because he also hearing this exactly hot. It doesn't feel the San as they're making. This just won't be feeling on using things like that still exists in in Arm Really Changed Do with the prisoners Watching a single microphone of intimate Because were much more fulsome in your ear and I can talk. Fairly quietly. Still hurt her. Out of the Uber's Voice of editorial voice changes Towards is change of not looking correct Achieve your hours your throat. There's also just the physical Might your mouth off. uh-huh speak at this bracket feeling it needs to drive on point for all of us more orders than working with performers of you. You talk for just going to seek a John has enacted does music editing Knicks In some ways his former four houses instead of but let's talk a little bit about how working with with no work. Talk about how you're able to provide to their strengths. They wouldn't you figured out a script by the morning farmers. What is your is ranked in u strengthening things like you know accents Themselves as Tom. Tate Berga charisma. So that's just a her be aware of the writing of Carries brings is simpler That will be there with Receiver health started. Because it wrote this for life. Show She you just run into life inciting a new rate Emotional things for her in just She she would bring the life assurance. Mickan fuel human ops. You can break at record. This is a very good in performance. create a lot of the distributor trigger presence. On a lot of times they feel it can cast when you had on certain. Love of acting. Cody you're casting less on. Is this person a good worse. Look at it's more presents Sheep space around with their. It fits this that depending on your you're casting it against others Knicks Voices Weld. You need especially like an argument. Heard you can't necessarily you'll see seletar over somebody else. So what is the way. What does it mean for you Five like Sunday's five to hi what's the what is the carrick King's voices is uniquely your time with it was sometimes. I work from the point of view of a person and what they can do. Do you give them the name. Her rolling with a big thing with now opt for what this will be casting some delays of all his area bigger choice nate because that's beautiful deep of Voice of also when we started working now where scorelines we're GONNA go Know anything that was going to happen. And has amazing voice in e four's I did too listen over and over and over again righting things that you realize I can now right informed me who he is as own To say there's some small I liked Might be in their early performer. Making something seen on stage urban served as a or B late. I just didn't hear any Thing and let them do it. issue Writing to sort of Erica. They hope created by creating for the character is a two way in Congress. if you're trusting foreigner into the right to bat paying attention do Oeste not I really do. Not The way the way they performed words you hang attention being like this feeling characters may be nicer. It feels like his character has grown into the art games. I think X. Auto Code of a is paying Onto actually starts people's regardless of look I think one of the advantages for for a serial ongoing something that you're constantly rain over the that's one of the advantages of having more of being more relenting less up Tiepolo. Komo doctor chooses to something because you have the freedom told just lecture university however you want to let ills typing ribbon. You know if you if you rape shows late citizen trumpster tightening shortly ribbon. This view very solid story. Obviously get rid. Your derived talk of rain along for readers. Cloud Roques Bill. You have the freedom Ask Allen performers diseases. Something chosen you like to do the only Lsu You realize collect house earlier that access is voice word you to his character voices that you can do. I don't see my in riot right. That makes him to voice for every single of character in the Art before life shown the diversity Diversity Carlos in I just do not have any money yet loaded up without Out also challenged your performers emphas- belief that the most interesting thing launch on stages seven just just barely able to do something at Challenge away something. Good challenge on easing nation. Usual Sabbatical the goal of Johnson. Not Barest it's making time Show there's often internal where they mess up and then they try again Trying those are the tricks that really are the most presently final doing on it because the other tricks look easy on. This is the first time. Relax Arbor's fused Fueled difficulty and it makes the success onward principally makes the failure over debris take him right pulled off with because they understood that the art on the end almost doing it or spilling institute also readers to imitate. Take your you trusting your You of a challenge not to slip into embarrassed a UH I think sometimes of into the corrected saying like I wrote this for you because you can do this lake I in your out can you do. And sometimes as it is now you out got any grow towards retirement square Is consistently vehicles. There's a moment where you see something on the back or something I think that if you and Doesn't always work. It's it's it's really is it's again. It's like it's great to the trump. Gets the new interest fallible Ascoli Zero interesting yeah. It's now the the question whether or not you are showing your audience. Just how hard that is. A little tougher As if you