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Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes. Set up screener questions then. Zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today. Indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight tonight several developing stories as we come on the air the impeachment hearings about to go public public. The first televised hearings Dowsett the showdown will soon play out in front of the country. The first witnesses set tonight the testimony. Just reveal the top diplomat a West Point Grad in Vietnam vet who says he had a clear understanding this was a quid pro quo. Also news coming in tonight about the American aircon families ambushed and killed in Mexico. New Images of family members. Returning to the Riddick seen our team there as well and what we did not know. Deadly commute commute tonight. Dangerous driving with a major storm already bringing frigid temperatures and up to six inches of snow in some places from Minnesota all the way east to New York the accidents. It's already tonight at Ginger is here to type it out the urgent hunt right now for dangerous fugitive. He is thirteen accused in a double murder. He escaped a holding room. Allegra Straight and where they're searching tonight this evening. The interview. The death row inmate convicted of murder. More than twenty years ago sentenced to die it just two weeks. Does new evidence cast doubt on his conviction famous. Names coming to his defense. The prosecutor says he did it Deborah Roberts tonight with the interview the airport chaos the pilot and the cockpit. Triggering hijacking scare pushing a button accidentally. Tonight's a very common holiday gifts that if you buy the next twenty four hours they they say they'll send you cashback. We have the list at jeopardy James Back. Will he face off with the librarian. Who beat him she goes back to this is CBC tonight with David Muir? It's great to have you with us here at a very busy Wednesday night and we begin tonight with the impeachment showdown about to play out in front of millions billions the first televised hearings. Now set and among the first witnesses West Point Grad and Vietnam veteran. Bill Taylor the top diplomat in Ukraine whose previous testimony behind closed doors was made public just today what it reveals tonight. The American people will also hear from former ambassador. Maria Vich who says she was a target of a smear campaign gene led by Rudy Giuliani. And when she asked one of the president's handpicked ambassadors for advice she says she was told to go bigger go home. She says it was suggested she sent out a tweet tweet. Praising president trump now the American people will hear from them and decide for themselves and ABC's Mary. Bruce leads us off from the hill today. Democrats announcing they're taking their case taste directly to the American people calling key witnesses to testify before television cameras starting next week so those open hearings will be an opportunity for the American American people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves but also to learn first hand about the facts of the presence misconduct first up. Bill tailored the top American diplomat in Ukraine. Democrats think he's their strongest witness today. They released his closed door testimony showing why Taylor told lawmakers president. President trump outsourced America's Ukraine policy to his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. He testified it was his clear understanding that Ukraine would not receive nearly four hundred million dollars in key military aid until they agreed to investigate. The president's political rivals Taylor said he was initially confused. About why the money was being withheld and grew so concerned he sent a rare cable to the secretary of State. Mike Pompeo it was palm. Peyot who personally asked Taylor. A career career diplomat and Vietnam veteran to take the post in Ukraine. Everybody make specific Mike Fail. Everybody makes mistakes also testifying next week former Ukrainian ambassador Marie Ivanovich. She told lawmakers she was the target of a smear campaign led by Giuliani and that she reached out to the president's ambassador counselor to the EU Gordon Sunland for help his advice. You need to go big or go home tweet out there that you support the president but Uganda which refused fused and was later removed from her post. She testified that she felt threatened. After learning trump told the Ukrainian president. She was bad news and was going to go through Bruce. Some things in the face of mounting evidence Republicans. On defense there are perfectly appropriate. Quid pro quos. ooh And there are inappropriate queen probe on cable. TV insisting there's nothing to see here hold on. We have Mark Meadows right here Congressman Meadows. Can we talk a lot so he. He's walking by right now. But Republicans are really struggling to defend the president. Okay great struggling on okay so congressman struggling on anything. Bruce Live from the Hilton. I didn't marry Republicans. Say they're not struggling tonight. The White House is beefing up. Its team to handle the impeachment inquiry. Well David the White House may be dismissing these hearings but they also know that they need a better strategy to push back against them so the White House is adding two people to their team. The the president personally knows entrust to defend him. It's something that Republicans on the hill have been asking for. David Bruce on the hill leading us off Mary thank you. There is reporting tonight after that horrific ambush of American families in Mexico. Three mothers and six of their children were all killed family members returning to the scene today one of the cars. They are riddled with bulletin. Burned inside the vehicle. A mother and her four children were killed and tonight here we learn more about another mother who left her infant in the car to put her hands in the air to show that they were innocent. She did not survive. The baby did. ABC's Tom from Mexico tonight tonight. Relatives of the American family ambushed in Mexico are a demanding justice. Their anger reignited. After visiting the crime scenes seem the drug cartels carnage up close their loved ones vehicles field with massive massive bullet holes in total nine people killed including six children tonight. The family telling me the men who killed the relatives are animals who opens fire are women and children. Julio Liberal Roane a relative was tasked with finding the families after they realized something had gone wrong he discovered one of the Mothers Christina Langford. SUV's she was dead on the floor. Her arms spread