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The future of phone services here and it's called visible for forty bucks a month all in you can get unlimited data messages and minutes on Verizon's four g not eat network your current phone service doesn't deserve you break up with them and switched to visible there transparence and they always tell you the truth as he called Supermodel Bree Barns but first let's talk about this the SAS that that Colton through enough for me not to be friends with her anymore she also went on to say that the reason that the friendship ended would never be Stephen said on Andy Cohen that it whatever happened whatever caused this feud was enough for me quote quote it was I like listening to it I'm not gonNA I don't know Eileen have an opinion based on what he's talking about this week Rachel Lindsay you know what else it would be able. She touched Brian any way or was flirty or something but she's engaged he's engaged I don't know why she would ever do that but was famous this is the Ben Nationally I almost famous podcast with iheartradio Hello Ladies and gentlemen that's the kind of thing where I'd be like you know why we're not friends because she touched prion totally and I want to like speakers side tell us what happened raven out there this week so much I I think I love Colton Colton is is serving up some drama I like to lent on watch what happens live with Andy Cohen and she says that she will never be friends with Raven Gates again if you guys remember they were good friends on Nick. VLC Hot topics before we get Matt Donald from Hannah Brown season and be Ip season six who you may remember how to relationship was a Sydney and is knowing sales people had to visible dot com slash almost famous to get twenty dollars off your first month service when you sign up that's visible dot com slash something bad yeah but here's the thing what could she have done bad so the for what I said I was like well unless she like hooked up with Brian I exactly es Ashley and Ben is in Honduras this week so he's not here but I am joined by our lovely producers story in Danielle and we're going to hit up the bachelor so I can't even think of a girl brain like in my mind to be like Oh then this would be the next thing like I'd if it's not a boy I ends responded saying I think she likes me which is funny but I will say when I think of Rachel I don't really think of positive or light but we did start this conversation out by saying that in Colton is the one that's been Sassy and this is because not not only was this just a juicy tidbit that we got from Rachel she unfolded Raven on Instagram and she you know was not the wedding and there is speculation that they weren't friends anymore we don't know what that is and rates yeah it was like that that's not cool you can't say that there's a reason your opening out there if you are just almost saying it all you could legit just be put out there she would never put it out there because she promised she wouldn't put it out there so I don't know what this all means you are putting it out there putting it out there like forgivable because if we're the girl round we're like oh it's for sure because boy exactly sure because of a boy married and engaged yeah you know at a sterling to talk about it we just went our separate ways then that's like more of a casual but it's like I will never be friends Rachel wants people to know that Raven did mark because one time Rachel allegedly to use the Wendy Williams were all on watch what happens live but then Colton responded making it even juicier sang that is right Ryan but it's I when I think of her I think negative really like she's kind of a negative person I'm here for I love it I love that she speaks her mind to speak upon is being like hey you know I I don't really like Colton has been the next bachelor I'm not a big fan of that I think is because of the age which is fine Rachel like anyone he wrote it on instagram under a photo about this drama said this does Rachel like anyone nick vile has said I think that she does kind of bring a lot of and I get it you kind of need to bring a lot of the the negative parts of something to light and I think that's what she feels like she needs cower on team Colton right now because he's speaking his mind I'm all for that I feel like sometimes people that are the bachelorettes or the bachelor they play it safe and spoke crap about Colton to cassie and she hadn't even met Colton and real life Oh yeah there's that too I don't know why it just seems like she's kind of caddy over saying some things let's dive further into a Colton said he said that he made that season and then they were tight after the fact they were going on vacations and stuff out there a lot of companies degree yeah and then all of a sudden there's like this is me go you know I I do love her for that I do love that I think you can do it and I don't I don't know warning signs or like what you should be looking out for where maybe she was trying to be kind of sisterly with it but it just kind of is like well that's my boyfriend already so saying something I feel like in the bachelor it's like nobody really understands that nation as well as being an aunt so people try to help you out but it can come off wrong yeah it's vague it could be we don't really know how this conversation went down I also kind of feel like when you're in the bachelor nation you feel like you can speak upon things probably more freely like she's like oh I went through this so let me give you some of the a show we email at email ben and Ashley at I Heart Media Dot Com yeah 'cause I want to know what do people think I friend of a friend yeah she dated him and it ended really badly like a girlfriend girlfriend then no no she was a girlfriend that like as Oh oh a way maybe Rachel or Raven said something about a concern before she got married for our listeners to think of what they think the situation y yet allegedly stories yeah we need people to dig in and really big in my opinion yeah it was like you don't know the guy she her his girlfriend clearly loves him so why are you trying to be an instigator in that sense it's all to come out and tell us yeah yeah there's so many rumors circulating now she has to speak her truth to make Danielle's Day I mean Raven we would love to have you on here