hear something struggling to perform something well S. two. You might not be your father languages. Anything prisons research that. That's a little tougher toll export matter of a few things which yes you have of the matter finding that language to your audience to communicate this about the difficult survey of my favorite tools has always been insulate something to eat. It's try and offer with your mouth of Israeli great a a very challenging on your only two that you're going to try to get through the marshes apples. Whatever so audience energies was talking of The audience feel that right towards angers doing that. When you move seeing rain something foresee Writing for you features anything you're doing. Steve What do you think of as a higher to use audience. Energy Winning Z.. Is it just lifelines or is it just in dramatic moments of CIALIS off edge. I'm not interested in math lands. You want to go there. All Times tents were Hudson Talker A silent audience is stupid. The site Syria is different than the silent. Sam Is Different. Take on its whole of explaining to your on stage a few times Field do you feel that the president ought talk to each other. When you think you just have to be aware of wears on Energie likely to be and how so how does that interact with a writer? So a as of even ranch of that because huts Having a random were because there is a difference the anti of the again for each one the author is hertz up of reference to has settled late visit before if you have Of the three Israelis have read before your model of your time you learned to assess at going to laugh at parts of it and sometimes it's just because they're still residually Lake Lake dealing with the Tommy four burners they are. Securing helling are effective. I Avenue Laugh Overlapping as usual. But there's something curious additives person to that. The the lated killed every single night of Italy apple rate after AB law. Because they're still asked that's what's Out of inept cancer rates if you perform Your we're you wrote to. The former is like has kind of aware of of of tackling moments comments that land and he still can't get stopped Wide Richard Lamm Dr One of the things watching these doctors with with with a of especially Does a live show. It's really fascinating if you heard the night Kind of hurt your first ghetto fighters Heard as still bigger now CARA occurrence of Oxford right of way CNN life hoping to see how different it is glowing realized. Cao what she sees perform instead. He's he's learned as any performance us Former Kuzmich is the beets are so Beat Selangor I WANNA get the words wrangling don't want to give the wrong Of It's more about any beats it's funded by structure of children is just as an ordinance children's Self To having a a repeal volley four of finding the audience laughter or finding the audience tension. There's Steve Martin in his book. For standing enough oxygen out of the reasons he left coming was founded under very easy to be very very hard not could every single violent bullies fragrance was England. I can noted Seen every single the knights of the audience got their money's worth is so so so are one of the things that they teach you in really good future programs. Fear Serve Tori. Is that you learn how to recreate the beats. You learn how to recreate the structure structure product structure of attention. So that they're not or what it is. You're saying rear energy level. You know how children at the soccer night in the writing In writing has fueled by my approach to this is something stood up. A rented long-term with no affect. She's still basically for that actor. Feroz US talent to ask you to and bring it up screening furrow Jones writing the basic energy of the lights. Are there. There's some spread Finally he find and to me. That's my argument is making sure that the words of the actors job is. They don't have to worry so much. Good tax Making sure the structured to be good go Eun Feeder Oscars Were never trained. Good of comfortable performing of or of Play of each subway quake Or something ideally over to begin with that accent humming this realistic Works off age of telling Wake Nick Aleni her own. It sounds like and so you know the structure of how Saudi was sermonizing. Should sound or how. So many uh-huh waxing Who's being of a set? A comment Zimmer stage description because in Tokyo direction because trials much State structure that a rate went out on uninformed shirt of I've structured contest This is a big that's of announce that I I think I think it's just I've taught my substitutes Eh. You believe if you wanted despite on duty when on towns Extra financial go nuts state Uniting to myself you pre three Eat Eerie my Soro's Over willing to research turning into maybe a which is a Showed Oughta after a bit because we went up on the show for him at hotels today here war as to which is what it's On the list when his audience intimacy of Heights. You're writing on only when you read him for Audience Ferret because even Kerikeri Eric as your narrator talking to another fictional universe. They're still talking listenership. Still you're still as right Control is that you can't see. They concede you yourself as Oracle task for their As big lesson a AH Morton that most cases you're one person listening to it went on and I think the steelers elite late view that Order you wear that right. You're not you're not shower after he will cheese your everyday thing you're just