out to gunshot wounds in her chest in the passenger seat her baby fate Houlihan shot this video of the infant. A gunshot had gone through the canopy of the car seat. We found the baby and the and the an underneath the carshield. Two more bullet holes the victims. All part of an extended extended family a fundamentalist Mormon sect that has lived and worked in North West Mexico for decades today. The Mexican government explaining in this remote border region to who different cartels are locked in a war. They think since the families were traveling in SUV's they may have been mistaken as norcal gang members. One of the reasons why the drug cartels are so prominent prominent in this area is because it is a remote border region just driving through here as you can see incredibly difficult there are never any winding roads mountains everywhere you look. It's so hard to get here. And that's one of the reasons why it's so hard to police and yet despite this rough dangerous terrain thirteen year old Devon Blake Langford Trek for fourteen miles oils after his family's car was attacked. His siblings bleeding from gunshot wounds when he didn't return quickly his nine year. Old Sister Mackenzie set out to walking for several hours. Before briefly getting lost their mother. Donna found dead when help arrived and today some of the youngest survivors recovering in a hospital. As this family family copes with an unimaginable tragedy. David tonight we're not far from where this massacre took place in. You'll notice the large military presence just behind us. There's also a police presence as swell through protecting the roads but they're also protecting the surviving family members here in this area of Mexico and tonight we did speak with the father of those two heroic children. He was fighting lean back tears as he called it a miracle. What they did but he also says this has destroyed his family and he's not sure the family can stay living here? David Thomas and the team please stay safe. Thank you and back here at home tonight into a dangerous commute this evening for many all part of a storm on the move bringing very cold temperatures up to six inches of snow in some places a deadly accident accident near Milwaukee a car smashing tractor trailer on the side of the road. This system stretching from Minnesota all the way east to New York retired out for you. Maybe he's Alex Perez from Lake Michigan in in Chicago Tonight Snowy Commute for millions in the Midwest that fast moving storm now marching east driving already. Treacherous in Wisconsin in part of I ninety four shut down for hours. Authorities say weather was a factor in this chain reaction crash involving a pickup truck into semis. This is creating quite a mess on the frontage roads. Just look at this backup out here right now. This is the detour but tragically north of Milwaukee and I forty three. A car struck a disabled semi Mike Parked on the shoulder. They were on the side of it trying to change a tire. Salt am also Kim. Along the driver driver of the car did not survive roads treacherous in South Dakota to outside rapid city drivers struggling for traction and this car colliding getting into the back of that school bus luckily no students on board at the time and David Harris Chicago. There's a lake shore flood advisory tonight or tomorrow we could see waves up to ten feet. High Wind Gusts of up to forty miles per hour. David all right. Alex Perez is why they call it the windy city. Thank you we do WanNa time this out for everyone at home because is it really lasts straight through the weekend to refuse as ahead. Let's get right to chief meteorologist. Ginger Zee timing for US tonight. Hey Gender Hey David there are two parts to the storm so when you look at this map that southern learn part is going to bring a flash flood potential tonight through tomorrow from Oklahoma through Arkansas. Right through the ozarks there and then the northern part is where that kind of really cold air by tomorrow morning by the way it'll feel like eight in Minneapolis and then that colder interacts with all that moisture. And that's why we start to pick up snow from Kentucky into West Virginia all the way through western Pennsylvania. The Interior New England could get three to six inches of snow and behind. It is so cold it is so windy Friday. It'll be clear and it'll just be really frigid. Look at the numbers by Saturday. Saturday morning the subfreezing feels drop all the way to Jackson Mississippi. But this is nothing compared to Monday next week when we're talking about temperatures Minneapolis actual air temperature around zero David. All right. We'll take it when we get a time. Ginger thank you less than a year now to twenty twenty the presidential election and tonight many are looking at last night's election results for any clues in Kentucky where President Trump won by thirty points Democrat. Andy Bashir declaring victory the incumbent. Republican Matt Bevin tonight is calling for a re canvassing of the vote and in Virginia Democrats have taken control of the Virginia House. And the Senate now here's ABC Senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega tonight. Kentucky's Republican Governor Matt. Bevin refusing using to concede. This is a close close race. We are not conceding this race by any stretch he trails. Democrat Andy Bashir by just fifty three hundred votes and is now demanding recanting of the voting machines last night the election ended. Bevan who is deeply unpopular was counting counting on election. Eve boost from president trump. If you win they're gonNa make it like home and if you lose sticking to say trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. This was the greatest you get. Let that happen to me tonight. The governor's race too close to call but Kentucky. Republicans did sweep Every other statewide race for Democrats. The night's big win came in Virginia. Were they took back the state legislature the party now in complete control of the State House there. The first time in twenty-six years all right to live at the White House tonight into Celia countdown is on less than a year until the twenty twenty election. Not just the presidential election of course Uh some key Senate races in two thousand twenty tonight news. At the president's of former Attorney General Jeff sessions is about to announce. He's running for his old Senate seat David. He is expected to make that announcement tomorrow tomorrow. Also being the one year anniversary of the exact day that he was fired as attorney general the big question right now. How is president trump going to react to this news? You'll remember remember. He's called sessions. A