it out come on and then next week we're going to read all the emails of the speculations maybe they'll get they'll be so bad that raven will just happen in many ways but it is fun for us to walk on just say I wanNA know Raven Our next hot topic Hannah Brown says that she only had seventy dollars in the bank when she became the Bachelorette she told us to Mary Claire Magazine that I bow you mean Rachel did it has not met Colt home whereas thing yeah I don't really like about him that's pretty distasteful messy she said she initially wanted to be a broadcast journalist but by the time but her time was always consumed by her Miss Alabama USA duties and she also had an interior design job that happen how slide into cast DM's maybe no I think that she met Cassie in real life but I don't know this is all speculation alleged not recently had the bank balance of seventy dollars when she agreed to star on season fifteen of the Bachelorette she was obviously fresh off Colton season her career was Elena's she's just moved to La and she's excited to be able to move on to a new city and just see where life is going to take you like the fact that Colton is talking back I think it's it will again it is entertaining for us yeah and it's a refreshing for people to like kind of just bite back can we aww Matt McDonald Donald after this what's the difference between people who prioritized self care and those who don't is it finally fitting into their skinny jeans is it Vanity Superior Willpower a big fat bank account at mind body they know it's a none of those things mind body understands that true wellness like maybe it was like oh I think Brian's doing this for maybe it was like the reverse like we thought maybe raven was like flirting with Brian but maybe Raven told Rachel I I'm Latin like we're just overly like yeah affectionate yeah like I could see I don't know I could see that yeah yeah or maybe she was of the mind body up to bring you closer to the fitness and wellness experiences that matter the most because wellness is not a destination concerns are or whatever whatever vague thing she said to cass about Colton maybe that situation happened her from Raven and then it was like you can't come back for that marrying the guy you've already said what you think find a job after Grad school from the two bone horn the top broadcasting school in the country and I I was I was very much he minutes of peace for the new mom in her hairdresser's chair though well earned massage after a crazy month at work that is the basis comes from a focus on the journey itself the fifty minutes punching a bag instead of scrolling on instagram the yoga class shared with a friend the ninety it's an experience go to a mind body dot I O. Slash pod that is mind body dot I O. Slash pod company she knew it wouldn't be easy to find someone to grow with her team that's why she went to Ziprecruiter Ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you hiring give me a challenge as co founder Gretchen hubner discovered Gretchen needed to hire a game artists her education text finds them for you it's technology identifies people with the right experience in invites them to apply to your job so you get qualified candidates fast get weird vibes from Brian or you know it's kind of weird he's very he's a chiropractor Ri- touchy person and he's Latin and I could say sure I really relate to her on that like wow spirit animal little bit yeah and I love these I mean who was it I think it was Chris Pratt who is living ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day you can see why Ziprecruiter is effective for businesses of all sizes you can try ziprecruiter for free polling places like I don't know how I'm Gonna I'm I can't believe I'm not getting a job right now is is insane and then castle and the bachelor and counting my lucky stars every day since Blah Blah but I will say we that a normal guy I don't think that you should take that personal there's so many times where my friends like oh I'm kinda talking to this guy like Ooh we are joined right now by the lovely Matt Donald How how many people like if you were to give percentage call you Matt McDonald yeah it's it's a lot I if I can put it in like a percentage aw I had a six month internship which was non paid and I was like job searching for four months just couldn't has van in Hawaii same tiffany haddish and it's like oh I love those rags to riches stories they deserve it you bust your ass off and now you're here you know and obviously it worked I will say maybe seventy is a lucky number I will also say that like when I was cast on the show was a year after I graduated from Grad School Gretchen posted her job on Ziprecruiter and said she was impressed by how quickly she found qualified applicants. I know that Ben uses a recruiter all the time for Jenner's coffee and just talking about this is making me realize that I should probably go on there and find somebody to help me out with wordpress I really need help with creating my website make no you're wrong my name's Matt Donald Yeah but I get it all the time all the time Matt McDonald I get like the old farm boy my song I like Introduce Myself Donald Don whatever she was Matt McDonald Nice to meet you and I was like no it's Matt Donald and I probably came off I gotta Say I'm pretty sold on using Ziprecruiter to find the next person I need to hire four out of five employers who post on age probably like first time I ever meet somebody actually Hannah Abi I still think like one of the reasons why I got cut so quickly the first argue not no I actually am so glad this is great by the way because you have an awesome platform super happy to be here you have a ton of badge nation followers so I can really ends you just WanNa take a risk take a leap and go for it all right well we have a very special guests next his name is thing like will you played into the farm boy because you showed up on a tractor which makes us all feel like you're from a farm land ziprecruiter dot com slash ben that ziprecruiter dot com slash V. E. N. ziprecruiter dot com slash. Ben These smartest way to hire is in a bridesmaid so then Raven got upset that's not it all right well that would shut down thank you yeah thank you next to she says that now she needs to hustle make some money but you do know what better than seventy dollars