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Welcome to Spain. And fits the podcast Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty Jason Fitz with you, we told you the most predictable football news. Johnny Menzel has been released by the CFL. And apparently he's a now looking forward to a chance to play again in the states. We'll talk about it in about ten minutes. As PM radio's presented by progressive insurance. We're gonna head to the shell Pennzoil performance line. We're twelve year NFL quarterback writer for the Atlantic. Minnesota joins us sage Rosenfels, sage appreciate your time. Obviously, the NFL combine is what's on everybody's mind. Do you have one big combine your there? And indeed, you have a big combine story that sort of sticks out from your memory. Oh, man. That's a really good question. You know? I was here. The last time in two thousand one I'm a senior graduated quarterback from Iowa State tonight. I'm trying to make the NFL. And and it was you know, three or four I feel like fairly in a sense stressful days, you know, it's sort of a four day job interview. It's a real chance to be around all these NFL executives, and coaches, and you're getting interviewed over and over and over, obviously, there's the physical aspects of the MRI's, and the the x-rays and all those types of things with the doctors and the surgeons, and then there is outside the workout on the field, and from what I can tell now being back what eighteen years later that type of stuff is pretty much the same that has not changed at the combine that sort of routine is the same. But everything else now is totally different this, you know, it wasn't on TV back in two thousand one. There wasn't all this media here. It was very much sort of an NFL thing with the teams. Now, it's sort of a made for TV events thousands of media people here from all over the country, probably some from all over the world. And it's you know, one of those annual things now that's a can't miss event in the NFL. Well, sage with that being said, I think we're all sort of we all keep calling it. The underwear Olympics everybody talks about how these these skills don't necessarily transfer over above and beyond what we've seen on tape. If you're a GM today, and you're looking at this. What are you actually taking a value from the guys that are at the combine right now, you know, the interviews are really really important here. And that's what people probably don't talk about as much, you know, these NFL coaches, you know, let's let's take a quarterbacks coach you watch. You're watching these guys on film. You're starting to do your research. But you really just seeing them, you know, in their football pads and their helmet and playing, you know, college football, you have no idea what type of person they are. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. They're Wikipedia page. So they had a three point nine one high school, but what type of person are they? All right. So this is that opportunity to sit down whether it's fifteen minutes or thirty minutes to interview all these guys and really get a feel for who they are. Because we all know, you know, being an athlete it's not just your your physical abilities and your physical talents and how high you can jump. But you know, how do you think how you process information personnel? Are you know, what your goals and aspirations as a player, and as a really almost Appier with them personnel? Are you it's amazing that you know, the the guys that stand the league for a long time and you draft players you're hoping you get guys for now just two or three as you're hoping you guys for a decade. Well, there's very few guys that lasts for a decade NFL that aren't you know, strong, and mentally and have great heart and dedication to who they are and the sport, and and those type of things so that's the type of stuff you've tried to wash out. In those interviews we're talking to your NFL quarterback right in the antibiotic men sage Rosenfels, that's the way you get to it at the athletic men. Saints Rosenfels on the shell Pennzoil performance line. You mentioned the interviews you making me, look smart, man. I appreciate it. I said earlier the only thing that we can really take value from this is the part. We don't get to see the interviews. So from your experience and going through it. How much can players actually prep for the interview process. You know, I think nowadays in again, this is something that's probably changed over time. When when I came out two thousand one, and we just sort of trained and can alter and try to put up your best numbers. I now with agents and stuff there's much more preparation that goes involved. It's not just the physical stuff. I think guys are are, you know, people are are trained people are are training. These guys some of them to you know, what's the best way to answer certain questions because you're going to get asked all sorts of questions know, what's the best answers for a lot of these questions. And