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Dead, more time to listen to yours, truly by going to shell and getting things done at once I. Fill up with Shell v power plus then save up with the fuel rewards program finally, snack up to save even more at the pump make the most of the stop you need to make with Shell. Pride. Passion and pattern three of college football leaves here the. Paul Finebaum show our three podcast. Secondhand the show is live. We are one hour away from getting some indicator. From the pack twelve remember they shut down on August eleventh they're expected to come back today. But when we talked about that issue with Jon Wilner in the very first hour Jeremy Pruitt or contract extension, we'll talk about the dogs in a couple of minutes as we get ready for the first weekend of college football in the. Sec let's check in with Felicia who is in Fayetteville good afternoon salacious. All thanks for taking my call. there was a gentleman, the ask a question as you're also interested in why they're having coaches where math even when all the other players have been tested when this first came out, it was related to age that the coaches or in the age range where they would be greater risks in Asia, the players. There's also. The issue. Of. That that, some of the players may be a little bit. You know positive before the tasks are done. How many times a week? So that's is the rationale behind it and is age of the coaches in SOCI- to keep them safer than they do the players. I think as well. Felicia it does transmit a positive image for fans. If they see a car Nick Sabin wearing a mask around a bunch of people maybe they will to. Yeah absolutely. It is something we need to do more of in our. Country because it does play a part in not. Well. Thank you for sharing that I really appreciate it, and it's always good to hear from you Greg. Is Up next. Hey, Greg, you're on the air. Hey Paul. Did New Jackson Mississippi. I. I I'm Colin I love your show I. Listen To you and watch your lot. Thank you greg. And I really respect your opinion and how you come off. Paul saying I have a lot to say those short amount of time. But I really respect how you come up and how you display your opinion. I'm a real big college football fan sec like that's my cream I. Love. I hear the FCC fans now support the BLACKHEAD, all black kids that play all these SEC teams. Howdy I'm not giving us. Now, we come Jeff I. I have friends that played Lsu and. MISSISSIPPI STATE, go down a list of schools and they look when they go to these schools they so love people in these expand and they're they come to your school have a political issue of probably just normal abuse and treatment. We're not saying we're perfect right for people. We're not saying we just want to normal treatment and they don't get on board supporters. We're not asking for just unfair but we come through your cool. We can easily just say we're GONNA, go ABC you and just deal with this we'll do they. 'cause I have a bigger profile you have more money. So we do support you got. and. All we ask them to support that. I wanted to support a fact of all to the issue is an obvious issue is not even at difficult issues so he would see you understand. So I'm I gonNA blatantly overlooked effective maybe a lot of people are acting showing their real crew phillies maybe all real racist, but I am. Saying I am a cookie fame. But maybe I? Don't think anything except that we can. Go Out and save it. You know. So that's how you wa, that's who you are who really if they deal with it, but I want to save your food and if you don't want to respect our coach who we are so want us to play why you want the player is you'll like us we have problems on quarter we support you I have wife or he wouldn't be white food when they have a problem I'll have political dispose all my friends off your right. Now I'm back are lifted something immoral or something like that. Well normalized. Almost supportive. So that's all I'm saying is why are you saying the main ones? All black young means or their team black? We're that program you ain't got back all people. So we all have our every you'll your support of soup I just feel slighted by the fourth. The fourth way is raring. We flipped. Come Home Shopping Lou come. That's all I want to say. Thank you greg really appreciate you calling in how about mark of next in Tennessee hello mark. Okay mark you're on the air. This Jason on. Sorry well Jason but go ahead. We'll. Give you. What you think about this, Dion Sanders and his coaching staff Jackson State. It's interesting because. This. Is One of the most significant hires We've seen for a historic black school and I think you know based on what we just heard from that other caller. I think some A. Player's going to gravitate I. Know I know he picked up a player from in State yesterday and? I think Dion Sanders is going to attract players that normally would not have considered going. To. School. And I think that's great I really do. I'm a live over here close North Alad you and A. Play I guess they're in the same conference and I thought it was very interesting to get Terrell. Owens. In a Warren Sapp. Well, you