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Saw An article titled how America's Gun Culture Cultivates Civic Virtue published a year ago by air in town by Aaron Towel? He joins US right now. Erin thank you so much for spending some time with us here either. Absolutely I mean this is a. I thought it was a really interesting article. Let me just read the first line of it and let you pick it up from there. Many people are often surprised to learn that I am a gun. Owner any firm defender of the Second Amendment. Why are people surprised at that? Well as it goes I mean Asian. Americans aren't aren't aren't that commonly known for a for for For enjoying guns as much as two other other Americans. I suppose some of that has to do with it. Had to do with with culture has to do with the history and the circumstances of arriving here in this country. My family's from the People's Republic public of China and the Communist Party has banned and firearms ownership for fairly obvious reasons and I look at how our household we mostly suburb in a suburban community. Where hunting and shooting is not is not even my neighbors not really. It's not really that common. So there there were. There really wasn't that Culture for me at least an appreciation for guns growing up but I was one of those kids would like to ask questions and also as an immigrant you kind of have a much stronger incentive to learn the history and customs of your adopted country and that kind of let me down to that kind of led me down the rabbit hole to the position. I hope today that Second Amendment protects ultimate. Protect your God given right to up to keep to keep their firearms ultimately Stereo Liberty Security. You know you mentioned in here. One of the things that I've been able to relate to people over a lot of years I'm just like it was twenty years ago. I think it was the first person in the gun. World to start writing about the pink pistols and welcoming the gay and lesbian they'll be bt community into shooting and then we had you gay shooters who came in and say you know people need to understand once you walk to the shooting rains. Nobody cares what you've been told. Trust me all they want to know is. Are you safe with the gun? Do you want to shoot here? Let me help you. Here's a gun. Here's ammo I'll I'll help you out and I don't care if you're B. Q. If you're you're black if you're Asian Asian nobody cares in the gun community absolutely and I mentioned in my article but every time I wanna go to the gun range. I go really awesome one nearly a five minute drive from where I am. And in Austin Texas but I see people of all backgrounds of all ethnicities of enjoying enjoying themselves and having fun and and the forbidden fruit factors definitely comes and definitely comes in. Because I almost every time I see that. Foreign tourists and exchange students are eager to to to to to take advantage about rights. That back is heavily restricted. If not all not all I completely abandoned their in their own land. Well sure I mean if you go to Las Vegas they have all of these places where you can rent guns and shoot machine guns and do different things. And you see an awful lot of Asians they're lined up to shoot guns because they can't do it back home. I mean I'm sure you've probably seen the headlines that I mean I mean. There's been a huge. There's a huge surge in gun buying for the last two months you know with people concerned about work with lockdowns in the in the nineteen people are fearful for for that might be brisk down in society and And a lot of Asian Americans are vying for the first time The ratio ratio backlash I'm happy to say that I personally have not extended any backlash of discrimination for my ethnic around here in Austin Texas but in other places I mean. It's a big. It's a big world and I know from I just know from experience and from reading history and psychology that they're evil people in this world and when when when when the social fabric of society is being tested. People can can do some very unsavory things and regardless of your background. You have a copy of rights to protect yourself absolutely true and I don't care who you are you know. There's always some by the out. There are some group out there who decides for whatever reason they don't like you and it's up ultimately it is up to you to take care of yourself and your family. The police will show up when they can. It may be a few minutes. It may be a couple of hours. They'll do what they can do. But honestly it's probably realistically it's probably all going to be over by the time they get there and so how it ends up is really gonNA depend on how you handle it yourself. Don't count and somebody else and Y- let me ask you in their article. In fact the whole title is how America's Gun culture cultivates civic virtue. What do you mean by civic virtue dissect basically it's the it's it's the mindset and the norms exemplified by founding fathers as Benjamin Franklin and George Washington about about this about about uploading of the norms that makes a vibrant community? And that's ultimately. I believe it was John Adams