in dancing with the stars does pay pretty well till I talk about some stuff that aired that IRV like just like to perception and stuff like that I am not a farmer I way too a I don't want to like chew myself down but I just not the Kinda guy likes get down and dirty so not a farmer L. Great falls okay so I know exactly what you're talking about it gets really rural yeah that side of Maryland Yeah so we actually had a bring your tractor to school day impair high point and GM you to each other say they're like two more schools I went to Syracuse for Grad school and I like to consider that my like homeschool okay thank you I'm about six one six deal with with the right shoes on but Yeah no I I don't recall saying that but you know what about Brian and Carrie but yeah because she was talking to cassie saying here's what her okay it's a pretty big school was like what ten exte- thousand sixteen yeah they had a huge football stadium for sixteen thousand yeah they're trying to like get up get the hype up for sure yeah back then back then all the town years ago which is actually a frigate long time didn't have it but no I never felt connected love Jamie whole process has been a huge blur to me maybe I did say it just trying to catch the catch the hearts of America I don't really know it also says in your bio I so you did grow up in a rural area you in your bachelor bio call yourself a old fashioned guy who loves to bring flowers to a girl in the first when home after like four days after the reaction I saw everything and everyone's like oh my gosh the worst bachelor Bachelorette they do this for rail he does not also thinks that it would be creepy totally aggressive I I'm totally funny how people are so quick to judge and those pictures have been forgotten like nobody remembers those pictures I will say that girls are always telling the a believer and flowers and stuff like that like most of the girls that I've dated in the past like a real relationship do you like the Oh happy like one month happy to mind like with flowers but dr and to be able to be like here's where I am and I'm just going to go on the show to see to see what come about like what happens are but when I said did you grow up on farms at yeah so I grew up in a small town in Maryland western Maryland called Middletown I'm from northern Virginia Oh are you okay I think a lot of people were like Oh that's one of the cuter guys in this bunch especially based on this first picture all those first pictures were horrible you know what I have to say it seems like the never really connected a genuine glad that I went because it had the right fields like it had media arts and that's what I wanted to do in a lot of schools ESPEC- US ever were the these guys like off the street Blah Blah Blah and then when the show airs you know you start this might be the best bachelor cast we've ever seen like Blah Blah Blah so like that's how rule I was James Madison and all the towns around us to have bring your tractor to school day yeah I went to high points we used to drive by James First Day it's a little aggressive okay put that in your question an answer you desert trying to be super I don't I don't I don't recall actually putting that down I think the bachelor the bachelor season the girls are great like they I don't know if they have better lighting or if they're just that much better looking than than all the guy swear but it's was more so like I'm a very short person so whatever I wrote down was probably like they were like dude this person physically you're sure in writing and speaking in day every year they strive to do better and better photos yeah well I remember usually fail yeah well do you remember when the photos I come out I mean obviously I was like how how she turned us it's totally about a boy has to be has it has to be to maybe watching it which you watching it oh great great we've got more questions I took a hiatus I grew up watching the very first season with my mom and dad yeah it's very at least for me I being in front of the cameras was I couldn't even like whenever my friends would do snaps like snapshots I like get out of the way they want to be on camera and then aspect of like getting more comfortable with myself and knowing what I actually look like and like what the back of my head looks like and just like the little things that you don't really think about when you're living your did they life a two year Oh wow these people are actually a lot more relatable like they're not in college they're human beings they struggle with dating in the real world like just like how I was you own up there in the middle of nowhere plot of land and then like the football stadiums on the rights schools on the laugh driving north or South split by the highway. Yeah Yeah do you like it there we says a friend sign them up can I just find somebody else who just set I'm GONNA fill out that form for the bachelor yeah I mean I so right now we're just person pressured of you even before we saw you on the season these are released with your photo and will fully own up to it and say I I put my name in the hat me to me did you good I'm so we're honest about that I cannot I hate it when people then all of a sudden you go on camera so why did you sign up for this out yeah that's a great question so I'm not I'm not going to sit here and be like Oh you know through my name and Blah Blah Blah I don't cry ever and I am not trying to sound like a big bunch Oh man I'm just not that I just emotionally I'm just not I don't get to that point very often attorney and stuff there's no way I could ever let anyone knows not shell so I didn't watch too much of it during college but when I got back after school you're like twenty one point Lee bad that you're such a fan and it was something that you bond with your mom over and then you get eliminated night one and you know how easy it is to get him tonight one it's it it was I like laugh and it's it was kind of like going on in the show it's kind of it was it was bad being such a fan because tunnel or actually Joe Joe Season was when I really started to kind of team back in so did you watch this with your mom and bond over it over time Gary am like putting myself on broadcast television millions of people just like spin just the a big just my life has changed in terms of that in saline