Dan Patrick Show - Hour 2 - Ja Morant (04-11-19)


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When us our code, Patrick at checkout. That's twenty five percent off anything you order on liquid IV's website, go to liquid IV dot com and enter code Patrick to get your savings and start getting better hydration. Now, that's liquid Ivy dot com promo code, Patrick hydrate. Broadcasting from the Mercedes studios still arm he covers the Lakers for the athletic. How do you stabilize franchise in matter of Brinkley? He was in over his head. That's the way that all of us in Los Angeles are now feeling this is the Dan Patrick show. Our two on this Thursday here in New York City, Dan in the dentist, Dan Patrick show. Bob, sagged comedian stopped by first hour. We'll talk to the former Murray state guard John Morand, he'll join us in about fifteen minutes. You can watch the program if you like it streaming for free on VR live dot com and also audience channel two thirty nine direct TV say good morning. Three hundred and sixty radio affiliates around the country you'd like get in touch eight seven seven three DP show, Email address DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. And our Twitter handle at DP show. Mclovin has the poll results from the first hour of the program. Okay. Who you taking win the NBA title? Now. It's fifty two percent warriors. Forty eight percent fields. We've been hovering around fifty fifty. I think it's wishful thinking it, but that's not how I'm approaching this. I just look at Golden State, and they're a little more vulnerable. That doesn't mean somebody's going to you have to beat them four times. If this was one in done if this was March madness in the NCAA tournament. How many people would think that Golden State would still win the NBA championship? I would still take the field. Because all I got gotta do is trip them up once and it's just like Duke if Duke was in a seven game series Duke is not going to be beaten four times by the same team. Yes. Mclovin. Only difference is home court. If you give give them number one seat home court navy that gives the warriors a better chance than say, Duke. But yeah, but you don't get that. In college basketball. They night out at a home court advantage. Right. If you mix up the field. Oh that it's on. Yeah. If you had the NBA playing at different sites around the country, but wouldn't that be fun? You know, you want the you want the playoffs the last they make their money in the playoffs that goes till June. But if you had like a four week span where it was neutral sites. You went to cities that normally don't have basketball. And I know that the fans are going to say we wanna see our team. Okay. I get that. But if if the NBA was structured the way college basketball is because basically you don't care about the regular season in either one of these sports and even when. You get to the playoffs. Nobody mean who's really excited about the NBA playoffs starting right now because it feels predictable. Whereas if you said that college basketball, hey, you gotta beat Duke four times, then would be less predictable. It was chaos with college basketball this year. And if you had that with the NBA imagine the excitement if you had Golden State opening up and the possibility they could get knocked off for a second round matchup with the rockets, but it's only one game that would that would be a different way to consume the NBA where it'd be like, boy, I gotta watch that. I got to see the results you have a bracket challenge with that. Yeah. Point do the warriors field more threatening with the markets cousins. He's healthy averaging like seventeen and eight and he's I think the fifth fifth option fourth option. I think when when cousins went there, we thought boy what a luxury you got him in January is going to be rested. He's coming off the achilles surgery. Sorry. Boy, you have a guy like that who's versatile. Good passing. Big, man. You know, he can take away from the hoop a little bit gives you some presence at the room. And then you start to see he's really really vulnerable in the pick and roll. And when he was out there. I don't know what his plus minus numbers were I know that they started out pretty shaky and when he was on the floor. That's why I wondered what his minutes or I wonder what his minute will be once the playoffs start. And as we get closer to the conference finals of the NBA finals boogie cousins might be playing less than more. But here's a guy who was playing for that next contract. And there's talk that maybe of LeBron company. Can't get anybody to join him that maybe you get boogie cousins to join the Lakers in the off season. Yes, pawn, see, and I were just saying that if cousins has less minutes, I'm sure they'll handle that. Well, of course, they won't play out in the minute. Anyway. Very fine. Good team player. Yeah. Good good team player. But I think it's wishful thinking with, you know, do we want Golden State to win? I I'm Golden State wins. Great. You're seeing one of the great teams