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Hey everybody says Prestige Jay. I want to tell you you know. Now you listen to your favorite radio radio. Show or your podcasting Well I could do that though now with anchor you can. I love you in anchor Because this is one of the many way that the takedown gets to grow more on More people and you can do it too. So if you sign up for anchor the day you could be on your way to get your listeners. You could find the show you you want. You can do news you do sports. You could do talk. You could do trivia. Just be yourself be who ever ever you want to be but most important have fun. That's why have fun. This is your show. This is your moment. Make it what you want to be sign of anchor and you will not be sorry that you did this. Prestigious have a great day. All right this is a prestige Jay and man I have been or still am. I'm in a process of being sick on what it is and no. It's not d a dangerous crony virus because a have I've been to China because I don't even have a passport yet but I will get one this year and between all my trips and I think a problem I might get it at the go the silver dollar city. I Dunno depend on how hard copy because last year was brutal but I got some good news. Hopefully this is a good omen for the chiefs. I just saw now. I know I know I'm broadcasting it now now but at the time of this recording. I thought the original groundhog day and Pity kind of fill One of the famous Amos Granholm now the problem is I usually don't like my whole day. Because fifty shot or seventy five fifty shot out. There's been six weeks of winter and then there's different gone halls across country but fifty China fill is famous one of all out of Pennsylvania Selena but the new the fifthly lost it officially. What the whole thing? For part of Abrasion because part of it with a muted. You didn't have to go to another channel. But I want the whole professional in one eighth lady got the ceremonial Prediction of Afoul. Whether it's six more weeks or six more weeks of winter or sprain pithy China Phil did not and I repeat. Let me do this morning when it comes to twenty twenty for the Phil Oh did not the his shadow and I mean it's GonNa be an early spring. Thank God. I think this might be a very good omen for the cheese. Now they say growl hall here probably the shower. Because we're going to be happy Sunny Scott and I'll know what time they do their ceremony but who cares about what what that one had to say but nonetheless and they had a very nice graphic on that on colored Tan Ground Hall And and so yeah. Very good for the The the famous one and they have thousands of thousands. The people over that one part while I mean it was like a sold out. Van Over fifty kind of Phil will Grant Holiday Event in Pennsylvania. I mean loud. It was like a trump rally over there man Liam woj though they both get they both get a very good very good numbers. Wow so so anyway. So again The happy reporters Phil did not see his shadow. It is GonNa be an always always bring and it's GonNa show here in Springfield at the time of this recording. I walked up the phone and I thought that I had a heart attack because seventy degrees spoke today for high. I said Are you talking about. I was like what you're armie seventy degrees and for the high today. Now we've been on this roller coaster. Mr was anti now and it seemed like almost either at the end of the week or in the middle of the week. It's always wind up being in some storms. So I don't know I don't know what is going on within the weather department but at least according to kind of fill early early spring how know what about the other Halter Star nation and Thou- other than that. While broad stolman is the new intercontinental title in a thing that just the magic is gone off as just took many roles from more men and hand. Wow okay okay. Wow and one of those was a session with doll doll. Food in Roman lanes finally be over with this thing where we had a bad story. Line with Yeah we already had a bad story line with Body last week Bobby Lashley in roofing Lana situation and come so now and offer these best we want to good persistent storyline. You know I mean the magic is already gone. Only the ladies can have their The main can't always leave and then we just heard the Bella. Twins are pregnant with all over twitter all over wwe. I mean both of them are pregnant over them. Solid players On Andrei of pollen to status of course of Marina. Mom Mania. I mean Mine Lan when the magic is gone the magic is gone. I mean yeah. They're still going matches my land. Oh I mean the data to there and the other errors from earlier. WWe's don't WanNa heydays over the heydays man. Everybody got to have that fantasies. Plus great matches both men than women now on on. I don't know what to tell you. I mean it's hit or miss some good matches or somebody Mattis and eight W on a cruise ship and I wish I was on Akron E W on a cruise ship anyway. Got Fans singing the theme song to Chris Jericho Wow who knew who new toy anyway So Yeah I'm working on a brand new site. That's why I haven't been Name in my sight at the end China may think tournament list all my site than I. I have this especially the one that I invite all leaders tomorrow and I am also trying to make it easier for me to be worked on when I wanted to work on site because I want to get back to block again I also WANNA be get back to Youtube youtuber because I got one hundred dollars I wanna get more so I was like a a youtube like. I'm on like a mid card youtuber he goes. I just started the thought joined the one one hundred club and Then I gotta get to you know slowly but surely I mean I know slowly but surely but a probable often all gay guy but anyway anyway eat away. Finally a good day for Groundhog Day. Usually I don't like holiday because of the six more weeks of winter stuff but nonetheless today a good day thank God. Hopefully this will be a good omen for the chiefs in the Super Bowl. And I've already given my predictions there you go. I'm addition for The audible for fifty four. The cheese is going to take it from the forty in the United States and Canada to Missouri. So there you go hey go And every everywhere it's been a Everywhere that just been constant Tribute to copy. Brian has been a really tough basketball fans everywhere. And I just saw some video for teams have been Tensely taken and To shot clock violations one for aid and one at four twenty four. Those were the numbers for spec delete that Kobe Bryant have worn in his whole entire career at lake. A while. Eight and twenty four one team took look. At Eighth shot a second a second thought. MINNESOTA is a second shot clock violation in any other team Would do a twenty four second. Shot clock violation in honor of Kobe Brian. Everybody was crying crowd. The teams the analysis. I mean really been tough week especially on the day that happened that well the game on Sunday. That was canceled. I think one day thought the Lakers I think was but it will even the game once on they. Oh my land. Wow but on the next segment. I'm going to be giving the what's going on with the My results on what I how I did with the way rumble and one day at I said I've been sick off and on and I'll tell us is is just been crazy about the craziness genus here and we d country and I do have a brand new Roko You'll see it on the marquee I live and bt country tree had the The show be Dido and had the ministry being cars. I didn't have an I have room for the country travel. But you know it's it's the two efforts of pretty country anyway though. If only I could put a crown like down like you knew on the top of the mount bottom. I wish it was the way that I could have put a crown on there but none of right now to be able to figure out how to put the crown on top of the bottom of the new logo on. That's going to be my logo because you know not anymore. And don't Inca right now and so. Yeah so aw trip seating is starting this month does come a month ago and I'll be away before then I hope and Quotas print whatever. It is playing games with me. I'll tell you what I've been parenting in the next segment as well so it's been a roller coaster type crazy member roller coaster type crazy. y'All so I'll do that in an estimate mid out the Outdo the nominated prediction for yeah did petition for the Super Bowl but I will will also be doing the how I deal with the rumble and I'm also going to be putting in. I have been a Guests are played in Ronnie one one six one six seven nine gains in Christianity Cannell and playing tic-tac-toe pressure love. I'll be putting debt properly on this show so it's GonNa take a while. The Super Bowl may have already been played or without depend on my house. Because I've gone. Charges puppy seventy than are like that. I JUST WANNA make sure I get intro on here so so that I can do this show so yeah so good news on around now now all we mean if the Cheat to win a super bowl -gratulations of early spring congratulations to Braun strowman winner up the intercontinental the championship For Pinhas macnamara the longest reigning Internet continental title holder. And so all we have left to do is start a couple of segment. I don't know what you want. I'm going to put I or sort of put one of my appearances on the money Christian gain channel seven Christian game sites Saints Channel and all that good stuff and yeah so I know it's been awhile since I've been recording is at the tough y'all so I think it's been playing games with me. It hasn't blame game and I had enough but anyway fight to win. I live