know the one thing about. I mean he can. My. Only concern about. How committed he'll be after. After the cameras leave but. But Hey. It's a really good. It's a great place a tradition down there and not a lot but enough and I could see him getting into. That's good. I've covered that that lay before Do you think it's A. Stepping stone. Into coach Yeah. Steppingstone Dion says that he'll be there his entire career I'll be more than happy to make a wager but. There were some people that want to be on at Florida state last year. So. I. Think if he does well, he could become a much-desired coach I mean we we have to see I mean I all he has to be able to show that he knows. not only the game but had a coach college. He's married A. Girl the attention that's how I. Listen, we had the Jackson state interim coach on a couple of weeks ago and you certainly a nice guy but. You know you say you say Dion Sanders is on is coming up in a minute people are going to pay very close attention. Thank you and. We've seen some of that in basketball where some some young players are saying you know what I want to play for historic black school I think. I think because of the conversation in the country you may see a little bit more of this. Maybe I'm not saying you're going to see a lot of players, but in basketball it, it it it mattered one player basketball. It makes a lot more matters a lot more than a player in football and and I'm all for it early in my career I. I, covered grambling. Times and I. got a really good education into the tradition of of that of that I was covering should be valley I want with coach Robinson Eddie Robinson over to one day to Mississippi Valley Yeah. But this is a really good is a really good leak and. Produce some unbelievable talent Jerry Rice just for just to start. Let's take a break and we have a lot to do on this program. We appreciate you all being here on a very busy day where we going GonNa talk a little about Georgia bulldogs coming up here in a second, which what's up with a quarterback situation and what's up with some of their players trying to go elsewhere. My Griffith from the Atlanta Journal Constitution he will join US next. Soon listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. And we are back here and let's talk about the Georgia bulldogs as. Their game might not be that difficult this weekend in Fayetteville but what about the quarterback situation? It was about a week ago and my griffiths joined this with his feeling about who should be the star Michael rejoins us a number of issues to discuss Mike. Always great to have you on. Let's let's start with the Cuban situation. What are you here? Yeah you gotTa Be Dorm Math Paul I mean of jt Daniels still isn't cleared this week. I mean really last week. If he wasn't cleared, you gotTA prepare with who you've got doin', Mathis Jt Daniels, very different style quarterbacks. So I think you're gonNA see Dwan this under center maybe some Carson back maybe some Stetson Bennett up but likely one mathis in quite a story book start. This will be Paul. When you look at Guan's background the brain surgery the flipped from Ohio state I mean it really is something else away way this is laid out. Mike, let's let's take a deeper dive into this Georgia season everyone knows. Maybe, not everyone but some of us to have been around those this. It has been forty years ago since Georgia last won a national championship dogs have come close There's so much conversation about that was curb smart as he faces a season where the media who voted thinks Florida is going to be the SEC champion I know you don't agree. Well, you know it's interesting. You Know Florida and Tennessee, no that stat about the one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty championship as well as anybody it's been forty long years in and actually Paul George is going to break out some special uniforms for this game against Arkansas they're going to try and Harkin the ghost of Herschel Walker going back to the sixteen. Fifteen Georgia win over Tennessee that started the nine thousand, nine, hundred, eighty national championship season for the bulldogs when Herschel Walker ran over billy based one of the greatest Georgia memories ever course Herschel went onto. This incredible career Rush Rover Five, thousand yard I mean think about Herschel Walker, just a second let me just throw back to the old folks this guy, six, one to twenty two, he was running the ten, two, hundred meters. He's faster than anybody on the current Georgia football team obviously some great things pro record twenty, four, hundred yards in the US f. l. in hersal still looking like he could play the game alternate fighting the Bob sled stuff I mean such a storybook career for Herschel Walker commemorate it red. Pants. White Jerseys at razorback stadium on Saturday. Hard to know which teams which. Griffey ride It is an amazing memory to see that the only been forty years. We were both. You may not have been born yet. Let me talk to you about something that has. Speaking Tennessee? The Kate may situation remains a topic of conversation. Otis research has been a topic of conversation. Now, these are