in NBA history. And the fact that you also seeing team that's a little bit fractured with Kevin Durant. And you go back to Draymond green challenge. Kevin durant? This is when I I was told that's when everybody started to realize Kevin Durant was not going to be there. So when I came in after that moment because I said what what way what is what is happening here because I didn't think he was going to the Lakers. I didn't think he was going back to his hometown, Washington DC. And then that's when I found out he's going to go to the Knicks like if he leaves he's going to the Knicks, and I went he's he's got to have somebody join him. And he said you were there at the movie premiere weren't you? You talked about it on the radio. And he was there to see uncle, drew, Kyrie Irving. Kevin Durant won in the movie we were shocked that Kevin Durant. Was there that night right behind us? And I go, okay, that's being supportive. He went to the movie premiere, and I thought, okay and makes sense. And then you started to I I would hear things differently with Kyrie Irving during the course of the year. I'm like at duty. He not happy because memory said, hey, Boston will have me all I'll resign. And then all of a sudden there was the release kind of cryptic comments. And you're gone that doesn't sound like somebody who's in for the long haul here. And he's from New Jersey could he played in? I'm I believe the Kevin Durant is was going to go someplace where somebody was going to join him. I don't think he was going to go. I'm going to go to the Knicks and we'll take our chances on Zion Williamson. But if you're Kevin Durant, and you get Kyrie Irving, and let's say you end up with John Morand or RJ Barrick or you hit the lottery, and you John Williamson. Now, all of a sudden, you're not the bad guy who. Ruined basketball. And you've created something in New York that they haven't had in decades. And that's how it sort of playing out here. I mean, we'll see. But I also watched the warriors, and they know that they're just renting this like he'd just passing through and he's going to be gone. But the fact that Durant and Draymond green had the toe to toe. Then that's why I thought boy, that's that's rare. That's really rare to have that kind of infighting for great team like that. And I think it's just Draymond green said, hey, dude, are you in or not I think it was something as simple as that. And then that's when they all realized the Kevin Durant not all in getting to no title. And now I'll check you guys later, maybe I'll see in the finals in a couple of years. So that's always the feeling that I had. I don't know if it plays out that way. But you know, you get more and more of these analysts insiders who were saying that. But that's what they keep hearing. It's a done deal. Now. I haven't heard it's a done deal. The same person who told me about Durant going. There said it's he's still going there. But he said with Durant. You never know. Because Durant never wants you to tell him where you think he's gonna go drives him crazy. So I'm assuming he's going to leave the warriors no matter what. And he's going to end up with the next. Yes. Phone have possible poll question for our two tougher playoff matchup to watch Toronto. Orlando. Oh, man. I don't know. If there's a slight. Why are we where we kind of skew negative? I mean, I know that's what we do was planning my weekend around Toronto Orlando. Okay. Toronto's a very good team. Not the most exciting in Denver San Antonio would like to weigh in. Those those are the two. Questionable shaky matchups here Portland and Oklahoma City. That's fun, Lois fun. Yeah. Portland was healthy. Then again, I could see that. Yes. Mclovin. Why does Oklahoma City gets so much national airtime there on my TV every single night on TNT in ESPN? And to me, they're like you have two great players Westbrook is fascinating to watch. Why? So in talking about them as a real threat in the west because it's Oklahoma City. They've to MVP's, theoretically, the fact that there are six seed is what's amazing? So you have Paul George should be in the top five MVP candidates this year. He gets overshadowed by Russell West Virginia the third but Paul George should be first team all defense. And he and he's first team all NBA, and he'll be probably fourth or fifth in MVP balloting. Yeah. For two is Greek freak enough of a draw to get excited about pistons bucks on Sunday afternoon. Can you sit through Histon bunk? No, no. It is Blake Blake Griffin didn't play last gonna play offs. That's see. I don't want my buck to face a pistons. They got Schmidt running around. They're they're pretty good. Also, by the way, I think Orlando is going to cause problems my magic. Yes. That's raptors. Okay. Usually at the end of the year last game of the season. You'll get guys who get some playing time and those guys get their playing time and they want to get their shots. Grayson Allen, scored forty points lines night. G league. Once again, Grayson Allen scored forty last night. And it's still an NBA