in big country. Twenty twenty is if the year picky country may twenty twenty your year and by the way the people tell me that I live a fantasy land. Hey I am the Mir a fantasy land whatever reality talks it The the the the Twenty mahomes takes. The snap is just going to throw it long for demarcus Robinson. It's GONNA use up. All of the kingdom has firmly planted its flag. Football's also highest chance. City Chase our champions Super Bowl fifty four final scored Kansas City. Thirty One San Francisco Twenty. Okay thank God that this don't need Wi fi to even record so Wow what a date at just Tan -pired and I want to apologize for not getting The broadcast up earlier. I wanted to get this up before the Super Bowl. If you are hearing this and you are able to hear this I think maybe a disgruntled Forty niner fan kicked me out. But I know the great game by Poteen because I couldn't too because obviously a my TV don't work are and be. I don't have the four nine out of the pay TV. Because I got some things plan and I'll tell you about that when I do my stayed at the State of Bakti country at desk. This week So wow I got kicked off online. I was trying to get ready to do these. Survival not not divided theories but the royal rumble how I did on the Royal Rumble and You know my thoughts on Super Bowl one after fifty years. I'm not being in a super bowl. I mean man. Now it's going to be probably be partout because what I was going to do that. We're going to put my thoughts on the Super Bowl. Her on all these what I saw on people and I'll probably do that On some parts of it but Yet they did do turbulent on Kobe Bryant but they did it during the first part of the game Because I thought that on Youtube before the thing that I I think when I left I was getting T- skier and Not T- skip getting Photos achieve skier. Sorry when I can get into able to get by and online And I'm still out. How long will it be out on? Be Out side a bit sick. Almost four full half of Half a month and a half two month and a half or whatever and Dan I find it and then I still haven't. I guess I'm still having famous bell. Because it was close to almost eighty degrees of to be from sixty then with Tom. Seventy and then we went to seventy seven degree. It's almost like was done to cut eighty and then I remember myself from going to pass out and because I not not enough time to acclimatize because we went from winter to some spring and winter storms than some spring and I would jump up to summer and it would go down winter. My Body can't take this. I mean if I was famous along with the died I woulda died on a great night. You're on a brain. I would have died. And what is going on with twenty twenty dollars Sun There's so many deaths isn't twenty twenty. What is going on and not in the first of the year and then till now we're co we in the more afraid of the new knob pathogens Somebody knew somebody in my church. Matter of fact somebody a High Street losses parent because He. You did an emotional song and I felt as pain because I know how I feel because I'm a I'm a widower and I felt the pain. Lean even though he worked with worship BHAGAT STILL A. I felt his pain and I was sympathetic towards him. And part of what the preacher and to do that song in the midst of the pain that was savage that was true savage. I mean that was that was really truly savage. He's saying that the family is still hurting Anna. The father died because of the heart attack stunning heart attack. I mean good thing to know that he is what the Lord but man uh. I felt his pain. I felt her and I felt that I had this day. And before. Because you know somebody get emotional over death I get the most your over up my wife day. And what am I x frame. His daughter has path and yeah could still play him and everything like that prey from in the family. I have to do that. I'd just been down so much people talk down to me and saying that I can't do. This can't do that all the time. I'm always fighting like I should be here till I die. I you know that's what I'm saying. Now that if I wanNA live if Somebody told me down living in fantasy land I could be the man I am the mail as wannabe one. Minute thing is now but nonetheless what the cat is going on with twenty twenty and all these staffs here this one hit that one here. This one hit them one and during the two hour doc player have pathway funke. You know bike to play our Vike. Coal jaw somebody wrote. Vikings passed away from Nicholas. cantors on the right day. What the heck is going on but not not that to the Great Grey Day I gotta come back and find out what the school I was trying to find out? What the final score Ed? Because obviously obviously come on for ninety. I heard that you did a great show. Don't don't don't be mad. I mean come on. It's not not people out of the Internet like that. I got to sleep at I. I think I remember going to sleep pattern out because it felt like. Yeah pretty gotTA filth do not the Estero a six more early summer. I mean it seemed like but yeah they're always brain bubbly jump right in the summer and it turned Arou- will either tomorrow or they were going to jump back to winner. I can't let this way I can't die this way. Aw Come on. I cannot die this way I can. I mean this is ridiculous and the Internet is out. Aw I still can't get back on almost a half an hour on our whatever the heck guide guy got that kicked me out so you can hear this pat ten so my plan world the running or one hundred seventy nine gains Christian. Christianity has gave me permission to play the game that I appeared on which is Pressure luck and also on tic-tac-toe now is like one of those skype call but it was. It was something uncalled discord and then on a cell phone I have. I have A phone that didn't go to college y'all but nonetheless also planning on having having Rodney once seven I gained in Christian. Christianity Gains that Christianity onto the program at the game now no It might be a mixture of being courage ministries and also the big D down at the same time so GonNa have to be combined by the way and now I can't do I can't do Where Walmart or whatever the heck I bet online there was one time I without the whole all night and I had to stick with commercial when I don't have any money to fall asleep on? Wow and I didn't get to Get the video for Jaylo performer woman on the halftime. Show what I hear. She's probably still marry to. I don't know what and I think the another Lady artist was gone are going on the halftime show too. I believe if I'm not mistaken but anyway I got I got that before this whole fiasco of going out Happen so it is going to be a part to this. I'm probably going to mix it up into parts like I'll put apart but hopefully the next part that you will see are you a here is When I talk about you know what I want to put yeah I'm here? I'm going to put in the part where I talk about the Roy Rumble and but I also want to say congratulations to the mantra onto all manned barnstorming who want the intercontinental title and Processing and I wore out the longest running At the continental title. Hello this decade or this time I know braveheart with another one of that law Run the The held held the intercontinental title for the Law Time I remember that but wow I'm still I'm still out. Aw I'm still out I can't get on I I. It's not. Even three challenge is still ten. Oh five life and the worst part is I can't even get on help online. Because a nobody nobody Dayton tonight probably at home so at the Watson is a great super bowl that I heard can't wait to hit a highlight from but now I can't. I dated the same because I don't think what happened with sleeping. Would have one of my punches wanted. It did get a contact with me in my queen. The Mo- McLean awaiting one of the tight again contact with me and I can't. Oh my God This is this is still not good so not good. I hope this is not the whole night. Oh my God so anyway So the next thing you hear is is hopefully me talking about the world rumble and then or what. I could do also do the play one of the Games. I wanted to play an order because I was in. Press Your luck I and then I did tic TAC dough second second now I will both die that never that the earth time nearly one pressure love. But I got nervous on Take that Adele. Though it's been a roller coaster ride and of course you know Stick office no off and on still functioning but still have thick and I gotta I gotTa go to the doctors on ten. I got so much to tell. Doctors is GonNa be crazy crazy. But I gotta wait till you're nearly can week tweets that is weak and I may not be able to go there because of the fact that I put twenty seven twenty five dollars an uber. I got twenty seven dollars. An Uber Oh now but I gotta say the bulk of IT EMPA- more when I go to Florida because I gotta go to Between Motel six. I'm GonNa be staying in Florida to Mariott World Center. Yeah knows a mile and a half but still. I don't know how much it cost to get there. But I gotTA figure this out. I really got to figure this out. They had no way to anybody to reach me. My Internet went off like almost right after. I called David to go congratulate each other and and I I was trying to get a ton of FINAU mobile the final score in the Super Bowl and I thought audits explanation point meaning that the Internet is blocked. Because you the it totally go out to like I know when you to go out with get buffering. buffering friend buffering buffering. The Buffalo won't play won't play won't play but I would on. I now trying to find out who the aim I know jeep. I'm trying to find the final four. Wow there