who says that about this. This constitution is meant for virtuous people people who people must understand that our rights our rights come from from humanity and the government government ultimately is force and with that in mind. I've only used to protect life liberty and property and when strays outside of those bounds It can very easily down to a very ugly path. As if the with the with the history of countries like China in Germany in Venezuela right now when government does people take take take control of the government to prey on others and we ultimately need to be vigilant to the fact that as also Ronald Reagan's that reading this one generation away from extinction. So we need to be vigilant about what our leaders are doing. I love your line. Ultimately government is force. That's what it is watching under the Cova pandemic where governors and mayors are exercising force without any legitimate backing of law. They start doing it and we are seeing pockets at least some places where people are resisting and going. No you actually do not have the legal authority to stop the Second Amendment. You don't have the legal authority to stop the First Amendment and the only way to your point. The only way that you prevent that from happening in the future is when it happens you stand up and you push back exactly and that's one of the things that draws me to this country. Is that a people I mean. This country came into existence through rebellion. People are not people are not gonNa just become gonNA bend over. I like to think that the locker electric think that incentive for politicians not to have to lock downs last any longer than they have to because when the economy crashes the chances of getting reelected plummeted clements as well and here in Texas. I believe the governor is prepared to lift the shelter in place by the by the thirtieth and Q. Very adamant about getting people letting people get back to work and I'm really hoping and keeping his cross well. It is a really nice piece of writing and obviously this is a year ago. So if people want to see what you're up to these days how do they find your Intel? I have thirty x asked active on twitter handle Aaron. Aaron tells two so. I'm pretty sure that's probably my most public. Social Media Feed also. Actually I just so happened to be working on an article right now and you mentioned earlier about especially intense civil unrest of the cleese. I mean the National Response. Time for police at nine minutes. And when some places like Like New York. One fifth one fifth of the police put out sick of excelsior. Please openly admit. They're not they're not going to. They're not going to go after the break. Ins and thefts I mean that's just the back signal for though unsavoury elementary society to To prey on others and ultimately again this article this article. I'm working on right now. The more elaborate on the ultimate responsible for your own safety and security so my writing eastbound on the foundation for Economic Education and other other to Other two publications like I just like to contribute to it aerial magazine and quiet. So you're likely to find my publications. Have Mine on On one of those One of those sides if E. E. DOT ORG and over on Twitter it's Aaron how to A. R. O. N. T. A. O. The number two I just clicked on it and I'm now following you over there. All right sounds good. Aaron thank you so much. I really appreciate your clear thinking on this. We just appreciate what you're doing and carry on. Please all right you take care eight six six talk gun that's refreshing and pretty cool that your thoughts what God you pine and also are you just fed up with the lockdown. Are you ready to get back to normal? I mean I know we stuck to be smart. We have to be careful. Have we reached the point where it's too much eight six guy? For Twenty Five Years Crimson. Trace has led the industry in laser and light technology and customer service now Crimson trace his proud to offer electronic sites and rifles scopes for tactical target and hunting applications with the same crimson trace offer of free batteries for life on all products. 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Visit gun talk dot com slash win to enter gun talks go long giveaway with Dale Defense Crimson. Trace Caldwell Timmy. Triggers and locked down the Grand Prize winner receives the Daniel Defense Delta Five bolt-action action in six point five creed more prize packs from Crimson Trace Caldwell and locked down and Timothy Triggers Calvin elite em seven hundred trigger plus two first prize packs enter now through may eighteenth at gun talk dot com slash. Win An eight six six. Talk Gun James with us out of Boston. Mass on five. Hey James Thank you for your patience. You're on hi Tom. Thanks for taking my call. You Bet what's up? Well I We're a little out of touch up here in Boston as you probably know in many many ways. But we're about a week late so yesterday I heard your Comments YOU'RE AT THE NRA. Show the reasonable virtual NRA. Show right right. And you think you so eloquently about the Second Amendment. It was just a pleasure to hear. Thank