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What's up everybody? Welcome to kind of funny games. Daily for Friday. November sixteenth twenty eighteen. I'm one of your host, Greg Miller alongside the busiest leading the business AG Rene. Let's get Greg video games. Andrea and finally get into the weekend. I know I have been putting off and she in a couple of things I'm going to try to wrap up some loose ends like like personal stuff or video games video now weaken it yet as soon as we started. So in the left, I got up our shared you need to take a break. No god. No, please you play with the pain you play with the pain. Show must go on come on. It started. Kevin get him a tissue. Would you did know it's already gone. It's already going. It's blinked out. Just in case you start hearing. Oh my God. If you would hit your coffee, this would've been catastrophe. This show. Also, that's a roll of toilet paper towels tissues. Exactly sorry. Yeah. High falutin. What's good games? People come through about high falutin just trying to make sure that you get the delicate tissue around your. What are you gonna play? What are you gonna play this weekend? I kind of want to finish red dead the story, obviously, there's no like finishing that gain. There's a lot of. Are you close to the log or whatever, I don't know. Gotcha. Gotcha close like seventy percents. Okay. So I think I have a solid ten to fifteen hours to go. But doable in a weekend where where are you now with it when we talk that review embargo? Come around, and you're doing it more. Yes. So I got the opportunity to talk about in-depth with Jared on red dead radio. Am really talked about some of the things I'm really loving about that game. Obviously some of the concerns I had or the quality of life paint point issues that I brought up still exist. But it doesn't take away from the fact that it is a magnificent game in a variety of ways. And I've been allowing myself now that the kind of rush to get the initial coverage up his done to kind of take my time and some other areas Britney told me too late, and I would also relate to anybody else's playing that if you really are enjoying the exploration stay away from the yellow missions. Because there gets to a point in the story that there's like something that happens that will forever color the way, you do the rest of the open world stuff. And I wish I had done more exploration and open world. So four got to that point. Because it it doesn't make it not fun. But it makes it not as fun. And I can't go into more detail if you guys have played three probably what I'm referring to. But just a pro tip. Sure. Smart all the Whiteside missions. I know. That's fair fun. Yeah. But we also talked about followed seventy six. Oh, yeah. Are you gonna play? All I'm ready. You did of course to pay dot com slash kinda funny games right now, you can get my in-depth thoughts on fall seventy six. I'm playing it right now. I currently starting tonight. Jen starting plate with me tonight. Gary widow wants to be run through the wasteland tonight as well. Are you jumping on jumping onto you played the bait on XBox? What did you come away thinking or feeling? So I only played about three hours of the beta it was clear that there was a lot of issues. I was like, you know, what I know. I'm going to play this game. When it comes up. I don't need us anymore time in the beta. Especially since they got fix them stuff. I entreat to see how the multiplayer is going to play out long-term, especially since followed is notoriously a single player game as it always has been. So I'm curious how that's gonna work. We just saw new story this morning that the first group set off a nuke move new job. So I know that when I was talking with the girls about it on was good. We were thinking how's this going to work in the actual game once launches and so now we have video how exactly it's going to work. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Obviously a level ninety five enemy is way farther than what I'm ever going to be able to get to this weekend. Sure. But I think those kinds of events are an interesting idea to see how they're going to handle them. That is the big question for me to nights into playing fall seventy six now is how are they going to do group of ants? How is the were what is the future of this content? Look like, what do the future these events? The pop up do last night. I I was run around and event popped up. All right. And gauge, but it was just me, and I was able to through fall out, and you know, beat the thing and do the mission took me a little bit longer because I was all by myself. And that was cool. But are there more stuff like that? Is it going to get to a point? Do I need to be rolling with the group at all times? And then it was of course, you know, I came off of night one to do the games cast in was very much like, hey, man. I like this game. I'm surprised I'm enjoying don't get me wrong. Every this game shit because of XYZ. I see all this problems too. I totally get where you're coming from. Right. But I enjoyed myself, and I was interested to play more in the I teamed up with some Rando the first night we say mission inviting them to team we were on the team. We did our mission we bounced off dinner. That's the experience last night. Playing a text from Scott low like your world. Oh, shit ran over to Scott. He was with one of his friends. They were already teamed up. So there's this. I this is where it gets into such y traditionally stuff, right? I'm already I was already going to my next mission on level eight their level too. Ran up to them Scott waving at me. Scott's I had a Mike on. And I was like, oh, hey, man. But one like no response like waving ADEMA guy. Know, I get a Mike because we're sitting there and finally they just he popped out. Can you hear me now? Yeah. Okay. Cool. We were gonna team. I can't hear me for another team. Oh, well, no big deal. I'm inviting you to team. He's like, oh, I don't have the invite. Okay. You invite me? I can't about you says because we're okay, wait. You're you're just can't. It's thirty minutes of troubleshooting every multiplayer game ever. I know night to right. But it's like all right. Cool. Scott's like, well, I'm gonna I'm gonna reload. I'm gonna quit out and come at. We're all doing that. None of it's working. And I'm like at work last night with some Rando. I wish it was working when you it is easy when it works. And he's like all right. We can just all run around my kind of sucks because we can't see whose missions or what? Invite invited. Finally, Scott, conjoined, great invitees friend over and over again. He can't join we're sitting I wasted three hours to play night. We've wasted forty five minutes trying to do this running south. I'll see you guys later. You know what I mean? And so that was the thing that I found interesting about my first impressions of it where I was enjoying playing alone. Doing a normal thing it when people are like it's an empty experience or it's more empty world. I get that. And I feel that it seems like a lot of buildings aren't as I can't go into going as many houses usually password ever. So there are a lot of stretches of being on my own. But I don't mind that followed game. Like, I enjoy that part. I enjoy listen the holidays. But yeah, it was actually an interesting thing. How cool I'm gonna have a team run with like, man. This totally fucked up my night in the mission. I wanted to see what his doctors up to. I'll see you guys later, but I'm excited with us tonight. Hopefully knock on wood we'll have to party up to get into the game. But that's the problem is even if you're in the party, cool, you're in the same world. Now, you're gonna join the team like inside of the in the thing there's not a way to have your party. Like in the lobby before you enter the world. We'll see who knows. We'll see who knows. I bet she somebody watching on twitch TV slash kind. Funny games knows. Go go to dot com slash wrong. I haven't done any your else, you just broke my brain injury. They know this is kinda funny games daily each and every week Dan of righty platforms. We run you through the video game news, you need to know about if you like that part of the show kind of funny dot com slash K F GD with questions. Comments concerns? Bad PS names for a little while longer and everything else under the video game son, then tune into watch us record it live on twitch dot TV slash kind of funny games. If you're watching live, we have a special job for you. Go to kinda funny dot com slash you're wrong. 