must be a magical thing when Governor Pearson the name the tease the officials eighteen. I guess I knew now that is the right time. The run for Lieutenant Governor because he definitely going to be reelected I guess what the right diet run for Lieutenant Governor. Wow Definitely got away for twenty twenty three. Aw Anyway anyhow yeah so I don't know something. Something magically happened when the the Kansas City chiefs with name. Murray only stay football team you know. NFL team leads. But What can I say? Congratulations to the cheese. And I'm still working out my problems with my health and I'm eating yeah. Yeah I'm doing but I mean I know it's like other again off again. I know I don't know so we'll see what the next segment bring is. I'll surprise us. We're going to go right to the next day. And the state of the union regardless is going to be this week. I'll tell you what I'm going to be doing my possible wishlist for the show and the ministry and all that stuff in my turn. I'm planning and all that good stuff. All right the big deal now you have been joined by Prince. Dj Listen If you want to tell me that. I live in fantasy land. I am the mayor of fantasy land in twenty twenty the year Oh bt country make twenty twenty your year goal Jeez aw okay this is a DJ I'm at the lower part of the building and it seems like the whole compartment complex. The WIFI is out on me. The whole entire complex the entire complex. Wow when night fans you really Aguirre's years of what you you gave us a great game. Come on. You gave us great game. You don't have to be a set. Put out the whole entire Parma Catholics wi fi l. for tire night and I thought he came back. But now 'cause I tested by looking at the U2 and in a tied to you. See if I could get D program at least up but it's going to be late either. I had to go to a hotel of the street. Respond Life Walking for show. So I could get it to you to you or I had to wait until this Wi fi. Come Mega on had to call off. But I gotta wait till nine o'clock in the morning. I attend morning whenever that office. We open because the WI FI offers no not why file but the customer service defy. They can't do nothing. The cannot do anything. They'll only you give you to a nun agent when they'll call you when they're going to call you because I always turn out the phone because my phonies dingle to college they don't get back to you fast enough a even let me one time be a whole weekend without Wifi. The last time this nightmare nightmare come up I mean wow wow the whole aw upon that title come down here Lease put the show on drives or case the Department comes out. The next step would have been would be me going to go to Going to go to Going to go Wi fi before I put it up into anchor that advantage Daca put back into that could put everything podcast. Don't believe there but the west of programming including this is not. I'm putting together a super show and I can't get it out I'm stuck I can't get it out five six hours and still out five or six hours. I am still without Wi fi. There's no storms in west. Eighty degrees. Today nearly passed out before the game. If I were trying trying to get out there nothing and it cut off. It was about nine twenty twenty six nine almost close to nine thirty five when it cut off and have stayed cut off for a long time. I mean eight long time along the time no money food stamp but had to sit through through some commercials and radio. Don't they all talk Cutoff all those days on the audio but the video onto what the light of the phone you know to keep me away from any nightmares. Because I've been having nightmares off and on so I duNNo. Yeah I don't know I don't know citizens this palace the second POWs why called it. The Second Palace Department is not paying for good customer service. They they should have their pain for a good Wifi for department to joy as part of a marine and her not getting good service they are really not getting good. Seven days turned us over night because they don't handle twenty four hour. Our service strange overnight. It's ridiculous it's it's ridiculous I don't I don't WanNa do. I don't know what I'm GonNa do so I'm still out. I was trying to joke of it earlier. But this is really serious and I'm supposed to be I'm supposed to be a deg on comedian style out now I know that you have your favorite. TV shows to watch auditing favor. podcast I know I know I I know you're a die hard fan of TV shows and also sports and also movies but you. You don't want to pay the hundreds and maybe up to two hundred. Maybe three hundred dollars that capable charge and somebody capable places have on a monopoly league. They won't even let you shop around for the best deal that all they want you to pay by the highway or you don't get just show you don't get your channel. Aw well I got nothing that will knock your thoughts on how `bout new new streaming TV service that They come from cable. It comes straight off the WI FI service. MISS STAYED OFF WI FI internet. How about this over twenty one hundred? H D channel. Hbo Cinemax and Starz Ultimate Sport. Package children showed you got to keep the kids entertained. Children shows wrongful channels us. Hello local channel pay per view included. Get all death breath more for nineteen ninety five monthly plus. You got a one hundred dollars for every referral. That's why a one hundred dollars for every girl. Now I gotta be honest. There is a one time fee but then after that you become a lifetime distribute a discreet new service one time field for only one hundred forty seven dollars and a forty seven dollars for cover first month users and Yuka could start at any time. You have to start on the day that you get it but you can start the same day and the cell service. How are you going? WanNa get into the EADIE by going to. WWW legend fee ip network dot com slash. The the Sean Porter D. E. S. H. O. N. P. O. R. T. E. R. again that's www dot legends VIP networks. Were Dot com slash. The Sean Porter D. F. H. O. N. P. O. R. T. R.. Come on what are you waiting for. A cut. The core four cut the car to cable. You owe it to yourself to still be able to watch your favorite show and anywhere that have Wifi if I can watch it at the go you watch waiting on the plane that law airport delay that long airport delays in Denver of your. I'm live from tear. You don't have to miss that. Show no no no no. You don't have to miss that show. That's why you can watch it anywhere. Fly anywhere there. Fi Fi asset so get to the website. WWW WSA LEGENDS VIP network dot Com Slash D. E. S. H. O. N. P. R. E. R. www the legend the IP network Dot Com Slash D. E. S. H. O. N. P. O. R.. T. R. Do do it today. Cut The cord this is Prince. Dj No wi fi still. But I finally got the score. I don't have to the MPP for cheese at the yet. But but the final score the cheat thirty one and the San Francisco Forty Nine hundred twenty congratulations to your do nfl. Chapter V has Cheese though wow So I don't have the. MVP is unknown. It's going to be poorly. I E why are you. Why are you putting this impart on this show relax? I had a Wifi outage a very long WIFI outage. I'm trying to put together a portfolio and I couldn't because I had this long. Why five outy? But what. The Vince Lombardi. Trophy is going home to Kansas City. Tumor Dory into place that produce champion happiness. We had the blues last winter like about last with the now we have the cheese. Murray not only show me stay. But the state that produce campion's on in the next segment and Wifi outage you're listening to them commercials and I'm sorry Lord but I'm mad at our great win there's prestige again. I had to try to use my dump college phone a dumb phone the college but my folks still not working because when I want to go to a particular thing on the phone or if I'm calling somebody that doesn't WanNa stay on. They want the tunnel to the point where it goes back to the home screen needs an education but nonetheless nonetheless I was trying to watch you to a right in the middle of watching the highlights from the Super Bowl and so both teams answer the jeter Far As getting Tintin fight away. I don't know who's going for because I can see the The first part of the just went right into when The chiefs scored first and then San Francisco had scored. And I think this go Gordon. Another ten points for that. They had a twenty point and Kansas City. Ten and I think I heard that there was a great comeback by by the cheese. Alan them to be in a great position to win the game. And my own is The quarterback of the Cheetah he the Christian Dan and and it was a great day for Chris Defining One. But I'm still had to get up there. I was trying to get the score. My Lord that I saw before the fall just cut right off to where I couldn't see. It was twenty two ten San Francisco. I I couldn't even get to see the winning because I usually give up at that time because it don't want to stay for. I'm watching a video. I don't like depending on the. Don't follow the only way I used to phone now. If I call somebody or now you know joining runny one. Six seven nine games the Christianity Channel. Now because that phone is dumb really dumb. I can't do anything with that. Follow him but what. These hotel charging I mean. It's ridiculous I gotta wait. I'm not I am between my crews adore my birthday paying on it. I gotta wait in between and Dan. I can't get in touch with anybody. I can't even get these These couples segments in there. So by the time you get this it'll be after the fact again. After the fact again I don't even HAPP- Yep we're rumble of they could. I know