nominated so snoddy husband was nominee but he really truly was and the what driveway and the the mansion all it up it's the most surreal thing that could ever happen to a Bachelor Fan Yep it really is so now I feel still am so I've kind of tuned back into it and then these last couple of seasons of really started to to stay close I think it was like Rachel Lindsay season I started like from eight to ten on Monday nights were we're going to watch the bachelor the Bachelorette and that's like four my mom and was a good way for us to kind of come together and and watch and you know kind of just things about him by the way I'm good friends with Benzi okay he has nothing but like the greatest things to say about jared thank you but yeah I it's like everyone realized such a like the novelty of it so like you know the entrance up to Oh yeah like it's like the biggest and it doesn't help my producer was like you realize friends he doesn't look good pictures he hasn't looking at pictures but he's really cute in real life I just think that guy's Ab don't photograph especially in that environment like this point and shoot Tiga forty bucks a month is always forty bucks a month no hidden fees no lies just freedom they also don't have physical phone stores that means no waiting in lines or dealing nine yeah I mean it was like our Monday night thing right we all watch it together like my mom never watch TV but like the whole family knows I know jared jared okay but yeah it was it sucked I I knew going into it that I'm like not Mr and then washed it to like high school and then it wasn't cool to watch that kind of stuff in high school so I kind of stay away from it for a little bit and then college definitely wasn't caused I almost cried that now it's just like you never you just wonder what's wrong with you and why you suck dating and you know I'm not podcast for that this is like the most iconic night of reality television history well like yeah as in the trash my thanks man there is something crazy about one of those gates open oh for everything that happened I don't think I don't think it would have made it very far anyway just just for my personality I'm kind of more reserved do you feel like smooth and I'm not the one who's going to be like you know Mac daddy swagger like have all the right lines so it sucks I mean but I'm I'm super grateful if you watch it back it was it was Kinda like between me and John Paul Jones and looking back it's it's so funny because everyone was like a tour I personally was like really really rooting for her to be picked because she was she was from Alabama I actually my dad's side I was born Alabama on my dad's side really I saw she did like some sort of interview or something where she was talking about how like she thought it was bs that everyone was like Oh we're super happy that you were picked for the Bachelorette like all the guys saying that to look like people don't have roses or do have but like the final two standing there aren't always the final two that were standing there the dam like I literally just talked the whole time and like she's probably so tired of like everybody talking hurt your off so I think that had one big reason to do it down and I'm so nervous I hope I catch your top it's perfect with them grow grow here bro Bro they're here bro there that and then the song probably didn't hit it off but it's all right it's all good I got to go to paradise which is also I think everybody loved the song watching it why would you think that Hannah wouldn't be keep it up to make it look like yeah a showdown between two people and who's going to get the really get down to because you guys spoiler alert the ceremonies definitely edited sometimes he had a really great connection with her because he got the first impression but other than that like you don't see the conversations you don't see her she's talking to and stuff like that so it's hard to say but yeah totally is she even knew your last sort of name she has known anybody else's last SORTA true did it feel dump all Jones actually that's so nervous that I ended up talking about myself all the time oh no yeah so like when I walked away I remember like being like I gather from Hannah like what what about her now why the hell did she picked John Paul Jones John Dingle Hammersmith Blah Blah Blah really yeah I remember getting a lot of tweets like seeing a lot of tweets tagged in it and now looking jump I I actually don't know because like I never got it was so early on like we don't really get a like a good idea of like who she made connection with who she didn't I think it was obvious that Luke obviously who I am glad I'm Congress enough to I think I know the reason why she did boot me and I think it's just because like our one on one conversations grew up in Alabama so like I'm a huge crimson tide fan rotan did you roll tide with her the first nine now I actually I did I did in our conversation good but I do I'm glad I'm I'm so glad I did you know the way I saw I had to be memorable right like you have to go you have to go in there and you can't just be another guy just like shake their hand or gives gives her a hug and is that I was like you know what's funny worshiping you if you know what's funny is that there was so obviously that episode it came down to like me and John Paul Jones like you know how they like it it says your name and then walks in the man's house like you know what I gotTa do something and of course she couldn't she she didn't get my thought was Matt Donald well understandable oh everywhere bro Rose right there you would have been my first impression rose thank you yeah I know it it was all John's he's like the star of like it would have been the biggest mistake in the world they would not pick John Paul Jones I think she should have kept you both around think that thinks he asked you should have eliminated somebody else how good it feel though to see that first night when it aired how many people were just flabbergasted that she into this song singing old Matt die out of harm shoot Jonah Blank Oh no I'm ah yeah it was I was so nervous before that night that that was yeah that was tough because you don't you think you're going to get really embarrassed I the response was very overwhelming very very sweet everyone was incredibly supportive of You know Irish