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So they were brought to you by Luke great me only third love. But I'll tell you about that later Verna. Let's begin the show with what is and forever will be the Roper time Buddhism host. I think it's four items, but I'm so buried, yes. Four. Baker's. Thank you very much. There's so many questions about number two in the essays response. But even with PlayStation going ham yesterday, canceling E three from themselves. We'll get to use as non response in the second. There's even another rumor possibly bigger that leaves. The rope report is there. Eight discus XBox coming in twenty nineteen some kind of weird trade in program. Brad seems from thraw dot com has this report. And it's a rumor from him in his researching. But he's the one who broke the rumor about Scarlett that seems to be proliferating and everyday believing in the wake of the news that Sony will not be attending e-3 next year. Microsoft's hardware plans for twenty nineteen will likely be huge win for the brand and forgave hours. The company is planning to release an updated consul next year. But this device will not be in the Scarlett family, according to people from really with the company's plans. The scarlet devices are Microsoft's next gen consoles and are not expected until twenty twenty. But in twenty nineteen. The company is planning to release a disc council, and if this is making nervous because you have a large collection of physical disks for your current XBox, Microsoft has you covered. In addition to the new consul there will be a disc to digital program that as the name states turns your physical games into digital downloads. The ideas that you can take your to a parting partnering retailer like the Microsoft store. Trading. Your disparate digital download the goal with. The new console is the lower the price point for the hardware currently cost about two ninety nine to buy into the Xbox One family of devices, Microsoft is looking to lower that price by possibly as much as one hundred dollars. The new consul price phone is expected to be two hundred dollars or less. If you like this kind of information, this content wasn't covered while riding my upcoming book about surface called beneath the surface, which contains this information along with the story of how Microsoft built its billion dollar hardware brand. In addition, the company also has revised Xbox One. Skew that is targeted for later in the year that focuses solely on cost reduction, but does feature. Disc drive for those who still prefer the traditional way to buy games. Microsoft is moving forward very carefully with this product as it knows that a sizeable portion of its users do prefer to buy physical games in not download them. As for scarlet Microsoft is still trying to side if that console include a disk drive, but should be making a final decision here shortly. Andrea Rene thoughts and opinions. Well, we've been talking about the idea of digital only box from XBox for what feels like a while now. So this ever since of scarlet rumor, really, right, exactly. So then debut in twenty nineteen would make sense, obviously, adding it alongside their other offerings of the XBox family of consoles. Also make sense to say, hey, we're not getting rid of our disc based hardware, we're not getting rid of our retail partnerships were just offering another item in the XBox family. And I think that that's smart particularly more seeing them really double down on their digital subscription offering with. Xbox game pass and the idea that they've talked about bringing PC into the fold with that game passer subscription as well. Plus, this is such I think it starts laying the groundwork for an easier transition to scarlet to haywar breaking you in now to hey, those an XBox with destroyed and there was an XBox. Without? Of course, the rumor being this twenty twenty council Brad brings up is that there's going to be a skew that is your traditional soup dub XBox to whatever the hell XBox too. That's four K and has the district crazy. And then there is a cheaper version. That's just streaming games or downloading games in this thing. We're probably with external stuff, but using the Scarlett program. Yeah. I think it's a smart move. If that's the way, they really are going of like, hey, this, of course, just ripping off the PCP remembers PSP go they were the first they're way ahead of their time. PSP minis way, we're yet everybody you know, what I mean? Remember, ripping off if you could play XBox scarlet on the go. Yeah. That's true too. I don't think that's happening. Why was saying peace be go was right there. You know, solid state. We don't need anymore. That's what XBox is coughing. My question for you. Andrea. Yes, is Brad talks about the fact. Okay. From what he's heard. And again, this is all rumors take it with a grain of salt. Right. In addition. The company has also has a review a revised Xbox One s skew this targeted the do you think this disc lis- XBox would be a an Xbox One. X or is it is it just another version of the s or what? Because he always say because we even though we know that XBox has been really pushing the as your cloud computing for certain titles. We don't know how many titles are going to make use of that, cloud computing. Moreover, we haven't really heard much from their third party partners about their use of cloud computing, cloud computing. So it's hard to know how much power sure they're going to have streaming only platform. I'm sorry. I think we're completing two things right now I'm talking about the rumor for the twenty nineteen Xbox One. That is not going to have a disk drive. My question to you is do you think because I don't know. Brad's reporting isn't rumors right now. Do you think it's going to be an Xbox One s without a describe it was going to be an Xbox One. X without a destroyed imagine it'd be s because the seems like a more budget option and somebody who wants a more streamlined experience. The Xbox One x is designed for the high end, and that people that really care about the depth of clarity picture on there. Right. And those people want the the four K Blu Ray player. That's inside the x one x smart because I I was going the opposite with it. Just like, well, that'd be a great way to get the X in more people's houses. Right. If you were able to lower the price by hundred dollars, but that's a great point that if I'm buying I'm buying it. Because I have the super fancy nice expensive TV exactly when I did my in depth interview with their marketing team before the X launched that was their major talking point is that this is designed for the technology and Susie. This is meant to be a standalone console for people who are really nerdy about high end tech. This is not meant to be an all in one feature like the standard XBox? Where is so I would say, no, I think that it's going to be, you know, the more pared-down option. Let's see what Kurt van impasse to say. He writes into dot com slash KF GD just like you can says Greg yesterday you and John discussed the next generation of consoles. And we're both in agreement that the next XBox would likely be cross compatible with expo. One being able to play the next gen games with reduced graphical settings. Do you not think this will hurt the next generation of XBox games? The Xbox One s already the poorest performing of the four XBox, PlayStation consoles and cannot play many games. Even at ten eighty p if the next gen is more powerful than the Xbox One. X how will Microsoft ensure that it's next gen first party games as well? As all multiplatform games are compatible with the one s it seems like I'm sorry. It seems like such a decision will hamper the technological prowess progress. My politics of games as every developer will need to be looking back and making sure that everything works on the Xbox One s do you not see this as a problem? We'll place issue five games drastically more technologically advanced if they don't incorporate cross Jin, I the Andrea you've heard me rant and rave about this before that I think the XBox to for lack of a better term or whatever the next XBox? Scarlet will be able to play Xbox One games in the Xbox One. I think we will play whatever's coming next box Scarlett, I think we've moved both the PlayStation four and