I can't even phone I out there but I can't even get the Royal Rumble How I did the world rumbles? I could talk about that. It had that on and ready so that I can put it on to the show. This is terrible is not right I mean why do they gotta me no matter what. He's gorgeous old again. Teeth she's gear. I can't even get charged for my church already. Get forty dogging me up to two short-sleeved tool to deserves. You know I I knew that. Come on on. I mean I know the the my What cloud that already watch part of it? But now there's GonNa be a pipe the three because I did the intro and I did You know when I talk about you. Know why. Fly Thou congratulated not in in You know the fact that I fainted because initially eighty of my body can acclimatize when you don't have a chance to come on please. I don't want to be out on night. I don't want to be out all night and this is going on the shelf. I don't want to be out all night. I can't sleep with commercials. They put me away from the story of tiny. GimMe to money. I don't even have. Yeah I mean you know. Only limited tired getting wilder a now get a now get a now now now now now now now Now now I don't have any so I had to wait till tomorrow. And then on top of renters come back we both have early spring boring so picky. Titles both put fifty filled with Enron at the day nine now we had a taste of main but we also have a taped Osama and we go back Leonard. My Body can't take this. Yeah this is ENA. I got a lot of stuff to tell. The thought is when I had my doctor's appointment when I when I am reestablishing establish a new doctor. I'll tell them nope now. I think I'm GonNa do my own version of how nobody helped me. I'm already helped me. Somebody somebody on mighty help somebody help me. Somebody help me somebody. Somebody somebody help billionth Dick. Golly half fainting spell. I don't know what's going on with by Dow Twenty twenty going on things are weird light. Dam Talent yes in you spoke to beef know how me how may how me how me how help me help me. How me how me a time they get to the Super Bowl report but my wife out? And I can't get done there was unhappy forty-nine nine fan not auto wi fi now or man oh help me how me how me how me how me how me how may how. Hey I don't Wanna be out all night so it's been authors nine something and is now eleven something like almost an hour. I WANNA be out that long. I gotta do one more piece of the my regular talk of life and I think the Depar- early socket get that in there. That's all we had to do. I put the the aisle to showed old that. I'm in that within the press your luck and the tick at dawn so I'm out. Oh my God it almost feel like I'm a kid and I being grounded the whole night it is six zero five. Am in the morning at the time of this recording. Whenever I get it on a podcast sissel six? Oh five I been out. Did that. A nine cult denied thirty local. Ten o'clock it's it's been Dojo frigging night history had been offering nine. It's at all nine. Got Off Line de Leyva Bowl. I had to listen to Arabs when I don't have any money money except for food stamps and you had to pay for Florida. Go thank God on all had to go to their hotel he would. I would have just a cave but thank God had to go to their hotel Thal that I could not this poem onto for the big team Bakti country. I gotTA stayed at the Bakti country to prepare for. Finally if Perot Park Porn Molly it. I noticed that if I would have found it that long died really segment. Okay Before I go into the Royal Rumble Aw I might invoke dudas now before they decide to take off my internet again so You know I my my known song. Patrick Mahomes is the is your MVP. For the whole twenty twenty Of the Kansas City chiefs winning the super bowl and the edge of the final score as a thirty one twenty at the great comeback Kansas City the comeback team winning winning it and congratulations to your super bowl champ. Kansas City teeth. All right so pardon night I mean come on I mean it's not twenty and nineteen twenty twenty while now stub the assault style bid and then on top of that is almost in the seventies again today but Wendy any wow so. I'm Tom Spaghetti. I'm trying to get this before. They not be off line again so I might as well go everything in order. But what does drew McIntyre brought Leszno south flare. You all have a common it with all the big royal rumble. And of course. Everybody know drew McIntyre with the one that not adopt brought last nerve. But everybody else also know that Charlotte one the women while ramble and you know not not any woman being used in India and the main event I don't know why but nonetheless as Wannabe Charlotte in the main event again and resume but she probably could be going to face of the annex t champion. Well no I don't know I I don't really know I don't know what on. WWe Mine Anymore. I really don't buy heavy. Oh so off Same as half the fetus Jordi- via pin fall and That was on that will I think it was on the kickoff golf show and I think I said US shortly. Di Di just lost one of them already okay. So I saw the United States Championship. Andrade the The Carlito to to retain the title though off that once on to offer till and I bet charlotte happy that her boyfriend one. Oh She's pretty happy. See they get to celebrate anyway. All right Roman reigns. Yep Now here the Matt that probably did win. Roman reigns defeated Barisan. Very via pin fall falls count anywhere and yet it doesn't interview privately Yeah so it will do. The one plane liner on on smart down. The I thought thought that I saw until the past youtube video. But and wasn't just assessing tall food is stuff like the earth breath but before dogs. Many ways Salad Win Win of the women's went rumble double mats apart I said earlier and also on the middle side af Though it got all the threes I hear on the order. A anti So Alyssa Bliss Bliss. He was He was eliminated by from all. No more Morgan Blanca I took Blanca Pay Seasonal Flights Blanca Blair from St was eliminated by life Morgan Morgan Lana Mighty Marley. He was in that spot was Eliminated by Molly Blair and I'm on the four spot Nikki clause of cloth night now. What the The whether lemonade by Martinez Rose Deville and on the fifth spot. Lana Lana from raw while eliminated by naked cloth. I mean cloth by layer. Sorry excuse me on a plot my CD's Martinez from NFL T. R. C. eliminated by role develop live Morgan who Mehar entering Inland Return at the Royal. Remove but see what eliminated by I developed a Blair Manley rose a matter of fact. Liz Morgan with number seven and many roles of numb eighth and see well delineated by Laurel Road Playoff Committee Candidates kennels Lau Laura. She will the number nine spot and was eliminated by shame. BLERTA'S AIN'T BLISS number. Ten was Sonja Deville. She will be by Tim. La Layer won't be a big family over here okay and Carli saying whether gnome eleven spot See with eliminated by Ume Jim Bliss. I'm a little I had to have On a family. Are they in the same family. Anyway we do this on. CBS Y'all thou Number twelve bought my yelm from St was not the odd illuminated by green thirteen on the thirteenth part. de Dana Bros but on a made by green on the fourteenth not far goes to And little by a pro and the Koci took the fifteenth spot representing NFC. And see what the money by both. And I'll go anywhere. Okay yeah got there. Oh okay number. Sixteen Shelter Green She was limited by Baylor Baylor for Bela Freya. What Mena tag team Some of these elimination tactic of them. Get the TAG team Involved in the our old party a number seventeen and the winner of the Royal Rumble Charlotte flair and So yeah but Charlotte fled was never eliminate he will winner and they said that Lola Nadal lemonade her but No she's the champion. Now Mateen world me he. She was eliminated by Kelly flare Number Nineteen Phoenix and see what the eliminate by Marthe Marla and number twenty Tony Storm our representing Ns. T U K See what the eliminated by pays her number. Twenty one belonged to Kelly. Colleague Kelly. The first female tw- W W E twenty four seven champion Kelly Kelly but she would eliminate by. I Know Blazer another tag team Affair Okay twenty-second Dan Sarah Logan representing raw See the lamentable. Five Vega and Blazer twenty-three three belongs to Natalia and eliminate by a blackheart and Blazer and the twentieth fluorspar goes to next thought nathe yes he for. NRT AND EH eliminated by Camilla and Blah Blah Blazer. Tag Team eliminations. Wow I know with both be every every person ars inform themselves but wow so twenty fly-swat go the the the the main up bego up. She was eliminated by storm Blades uh twenty six saw thought blackheart. Okay the blackout. Arshi within the Eliminate by neo me and Blazer and the twenty only spot went to Carmel as he was an earthy with anybody Talia and Phoenix. Wow twenty eight was Tuck Lim Novi Problem North She thought rapid entity entity the net and all x and she would eliminate by Phoenix an flavor. Planning I go to Antenna Marley Melilla as she would eliminate by laser flare. You you gotta forgive me. When somebody's name for the Dow you know I normally watch Ross might down and And in when NATO not come into the man's like they did it the survivor theory. In I gotta be Getting familiar what the what the name and of course you know I don't have my TV but anyway Samaya lay the and the took the thirties parcel to laugh. Woman But the winner. What starlet flare? I see within their for twenty seven nine. Eighteen minutes though Now there you go. Hey Go must the order of who had they are in eliminating to then they had the