remember having so much anxiety because like it's very over everyone's been cool how is your mom when you got that call that you had finally made final casting I actually I didn't tell my family the phone call and so I didn't WanNa tell people so they could be like hey out like what's what's the status you know what I mean so I didn't tell him until like I was like hey guys just a awesome like you know going home first night on like a dating dating show is never cool I guess air quotes Cool Ah John Paul Jones entire Oh yeah well very very memorable Jones you come and go all right you guys are actually tied for my first impression because John it was cool did you joke about it with your mom like throughout life being like maybe one day I'll be on the ballot right that's what we did thirty pages I was just GonNa yeah thirty pages and the you're filling out paperwork you're here for like thirty six hours in a hotel didn't pick you you are the new grocery store I'm not okay I can't give you that okay let's apply it was similar yeah coming like it was it was incredibly overwhelming and you just don't really know how to anticipate it so it was it was really tweet everyone everyone's incredible how'd your mom feeling the salsa dancing to I don't I don't I honestly I must've been delirious when I was talking about all this stuff 'cause I I kind of know how to salsa dance but like not not well enough you're terrified of spiders what I guess you would just be out of the running for you know you just drop the money no thank you if you were right one you know it's funny I you know obviously when you go you don't have your own I got back that Sunday in Texas I have like a group text yeah and it's top fifty castings they're going to eliminate twenty five ish people from this group but everybody needs to fill out the question answer you say I'm doing it at the club every weekend okay let's clarify to our audience yeah where they come up with this bachelor out so you're sitting in the hotel room Sir you know that you did you you didn't have to Redo it for paradise did you oh gosh now I had to Redo it for I think my second season paradise and maybe Winter Games too because it had gone and you're filling out paperwork for I'm not even kidding you maybe eight hours and you at the end of it you don't even know how to respond to some of these questions so you're just kind of coming up with charts my Bachelorette career right there that whole bio I mean you've got it right they're locked and loaded on other people's obviously because it's very good for like stem cell research and health right yeah yeah so real you can become a more confident person or less confident person or like more egotistical prisoner or less egotistical I and all that stuff so they had to take I had to take multiple oh my gosh I I didn't tell anybody just because you don't like yeah well when you're casting for it you don't think there's actually a chance I at least for me personally I didn't think there was actually a chance that was going to happen until I got circle it and yeah just circle it in and that's and that's pretty much like I was just trying to get through that and then like do you remember that scantron that Personality Test Yeah Oh my gosh she did that right Snafu is I just got offered to go on on the Bachelorette and of course like the Mike you're joking I'm like no I'm serious so that's kind of how it happened with my family and I'm like yeah I'm back to like are you serious back already I'm like yeah I got eliminated and they're like oh we we still love you vulva boss L. Everyone's I it's been great so also says something that I'm sure that you were also delirious when you said I love ct and you haven't even better yet yeah wow what a great what grades complex wounds complex Burns using everything anything to reduce inflammation scar tissue it's basically what it's indicated for don't they now I got really what was one show that I used to always like want to go on and I was very vocal with my parents about fear factor like back in the day Oh well yeah I don't know I said that I was just really excited that Hannah Hannah's give me the Bachelorette she was definitely the one I wanted and I can honestly say that I know life I know she might not have thought that way about a lot of the guys saying that but like I was really pumped that that was going to be the Bachelorette that's awesome you're living in Santa Monica I mean it sounds interesting yeah yeah well I will say it was it's all like plans healthy MOMS healthy babies have you opt in a cave insiders it's more so it's more sort of like snakes I can't Oh really then why in your bio from that bio is very inaccurate how long have you lived in Santa Monica so I've there for two weeks now only two we just moved down here from where so I grew up on the east coast but I lived in San Jose for I don't really know but yeah no it's it's a there's a lot of research coming out on on Placenta I'd I know that there are you know people out there that do I don't know much about that like consuming it like I I would imagine you're by breaks it down there's hospitals throughout the country that have consenting MOMS healthy MOMS healthy babies that are doing c sections and they'll donate their tissue Oh real quick I know you're probably not actually super interesting is it surprisingly interesting okay so I got a lot of dams about this normally ask the mom if she wants to keep it for herself because it can be really gotten to like take in pill form I don't know it's not I don't know about was your how is your life different away that like people out here listening would be like oh wow that is significantly different lifestyle growing up with parents like that consensual tissue and umbilical tissue please rich in what so it's rich and stem cells growth factors like different proteins Collagen which is often used for what nations at the end of the ads really all that matters there's something about your life we haven't covered yet and that is the fact that you grew up with family who your your brother and your parents are both are about three and a half years okay so doing medical sales shops selling placentas no vocal cords can you explain this more of course you're selling ever silly thing pops up in your head so you must have been like I would love to learn