two young men who left Georgia to go to Tennessee in almost respectfully, and we have heard nothing but Angst, and anxiety from fans lately what do you know about those two situations? Yeah understandable. You know both these guys WanNa. Play football point understand that the problem is that the eighty s and the president's from the SEC schools voted on this rule I mean every year they go down to Destin they gather they talk. They make rules they make denims to rules. This rule was last adjusted in twenty eighteen just just two years ago, and they all agreed that, hey, if you transfer within the league, you gotta sit out for a season unless there's a postseason ban involved right? There's a provision for that. None of those provisions apply decayed maze oaths or or Joey. Gatewood. The Auburn quarterback that wants to play Kentucky this year and so great sankey is merely upholding the role that. His ADP's his presidents voted on in Dustin Florida and the sad part is or maybe the unfortunate part is I think in January, we're GonNa see this passage of the one year transfer rule where kids have that ability to transfer without sitting out a year but that's not gonNA happen till January. So it'll be interesting to see if Greg Sankey in the SEC make some special provisions and if so were they need to get the voted the president's in the. To change their own rule that they voted on just in two thousand eighteen. Now, I know some fans have blamed Kirby smart. He's an easy target here is. I know the rules rules or anything he can do or is he? Is he overruled by the rule? Kirby Smart said yesterday that he doesn't have control of it only said, he has supported guys that have gone to schools with an opportunity to to play right away I know they'd got divided Wilson Down there central Florida right now it's really hard to know who said what Georgia says they can't reveal a lot of the details. You Know Kirby lot bigger fish to fry than worrying about came as right now or Otis reese I mean. He's got this quarterback situation Paul and there's some real questions about where this George offense is going to go. If they're going to win a national title, you know they're going to need to see some things happening quarterback. I'm. Dwan Mathis you talked about earlier this guy's raw. They're going to be somewhat limited against Arkansas. No you ought to be good enough to beat them but you know this guy that was once committed to the Ohio state and. If it wasn't for Justin fields transferring to Ohio state, we have a completely different script here was when Justin fields started talking with Dwayne Haskins that doin mathis flipped and said, you know what? I'm going to go to Georgia and then he has that brain surgery may twenty third and we think well this guy's he's not going to play college football but here we are sixteen months later and doin verges starting and we all sit back and wonder could he be the guy or is the guy waiting in the wings in the form of JT Daniels? That's a completely other story. Let's let's talk about the schedule and the gators because alluded to it briefly that the media voted Florida to win the. East. Whatever that means doesn't mean much but the gators, the gators are obviously the that key game as always. On the Georgia schedule which begins this weekend and then it gets. Harder. With Auburn and Tennessee the next two weeks then at Alabama at Kentucky Florida on the seventh. At Missouri State at South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Your thoughts on on the dogs and what lies ahead for them. In spite of everything you've just got through saying about the quarterback situation. This is a year you know we talk about traditions starting out the year for Georgia and celebrate knows uniforms. But this is a year where tradition could cost them. You Know Georgia's designated home game. This year is Florida but as of now, they're playing that game in Jacksonville and I still think plan on the roads a little bit of a hurdle. The home team doesn't have all the the crowd and all that. But when you've got to fly somewhere and you've got to stay the night I, mean, that's just a bit more on. You then staying in the comforts of the same home hotel and in the familiarity and this is a year. Now we're Georgia really only has four home games because one of their home games is in Jacksonville. Conversely, Florida has five home games plus they get to play Georgia in Jacksonville something to look for I wonder if the gators will bus over the day of the game only being seventy miles away or will they lost the night before but could that little advantage make a difference? You would hope not you you would think not but. As E. season where Georgia's got four very difficult games leading up to a Paul Listen. You don't the margin for error that you had with Jake Brown, love him or hate him. The guy was a third year quarterback to could make a lot of things right at the line of scrimmage but now he's gone. So when you play the tennis in the Kentucky's in the Auburn's, you don't have the margin for error that you had with an experienced quarterback Alabama you better bring your best game to Tuscaloosa you