game. I mean, you know, it's still got forty you might go. Yeah. It's still forty Anfernee Simon's had thirty seven if I said, okay. Name the team and for knee Simon's. Exactly portland. Trailblazers had thirty seven Giovane Carter. I'll see, you know, this one Giovane Carter had a thirty two last night for your grizzlies, Memphis grizzlies. Kim Frazier had twenty nine last night, you're making that one. There's no way that somebody named him Fraser plays in Iraq. No one ever said get the ball, Tim. We need to score him Frazier Dunkin place for the bucks at twenty nine. She Jay leaf had twenty eight last night. He he's a pacer pacer. Luke Kennard had twenty seven last night. Maybe when he had former Dookie member when he beat Sandler. And in that clip in the half court, Duke one on one. Yeah. Place for the pistons Bruno Cobb. Oh, he'll Bawku. Has to be bar with that name. No grizzly Chrissy with Twenty-one Bonzi Colson anybody at twenty one last night. It's got to be a wizard a buck. Walter lemon junior the third had lemming want here. The twenty last night L three plays for my bowls. I love does Cameron Reynolds had nineteen last night. He plays for the timber wolves dean J Wilson. He's not a DJ. He's DJ Wilson at eighteen for the bucks. And everybody had a great night for the bucks. Last night starters got the night on. So that's what happens on the last game of the regular season. But Grayson Allen dropped forty in an overtime loss to my clippers though that will get you ready for the NBA playoffs. Right, mclovin. So we're gonna see a lot of Grayson Allen in the playoffs that no that's not that's not going to happen. And you didn't read Zaire Smith. The Sixers future at Texas Tech back from an ACL big night. And LeBron James apparently had no idea magic was leaving. Despite a big meeting that he had last weekend. Seton? You have a quote is this Ramona Shelburne who has a quote about inside information with LeBron James and magic gun Ribaud Ramona has. As a source with knowledge of liberal of LeBron James thinking. So I'm not really sure wait a minute. How many people can have knowledge of his thinking thinking? So is that is that a source close to LeBron or close to LeBron's thinking close to LeBron brain. How about you just say? No continue to play the whole thing there to journalists Flo. Anthony who claims to have spoken to a source with knowledge from someone close to woods says. Claims to have spoken to someone. We try to dress it up. Now, I always tried to disguise my sources because there are times when you talk to people, and they go, look, I don't want to be quoted, you know. But I I'll I'll set you straight at a really smart guy. Yes, yesterday who said to me after the show calls me yesterday and said, hey, I got a crazy thought here Jia think magic was fired. And then thought as I'm going downstairs, I'm just going to hold a press conference in San I'm resigning, and I I didn't think of that. But the more I thought of it. It's so bizarre. What happened and look I'm not reporting. I'm just broaching the topic of is there a chance magic got fired walk downstairs and said I'm going to get out in front of this. And then I'm going to resign. And then Jeannie bus is probably going to take the high road and say, hey, we love magic. He'll always be like a brother to me. He's always a lake like, you're you're not going to say something negative on the way out. Out. And I don't know if it's true or not. I haven't heard anybody say that. But I just thought maybe that's that's why it was so awkward, and that's why surprised everybody because maybe they got fired. Yeah. Fritzy? How would that? Would you be public enemy number one? If you said make no mistake. He was fired. I don't know what he's telling you guys didn't resign. We told them to leave because you you want him to still be with the organization in and really that's the role that he should play. He's more of a greeter. He's more of he's there he wants to shake hands hug people. And you know, you know, maybe had so much going on that he he just couldn't put in the time that you need to put in and you can't be a star. You can't show up. And all of a sudden say, hey, I wanna make some decisions here. If you haven't been around the organization he wanted to fire Luke Walton and wanted to fire rob Pelinka and Jeannie bus is probably going, wait a minute. No. I don't I don't wanna do that. I don't wanna have this front office in disarray. Because I got to figure out, you know, where we going who wants to play here and the more chaos you show internally that affects these players like they want to know that. That's why guys loves playing with the Spurs because nothing changed front office. Awesome. No media, and you had a head coach who coached you and you played hard, and he protected you. That's what you want in the Lakers aren't offering that there's no stability there. Like, why would I go? I don't even know who the coach is going to be are you going to bring in one of these GM's from another team? So there's a lot going on here. And