Xbox One too. Architecture. So that you can just have not super easy during the wrong, the settings and sliding sliding sliders to bring down your graphics and. Yeah, one looks like a potato one looks amazing. You know, so on and so forth. Am I crazy to think this? Let's just talk about XBox. Let's keep it XBox PlayStation five will not do. Sure, it's hard to say. Because it's I mean, the first thing I thought of when you were reading this question is is that true that a lot of games can't do ten eighty p on the Xbox One s that seems like it would not be true. So I'm trying to get some some some supporting evidence, please do right into dot com slash you're wrong. If you know of some supporting evidence that way. Yeah. Yeah. Indicates that there are many games that don't support ten eighty p on the Xbox One. Because that's that sounds like a claim that I don't know is substantiated. And if it is that's terrible news because I think we find the aren't an era where ten eighty p is the standard even though we're talking about streaming. They're still many people who are watching streams in seven twenty and like while there is a noticeable difference. Now, seven twenty and ten eighty I don't know how that affects people's quality of life. If they've decided that what they can afford or what they are playing at is the budget experience. And that's just the experience that they have. When it comes to what's going next. You would hope that they would make it better and flashier and only look at upgrading. But I think what we're seeing here that XBox wants to make sure their community in their player base has choice has a variety of options to choose from to fit their personal budget and their personal gaming experience. My thought is just the way XBox has position themselves and being for the gamers wanting to have an XBox platform. Which is why it's weird to be XBox too. Because I don't think that's how they're gonna message go with it would be that again based on the amazing announcements and programs. They have already with game pass with the backwards compatibility right with everything we've seen the XBox Exo eighteen event. I just think that's such an amazing marketing thing to say, here's the next thing. It does this crazy thing it's running. I this is also me, of course, being ignorant because as we're talking about like, yeah. The people who wanna she are. That's not me. I'm not I've never been hung up. Graphics to that extent. Are we talking? I mean, the Xbox One x already is the most powerful console on the market is the how much crazier is the next council going to be remember, we this is an innovative concept. We've had this this time around. So again, we're not even going from what PlayStation four is. What place you should five? Can do. We're talking about places before to placed issue for pro to PlayStation five where I feel like it's gonna look better. But when you're talking about what's inside of it what you can get out all the technical aspects. You can use for it. We're not talking about a PS one PS to jump a PS two to three jump. It's going to be more incremental to that point. So to Curtis his question. Like, do you not see this as a problem? I don't I think already that. If you're how many games are coming to see. And granted there's plenty people with PC's. They can't play those. But there's plenty of people who can just dial their stuff down to it. And then if you're courtesy you're saying, well, I own Xbox One s I'm not I don't wanna play at a lesser quality or the worst quality potato quality. That's why XBox is making something new for you to buy something new. They want money. They're not they're not saying you're to get the best experience. They're just saying. Hey, you're still long for this ri-. Well, I think if we look at what's happening in the PC gaming space. There's a reason why there's minimum specs that publishers put out with the games that they develop right? I think we're maybe going to see something like that happen with these new consuls that are coming on the line as they get closer and closer to becoming mini PC's in council box versus, you know, obviously PC gaming is where you can really tailor at your visual experience quite extensively. So I have to imagine that for when it comes to developers and looking at how the experience is going to differ, depending on which system you have that they'll always be like those baseline minimum requirements, and the it'll just scale up from there, and that's the that's what I've taken away. And I don't see that baseline holding people back again, I'm not the hardware guy kinda funny dot com slash I on. You're welcome to write in and show me in on the defensive way give me links in articles of developers who are already saying. Oh my God. We'd love to make this game. Look like that. We have. You're talking about here is the problem. Everybody's always struggled multiplatform games. And why you something like God of war, right or horizon. Like, oh, my God this game looks so good. And then I can play one of my games of the year assassin's creed odyssey and be like I love this game so much and it's beautiful at times. And then the though times where her her foot standing on like an invisible platformer hair looks heroics garbage kind of sucks, but I get it because they made it for PC in PlayStation XBox like adding another skew in there or another slider to worry about. I don't think the worst case in the world, let alone I think that that's going to be such a strong point for XBox of like, no, no, we are XBox. This is our platform. This is how it works. But greg. Yeah injury. When I believe all of this talk about hardware choice is still moot. If they don't bring the games. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That's why PlayStations so definitively one this generation is because of the software lineup and not just because people like playing on their technology, and obviously we've been saying at nauseam with all the announcements that Microsoft and XBox have been making about their studio acquisitions at they're setting themselves up for that success in the next generation. But I guess we're just gonna have to wait and see Weli dry. I think number two is going to have ninety questions initially they touch on that nerve as well. So let's just jump into number two. We put out a non response to PlayStation bailing on ether air quotes. That's what I put. That's how I call it. I I'm going to read the games industry biz article from James bachelor, the news that PlayStation will not be present. At e three twenty nineteen has not sullied the organizers plans to grow the event a statement from the entertainment software association, touted the record breaking success of this year's trade show in highlighted some of the major companies already inboard already onboard, including Sony's rival platform holders. Microsoft and intendo. There were also indications that the show itself will spill out of the Los Angeles convention center and into other venues in order to accommodate further growth last year. The essay said the venue struggles to cope with rising attendance e three may have to leave Los Angeles in twenty twenty XBox already had to shift its shift to its own space at the nearby Microsoft theater this year with the planning to once again invite consumers to eat three the L A C's limits are likely to be tested next summer, quote, e three twenty eighteen broke records, and we sold out of both exhibit space and attendee badges said interim CEO Stanley Pierre Louis we are confident that through the continued creative innovations delivered by participating member companies e three twenty nineteen we'll deliver the same kind of excitement and energy. This year. We're looking forward to expanding e-3 beyond the walls of the L A and connecting gamers and attendees with incredible video game content throughout the entire LA live complex was exciting. Because they got that burger place out there, the press release also featured quotes of support from Microsoft intendo and epic games, which hosted e threes largest ever in this epoch which hosted threes largest ever before night. Plus a list of companies confirmed to be attending these include the aforementioned trio as well as activision, but says Capcom Kinami square inex-, take two Ubisoft and Warner Brothers. Andrea rene. What do you think number one of PlayStation, not going to eat three for the first time at