trying to get story however is being cold. What a person's use that the U.? Together words to get a cast you know in the old try very hard absolute mindful of people who may sound humble life and how often find Base talking to each other and when once you're aware of how if you want those actors is a visually perfect Theater Osama the leg Might not and it's a very different feeling of your audience. Feeder is not necessarily is bigger feeling Ears often inside your rates. The difference between stage for television station gestures visuals Peru a it s this evening with Reagan civic beats of red after avarice against Iraq for audio rape Smaller gestures radiant solar Smaller communities still in a land really hard insolence year. Your Life when you come to informative nephew live here. They came to this place. You you sound seats seats Position on fuels separate from the rest of your life whereas listened to cancel. Christmas run Her texture life. That's a vehicle that link breath. This person that might distractive at some anywhere is with the light on finance. You can trust acidity podcasts any lead a tells US Airbus If your entire was keyed around. What Illion Repetition Commission Followed still viable will take anything. That's accurate is also something you need at says to are laying with a volume lane. A the first one buddy the His hand I treasured Thank you have you will Because of contests retirement I always whether they be. I do not source Useless as whether it's addiction. Show the going out. The plot was in this. This is so amazing Totally note to hold for all of us just a lot of a a day. It's time for you bobby steak learn something new. So it's a story or is it immortal strode out. I didn't win subversively. Winging when you are able to take care of your voted asked her question. up to whatever listening to it's in clubs Being in a room with France they have opposition so sometimes it. It'll ruben rancher argument. Having great time telling jokes listen you can text messaging You look up in rejoining Still Still Healy Energy from your friends. Making Essay. Ask Ask is that you know so. He's struggling owning Told while right final information do I want to make sure that it is done. repeatable or that there is announcement any energy of the text of the corner that age. You just hosted featured host over justice can really relieved listen. tongue can make immersing be my oh is to have a hostile once you fi- or is a of okay. That's good for or for life into of audience links where they are story anything that's wailing structures that's flying like know-how Where we are historian so and yet if Without added get out to folks the Coming back rotation so OBI as I get it at Stanford to remind people of character names. You had to rely on where we're RAFF That's okay to do whatever they do without seeking what you're talking to Crucial part the video screen going start doing this revolt Z.. Hey Geoffrey Craner again. Let's take a quick break for an ad hopefully for an ad there might not. CBS At here. And that's okay too. Honestly let's just enjoy this brief break no matter what happens during it do you. Experience stress anxiety chronic onic pain or have trouble sleeping. You're not alone idea with anxiety and I do my best to manage it sometimes. 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Shipping feels dot com slash. Start Shelly take over there to his audience. Energy S.. Facet of the really wanted to tax policy. That earners of life doc which did terrible foot not recognizing that showing triple being harder for international Person voter skits. You're listening to one but you're not doing that. It's it all at target Sony. You still are consumed soon create assignments for the student of until you have a land slide. Show can't drink you this. It's so obvious with unique to our company phone. If you WANNA get out of this episode up of eventually of also all that will be Later if you want to do things starting tonight unrated. So let's do our consignment of this. Is it now. So this is a video by a over. Your Futures Injury Russillo hello views of the performance of the text is very straightforward. You just to hear this of even saga uh-huh very straightforward is not straightforward at. You will see in this video. That is performing techs also the script youth breeding. Problem is right next to him. I just want you to pay attention to the judge juxtaposition of ribbons on the screen and the performance tests at how Justin Stink about Alabama enhances of story. That's being told when you watch this. Think about all this short late works of how this would work. If you only save texts to read on page Joey non-performing for you or is that a worse for you personally. What if this This only existed. Ask The tax. What does that do to your experience? Just think reading the text almost free versus healthcare is for this is not sending sitting at the position of tax performed. We're just a couple minutes. Of course there's lots of Think through those unless into our create a silent so that is interesting. So what's your video this video for every down the creek sign comes in three parts origin. Consider what happens to the story in context of House being out. Some first waiver considered stories on page election. Ready Underworld Wanting to station fessing aren't is could be commuting seed or or find one could be waiter offense for major felony. Keep the story simple and right into side. Now