won't win that game. One of those home games, the dogs have I think is against Dander Belt I mean Mike I understand where you're coming from. But some would construe you is already making excuses in case the dogs don't win. Now. I'm just laying it out for you. I don't even know Vanderbilt team by the end of November. They have so many guys opting out in the way Kobe crisis is gone. I. Mean Think about it. If you're vanderbilt and you haven't won a game yet, what's the motivation to come back for another season? It's certainly not the way your administration treat you with facilities that the hand you and you're the priority that they make you. So I'm concerned about Vanderbilt you think I'm not joking I'm concerned about vanderbilt finishing the season but no not excuses. I'm just saying if Georgia had their druthers, they would much rather have a backloaded scheduled in. Schedule because this offense I don't WanNa say it's keystone cops but look jt Daniels is a talented Guy Right? He had three three, hundred yard games his freshman year with the TROJANS. Now he had three different guys calling plays it didn't go well, they were five and six I get it but he started last year with almost three hundred yards in the first half well. Against Fresno State and for that ACL, this is a guy and I'll say this about transfers, Paul because a lot of people say well, so good wedding he stayed there. You know what? The last three heisman trophy winners transfers the three finalists for the heisman trophy last year transfers sometimes you get it right? The second time jt Daniels, had the opportunity to. Handpick Todd Monk in the Georgia offense coordinator and todd can had the opportunity to hand pig jt Daniels. So we have to see when and how this George offense comes together unless want mathis goes out there and and he pips them inputs on an incredible performance in six six to ten he runs ten, eight hundred and he cancelling it downfield pretty far. My enough. You voted in the SEC media poll but how would you cash your vote in the SEC? I have stained I preferred to say objective on this I did not vote I would've picked George Win East but not not because I think they're that much I just don't think Florida's that I look at Florida and I understand maybe these other people like their uniforms or something I don't know cal Trask is coming back. There's some continuity with Dan Moan and in in Kyle Trask, but he lost what three or four senior receivers he lost his starting tailback they they return their offensive lying, but their offensive line was lousy. They had negative rushing yards through three quarters against Georgia last year and I'm not sure why I would think that Florida's going to do any more this year. Now they're talented they're getting better but I just don't see it in Florida. So. It's not that I'm picking Georgia because they're just head and shoulders especially again with this offense in this front-loaded schedule, it's because I'm not convinced Florida is going to be that much better than they were a year ago. Asked and answered as they say in court Mike Thank you all to talk to you again very very soon. If hopefully, next week appreciate the time as always. Appreciate it Paul Thank you. Great stuff you got it might Mike My Griffiths was the Zinger at the end to the the gators heather dentists in about an hour on what the PAC twelve could be doing today they may be coming back. We are going to get back to your calls as well. Right after this. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. And Welcome back here Thursday afternoon and Augie is in New Orleans though what's up Augie? Paul, I did not know that you checked up on your caller. So if you don't hear from folks in a while, what do you send out a search party or an eight AP B. or below or above? Okay be on the lookout. A Bolo was something you'd through you know through it somebody and wrapped around her hits. Number six most influential person in the SEC. Do you take your responsibility seriously? Paul. Yeah. I. Kind of chuckled when when I read that the other day but. I take. I take this show. seriously. I. Don't know about that. But I do do take this one very seriously. Well I think he wanted to cut by some of the people that were in front of you. So I think you're at least you should be behind saving I. Don't have any doubt about that There you go. I'm sucking up but how do you plan on exercising your power in the interest of your fan base? augie I don't want to sound like a politician here, but to me, this program is really based and built on fans that was the genesis of the idea to take a local show and. Put it here, and there was a lot of a lot of a lot of backlash at first because of where I. Previously lived but I think, I think we've succeeded. We're seven years in now and Or six years in excuse me and I think this program is embodiment of SEC fan. So I I think the one thing I can do the only thing I can do to screw it up getting the way. Well, you know a lot of your old followers hate people like me I'm interloper and an in coacher. So there you go but you know yesterday I do have Something to criticize you one. You didn't develop the