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Hillary Clinton Documentary Debuts At Sundance


KPCC's supporters include searchlight pictures presenting Joe Rabbit nominated for six Academy Awards supporting actress Scarlett Johansson adapted screenplay by tyco. I T T film editing production design costume design and Best Picture of the year and Twentieth Century Fox presenting Ford Versus Ferrari directed by James Mangold and starring Matt Damon and Christian. Bale Ford Versus Ferrari is now nominated for four Academy Awards including best picture of the year. Hi It's John Horn. I'm in Park City. Utah covering the Sundance Film Festival. Coming up on tomorrow's edition of the frame. We're going to talk doc with Carlos Lopez Astrada. He was at Sundance a couple of years ago with the movie called blind spotting. His new movie is called summertime it is based on the poems uh-huh of a couple of dozen young poets in Los Angeles. He took their very personal stories and formed a narrative film around their poems. We also are going to hear from two of the poets in the film. That's on tomorrow's edition of the frame here today with our substitute host and Pinch Pinch hitter Steven Cuevas from the Mon Broadcast Center. KPCC this is the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas in for John Horn on today's show the director of the two thousand fifteen documentary Kobe. Bryant SMU's reflects on working with the L. A. Lakers superstar and Hillary Clinton joins John Horn at the Sundance film festival to talk about the new documentary. Chronicles her life and politics including debates against Donald Trump. Do I turn around and say back off you PREF- I'm not intimidated. Tim dated by you. Which I knew would have polarizing effects like you know? She can't handle him. How she going to handle Vladimir Putin's while I would add a heck of a lot lot better than the current guy it's the frame will be right back? KP supporters include searchlight. which light pictures presenting Joe Rabbit nominated for six Academy Awards supporting actress Scarlett Johansson adapted screenplay by tyco? Itt Film Editing Production Production Design Costume Design and best picture of the year now playing in theaters. Nationwide it's another somber day in Los Angeles following. The sudden. Death of Lakers is legend Kobe. Bryant's in a helicopter crash. Yesterday morning. He was forty one eight other people including his thirteen year old daughter. Jonah were also killed joining us to remember Kobe. Bryant and his legacy is filmmaker Gotham Chopra director and executive producer of the two thousand fifteen documentary Kobe. Bryant's Mews He. We started by telling me who Kobe. Bryant was as a person and what he represented to fans on the court and as a basketball player he was relentless. Listen competitive and willful. And you know I think that's really kind of what drove his success. I'd say off the court a lot but at the same qualities you know. Even as a collaborator united. He was very much collaborator. On the project that we worked with us not passive you know in terms of his participation obation yet a strong point of view on pretty much everything obviously looking at himself and so at times it was agonizing working with him Because he was exhausting but he was exhilarating in in the same way To be around because he really did drive you and push you and there is no oh version of compromise him. There was definitely a softer side. And you got to see that. Probably most notably in his relationship with his daughters. Yes he was very engaged father and I think he was also very engaged husband. I got to know Koby towards the end of his playing career and so he was transitioning listening out and he was thinking about life. Afterwards I think those roles in particular father a husband and an artist really really important to him and and there was I think in those roles there was a humility That Tina probably was not something you saw in the competitor in Gobi. Will Your. The film begins by detailing what really could have been the end for Kobe. Bryant's career and it's a fairly serious Achilles heel injury that might have cut his career short in twenty only thirteen. When he's talking about in the film he's he's reflecting on what could have been the end? Why did you want to start the film there and not only that but also use I use? His recovery is kind of almost like a subplot in the narrative. I mean quite literally. I think the the injury was a catalyst for him in terms terms of thinking. I think he had been thinking about life after basketball. But I think there's a sort of mortality check that comes with an injury like fat for a professional athlete especially at you know at his age at the time and so that injury gave us a starting point and so all of these other the things that he wanted to talk about like he called it. Mus- these people that influenced him these ideas and the sort of search for greatness. We needed a structure and all of a sudden the injury and the road back from that injury. Williams won't succeed gave us structure well of course in Greek Mythology Achilles. Is this great warrior whose invincible. Except for that one thing. And that's his heel and he and he dies when he's pierced by an Arrow in the he'll what did you learn about Kobe's own vulnerabilities. He's both as a player and as a man his own Achilles heels if if you will koby always prided himself early on in his career that that he was kind of emotion lists like he was the Black Mamba. He was untouchable in terms of like his emotional game. And I think just again the function of age and the function of a life now that had daughters and you know were growing up and he wanted to be more around. It's all of a sudden. Those road trips are much harder. You know those things where he never would think twice about it because it was all basketball the time was was you know it was a vulnerability. I guess we'll. Let's hear a clip from the documentary. Kobe Bryant's Muse and it's where Kobe speaks about what he calls Mamba Mentality and I've always had someone best performances. Aw fans absolutely love it. They don't understand who the only hospital that has become a source of motivation. So