you lead indeed One of the. What are the challenges I have with this whole you know the the match wherein with this is that every law on the books that I could find talks about firearms and yet the Second Amendment? Just just says arms any any thoughts on that. Well it is. It's a great point and it's a in fact I talk about it. Occasionally that the group called knife rights and they say that they are a second amendment group but knives our arms as well so knife rights dot org. It's a great group. They've made some wonderful headway. They've been able to pass preemption laws in a number of states. They've been able to go in and repeal the bans on switchblades and easy opening knives on one hand opening knives and a lot of places. So yeah you're right. Almost nobody catches that the second amendment is not necessarily about guns. It's about arms and that can be knives. It can be swords it could be a number of other things it just. It's kind of lost on people and that may be a small part of it but I mean is there something like you're thinking of therefore we should do something with that. Yes I I think. We need to enforce keeping and bearing arms. I don't carry anything. I bear arms. You know keeping keeping a rather carrying a firearm. I'm definitely something states. Can License knows the legal definition of carrying his transporting for higher. So the case. Can they legally licensed it? Well could they license the First Amendment? We've had these you can. They require you to get a license to exercise your First Amendment Rights. Most people would say absolutely not. That'd be crazy. Can they require you to have a license able to buy a book? Well that would be anathema to civil libertarians. But somehow they think it's okay to require someone to have a license to buy a gun so there's a problem. I appreciate your call. Sir and I know you're got a noisy connection there but I do appreciate that and thank you for the compliment. It's every once in a while. I'll say something that seems to make sense to somebody and I appreciate that. Let's see line one Paul's with. Hey Paul Hi Tom. Hey I was listening to talking today a little bit ago about shooting. Hey that's the marvels twenty two times. Talking wife was a pistol rifles right. Okay I been simply because it's easier to swim but for the no actually. I didn't go into any detail if you would like. I can explain how I learned to do that. I mean here's the deal if you use a low powered BB gun and you're in a place where you can safely shoot. Bb's into the air. You can see the flight of the BB in the air. So you'll sit there. You could start with something the size of a tennis ball and you just toss it up like six feet in front of you straight up six feet high and you just bring the gun out and and fire and you see where the BB goes. Do another thought up pretty soon. You realize you're not necessarily looking through the site you're looking over the top of the sites and you build. We call it muscle memory. It's not really but you're building this set of feelings and hitting a tennis ball all the time that's easy and then you drop down to a golf ball and then you drop down and I got to where I could make money in college. We'd go out shooting with the guys in college and I had twenty two rifle and I would toss up a quarter now the trick. There's you toss it in such a way that you basically it's spinning like a Frisbee. The flip side is always facing. At least that's what I did but Hours probably wouldn't perfect but I was probably fifty percent or so I could hit a quarter tossed up in front of me and of course when you hit with a twenty two because now this was back in the old days and that would be a safe practice most places today this back in Buffalo Roam the earth dinosaurs and things so but but Leeann measures. Has This shoot where you look program. He's the guy that really took this and ran with it came originally from a program that the US army head and they actually introduced. Fort Polk Louisiana for people who are going to soldiers who go into Vietnam and they took daisy air rifles knocked sites off of them and they call it the quick kill system at pop up targets and it taught him just to throw the gun up. Shoot look the top of it and they got real good at it. Well daisy like the idea of it. They brought it out for civilians and they didn't want to call it a quick kill program so they call those guns skill system and then you could throw things up and shoot him with your daisy. That it was just a lever action daisy spring powered that had no sites on the gun at all and so I was using one of those hours. I don't know twelve thirteen fourteen. Something like that and got to where I could hit pretty much everything we threw up in front of us but it is A. It's a skill you can develop in for hunter. Think about how helpful that would be to be able to. Just throw the gun up and make a good shot in a hurry because a lot of times you get that one moment when that deer stops and looks maybe over shoulder back at you and it's a thousand one thousand two and he's gone and that's and that's it but if you can just throw that going