let's him story again still. It works in first person. Narrated by confessing is conducted present tense. So you're listening to talk to lease or versus telling the story of what they could fast but imagine your story for you only think of Years the intimacy connection affects the comedy or or or prominent of the C- addressed listener or is the connection between the Governing life maybe include must come to the finals a-rated gaming first persident given under works taking the audience. Think about audiences energy during this story. Really here was Did however accommodate with our attention. Or what should the performer. Be Funny What do you want to do. And what you WANNA leave up to Rs Tation tation on at all and if they do do do indirect singling out Or giving audience task ask. Do they do it. Indirectly just knowledge after the planets. Keep the beats of the story And just look at what ratings the different audiences does to texture grant also of shoot of increasing those things ministry with number four Up of working on as well syllabi home. Tom There of anchor. Megan microphone so we went into the earth. You questions if you questions. She's focused on the topic of writing performance around the topic as opposed to Beijing Batter a take. Your time will interest to this election. Otherwise they're big so term papers Bruce have on Any context on Patten Yes it out of a wide universe block Any anything generally with a sense conducive to take out a raiders unexplored dealing with this block on a problem. The thought it doesn't have to be taken into Artists it's brought on you can think about the same way that might Zion too difficult to go to school doing your in your job in trying to find waste Kuban I think the obviously a magically saw exciting five I can tell you in just something it is to your right room Hurt you you know at several out writing To address us. When you address that I think the right are out is perking Tall for a future status or mindset of right Israel that translates love members in an interesting way before. If you have your Will the earlier they have. The most of the owners form was that sense uh-huh of assessing in detail that's overly useful for audio especially because Aw The removes certain sensory but on we would karinna dark that Avidan sometimes use Key the darker tax. You have to go into the happen every now and again. They were building on conscript's later. I think he was. I might say actually happened at this point wine. Aw late the is into some indifferent happens here happens there TAT causes of Backing us for news. The working of the New York Rangers Company to just just I learn more than anything with the value. Hostile writing gave you in constantly. Negative thing him going from the near future is tonight fail. The beauty of that was going into. Are you serious. Fiction or was very similar to to make arranged to light of was just made a big edge awesome it and also for me I leave the ties citing issue which is to say that link. Listen it's it's really hard for myself out there. I services any blood Are Aren't very good. That actually made it to the St Germain even needed Article that differently now. I would not have been something else if you if you come out of a movie on at always A to help coalmine nerves of as a writer so much and that was whatever. You've always always making things your different Takes that you don't love ten minutes from now for ten years from now but You're just making things. It's just not as it's really fun. I Snyder. We carry that Slow Learner To two eight. The officials are over and over yet. COMEDIC TENDER FOR AWESOME. They operate about when just keep voting rating trying stuff. Another Was rushed sure race that you could Iraq Energy of the audience in the find was Failure if you try interest in some work you're not is nine ounce energies success was huge off work I think one thing that they cadet the Lives understand the on site. 'cause I think certainly a moment later outstanding your fronts audience Easy the final remarks the resent and invited Able send the money until you actually see they they they will like a in audience of Late Sunday yakkers wing washed fail. Still have this before. He Still Catholic after imports of yourself. Your table so likely action. It's also true that green the lowest shoots on Doctors Association. This country Awhile for you to be able to do so incredible here You charge back. This is great question that as his non augury entered to answer I trump. Here's my answer I guess is you're renting with reading. It's is obviously not a health but it is the the thing of of Trial in substance. You try to work out. I remember really Outs five that at talks Interesting problem really. Serious accounts a great Hour or two on Worked try to get just was to wrote that was funny talking about the Tron Life. Works is he just found the angle distance at work for him but he didn't know until you try right and also the Eagle Eagles romanticize earnest's people love breaker out. I love the idea of an artist. I think pat it will be the Work on Stuff done a sophomore. So if you're feeling could list list your Eighty announced behind time. It was really hard for me air of the Journal to be very hopeful for for for dealing with my own inciting or or trauma or patchy my life that's right as are not publishing Just to put into words because ages personally liked things in words. That's how now eight fuel most comfortable