disaster disgrace. The biggest mistake of his presidency. Sessions might be popular back in his home state but David here with his old boss not so much all right the Alabama voters will decide thank you. We turned out to that urgent hunt tonight for a fugitive charged in two murders. And he's just thirteen. He escaped from a holding room after after a court appearance getting away barefoot and in leg restraints authorities senator now warning the public can. Here's ABC's Stevo. San Salvi North Carolina authorities tonight have helicopters in the air air and police on the ground all searching for the fugitive thirteen year old. Who for now? They're only identifying as Jericho. W even though he's a juvenile they're taking the unusual all step of releasing his booking photo after he escaped from custody of state law enforcement officers Tuesday while returning juvenile court in Lumberton state officials say he was wearing wearing leg restraints and no shoes when guard opened a door and he ran. Police say he was being held on serious crimes. Accused of two counts of first degree murder and robbery robbery with a dangerous weapon. They explain they have a high degree of concern for the safety of both the juvenile and the public do a prior history of assaultive and unpredictable. Behavior his family members say they've struggled with the boy for years and tonight are blaming authorities. We don't know if he's GonNa Return US dead or aw account is out. Then they should have to pay for. Police are now warning residents. Who Live in the search area that they may here low-flying helicopters through this evening? David a very tense night ahead. Steve Thank you now to the death row case in Texas gaining national attention tonight tonight a man convicted in a murder twenty-three years ago scheduled to be executed in two weeks. He has always maintained his innocence tonight. Is there new evidence casting doubt he Hessam high profile names coming to his defense now. Prosecutors say he did it. ABC's Deborah Roberts with the interview from death. Row Tonight tonight. ABC News was is granted rare access to sit down face to face with convicted murderer. Fifty one year old Rodney read. I am absolutely it in nineteen ninety six. The body of nineteen year old stacie sites was found on the side of this rural country road near Bastrop Texas old nineteen year old Stacie Steitz header plans and she had her marriage coming up and now somebody's taken that away. The community stunned Rodney Reed was later arrested and convicted of her murder. A crime for which he has said on death. Yeah through for twenty one years. The right man has been convicted beyond a reasonable doubt of Stacey sizes murder. He's had every bit of justice that could have come to him And over and over and over again they say he's guilty reads always maintained his innocence and in exactly two weeks. He said to be executed queued. If a new jury were to hear your case what do you think would exonerate. You know that if they hear this case that this case it was will itself exonerate me. Reads new powerful legal team. The innocence project is fighting for his life saying crucial DNA. The evidence was never introduced at trial or collected at all. Many calling for reads case to be revisited including celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Riana and tonight right more than one and a half million people have signed this petition. Appealing to the Texas governor to stop the execution so evidence can be investigated the support love of this out there for me. I try not to think about being executed Deborah Roberts with the interview from death row tonight Debra. Thank you at overseas tonight. The scare playing Out at the Amsterdam airport a major security scare after a pilot accidentally pushed a button. Signaling a possible hijacking onboard passengers and crew evacuated from an Air Europa flight when the pilot highlight accidentally set off that alarm. Triggering those protocols for hijackings at the airport. The alert was canceled. Just a few minutes later. They're still much more ahead on world news tonight. This Wednesday to massive a fire threatening homes emergency crews on the scene in the northeast smoke and flames through the roof. Their families evacuated. They're now trying to protect neighboring homes. More in a moment your money tonight some very common holiday gifts and the stores that say if you buy the next twenty four hours they'll send you cashback. We'll have the list and a half court shot at halftime free tuition. 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The House had to pull back when part of it collapsed homes on both sides damaged. No injuries reported actress. Catherine Catherine Deneuve has been hospitalized in Paris. The seventy six year old is being treated for a minor stroke tonight or family says she is expected to recover but that she will need rest and no pressure tonight. University of Nevada student Reece Yorke shooting from half court free tuition for a year on the line if he makes it look back nothing but net and free tuition now for everyone even the mascot funding tonight here America. Strong Jeopardy James is back and so is the librarian named Emma who beat him jeopardy James WHO's made his mark earlier this year. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two weeks you know about our current champion. James Thirty five year old Professional Sports Sports Gambler from Vegas a thirty two game streak. Winning two point four million Kim's death in good is oxidized yes. We'll see US Louis right at these. The biggest skills all of the trips please all in risk up to without house limit. Please even the buzzers. You've practiced. Hey how do we get so good at the Buzzer. Try Not to have any extra motion in your pressing. Look Signal Lights around the board to tell you when you can buzz in jeopardy James would finally meet his match in twenty-seven-year-old Emma Becher a librarian from Chicago. Who Actually auditioned for jeopardy? Four Times before being picked so emma. It's up to you and she won doing with James Often did she. She went all in and tonight. Jeopardy James is back Emma back later in the week. If they both win they could face each other. I'm ready to win. The Tournament of champions pins all in all over again. We'll see we can't wait tonight. Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then. Zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash. Tonight that's indeed dot com slash tonight. There's a murderer who's been on the loose for over four decades and authorities are running out of time to catch him. I'm

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