then you have the LeBron factor because is LeBron. I know he hasn't signed off on Luke Walton has he? And I don't know if magic sort of empowered him enabled him, and, you know, hey, do what you wanna do. If you come here. You can do what you wanna do. Well, we got Luke already in there. Well, let him coach this first year. And then, you know, find my guy, and then you know, what we'll find out any of these guys could play. And then if the trade for somebody or I can get some free agents coming here. I mean, I'm assuming this is what a normal conversation would have been to get LeBron there and people look at it go boy magic did his job. He got LeBron there. There was no other place. Lebron was going. This. This is already, you know, the people in Hollywood insiders are the ones who knew what was going on before anybody else in the basketball world because LeBron was setting up his future. Now getting him to go to the Lakers that to me wasn't the hard part building a team around him. That's the hard part, and we're gonna find out who's capable of doing them. I we'll take a break John rant deformed Murray state guard. His dad said that he's basically was the best player in the tournament. Had some nice things to say about his son. And we've been hearing wouldn't it be great? If you said, you know, I think my son should come back for another year. You know, he's not ready yet. He might be a top Jen guy. I don't know. And he's got to work out his game a little bit here. John Mirant lend afraid of anybody. You know, I thought scraping UC's. What happened? But you're starting to get more and more. This is what happens as you get closer to the draft. It's not what we want in the media because the media is the one who tells you, hey, this guy is going to be great. And then all of a sudden he starts to drop. Well, it's because the media is the one trying to project this, and then once you get to the scouts and the GM's, and the coaches, that's when things change. And that's where you go up somebody's slick like Dwayne Haskins. The media wants to Wayne Haskins to be in New York. And then all of a sudden when I talked to the NFL scout friend of mine, I go what's going on with Haskins. He's he's not a top ten pick in my opinion. He he's gonna fall. Well, he starts to fall here because the teams are looking at him differently than we the media. Like, hey, that's a perfect giants quarterback six three to twenty five. You got to be a big guy to play in the NFC as play for the giants. Windy, wet conditions. The teams don't look at it that way, they're going. I want to see if he can play drew lock is. The guy who's coming up. Drew lock is the guy to keep an eye on. And this is the same scout who a year ago said drew lock to him was the best quarterback. He saw. So now, there's a whole lot of time left before this draft. But that's why you get out in front of this. And you know, you get the media gets in the way of everything everybody's got have a mock draft. And all of a sudden, you're going I'm reading in the mock draft like what what happened in this guy. And you're like, yeah. That's that's just somebody basing it off of their opinion. And maybe they're getting inside information. But that's why I love mock drafts. I don't I don't value them very much. They are entertaining. I should say. All right. We'll take a break. John rant will. Join us. Coming up got poll question, Jim Nance, sound alike. Contest people are starting to wind up and you can send in videos as well. But in twenty minutes from now the first of the gymnasts sounded like contest with a case of gyms wine and a phone call. From Jim to the winner who wouldn't want that. It's a tradition. Unlike any other Jim Nance sounded like contest, Hello friends. Eight seven seven three DP show, Email address DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. Twenty after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick show. You know, and I can't believe I have to tell people this. But one of the most important things we do for our health everyday is brushing your teeth. But most of us don't do it properly. You learn poorly when you're young and you never change developing bad habits early. Absolutely. That's why you gotta get quip. 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But then after a second child was born he realized the pros were all way better than him. So we'll give up and buried his high tops in a tearful ceremony. But one day he heard that Geico could save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch which was awesome one of the stars of the tournament one of the stars of the upcoming drafty. Former Murray state guard Jaama rant joining us on the program. Good morning, John. How are you? Good more. I'm doing okay. Who's your favorite NBA team growing up? My always my whatever team that like he was a big Houston Rockets fan when the twin tiles of this of I grew up Chan for the rockets, did you have you played against NBA players before. Yes. It was a couple at the CPA three camp this past summer. So