when I go to these places and you That Black Mamba Veneer really dissolves in in one moment in the film when he's speaking speaking pretty openly about his infidelity to his wife Vanessa and the miscarriage that the couple suffered shortly after the birth of their first daughter. How difficult for culture not was it to get Kobe to speak openly on these? Things didn't take much again like once you're in you're in in a way like overtime obviously do that. That SORTA Trust. I also think that Kobe was very smart and instinctive storyteller and he understood that in order. Are you know for anyone to really engage your care about this. He was going to have to be honest. He was going to have to talk about the blemishes. You know in his life and so he understood that We had the reality of legal situation. There were legal ramifications around how that case you know When how it ended up getting settled so we have to deal with that? And that's the two thousand four rape allegation case yes. There was a lot of navigating around that and just sort of like thinking through. Like what's the right away of of dealing with this and what's the way we can deal with this again. Because of some of the restrictions he was a willing partner in that like he was a Like every other part of the film he had a point of view in that and he wanted to be part of decoding that in figuring out what the right way of dealing with it was before I let you go. Is there anything anything else you would like to add today. It's still too shocking to me and to think about but obviously I think his legacy will be profound founded and far beyond beyond the basketball court. I think he had so much left to do. And I think that's one of the great bad things that I I know just again as parent kind of the bright future not just g but all of his girls had and that. So you know he won't get to see so Gotham. Chopra is the director of the 2015 Showtime Documentary Koby Bryant. SMU's about of course the late. Kobe Bryant Gotham. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me Kobe. Bryant SMU's can be seen on Hulu and showtime on demand up next on the frame John Horns conversation with Hillary Clinton and documentary. Filmmaker Nenet Burstein at the Sundance Film Festival. KPCC PODCASTS are supported by twentieth century. Fox presenting Ford Versus Ferrari directed by James James Mangold and starring Matt Damon and Christian. Bale Ford versus Ferrari was named best film of the year by Kenneth Iran of the Los Angeles Times and now nominated needed for four academy awards including Best Picture. KPCC PODCASTS are supported by Warner brothers. You're listening to the Oscar nominated score from Joker Todd Todd Phillips's oscar-nominated vision of man struggling in a world without empathy varieties Owen gleiberman named joker the best film of two thousand. Nineteen calling it a movie that can and will stand the test of time. Walking Phoenix Mesmerizes in the performance of the Year now nominated for Eleven Academy Awards and eleven BAFTA awards including best picture picture director. Todd Phillips and actor Joaquin Phoenix. Welcome back to the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas. Sitting in for John Horn a new four hour documentary series is about former first lady. US Senator Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton premiered this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival. Clinton and the filmmaker were interviewed there by our own. I'm John Horn so John. What's the background on this documentary? This is a four part series that is directed by net bursting and it's composed of two basic things things one is Hillary's campaign during the two thousand sixteen election shot a lot of backstage stuff. There are speeches their conversations. There's there's prep for debates. Almost two thousand hours of footage net-bursting the director of the documentary was given this footage and she decided that if she did new interview views with Hillary Clinton and a bunch of other people she could use that footage and tell the story not only of the campaign but also of Hillary Clinton's personal and and professional life. And who do you reckon this film is made for. I mean I think if you follow the two thousand sixteen campaign closely you're still gonNA find in here a lot of new things that you didn't know before I think if you didn't really appreciate how Qualified Hillary Clinton was for the presidency even even if you don't like her politics you're gonna be amazed at how capable and impressive. She is as a person and I think it's going to also offer really interesting insights into the marriage a marriage with a lot of problems Fidelity being one of them and finally how was her presence at Sundance received generally from from festivalgoers. We have interviewed a lot of celebrities over the years at Sundance and a couple of minutes Vigo Mortenson is coming in and later today Julia. Louis DREYFUSS IS COMING IN I. I don't think I've been around a person who had that aura of power and celebrity that Hillary Clinton had there is this feeling in the room. There are a couple of hundred people watching watching of kind of awe of who she is and what she's accomplished so yes it was pretty special to interview her. Sure I won't say I was terribly nervous but I certainly knew that I had to do a good job. All right. And here's that session. From this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival the Director of Hillary net-bursting and the truly remarkable subject Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton Hillary Nets pitch was to interview you and other people who worked on the campaign and are close to the campaign and close to you. What was the story that you wanted to tell those interviews that maybe the footage couldn't tell you know John I have to take my mind back to win Nat nat basically proposed making this bigger than The campaign and really focusing on my life but using my life as as a springboard into the women's Movement our political system and these other themes and I obviously knew I'd be interviewed. I was interviewed for thirty five hours but she had free rein to interview anybody that would interview with her. And