you listen to a lot of people do that for any sort of job interview, you go in you might have your your girlfriend or whatever ask you a couple of questions at the boss may ask you and see how your responses to your practice. And so I, yeah, I do think some of these guys, you know, have worked on this stuff a little bit of, you know, before they got here, but I will say that. Various teams will ask the most random questions than it's just a sort of see how you know, how quick you on your feet or higher respond that have nothing to do with football. And so you can't prepare for everything. And I think that's why they do those random questions about other aspects of life. We're talking to sage Rosenfels on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Spain fits Jason Fitz hanging out with you, obviously all eyes are going to be on Cuyler Murray and doing Hoskins on Saturday. But right now, we're not sure of Keiler is gonna throw if you were Cuyler more Murray. Would you throw at the combine? Yeah. I I'm one of those guys. Listen, I I'm not going to back down many, buddy. I'm gonna take every opportunity to go out. So you have you think there's you know, there's a thousand people in the audience with coaches and scouts then. And whatever else you're gonna have, you know, sixty seventy eighty thousand on game day. So I don't see the big deal going out there. And throwing you know, the guys are trying to get drafted in the seventh round. They're going to be out there throwing if you're so talent you're gonna be a first round or I would recommend and go doing he'll back down from anything. So I'm gonna believe in your here comes through Riyadh control the ball. You shouldn't it doesn't matter. If you throw it inside outside, you know, in in Lucas oil stadium or on the street, and you can throw. So know, that's my thing with him. My biggest concern about Tyler Murray isn't necessarily his ties, but actually misses the only place you ever really talk about and size. And Russell Wilson is the close the closest of calm to column urchins about five ten Russell Wilson is definitely big. Her in thicker and stronger than Tyler Maria. But also Russell has really big hands for a guy that's five ten over ten and Chan's, and they're worried about Tyler or having maybe under nine inch hands which would be the smallest hands in the NFL for a quarterback hands down. So to me that is an issue because I called a game this year Norman, Oklahoma, Oklahoma versus Kansas state. There's not a lot of games NFL that works seventy five degrees eighty degrees. And and and it's really nice weather. You get late in the season in the NFL, November December playoff time. Janet, what you're talking about going to start Kogyo in Green Bay and Pittsburgh and New England and the in Denver in these places. It is hard to throw a ball when it's wet when it's raining. It's windy and cold. We're talking to sage Rosenfels a you're quarterback. And now you've made me feel good because I'm tiny hands sage I'm just gonna minute to the world. I can't I can't palm a kid's basketball. So I understand the small hands thing. And I understand the dilemma. It is let me ask you this. I like to put the imaginary GM had on you again, though, if you're wearing that hat, you run a franchise would you Bank your job on Wayne Hoskins or Tyler Moore if you sat there, and they were available for you to to be able to pick. I'm a big believer in building a team around the quarterback. I think for folks who long too many teams of try to go out and find the sort of magic fix at player. Whether it's in agency or the drought at the quarterback position. This guy is going to solve all our problems. I'm a big believer. If you find a quarterback, this does a good job, you know, case keenum two years ago in Minnesota. He didn't have to do everything he went out. And did a good job you build a good defense. You have a good offense. Yvonne you running game. They'll get a couple of plane making receivers then your quarterback in the part of the offense. So I would I would be thinking to myself whether I'd draft half bins or Murray or or whoever else that kid from from zuri that the. The next so many years we're gonna win or lose. But it's not gonna be just because about quarterback we're gonna win or lose. Because either I did or did not build an entire roster of good football players assume in that same mindset sage if you had to make the choice between Murray or Haskins or signing Nick foles who's now a free agent. Where would you be most comfortable me Nichols? I I actually I like Nicole's, you know, streaky guy. You know, also the street got Manny got two Super Bowls, right? And so I- bold. I think he's got enough. Now wonder spelt, I think there's also something about, you know, having a lot of excess which he did really in his Chris pointless. There's only there's like, I don't know anybody maybe Tom Brady at one point in twenty seven touchdowns to interceptions in that first year chip Kelly that is incredible. And then yet