I got to play against somebody young guys. Or also Chris Ball. How was that? It was good really taught me how to leave would be. I would physicality and everything. So did he trash talk? You. No, he didn't do too much trash talking. I also noticed that your real name is to me Trias in jaws a shortened version of your your middle name. But are you in trouble? When you hear to Metri us does, you know, if mom says, something or dads somebody in the family. Probably. So it is rare that you hit up called me that they apologize. Yeah. Jobs. So and your dad's name is T now that's not short for to me three. His his no is just t-. That's his middle name. Okay. When did you start beating your dad and basketball? Amount of say when he started getting out of shape couldn't move up and down the court. That would be my high school year. So what how old were you when you were fifteen? Yep. I would like fifteen sixteen somewhere that right? Did you dunk on him? It was a little video. He tried a Joni thinking block thought, but it wasn't enough. But it wasn't enough. Bad. But he's got old man's strength. Though. You always have to watch out for that. Yeah. And he he makes sure he used all his files. So you gotta be careful with how many scholarship offers out of high school. It was somewhere around twenty. They started cut rolling in a little late role. Really after very state offer bay. You turn them it like my last year you turn. But I received like I think fifteen plus office. And I wonder if you chose Murray state because you know, they were they were loyal to you. And then, you know, sort of I in was that how you we're picking where you're going to go to college, actually, no, I was really just going say visits is a Cup of colleges would make sure they call me almost every day either talk to my parents marriage, stay with one. Oh, I like that part about it. They'll making making me feel like they wanted me. So when I took the visit I just fell in love with the campus and everything the people there, they made me feel like I was at home. You were unranked with zero stars by all major recruiting websites coming out of high school. How's that possible? It was something I asked myself, honestly. But my parents told me don't worry about weighing in so stars. If there's somebody who's ranked number one or half five stars and you play against him. They gotta show you and they're better than you. So I just took it like that and play with a chip on my show. Who plays? What style? Do you see somebody in the NBA who plays like you? Do you've been compared to anybody. I'll probably say who I try to play life is Westbrook. My favorite player, and I just like play all around he's school rebound past. And also just a wrestling this. He plays with theirs. Like he got a chip while his show. So what's what's that gonna be like that first time you step on the floor? And he got Westbrook just bringing it. Oh, man. Rocketeer you. I would it'd be just me playing against my so. Are you before? Well, I I noticed like you attack. I think you're better shooter than Westbrook at this age, but you attack the rim and you're fearless in. So I can see those comparisons with westward, but you you were actually go out of your way or your you bottled your game after him. So you wanted to be that kind of player that you're displaying right now. Yeah. I just feel like in my opinion, both people probably way things. So, but I just feel like he's a great player. But just don't get respect he desires, and I kind of felt like that's how it was coming up. I was a great player, but obviously was overlooked. So did you know Zion was going to be that great? When you're on the AFC team with him. I'm always knows. I was going to be great. Honestly, he was good. And his ninth grade year. He was doing almost the same thing without he's just stronger and jump higher. So I always know he'll be good Zion ever dunk on you. Now have I made sure wheels on the same team. That's very smart Josse. That's you're seeing the court. I I love that. Would you rather score or have a great assist? I take a system times. I would say is isn't something I like to do just share the ball. And that was noticeable during the season and certainly in the tournament. Like, you got great joy in, you know, in it's a credit to Zion is well like you guys were brought up well to understand how to play basketball and appreciate the small things and you had to pass in the tournament where you are more excited than the person who scored on where did that come from. Because most guys now, you know, they wanted to score. Yeah. I'm honestly on my go just taught me like a point car by more facilitator, I was like I guess make plays for him. And also team as just made the job is always teammate. So imagine some I fell in love with. I just love doing now and just to see your teammates have a smile and they face or just help them build confidence. Just feels good for the person who passing them the ball. So that's why enjoyed these Yama rent former Murray state guard and probably going