so you'll see people literally that I grew up with and I went to high school or college or law school or the colleagues and then a lot of people that you know. She chose to interview to fill in the story so so I I was onboard. Were there certain people that were hard to get to go on camera. And who would you put at the top of that list and even within that list list. Who are the people that really presented you with the greatest challenge in terms of how? You're going to ask difficult questions. Well the hardest people to get were all of of the conservative voices We went out to thirty forty people that overlapped with signatory Glenn's life from the nineties onward heard from Newt Gingrich Lindsay grant even more moderate politicians like Susan Collins Olympia snow and all said no and I would follow up to you because I am not very good at taking no as an answer and like for example Newt Gingrich who I was really really wanted to include his voice or whatever you know however interesting that would have been because he was a big part of her her time as first lady and being on the opposition and leading that charge. So we sent a letter formally and his sister does. Pr A very diplomatically. Said no and then someone gave me a cell phone number and I called him and I couldn't believe he picked up. I was like Oh hello. You don't know who I am. You don't know this number but and then I just launched into my pitch and he's like Oh yeah no I know I know what you're your offer was and he said I would rather stick a needle in my eye. I said okay. I don't think there's a lot of convincing to be done. Yeah Hillary there are so many slights in this film. It's like bleeding to death. Mathausen paper cuts the little things that are said in passing that seem in isolation nation terrible but in cumulation horrific it. And that's the idea of how women law students were treated at Yale. The judge who asked you to twirl around while here at the podium. There's a line that Chris Matthews has I won't even dignify repeating a TV announcer calls. You the Bishops Yuppie from Hell all all of those little things over the course of documentary to me met a very lasting impact of what is casually said but is so hurtful. You're right John and and I think ninette did a masterful job of weaving that in because again it's not just about me and the relentless belittling and demeaning and dismissing is is often either ignored or absorbed in a way that you don't fully appreciate the impact of as you move through your life so one of my concerns. Is You know you have to develop such tough skin. You don't want to be battered and hurt broken by a constant belittlement. But you also don't want to be so impervious that you can't absorb whatever legitimate criticism might be coming your way so very early on. I kind of developed develop this mantra to take criticism seriously but not personally That doesn't include the harassment and the insults. Because that's in a different category but a lot of the language that is still used today about women in the public arena. China has the same impact. And I just hope that this I hope that this documentary as S. People Watch it will spark conversations like the one. We're having so that it's not. It's not off limits to say. Wait a minute you know why I wide is this still part of the ongoing dialogue about women's roles and women's rights and of course. I think we're going through a real backlash clash so I think the conversation is even more important. I don't want to quote Bart Simpson in such a serious conversation. But I'm going to please do please as Dan Bart Simpson says. He's didn't make this up damned if you do damned if you don't and there's a moment in the fourth episode where you're an debate and Donald trump is stalking talking you. He's physically behind you and the document you've say in real time that you're aware that he's standing behind you and as you're speaking about some very important issue you're playing out all Lee scenarios. What would happen if I turn around? I can't because this is how we'll play. But what have I ignore him. This is how play and that seems to be a constant theme throughout the documentary documentary. That if you go one direction people will criticize you for doing that. Another group of people criticize you for not doing that. Your stock at so how many points in your life that any decision is going to have a polarizing effect. Yeah because you know that word polarizing I think about it a lot because clearly. It's often the way that I'm described. Some of the people that Net tried to get to be interviewed for this film. Are certainly a lot more polarizing than than I think I am but is Newt Gingrich described as polarizing. He may be described as a lot of things but he's hardly ever described as polarizing and the incident that John just referred to in that second debate. You know I knew exactly what he was doing. It was Alpha male writ large. You WanNa know what a president looks like. This is what a president looks like. Not This woman not not this girl and I'm GonNa show you how dominant I am and so I'm up there and I'm going okay. What do I do do I turn around and say back off you creep? I'm not intimidated by you. Which I knew would have polarizing effects and it would also raise the issue like you know if she can't handle him how she going to handle Vladimir Putin well? I would add a heck of a lot better than the current guy so because I've been in the public eye for a long time but even before I practiced law tried lawsuits and all that I have worked with and against countless men who come in all sizes and shapes all sorts of hairstyles. And they're judged on who they are but when a woman walks into that arena. Everybody unloads on her every single feeling or reaction then that they have about women in the public is so what I did. If you if those of you saw it was do nothing you know just like I did back when I took the law school test. Just do the job and hopefully people will say. Hey you know I'd rather have somebody who is not acting like that dealing with the serious problems we have in the world up next on the frame more of John Horne Conversation with Hillary Clinton and filmmaker in the