twenty four years? So just as a reminder before I give my thoughts. My husband does indeed work for PlayStation understand that is he came to. You was like, hey, should we go to three and you were like, no. Call this half and for the record. That's exactly how it did not have it took place. And I'm not speaking on his behalf or any. I actually don't have his thoughts on like everything that's going down. So the country. He's literally got back. He landed in came immediately to the pet hospital with me yesterday won't get into that later. But thank you for everybody who reached out. My cat is doing better. I hopefully, we'll get to take him home today. And I'll put out a statement on Twitter later today. But that aside PlayStation, leaving e three is, of course, like a shocking statement as they have been part of it and really an anchor of e three since it began, and as people who've been covering three for so many years there press conference is usually one of the most hype conferences to cover at the show. They always have an amazing booth with tons of hands on games. Lots of great. Opportunities to see new hardware on various years. So this is really quite shocking that a company is largest PlayStations pulling out my personal thoughts on it are like I think that this is a completely crazy and wrong move. While I understand the benefits of moving to maybe like a digital only distribution for your press releases all on intendo direct. The thing that I kept going back to his. How could they do this to all of the partners who depend on PlayStation at a conference like E three to really get the word about their game out there? And I was looking at all of the stats that you guys ran down the show yesterday celebrating their fifth anniversary of the police for and you look at those tough. I'd games. Those are all partner titles. They're not PlayStation party exclusives. And if you look at what really pushed PlayStation for over the edge of everybody else's generation, it was all of their partner titles. Right. And so it's crazy to think that they would leave all of their partners in the lurch. When those smaller developers in particular, really, depend on a stage like the PlayStation Sony press conference or spot in the PlayStation booth on the show floor for hands on for press in route to get the word out about their games. And so that makes me concern for not only their indie partners. But some of the smaller publishers that they work with. But also like what does that mean for some of their tent pole partners? Like activision and call of duty. We know we've been seeing call of duty at the PlayStation conference several times since that partnership began destiny has almost always had a spot at their three stages. Well, what does that mean for that partnership? That's the first thing that I thought this is a giant issue or issue a giant conversation? I wanna bring Benedict in. He says what's up, Greg? What's good entry if you intend to Microsoft? What would you do differently? Eddie three twenty nineteen compared to previous years to capitalize on Sony's absence. Keeping awesome. I you just nailed the biggest thing again, if we talked about it yesterday in terms of I mean, this is happening in real time. Right as we were acting happened in the middle show. But on top of me kept saying Phil Spencer all hands meeting guys. We gotta go huge. We gotta push updates. We gotta do this. It would also be third party relations get everyone on the phone Intel him, we got them. Will you know what? I mean. Let's let's let's expand the let's expand our footprint if that's possible. Let's imagine if your XBox you have the correct me if I'm wrong, they haven't announced this yet right on the floor plans out yet. Okay. So I mean, I did Brian Tahoe. Joe's time. It was great. It was really fun. Oh my gosh. Oh, right. So I mean, like, I if I'm Microsoft, and whenever I find out about this. And However, I did it would be like we want their spaces. Well, and I totally do it. I'm saying that they have their normal XBox base. But then you take over the PlayStation space in it is video games presented by XBox? And it is totally. We don't have exclusive rights to any of these. But we know that people need spots to show their games. There you go and the same for Nintendo right of like. Oh, wow. We need to do right by partners. There's so many people that do rely on this. I mean, again, there are people jokingly tweeting me yesterday like oh, man. You shouldn't. I guess this means you're gonna have to another kind of funny game. Showcase right. There were developers. Really deeming me going for real. If you do this any help. And I'm like, I I don't have that kind of. No, let's get one done. And then we'll worry about that. Right. That is a real ramification of this like, oh, wow. The stage time on XBox is stage. Just got so much more valuable, right? And they even really showed there. They're they kind of flex with their partnerships this year, if you compare the weird showcase that Sony put together this year, which really only show their first party with a couple of third party things in there and then XBox coming out the gate and being link we've got this game this game this game. We've got new trailers for all of these things that are obviously multi-platform, but you're seeing the trailer I on the XBox stage. Now, that's just kind of opening the door. I will say it was a little thirsty of XBox to get on social media, drain. Hey, we'll be at e three excited CAD Cam. Yeah. Show for me. If your moment. But no, I mean, they have to they have to capitalize on this opening that PlayStation has given them. And I obviously I don't think that place issue can walk this back. But maybe maybe they're like LL. Just kidding. We decided that wasn't the right call. We are going to have a presence at e three. I don't know if that's even a possibility. You don't think? So no way. Do they've said this. They can't go back on it. I'm with you. But like, I think, you know, maybe part of me wants to hold out help that maybe they'll do something different. Or they'll do something all EA play where it's not at e-3 Clark in that game. Informer thing was like, we're not doing anything around you. Yeah. They got six months to change their mind. I guess, but I think it's interesting one of their big partners sorry to cut you off one of their big partners came in like an activision or even like a rockstar or Bethesda and said, hey, we talked about doing this giant marketing deal together for this next. Big AAA that's coming. What the fuck dudes even out to dry. I think only in that case when there's like tens of millions of dollars potentially on the line for for a deal that maybe we would see some shifting. But obviously, we don't know what those deals are those are like behind closed doors things that we don't ever get to hear about until they're announced EMS the thing that I wonder about this is, you know, yesterday's question was I wonder when XBox new I wonder when they found out that this happening. But the then, yeah, you're right. That those those triple a partnership exclusive deals are already being ago. She hated in boardrooms across the world, right? So what point did somebody be like? Oh, yeah. We love to partner free three and PlayStations. We'll. About that. Or like, yeah. No. We're we're not or thinking and we'll see where new something different. We might be doing our own thing. Like, yeah. Who the hell knows what that actually shook out? And I thought it was interesting. You know yesterday, I started spending as the PlayStation guy like what their methodology would be. And why you would do this. I'm gonna do this event. They get headlines there. It was also this thing of an undercurrent today in kinda funny dot com. KF GD of people who were offended by this the right of in not even I'm gonna kick it over stargazer wrote in and said, Hello KF games daily. Hosts not sure who is on. We every episode. So with the article from variety about PlayStation, skipping three. I have some things I would like to hear from from you guys as an XBox fan since the OJ XBox. It is hard for me to justify Sony's decision. Not to hold any three events at all. If they ran out of games that they can show because they're holding them for PlayStation fives. Reveal I find that very disrespectful. Well, Microsoft hasn't had many exclusive exclusives in the last few years. They managed to get enough things