some bad years while one of those bad years of Jeff Fisher in with the Rams and everybody every quarterback that ever played for Justice. Was that with the Rams during that time? And so yeah, so take. Take that with a grain of salt. But now he's sort of you know, revitalize his career he has played. Well, there's games he throws three reception. But there's also a lot of games where he throws three and three or four touchdown. He can throw the ball back foot. He's got great touch. He's been very accurate. I liked that he's sort of plays loose and not overly rigid and isn't afraid to you know, to make plays and also make mistakes. I like, Nick foles. And I think if I was one of these, you know, two hundred teams everyone thinks that Jacksonville's the obvious choice because they have a really good Rosser. Very good defense. They've got a couple of good running backs and the polls would be a good fit there. So I think Nick foles it'd be again, they'd get those guys that have that work behind them. The college game the NFL game. It's a pretty big jump. There's a speed of the game. Yes. But the complexity added onto it and for young guy to come in a lot of times, it does a couple of years, and, you know, with Nick foles, you have I don't is that, you know, five six seven years now eight years he's been the league I loved that experience of the. Quarterback. I think you'd be a good addition to a lot of these teams though, looking good one follow him on Twitter at say's Rosenfels eighteen check out the Atlantic Minnesota. And don't forget to check out his podcast as well. Sage we appreciate you. Joining us my friend next coming on. I appreciate I tried me on. We're brought to you by Pennzoil synthetics taking synthetic motor oil performance to all whole new level. Make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today. Straight ahead to big names came bailable in the quarterback market. There's very different reasons that you should want or not want them. We'll talk about it next. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio. Welcome to Spain. And fits the podcast, incredibly identifiable names became available on the open market and the quarterback world today. One of them. I'm saying, yes. To and one I'm running from his fast as I can Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty Jason Fitz with you, you just heard a Johnny Menzel. He's been he violated a set of conditions to see. Fell set forth when he originally signed in may of twenty eighteen as a result he's been removed from the Canadian Football League. He's no longer a part of the elevates. And frankly, he can't be a part of the CF L at all. So Johnny Menzel out and in now available in the open market. He's already tweeted the world. I one of that coach Sherman, my teammates and CFL fans my time there reestablished my love for the game of football in the work that goes into it. I look forward to exploring new options within the United States strange. We don't know a lot of details. We violated something. But we don't know we tried to get a little insight on it. And for that. I'll turn to caves read the Elwood's GM who talked about the situation. This is what he said Mr. Manzo violated a condition of the agreement with the leak Mr. Manziel was given opportunities to be able to rectify the situation and chose not to. This was not a part of the. The understanding the league and our team put a lot of infrastructure in place for misdemeanors to be successful. And it did not work out the league in the team in Canada, put an infrastructure around Johnny Manziel, and he couldn't be successful. Let me say this to you af alliance as a lifelong die hard day one Memphis express fan still waiting to see my first victory. I would rather watch the terrible quarterback play that they've had their week in week out. Then see Johnny Manziel in in the lions jersey at any point stop everybody. Just stop and understand that the name recognition. You're getting from Johnny Manziel isn't the type of publicity you want anymore. Do you want to be respected as football league? Or do. You wanna be a circus sideshow? If you want to be a show you get yourself a sideshow quarterback if you wanna be a respective football league. You get yourself respected football players. You can't continue to give new credits. A new opportunities to somebody that does. Doesn't deserve it. I'll say the same thing to the XFL. All you knew leagues. Upstart. You need star power. You need star power. You don't need to be a mockery. That's what you become when you add Johnny Menzel. Dear brand, there's only so many times that he can step on his own feet. There's only so many times you can get in his own way. And there's only so many times he can get new opportunity from leagues that are thirsty for attention before you start to realize that this is the sort of attention that only makes everybody laugh at you realize you are not legitimate Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio tastes and fits with you. That's one side