smackdown women champion now now. This is the one that I said that I did not care of a win. But daily retained Against the late the evident an accord. Obviously the field is not over yet. But Leithy Evan What the theater by Yes he was defeated there by Bailey. Okay and universal champion. Nothing and I got an eye on another one like nothing Brave right the Feta Daniel Bryant Wednesday people up and fall of attain the title in it was a strap married though. A see where we're GonNa go to the that went out of men while the table. Wt Okay we've got the raw women championship Becky makes further OSCO and Uncle Sefton. Be Happy because his future wife that Gaylon one again or Oscar and I want to after the winter I lost that one so I am all for no I am one four one three. Wow terrible one flew three schiff. Okay though drew McIntyre like that one one won the men's while rumble and And Athem Big Name Stars. ARS slight Biggie it had alcober Kingston and At some big names ain't though I will tell you about the orders of I able to get To the order here and here we go here we go oh with the men and then for the women's authors do we didn't know any of the women because we had no way of telling who was going to be because there was no northern. All of them that I five or six women announced for the women wore rumble. That's why I will know any of them and they caught out to an se not only amnesty in entity UK. Good that they have the reputation but forgot safer US podcasters. That want to talk about it. I mean let us know who some some of these people are going to be a rumble. Don't we know about it. Come on I mean I struggled to get someone the name on there really. Okay so Oklahoma's park last ner with number one He would eliminate by Elias and And Less Elias areas with number two and he would eliminate it by Rowen and Eric Warwick with number three like I said Yeah. Everyone was number three those roles matt down raw not necessarily in that order Eric bolling was Every illuminated by Rhody and a problem with the tag only Essner AETNA. I don't know how see how. CBS boy minutes With all the other stuff on. PBS DOT COM. Um You you'll see what I'm talking about. Why get confused with the Order of elimination you? You can see that it is a c w by the way That's like I usually like it because the way it's all usually both we easily readable When God that's why that's how I do my But but they shouldn't and results showing I liked the ways. Be Re but not not one of the Roy rump off. Oh my God So number four was Robert Rude sniped representing smart now. He was a animated by the returning Morrison unless no I was John Morrison He would eliminate a by. I Ramos Stereo and the number six spot went to Kofi Kingston but he unlimited eliminate by piggy and they thought that before biggie but as I said before if every man as I say every every person for himself in Romell there's no tatty there's no friend you know what I time only the time anyway. So so six local Kingston he made by Peggy Seven Wealth Ramos Stereo. He will wear all eliminate by Kingston. Lessner AM number eight hundred two big e and he was Limited by the Varo who was number nine and he would eliminate by stealth in Benjamin who was an attempt to Entry so I wanted to give you the order on the Thar came from But the one who eliminated with eleven entry which is I shouldn't skein Nakimora de former intercontinental. Champion Okay the returning MVP FTP. was eliminated by barnstorming. Who is now the new continental champion? Keith Lee represented amnesty. He was the Eliminate by Li Li keithly way Hummingbird who himself. Okay I was going to use. Sorry yes easy on all the other pay per view but not on Roy mom. I'm because you've you've got the rest of the list I more so I'm sorry on under those anymore number no fourteen was pasta installment of Aberdeen. Tonight now now the new at the Ghana knows are tapping number. Fifteen is over Cochet from all Nomura. Sixteen you were through McIntyre from all seventeen and this guy can't even get a break so he would attack we will attack on on Yeah Hitler Family Tad and Bida theme and he keeps losing the Middle Dark. He can't get a break think he can't get the middle of seventeen in rumble number eighteen Aj style number fifty. I'm not gonNA Nation more because this cathedral. I'm sorry I'm sorry because this really confused read on his lawn. Thought just going to go to the order number nineteen hundred doll- stabler From smackdown Number Twenty Call Anderson or mall. Aw and number twenty one if you think you know me the return the one that shock and blue roof off the whole building in Houston the whole mini building a Houston will return of edge the rated R superstar. The plane went crazy wild. I mean Creevy wi`o`de mild for ED's return. Wow can you imagine being there and ability and and anyone anyone oh what the heck is going on. What the Heck Oughta popcorn on it was what A. Rated r superstar knew? He was going to return Because he didn't renew his contract track or no not renewing contact but he signed on a new contract while go cobras. You were there but nonetheless number twenty two King Corbin as maddow well these are the tobacco barricading. And then I'm I'm I am I am way blow diva. I am way way way below though king corners like Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way I dunno number twenty three Matt Riddle rubbed in the NFC Number Twenty four with Luke Galal Wall number number twenty five with Randy Orton raw and I guess obviously he turned heel. I guess while but Number Twenty Six's this Roman rain From Down Number Twenty seven number twenty seven Kevin from all and Komo twenty eight Alliston black some raw number twenty nine this morning joe from all and the last one is That while inform Roth and of course your winter from Your winner at the two thousand twenty. Were Romo drew McIntyre Arkadi Tire and I know that Bruce said that Natural somebody else does it. No it was. Somebody does said that. He wanted to be a comment but still have a find out. Who Drew McIntyre wants to save at the granddaddy of the mall? Retro Mania there you have it finally got the Royal Rumble cavs Kefir. Within I mean I should have just went down number than in the woman that they had add Hard to banal if we didn't even know who's going to be in for the women who Only for the first top six women. Li- Shaw flare. Kelly Kelly Naomi those were well. No woman's hour later we didn't on the other one Ah difficult difficult. It was difficult for the elimination three eliminations on their box. Anyway onto the next segment on this this the medieval out okay this Prince Dj. I got a treat for you So for the past couple of days in the midst of Even though I was sick and then sometimes I am sick but I was. I appeared on uh-huh and I made a mistake on. It's not money one six seven nine. That's Rodney one. Two seven nine Game to Christianity Channel on Youtube. I was on tic TAC dough and pressure off the first game. I Don and pressure luck. I'm going to be Airing Both of them only on on the anchor and all where you could get the podcast on the The Big Zone He graciously he graciously. He gave me his permission and blessing. And I wanNA thank you Rodney. One two seven nine games in Christianity. Now I WANNA do something. As far as the ministry industry side when I do be encouraged ministry. I want to play the first one he did this. I methods ever entitled entitled Obedience Obedience. It'd be better than sacrificed. I want. I want to do that. When it comes to the Amihai ministry side but this is the the big deep down inside I wanNA play though for the Games died but And if I ever win anything I will also played that on the big beat on anyone in any big gigantic. Br Virtual Win. I will put that on The big so as well. So these are virtual game and you still get anthro questions and all that good stuff so So enjoy the first one is going to be the TIC TAC toe No not take that the first one is GONNA be Press Your luck and the second one is going to be take that though once again Karani one two seven nine games in Christianity. Here we go. Let's do there. Hey you're welcome. Y One two thousand nine shadow brush up on DVD. Yeah they shines. I think that we have Jack David it. This is a game then we have one of these. The guys games fourth grade game okay. I was goes through their side question for a chance at dateable ready for you decide this questions. For Three Spam Wales. What are they doing five four three fan Dan? If a person quells end up presence of something where are they doing. Is it a laughing. effing grading was the colwyn career coury. I've thought today size Yak back. It's a cowl range. I think that what he cancer is a laughing fame with you. Go dancing here. I dated a laughing. And what about you very I. Three laughing one take with you. See How many speech questionable one all three spin question. First good job gone off. We go to bed to made in previous. And that's commerce competency or copper Eh. Jack your question for three chance the two main ingredient of bronze usually if the eighteen and copper copper and zinc the copper opera. No it actually get questioned order going copper zinc I go copper and think they wouldn't well gloried East I they gonNA copper thing for your unclear. What the proper Zane the WHO gets the result for question number two zinc link up in western so three spans so we go whose day? This is the only food that won't spoil is we. Aw Honey I David. You're quite different degrees. What is the only food that won't spoil a germ be far tack Josh fee honey? What are the