net bursting esteem at the Sundance Film Festival. KPCC PODCASTS are supported by warner brothers presenting joker from MM Academy Award Nominated Director Co writer and producer. Todd Phillips See Joaquin Phoenix's Golden Globe critics choice and screen actors guild winning performance. You're listening to the Oscar nominated score varieties gleiberman named joker the best film of Two Thousand Nineteen calling it a movie that can and will stand the test of time now nominated for Eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture Best Director and best actor for your consideration and now back to John's conversation with Hillary Clinton and filmmaker Acre in the net burstein recorded this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival. The former first lady and secretary of State is the subject of the new four part Hulu Documentary Hillary Hillary Ninette bill and Hillary marriage is essential part of the story especially in the latter half of the documentary series. Why did you think it was important? And I WANNA ask you about interviewing Bill Clinton in an asking him about his marriage and what those interviews were like well. I thought it was important for several reasons. I mean one. They have been in partners in many ways for fifty plus years so part of it was a love story. The other thing you know we do spend half hour of the series on on the impeachment. The Monica Lewinsky incident. And we really. I tried to deal with it very much from a personal perspective and not because there's this salacious interests but because so much of secretary Clinton's life following that was judge in her perception option is particularly if she was running for office when she was running for Senate when she was running in a wait and very much when she was running sixteen. I can't tell you the number of educated Liberal Female Friends of mine who would say to me. Oh I can't vote for her. She didn't leave her husband. Who or what is it like watching that footage of your her husband offering up his explanation rationalization for what he did with Monica Lewinsky and about how? I think it's fair to say that you are paying the price for his sins. Well that's pretty dramatic. Couldn't have done a documentary about my life and not done a documentary commentary about my marriage and like every marriage. I know we've had ups and downs but ours of all played out in public after Nineteen Lean Ninety two or so you know it was. It was difficult talking about it answering questions. You know that that is not my favorite way Spend the afternoon but I was very committed to being as forthcoming as I could be in working with. Ninette and bill was too. There are two impeachment trials in this series one when you go to Washington to work on the impeachment of Richard Nixon. Obviously obviously the impeachment of Bill Clinton. There's another impeachment trial going on right now. That didn't make your deadline. And if but if you were being interviewed dude now for this documentary about what's happening in Washington. What would your thoughts be? Yeah I did. I worked on the impeachment inquiry staff of the House Judiciary Committee in one thousand nine hundred ninety four and among I tasked at a very young new lawyer was studying what the framers meant by impeachment in the Constitution. Particularly what crimes and misdemeanors I mean. One of my other jobs was listening listening to the tapes and comparing the transcriptions. The White House gave us with what was actually on the tape. which is very very similar to what we are experiencing with this impeachment? And you listen to this and you could literally listen to Richard Nixon and it. It was obvious that he was obstructing justice he was abusing power. He was defying the Congress and once the house. Judiciary Committee voted that Republican leaders in the Senate went to see Nixon in the White House. And said you will be impeached. You should resign because there is proof of abuse of power obstruction of justice contempt of Congress and and Nixon did so fast forward to where we are now. I don't think it could be any clearer. That what the founders feared is at the core of the articles of impeachment against trump. And look you. You don't have Republicans like there were in nineteen seventy four to say this has to end and you have to go hillary the end of this documentary and I'm sure a personal personal story left my wife and I in a spirited debate. I found it somewhat pessimistic. She founded optimistic. But in terms of what you think are the takeaways. What do you hope people take away from it? And how would you assess that optimistic pessimistic. Take my wife and I had a fascinating John. I don't WanNA polarize your family. It's already already polarized. Oh well I remain fundamentally optimistic. Because I really can't believe that we're going to to destroy the greatest experiment in self government that the world has ever seen I just. I can't believe that and so I don't believe it and therefore I wake up every day thinking about what more we need to do to protect what has worked and to fix what has not and so for me. I think there are several takeaways. One I do hope that there is a debate about women's roles and women's lives and the progress we have been making but some of the remaining challenges that we face I also hope it sparks. It's a conversation about our politics. How did we get to the point where we literally cannot make the decisions that will protect our planet create more economic opportunity provide universal so healthcare? I mean I think we have a huge existential decision to make this November. And I've you said I said it yesterday. I'll say it again. Whoever the Democratic nominee is get behind that person you've got to be committed the net bursting Hillary Clinton? Thank you for sharing your your yeah. That was John Horn with Hillary Clinton and filmmaker net Burstein tape this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival the four part documentary titled Hillary Premieres March Six on Hulu. And that's all for today. I'm Steven Cuevas. Thanks for listening. We're back here tomorrow at the Mon Broadcast Center.

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