up and get on him and pull the trigger and you know how to do it. It can make all the difference. I have several twenty two weeks. I think I might buy some Mo Play with a little bit where I would be be. Obviously you gotta be really careful because even subsonic cam was going to go away as I would suggest getting yourself and inexpensive spring powered. Bb Gun not pellet gun BB gun. Probably going three hundred feet per second. They're they're slow. You can actually see them in the air and that for one thing is really cheap and other it. It's not going to disturb anybody. And within I would bet within a hundred or two hundred beebees. You'RE GONNA start making connections. I mean and they'll easy WANNA still up tin cans easy to knock those. But you'll be amazed how quickly you start picking it up. I thank you so much. You Bet. Thanks for the call appreciate that. Let's see here okay. I'M GONNA get bill and here on four bill. I got literally one minute for you. What did you get a brand Romanian? Psl from the factory in Romania. I spent my stimulus check from Presidents and put him out. You got your twelve hundred bucks. This gun Kostya Just under thirteen so I got a really good deal. I'll bet you did a brand new from the factory and it's one of the century one from the past right right but I saw I had to have it and Economy going I got. I got a buddy and you'll appreciate this. He says you know we don't none of us actually gets any money. We just deflect money you know. You comes into your. You'd you deflect it to the you know the rent or the mortgage or to the house to the car payment. We were just keep moving. Also we're doing. I love that image of money coming in and when it gets to you you smack it and it goes to somebody else. All we're doing is deflecting money around but you know what that that's what the economy is. I appreciate congratulations on pulling that down and buy a gun with government money now. I know it's our money. There's no such thing as government money but still. There's just something about the idea if say I'm GONNA take the government's money and go buy a gun that appeals to me. It's the anarchist in me. That's what it is eight. Six six talk gun. If you'd like to join me give me a Holler. What you've been what you've been buying. He's actually. It's not a bad time to buy guns particularly used guns shop on the website. All my gosh. He's got forty four special three inch and there. This is going to cost me money very cool. Good resource where to shoot dot org and where to hunt Dot Org put together by the National Shooting Sports Foundation if they can. I don't know where to go. Shooting around here would know where to shoot dot. Org Put in your Zip Code. Boom I put in my zip code put in you know anything within you can do it like within twenty miles or eighty miles within eighty miles around others like thirty places to shoot. At least it's crazy and they give all the information where they are hours. What kind of shooting? They have all the rest of it. That's really useful particularly if you're new to shooting for new guys if you just bought a gun with the whole krona pandemic my friend Brooks Coming Randy Brooks ever at barnes bullets. She just posted. She says you know buying a gun getting your carry permanent without getting any training like buying an airplane and just trying to teach yourself how to do it. It's not really that far off. It's not a bad comparison. Think about two bows with us out Shreveport Louisiana. Hello Bow your gun talk. What'S COOKING. Oh nothing much. I got question that nobody can really seem to answer some of their for you. It's involves a governor's Staying homeowners and unconstitutionality behind it And the reason for the there was understanding of the death toll was going to be so grand and now that it's not and and not the disrespect anybody who's lost family members to the corona virus But what stops these governors from saying we have a gun violence epidemic and start to supersede the second amendment and start compensating with that. Oh absolutely I mean. Here's the basic concept that you're expressing which is if they can say you have rights except when there's an emergency you don't have rights at all you have privileges and so what they're saying is we are superseding your privilege of the Second Amendment. We're superseding your First Amendment Assembly. Privileges you don't have rights because trust me if they're real rights they can't do away with them by just saying. Oh by the way. We're all scared so we're GONNA take your rights right. No I think you're exactly right and actually I think a lot of people have kind of awakened of that idea of going. Whoa wait a minute. They just shut down all the gun stores and in some states of course the whole in Security Department of Homeland Security said no gun. Stores are essential businesses. But more than that forget essential. They should be simply protected under the second amendment. And you don't get to shut them down no matter what I mean. If you want to shut down gun stores. There is a pathway for that. All you have to do is repeal the second