only food that won't spoil a germ heart attack or he's going to be hard and I think he's going to see Karenni? Now we go down when I decided with Carney and Jack would chance of once. You're going with game. Three Gorges hard hard. Get to use rice. Mortar on question. Three one one is up one day fans three spans. Four Tiny I. We're GONNA go with you very with sleeping questions. Can we go to the board. After this uh-huh I raised the three fans which of these words have. Some someone who is acting aloof or conceited is there a will be rest. Their want see going to bigger and bigger the they've shown on what are you thinking and cribbing spin. I and Jack What are you go with a chance. I jotted go being and they go away. Davis David B. as well right question one four. So they've been and Gregory three point four shot of weight you guy. We'll go to the big war right now and we'll start with you. Gary Okay Okay. Got To work with David Day of all in round. I want our worth as much as two thousand dollars. bashes being let me explain your bashes spend nextwave wear me but you could only pass one time parameter day in the DVD's name okay. UH-HUH WE'RE GONNA go with varied force feed you. I hit the water acid here. We go though you'll be spending again again. Sunny Mexico three at five hundred dollars. That trip to Mexico is five hundred dollars there. Yeah Filing Down Three remains here borough we gonNA pass here we go. Oh the medical airy that dad swinney riled the way you say you want to hit the gas. What's your decision spend or pass? He granted luck. Here we go here we go trimming with US turn propelled long more about unit some and more diverse thinking. Now are you back in the lead with seven fifty one spend the way they go Jio craig with this perfume and personal health. Care Package Value Hubbard. Humans twelve hundred dollars to two. How's mountains okay? And you're out you're seeing player for okay. Now go to next. Where and warned that they earn five in the first round hit? The board wants hands through the pressure. Here we go great in well the Sun Spins. Were no money yet you for what you want to do. So what's going to be here. We go I never choice this time. You Oh five hundred dollars in his thin or fifteen hundred dollars hill. Farmers Spin the job. Yeah five under down before when you WANNA do up. Aw Dominant Lab Lysenko that why were to are being fifty dollars still played the Senate with this go by two thousand well now he. He's gone for aw. I doubt you won't a five hundred dollars or fifteen hundred dollars spanning game twelve only fifty dollars then you go up to twelve fifty left. What do you WANNA do? They signed Chris. Man's and very no. I have to say the second dollars. Nail the equipment. You said you're three years when you WANNA do in one way you can stand on all right you. You're now you won't five thousand feet or fifteen hundred twenty to fifty. Have you still have those three spins. I believe right. Now you can keep going you wrath. Would you WANNA do why birds and the go to play with Jack. Yeah I jack you inherit those three days. Is I view ago so you want to win five hundred dollars or more. Here's no trip is two hundred fifty thousand spend five hundred dollars or more take along more and more. I think it out score player to to speed blow. Where do you WANNA give rates? You got to spins Obama's stop at two thousand dollars you gotta believe with that one Once they left you hit the ball back. Okay you got what spirit and Hammy up to you. You saw the I thirty did you. I said the David Wright they gave it and they look like you got that one thing that you're wanting. What are you GonNa win these? Are you going to pass here. We Go Donald twelve thirteen. This gadget emily with thirty two hundred dollars. Three rows Dr Round two now and which spins a worth of Merck is five. Ah I chance. And we'll show the first question sixties convertible. Nick Nolte drive in the movie forty eight hours. I said for three spans which may of sixties convertible notable. The Nick Nolte drive in movie forty eight hours. A corvette be savvy or C. Channel that he's going with the Cadillac against them jacked. Whether you gain wants Jack. Zack believes is the corvette. What do you say they base? You've got yourself another spanned corvette. Would you say Sir there. Once Talaq there is no convertible is a corvette be savvy or see Cadillac Tire Lack Cadillac. Okay let's not now. Let's see how expense you manage to pick Cadillac. They signed three. And just one your chance to answer hers. Chance at those fifty you Dan you have this quite small. American running back was Valedictorian of his college. Class Rhodes scholar and his first combinations or Jack for three spans who was an all America running back a rose Gallard and JFK a case for nomination to the brain core and they're good wash O.. B. Earl Warren. It was all medicare scooby who was an all American running back a world Schuyler case serve nomination Supreme Court a a good Bosh. Oh be a warrant was Byron White. They they're good Marshall. Thurgood Marshall. Say Davis what did you think going with the Marsha going through a good oiseaux there. Would you say you're going to be Pearl. One on one goes early and they signed with you go where I go in there. Good Marsh I show. Let us write down the answer. All see you got it right is is all around quiring white player three curse. Yeah I David. Is your question for three fancy gas use call Montenegro in Monaco or Mexico. David Your question. Where do monograph accused call home? A my today grow Be Monaco the Mexico. Montenegro grow going Montenegro use as I go among grown shower is Martin may grow and Jack. What are you doing silver you Jackson? Monaco differs from your holiday. Where the answer is that time around? Is that sometimes Three spin win or is the we'll go to you for three question is Ralph Sam Scene Byron Nelson and Hogan were there grace layers ever golf club and we were all three born. I very in which year was a gifted Golfer. Sam snead Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan all born in the one thousand nine hundred twelve nine hundred twenty two in nineteen thirty two. You want. Nineteen thirty kids they found. What did we say your chance in? Nineteen thirty Jack what are you okay over to you in your answer Jack. Twenty two and a day the way you boy wait your turn answered the question correctly at you. Mark Nineteen twelve in nineteen twenty to nineteen thirty to nineteen thirty. Let's see you got that right and then we go to the big one after this all it was. Well I five star with the with the Fan Jack yet. Thirty two hundred fifty dollars nine and once I hit the border bat. Okay you got what you won't twenty five thousand five hundred you don't have any whammy nicely increase through the any stance player three no FISA. Today's Day and we go to airy when two thousand dollars a you have one thing to work with one of your way. That's going to be standing here. We go no worries Daba. Eighteen thousand dollars four thousand dollars taking. Now he's your score player for and now we go now. We go today shine. He has twenty two and he has three things to work with what he wanted to design. So you can stand here. We go five thousand dollars was being you're in the LEEWARD. He was saying you have to love what he wanted to a nasty say you can go to the judge said. Let me make sure h Jack I do. Have those sixty seven fifty is what you have right now. How was it going for you got garbage way five? I doubt that you took the lead was eighty two once. Yeah you have what we hit the board or what spin in Miami's go daily you surrogate to get into this game. Yeah twelve hundred dollars. Spent what he wanted to do baby. Hey Hey you got one spirit at Camby's what are you pass. Stylish cash flow fell within the automatic ball return valued at three thousand five hundred dollars worth three thousand five hundred dollars you move into there. Were forty seven fifty and was on going around with any to fifty Thursday final round here by the wind. Aw I John. Here's the first question three females as John with the three spins fill in the missing word mankind blank an evil man. But Heavens. There's not is the F. Insurance B. or C. Shames shames. Okay if you're right it three spans. What do you say that cap on cleared zoom? What's your answer chance? What was your after? Are you going to say. Hey okay they would you say if you go we'll go with a also and we're going to answer that question uh-huh and very grown with shame wearing gonNA make sure that's right. I the WHO gets the thrash. Let's see how many Spencer scored for question. Why all wrong all around the edge will steer clear answer three own? Make to get this guy starring Jack the Greenspan's and which constellation you finding Northstar in a Orion. The hunter be little Denver See Aquarius you. Oh go with Aquarius. He's going to query day. Who would you say if you get and Dave is going to see a query? Would you go in your chance to answer that I very believe is Orion the hunter and was the shower accolades. I sound believes is Aquarius with what happened. Here Two blocks so let's see. How do you all of that time all go wrong again? I gag gift guide. Third Round Dancer. David Your net capital of Canada Montreal. Yeah I today with the raiders fans whether these cities the capital of Faribault a Montreal Toronto Ottawa. TORONTO DAVID WITH TORONTO GREY. When you use your chance to AH gone with Toronto they sound what do you say your answer her? I decided on wor Jackson's Toronto. A the chance to become I