to show and have a fully three conference. Why can't Sony managed to bring out all the Indies Japanese games that don't come out on XBox to fill the void just thought. He was keep up the good work. Now. I'm with you stargazer. That's a also very good point. And you talk about e three being a destination event not just for digital viewers who are tuning into livestream around the world. But people who are literally flying now to Los Angeles to attend e-3 in person in buy tickets for the show like one is the expectation for those people. I mean, what is the ESE going to do about people who are like I'm not gonna buy ticket? Now, the PlayStations not gonna be there because that was such a pillar presence at the show. I find it disrespectful is kind of strong language there privately held company, and they can do whatever they want. Right. And we as fans can be disappointed. But I mean, they clearly have a perogative in mind. Whether or not we understand that I think is a little irrelevant. This is the ripples. I didn't think about in the moment. Right. You bring up you know, what about what's the ES eight to do a fans like, well, I'm not gonna buy tickets. I was coming for PlayStation. Right. What is going to happen? When a third party partner is like, well, hey, guys, we really needed that time there. Wanna fan? Who's is thinks. It's disrespectful. Right. Like, I mean, I thought it was interesting yesterday. How your immediate gut reaction was like, well, they've got their big boy pants on their doing. So well, they don't need this. I think it's crazy to think that they are so far above everybody else. They're like, we can do our thing. We don't need three. And it's like, of course, you don't need e three in that sense. You've been doing really well. But I would argue you're doing really well because you have been showing your games and your hardware at e three. Right. And this is the thing. Right. The ripples of pissing off those people because the incidence to the ones what does he say going to what does he say say that these people? What if people don't come this like the short answer, those PlayStations problems, right? That's the problem and wrecked on paper. When place was like, we're doing this in where I jumped to right of like, wow, they're going to own headlines today. Get mentioned in all sorts of stories in every livestream. When people are filling time, we're gonna come back. How crazy the PlayStations not here? Can't wait to see what they do. And then when they do then it's going to be this huge thing. Right. It does run the risk of like actually might be questioned here. Right. If somebody's like can they ever come back? You know what I mean? Like, can you can they ever come back to three now because like ESA is suddenly dealing with a load of shit has been dropped on their desk. Like fuck. You know, what I mean like this is our event we love it every celebrates games. We get to bring together we make money on it. And we're business and all these different things to we didn't need the people who are at the top of the game right now. In terms of publishers hardware, being like now, we don't need to do it. Because now they've all new thing to deal with. And again, every time we say now is going to get talked to about E three. This is going to be questioned. This is going to be a thing. We're gonna wanna talk. About this in craft a story around it. And it's like fuck. Yeah. That piss them off. If pisses off these partners, right? Who are like now, you soom with the exception of PlayStation, if they already had a deal way long out or whatever with somebody now. Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna I'm trying to get my game on a stage. I'm going to go to XBox XBox. Is where I'm gonna take this new. I'm gonna talk to you. And you know, the exclusives. I'll sign with them. Like when if let's say, it is just this one year, they wanna do this to promote to the giant event in then they do wanna come back and do thing next year at e three how does that work? What is the booth space? Look like, how do you know what I mean like easily be able to come back easily their them the number one causal right now. Sure. Like the sour grapes injury. I don't you know, who doesn't care about sour grapes money when hundreds of millions of dollars potentially on the line ESA. They're not gonna say, oh, we're gonna say they wouldn't let a black pulling out of each three. Like, no way. Man. They'll they'll welcome them back with open arms. Right. Like, that's that's a given your. I'm not gonna. Say that there won't be some probably tense conversations. You know, in as you say boardroom meeting somewhere that certainly is probably on the table. But the idea that if they do make good never show anything at three twenty nineteen that they can't come back ever as like, that's that's out of the rubble possibility. They'll be able to come back whenever they want. I understand it'll be able comeback as just a question of how many people they pissed off. And how many people want to help them out? Again, does this change the tenor of the conversation? The course of the river in terms of who's working with. I mean, that's a good point. I think when it comes to their first party stuff. They're like, whatever we'll d are on thing. Like like, I said at the beginning of all this the people who really are getting thrown of the bus here are their third party partners. And those are the relationships that are going to be tough to manage for that team. So Nathan c for Morgan wrote into kinda funny dot com slash KF GDN says much Greg and John yesterday. I was flabbergasted by the news of Sony, not showing up at all for three twenty nineteen while I'm a huge fan of Sony and wanna believe they've spectacular plans up there. Leave four PlayStation five announcements later that year that doesn't change the fact that there could be no foreseeable news from them in a conference for almost thirteen months. How can they be making claims to be doing this to quote, delight gamers when will inevitably disappoint fans like myself who look forward e three every year, I understand how Sony as a business would wanna play things close to the chest and get everyone talking about them. But after this year's e three and the cancellation of cancel cancellation. I won't say anymore cancelation of Essex, it really feels like Sony focuses all semi focuses on anymore is big trillion announcements and the running on those games talk about two things here. One of the first one actually pulls back to stargazers question right about what if they did Indies Japanese games. Right. I think PlayStation has done smaller presentations, and they usually take it on the chain from everybody of like, Lou big games. The triple is exclusive. I didn't want it. So now, they're kind of giving you dose of why we can't fuck in win. When we don't have like that. So we're not gonna do it. And so I'm not saying like they're taking their ball and going home. I think it's just the fact that they wanna have one giant thing where there are a million great huge announcements, and then there are hopefully smaller announcements that can filter out and be part of the equation. There was like, wow. This is a great conference. They had everything right into your question. Nathan of like, how can they they'll never disappoint fans like myself that look forward to three every year? I this is not insult to you. Nathan right for the most part gamers have a goldfish marine on this thing. Right. With the exception of my layer and charter three reviews. We forget everything. So you're mad now you're going to be any three. And it's going to be like this is so weird. They're they're not here. But hopefully XBox kills it third parties. Kill it. Nintendo kills it. But you're still like I wonder what they're doing. And then the hype train will roll into whatever event PlayStation is going to talk about. And you're talking about it's going to be thirteen months without a conference. Now, they won't be as they have. They have many games that are coming out next year that they need to do PR pushes about hold on. I'm with you. But I think that was something people were lost to what about anything. They're still doing blog posts. I still think there's probably gonna be ads on the side of three for games that they're doing things with the banners. You have out there. I don't think it's like ma-. We're never going. We're going to talk