of the quarterback conversation. The other side of the quarterback conversation today and the other surprising name. We didn't think we'd be talking about is Nick foles because we believed that Nick foles was going to be franchised was going to be held onto. And that frankly, I thought Nick foles it'd be dangled out. There is as sort of an enticing piece for a team all the way into the NFL draft. And that's not what happened. The eagles. Let everybody know today that they're not going to franchise Nick foles making him a free agent now. And this is the the funny part to me everybody wants to try to apply value. Now, it is real it is absolutely real that. There may not be a ton of teams out there that need a quarterback. That's a reality that Nick foles is facing. And I don't think it's you can look at this right now and say was certainty. He won't be back with Philadelphia. But I can't tell you this. If you wanna roll your eyes if he signed a two year deal somewhere for twenty two twenty three million dollars. He's unto to let's say twenty million dollars. Nice math two year deal twenty million a year forty million. They're going to be people that roll their eyes. Oh my God. Nick foles hasn't had the success anywhere. But Philadelphia to deserve twenty million dollars a year. Let me remind you play portal's gonna make more than twenty million next year. So those Marcus mariota so's Jameis Winston. So case keenum, nobody seems to know of Derek cards a franchise quarterback, but he's gonna make twenty two and a half million next year. And guess what that's a deal. That's a value. Even if you think that that only foles is a stopgap quarterback. He's twenty million a year right now if anything if there's a fan base right now that deserves to be absolutely writing the Broncos. John elway. Could you screw this thing up any more than you have at this point? Is it not fair to say? Wow, patience is a virtue. Did I miss the thing where there was so much hype on Joe flacco that you had to make that deal so early to acquire Joe flacco. Could have foles. Now. Maybe you believe foles is just keenum all over again. Maybe you believe that that flag goes a better that flacco a more known entity. But I'll tell you this tell you this the minute, you know, that you've got a shot at Nick foles. What does that do to the trade value of Joe flacco? To make it less. Having another alternative on the open market. Maybe mean, you have to pay a little less for the always elite. Joe flacco. And let's take a page out of the pelicans book. Don't you at least a week to yourself to wait as long as possible to find out? This is a reminder that this is a really strange year for quarterbacks in the NFL for quarterback needy teams so many teams last year moved up so many teams were aggressive last year in figuring out their quarterback needs. Now, there's a very limited number of teams that fit for Nick foles. You've heard a lot about the salary cap. Constraints of the eagles in white makes it difficult for them to franchise him. But let's also remember that you're also immediately hearing the Jags are going to sign him. They have half a million dollars in available cap space right now, according to overcome over the cap dot com. A half a million dollars. Like that not not fifty million dollars one half of one million dollars. To put that into perspective right now. The colts have roughly one hundred eight million. The jets have one hundred right around ninety eight million against the Texans have eighty two million. You can go through the list of teams. And there's about a dozen that have over thirty five million dollars in cap space. The Jags have five hundred twenty six thousand one hundred and eighty nine dollars and cutting. Blake Bortles only saves them about four million dollars in cap space this year there is not an easy situation for Nick foles at all. But somebody's gonna sign him. And he's absolutely given the way the quarterback market looks right now worth the risk. ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance. The power to save is in your hands snapshot shop from progressive rewards. You're safe driving with discounts. Find out more at Progresive dot com. Straight ahead. Lebron James has been an NBA villain before. And we didn't like it. So why is this story line coming around again in LA? We'll tell you next Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio in the ESPN app. Welcome to Spain and fits the. Podcast Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app and siriusxm channel eighty Jason Fitz with you. You're hearing a lot of comparisons about LeBron always to one of the greatest names, we always here compared to Michael Jordan. But what if that's the wrong legend to compare them to what if there's a legend in another sport that isn't as favorable? We get to that in just a second. I do like to see this. Russell Westbrook thing in always running up and down the sidelines games. Go in the way, it was at this point a little bit contentious. But Russell