to hear your name called pretty soon with that NBA draft. Would you would you have a problem if a team past you up to take Zion Williamson, honestly, I would man's. I really have the same goal. And that is to put the state of South Carolina on the map. We have a lot of talent down there. But. We I guess we just overlooked. So it's just a goal for us. And if a team pick him over me, I'd be happy for you think you're the best player in this round. I really don't speak too much on myself. If I might game day hard on myself, but speaks about you. But your dad said after the triple double versus Marquette what he did out here proves he's the best player in the country. When asked after the game where you should go in the draft. Dad said is there anything before number one? About that. I guess. Joking type of guy. But I don't think he's joking job say, I don't think he's joking. I think your dad feels like you're the best player in the draft. You should be paying him. He he's your PR guy. But that you know, that's strong stuff. But you know, what I'm starting to hear more and more. Is that people are you know, we get caught up in Zion. He's a wonderful player, but you know, playing in the NBA in the style, it might be suited more to you. And I've had guys who are in the NBA played in the NBA or coach in the NBA. Who said they would take you as the number one pick overall. So whether it plays out that way, you're not gonna have to wait long before you hear your name of you picked out your outfit for draft night. I haven't yet. My sleep probably start working on it this upcoming week. Now, here's the thing clean and businesslike because fifteen years from now when they show you on draft night, you just don't want to have like a plaid red suit or something like that. So be business be all business when you're there. I'm a professional when it comes to this, John. And I would just say I'm going to look clean. I'm gonna look tight and I have a little swag. And I'm gonna go up there and say thank you Commissioner, and I'm ready to go. I'd slap the floor. I'd slap the floor before I got up there. Like, I'm ready to play defense before. I saw the Commissioner. What do you think? Hey, good luck. It's was fun watching you and look forward to see in the NBA. Thank you. Thank you for having me. All okay, that's Jaama rant. I don't know if jaw faced a defense like me here. Great kid. Yeah. I'm thinking, what do we expect there? And then you go up there, and you slap the floor. When you see the Commissioner. K if he does it. Oh, no. You gotta go Chris though. Nice Chris suit. But I'd love that. Like, you just like, let's go. I'm ready to play. Yeah. Yeah. Mclovin. I pictured him the second. You said don't wear red plaid suit that he turned around and open a closet. There's hanging red-clad. Sue. Jalen rose Nehru jacket or something like that. He's a fun fun talent, man. And I do think he's the there's an attack style that he has that similar to Westbrook. I think he's more polished than Westbrook at this point, certainly with his his jumper. And that's what I wanted to see a lot of times when you watch these kids when you see highlights jaw jumped over somebody and dunked on somebody. So you get caught up in all, you know, the athletes schism, I love to see how you know, he created passing left handed right handed, and he was a willing passer. But when he wanted to score he was going to score. I just wanted to see if he had a consistent knockdown jumper. Yep. On and from Asaf freshman year to sophomore year, he was taking three threes game five threes. A game his sophomore year. He hit thirty six percent, which isn't fantastic. But serviceable, but he took a lot more this year and a lot of times. I'll look at what is your form. You may not be a great shooter yet. But what is your form? And that's why when we we looked at Lonzo ball. And I said, well, I don't know if you get that shot off in the NBA, you know, it's it's not a conventional shop. And we've seen and he'll struggle. The you his entire career. If you have good form, then you can work with somebody. And that's where we're looking at Reggie Miller set on the show a couple of weeks ago. He's planning on working with Ben Simmons this summer. I don't know. Ben doesn't have good form and I- Reggie didn't have conventional form. But I need to see where your released point is no way. It's like a golfer. I don't care where you're back. Swing is like Jim furic. I want to know where you are impact. And if you're at impact the same place as tiger is and Brooks kept going and all those then we're fine. We can work on all that. If you're jump shot at when you when you take the shot, the releases great the form is great. I then I'm fine with that. Now, you could be slow with a release that we'd have to work work on. But if you have a good form, then you can work on that. And John Moran. I think is further along than Westbrook was at this stage of his career. We'll take a break. The Jim Nance sounded like contest is open for business. Eight seven seven three DP