Washer Dryer refrigerator conversation with Jeff because I'm in need of replacements for all. I was waiting for a recommendation. Other than Samsung, do not buy. Samsung terrible. When I was when I was a kid. Think. We used to go down to sears and Roebuck and whatever and get the my mother would say walk in the Kenmore remember the Kenmore refrigerator more my mother would walk in and say, what do you have on sale I? Mean that's I. Never went to a store with my mother would that wasn't the first question? Remember Montgomery worked Oh. Yeah. I do remember we're Montgomery Ward. That's that is going way back. We'll what's with all the Canadians calling in and compensating US domestic issues. What's about I? Mean they got Justin Trudeau don't they have enough to talk about Earl Second though. We'll see this one screws up the country as much as Pierre did. Paul. Wasn't Pierre Trudeau, though that dated. Yes Mick Jagger's wife or ex wife yes bianca. Yeah. Sure Right I bet you. I'm in those about that. He did. He did give my my appreciation on that I don't think I. Don't think. Pierre. Has Been Able to top that one. But nobody can top Silvio Berlusconi in his bunker parties. This guys like seven-year-old years old partying with nineteen twenty, twenty, one year old girls I mean Jeez he's the Prime Minister of Italy. The. Mole. Yeah. The who was it Sarkozy One of the French president's married a supermodel but. But he was young I mean the guy was only like fifty he wasn't eighty-five. Now. More Code has wife to fifty five. You're right he went to. The new President Francis went the opposite direction. But Paul I think your last caller. Guest, he was talking about he worried about Vanik Dandy finishing the season. Did they finish last? they finished any season in recent years. which brings me to a topic that you don't like to talk about. But Hey, you're the most influential man in the SEC which coach is on their short has the shortest shelf life right now. To the must shaft is it mason or do they just mason because just terrible I don't know if Vanderbilt. Cares enough about football to make a change. So who do you think is the guy that's got the most to worry about about this season. considering that week of the season really is. I think I. Think the answer is nobody. And because I don't think unless we see just just something disastrous that there will be an appetite primarily to make a change or make a pay especially pay. The determination fee, the buyout, and that's really the issue with much. Yep. He still has significant buyout. I'm an mentioned a minute ago on the air now. Hey good afternoon Paul. You'd afternoon you know to to comment on argues thing in your comments if I'm not mistaken that thing was hitting on Pierre's wise long before Bianca. I. Think. That's the way the story goes. Yeah Well I. I think when you get to Mick Jagger mean I've read the Keith Richards Book. There was a lot of that going around. Okay. Just. A hell of a book to. Stick Book To. you know about the Washer and dryer refrigerator and that kind of thing I've been hearing a lot of commentary about how well they're Konomi is now I've had a great year. This is one of the better years for the economy being down on working class people, but it's not because the economy is so great is because Steph is breaking. And people are stuck at home and and just having to do what they have to your and the shortage of the shortage of washers and dryers and refrigerators says nothing to do with the economy it has everything to do with Cova. Plants shut down. And all the all the manufacturing was down. We're having a tough time right now trying to to put to put together enough systems to to you know to to go in all in houses, and it's because of the production was shut down nothing to do with the economy and I will take. A. Some issues with some stuff for her yesterday. I mean I was listening to caller talking about Jim be in the franchise quarterback to hell with that. I, don't call Jim being in any meetings if if I was going say. Who was your franchise quarterback? Who did you live on the most and was paid and you know who I'm talking about? He was Mr Four o'clock. Mr Pat Smith. And and he was always there and Yeah we'LL WE'LL PAT or Pat He now is hosting the midday show with. In Birmingham I'm Pat Pat Smith. who was the producer of the show for twenty some odd years. He created the show he? He's the one that came up with the idea. And it was his was his idea to making a more than a local show. I thought it was insane to anybody outside of Birmingham whatever listen. Out of all the Times you prior to the SEC network I never saw you without pat or pat without you. y'All were a team and and you were a of a team and when it comes to the most influential man in the Sec Mike's live hired that guy i. He hired that guy and ESPN hired you because if they didn't, you know what they going to compete against you and you were a mountain of boulders that they could not go through they had to go around. And that's not second up. That's just talent like it is those the facts and then the the relationship with year Mike's live is what it is and it's because you're