anymore. They're going to talk about other games next year. But in terms of a conference right in terms of there being a conference like thirteen years, right like still laying gratification where again, the hype train will roll of like holy shit PlayStations about who something on stage for the first time in thirteen months. I can't wait to fucking see. What what do you think? It's going to be hypotheses after hypothesis release date announced was this. What are these IP's like everyone's gonna be stoked when they finally come back right now he's pissed off. But God forbid we just play the games we have now. It will be interesting to see exactly what their vision is. And what this all means right now. I like, I don't get it. I don't see it. I don't understand it. But maybe there's genius vision behind it all their life, you shoot we're going to just set the world on fire you guys. Just wait. I know you're mad now. But it's going to be so epic. Why I mean, it's the same thing as always though. Yeah, there people are mad right now in what does that equate to in a spreadsheet and a budget line as the corporation? That's killing it in running. Nobody right now is crossing the PlayStation four off their Christmas lists and putting an Xbox One down because PlayStation coming to three we're all in everybody's paying huff on Twitter. Again, by the time, we get there. You're going to be excited about it. And you're probably gonna buy the the third party games on PlayStation four because that's where you are and your system, and I'm just going off sales numbers, not even being Sony pony here. I think by the time you get back to. Hey, we're finally breaking our silence finally doing something not to mention again. I think right now a lot of people do have the impression of it's like the wizard of Oz. And they've slipped a little door close. And they're not gonna talk to you until December of next year. That's not what it's going to be. There's still gonna to be PlayStation blog cast Shanley still gonna come out and say weird things on the blog cast that we have to report on they're gonna show you this is going to be gaming covers dreams. Mark. My words dreams will one day get a release date, and they will they will talk about it. And do that concrete. Gene is gonna come out. Cool gags gonna play. It is just a weird weird weird. It's weird move. But I do think it makes sense. I do think it makes sense. I know I know about this makes sense. But think about an injury think all the think of all the headlines, and if he doesn't go well like that in the navy. Does go. Well, it's like, this is awesome. I can't wait to just it's crazy that you think that he threw has a potential to not go. Well, I got into this argument with my good friend rake Arcilla on Facebook. He was talking about how he like many people year over year talk about how easily every year the coming a little more irrelevant. And I was like Nacer actually is becoming more relevant year-over-year because their own so many more ways to get information. Now, so many live streams we got people that are live tweeting people walking around the show floor with backpack literally streaming as they're walking around the floor. So there's more ways to consume three content than ever before. And suss more people are consuming it, and that's why I think it's more relevant than it's ever been. So that's why this decision leaves me scratching my head going there at their peak. As far as engagement goes about across all spheres of social media and ways to engage with content at during the show. Why would you why would you exit now? You know, like, I I don't get it someone you didn't make the page. But I remember reading it said it was this basically PlayStation taking a knee on this generation like where gonna run out the clock. We've won like what's the point in? There's an argument to that in a way right of cool. Let's let XBox spend more money. Three to advertise. More third party games that people are going to buy us. I mean, this is totally a if you want to be like, you know, they're the richest kings with their chalice up there ever. He's gotta put their money where their mouth is in by third party an XBox. If you're really mad about this decision. If you think that is the whole issue of in the crux of it like, I hope XBox fucking totally. I hope they what we pitched they bite down on her like book. Yes, I hope that you know, what I mean. I hope that they do. Hey, the XBox showcase is Sunday and Monday night where doing the indie games presented by XBox? We're taking over we're just gonna come in with a third party partner. Not even Indies third parties and do all the stuff. I'll put it together for XBox. Have a lot more gray hair? And a lot of experience killing me. Showcase sixteen. Three games, though games. Game is exciting. I haven't gotten enough date for you on how everything come look at. Trailers special guest. It's crazy number three four you in another jam packed episode of kinda funny games daily, the golden joystick award winners have been named. I thought I would run through them real quick for you. Andrea Rene, sure. Best storytelling, God of war. Best competitive game. Fortnight battle rail. Best cooperative game. Monster hunter world. Best visual design, God of war. Best indie game dead cells. Best audio God of war still playing world of tanks. Best performer Brian Deckert, Connor from Detroit become human east boards game of the year. Overwatch studio of the year s I e Santa Monica best VR game says skyro- VR out of here's Kyran VR. Wow. Okay. Harsh words for major in it. Can you do you mind? Good game willing develop for VR. It was developed for PC and consoles, and then it was ported to VR. There are so many games that are specifically made for VR that they completely overlooked. Don't get me started. We just did the games cash patient dot com slash kinda funny game today right now, you can go watch it early now. A bad game. But I think the game more is list is like perfect you beat sabre moss Astra Bhatt firewall or something. Great one. I'm skipping out on linking on let me look. Beat sabre firewall on sabre firewall. Now moss. Oh asked Noah said Astra book and the tetris effect. There is there's five nailed everybody. Can you know? Okay. Don't worry about it. mobile game of the year player. Unknowns battlegrounds PC game of the year. Sub Nautica PlayStation game. The God of war XBox. Even the air force a horizon for Nintendo game of the year. Octo path motherfucker traveler breakthrough award on world unknown worlds for some Nautica. Most one game cyberpunk twenty seventy seven critics choice award red dead redemption to lifetime achievement. Hide Hidetada Zaki much. The last names in for Japanese game, developers are so well known that if I can get to that. I'm usually good was that first name I stumbled up the father of survival horror games museology Sonal could've sent to. Outstanding contributions the XBox adaptive controller ultimate game of the year for night battle rampant. Even mean, it's the ultimate game of the because they gave game of the year for the platforms. And so here you go. Here's to rule them all runners up. Of course, we're red dead redemption to end block ups for congratulations everybody if you wanna here's predict the first half of the game awards. You can go patriots dot com. Such kind of funny games games. Cast up right now. Pre show yawn about PlayStation, anything that sounds right. Just wanna for free dot com slash kind of funny games. Monday podcast services. All the number four hold on a second. Can I ask you guess number four in four minutes? Something is going to happen on audit. Schenker's twitter. Of course, friend of the show came over Greg show with them real good. He made Kathleen for Netflix. He's made a whole bunch of other stuff to the bootleg universe. He put out a tweet dear video game industry and entertainment industry. Tomorrow one PM, which is today. Get ready. There's been rumors forever that it's going to be the original Rimmer was he's working on legend of Zelda thing from net. Flicks. Another one that I saw on recent air gain traction back in the day was not back in the day in the last couple of weeks was a metal gear animated thing. Similar to castle Vania Kinami because the voice actors at all been pound around and tweet ninety children being weird. Cool rag, please keep an eye on that five as you see fit. You got love you big. Again, superlong jam packed episodes. I'm gonna put the ads here. Andrea Rene do it. This episode is brought to you by crepe gaming. It's a monthly subscription box delivered direct to your door with exclusive pop culture. Collectibles, apparel gear gaming, curious designs, everything themselves, and you can't find these items anywhere else. If you're on the morning show or watched it you saw me yelling screaming for taking my favorite glasses. The FOX cups from Lou gaming and putting them out here. So I can't use them anymore, but he can use them for his ad. 