show. This is going to be the bars high. I mean, you gotta be you gotta be good. You gotta bring it. So this is our tenth year. Jim Nance sounded like contest, and we'll give you the opportunity to do your Jim Nance impersonation. And then we'll find a winner by tomorrow at the end of the show. Well, back after this on the Dan Patrick show. Baseball season is arrived with the startup baseball season podcast, one sports net has all your bases covered with the Dan Patrick show. You can't even spell strike the rich Eisen show. What it doesn't matter from get it moving? If nobody's getting on base and baseball and chill. Mike trout will be paid close to half a billion dollars that is more money than you would ever know what to do it. Don't miss, Dan. Patrick rich Eisen or baseball in chill all summer long on podcast one sports net. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of AP news headlines, right after this podcast, and now are fond from Geico motorcycle if took fifteen minutes to click on the banner ad entitled, you won't believe what these child stars look like now be dissatisfied and kinda sad about how the child stars look. And now your computer is plagued by incessant pump up ads. Can't to add insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen. Click made minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance to gyco. Geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. Got lines open for Jim Nance sounded like contest, and we've had some great great callers. Great winters. Previous winners. In fact, here's last year's Jim Nance impersonation contest winner. Very subtle. Jim Nance person's very good. Okay. We're getting last year's winner. But we have remember years ago. Soccer player. Landon. Donovan decided to end. Okay. Isn't okay. Is are blooming. Letting us know springtime is finally here. The golfers already jackets are being some. And. Is it tradition of Mike any other? Hello. I liked it. You know, had the tone had the music the pacing. That was the great Landon. Donovan that was five years ago, James low. He was the twenty eighteen winter. Yeah. Paulie, you also remember in two thousand sixteen when Jim Nance finished second Nansen alike contest exciting year. But I had to be honest with Jim I thought somebody sounded better than Jim. Yes. Major upsets of all time. Yeah. Jim coming second. And Jim was the number one seat number one overall seed, and it was sorta like Virginia against you BC, but the chips in the gymnast sounded like contest, are you know, you have to have the pacing right now. The the descriptive words really important there. But I think it's more of the reverence have, and there's no other sporting event where you change your voice more than the masters because even when ESPN will say, you know, coming up on the masters even. Tom Rinaldi talking about the masters tournament coming up or there's a feature the master your voices different at the master's than any other sporting event in the world and a lot of people make the mistake of starting with. Hello friends. Jim never does that he doesn't elaborate entry preamble to discuss the masters in the setting and everything like that. And then he kind of two thirds of the way drops a Hello, friends and put the bow on it. If you remember two years ago, a contestant had a beautiful addition and never said the phrase, low friends, it was cute on that. Because Jim will do the Hello friends when he comes on camera. Hello, friends, Jim Nance with sir. Nick faldo. But Jim has always been very kind to hand out his wine case of wine. And then he always calls the winner. Here is James Lowe who sent a video he was the twenty eighteen gymnast contest winter absolutely Gary co-ord-, drives the maroon Studebaker. Dying pepper, you BIC witness nineteen Gail gamma there. Thank you, forty five seconds. Fred Couples has a supple spine. Juniper juniper juniper, Nick, Faldo's trousers. Ian, Baker Finch effervescence is the elections Gurvich. You're just moments ago. Thank you, thirty seconds. The patron is a person. Clint Eastwood climbs the dog would is that agenda ping win. The green jacket is not yellow. Bangladesh. Three two one. Oh, good. Was that he he included Jim nance's warm up of what he thinks him Nance would say as he's warming up the nontraditional tradition. Unlike any other. Yep. James low is wondering if he could enter again this year, we have any rules against competing after you win it, I rumbled I don't know if we have any of fine print there, and you know, you sort of he might not be eligible to win. But you know, there's a meritous there that we would have him offer an entry. Yes for you. Gotta have an opportunity to defend your title. There's no way you could exclude him. Here's a see what he's going to come up with next off you BIC witness Dottie Pepper undulation undulation. Yes. I have a couple more examples just for people who are considering calling because it's nerve wracking. Here's one from a couple years back. Now, let's have a look at the leaderboard. Put that up over