amendment. You do that and now. You're good to go right and that's why. I met with the I guess. I'm extremely frustrated. I of course I don't martial law but the government has a way to remove your constitutional rights. Of course I don't I don't want marsh while by any means but if the government is truly feeling that this epidemic is so substantial that we need to to just completely know at the First Amendment and then Whatever they take they never give back and what is obviously the second. It's whatever they want now is just a step toward what they ultimately want which is ultimately they want to take all your guns. It's hyperbole is not paranoia. They actually do whatever they get a chance. That's exactly what they do. Look I gotTA keep rolling here. I appreciate the call very much. Let me see here. Oh shoot let me. Scroll too far line. Three Johns with us out of Washington State with a range report force. Hey John Eight understand you. You like the P. Three sixty five sometimes too. I do I like almost all guns. I think we had a total home run and actually kind of created its own sub category with the peace through sixty five. Carry Gun you too. Yeah Yeah I'm not carrying all the time right now. I carry a a Ruger Elsie. Nine s right now but a little more weight than I want to switch to the P. Three sixty five okay But I when I first tested one in my range I noticed that the the slide frequently did not lock back and then I tried another friend of mine had the P. Three six five excel in his. Didn't lock back sometimes and I bought one and mine didn't lock back sometimes. Might Lock it back on the last shot in the Maga- yeah I was ready to send it back to Sig and then I mentioned it to another instructor at our arrange and suggested that my son was probably writing on the slide. Lock and sure enough very small. It's so small. That's the normal position for my thumb. Yes that is very common a with the smaller guns. If you have your thumb up high it arrest on the slide catch or the slide. Release whichever you want to call lever there. And as a result where normally with the last shot the slide would lock back. But you're pressing down on the slide. Release just goes forward. We have had that happen on. Not just a P. three sixty five but a whole bunch of the small guns not as much from an individual more Sofa Ryan my son when shooting guns for the television show. He is the way he owns a gun. That happens a lot him less. Oh for me so it really has to do with how you hold the pistol well and it's weird because you don't even notice it you don't even realize you're you're holding down right now and it's not to be right until you finally go This pistol and same deal. You're thinking okay. There's something wrong here. It's the the magazine it's the catch is the something's wrong with this pistol. You know. It doesn't lock back on the last shot. And then if you're actually consciously stick your thumb away from that and shoot it you go by. Golly it does back every single time. Twelve Round magazine that that works better? Well I just going to say and I have. I don't use the 10-rounders anymore I just find the twelve. Rounders are so much more comfortable for shooting really. Don't present a problem for concealment from me. And I've gone to by the way I've gone to outside the waistband holsters entirely with just a shirt tail out in his not been a problem with concealment. And kind of go with a Hawaiian shirt. Look it's not. It wasn't my original look and it wasn't my thing. I was tucked in shirt kind of guy but I decided rather than get guns that match my clothing. I would go ahead and dress for the gun. That seem to be a more prudent way to go that way too but for my work. I was more kind of a professional thing. It depends on where you are what you do. I mean you can't do it everywhere that's why we have more than one gun isn't it? Yep Yep so I I. It's interesting my My story is just real quickly until three years ago. I never owned a pistol. I'm am my fifties forty years ago shot a couple of year with my dad's thirty thirty and never shot. A pistol never owned a pistol until three years ago about my p. Three twenty and now I'm an instructor and Range Safety Officer. Wow have attended many classes and I. I basically do individual instruction kind of in my okay. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA flat run out of time so I know you're going somewhere with this. Well I'm just saying that I really caught the bug. And you've been a big part of that. We're all I appreciate that. I hate to rush you. But the Commercial. Run over the both of us. If we don't talk here not all right. Thank you so much. I appreciate that eight. Six six talk gun bill to perform in the harshest conditions. The ruger American pistol can take it all from vice to dust and everything in between the Ruger American pistol features short take-up trigger Novak sites and a recoil reducing barrel can with low mass slide for reduced felt recoil plus a modular grip system with three sizes to fit almost any hand. Check it out at Ruger DOT com the Ruger American pistol because anything else would