Westbrook on the side gets accident can't tell if it's accidental or not a kid essentially puts his hand on on Russia's arm, and it it it's become an internet sensation because everybody's laughing at the look Russ looks back at like, you know, when you did something really inappropriate, and your mom was sitting there and just gives you the look that's what Russell Westbrook did to some random kid. He's just gave the kid to look and just stood there. Awkwardly long enough that it was like, oh, man. And then before you know, it you see like security coming out and talking to the kid to kid touched him. I it's created an issue that we're gonna take your calls on an few minutes. Triple eight say ESPN, eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six in about ten minutes going to take your calls on this. Because we we disagreed on this heatedly during prep for the show. I believe that the NBA has a problem on their hands. And we should learn from this instance, and figure out that, hey, maybe we can learn something from again, this could have gone really really bad if it was a drunk India. Instead, it's a cute kids. And we're not making a big deal about it. Still a problem for the NBA not everybody here agrees with me. So should the NBA start to figure out a way to protect the players more and builds more room around the court. I've got some ideas on him. I've got some suggestions. We'll take your calls in just a few minutes. Triple eight say ESPN eight seven to nine three seven seven six. But before we get there. Lebron? And look everybody wants to compare him to Michael Jordan. Right. Lebron better than Michael Jordan. And then we'll have these conversations who's the real goat. Lebron or Tom Brady, right? We have all these stereotypical conversations. We're using the wrong legend name what if LeBron is kind of like hulk HOGAN. Nice. I can feel you rolling your eyes. I get it. Sarah's not here. She can't talk sought me for making a pro wrestling analogy, right scant, stop me from it. Let's remember that. There was this period. Where hulk HOGAN was the best ever. That's right. That's the hulk HOGAN intro music till everybody to eat their vitamins. Right. Rip the shirt off gravest American hero hulk HOGAN out there every single night for then WWF acting like a hero had it in his contract. He could never lose. Right. So we always one, and it didn't matter like it didn't matter. How Downey was doesn't matter. How bad Andre the giants beaten him. He finds a way to pull off the impossible. It's hogan. And then all of a sudden hulk HOGAN took this turn we had bad guy. Whole remember when we have bad guy hawk and we had like n w all Ojok that warlike like the black bandanna broody, angry hulk HOGAN, and you go through these layers, really good guy, bad guy. Hope good guy hog. And you'll take it. When hulk is one of the best you'll accept whatever version of hulk. You're getting if you're watching it saying man, hog, HOGAN, he's awesome. Right. You'll accept all of it. And then you. Wake up one day. And you're like, you know, what kind of tired of it? Hawks. Maybe not all that. Great. Maybe he's not as good as it used to be. Maybe we're just tired of the stick whatever. The thing is around hulk. We're just tired of it. Tired of watching him try, and like any leans over with the with the hands of the crowd. But as he got older like that, lean looked more and more painful. We got to the point where we got tired of the stick. Eventually, you know, what hol- Cogan became the downfall of hulk HOGAN, good guy or bad guy. He became predictable. Predictable. Isn't that where we are? Now. It's predictable that the roster wasn't going to be good enough around. Lebron it's predictable that LeBron is going to react to that. It's predictable that LeBron's going to go out and try and figure out a better way to build a team around him. It's all predictable. And it's one thing when you're in a heyday, you're just seeing it for the first time you're watching it on the first go around. It's amazing. It's one thing if you're looking at and saying, yeah. But it's the Cavs. The Cavs always thinking without LeBron. They're always going to stink. It's one thing. If you're watching the heat and you're saying I'm watching a dream team. I'll watch this right now because this is whole and macho man together, and nobody can beat them together. It's another thing entirely when you're watching and saying. God didn't we see this exact storyline that like wrestlemainia three? Are we really going to be back at now with it? It all affects the popularity. Lebron? My Senator Lee you don't need to feed LeBron haters. They have all the food they could possibly want. You don't need to feed the people that don't like LeBron because they find a way to be fed. No matter what. But this. This is feeding even the people that like him. This is feeding the people that are in between that haven't made up their mind, Trey wingo on golick and Golic and wingo. This morning talking with my goal of junior. They