good at what you do and you include the fans and I think he respected you mentally. And also her Jim mentioned something yesterday that I've never heard before he said he was depressed what the hell with that comment to he was dammed delusional. That's what he was. You have a good thing for illegal. We are going to take a break here on On, this program it's Thursday and heather dentists. In the next hour I'm just reading what the CUE cards so. We're coming right back. Listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. elmo. Paul. Mogi Him. Well I'm not shut am but I'm. I'm glad to hear always good to hear from me. I heard all these all stars calling today's. Drop in Salo. Appreciate you straightening out Matt from. Jack in the box yesterday I've been listening to Manchester call this show for four years talking shade. About a Stupid questions and all that sick of it. I have I keep up with some of your comments. You're quite a Paul's that. Everyday Yeah? Usually the first call of the day. Now guy originally called in and said, he didn't know who russ pro was, and here's a guy living in Valdosta. That's only fifty miles from altri Donahue Ross is this guy's? This. Guy Needs to do some. You know some background or whatever the hell but anyway. Let. Me Just get a brief complaint out of the white please. I hate to screening. Anybody and everybody can get on. I don't know why why. That is the case. Well. Let me Let me let me say this to you. We we had someone who did that for for a long time on the show, and that person is a way for the time being. So it is a little bit different i. hear you I I know exactly what you're talking about. And start talking about really good caller. Let's let's try to find Jimmy from. Chicago yeah. I don't know where Jimi Jimi was a regular he has been missing mean. Too many people calling in here talking nothing. Well, let me ask you a question themselves. What was the kind of like What was the first time you've called it? Was the first time you call it the show. Pardon will what year was your first year calling the show? Well I have no idea all can you remember back there I really don't remember a time on the show where you weren't calling. Well maybe I need to call again like legend was talking about. But Let me get to what I want to talk about. There's a lot of people calling in today and they're jumping up and down about SEC football and you know it's GonNa be like the good old days. No, it's not. They haven't done a lot of practice. It's going to be shocking to a lot of people really how it all goes down. And you you've tried to tell people back. And got those Cole Cubelic is trying to tell people that. You know most people that are real. No that that the that the football that we're going to Saratov going to be kind of shocking. It's going to be unreal. And that's chiefly my complaint about the whole this whole upcoming Susan Ball and it. Kinda like my attitude about baseball and basketball I've got admit the NFL football has been very, very good I agree. That consists. I. Can sustain myself on that definitely till the end of the year. But The problem for me overall is there's a thank nece and art officiality to the whole thing. especially. Without the crowds. And for years, Paul always talked about I really thought that football was going to go to some level. where? The football changes wind up on a sound stage they just pipe everything. Yeah. And I. And I've discovered with this season and would this impact that code and everything? That I really don't WanNa. See that in the future. I WanNa see an honest to god cheering crowd. So yeah that's just that's my view before I start. But Let me ask you this. L. No, I think you. which you said maybe true I don't know none of us are going to know I do think he. Shouldn't we embrace it? I mean, why should we be? Against what we're about to see. Well it's I mean I understand that it's better than nothing but You know the football up the college football up to this point because it's not the big boys, these mid majors and what have you, and of course, nothing impressive about. Except Clemson outs all and all those most those football games we've been simply horrible. That's that's why the NFL has been such got set on so. I could see myself being a a big time pro football fan for the rest of the season i. I don't have any expectations about Alabama Alabama's always been my team. But I just. I'm one of the contrary installed for alleged go is that Honest to God think there'll be an asteroid. Everything they'll be. It just it's just not real. Bomb will call you again. Talk to you again to. Well No, we've talked for many many years. Always. Enjoyed seeing. Paul L. Twenty. Can't. I can't. Yeah. Yeah I wanted to be one of those days. Where you know bunch of Bunch old-timers, Call Land, and shout down we'll we'll. Dedicate. Dedicate a shared into the the originals hey, thanks. Good to hear from you. We have to go to a break we're. Coming back with another hour including an update on the PAC twelve they're about to convene a meeting of the presidents have their digital will join US shortly.

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