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Bad north is out on PC today civilization six on switch poke among let's go Pika chew. And let's go either on switches. Well, I soon Brit is dead from excitement she is at home in her charm Andor onesie plane. Let's go Pichu dad next is one of the game. She plays with her dad. No. Drag Moore husband is playing. Let's go EV. I believe. Gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha. There was long discussion on slack today with my wife which version she was going to Mars chaos menace comes the PlayStation, which state of Kate gets zen zen. Zad hunter update, and then sunset overdrive on windows ten and steam new dates for you roller coaster tycoon adventures, the iconic fem- part management series rise into the hands of switch owners starting on November twenty ninth in select European territories in on December thirteenth in North America. Let's roll into deals of the day. I have to look for these. Now, you guys just send them all in your amazing. And I thank you. Ben wrote in the kind of dot com slash KFI GD and says just wanted to throw in a Canadian deal of the day. If I could WalMart is currently offering the Xbox One s one terabyte Minecraft bundle for two hundred and twenty nine ninety nine or force horizon. Four bundle for two hundred and forty nine ninety nine just throwing it out there for the Canadian best friends keep on keeping on Ben. We will. Thank you Emmett Watkins junior. Just a heads up to anyone wanting to get battlefield five as it releases this Tuesday at best buy they're not they're not only offering ten dollar gift certificate and steel book with a priori of. The game. But also give you ten dollars off the game. If you trade games from certain franchises towards it. The list of games covers anything else considered a shooter which covers dozens of franchises. That's pretty much today. But it's worth reiterating to look up warriors, sixty four on Twitter and sheep, ask gamer dot com to track all the incoming black Friday deals, and our ups are and the an XBox live deals that are going up right now. Speaking of lucid dream wrote in the PS and black Friday sale begins today, and God of war is twenty one ninety nine that's cheaper than it would be anywhere else during retail on black Friday event sales where I guess they're selling it in stores for twenty four ninety nine get on it. Yes. If you want to go, you can check out the PlayStation blog dozens and dozens and dozens of games are on sale you can get like, assassins creed origins. Gold addition like which is ninety nine ninety nine still on the store, but like for like thirty bucks now and Odysseys marked off ten or fifteen. So there's a whole bunch of stuff to get in there and go for and then finally agnosio Rojo says for deals of the day as a Thursday afternoon brawl Hala is free on the issue up for awhile. Has been giving out games for free without telling anyone, for example. When shack food came out, you could download the game for free also galactic Z was free one point. Thanks. How are we doing audience done? Anything got nothin'. What a coward. It's three minutes after one. He's late. I'm gonna have to call them at some point. If he keeps this up. It's reader mail. We're long let me find you. Good one eight zero right on into the weekend. Yeah. No. You know, what I might come back then when I'm flipping over. Now, I got to like for you, Andrew Jack Reynolds. The w I think it means Washington farmer rights into kind of funny dot com slash KFI GD and says, hey, Greg Andrea yesterday. I heard you guys discussing who could fill the Sony spot at e three I think there's a dark horse in the race that could fill the spot, and that's either Google or Amazon there have been rumors for ages about the two giant companies getting into the gaming world in what an opportunity to do it Google recently. Did it's game streaming thing. And it seemed to do pretty well a good pick. I think the Google pick is the really interesting one Amazon. I don't think that they care to dabble in something like e-3 because they've been in the gaming space now for quite a few years and they haven't before. And I think that their main priority is still there mobile, focus. Yeah. Because that's where they're making the most money. And I think Google is primed to do something really exciting because we keep hearing rumors about this potential box at they're going to be releasing and we have people that are currently playing project stream, and I think that's tied together. But that being said most of these big Silicon Valley companies choose to do their own thing. You know, like if you think about Apple's Keno were the keynotes that Google does. And like so would they want to do something any three versus doing their own thing? It's hard to know because I goes back to what I was talking about with third party relationships. Google is going to need to have really impressive third party partnerships in order to break through the established people in the space turn their heads. And do it right. Car has oh, it's devil may cry. Audie has put up his Twitter here, and it's an open for business. Okay cry. It's as Dante very interesting. I I don't know if this. This must be probably one of his bootleg films. Other call cooling. Bootleg universe. He does on his YouTube gritty Power Rangers reboot, a punisher short cool stuff. Like that. Maybe that's what this is. Go to YouTube in search ATI Shane car Boola university. When the pops up. Yeah. I don't know. It's my main concern with PlayStation, vacant in the spot right is now are they gonna be like seven conferences at once on Friday or Monday night are like is limited run games gonna run to devolve a run to it. And the people, you know, what I mean like we have to nobody runs to it will be lovely. If that's about don't get to sleep. Or you know, I have to miss that night how many showcases and hands on opportunities and things that I don't get to do three because I stay up. I wasn't a joke. I say doing livestream that day. I would love it. If that spot state open it won't the core brought up the bootleg university. Or can you click on videos? Did he did he up late? Anything recently. Is there a dome show? He's opening it. No two weeks ago. Put up conquest with ATI shaneco, keep your eyes peeled Riyadh. He's up to something. He's a cool, dude. Final question of the day comes from professor woke Andrea what if anything can you tell us about your future plans to challenge? The champ. I appreciate a good crossover event. And I gotta say I'd be totally down for seeing the kind of funny world championship belt grace. The what's good game studio set with his presence. I would love that as well. I'll tell you what as someone who keeps failing to dethrone, Nick. I would. I don't care. I'm anybody. But Nick, you can go do it. You're good at games. So am I but the promise somehow he was out of it? And I don't understand it. He's a squirrelly guy is I have some things that I've been contemplating some ideas that I've been stewing on. I do like to drop by the morning show with my cat. Meow name the Bank, right? The Bank and kind of mess with them a little bit maybe throw off his game. But as far as specifics now, I can't I can't divulge. I don't want long as you're thinking about the nation turns its is to use someone has to stop Nick scripting. I will stop him. She faith in me everybody. Professor walks finishes office, saying lastly in the spirit of thanksgiving. I just wanna say I am thankful for kind of funny. What's good games in hop? Live and jump thank you for the amazing content. You create the positively you. Inspire are crazy little worlds. Thank you. That's very kind. You're thankful for you. Professor woken, everyone that you kind of funny. Best friends who watch these shows in listen to these shows, your mazing, we can do without you. We