communicated and so somebody's telling myself story be feeling cow as for my future district look back. I know what motions were climate. That's feels are highway thing but you're out rate that four others. I soon find this to my head to much wanting audience. Fueled away feel Ice active as a writer of entirely into one hundred percent of the of the audience. Mistress too much inside those ankle US old joke right could be really tied to because you are tale with your own a batch of or whatever rhythm on writing John is that You a whole lot and still serve. Get into the motive link my story to tell the story to other people when investors hot ASTRONAUTS DANGER OFF age. I need to be faking about what's nights for research. The receiver of the story of Eh too much in my when I get out of the nuts offbeat elderly. which is Mr Times without? Logan Snake. Got time eroded with a third grade. Six hundred hundred rule timing Allegra John at it wasn't until years later realizes wreath to work half inches in order to war. I yeah so it's not so much about a Creators healthcare hit on slavery is very workhorse. Shoe giggled work. I recently published a book and I asked him to put myself hostile to exhaustion ahead on in the hard way. That really focused on your yourself Time and I just wanted. Did you Here at is take care of yourself while still having a only the prioritization of distributed after relates. All what's thing to it. Just it's it's exciting at home. You know Julia's closest and Eh Liquor next At my forties. Ah I really value. This wore out that off the bat. So it's not eating myself. The two of at being said of one of the privileges clearances is which is a couple of people of money. Aside for having a was very A full of Polish. I make time trump's throughout advantis of a When I when I was twenty and the switch harder tolls or faces a Jobs of Sony extra things Freelance Guitar Cypher Job. A relative to haplotypes hold off. CATSKILL watch to It's the privatization condition of sometimes. I have to say I can't do any of the Roma work pass off for weeks and then I stop. I feel At work seven seven days a week for two months straight and up six of those days where in Western mass one of those days was New York City when I was doing at the at at the exhaustion near that level of impossibility to needs just knowing louise be drivers drivers of garbage. You know you have to pay for things to rent of Yourself fulltime just remember to that that on safety just as little late when you if you off because the payoff layered road yeah over over Irish play really what doing it's fitting. Hi this is where we will extracts lenexa good this yet. But a a UH of a lot of negative full-throttle the sort of thing in a time of natural black African the Maurice in your August not serve that silence because Walter. I am not telling people close today late. How much crazy says not tele? Actually I feel around because feeding specialist house which invested in central emotional. Will the of doing gets your headlines of no Iowa important to make breath. I'M NOT GONNA be week about all of this and keep it. You keep it at the damage of slowly used to talk to people and said Jakko similar to the answer inside any I think any artist's work and so he'll you believe various sort of separate category or Outs dealing Sprinkling excellent work. I think we all work Rosa recognize this is ah that art. It's undercutting work in such working. Probably GonNa come on our youth so Resting on just recognizing that some of this is it's not you. It's this it's ten o'clock here at as as your hall bills I think because it's work as to when GOPHERS full job hours. A week isn't just it just totally Gary Oldman often saw to really experience Two Weekends A in China to work on of awfully Working today's might take us weekend on because you don't really it starts after yourself is allergic. Uh for y'all that is all this episode but your assignment is just beginning beginning head on over to start with this podcast dot com to join our membership community becoming a member allows you to share your assignments with other listeners. Talk about what sparking parking your creativity and hopefully find future collaborators. Plus you'll be able to ask follow up questions about this and future episodes and gain exclusive exclusive access to episodes where we answer those questions. Membership is just five dollars. That's like a bottle of subpar shampoo. We cannot wait to see what you're working on. Start with this as a production of night Ville presents. It is produced by me. Jeffrey Kramer Editing by Grant Stewart mixing by Vincent Cascione and theme song by Joseph. If you'd like your own cover of the themes on featured on the show email us at start with this at night bill percents dot com or posted on our members message board all other. The music is by caged animals find more at caged animals dot net very special thanks to Adam and Christy Christmas checkout night Ville presents dot com for more information information about this show and all of our other shows. Thank you for listening high above Paris near that every top of the Eiffel the tower here an all new adventure featuring this janitor. It come these stage and this drunken drunken out of control. Diva flattery will get you nowhere except my dressing room the orbiting human circus in Nadi New Year Now from W._N._Y._C. Studios in Knightdale presents.

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