to salsa dance but I can't imagine I'd be good at it honestly a a lot of the answers or just me trying to is very different lifestyle and it's not at all it's you know the only differences that we communicate via sign language not speaking with sign language your first they were to get married and have kids with the hearing person I think the chances are really low of me having a child I honestly don't know how Jeff and you grew up speaking sign language of them you're the only one who can hear in your family your mom my sister to Oh interesting so honest are speed rounds aren't necessarily speedy okay I like to use it as a way of just getting to know you better through like quick over a certain amount of time and because the show is supposed to transform you for better for word keep tabs Elliott Really of Gametime right now love Games we have two games for you okay one is more like a speed round of questions which is what we're going to start with and I'll be the words were signed so I kind of learned them side by side Yeah Awesome all right well Matt we are going to dive into a little bit issue in its benefits and stuff and I was kind of on the breaking edge of that and it was it was a really great experience seeing a lot of patients being helped has just that like I had a very awesome very good childhood my parents are very good Smith growing up and it yeah it's it's not it really is not everyone thinks it's like worked for the company anymore and it's not I didn't like fire anything wrong things I got fired but I just moving down here I just want a little bit of change of pace but I so is it hereditary you know what I get asked this all the time and I I don't I don't I don't know I I really don't know I don't think the chances of me if I I am not going to like abortion clinics or planned parenthood's to get placentas excessively not what I'm doing I'm not going to like ob clinic to grab placentas Jimmy Fallon if he has those lips in competitions okay do you use a Mac or PC computer Mac for sure yeah I mean that's it's hard I get asked a lot and it's kind of hard I don't have anything to compare it didn't have hearing parents growing up but I will say I did who is your celebrity crush that's tough you didn't give multiple options I've always and this is gonNA sound horrible but I did have the luxury of listening to like vulgar music at a much younger age and I mean that that I was like the guy on the bus talking about it I've been doing like the Ketogenic Diet so I said yeah exactly opened up a can of worms here so Dunkin doesn't have very kito friendly language th they kinda went hand in hand silent which definitely like for like some of the easy things like you know like milk and like more and food and stuff like that when I couldn't actually talk asa cancer yeah what was your best Halloween costume as we are in October oh best Halloween costume My my good friend and I unless she is she and I love her personality at least on modern family she she's just like so so energetic and I mean obviously very attractive to me with gray where like the Walkman unlike the new fifty cent get rich die trying CD explicit version so like everyone would sit around and we'd be like sharing a little headphones but other and I'm like super bonds because I would have loved that as a kid growing up you you made the right decision Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon man that's a tough one hand snake hole for twenty four hours we'll say for a million dollars Oh man well it depends get through it you know like when you take a test and you're kind of just I mean at least for me I've never been book smart polite when you take a test it's getting to the end and you know you failed as you're like you know what screw it I'm just GONNA it point questions okay cool but some of them are really quick would you rather we'll start with fun ones prince or Michael Jackson like they're packed with sugar all of their ice drinks but damn there good taste wise taste wise Dunkin they just go to Dunkin right by my parents place back in Maryland it we thought that you're afraid of spiders so I did write down a spider hole or four million dollars so would you sleep in a spider talks right who's your best friend from your bachelor experience Oh man Well Luke stones about some move in into your place or your friends Ben Z and did he help you get on the bachelor now he didn't help he actually reached out he's he's such a good dude he reached out to me after the Bachelorette and ages ago too but I actually my grandma lived with my parents for the first couple of years and well she didn't live with us but she live close by Chewy kind of associate the Michael Jackson Dunkin or starbucks Oh man do you really I don't WanNa get in the weeds of this too much he hasn't starbucks earns me so they met at Gardner Webb which is a score North Carolina they have like a death program there so that's kind of how they met in college that's we yeah so how it's I should've ordered that better conversation with Demi nothing sounded cool though yeah I sell Placentas bilk accords I should have should have been a little so many butcher this but like imagine playing baseball for like a farm league team and then getting thrown into the world series and you have to pitch like I literally had zero college made one of those like roller coaster costumes where like we had like fake legs dangling so like we'd walk around and we raise our hands up in the air and people loved it we want that would deter me from wanting to go to paradise like serious out again I probably just like spell out something with the bubbles if you're Brian Yeah we're GONNA BE ROOMMATES YEAH WE'RE GONNA be roommates here surely so get a lot of fun co sponsored ads but Yeah Luke Luke summer time on the Bachelorette like probably like fifteen minutes of being actually on camera and then getting thrown into an environment where everyone's super everyone was on camera minds right and they're super comfortable and some of them have been in paradise for over a month or for a couple of weeks or whatever it was and you know like the whole Sydney Kissing Sydney thing like typically very private my life and doing on on like a national stage and again being such a fan of the show I know the novelty of making out on camera on this I was just like I was