talked about the popularity of LeBron. If it's taken a hit check it out. I think is Q rating because of all the things he's done is actually bigger, but I think his perception mum basketball famous. That's what I'd have been taken. I think that's a fair way to look at it. Right. That that probably is. And I just think it's a weird mixed like is never played with a team this young and gotten the results that we've seen him get another spot. So the construction of the team that's why top three pick. That means a lot to me. And there's a point here where to trace the if you're talking about the basketball legacy. I'm not talking about the basketball. Like, see I'm talking. Lebron today I'm talking about the way LeBron is perceived today. Again, HOGAN WWE hall of Famer hulk HOGAN, the legacy going to be just fine. A whole generation of wrestling fans grew up saying I wanna be like hulk HOGAN. He'll always be the hawks ter-. Lebron will always be the king. This isn't about that. This is about an act. It was great at one point. And now suddenly feels tired. This is about an act that we're watching for the Lakers and the Lakers are not just some little team. The Lakers aren't the Cavs. At the Lakers aren't the heat the Lakers or a franchise. The basketball is built around. They are a brand in sports that's global the Lakers of done this for generations. The Lakers had stars at the level of LeBron throughout time in the NBA. The Lakers have had Hoke in the seventies hulk in the eighties Holck in the ninety s HOGAN, the two thousands. They always have that superstar. Lebron isn't v franchise for the Lakers. He simply one of the pieces in franchise history that make the Lakers amazing to watch for so many people. And your act may go great when you're the one and only your act may be perfect when you're the guy everybody wants to watch. But there comes a point where suddenly, suddenly it's not that fun anymore. Mariah Carey Mariah Carey defined an entire generation of musicians. Right. Like, this whatever ten octave range. She could sing anything. Everybody wanted to listen to her everywhere. She goes she can be the biggest in the world. She could carry four puppies in fifteen different little Baggies. She can have an entourage wherever she goes. He can have seventy two limos as they pull in. And it's all okay because mariah's going to sing him will Mariah sings. It's all better. But then over time Mariah doesn't sing as well. She blames the track she blames the weather. It was the tree lightings fault. Not hers. She blames everybody, but herself. And eventually you look at it. And you're like, you know, what I'm still gonna listen to the entirety of mariah's library and say God. I just love it. I love Mariah Carey, and I'm still going to admit that Mariah. Right now that's blaming the Cup of tea is just a big barely trash when she thinks. She's just not good anymore. And all of a sudden, the diva things that you took as part of the charm become part of the problem. That's where we are with LeBron. I'm not sending him flowers. But I might if years that he might want to maybe flowers will make it better. You know, whenever goes out of style. Surprising, a friend or loved one would buy one. Get one free multicolored roses bouquets for twenty nine ninety nine from one eight hundred flowers dot com, by the way, it always send them to the hulk to order, go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. I told you we want to get your thoughts. Russell Westbrook makes contact with the kid on the sideline it's a doorbell. But is it a system that will cause bigger problems to the NBA need to change the way they seat fins to protect players. I think they do. I want your thoughts. Triple eight say ESPN, eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six to the ten year old start rolling. Start the ball rolling towards limiting your access in sports. Your thoughts. Next Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio. Fivefold thumb Andrei one long year, and your time has come and welcome to Spain and fits the podcast Denver. Oklahoma City was the game that we were most anticipating into I'll be honest, I'm hosting sportscenter on Snapchat last night. We're all sitting around a conference room. We knew that was going to be our lead story. Watch the game with tremendous instant interest. Denver gets out to a big lead. Oklahoma City comes back comes firing back calling her twenty two to six run at the beginning of the Ford that looks like we're gonna have a game Denver pulls away interesting game. But the most interesting thing wasn't the game on the court. It's what happened on the sideline. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app and siriusxm channel eighty Jason Fitz with you we're presented by progressive insurance. I want your thoughts. Triple eight say ESPN, eight eight eight seven to nine three seven seven six is the NBA need to change their seating policy. And this is simple. Russell westbrook. Last night gets bumped by a really adorable kid can't tell if the kid was sort of. Maybe you can't tell from the angle maybe he was reaching for him because he was super close to an NBA player. Just wanted to touch him. Maybe he's just on the on the front row, and doesn't know how to control himself. Also, maybe he thought Russ was going to bump into them. You can't really tell. But anyway, you want to look at it is super doorbell kin made contact with an NBA player during a game. Now, Russ stopped gave him that. Look that your mom gives you when maybe said the wrong thing like, you know, you're there with all the grownups in the room, and you were too honest about an aunt Maples pie. And all of a sudden the entire room to like, your savage that was that room that that look that disapproving. Mom looked at lasts a really long time. I was used to it is. All right. And it lasted a minute Russ made his point and then to the to the venues credit. They were really smart they since Kurdi down talk to the kit. I think it was a great learning opportunity to tell him that you don't get to do that. But the real question is what if it hadn't been a kid, and what's the launching pad to change? Now. This is a social media was erupting with us. And there were a couple of different thoughts. There was the, oh, this is a doorbell and what a great moment for a player with a with a fan. And then there was the why we gotten so sensitive as a culture that we want to change everything, you know, me at all at this point. You know, I don't fall under these sensitive category. I'm the first to admit that I'm not usually the guy that wants change for the sake of change that doesn't change the fact though that you've put play you're so close in the NBA. I don't think it's safe. What if that had been an idiot? What if that had been a drunk fan? The fed have been a moron. Because it was a kid. We laugh it off. What if it's not a kid next time a rules not made for worst-case scenarios a rules, not made to protect players in these instances. And you're sitting there saying, well, how do you protect him one quick idea that came up what about essentially putting these score wall that you see down on the bottom. The padded players all the time and you run at the entire linked around the court. You create basically a box that the courts in it's padded, and guess what teams can run ads on it. The teams can monetize it put the front row behind that sort of a blockade. Now doesn't prevent players from having to go over the block aid. But it certainly prevents fans from reaching out in accessing the players what happens the first time a fan decides that they want to triple player going down the court and don't tell me it won't happen. We've seen NFL coaches. Do it. We've seen college football coaches reach out there footing. Oops, don't know. How that happened to those are professionals playing the game? You wanna tell me we're that far off from some more on that pay too much for the courtside ticket just not as big old. Towing trip and everybody I don't think so triple eight say ESPN eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six. Would you change the way? The seating goes at NBA games to protect players Sean in Utah next for calling the show man what he got. Yeah. I totally agree with that. I feel like, you know, just because it was a kid people think it's all doorbell anything. But like you said before if this is like a retard or more on something happens security doesn't get there. Yeah. We can't. We'll go with it. He was just being basically saying that was somebody that wasn't behaving themselves that there's nothing we can do about it and securities there I understand that security is not there fast enough. And all means scared is not there festival. I you know, I it wouldn't be a day. If I didn't mention that. I I don't know if you know, this I was in a band, but when we were when we were touring there were certain venues you played that that they actually put they put greats in front of everything they put rails in front of everything that kept the fans five six seven feet back from the stage, and they did that specifically because we live in a world in case. Nobody remembers a few years ago, we're country music fan actually, just reached up and while Tim McGraw was trying to be a nice guy and just shake a hand of a fan. They took his ring off. Access is one of those things that we've had forever. We take it for granted. And all of a sudden, I'm not sure did it's the best for the players, Mike and Mike. Thanks for calling the show, man. What are you got? Yeah. I disagree with you. I think they should leave it as as is is slated incident. I've been to mid plenty of games fans are typically well behaved then especially if you're sitting in those really expensive courtside seats. You don't wanna be directed. So I think for the most part, I think Westbrook, you know, at an altered incident by scolding the kid. He just let it go. I think it was just a young young fellow who's excited and reached out, but you don't see that