un-american. Hi this is Tom. Gresham from gun talk. America is critical wildlife habitat at a rate of one football. You every hour. It's happening on Louisiana coast. But it's critical to all sportsmen conservationists these pressures wetlands provides winter habitat for more than ten million ducks and geese annual waterfowl that migrate North who dozens of states. Don't shrug it off get ball you can help visit vanishing Paradise Dot Org. You can't shoot at what you can. Positively ideas at threat count on Cheer Fires Combat Proven Illumination Tools to defend you and your loved ones when it matters most designed engineered and precision machined for the ultimate performance and reliability for more than forty years from the front lines to your front door. Surefire delivers the finest and most innovative tactical lighting solutions on the planet go with a proven performer. Goes surefire I bet with eight six six. Talk Gun without of Rogue River Oregon to. Hey Mike. What'S UP. Hey good to talk to you again. Hey I get your emails. Some pictures of some river ten twenty two pistols I bought. They're both never ever been shot. One was nineteen sixty three hundred year anniversary or go home. That was nineteen sixty five Kansas and there in the boxes and never been shot. You happen to look at those emails. I did not get them. Oh okay well I have a client. I've been working for for years. He was Mike. I'm downsizing he goes. Are you stood in these? And my God that number he gave me was a little bit high but I could not get him out of my head so the next next day I called my made him another offer English. That's fair so I got these beautiful beautiful and you know it's really hard is not being the shoot him. I've never bought a collector done before. But I know at least two hundred bucks a piece each if I shot him. Let me ask a question. Why did you buy them? I want to shoot him or are you. Are you going to try? Keep them for investment. I bought them at a ploy and investment. I have other firearms. I can shoot but flight. Really do want to shoot them. But I'm not GonNa let let let me let me help you with this thought process because there may be if you lost two hundred dollars on what would it mean you. GotTa Missa meals. No no no okay. You WanNa shoot firearms I could. You know. Shoot so does not compute. Of course you do. We all have guns but I want to shoot them all. I don't I will not own a gun. I can't shoot will not was no point in. I'll let somebody else enjoy that. They could look at it. They can invest in it. Guns are made to go bang. And that's where I get my enjoyment. It's just not my thing but look that's your safety. I'm going to invest in this and I think I buy low sell it. Hi I usually go the other way but that's a whole different deal But yeah good luck with it. I appreciate that. And that's that's pretty cool. I want to get down to Laying out of Houston on four with a range report there. Hey Hey nice to speak to you appreciate all you do for a shooters out here. What's this about you being a contest winner? Yeah so I was? I was so stoked. Ain't Saturday when I found out that I had one The Last contest you had it was the P. Three twenty x y lesion own. Oh Yeah Yeah I got a couple of weeks back but I if you coated and stuff I haven't been able to get to arrange and try it l. but in the line of dry fire and what do you think. Isn't that a nice pistol? It's Nice Love the way he was in the end and is really nice. Awesome and Even though I got the gun for for Free I had to spend a couple of hundred bucks to get the Romeo one pro put on that. I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing at me because that's exactly what we all do you go. Oh Yeah I always say the most three three most expensive words. We know our might as well. Yeah I think you live. That's been ringing a lot. Well congratulations on winning. The see people people really do win these. He's got a gun talk dot com slash when you can enter satire very cool. Thank you so much for the call and congratulations. That is terrific. I WANNA get cannon here before we hit our break. You Line three out of Medford Oregon. Ken what's cooking? I've got a problem that I got my shield carry permit and I went to a couple of self defense. I handgun classes and one of the things that they stress being able. Situational awareness is union with both eyes open dominant. But I'm right handed shooter me too and I when I shoot with my right hand if I close my left eye. I'm dead on my hat. Both Eyes Open. I'm about two and a half inches to the right. If I do with my left hand it doesn't matter whether I close my eye or keep my eyes open. I'm dead on. What can I do to help myself was a right handed shooting with the left? You keeps shooting right handed. Use Your left eye for aiming and if you need to squid a little bit with your right eye to get a clear picture. Just do what you gotta do. You're going to have both eyes open most of the time and then at the moment when you're ready to shoot if you need to close the right eye or squint just a little bit just to bring that left. Diane. But don't try to fight it. Use Your