get this Toronto right question soon. Three all done spend six pick out. Let's find out and they get the spend spend their. It is the capital of Canada. One stand route three correct answers. Very is your question for three teams yourself to the right spot. You can see both the Atlantic and the synagogue. The the three spin vary from west country. Can you see both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean if the eight Geico the Rica Be Alaska or Phibro else. He's saying brazelle there. We go the sound. Would you answer for a chance to win this man. I Don t Brazil and Jack would say cap on players. What's your answer over? Chance right right going Brazil and they would you say here Stanford they go with their by rebel. And if these who gets the four y'all visits question ongoing everybody's wrong all around you know what that means scroll. We're going to do the job. You hijack one thousand dollars now if you want to you take that stand with you to get any money back on the board. The motion down the board is thousand dollars or you can pass this thing the Jack what you WanNa do decide Jack. All right should I ed's GonNa take a I- Zach Hugh I avoid the win. You Win the Game Day. Sound will win the game. Okay here we go. It is now Jack. Twelve thousand two hundred fifty dollars now whether you want a date or was that okay and the same goes David now daily. You're in the way that they let you get hit the board or you can pack soon. Need the score is forty seven fifty and Jack has twelve thousand two hundred fifty. You need any seven thousand five hundred dollars to win the Game David. Okay here we go with that Fan Dan. Hello Jack Today. Three you know Jack. Champion were twelve thousand. Two hundred fifty hours you'll get the Yuletide tweak and and remember and this is why we want to seven nine because everybody day glad Kabaya welcome back to you know I really do another game and take though address fifty three thousand two hundred sixty four dollars and he's GonNa play against. Our new youtuber is day shine and your last name is pick man right I'm so ready. I'm fighting being on. Oh boy I know how good on challenges and I know he saw yeah. He's very tough where they shine you ready to go to you. Okay here here tonight. We'll be doing here. The category I we have nine thousand. Nine hundred seventy eight about swine box killer. Ten Thousand Dollar on question is box number three box number. Four is the book of Accidents Batum Fives General Knowledge Bites number. Six the double or nothing box number. Seven is mega secret. Category Boxing Eight is a bonus. Category and box number nine is sports games. Names for right and Andrew You may begin interest category. The category three part question stint after that three part question correctly. You get another turn Amelie here we go Gimme any three game shows. ooh That was hosted by mark. L Walberg for that box and asked to turn go ahead rushing roommate yes nice. You're for it. Was Tom Time. He got stumped. I'm GonNa tell you he did seven-game shells house here. He did the moment of truth. The game playing the big date rushing roulette. Make me a millionaire free-for-all anything for love those would get so they signed overboard so you wish awful day shining box number one. Is the book of accidents box. Number two is later batch. Batch number three is general knowledge. Boston before is nineteen seventy TV box number five sporting games. Buy Number Six's mega secret. Could category boss number seven's the bonus. Category by number eight is double or nothing and boxing them. Nine to ten thousand dollars question. Go with the Bose category three questions. You know after three question correctly you'll get another time. Okay Gimme any three game shows that are hosted by Chuck woolery any three game show that was hosted by chuck. Chuck woolery go ahead. Yes that's well that's raw the truth. Go ahead Andrew Ray. Goes one of them the connection. That's another one. I didn't even put it on the car. That's another one. Yeah I think that sense. He did the dating game. Greed breeder the big spin and. Thank like a cad thank God I shuffled their board. Yep Go ahead Andrew this the third time at it here. We go now off now on mode of transportation modes of transportation. The first one give hear me the name of the Stair Mover number to give me the name of the mode of transportation that alive number three. Give me the mode of transportation that is a two wheeler a to wilder. You got that which one will try firs recite win that the give me the name of the spare mover. I will say it again. ESCALATOR does right which way try next second the second one. They gave me the name of the mode of transportation that fly airplane. Yes a Gimme the mode of of transportation. There's a two wheeler right two thousand dollars in the pot because you gotta ride again. Turn the Andrew Stern game. He's going sports. Orthon Games question of sport. The game it's Andrew. How many properties squares are there on a monopoly board? is they eight. Twenty eight beat thirty to see twenty four or thirty four eight twenty eight B thirty to you see twenty four thirty four taking a guess I WanNa say twenty four is wrong. Twenty four is raw. The answer it's a twenty eight twenty eight twenty eight Yep so two thousand housing still in the pot and then we have the ten thousand dollars question and boss number wine run box the X.. Box Three is double or nothing. BOTTS for is the book of Exodus by some of five zero knowledge box. Lots number six is. Aren't you in literature boss. Number seven is nine hundred. Seventy TV Boston Amaze the bonus category and Boston Sports and Games. He's trying for Dublin. Nothing here's a question the double nothing. You have to get this question white. I hear it is. What is the fee for posting video on Youtube? What is the fee for posting a video on Youtube? We post videos and Youtube is free. It is free talk yes the polls those videos on Youtube now. You won't be nine commercial and stuff yet to pay a fee for it. Yep we up their boards. Andrew Category The category again. I this time. I'm a touchy with Arnold Schwarzenegger movie on US Worth Nager Movies here. We go I gimme the name of the movie where Richard Dolphin Klay Daime Killian on a violent game show second. Give me the name of the movie. Where Arnold Schwarzenegger played the role of a teacher and a police officer and the second one? Give me the name of the movie. We in which Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny devito play the Ro of brothers which one you WanNa start with Andrew Right which one you wanNA start with. Meg's SB kindergarten cop. Aw Right and the last one that is right. We're four thousand nine thousand and because you got that right Andrew you get go again. Movies resigned. Yup Yup where two games for the win. I get this question. Westwood White on Sports and Games. It'll be tic TAC dough. Six thousand dollars in your wage will be at fifty nine thousand two hundred and sixty four dollars. The question of sports and Games is this the color of of how we try again. What color of ball is worth the most points in a game aim of murder is the Abe Green Bile? beat a black ball. See The pink ball or Brown ball ask the good job points. It takes you really Andrew Up to fifty nine thousand two hundred sixty four dollars and you go. We're here against that dragging sorely day. Shine you play the Games rated and will definitely for another game and decide. Okay Angie ready go against their dragging. I I flip it over here. I right along the answer that question. The ball has the highest points eight. It was eight hundred writes eight points full failures in custody will contain go wolf of wine. The red ones redwoods point one point one Yup Yup and we got the beat. The dragon going Rafer to see if she can win more money already. Breathing Dragon game in writing. I enter you. Know the rules of the game Reveals prizes. We have a trip to aspin. Spa took the Rio de Janeiro. All birthday a camping trailer and a water dry in those is gonNA total thirty two thousand four hundred dollars. That's down like your plan now if you are taking the cackling you're picking Andrew. We double that we give you sixty three thousand five hundred dollars always get on your first two picks double bonus to one hundred twenty seven thousand dollars a year shot and new car. Let's going to start picking Andrew again. My strategy start to to this he was buying number two anything it killed Rick. Remainder of the mountain car with the number taste attack within number eight so that means that the Jackpot gold up to sixty eight thousand five hundred dollars or one hundred thirty thousand dollars of the half of it. The first pick were take another commercial break. We'll come back with you. One more game tagged out big That long okay in the midst of all of the chaos last night I wanted to do my own tribute to Kobe. Brian and Other Eight people that lost their like Kobe Bryant and his daughter the loss of life and the Helicopter accident last Sunday The Super Bowl has done there. I know it says something about Vij into a fully tribute and the weirdest thing that happened as when I was stuck and forced to listen to Commercials on Music I was listening to WBZ What does One of the One of the Gospel stations here in Springfield And they they were playing a fitting of such fitting song and the song is called love. The people that God gave a gift to you and I said wow what a fitting saw I wanted to put play this unattributed not in a on here on the ministry and also during at the state