People put in hotels for refuge during the pandemic are now being evicted


Five things is brought to you by pay. Calm to be better prepped. For the next big change in business be proactive now. With pay calm in one software employees can easily enter an update their hr and payroll data allowing hr to be more strategic. Check it out at pay. Com dot com. Good morning. i'm clear thornton and this is five things. it's sunday. december twentieth episodes are special. Or giving you more from in depth stories. you may have already heard for nearly a year cities across the. Us have been housing homeless people in motels and hotels. It's paid for with money from the cares. Act to keep them safe. During the pandemic the federal government said that money from the cares act has to be used by december thirty first with the deadline approaching city officials are considering putting homeless people back on the streets or in crowded shelters affordable. Housing experts argue. The hotel shelter programs were merely a quick fix and the emergency money should have gone toward more permanent. Housing solutions. shamsuddin has experienced homelessness off and on since he was ten years old. He's now fifty one in mid march. He tested positive for covid. Nineteen he almost died in the hospital so with covy when that hit the virus had basically spreading throughout the shelter because different from the average person when they said quarantine people can find we. Because we're all in this time. Get seven so we're all around each other. There's no barriers. There's no wall we've never had a hand sanitizer. We didn't have soap into dispenses. So it was like the basic things that they said that you needed to protect yourself. We didn't have those things. Unfortunately i ended up catching covert. A barely could talk an kept china. Ask the nurse and my die in dying and and they was like we can't tell you that and then this one nurse reached out to me and she grabbed my hand you know. She just embraced. My hand and i was like. Oh my gosh. She started comfortably while dining. Nah i said this caveat wind barron got out of the hospital city officials said he could go to a hotel. It would be paid for by the cares act around that time. He also started taking steps to improve his mental health. Given option. do you want to go to the hotel. Do you want to stay in the congregation shelter. And of course. I said to send me to the whole tell. The other thing that i wanted to do was get help with mental illness. And then i want us to clare tail drinking which had gotten exasperated just from being in experiencing homelessness before debate in witnessed how people dealing with homelessness used drugs as a way to cope for life. Attornal moved around a lot. Raise ma ma son as a single parent raising minimum family shelter system work to make sure that he has some stability at the same time myself. End up struggling. I was living in alanna at one point and came up here to the city. Unfortunately things that go the way that i wanted to go put me in a state of depression and eventually i realized you know what maybe i need to get some some some help for that and some stability so i ended up going into the shelter system seeking both quite some time. I was on on an shelter. Awards album which is congregate shelter. It was like just taking a bus to get to wards alex. You would have to just drink just to drown out all the craziness that was just on the bus ride as so you see a lot of people pulling out there. Their drink their drug of choice. Just prepare themselves to walk into the congregate shelter with me. It was i found more security and more safety and confident just being in the streets as crazy as that might sound. So flash forward to into baron began his stay at the lucerne hotel on the upper west side in july. His mental health improved and he cut back on drinking and he didn't stop there. That's where basically my advocacy started. Because i felt like look. I don't want to be in an environment where people would just openly using drugs and and doing different tanks. there was a group of ladies that came with their children to the loose are and they started painting. Chalk on a floor with messages saying welcome. We love you. We welcome you to the neighborhood. You deserve to be here. you know. Every person deserves a home. So i reached out to them and immediately they met with me and within twenty minutes of a conversation with one of their representatives. They promised to put on site services. So we had the harm reduction calm and then open hearts come and bring a meat and fitness class and all these other services to the lucerne which is unique because none of the whole charles have that had issues but with literally change the fabric. That's why we've been sitting here today. The day before thanksgiving to bear in in the other men living at the lucerne told they would have to vacate the hotel. The appellate division of the new york state supreme court made a last-minute reversal a few weeks later and granted the men and interim stay. i'm engaging elected officials. I'm engaging faith leaders. i'm engaging people that are actively involved in these days to up with the best ideas to be able to create better communities for people that experiencing homelessness. I want to go from being homeless to the housing hero. I want to evolve into a person that is able to provide housing for people. People say yo you really a spending yourself as an advocate and you're still homeless. You're still going through it. Well if i don't do do it. This is not the paphos chose. This is not the journey that i want it but at this point in the only way things will ever change that we stand up Baron and the other men at the lucerne don't know exactly how long they'll be able to stay for this time You can find linked the full story by usa. Today's housing and social services reporter romina In the episode notes there you can watch an eight minute video. Featuring to barren and other housing advocates in new york the video includes some additional footage. Not included in this podcast. If you liked the show. Go to apple podcasts. And write us review. Let us know what your favorite part of this episode was and you can follow us on twitter. Where at say today. Podcast taylor wilson will be back tomorrow morning with five things you need to know for monday. Thanks for listening. I'm claire thornton. Next sunday until then keep up with me on twitter at clare. Underscore t. h. r. n. 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