digitally, and those people are really sick courtside. Typically are the upper tier people who are on their phones, you know, risk guys hanging. I wanna be seen. So I don't see that ever changing. And that's what makes basketball the best out of all the sports to be close and see the action of these great athletes courtside next to the call. I would argue an and Mike, but I would argue that it, you know, right now in the studio we've got the Kentucky game on back here in the studio. And I'm looking at this, and I don't see fan access right in front of everything. I mean the way that it's all laid out the fans. Behind a barrier of sorts. So as they've got the highlights rolling. I I understand the concept that hey, this was an isolated incident. I don't think Russ made it worse. We love to make Russ a bad guy. But fact is there's a line, and there's a level when you're doing your job, you're doing your job. And it's one thing for a fan to reach out, and touch you when you're expecting it when you're in the middle of going for some somebody reaches out like that, that's a total invasion of personal space. I'm sorry. Like he's on his he's he's a work on court. Court like again, if I sit down on a stage, if I'm out on the edge of the stage, and I'm playing solo that doesn't mean that in the moment of me playing that you have the right to to grab me. Means I'm doing my job. My job says go out to the stage and play. It doesn't say go out to the edge of the stage and then befuddled by whoever feels like fondling you. I mean, a player should be able to play basketball without any worrying about anybody touching him. That's not part of the game. That's just seems normal to me. He's doing his job, Stephen, Texas. Steve thanks for calling the show, man. What do you got? Hey, hey, listen. You know, I've heard all this. And I think you're making a mountain out of a molehill to certain extent, I get it. You know, the kids shouldn't touch Westbrook. And I have sat in those seats with my kid once, you know, and I control them, and we had no problems. But you know, it's an isolated incident. It's never happened before that I remember in. I can't recall any incentive any ever getting hurt. I think part of the fan experience with an NBA game is to get the kids up front. So I mean until something awful happens. I don't see the need to make a big deal out of it. Let me ask you see before we let you go. Do we really wanna wait is this this idea for something awful to because I agree with you? Everybody's saying it's an isolated incident yet until something awful happens wh- them. What are we not gonna look back and say, how do we not see this coming and change it? Obviously, I don't want anything to happen. But I mean, there's never been any evidence. But in the fans wanna trip anybody wanna hurt anybody. You know, I think a part of the charm, the NBA's to have the courtside seats, you know? I sat there it was a once in a lifetime thing, a guy rich guy gave me some seats. You know? And we and we loved it. We sat right next to the bench. We loved it. And I didn't see any problem with it. So I just I don't think any evidence suggests that there was any malice with the fans in the banks, Goldman appreciate it. And I'm always open to the to the to the discussion on you guys are right? And I've seen some tweets come through. You can always get to us on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at Spain and fits at Jason Fitz. And and, you know, you're you're right. We haven't seen a major incident happened before does that mean that we shouldn't look at this and say what if I mean rules are made essentially for worst case scenarios right mean rules in general are made for the okay win an idiot. Does this? We. We live in a world. Now where you have to have instructions that your coffee's hot. All right. We live in a world. Now where you have to have instructions on how to how to shampoo your head. I still don't understand that one. Like, what did you think you were going to do with the bottle, right? But we're at a spot where common sense even is put on the on the side of every package because we live in a lowest common denominator world, and in the lowest common denominator world, you gotta look at it and say what could happen not not what has happened. But what could happen? I know. It's a very Safeway. But we live in a world where kids we're eating tide pods. Can you do laundry anymore? I got like I to get my birthday to buy like Nyquil at half the places. Like, that's where we are. Now. Like, we've we've adjusted to worst case scenario for everything like it or not. I don't understand why this one thing were so resistant to change other than the fact that it's a great experience. And you're right. It is it is a great experience until the first time God forbid, something horrific happened straight ahead. Anthony Davis visits LeBron and the Lakers LA roll out the red carpet next Spain and Fitz on. ESPN radio and the ESPN app.

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