of the country address. So I present to you and I I present do you with all that I heard doing the weirdest time. My eating last night What's his love? The people that the Lord gives as you and this is a special tribute to not only Kobe Bryant his daughter and the other other Seven people that love to live in the helicopter at last Sunday but also with the Vikings Player or a playoff is show someone in management that losses life to cancer. There was also on today. I was reminded during the worship service when there was a worship leader who played a very special song and It was a new song. that that The we learned yesterday and So I wanNA dedicate this To to him as well and also dedicated to my my late wife Teresa Nelle Porter so here we go the call small. You can believe he's gone. Thought he'd be here forever but blend mort Tan truth me wrong. It was this just do we. Thaw sued now Reminded once again live survivor in doing That God appears their been has live in last week's you re moments because here forever that's approve bad. The people that God calls on a hill each stay the mayor the story I wander. Skol two children laffin round the table. Now have children of their WPRO. There may be things you need out L. Today steel. You have the chance to hold them. CLO- US One more chance to let them know that God is into their Is Their lab the risk you here forever. That's approved fan. Uh The people that God falls on Hilo. ooh skips gadding brands van. But the one matters now. None of us he in that Uh People that God calls one day He'll walk the All Swan Day Hugh Okay and you haven't wow is just been a couple of craziness here and I really wanted to get that out before the game. But Alas I couldn't because number one. I fainted because it was was too hot. It got near close to eighty degree the new film funny and thank God I within the Bait already. The sooner China get the final score the super bowl so I could Reflect on a game and a Great Job Mahoney Mahone and a and and the team had done and and then also Capela than the forty niners on given given a great game now now now I mean is crazy Yeeha part one part two part three probably and I I mean when I'm off I can't even get the rumble report. I can talk to anybody. I'm glad I congratulated the cheap before I went off and I don't know how long it'll be off. Line ending early thought the lease. Would I put the other part of the show altogether. I've already haven't done. It will be a superpower calf while they're still become still talking about the super bowl by you know probably about two super bowl. Probably talk about the You know the war rumble retort. How I did and then I was thought to put in which which I am going to do I will go to put in my Appearance on Ronnie one six seven nine Gains in press your luck. I mean regained the cooking entity will pressure look down. Now we're GONNA I'M GONNA put that on until you're gonNA have a fool show but I can't do it when I'm Authorized I can't do what I want out a wife. I don't state of the Union this week. Uh stayed a big De Conti. RADHA president is during the state the union on Thursday. I WANNA allow president to go first and then I'm going to do the big. I'm GONNA do the big countries that the Union address Data stayed at the country address. I`Ma do the state of the country This week and hopefully nothing else on knock on my youth my Wifi I gotta be the going to go to sleep. Unawareness stressed out in half things. Remind me of my wife. Yeah for. I'm simplified over somebody when they're going through stuff. Anyway I am working on a brand new site not finalized yet but I'm working on a brand new site in tiny get fifty country dot com moved over from From Go Daddy because it's not working The way that I want it is no longer easy for me to be able to Blah's and put that I wanted to sell and now that I got adopt shipping business that I could do That I could sell to. I can't even. I can't even do work when I wanted to work on. Because it's too ooh hard. It's not easy. It's not easy to put links or even my podcast on mutter venue so I'm looking for a new site looking for a new site looking for a new site looking for a new site. GotTa gotTA making plenty in the midst of what the heck is going on out here so anyway any who. If you want to tell me that I on the air I mean I got the wrong If you want to tell me then I live in fantasy land. Well guess guess what. y'All I matter of fantasy land. You could call me in a mare. Fantasy land 'cause realities the allergies because the things like this now total listening to our new to. I had to put my own spin on some songs. Cut The stupid copyright. I had to my own song but Charles listening listening to put the country on Youtube. Please make sure to light and subscribe to the video. I liked. It liked the light video and it's described to become must citizen a big country and got get something to this youtuber stuff but anyway and if you're listening to the podcast on anchor. FM please support big D don't on anchor DOT FM and You know wherever wherever you listen to the zone. Thank you true citizen nights processor. Twenty the year Bakti country. Autry make twenty twenty your year. I don't WanNa be this long. I Arana Law. I though had no wi fi no had no l. Wi fi. I don't WANNA BE AL bills long. I WANNA be out as long. I know why they had no wi fi the NFL couldn't fluids celebration of the one hundred season. Please direct your attention to the for the presentation. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen say Deval Miami. Thank you so much hard rock. What a great stadium? What a great great game? Congratulations the of these teams. The chiefs ten. The forty niners now to present the Vince Lombardi trophy for the world. Champion Kansas City Chiefs Commissioner under Roger Goodell. What a night? What a way to end one hundred season Clark Clark Norma I know how much is trophy means to the hunt family and your fans what a credible performance? We're so proud of you. You are going to take this trophy home. After fifty years to your great fans you are Super Bowl champions happiest. Congratulations to your entire organization coach. Read all your great players. Congratulations Thank you commissioner. Clark aw normal give it a go ahead. Sometimes it's just hard. Imagine how good this can feel the waiting fifty years. This has to be most unbelievable feeling for for you your family. And of course the Kansas City chiefs it sure is Terry thank you so much. It's a beautiful trophy and I can't can't think of a better conclusion to the hunter season. NFL then receiving this trophy. I'm so happy for players coaches and fans and especially Ashley Andy Reid. Nobody deserves sophie more than they read. I want to thank the Lord for Blessing. Our family with all these incredible people who to help us bring the sandwich at home to the teams kingdom. You guys are world champions once again. Congratulations no regrets breath. Andy Reid Up. Well well well win to twenty two is kind of special hustler man alive. How great is that dogs and in this game was tied at ten piece and I said we're the fireworks I'm gonNA inside at halftime? said they're going to open this thing up in the second half you did in the fourth quarter. What major major changes? Did you have to have three straight drives. In the fourth quarter score touchdown. Hey Padma home. And all of his boys are defense. Taking care of business coaches which is man a great job of keeping things right at the right time. There's a beautiful thing you hear a couple of times. I have got to see what you're a fan favourite. God bless you today to get to when he to shot right now. Bring me on the path to combs. Guy Oh yeah I know you they come around I I okay first question to you the easy one you're the MVP super bowl fifty four. Where are you going to not want to say my whole life? I'm going to Disneyworld cannot go with you Patrick. This wasn't your kind of game in the first half the day we're doing that was preventing you from being aggressive in going down the Ville. That's what I expected but I didn't see it. Yeah I mean they have an amazing defense. I mean when the best defense is up went up against my career so far so we weren't execunet a high enough level when you play defense. It's like that you're not GonNa have success so I'm glad our guys kept hiding. We found a way to get in the end. This is just an unusual way to win. Football Games to play off game to come from behind twice at ten pinpoints once a twenty four points against Houston now tonight down twenty to ten you turn it on in the fourth quarter three straight drive. What is it about you and this team that allows you to do that? Is this team we have heart. I mean that's just from day. One coach coach pushed us to be the best people that we can be and we never give up and I think thank those guys around us the leaders that we have on this team they have that mindset. That will never give up. And we're going to fight until the end. Congratulations youngest player ever to be. MVP in the league and the youngest player to be MVP in Super Bowl. Both of those. That's amazing record. Congratulations young man. Thank you part metaphor. These teams turn very happy. Back over to you buddy. That's the homes. Disney parks has decided to with a generous contribution to make a wish. And the amount out of one million dollars and mahomes. We've got another surprise for you. Make a wish is here in the stadium and we'll be joining you in the parade at Walt Disneyworld on Monday.

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