panning wide angle shots towering trees to national. Colorful, Zali is representing a glimmer of hope one day dawning legendary region. The tradition. Unlike any other the masters on America's number one network. It's good. It's good. You gotta have failures in their Dogwood azaleas and America's number one that works CBS. Yes. Favorite is. When someone goes follow by murder, she wrote on the west coast. That's a great line. I don't even know how we started that the Jim Nance sound like you started doing imitations. Throw it out Houston who STA. Well, we would I would do that with friends that we'd be at a bar, and we'd go we'd be watching the masters, and we would just go, and let's go into sixteen and here's Gary McCord here. Even though Gary was not there because you're not allowed back. The we'd be like, let's go to Ian, vicar fish in. Here's another example, Nick and Orlando from last year. Hello, friends and welcome to tradition. Unlike any other the masters on C B S live from Gusta National Golf Club where this week. Another gust could be the story and not another back-nine meltdown by a man named Rory with high winds expected throughout the week it could determine who dons the green jacket. They all see where the Zambia's bloom and the fawns prance welcome inside the cabin. I'm Jim nets. The funds prance. Then their little feet little through. Oh, man. Hello, friends, and let's go out to seventeen and burn quiz. Let's record this goofy thing in a week or two later Jim Nance calls. Hello friend, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your impression. And then when we broke the news to Jim that he didn't win the contest. Tried so hard. I said Jim you've finished second. We had somebody who was better than you ELO friends. But you have to have such reverence when you're there and you're not a gallery, it's not a crowd their patrons. So everything it really got to be careful with your language there is you can you can get get Gary McCord did didn't rich Eisen try it a couple years ago. We have that. Okay. Here's a rich is. Hello friends. Augusta National throws open. It's pearly gates the wind whispers through the pine straw, and the values by the end of the weekend. Another champion will wear the green jacket. And wind up being a person of interest Thursday at ten on. Rich eisen. Is show follows this, of course, on audience to thirty nine direct TV and be our live dot com. Yeah. We we had people. We've had some people said, hey, can I get in? I said, well, you know, like you have to get in like everybody else. Celebrities are welcome there. But Richon wanted to shot at the title eight seven seven three DP show if you'd like to enter in the Jim Nance sounded like contest, we will get to those phone calls coming up in the final hour of the show. Mclovin update the poll results if you can't please. Who do you got the warriors or the field? Fifty four percent warriors. Okay. It might be a little bit more than that. Maybe just people hoping for different outcomes less predictable at two hours in the books. One. More to go Seton. Paulie, fritzy, mclovin. Yours truly here on the Dan Patrick show. Hello guys semi fighter kale. Senate. Check out my podcast. You're welcome with kale. Son every Wednesday and Friday right here at podcast one. We cover the latest in mixed martial arts and everything else. Going on in the world of sport. Listen, three to your welcome with jail, son and exclusively available at podcast one dot com and on the podcast one app. If you love the show share with a friend and leave us a rating and review. And now I thought from Geico motorcycle it took fifteen minutes to click on the banner ad entitled, you won't believe what these child stars look like now be dissatisfied and kinda sad about how the child stars look. And now your computer is plagued by incessant pump up ads on this can't be to add insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen click bait minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance to gyco. Guy. Got fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. I'm Rita Foley. With an AP us minute London. Police have arrested Julian Assange on extradition charges to the United States as well as for violating his bail song as accused of publishing classified documents through WikiLeaks in twenty ten he told Sky News. He was worried about what the US might do to him recently showing that institutions seem to be failing. Failing to follow the rule of law, and with dealing the superpower that does not have polling following the rule of law as a serious business. He also said in two thousand ten the US officials had threatened him and those associated with him has been many cold senior figures in the United States, including elected once in the Senate from why execution of the kidnapping of my stuff. Edward Snowden, the former security contractor who leaked classified information about US Valence program says the arrest of a song is a blow to media freedom. I'm Rita Foley.

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