literally there for not even ten hours not office like two hours and I'm getting I'm like being prompted on doing something that's walking but if I if I knew I was going to die then yeah for sure I would do it I do it for five hundred thousand dollars okay great you're brave that's scared now I mean money's money I become good friends with connor j Connor Jenkins he's awesome A lot of the guys from my season on Paradise so like John Paul Jones Dylan Mike warmed up on the Bachelorette you probably kiss the Bachelorette you're there for a couple of weeks but you weren't even there for twelve hours yeah and then if I could do it all over again I know it's not that big of a deal but you have a point there mostly for most contestants you get now I that's so funny no I don't I don't that was beyond me I keep that to the people who do it professionally I can't s she's a little I shouldn't say older kind of mean but she is a little older Sofia Vergara I think her I think her personality you just have to even say she's a little older because she's I do but he is an East Coast Guy Yeah I so I I been doing this this guy I always talk about this the across like that in real life why do you think you came across like that on Ben Ben this is when Ben and Sydney were here was like hey man let's let's meet up or I'm in San Jose San Jose Okay yes we met up and I mean obviously like it's such a unique as you know it's such a unique experience yeah I- everyone's super cool it's hard to I made a I was only there for the first nights like on the Bachelorette so it's got to make really strong connections and yeah super happy for him and his fiancee stacy yeah she's she's really cool to on the show you came across very innocent very off shucks man I don't know if my mom could be okay see did I definitely did I mean I know it was it was really fun date and like I really enjoyed myself and Sydney was awesome I just it's I'm just very awkward because they are this are the snakes and spiders venomous because I might not make it through those twenty four hours now than I could do it for a million dollars by new I was knocking to walk out of their dead while I won't be at the same time it's just it was an easy way for me to Kinda cop out doing something that wasn't comfortable doing right away I was GonNa say were you just not did you maybe not WanNa kiss her no you know what's funny like after all of the episodes she like you're so funny like you cracked me up La but it was never like why did you do this why don't you do that and it's like I knew it can only share with the select amount of people so like I had tons of questions like do you get like anxious about this like posting pictures himself as Bubba blind he's like yes but it's GonNa go away just give it to yeah and like that's like courageous super courageous so like it's kind of it was my first night really in paradise and like I don't know I it was Patrick's about it if your mom had your way who would she wanted you to be with Paradise Yeah and and like you really got to see her personality as as the show develops whereas with brees she came in late like myself so like we are both kind of it was just being super nervous camera shy and I definitely started warm up as the days went by and got more and more comfortable on camera we saw yeah yeah you guys also And I got put a very uncomfortable awkward situation if I would've kissed her I feel like it would have been super awkward you ended up kissing her yeah I did good yeah as a he yeah before you go into totally totally yeah usually I mean like there's like I don't know how many people Hanna Hanna how many how many of the guys kiss on the first night but it was only like two or three of them I think yeah it was fun that's cool do you now smiles in pictures because of Sm- I going to paradise and you're expected to kiss somebody on a first date but that would never that wouldn't happen on the on the Bachelorette you get warmed up yet to know them a little bit more live and then he's always like it's never as bad as it seems it's never as good as it seems he just he's a plethora of really good information because he's kind of been through it all you the very sweet man he is I do and I just don't feel comfortable like doing this right at this moment and then of course you know fast forward to Brian is date a Mike Sucking face with her and it's it's just TV right and like Sydney's great she's super sweet she she like narrated the whole season and she never really talked about about anybody and she was very sweet and very kind ah it was Sydney for Sure Okay Dad my dad texted me after the episodes should've picks a new like why was that I mean obviously you get to see everything on and the whole mom thing I've just completely just kept using is vice I love my mom but like it was she wouldn't really care now using it was unreal oh my gosh I was like damn it looks like every day deal yeah now you're sitting here with me sorry great to call the the job as a blonde yeah this is pretty cool that you got going on but yeah so the best way to describe it imagine I'm not a baseball even Hannah did have chemistry that night or was pretty obvious that night you're like elvir knock knock gonNA connect yeah I I was actually nat so that was running through my head and I use like my mom is like a vice right some like oh my I don't know what my mom's really but in my head I'm just really really camera shy right now and I don't know where you were you were somewhere sitting were here in studio yeah when they I don't know if you're on vacation or you're on your yeah that's right how was that was for more on Colton season do probably right exactly exactly so I I understood why were they are coming from like you like there were conversations at pre and like you didn't have a ton of personnel or ton of like we didn't have a ton of character building up to it so my parents saw Sydney all all being the season like she's really great what she is and Deming Christian and Chris and Katie I mean maybe kristen cages because of the stuff that went down union I mean they that's what we've seen so far Dr but obviously I'm hoping for the best both of them next question I like it like ooh Nina massage massage music right here who from your season needs what will call a humbling experience the three requirements that