left eye for aiming shoot right handed. Here's a little trick. I picked up longtime ago. It's very cool deal Just as you draw just as you start to shoot turn your head point your nose to the right about thirty degrees literally. Just turn your head to the right about thirty degrees that will bring your left eye around and bring it up perfectly in line with the sites. Oh cool Yeah 'cause it's Kinda frustrating I in cowboys shooting for years and I left and right handed you know and and I never had a problem until all of a sudden. I've got both eyes. Open shooting with my right hand and it's not right. Yeah that's it. Try that. Turn your head about thirty degrees to the right. And it'll line that left eye up but don't be afraid to squint. That right is when you're shooting in the I know it's better to have both eyes open and you'll be able to at some point but you got to train your eyes to work. That way. Very cool yeah. She knew right handed left dominant. It's very doable. But a long guns I would say fly to switch left shoulder possible. It's a pain but it really does pay off eight six six all right. Let's talk pocket. Keri Jones with us out of three or four on line five Joe. What did you find for some time? You know I just found the ideal Kyrie And carry outside the waistband. So I started talking Curious Glock. Twenty six but you can't carry a glock twenty six chambered in your pocket. So I looked and looked and somehow came up all missile topics trigger guard made by. Arai are a hundred twenty dollars I said. Hey what's to lose so I try. I've been extremely pleased at works. I've practiced with it on the range. Pocket Kerry not ideal by any means but it makes nothing and it is protective and it does come off when you need to draw. It's interesting I have not heard of this and I just looked it up during the break looking at your note there and it's basically clip-on guard for the trigger guard but it has a hook on it so when you withdraw it from your holster or other from your pocket the hook on this Sheila pop off and leave you with the gun in your hand but it protects the trigger guards. You're not gonNA stick your finger on the trigger guard when you draw. I've been using it now for about six months or so and it's worked flawlessly. They got him on sale right now. For Seventeen Bucks Ninety nine and the name of the IT'S B. O. R. A. I honestly I've not heard of this before you carry back pocket front pocket which trump walking right front pocket right breast pocket. Nothing else in the pocket. No nothing else. Yeah the left side now. Yep exactly you can't have anything else in the pocket and obviously that would cause a problem if you had to squat down or and it could have. You tried obviously with an unloaded gun. Have you tried drawing? Why you're moving like when you're running. No have not done that. I've done a static draw and shoes on steel But I have not tried drawing while running because I'm going tell you in a bad situation. My first moves to run and I'M GONNA be drawing while I'm running. So that's been one of the drawbacks to pocket Kerry entirely for me. You might want to just try it and there may be technique you develop but in your head. I would encourage you to get into your head the idea that when something happens start moving. Don't draw and then move move first and then draw why you're moving because moving sometimes only three feet and make all the difference in terms of either somebody coming at you. Are Somebody throwing something at you or somebody shooting at you but just moving three or four or five feet to the right or the left whichever you can do. And that's what you want to have that in your head that if they're saying goes down. I'm going to move and go for my gun council. Thank you all right. Hey look thank you for the heads up. I had not heard of this brand You know and I appreciate the call he knows I know and you probably know too. If you're serious about this stuff you're going to end up with a box or two boxes of holsters. I cannot possibly count. How many halters. I have over the last twenty five thirty years that I've been seriously carrying. I'm sure it's fifty no exaggeration. Sure it's fifty holsters actually next week by the way we're GONNA be talking about an Keri. Got Somebody with a really good holster next week. I'll tell you all about and I don't go anywhere I want to get you into the show. There's not enough time to get your right in here. If you've never heard the after show shame on you get the Gun Deleo APP for your phone and I know if you have if you have the android Google play does not have it go to gun dot com. Download it for your iphone or your android phone and you can listen to our after show or you can listen to gun talk in your yard. It's very cool. Hey appreciate to be near. Be careful out there. Take care of yourself. Do keep doing the social distance who thanks be smart. But let's get this country opened up as well and go out and do some shooting and take one of those new gun owners with you and that's something you can do for the second amendment.

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