love you very much. Speaking of let spread the love it's time to squat up. This is where one of you writes into kind of funny dot com slash F. GD give me your name using any from choice in. Why you need help and video game. I read it here. The best friends. Come and find you and everybody plays games together. Today. David s needs help he's help in excel in the PC. And then he says no path of exile. You hit them up on steam at no big deal. EH? No big deal. All one word. Hey, KF GD crew. I'm looking for some best friends to help me complete twenty four challenges in path of exile. Before the reset on December fourth after watching the path of exile trailer for a new. League betrayal that can can can can can. Conce coincidentally, bashes the hell out of Diablo immortal. If you haven't seen it it's worth a watch. I got back into path of exile understand. Most those words if there are any kind of funny best friend 'exiles out there. Please asked me to play over the weekend. I also be streaming it for the first time under the same name. No big deal. Funny. Final line for the trailer, quote, they claim they claim they are immortal. We must prove they are not love everything you guys do and switched my prime to you guys. Actually, I thank you. Thank you. And I have no idea what the hell you're talking about his trailer. Pathak's those path exiled put a distract trailer about the album mortar. I guess okay. Remember the view Amazon prime you've twitched you're thinking you're driving a car right now. You don't care about twitch. But again, you have Amazon prime. I know you do so please give us what the hell's happening, please. Give us your free twitch prime subscription. Log into your prime. You probably already are. Then you go twitch prime, and I'll take you there and give it to kind of goods you have to give it every thirty days, otherwise Amazon. On your money. I digress gentlemen. This has been kind of funny games daily injury. When he's got more fingers. We've got you're wrong to do. Thank you about that. I won't just like last week when I couldn't even put on the shirt and tie, I'm dead showcases killing me, breaking on devil may cry series joins castle. Vania in new multi verse from shingle. There's another cartoon. It says the series will be developed by castle Vania executive producer Shankar in exclusive interview. At Jan reveal that the series is now calling the bootleg multi verse as you mentioned do not give any specifics in terms of what this all means for the series overall store, but didn't inform us he acquired these devil may cry rights myself. So that your brownies and Hollywood don't fuck this up to audio right? Okay. Says his financial investment should allow him more creative freedom as he begins to build this wildly and bishops multi verse of his. He says the attributes the devil made crises announcing to the success of castle Vania, which he says really over performed did crazy. Well, we immediately got green lit for season. Three thanking the fans who made this possible Schenker said I wouldn't have a job. If it wasn't for the fans. Of course, shared the image on social media. All right. More to come up with ATI is up to Angie, you're correct. I am wrong. When we're on the show, we asked people who are watching live onto which is kinda funny game to go to dot com slash wrong. And tells what we screw up as we screwed up. So we can set the record straight for everybody on YouTube dot com slash kind of funny games and everybody watching. You're listening later on podcast services. What do we get wrong today? Kyle literally says not a your own just thanksgiving. Thank you for all that you do next week. Keep stuffing that Turkey on all the YouTube on the podcasts and on the Amazon on Friday. Yeah. Kebabs not a you're wrong. But still important is the Amazon stream mentioned housekeeping at all similar to the Amazon prime day stream earlier this year is exactly the same thing. Yeah. We're we're going gonna go through. We're gonna play video games that you can get deals on and show you tack and I think last time around they were like, hey, here's some cool headphones in Nick, warm like Jordan before it, and that's the kind of content. You can expect Downey Downer. San says Xbox One s an original models run most games at nine hundred P. An upscale to ten eighty p cited from the taco articles. Well, many digital foundry comparisons there. Cool going to. But he's at lunch and the doorbell just rang. However, I checked this link that link is from two thousand thirteen so that would not intrude the Xbox One s. Was not released down downing. So that being said. Master six wrote in and said, hey Creggan. Andrea the launch Xbox One did nine hundred P Xbox One s did ten eighty p with Phuc Fouquet four K. My blue Xbox One. X does twenty one sixty p four K with four K Blu-ray. So those are the specs even get across the councils that being said, I still don't have too much information anonymous, which is kind of hilarious linked digital foundry which gave some popular games right now on Xbox One s resolutions red dead is eight hundred sixty four P odyssey is searching forty four by seven fifty six and college duty is sixteen hundred by nine hundred dynamically downgrades to ten twenty four by seven sixty eight. So of course, none of those are ten eighty p which is interesting did not realize so that is helpful. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Let's see here. Be mocked editorializing. Zaire road with some more games that have a difference. But this list from twenty sixteen we're not gonna read that out today that we missed from Brian Sweeney sieve six on switch on Greg. One more turn. Incorrect motherfucker is said that rewind the show and then to make up for it. Subscribe at the fifteen dollar level on patriots dot com slash kind of funny games. I just had to set it up you guys. Okay. Oh, this is interesting day. The tar said missed new dates might is come to switch starting January twenty ninth and closed beta along with cross platform and progression. Except PSN. Remember, they're still in beta with fortnight, they haven't opened it. There was a question about that. So that's how I was going to do that. But we went. So that's interesting. Interested place might switch. Okay. Anthro medal says Andrea. Shit. Yeah. No. I'm just thinking he says, you said Dhaka muzak is the godfather survival horror. But he's the creator of dark souls. Did you mean Shinji me the creative resident evil evil within just clarifying? I think you're correct. But I did get those two guys. Can there's a good your own like these are both dark scary games that I don't like that would be it. Thank you for that. Clarifications is exactly what you're wrong for. That's how you do it. Then somebody that hot Shankar wrote it with a YouTube video is that really Audie shank. Are you think I don't know really Texas? So the country right now Jeff guy, he's live on gene right now. So I if you live or is it a being interviewed by Jackie on gen when I was wasn't his views 'cause you understand you can record video and put them up at a later. Oh, you can you. I had no idea. She was just thing. I believe it's live. Okay. And then this other person writes in about I Jan? Agnosio row hus- you're already on my shitless. You don't get to ride with aditorial ising anyway killer seven, I don't seem today's out year writes down new dates or out today. Thank you that. Is it gentlemen, we made it to the weekend? Pour yourself a beer coup. Greg. We're getting beers over this. That sounds nice. You want to I could use a drink. We're into a hole in the back room. I'm gonna make you make everyone knew. Do you with opening? We never drain. Okay. Fair Upshur done. That's on ways. Joe McConnell funny. Games daily. If you enjoyed it. Please in a patriot kind of funny games kick as few bucks. Like, I said if you're an Amazon prime person you have to which we'd love it. If you gave it to us. We're taking next week off in terms of funny games daily in the morning show. But remember, yes, all the podcasts, you expect her up on YouTube and podcast services? And then yes in Amazon black Friday stream on Friday, and it makes sense. And then Thursday tells me green Chicago, if you're within four thousand miles Chicago expect you to be there. So coast to coast pretty much until next time gentlemen, it's been our pleasure to serve you.

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