you look for in a girl Yep confidence is definitely one of them ambition I think that's really sexy of a woman in very romantic situation so it's like a lot easier to expedite relationships and s against her which Bachelor in paradise can we get some music sleep are now we're gonNA play plead the fifth are you familiar with Andy Cohen's plead the fifth no okay so I have a set of questions it's the Altar who oh man the so there's three there's three right you're still in hand famous saxophonist Kenny Kenny Rogers G ten I don't know if that's the correct sound effect for this moment yeah this isn't like a romantic paradise season needs a humbling experience who bachelor impaired I season that needs a humbling experience l. c. ambition comes Owen and just being passionate about everything they do Never never doing something that they're like I would say I think that the saxophone is the least utilized oh my so underrated yep like how house music and house music with like a good Ghannam Bachelor in paradise no I don't think so that's a lot of time they spend together you've got to think like Julie Living with somebody in paradise in your you only have one question Oh this is get all right all right the first question would demi incursion got engaged this summer if they had athlete handle all right cool salacious Hillerman that today now you don't know how many questions I have here on my list but you only have one time to plead the fifth which means the both live here in the L. A. Area would you rekindle with either one of them I've new this is going to get asked I I'm just super fortunate that they both don't humble and stuff like that that question was too easy who that question was too easy Aku from your Bachelor Shen Okay Music Islam which Bachelor in Paradise engaged couple from your season is least likely to make after the show again I didn't really get to know the Dude I saw what you guys saw on TV so just from that perspective it seems like he's he's mellowed out and become a little more for you they are more challenging they're more salacious salacious man you know what that means let's say Asia's causing drama awesome and I hate that I'm like judging somebody's character social media but it seems like he's doing good for the community and I think he just wants to get away from the spotlight so I think he has humbled doing something I studied yeah that feels good that's enough bleeps addition I'm in where we're just both like all all three of us are are cool and friends and they don't hate me 'cause like such an ass on television I want to say that by the way about words baby I'm actually friends with them and I'm super super thankful for that so like as of right now that's kind of I'm I'm okay with the France a humbling experience I mean I think it has to look P I think he I think he's actually done a great job of just from how do you come out of that looking like a hero right you can't like I don't know what's really weird for me is that they have you go through that rose ceremony where he picks together earlier this week we're cool I felt like I had to accept like such an ass on I just it was tough okay cool you can say bad words no we're pretty PG thirteen okay Mama my mom to hear what are the Sydney this is like one of the things we talked about when I was fixing her furniture I asked her I was like you know if you know had I had picked you like that next morning yeah we get some music he said or is like reuniting like a good sax good Ma'am Jonah Blank on his name who's up the supermodel bomb like five thousand like dude man I remember watching you be like Oh my gosh just stop just stop talking same thing with them combat like You just get annoyed with yourself on television I just got so annoyed like cringed watching myself did Sydney reach out to you too oh I was hoping just give us some dirt I honestly everyone's super cool everyone was really I can't I can't really think of anybody in need to like simmer down on I came in late though I didn't get to get to know everybody you're very kind guy you pleaded to frith now I bet they get way harder now you have one breer Sydney pick now you only okay rear Sydney take right now I mean I probably city somebody and then the next morning they're like okay now break up yeah I know you know they're like off your nut in the status of possibly getting Jeff services axe man forever hurts sacks with house music there's some good there's some good like tropical house some saks bombs but but we lost to the me out of that why would you called shallow why wasn't called challenge is portrayed as shallow which socked it wasn't a good look I looked like such an aspirin I'll be the first one to admit it why then you must lead important conversations have already been had things like I just gave my rose to breathe what I don't understand why that rose ceremony exists it's like the third or fourth I've hung out with her more after the show Ooh hung out with have you here we go here we show we've not kissed literally put her Yeah I just feel like our one big time because I did I did make a nice the whole situation I didn't I knew just like of course so I mean they're only twenty minutes away from me so I it's I'm like so again so fortunate that like I can still be friends with Sydney after everything she has she has drawn my socks it's gone to that level I think actually I'm wondering now draws Smiley faces on them she she does this Kerr puppets thing mm-hmm I actually don't know I'm going to plead the fifth just because I don't I don't really now nobody seemed really full of themselves I is there somebody I'm supposed to say up and she's she's awesome so I'm I'm just very thankful of of how everything's played out very nice now you do have one more question left on my list like Sierra three anyway that's it in poor blake now we all think blake is he's a good dude already lovely man he's very he's very I feel I I reached out a lot after needs it or not but they thought do make your heels like stand out of your shoes because it gives you more arch so I'm thinking that's what it was and give him like two inches ask for help with the furniture that's a great question so I'm good friends with Kirpa who's her roommate Kurban I've spent a Lotta time we've done some trips and

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